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The biggest lesson I’ve learned at Loomis is to be unapologetically yourself. If you are confident in yourself, people will respect that and embrace everything you have to offer.” — Maddie Corsetti, senior


Loomis Chaffee students and faculty believe that learning, living, and leading should be done with intent and purpose. We draw inspiration from the progressive vision, extraordinary generosity, and deliberate actions of the school’s five Founders — four brothers and one sister — who sought to fulfill the promise of their deceased children by educating future generations from around the nation and the world. Loomis’ mission is to inspire in its students a commitment to the best self and the common good. Our excellent academic, athletics, artistic, experiential, social, and residential programs combine to cultivate the spirit, mind, and body of each student. In all we do, we remain firm in our attachment to the Founders’ guiding principles that social equality is more important than social standing, fairness conquers favoritism, academic and physical rigor invigorate and inspire, and a caring and trusting community fosters in each of us an abiding appreciation of our roles as local and global citizens. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE. THAT’S LOOMIS CHAFFEE.


Purpose Lived




Now that I am about to graduate, it is abundantly clear to me how a teacher can make the difference in his or her students’ educational experiences.”

Excellence in teaching, coaching, and mentoring One of the most important factors in your success at school will be your teachers. At Loomis we take teaching seriously — recruiting the most talented teachers, coaches, and dorm faculty to join our community and nurturing their continued professional development. Our faculty love to teach and are particularly skilled at helping young people navigate the opportunities and challenges of adolescence.

“While Mr. Rubai creates a classroom environment of personal accountability, he teaches by collaborating with his students. He takes the time to help each student individually. Mr. Rubai’s math class has instilled in me a confidence in my mathematical abilities that I did not have before. I am grateful to have had him as a teacher because he understands that learning demands patience, persistence, and hard work.” — Lauren Hinton, senior

Adnan Rubai



Imagine the Possibilities We live in an increasingly exciting, uncertain, and complex world. The career you pursue after college may not even exist yet given today’s rapid rate of technological, economic, and political change. Scary? Maybe. Intriguing? Definitely. Imagine all the possibilities! At Loomis, we will prepare you to thrive in college and beyond. Your educational experience will be grounded in stimulating coursework, experiential learning, and rigorous scholarship in the liberal arts. With our focus on creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, you will learn how to learn, adapt, and become the change-makers and leaders our societies need.



Charlie’s Freshman Year

A great start at Loomis with advanced courses and history and philosophy electives

English I

Advanced Spanish III Advanced Algebra II

Advanced Chemistry I

Middle East: A History of Peace and Conflict Global Human Rights: Protection and Abuse

Introduction to Philosophy

Choosing from almost 250 courses, you and your faculty advisor will design a curriculum that is interesting, is engaging, and allows you to explore your interests and passions. What will you study at Loomis? Here is a sample of what some of our current students are doing.

Seminar in the Common Good

Charlie crafted a rich ninth grade experience starting with a challenging curriculum. A good student and active participant in class, Charlie is also “fearless” as a goalie for the soccer team, a “crafty lefty” as a point guard on the basketball team, and an excellent pitcher for the JV baseball team.

Wind Ensemble (trombone)


Lizzie’s Sophomore Year Pursuing Loomis Chaffee’s Global & Environmental Studies Certificate

Lizzie’s two trips with the Alvord Center to Vietnam/ Cambodia and Morocco have had a huge influence on her experience at Loomis as has her love for languages and history. Lizzie is looking forward to spending her junior year at King’s Academy in Jordan.

English II Advanced French III Arabic II World History Advanced Geometry Film/Video Production Writing Workshop Fitness and Wellness



PG Tyler’s Post-Graduate Year

Chloe’s Junior Year

A student athlete challenging herself in and out of the classroom

A prefect in Richmond Hall, Chloe brings her infectious positive energy to the dorm and balances the responsibilities of her leadership role with the demands of her academic program and her commitments to the varsity lacrosse, ice hockey, and volleyball teams. This past year, Chloe and her teammates captured the New England Championship in girls volleyball.


