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PROFUND Easy Fund Governance | Increase the productivity and security of your fund directors’ communication.

loomion PROFUND secure information platform for the Board of investment funds

Accessing business-related information anytime and anywhere in a safe manner is essential for members of the Board of Directors of investment funds. Long gone are the days when meeting preparation was performed only at the office. They need flexibility of access to their information and documents, whether at the office, at home, on a plane, or on their iPad. loomion PROFUND is the ideal software solution for today’s Board member’s needs. With loomion PROFUND, your documents and data are just as safe when read and edited in public and on the run as they are at your office. Years of experience went into the design and implementation of loomion PROFUND.

Get to know loomion PROFUND: • loomion PROFUND is easy to use • loomion PROFUND is always up-to-date and transparent • loomion PROFUND is available both on- and offline – everywhere • loomion PROFUND provides maximum security

Corporate Governance begins with clarity Clear communication is essential to your company's success. However, access to data reserved solely for the corporate governance must remain regulated and secure yet easily accessed by authorized parties. Both Management and administration must constantly be updated with current data, and also have clear communication pathways in order to facilitate good corporate governance. With loomion PROFUND, rest assured that sensitive information is available only to those that may need it. Unauthorized access is thus excluded. Increase transparency All authorized parties will have access to the same information at the same time through the same channel of information. Allow comparison scenarios Historic data is archived and any document is easily comparable with a new version. This is an advantage for strategy discussions where it is handy to compare the new strategy with earlier plans discussed in previous years. Create conditions to comply with the rule conformity With automatic archiving of documents and data, loomion PROFUND supports the Secretariat and allows compliance with legal and regulatory requirements . Facilitate traceability The who, what, and when regarding access is safely logged. This helps internal audits and contributes to good corporate governance. Reinforce cooperation loomion PROFUND improves and simpliďŹ es the internal cooperation between governing bodies by additional instruments for surveys, polls and circular resolutions.

loomion PROFUND simplifies communication at the highest level The loomion PROFUND for the secure exchange of confidential documents of investment funds consists of three modules:

• • •

loomion PROFUND Admin – The management interface for the Secretariat. To plan and create meetings and documents, and to manage the users of the loomion PROFUND. loomion PROFUND WebApp – online access for your laptop. For easy, intuitive operation; at home, in your hotel room, or in the office. loomion PROFUND mobile for iPad – mobile access to data and documents. Anywhere. Anytime. From your iPad.

The loomion PROFUND license model is based on either a combined mobile app / web-based app usage or on a web-based app only use.

loomion PROFUND mobile for iPad – with all functions on-the-go The Home screen On the welcome screen of loomion PROFUND mobile for iPad it’s all about your next meeting. Where you have to be and when as your trip is planned. What you need to know about the location of the meetings. Details about restaurants, attractions and the current weather conditions around the place of the meeting. From here you have access to all necessary information, including the contents of your meeting. Without a heavy folder. Without risk. In your secure data environment.

My Meetings On the personalized screen "My Meetings" of loomion PROFUND for mobile iPad you can find everything at a glance - including all your meeting times as well as important documents. This facilitates the preparation for and follow-up to meetings considerably.

All Meetings loomion PROFUND also provides a concise overview of all Committees and the dates of their meetings to optimize your year-plan. Visuals are kept orderly with vivid and memorable colors to simplify your navigation through the calendar.

Search and Find loomion PROFUND provides a comprehensive full-text search for all documents. Simply enter, retrieve, and decide. The contents of all documents are indexed. After entering a search term, all documents which include the term are shown.

Working with documents Read your important documents, identify facts, underline important content, contribute your own ideas and add your handwritten personal notes. This is the best preparation for your next meeting using loomion PROFUND.

