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Massage Chair Buying Guidelines Most Important Items to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

Buying massage chair o en requires significant investments and that’s why buying decision should not be taken lightly. In addi on, purchasing a chair involves considering many other important issues, that’s the reason why we are here to help you understand why buying a massage chair and which kind of chair would be the best selec on for you.

Why Buy A Massage Chair: In these days, people have become too much busy than ever. Most of them don’t get enough me to do some daily exercises or go to professional massage therapists to reduce their tension and stress. For those people, having a massage chair is one great way to reduce tension and s ffness from body. Having such a chair allows person ge ng massaged any me staying at home. That means persons don’t need to go outside to get massaged by a professional therapist.

If you are looking for a cost-effec ve way for ensuring a healthier life, purchasing massage chair would be the best decision for you in contrast to going to spa centre or buying home gym equipment. Though this kind of chairs look pricey as it usually costs from $800-$9000 dollar, but in the long run, buying such chair is the most cost-efficient decision. How? Well, think it wisely. If you decide to go to professional massage therapists, they will charge from $60-$130 per hour depending on loca on, masseurs’ experiences etc. On the other hand, if you decide to buy home gym equipment, such equipment will require you spending thousands of dollars. So having massage chair will obviously be the best decision when you are trying to reach to a cost-efficient decision.

Do you know massage chairs can provide some enormous health benefits that an ordinary massage therapy or regular exercise can’t provide? Yap, that’s 100% true. Massage chair not just greatly works on reducing stress and tension from muscles, but also helps alleviate anxiety, high blood pressure and depression. A recent survey shows that chair massages are 32% effec ve in elimina ng back and neck pains where ordinary pain killers fail to provide sa sfactory results. Even, some mes massage chairs are used as a supplement for the cancer pa ents’ treatment as these chairs o en help to alleviate side effects of cancer like fa gue and nausea and also improve the func on of immune system.

What To Look For: Today’s top quality chairs usually come with 3 to 8 common pre-defined programs/ features. Even some chair manufacturers are offering customiza on feature to provide customized massages as per individuals’ requirements. Here we will break down all the most important issues and features that you should need to know if you want to find out a perfect chair for yourself.

Massage Techniques: Modern massage chair manufacturers have included different massage techniques in different massage chairs. Even, some chairs can simultaneously combine mul ple massage techniques to provide more intense massages. These chairs are capable of providing massages like Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Tapping Massage, Rolling Massage, Kneading Massage, Vibra on Massage, Air Compressor Massage, Zero Gravity, etc. So before buying this chair, you have to decide at first- what type of massage technique you want to have from your chair and make sure that the chair is capable of providing your desired massage.

Massage Programs: Some top quality massage chair manufacturers are offering fully automated chairs. These types of chairs come with a mer which allows the users to get massaged simply by pressing a bu on. Such chairs also include scanning mechanism, which automa cally scans an individual’s full body to detect s ff and stress areas and customize programs to deliver appropriate pressure or massage to the stressed areas.

Massage Intensity: The intensity or strength of delivering massage vary from brand to brand. Modern chair manufacturers some mes provide the opportunity to customize the strength of massage whenever needed. Actually the intensity or strength of massage largely depends on the torque power generated by the motor installed in the chair. That means the more motors, the more torque powers, and the more massage strength will be. So you must make sure that the motors installed in the chair are capable of genera ng enough torque power to provide your desired massage intensity.

Massage Chair Size: Although most of the massage chairs are usually designed to fit all body types and sizes, but if you are taller, thinner, shorter or wider than average, you need to make sure that the chair fits with your body before buying that chair.

Heated Massage: Latest chairs come with the feature of heated massage seat. This heat massage greatly helps to increase blood circula on throughout the body and also eases pains and aches. So, if your desired massage chair comes with this op ons, it would be a plus point.

Massage Stroke: The length of massage stroke is really an important considera on in case of buying a perfect massage chair. A midrange chair usually has massage stroke of around 20 inches which can’t cover everything between neck and low back. Only high-end chairs can provide complete massage covering everything between low back and neck which usually have massage stroke of around 30 inches. Now it’s up to you that what range of massage stroke you want to get from your chair.

Massage Airbags: Massage airbags can provide great relief from tension and s ffness by delivering pressurized air to small pouches, installed in the chair seat, the chair backrest, and the o oman and some mes in the armrest or headrest. If you feel that massage airbags are right for you, then make sure that your desired chair include this airbag op on.

Chair Upholstery: Modern chairs are usually covered with genuine leather or synthe c leather. Although genuine leather is preferred for all other home appliances, but when it is related to massage, synthe c leather is highly recommended. It’s because this synthe c leather has been par cularly engineered to use for massage chairs which can handle the significant amount of heat generated from all the moving parts and hea ng pads of chair. So if you want to ensure the longevity of your massage chair in long run, obviously you should choose synthe c leather covering the chair.

Warran es:

Always carefully consider the warranty op ons that the massage chair manufacturers are offering with their chairs. Warranty that is offered with the chair is a good indicator of that chair’s quality. Because if the manufacturers don’t have any belief or reliance on the quality of their chairs, they will obviously not offer any warranty or money back guarantee with their products. That’s the reason why some of the best chairs come with coverage of up to 3 years. So if you want to ensure the longevity of your massage chair, try to have chair with extended coverage.

Before Buying Massage Chair- A Few Things to Remember:

 Carefully check the dimensions of your massage chair to make sure that it will fit through your door and comfortably within your home.  Make sure that the parts of massage chair can be removed in case of installing, moving or repairing the chair. Otherwise it would create hassle for you in the future whenever you need to repair or move the chair.  If you have any par cular physical problem or severe injury, consult with your physician before making the purchase to avoid unwanted harm or injury.  Buying massage chair is a long term investment for you. So try to get an accurate idea about your desired chair. One simple way to do so is to check out the customer reviews and tes monials of your selected massage chair. Always give more priority on customer reviews and tes monials rather than ra ngs or words from sales representa ves. If you have any other ques ons or query regarding massage chair, please don’t hesitate. Feel free to contact with our knowledgeable sales team any me at 1-888-848-2630.

Massage Chair Buying Guidelines  

Complete guidelines that you should need to know before buying massage chair. Particularly very essential for beginners who might not very m...

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