Maalik’s Senior Year

Leveraging term courses to create a great year at Loomis

CL English Seminar III Advanced Spanish III


U.S. History

English IV: Literature and the Environment

Advanced Precalculus with Differential Calculus


Advanced Physics I

Germany and the Holocaust


Introduction to Economics Hinduism and Buddhism Winter: English IV: The American Dream For a complete listing of all courses available, visit www.loomischaffee.org/academics. CL = College Level

Incorporating a capstone experience with the I-Tri

CL English IV: Writing from the Arab World

CL English IV: Contemporary Literature

CL Spanish V: Latin American Short Story CL Economics

CL Multivariable Calculus CL Physics II Developmental Psychology Jazz Band (tenor saxophone) Innovation Trimester (I-Tri)

Maalik chose Loomis because he was looking for an environment “where I could challenge myself.” He has done just that in the classroom and as a peer counselor, tour guide, and varsity wrestler and soccer player. In his final term at Loomis, Maalik is participating in the Innovation Trimester (I-Tri), a new program where Loomis students spend a term outside of their regular classes identifying and solving problems in the local Windsor and Greater Hartford area.

Precalculus History of Sport in Society Microeconomics The Literature of the Bible Spring: English IV: Note from the Combat Zone Stories of War Precalculus Model T and the American Industrial Revolution Macroeconomics

Tyler is making the most of his one year at Loomis by pursuing a challenging academic program, playing on the football and lacrosse teams, representing his fellow post-graduates on the Student Council, and supporting the Special Olympics Northern Connecticut Time Trials, which Loomis hosts in the spring.




Nurturing Intellectual Curiosity Innovative thinking abounds at Loomis, and our signature programs reflect this atmosphere of intellectual enthusiasm.

Sustainability and Agriculture Programs

SEMINARS IN THE BEST SELF AND THE COMMON GOOD In ninth and 10th grades, you will participate in weekly seminars coordinated by the Norton Family Center for the Common Good to explore and discuss a range of topics such as study skills and time management; diversity, equity, and inclusion; wellness and personal health; and current events. Through this experience, you will gain confidence in expressing your ideas, learn the importance of listening and productive discourse, and take an engaged approach to citizenship.

WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM At Loomis you will learn to write well and to understand the science of good writing. Our English Department faculty lead these efforts with a four-year writing program, the heart of which is the year-long Sophomore Writing Workshop. The Emerging Writers Program, the annual Katharine Brush Creative Writing Contest, and the student-run literary magazine and newspaper are just some of the opportunities for you to further nurture your talents. And the Writing Studio provides faculty and student support on a variety of writing assignments for all interested students. Four-Year Arabic Language Program

SUSTAINABILITY AND AGRICULTURE PROGRAMS Our environmental sustainability program is student‑focused. Students investigate real problems/issues that the school faces related to energy consumption and conservation, waste management, and water. Students in our agricultural program investigate sustainable food systems and work the land by planting and harvesting, tending to our flock of laying hens, and working in our apiary.


For a video highlighting the Arabic program, visit www.loomischaffee.org/viewbook.

Unique among many of our peer schools, Loomis offers a fouryear Arabic language program with a focus on Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine Colloquial Arabic. You can supplement your Arabic language studies with a year or term abroad at King’s Academy in Jordan.


Global & Environmental Studies: Loomis students in Peru

GLOBAL & ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES CERTIFICATE If your interests lie in acquiring a greater understanding of the world, consider pursuing a Global & Environmental Studies Certificate, coordinated by the Alvord Center for Global & Environmental Studies. The program includes off-campus travel and study. Recently, students have traveled to Peru, India, South Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia, Cuba, the Galapagos Islands, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Morocco, the Arctic Circle, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, China, and Iceland.

Guided Research Projects

GUIDED RESEARCH PROJECTS Loomis’ Guided Research Projects allow advanced students in the humanities and sciences to engage in sustained, significant, mentored research. For a recent molecular biology project, students working with a surgeon and her lab at Connecticut Children’s Hospital and UConn Health were tasked with studying the molecular characterization of a specific set of stem cells that become esophageal tissue to better understand how and why these cells perform this tissue regeneration.

Listen to a podcast with science teacher Erica Gerace Ph.D. about the Guided Research Project in molecular biology at www.loomischaffee.org/viewbook.



