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Funded by The Big Lottery Fund

LOOSE is a Not-For-Profit Organisation, and affiliated to The Youth Federation. ACCESS ALL AREAS will provide very low-cost music-related opportunities and training for young people UNDER 18 at The Studio, Lacey Street, Widnes WA8 7SQ. THE STUDIO is a LIVE MUSIC venue owned by LOOSE, which will also be used for recording, film-making, rehearsals, and by local theatre or dance groups. It will be used by people of all ages, but will especially benefit Under 19s. GIGS: By registering with ACCESS ALL AREAS if you are 15 or over you can get in to see the bands – but remember it is illegal to buy or drink alcohol if you are Under 18. If you are 14 or under – you will need a responsible adult with you. THE LOOSE MUSIC TEAM: The BLF grant has enabled Loose to employ 4 part-time highly qualified musicians who are or have been in touring bands, can offer tuition in a wide range of instruments, and have additional skills in film-making, recording, live sound mixing as well as experience of working with and supporting young people. ALL KINDS OF MUSIC: The Team – Amy, Ste, Stuart, and Pete – have interests and abilities in many types of music including rock, pop, funk, jazz, and experimental. SATURDAY WORKSHOPS: *11am – 2pm and 3pm – 6pm. Young people can meet up at The Studio, use the instruments at The Studio or bring their own. *Times might change. Come down by yourself, or with mates, or with your band. Drop-in 3 hour Saturday Sessions cost £2 per person per session There will sometimes be special workshops – these can be decided on by YOU. It could be anything from making instruments out of junk (and playing them!) to learning to rap or DJ or sing harmonies. On SUNDAYS: 1pm - 10pm + MONDAYS: 6pm – 10 pm you can book in advance to rehearse or do project work for £1 per person per hour. OPPORTUNITIES: If you’re not in a band, this is a good place to join or form a band. If you are already in a band, The Studio is where you can rehearse and perform. If you can’t play anything yet, you can use the instruments at The Studio and get as much help as you want to learn to play. If you are interested in the technical side – you can learn to use the lighting rig, the recording equipment, the p.a. (live sound system). PARTICIPATION: Young People who are part of the Access All Areas project can help to organise and run gigs – as well as PERFORM at them. There will be regular Open Meetings on the first Sunday of each month at 7pm starting May 2nd - ANYONE can put forward their ideas. IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT the music; it’s about YOU! YOU can help shape this whole project. 1

YOU can have fun, make new friends, learn new skills.


Getting involved in these creative activities can increase self-confidence, develop life skills, and improve further education and employability potential. And best of all... it can help make you feel happier! Before you can register for ACCESS ALL AREAS we need to collect some information. This is to help keep you safe, and also helps us with funding. All information will be confidential and kept securely. There are 3 simple forms. o APPLICATION FORM – this is to ensure we have contact details and information about any medical conditions you may have o CONSENT FORM – this should be completed and signed by your parent or guardian and gives consent for you to take part in the activities and events. o *EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES MONITORING – this form collects information about the diversity of people attending the project. You are not asked to put your name on it, and you do not have to fill it in if you don’t want to. Please return the forms to us at The Studio. You can do this any Saturday or Sunday afternoon or when you come to your FIRST Access All Areas Music Workshop. You need to have registered for ACCESS ALL AREAS if you want to get into any gigs at The Studio – you will be given your ACCESS ALL AREAS ID PASS. BARGAIN! Your AAA ID pass will give you £1 off admission to gigs at The Studio. (If you lose your AAA pass it will cost £1 to replace it.) You can hand the forms to any of The Loose Music Team – Pete Muldoon, Ste Cole, Amy Pennington, or Stuart Brown, or to Jaki Florek (Project Coordinator.) Any questions? Please contact Jaki Florek on 0151 420 8997 or 01928 566261 or by email: *The Equal Opportunities form can be posted into the Suggestions Box in The Studio so that the details on it remain anonymous. Thank you for taking the time to complete these forms, we hope you will love being part of ACCESS ALL AREAS. Jaki Florek (LOOSE) 2 Company Number 6566823 The Studio, Lacey Street, Widnes WA8 7SQ 0151 420 8997

ACCESS ALL AREAS Application form

Please return in person to The Studio, Lacey Street, Widnes WA8 7SQ Your Name:

Your signature

Address: House name/number and street

Town Postcode Contact telephone number Email address Age

Date of Birth

School Parent or Guardian’s name How did you hear about Access All Areas? Do you need any extra help with anything?


Do you have any medical conditions?

ACCESS ALL AREAS Parent or Guardian Consent Form Consent is needed for a young person Under 18 to take part in the Access All Areas project based at The Studio, Lacey Street, Widnes and to attend live music events at The Studio. The activities and events will be delivered by staff who have been CRB checked and who work guided by health & safety, equal opportunities, and young person protection policies. Activities may include sound recording, video recording, and live performances. Sound and video recording and photographs may be used for publicity or promotional purposes. Please note: Photos and videos will only ever take place in a group or performance situation, never ever in a one-to-one situation. By signing this form you are giving your consent for the young person you are the parent or guardian of to attend the activities and events and also for their image and/or creative work to be used in the way described. Copyright & ownership of their work will remain with them, the artist/originator/writer/composer. (Please tick the box below if you DO NOT want your child’s image/work used for publicity.) If you have any questions at all, please do contact us.

Name of young person Age

Date of Birth

Emergency Contact 1 Please advise if this changes


Emergency Contact 2 Please advise if this changes





Any medical conditions/ allergies/ learning or access needs? (Please give details)

Name of parent/guardian Relationship Signature of parent/guardian I give consent to my child’s image or creative work being used for publicity or promotion


I do not want my child’s image/work to be used for publicity/ promotion.

ACCESS ALL AREAS Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form We at LOOSE would like you to provide the following information for monitoring purposes only. This information helps us to know if we are reaching all of the diverse communities within Halton and that everybody has a fair opportunity to access our services. The information will be held in strict confidence. If you do not wish to provide any monitoring information you can just tick the box below and return the form. I do not wish to provide monitoring information at this time General Information Age Date of Birth Gender



Disability Do you consider yourself to have a disability?



Ethnic Origin Please tick the box which best describes your ethnic origin Asian or Asian British Black or Black British Chinese or Chinese British Mixed background* White British Other white background* 5

Other ethnic origin not specified above* *Please specify if you wish ________________________________ Thank you for taking the time to complete this form, please return it by placing it in the Suggestions Box at The Studio.


Loose Music AAA Application Forms  

Loose Music AAA Application Forms Parent consent forms Equal Oppotunities

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