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fter more than 30 years with Loop, it’s fun to look in the rearview mirror. Even though each year had its own special developments, it is clear which products we created that changed fly fishing forever and became a unique part of our history and the history of the sport.

The first obvious milestone in Loop’s history is the major influence of Göran Andersson’s underhand casting. For the first time, a certain weight and length of fly line cut from a Loop Custom Line and coupled with a running line gave anglers the possibility to cast even when backed up to the tightest obstruction. Göran’s technique has been widely adapted and marketed under slightly different names such as Scandi Style, Modern Spey, etc. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and affirmation. Göran’s classic film, “Better Fly Fishing” is available on Loops websites for those who want to see how “modern” fly-fishing began. The large arbor reel which we first called the Loop “Traditional” was another milestone innovation that changed the entire sport of fly fishing. When we launched these reels in the mid 80’s, we were mostly laughed at. It took time for people to accept that the large arbor protects tippets, allows for a faster retrieve and optimizes consistent braking capability. Today, all fly reels have large arbors.

Presently the next big news is the Cross S1 fly rod. It is the single most significant improvement in rod construction since graphite and we are extremely proud that Loop, a Swedish company, is the only Scandinavian brand to gain access to the revolutionary new material used in the construction of these rods. However, it is important to remember that the material alone does not build the rod, but that it allows us to build stronger, lighter, more elastic/ easier-to-cast fly rods in higher modulus.   he rods in this series were designed first and foremost as fishing rods. They load well even at short distances, they protect even the lightest tippets and are quite simply a pleasure to play a fish with. At the same time, the most aggressive casters will discover all the reserve power they need when they press hard and cast long!


Finally, I urge you to try out the rods with Loop fly lines. They are developed as a unit and the simple fact is that it is difficult to realize all the advantages of any great rod if you have the wrong fly line!

— Christer Sjöberg

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Cross S1 field test


loop fly tackle

CROSS S1 RODS WE COULD WRITE AN ENTIRE BOOK on the adventure that has led to the development and introduction of the Cross S1 series of flyrods, but we won’t. Instead, we would rather ask you to try one because the only way to truly understand what we mean is to test one for yourself.

Powerlux™ Composites feature a revolutionary technology that contains nano-sized spheres of silica so small, they are able to flow between individual filaments of carbon fiber, creating a matrix of strength throughout the entire composite. The resulting material enables designers to develop rods that are not only incredibly strong and durable, but also lighter in weight and more sensitive. CROSS S1 IS BUILT WITH 3M™ POWERLUX™.

Fig 1.

FIG. 1: Getting more nanoparticles between each carbon fiber is the key to the performance enhancements of 3M™ Powerlux™ Composites.

Fig 2.

FIG. 2: This SEM image shows the rough, three-dimensional surface area that occurs when a 3M™ Powerlux™ Composite is stressed. The exceptional bond between the particle and the resin significantly hinders cracks from spreading. The result: tougher, stronger rods.






TECHNICAL FEATURES + Built with 3M™ Powerlux™ Composites

386-4 MF/ MC 490-4 MF/ MC 590-4 MF/ MC 690-4 MF/ MC

8'6" 9'0" 9'0" 9'0"

#3 #4 #5 #6

4 4 4 4

Cork Cork Cork Cork



796-4 MF/ MC 9'6" #7 4 7107-4 MF/ MC 10'7" #7 4 + CROSS S1 DOUBLE-HAND

Cork Cork



7120-4 MF/ MC







9140-4 MF/ MC







+ Blank in aesthetic matte smoke finish. + High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements. + Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in Gun Metal finish. + Super strong REC RSG Recoil stripping guides. Black Pearl finish. + Super strong REC RSNX Recoil snake guides. Black Pearl finish. + Dot marks on ferrules for correct fit of each rod section. + Delivered in matching aluminum tube and cloth bag.