What problem do you want to solve? Loomis students want to make a difference in the world, and they want to make it now! All our resources — curricular and extracurricular programs, faculty, and facilities — will empower you to leverage your educational experience for the greater good. Among those resources are three unique-to-Loomis interdisciplinary centers that will teach you how to identify problems worth solving, explore and evaluate potential solutions, and enact positive change in your local, national, and international communities.

Senior Adam Guillemette used his Gilchrist Fellowship to join the Alvord Center’s trip to the Galapagos Islands. The trip helped inform his independent environmental research project aimed at conserving resources and reducing waste at Loomis.

The Alvord Center for Global & Environmental Studies offers students interested in global and environmental literacy, sustainability, and engagement the resources and programming to make a positive impact in countless ways. The center oversees the Global & Environmental Studies Certificate program, international education/travel programs, and environmental sustainability programs, including the Gilchrist Environmental Fellowships, which fund student and faculty-led stewardship initiatives.


The Norton Family Center for the Common Good provides the foundation for your growth as a citizen in a diverse democracy, fostering an active, engaged approach to citizenship. The center oversees the Seminar in the Common Good, sponsors campus-wide Dialogues in the Common Good on social issues and world events, and funds the Norton Fellows program, which provides a select group of students the opportunity to benefit their local communities through self-directed engagement projects during summer break.

“We are the change-maker generation,� declared senior Blaine Stevens, one of several speakers at a Loomis student-led event to discuss gun violence in America.

Students with myriad interests, a shared passion to solve human-centered design challenges, and an eagerness to make a positive difference in their communities come together in the Pearse Hub for Innovation (PHI) to take advantage of state-ofthe-art technology, a large and adaptive build area, training with faculty experts, and a curriculum intended to foster creative problem-solving. During the PHI’s capstone Innovation Trimester (I-Tri), a select group of students step away from their regular academic schedules for an entire term to immerse themselves in hands-on projects that address pressing concerns in the local community.

Junior Maral Asik and senior Sam Feifer build parts for machines that will shred plastic and turn the recycled material into new products as part of their Problem Solving for the Common Good class.


Aarman at a Robotics Competition



No matter what the problem is, you have the ability to tackle it, and that is impressive.”

Meet Aarman

— Andrew Bartlett, math teacher, speaking to his calculus student Aarman

How many times do the two hands of the clock form a straight line in a day? Find out the answer and how Aarman figured it out in his conversation with Andrew Bartlett on the Pelican Scoop Podcast at www.loomischaffee.org/ viewbook.

What do you do when you are sitting at your little brother’s very long spelling bee over spring break, you can’t use your phone “out of respect,” and you need to entertain yourself ? Well, if you are Aarman Pannu, a sophomore, you decide to use the white space on the spelling bee program (see above) to finally figure out the answer to that question you’ve been kicking around for a while: How many times a day do the two hands of a clock, the hour and the minute hands, form a straight line? And you figure it out using the calculus that you are learning with Andrew Bartlett, your mathematics teacher. “Aarman never gave up,” says Andrew. “He came up with a [beautiful] mathematical solution. He was willing to take the skills [we are learning] and dig into a question he was curious about.”






Making Memories & Lifelong Friends At Loomis you will quickly find people with whom you just “click.” The diversity of our student body just about guarantees it.

A sample of the activities hosted by dorms and the Office of Student Activities during the school year:

And by the very nature of life on campus, you will spend more time out of class than in it — with good friends in your dorm, the dining hall, student lounges, playing fields, art studios, practice rooms, fitness center, and just hanging out in the quads. Those moments, more than any others, will define your time at Loomis.

Freshman BBQ and Scavenger Hunt

Bubble Soccer Under the Lights

PSO Color Run

Bowling and Laser Tag

Trivia Nights

Lip Sync Battles

Harvest Fest


Sophomore Retreat at Camp Becket

Kravis Basketball Association

Harman Flag Football

Warham Coffee House

Dodgeball Tournaments

Cultural Outburst

Winterfest Dance

Flagg Film Festival

Beach Volleyball Games

Spring Fest


I chose Loomis because of its emphasis on community engagement. Everyone is super involved and that’s something I was definitely looking for.” — Emma Macdonald, junior


