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Secret Step-By-Step Guide on Making Monthly Residual Income Online. When it comes to making money online there is usually a pretty big learning curve. I've been marketing online for over 5 years, so trust me when I say that there is a lot to learn and a lot of trial and error, but you most certainly can be in profit lightening fast if you know the right steps.

I'm about to teach you those steps... My name is Ian Dela Cruz and I'm a SEO Strategist & Marketer that truly wants to see people succeed. I've been in my fair share of online companies and can tell you first hand that most of time whichever one you choose, there is a lot of time, effort and frustration that will come along with it. With perseverance though, you absolutely can succeed. I'll be honest though, it's always been a struggle for me to get others to see the vision of what income from an online business really affords them. For me it affords a life of freedom, a life free from a job where I'm told to be on a schedule or take orders I didn't believe in. A life free to do whatever I choose on ANY given day and have the money to do it without even questioning the cost. A life free from struggling to pay bills and dealing with a boss or coworkers. Can you relate?

It wasn't until very recently that I came across something that I realized absolutely ANYONE can do, and when it was introduced to me I was literally shaking with excitment. If you are completely new to Internet Marketing or if you've been at it for a while with no success, OR even if you're a raving success, THIS is rock solid and will be blasting new roads for those who choose to take it's path!


I'm THRILLED To Introduce; Passive Income Triangle. What Passive Income Triangle is... Basically, 3 genuine amazing companies combined. And because of this, you will be able to generate multiple streams of income, with the least effort on your part. If you know me, I like to automate my income as much as possible. So from months of research, testing, trials and errors, I came up with a pretty good solution. Instead of going around the web trying to learn, and do everything by yourself, and spend months of your time, like I did when I just get started online. I will show you an incredible shortcut. A shortcut, that not only allows you to make money from time to time, nope. That is not what we're talking about here. You will learn how to make money even while your sleeping. Money that will work for you 24-7, 365 days a year! So are you excited? You should be, because you would be able to quite your job in 90 days from now, If you can follow simple steps and take some action;) And don't worry, no need to learn, have or do any of these... • • • • • • • • •

Have a Website Online Marketing Affiliate Marketing List building SEO PPC Blogging You Tube Video, MLM, etc, etc...

You don't even need to spend any time in the future learning new skills, techniques, new software of the month either, in order to make consistant passive income here. 3

Alright, here are the 3 companies I'm talking about:

#1. “Just Been paid” This company was born in 2006 and growing stronger every day. As of now 2012, there are almost 2 million members. It is ranked 200 in Alexa, meaning out of almost a billion of sites out there, this site is ranked 200, because of it's popularity. First impression of the site, you might think ohh, just a another MLM or HYIP type of program. But trust me, there is nothing like it's kind.

The reason this company is unique and able to keep on paying to it's members is because the system has this thing called “The restart”, And because of this, you and I, are able to make ridiculous amount of money on a monthly basis. Click here for more info...justbeenpaid review Sign-up and get $10 free to start with here... ===>


#2. “The Golden Path�

With The Golden Path business, you don't need to sponsor anyone. You can run this business entirely independent upon bringing in new members and STILL make an enormous full-time income that will replace whatever you are currently doing and that's including if you make a doctors salary! A little further on in this guide I'll show you how The Golden Path works if you decide you'd like to share this business with others. You are greatly rewarded if you choose to do so, but I first want you to see that it's not necessary. When you realize the income potential from your own efforts alone, I KNOW you will be blown away just like I was! Here Is How The Golden Path Business Works: 90 days from the day you join, you earn $39 a day for life! (How's that for insane? It gets better... You will purchase a $2/day subsription and for EVERY $2 subscription, you will always earn $39. If you purchase 5 subscriptions, you'll earn $39 FIVE TIMES OVER everyday! That's $195 a day!


When you choose to purchase more, you're income goes up. You must make sure to have enough in your Golden Path business to cover your $2/day subscriptions. Allow for at least $60 per subscription and NEVER let it default. After 90 days, you will be at your $39 per day, per subscription income and your expenses are covered. Signing Up The Correct Way Is Important, Below Are The Steps To Begin: Setting Up Your Golden Path Business: 1. You must first set up and fund your payment processor BEFORE joining The Golden Path. (This is very important). There are 3 payment processors you can use with The Golden Path. 1. Ezybonds (Recommended) ===> Click Here To Set Up Ezybonds:<=== 2. Alert Pay (Now Called Payza ===> Click Here To Set Up Alert Pay: 3. Solid Trust Pay ===> Click Here To Set Up Solid Trust Pay Once you have set up your payment processor, be sure to fund it with your preferred amount. Remember 1 subscription is $2 a day x 28 days = $58. So have at least this amount or more in your payment processor to cover the month's subscription expenses. If you plan on more than 1 subscription, then plan your monthly expenses accordingly. (Remember, you'll only have to cover you're expenses for up to 90 days and then you are earning $39 per day, per subscription!