With the loomion PROFUND WebApp work comfortably from your desk The integrated user interface of loomion PROFUND allows you to use all functions the same way, no matter the device. And the loomion PROFUND WebApp has very similar functionality to our app for the iPad. The only difference is your browser at your home or office allows you to work ergonomically. Indulge yourself with the loomion PROFUND WebApp for your next meeting, reaping the benefits of viewing all documents and details pre-, during-, and post-meeting. Get information on the meeting calendar and to the members of the Bodies. Take advantage of the excellent search functionality of the loomion PROFUND WebApp to find information quickly and efficiently. Your assistant enjoys the same access to your documents, easing their review and editing process. With the loomion PROFUND WebApp, your closest colleagues can view all documents, information, meetings and calendars and so assist in the preparation and planning of meetings. Very easy and straightforward. Simple and intuitive for all screens.

loomion PROFUND keeps Boards of Directors informed No matter how much they travel, Board members must always remain up-to-date. loomion PROFUND provides a unique solution: Executives can communicate from anywhere and work on documents, without compromising the protection of corporate data. You always remain compliant with legal and regulatory requirements.

The advantages of loomion PROFUND at a glance • • • • • • • • •

With loomion PROFUND all documents and data relevant to the Board Management are accessible on your iPad and your computer – with a continuous, intuitive, and modern user interface. loomion PROFUND offers separate access options for assistants of Board members. loomion PROFUND supports you with a useful and easy-to-use full-text search on all documents. loomion PROFUND provides you with an elaborate synchronization mechanism for all data and documents. Location-based information about the meeting can be provided by loomion PROFUND and is automatically updated (logistics, weather and additional on-site activities). loomion PROFUND enables every user to attach personal annotations and comments to documents – even handwritten. The calendar overview of loomion PROFUND facilitates scheduling and coordination with other members of the Management bodies. loomion PROFUND grows with your needs and can be adapted to the diverse requirements of small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. loomion PROFUND was developed according to the needs of the investment fund sector and is based on our vast experience of managing the communication of the Boards of large global corporations.

loomion PROFUND assists the Secretariat Manage meetings and documents faster The development of loomion PROFUND was focused to support on the tasks of the Board of Directors' secretariat. Therefore, we have designed the use to be as easy as possible. The years of experience we have helped us to systematically optimize the process of meeting preparation, document creation, and document management and to tailor it to the investment fund industry. Whether creating meetings, uploading documents and data, maintaining users, or full-text searching – the intuitive user interface of loomion PROFUND gets all tasks done quickly. Especially when time is scarce. Our specifically designed voting system allows the corporate office to poll the Board on the agenda and the date of the meetings.

Software based on proven standards loomion PROFUND manages documents and data with the document management system Microsoft SharePoint, which probably is already a standard part of your IT environment. As a result, you do not have to set up a separate IT infrastructure to benefit from our solution.

Service around the clock After the introduction of loomion PROFUND in your business and personal training, we are still always there for you. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. Throughout the year.

loomion PROFUND Admin lets you be better organized

Flexible through Microsoft SharePoint By using the document management system Microsoft SharePoint, we can ensure the best possible integration with your Microsoft Office environment. And also, if you want more functionalities in the document creation or integration of automated workflows, we will help you with our competent SharePoint Team.

Create meetings without complication Scheduling meetings with loomion PROFUND Admin is simple: enter start and end date, time, agenda, and location in the screen mask - done. Additionally, short-term modifications to meeting time or venue can be communicated to the participants. The screen masks, proven over the years, automatically run plausibility checks. In addition to individual meetings with loomion PROFUND Admin, multi-day events such as Board trips can be recorded. This can include the information on the supporting program and all personal documents of the participants, such as airline tickets or hotel reservations.