Loomis Chaffee students are expected to work hard, so the student-run StuActs group aims to make sure that there's always something to look forward to at the end of the week. Whether it’s laser tag in the gym, a van to see the latest Marvel movie, or a chill night with retro games and grilled cheese in the campus center, we’ll find something to help our community unwind.” — Aidan Gillies, sophomore




Loren, do you remember how we met?” Loren: Yes, I do. I was a really shy person and you were this big, loud personality. [You] had an open-door policy where everybody was coming in, and it was a great way to meet new people. As soon as I came in, someone was cracking jokes and laughing, being smiley. I was like, “Oh I really like this girl.” … We just clicked automatically. Simone: Yeah, I totally agree. My open-door policy was definitely phenomenal. I met so many new people from that, just keeping my door open every day.

To learn more about Simone Moales’s and Loren Jones’s freshman year at Loomis, listen to their podcast at www.loomischaffee.org/ viewbook. Loren and Simone hanging out in Cutler Hall




If you want to see pancakes made right — hand me the spatula.”

The Pancake Society

— Ryan Durkin, senior


Don’t call us the Pancake “Club”!

2. Use real maple syrup — the “fake stuff” is frowned upon. 3. Chocolate chips are kind of necessary. “If you request a pancake without chocolate chips — we make it square,” says Ryan. 4. Please don’t suggest we “get a waffle iron.” We’re the PANCAKE Society. The name says it all. 5. Wash your own plates! “But no one ever does,” admits Gunnar.

Fun on the Island takes many forms. Gunnar Simons and Ryan Durkin, dorm leaders and accomplished athletes among other things, co-founded the Pancake Society — inviting the school community to join them in their dorm social room for pancakes on Thursday mornings.



Individuality Thrives

What is your passion? Writing, science, robotics, sculpture, cello, hockey, baseball, sustainability, global studies, community service? Whatever it may be, bring it to Loomis and let us help you turn your passion into your purpose. Don’t have a passion yet? There is no place better than Loomis to explore your interests, try new things, and take risks. Our faculty, staff, alumni, and students will guide and support your search for what makes you happy and brings meaning to your life.

When I chose Loomis, everything was focused on me finding a way to get better at hockey, but when I arrived on campus, there were so many different teams and clubs to try out for. So I went out on a limb and tried out for the golf team, and the rest is history!.” — Reilly Connors, senior





ES ,s en io r


, ju n io r SEY



I’ve always been interested in writing poetry, but I’ve never written a short story before. Last year I submitted my first short story into the Creative Writing Contest and received an Honorable Mention.


Before coming to Loomis, I was interested in current events and politics, but I was always scared to share my ideas. Joining the Shultz Fellowship [Loomis’ political discussion group] has been one of the best decisions I have made while at Loomis. During our weekly meetings, my peers have not only helped me think about political issues in different ways, but also have motivated me to participate and share my opinions both in the fellowship and beyond.





r io




I’ve written, directed, and starred in a theater production. Before I got to Loomis, I considered myself an athlete first and foremost, so I did not expect to get involved in theater in my time here.



N , s o p h o m o re

Joining the wrestling team is still one of my biggest, most unexpected accomplishments. I knew I wanted to do it since my first term at Loomis, and being the only girl on the team is kind of up my alley as I am a strong feminist. Participating in one of the hardest sports has allowed me to grow tremendously as an athlete.


Take 5 practicing in Founders Chapel



At Loomis, you can easily find other kids with similar interests, and the faculty will support you in pursuing an activity together.”

Meet Take 5

— Logan Katz, senior

Listen to Take 5’s recording of music the members arranged as part of their Senior Project at www.loomischaffee.org/ viewbook.

At the start of the school year, senior Logan Katz thought it would be fun to form an a cappella group to sing in the annual International Championship of High School A Cappella competition. He asked classmates Noah Yoon, Cameron Purdy, Alexa Kim, and Josh Ryu, all of whom were involved in music, theater, and other performance groups on campus, including the A Cappelicans and Musical Revue, to submit an audition recording together. The musicians quickly bonded through performances both on and off campus and ultimately completed a spring term Senior Project that allowed them to work on song arrangements and recordings.


