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Evaluation Question 2:

How effective is the combination of your product and ancillary texts?

A film distributor is a company or individual responsible for marketing a film. A distributor may be liable for setting a release date and making sure the film(s) are available for the target audience. A marketing plan is to make the film visible to the intended audience making them intrigued, and making sure the message/advert cuts through all competition. The marketing plan also has to compete against other leisure activities. Adverts are usually in an appropriate area, according to their target audience, to reach as many audiences as possible. The best form of advertising is word of mouth, as it is very easy to disseminate quickly and creates a ‘must see’ vibe. There are numerous strategies to market a film, with one being posters. These can be effective as they can be placed anywhere, and always manage to grab audiences’ eye. Almost every film will use a trailer, this is another good way to tease and excite the intended audience. These film trailers will usually consist of a preview of the film, but without giving away too much, so the audience are left with plenty of unanswered question and therefore creates talk within the audiences. The most recent and modern form of advertising, is the use of the Internet. This makes films easy to target a specific audience, for instance if the films aim is youths, it would make sense to put adverts of the film in websites like twitter, Facebook and YouTube, this in return will approach the desired audience directly. In terms of demographics marketing is easily fragmented, into categorisation of age, gender, race and income. It is very important that the film or the marketing/advertising fits the target audience. For example, if the film is to be aimed at 60+ years old it wouldn’t be ideal to have advertisements on the Internet as the older generation don’t use it as much as, teenagers. Therefore it would be more appropriate to place an advert in the radio or newspaper to ensure it reaches the target audience. It is vital to get audience research and to also respond and act to the research. This should always be done by distribution companies, to get the up most amounts of people attracted. As said previously audiences are easily fragmented for example these two posters will have a difference in audiences just from looking at the posters.

The poster on the left (One Missed Call) clearly belongs to the psychological sub-genre because of the unusual smile from the alien looking character. This film seems like it will follow the footsteps of ‘Scream’, with a weird caller stalking their victims. Whereas, the poster on the right (The Last House on the Left) seems to be more like a bloody, gore horror primarily because of the effect on ‘House’. This poster could also fall into the haunted/ghost sub-genre because of the misty, gloomy house at the bottom. So just from the posters I know both films are horrors however, belong to different sub-genres. Therefore, this will attract different audiences.

This video is a great example of successful marketing. This is just one of many complimentary comments on this excessive ad campaign in the running’s of the ‘Dark Knight’ release. This campaign was such a success due to its individualism, unlike most advert campaigns that just contain a poster and trailer. The campaign made something that’s fictional and transformed it into an interactive real life event that was available to everyone. This campaign appealed to their audience because it was interesting and also gave them the chance to discover exclusive content. This unique idea disseminated within America’s states because of word of mouth; one of the best ways to advertise. When creating adverts for a film it is crucial to keep in mind the links that should be made between posters, trailers and the film itself. By doing so, it can help bring a unified identity for the film; making it easier for the target audience to identify themselves with it. If the poster didn’t have a connection to the trailer it could cause confusing for the audience on what the film is about, also causing controversy on what sub-genre it fits in to.

We decided to make our film a 15 for the reason that our trailer doesn’t involve much blood or violence. This plot also suits the audience because it involves characters of a similar age so they can relate to the film. My film poster in the top right contains the main image taken from the trailer itself. When constructing the poster I had to take the trailer and storyline into consideration to keep a unified identity for ‘Torment’. One thing that links between the screen shot from the trailer, the trailer itself and the poster is the idea of the hand held camera. This has been done on the poster by using a camera viewfinder, ‘REC’ symbol and a battery symbol. Although these effect are simple and small they can help the audience understand more about the film. The trailer expresses the hand held camera by simply using a hand held camera which a character holds whilst on their journey and to document everything. Another way they link is the character used in the poster is in the trailer; furthermore the key frame from the trailer has a character that is the same age as the character in the poster. Throughout the trailer we used out of focus, shaky and high contrast shots. For example the key frame form the trailer has a high contrast and canted angle, just as the image from the poster is out of focus and distorted. This is all done to reinforce the hand held camera effect and create a relationship between the trailer and poster.

It is important to get your film on the front cover of a film magazine as it’s the first thing the reader looks at, and therefore brings awareness to the film. Also most readers of film magazines will be heavy film goers therefore more likely to go and see the film in the cinema. Furthermore, it gives films a chance to give audience exclusive content such as interviews with characters, behind the scenes etc. My film magazine cover links to my poster and trailer; because when forming the magazine cover I took into account my other media texts to ensure they have some sort of connection. Firstly I used the same character on the magazine cover and poster but with obvious differences; for instance, I created alien like tentacles with a blue outer glow which surround her head. This relates to the trailer and the storyline, as the character is mysterious and seems to get possessed. I also involved blood on the mouth and black eyeballs to make her seem evil. The use of blue outer glow also links with the theme of the trailer, being based on ghosts and poltergeists. I tried to keep the house style of the film by using the same font on the magazine cover and poster. Another way I kept this intact was the background of my cover, which is a dark, distorted white noise; likewise the poster with a similar effect and darkness. Finally I distorted the magazine title ‘Empire’ with a fusion of blues to reinforce that the film/trailer is associated with ghosts.

All of the posters above inspired the ideas of my poster in some way or another. For instance, the Chernobyl diaries poster hasn’t involved an image, only concentrating on the title to create awareness. It also uses contrasting colours to stand out and grab the audience’s attention. I gathered the idea to use dark colours from these posters as they all use them, because it is conventional of the horror genre. My ideas of the view finder and other hand held camera features like the ‘REC’ and battery symbol from the poster on the far right (REC).

The main features of my poster are the title and the faded image in the background. The title is stretched across the poster and centred so it the first thing the viewer’s look at. The main image is blurry, distorted and high contrast to imply it is part of the paranormal/ghost genre. To keep the poster within the conventions of all posters, I involved production credits, main actors’ names, a website and an age classification. Along the bottom I added the logos of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures furthermore, a coming soon in the centre with a golden outer glow to make sure the audience acknowledge it.

The two magazine covers above mine have inspired the creation of mine in some way or another. For instance, the cover on the left inspired the layout of mine. As you can see, I have my main image centred and overlapping the magazine title ‘Empire’. Moving onto the title of the mag, in both of the existing covers the title has been taken over by the theme of the main feature. I decided to use this idea for my own because I feel it is very grasping and eye catching the audience. To ensure the readers of my mag know it’s a horror I have used dark colours such as black and blue. Whilst constructing my mag cover I ensured it would fit in with my target audience. For example, one sub-story about the chance to win reading tickets, and made it clear to the reader by using the ‘Reading’ logo so it is easily recognised and bright yellow.

Evaluation Question 2  


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