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The Loop Loft Announces Discounts Upto 60% on Major Bundled Collections 25th March, 2014: The Loop Loft, an online initiative by Ryan Gruss has evolved as a leader in the specialized field of musical loops that have been created by some of the best musicians in the industry. The company has announced a limited period offer on several bundled collections. These discounts are super savers and go up to 60% off on the sales price. For serious digital music creators this offer comes as the best gift for it’s on the greatest collection of musical loops that the company has announced heaviest discounts ever. Every collection in these bundles is a real composition from real human artists, and not a digitized one, which makes the loops most sought after. The market today is replete with digitized loops, which takes away the human touch from the final music compositions. The Loop Loft promises to give only original loops from the best in the industry artists that have put in all the heart to create practical and useful loops. The Master Collection by the Loop Loft, which is a collection of every loop type ever and every loop format ever created by Loop Loft musicians, is going to be available for $1,435. The company has announced a discount of 60% on the products, which is originally priced at $3,600. The pack comprises of all the different types of packs, bundled into a single collection. It contains the Platinum Pack, Artist Series, MIDI Loops, Drum Files, and so on. While this is the biggest saver pack, lucrative discounts are also available on several other products. The company has announced a 50% discount on Platinum pack too. Specially designed for serious music producers, this pack consists of every drum loop ever created by the Loop Loft musicians. To be very exact, it’s a collection of 5.2 GB of drum loops, one of the largest libraries of drum loops anyone can ever have. The great thing about all Loop Loft loop collections is that they are compatible with a number of Daws including Logic Pro, Steinberg, Garage Band, Abelton and all others. This comes as a respite to music creators, who won’t have to install any additional software for the operations of these loop software. Another of the most popular is the Artist Series Bundle, which brings together the all-star roaster of the Loop Loft Artists in a single massive collection. It comprises of a collection of

8 GB content, which gives instant access to drummers, percussionists, guitarists, bassits, sax players and so on. About the Loop Loft

The Loop Loft is an online venture by Ryan Gruss. He’s established a boutique sample shop, where some of the best musicians work together to compile highest quality loops, ReFills, Abelton Live Packs, as well as Mutlitrack Sessions. All the loops bundles sold by the company have been compiled by real artists and no machines, which has become the highest selling point of the Loop Loft loop products.

The loop loft announces discounts upto 60% on major bundled collections  

The Loop Loft is one of the leading company in the field of musical loops. These days, a limited offer is going on in which you can get a di...