BOYS INTERSCHOLASTIC PROGRAMS Baseball ✽ Basketball ✽ Cross Country ✽ Football Golf Ice Hockey Lacrosse

Soccer ✽ ★ Squash ★ Swimming & Diving ✽ Tennis Track & Field ✽ ★ Water Polo

GIRLS INTERSCHOLASTIC PROGRAMS Basketball ✽ Cross Country ✽ Field Hockey Golf ★ Ice Hockey ✽ Lacrosse ✽ ★ Soccer ✽ ★

Softball Squash ★ Swimming & Diving ✽ Tennis Track & Field Volleyball ✽ ★ Water Polo



✽ F  ounders League Champions in 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, and/or 2018–19 ★N  ew England or Western New England champions in 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18, and/or 2018–19

Athletics At Loomis, our athletes are defined as much by their character as they are by their talent, and the result is a highly successful and widely respected interscholastic athletics program, and a great source of pride and school spirit for the entire community. In the past four years, Loomis teams have won more than 30 Founders League championships and eight New England or Western New England championships.

Students interested in intramural programs will find a range of options, including soccer, tennis, squash, ultimate frisbee, equestrian, cardio and weight training, jogging, and cycling. Learn more about our athletics programs and facilities at www.loomischaffee.org/athletics.




MUSIC More than 35 percent of students participate in our music programs. The Hubbard Music Center is home to the Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, Jazz Band, Jazz Improv, Guitar Ensemble, and Chamber Music groups as well as music theory and appreciation courses and private and group music lessons.

THEATER & DANCE From performance to production, from stage management to technical theater, and from ballet to hip-hop, our theater and dance programs offer a breadth and depth few schools can rival.

VISUAL ARTS The Visual Arts Department, located in the Richmond Art Center, teaches technique and design in a variety of media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, digital photography, film/video production, and digital animation.

Arts Passion for the arts is palpable on our campus. The resulting culture is vibrant, creative, and infused with an energy that inspires our artists and community members alike.

In addition to extensive coursework and performance/exhibition opportunities in all the visual and performing arts, student-led groups take center stage throughout the year and include Musical Revue, the A Cappelicans, and student-written, -directed, -acted, and -produced one-act plays.


Leonie and Emily working together in the science lab on their Guided Research Project



At Loomis, lots of students work hard, but in a collaborative rather than an individually competitive way.”

Meet Emily & Leonie

— Emily Dias, senior

Emily Dias and Leonie Kurzlechner did not know each other before arriving on campus, but they both brought to Loomis passions for science and dance, strong work ethics, and willingness to take on any challenge. When they found each other, they recognized the impact they could have working together.

Above: Leonie and Emily strike a pose with Anthony “PopKorn” Thomas, a hip-hop teacher and performer. Right: Dance festival participants warm up on the Hubbard stage. The 2019 festival brought together 120 dancers from 10 independent schools.

In their sophomore year, Emily and Leonie co-founded the New England Prep School Dance Festival as a way to bring together choreographers and dancers from different independent schools in the region to share and learn from one another. Their collaboration continued in the science lab as partners in the Molecular Biology Guided Research Project. “I’ve always been interested in science, and I chose Loomis Chaffee specifically for the guided research project,” says Emily. “It’s been great to take part in a college-level research project mentored by a Loomis teacher with a Ph.D. who lives on campus.”



Informing Educational Futures The success of Loomis’ College Guidance program is a result of relationships — between student and counselor, between school and college, between counselor and parent — and our four-year college guidance curriculum. The aim of this curriculum is to equip students with the knowledge, self-awareness, and decision-making skills to make appropriate, informed choices about their educational futures. Because of these College Guidance programs, the transformational education that Loomis provides, the talent of our student body, and our individualized attention, Loomis students thrive in the college selection process and beyond.


Each year, Loomis seniors apply to more than 250 different colleges and matriculate at more than 90 institutions. In the past five years, these institutions have included Amherst, Barnard, Bates, Boston College, Boston University, Bowdoin, Brown, Carleton, Carnegie Mellon, Claremont McKenna, Colby, Colgate, College of the Holy Cross, Colorado College, Columbia, Connecticut College, Cornell, Dartmouth, Davidson, Duke, Emory, George Washington, Georgetown, Hamilton, Harvard, Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Lafayette, Lehigh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McGill, Middlebury, New York University, Northeastern, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Oberlin, Pomona, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, Trinity College, Tufts, Tulane, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Naval Academy, UC/ Berkeley, UCLA, University of Chicago, University of Edinburgh, University of Michigan, UNC/Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, University of St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Southern California, University of Toronto, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Vassar, Villanova, Wake Forest, Washington University in St. Louis, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Williams, and Yale.