2. Next you will join The Golden Path here ===> Click SIGN UP in the upper right hand corner. 3. Now you will purchase the number of subscriptions you would like to have and THAT'S IT! 6

Just Sit Back And Watch It Grow LIKE CRAZY! Now remember I told you that if you wanted to share this crazy income opportunity with others you'd be rewarded? Well, this will blow you're mind! When you share this opportunity with others and they join under your referral link, you earn $8 PER DAY of each of those people! How's that for crazy?? So let's do the math. Just 1 person who you refer, earns you: $8 per day x 28 days = $228 per month! This is just from 1 person who gets 1 subscription! What if that person gets 10 subscriptions? Well then that's: $80 per day x 28 days = $2240 per month from 1 person! Now what if you referred 10 people who all did 10 subscriptions per month? That's $2240 x 10 = $22,400! Just from your referrals! This isn't even counting your own subscriptions! Download this income calculator and check it out for yourself ===> ( Go to "file" then "download" ) ***** YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS CALCULATOR FOR IT TO WORK, YOU CAN NOT USE IT DIRECT FROM GOOGLE DOCS! ****** 7

#3. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My Lead Companyâ&#x20AC;?

First of all, you can start making insane amount of money already with one of the 2 programs mentioned above. However, you saw the earnings potential when you reffer someone right? Now this is why is called... Passive income triangle. Because of this company, you are going to multiple your income with the other 2 companies above, with the help of this one. And ofcourse you will be making money here as well. If you have been marketing online for some time, then you know that having an email list, is a must have, If you're serious about your business online. I mean %90 who are making a killing online have lists. Now don't worry here, you're not going to build a list here the traditional way. Unless you want to spend months of your time learning how to, and put everything together by yourself. Good news for you, No need for you to do it the hard, and old fashion way anymore. Well, the best way to find out what I'm talking about here is, just go to the site and see for yourself how it works... ===> 8

See why EVERYONE is saying "YES!"... and how YOU can make money from the worlds 1st true straightline compensation plan! • • • •

Imagine Getting PAID DAILY! Imagine Earning Income From Every Sale In The Entire Company! Imagine Achieving The Top Position In The Company Without Ever Sponsoring Anyone! Imagine Everyone Who Joins The Company After You Anywhere In The World Is Under You!

With The Revolutionary © Copyrighted Straightline Compensation Plan You Can Stop Imagining Because It Is Now Possible! This This This This

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a a a a

Unilevel! Stair-Step Break-away! Binary! Forced Matrix!

Most other compensation plans; binary, matrix, stairstep, unilevel and the breakaway are designed to pay out to only a select few people. Most multi-level and network marketing companies want to show you what 97% of the peoplein the company will never achieve. has designed a compensation plan which: •

Pays Daily!

• Provides Truly Unlimited Income Potential! • Pays Over And Over Again For Doing The Work Once! • Was Created For Both The Full-Time Successful Networker And The Part-Time Person Who Has Never Had Much Success (If Any) In This Industry!


That's it:) You have seen the 3 most profitable online program in 2012! You only need verry little investment on your part to start with. Now some of you may say ooh... I don't have any money:( OK, Here's the exact minimum amount you need to spend, in order to get started with these programs. • JustBeenPaid You get $10 to start with when sign-up. You can start earning money with no investment. • TheGoldenPath You need at least 1 subscription. ($2 x 30 days = $60) Minimum Investment: $60 the first month. And 2 x $60 for the next 90 days. ($120 for month 2-3.) So If you don't have much money, you can just start with $60 for this month. • MyLeadCompany They sale minimum of 200 leads for $24. Minimum Investment: $24 So you need a total of $84 to start with, for this month. Now, I am pretty sure that even you don't have the money right now. You can go out and work for an extra day or two, and come up with that money. And if you don't have a job. Well go around and ask your friends and relative, If they have some work for you, just for a day or two. If you're really serious, I am pretty sure that you'll find a way. We're talking about your fanancial freedom here. This can finally change your life. How important is that to you?


I wish that someone offered me these programs, when I just got started online. It would have saved me Thousands of hours, and Thousands of $$$. I'm telling you, It does't get any easier than this guys, trust me:) Let's say you go around the net, and you found a really good way to make money. The typical affiliate money making methods or MLM that you have to sell or refer people every time in order to make money. Not to mention the %80-%90 outdated, saturated methods and programs out there. That won't make you any money no mater how hard you try. Just think about how much time you would have to invest before you are really able to make a passive income with those other programs.

You're life can change right here and right now! Lock arms with me and let's CRUSH you're financial obstacles ONCE AND FOR ALL! To Your Success, Ian Dela Cruz, Email:


Passive Income Triangle  

Passive Income Triangle