Documents load with a mouse click With loomion PROFUND Admin, documents for recorded meetings or individual Board members are uploaded in a straightforward manner. Whether invitation, agenda, preparing documents or proceedings – anything is possible. All document types that you require in your organization can easily be added in a simple way according to your requirements. If the documents are uploaded, loomion PROFUND Admin supports the secretariat when sending notifications to all users via email, SMS or directly on their iPad. Personal preferences of the individual members of senior Management or the Board of Directors can be processed. If the message is received on the iPad, an automated synchronization of the new documents is performed.

loomion PROFUND is your reliable software solution Safety, safety and again safety Because members of the Board obtain documents on a “need-to-know” basis, unauthorized persons are excluded. This also applies to the synchronization by the loomion PROFUND mobile app for iPad. The network traffic is basically ("end-to-end") encrypted according to best practices, making interception impossible. To access the contents of loomion PROFUND, the user must (among other security measures) enter his password. After 5 failed attempts loomion PROFUND mobile for iPad will wipe securely its database from the device. The documents and data are well secured on the iPad because the database is also contemporarily encrypted. The safety concept also means that the archiving policy automatically deletes all documents and data from the mobile devices that are older than, say, one year.

Secure the network perimeter The loomion PROFUND mobile for iPad app is protected by "strong authentication”. This means that each device is equipped with a unique certificate and stores the user’s Microsoft Active Directory credentials. To authenticate the user and to encrypt the communication with the servers, loomion PROFUND uses your internal Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). If you do not have your own PKI, third-party certificates can be integrated easily. The perimeter of the network of your company is terminated by a Web Application Firewall (WAF). It monitors all communication between servers and iPads. The firewall also checks the access requirements of loomion PROFUND WebApp and other external devices that want to access your business data on loomion PROFUND. To fulfill the auditing obligations of traceability, a log is fed through all accesses. Thus, during an audit, the auditors have insight regarding who accessed which documents and when they were accessed.

With loomion PROFUND you are the master of your data You're in control of your data... All data and documents are stored on your corporate servers with their own infrastructure. This allows you completely control over access to your most relevant information, because documents are only available on the devices of Management Body members to whom you explicitly grant access. Thusly loomion PROFUND helps protect your sensitive data against unauthorized access – internally and externally.

... even if you use our hosting service. We care about your data as if it was our own. If your IT strategy doesn’t allow for your own Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure, we offer you high-avaliable hosting services in one of our safe TIER III+ data centers in Luxembourg or Switzerland. Your secretaries load the data and manage the access of the users using the loomion PROFUND Admin user interface. The members of your Management or Board then access this infrastructure via the loomion PROFUND mobile app for iPad, and on their laptop using loomion PROFUND WebApp.



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How does the interaction work between you and loomion PROFUND?

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Dr. Black







1 Role: Secretary Tool: PROFUND Admin

Role: Executive Tool: PROFUND Web App


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3 Prof. Schmidt

Role: Optional contributors Tool: PROFUND Admin

Role: Executive Tool: PROFUND mobile for iPad

loomion PROFUND is your central management and storage solution for your business’s Management meetings and Board meetings, along with their associated documents. How it works : 1) Sarah, the Board secretary, is planning meetings and loads the associated documents on the administration interface loomion PROFUND Admin. Already at this point a role-based model is applied. Employees with different areas of responsibility have access only to the content they upload themselves. 1a) Other persons authorized to do so are also working on meeting agenda documents at specific points. This is also done via loomion PROFUND Admin. If necessary, these documents are made visible to the Business Management or Board members only after an released by an approval workflow. 2) Dr. Black, on the Board of Directors, accesses the next meeting’s data and documents on the loomion PROFUND WebApp from his laptop. Thusly, he can perfect his preparation for the next Audit and Compliance Committee meeting. 3) Board member Prof. Schmidt is currently abroad on business travel. Thus he can optimize his time on the plane through the automatic synchronization of current meeting documents, received via his iPad, thanks to loomion PROFUND mobile for iPad.

loomion PROFUND divides a body (Board of Directors, Management) into different committees, such as the Audit Committee, Nomination Committee and Compensation Committee. Each of these committees has regular and irregular meetings wherein different types of documents (invitation, agenda, meeting minutes) are assigned for pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting follow-up. Additionally, loomion PROFUND can store documents that are not directly associated with a meeting, but are essential for fulfilling the tasks of each participant. These include, for example, the annual report and various regulatory documents.

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