At Loomis, we prepare students to be confident, civic-minded leaders who will make a positive difference in their local, national, and international communities.

EXAMPLES OF LOOMIS CHAFFEE ALUMNI EXCELLENCE Frank Bruni ’82 Journalist and author Chris Cillizza ’94 CNN Politics Reporter and Editor-at-Large Ruthie Davis ’80 Shoe designer, The Ruthie Davis Collection David Edelstein ’77 Film critic for New York magazine and for CBS Sunday Morning Diana Farrell ’83 Founding president and chief executive officer of the JPMorgan Chase Institute Betty Gilpin ’04 Emmy-nominated (GLOW) television, stage, and film actress Liana Hinds ’12 Professional soccer player with Sundsvalls DFF (Sweden) Henry R. Kravis ’63 Co-founder, co-chairman, co-chief executive officer at KKR, a leading global investment firm Paul Mounds Jr. ’03 Chief operating officer for the state of Connecticut Laurie Perez ’89 Television journalist, KCBS-TV in Los Angeles George Shultz ’38 U.S Secretary of State (1982–1989) Jason Wu ’01 Fashion designer

Key Facts The Loomis Chaffee School is a renowned New England boarding school located on a 300-acre campus in Windsor, Connecticut.



TUITION (2019–20)

Chartered in 1874 and opened in 1914

725 students

Boarding: $61,760

Co-educational boarding school for grades 9–12 and postgraduate

70% boarding students, 30% day students

Day: $47,440

55% boys, 45% girls 30% students of color



15% international

33% of students receiving financial aid

Coffee shops, grocery store, restaurants, banks, Amtrak train station, and more within walking distance from campus

Through citizenship and residency our students represent more than 40 countries and 30 states.

More than $10.6 million in financial aid awarded annually

Greater Hartford provides myriad opportunities for community service, internships, and experiential learning. 15 minutes to Bradley International Airport 2.5 hours to New York City; 1 hour and 45 minutes to Boston; 1 to 2 hours to the mountains and beaches

FACULTY 178 faculty, coaches, and advisors 12 years — average tenure for teaching faculty 12 students — average class size

It all begins right there. The doors to Founders Hall open a path to learning, leadership, values, outstanding faculty and staff, mentors, and incredibly gifted and caring classmates — success throughout life begins with this single step!” — Tom Shea, alumnus


Applying to Loomis The application process at Loomis provides opportunities for us to get to know you better and you opportunities to learn more about us. Our website provides a thorough introduction to the school, but the best way to learn about Loomis and get a good sense of whether the school is right for you is to visit campus. Schedule your tour and interview today. We can’t wait to meet you, show you around, and introduce you to our students, faculty, and coaches.



INQUIRE Complete an inquiry form at www.loomischaffee.org/apply to receive additional information about the school.

VISIT Call 860.687.6400 to schedule your interview and campus visit.





See you soon!

Access the online application options at www.loomischaffee.org/apply. The Admission Application Deadline is January 15.

 or more information about Loomis’ F financial aid and Scholar programs and to access the online application, go to www.loomischaffee.org/financialaid. The Financial Aid Application Deadline is January 31.

CONNECT facebook-square twitter-square instagram For more information about Loomis Chaffee, visit our website at www.loomischaffee.org, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To reach the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, please call 860.687.6400.


Purpose Lived The Loomis Chaffee School | 4 Batchelder Road | Windsor, Connecticut 06095

Profile for Loomis Chaffee

Loomis Chaffee Viewbook 2019-20  

Loomis’ mission is to inspire in its students a commitment to the best self and the common good. Our excellent academic, athletics, artistic...

Loomis Chaffee Viewbook 2019-20  

Loomis’ mission is to inspire in its students a commitment to the best self and the common good. Our excellent academic, athletics, artistic...