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From: Date: June 11, 2010 2:04:26 AM GMT+03:00 To:,,,, Cc: Subject: This just happened in Egypt!!! dear all, plz excuse me if u believe this might be a privacy intrusion. i assure u it's not. i am almost in tears! i have attached links that tell a story of a 28year old male who lives (used to live) in alexandria - egypt. the links are in arabic but i am sure u will be able to translate what happened. to cut a long story short; the guy was sitting with friends at a net-cafe, civilian dressed cops (2 undercover agents) come in and ask everyone for their IDs and start to frisk and search everyone under the newly renewed emergency law. the 28 year old guy asks why r u doing this and why is this attitude of urs so tough - theres a better way of dealing with us. they slap him, pull him to a nearby construction site (building under construction) and constantly beat him for 20 mins and then call a police car and take him to the station. this happened in front of eyewitnesses. 30 mins later they return in the same car to the net cafe and dump him in front of the cafe's door! he's dead! PLZZZZZZZZZ HELP!!!!! i am not a relative nor a friend of the deceased - but i am still human! the deceased's name is khaled saeed. thank u


this_just_happened_in_egypt - torture

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