890-4 MF/ MC 1090-4 MF/ MC 1290-4 MF/ MC

9'0" 9'0" 9'0"

#8 #10 #12

4 4 4

Cork Cork Cork




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Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company offers world-class Atlantic salmon flyfishing and caribou/moose hunting destinations at three remote locations in Canada’s most easterly province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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With 22 years of offering absolute world class fishing adventures Solid today operates programs in Cuba and Argentina. In Argentina we have the world famous Jurassic lake, widely known as the best land locked wild steelhead fishing in the world, and the beautiful Las Buitreras lodge with its wild Sea Trout fishing. In Cuba we have three different programs offering Saltwater fly fishing at its best!


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loop fly tackle


Evotec G4


LOOP REELS OPTi. Six models covering line #3-13. EVOTEC G4. Eight models covering line #3-13. Classic. Five models covering line #4-13. MULTi. Three models covering line #3-12. XACT. Three models covering line #2-12. MULTi


OPTi RODS OPTi Creek. Optimized for sensitive fishing on small water. 8’8” #4 - 3-pcs.


OPTi Peak. Designed to cast a light line, yet handle big fish. Perfect for czech nymphing. 11’0” #4 - 4-pcs. OPTi Stream. This rod has the flexibility to cope with all casting elements. 9’0” #5 - 4-pcs. OPTi River. It’s deep action makes it perfect for long underhand casts in tight spots. As for overhand casting you’ll be amazed by the power in this rod. 9’8” #7 - 5-pcs. OPTi Coast. With a strong, crisp and quick action the rod will cut through the wind and allow you to reach those hard to get to rips. 9’3” #6 an 9’6” #7. Both 5-pcs.

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OPTi Power Spey. Works equally well with short heads or longer spey lines. The tip recovery is extremely precise and the butt power never gives up. 13’0” and 14’0” #9. 15’0” #10. 5-pcs.

OPTi Creek. Head length 7m. WF3 Float. OPTi Stream. Head length 8-9.5m. WF4-8 Float. OPTi Stillwater. Head length 10.8m. WF5-8 Float. OPTi 130. Head length 13m. WF5-8 Float. OPTi 165. Head length 16.5m. WF5-8 Float. OPTi 210. Head length 21.3m. WF5-8 Float.

loop fly tackle

EVOTEC Made with our latest technology, Cross Weave, the Evotec series have a sweet, precise and wonderfully balanced action. Minimal vibrations and the possibilty to change tempo with ease is the fruit of our “Perfect Curve” philosophy. 10 single- and 9 doublehanded models. Line #3-10.

GASS GÖRAN ANDERSSON SIGNATURE SERIES These rods have a somewhat deeper action that bends down through the handle when fully loaded, together with a short piston stroke that allows an early stop. 2 single- and 5 double-handed models.

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Xact has a smooth, deep, medium-fast action that is both forgiving and precise. This is no entry-level stick and represents a lot of rod for the money. 5 single- and 10 double-handed models. Line #4-10.


EVOTEC. Covers everything, over- or underhand, short or long casts. 3 models: 85, 100 and 140. WF3-9.

GDC. A new well-balanced shooting head system with integrated loop-eyes at both ends. #6-10 in 5 densities.

CUSTOM. Shooting heads constructed for those who want to customize to their own weight/ length and add their own loops. For 12’-17’ rods. 2 densities.

XACT. A traditional weight forward taper, easy to cast and well matching to different type of rods. WF4-8.

BOOSTER. Featuring a short front taper, superb weight distribution, the Booster turns over ”biggies” with ease. WF9.

RUNNER. Floating running line with integrated loops for easy change of line. Available in 3 dimensions.

If big toothy critters is the name of your game, the Booster is the rod for you. With a deep progressive action the Booster delivers big flies as easy as nothing. Style and attitude included. 8’8” #9 - 3-pcs.


This easy to cast flyrod set provides everything required to develop and most importantly – to catch fish! Three sets: 9’ #5, 6 and 7. 3-pcs.

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LOOP TACKLE DESIGN AB P. O. Box 195 SE-184 22 Ă…kersberga Sweden Tel: +46 (0)8-544 101 90 Fax: +46 (0)8-544 101 99 E-mail: LOOP Service & Repair Center Tel: +46 (0)8-544 101 90 E-mail:

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