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WELCOME Dear PiCOWORLD customer, Welcome to the world of advertising medium. For those of us at PiCOWORLD, a promotional gift is more than a useful object which can be branded with a logo or slogan. It has to be unique! An advertising item is the perfect medium to get sympathy points by a small gesture of giving. With our PiCOWORLD products you can either strengthen your customer relations or acquire new customers. A personal present expresses appreciation and solidarity, which is sometimes difficult to express in words. For that reason, we are never satisfied with simple everyday objects in our search for new ideas. The result: carefully selected products that are characterized by individuality. High-quality innovations at good prices! In order to do justice to the high demands we place on PiCOWORLD products, we have no limits on creativity – ours or yours! We make custom-made designs available to you at any time. Just tell us what your desired item should look like and we will take care of it. First-class service is just as important to us as first-class promotional gifts. Just take a look at our picoservice tips regarding your order. Dive in to our PiCOWORLD 2013 and let us surprise you. Enjoy! Your PiCOWORLD Team



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Sometimes extravagant or stylish, but always reliable In the new time era of Emails and SMS a hand written letter has become old fashioned. Nevertheless, there is nothing better than closing a successful with a signature. A ballpoint pen, fountain pen or roller ball pen - a pen can tell you a lot about itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s owner. In a critical moment, it is important to have a pen that you can rely on. We pay attention to create a personality for our picopens, so you and your customer can shine with your individual signature. Let our pens dazzle you!




It all depends on the packaging. That’s why we deliver this picopen in its own stylish box.

ROCK A striking contrast: accents in shiny gold tones

With precious CRYSTALIZED™Swarovski Elements

KIEV 58-1102190 When something sparkles, hearts can start to beat a little faster. Our uniquely designed ballpen KIEV will certainly inspire everyone. Its shiny black metal finish with gold trim is a testimony to its timeless elegance and style. KIEV is decorated with one of the solitary CHRYSTALLIZED™Swarovski Elements on the clip. A very individual pen that will have a place of honour on your customer’s desk. Each pen comes in a quality gift box. 18,5 x 7,8 x 3,3 / 13 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

ab • Blue writing ballpoint pen


58-1101590 The exclusive ballpen ROCK is much more than just an ordinary writing instrument. It is like a piece of jewellery, defined by its attention to detail. The silver clip is finished with a sparkling CHRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Element, discreet but very eye-catching. The picture is made perfect by its elegant shiny black metal appearance and oval shape. Furthermore the pen is very easy to write with giving the user a very soft writing-feeling. Each pen comes in a quality gift box. 18,5 x 7,8 x 3,3 / 13 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

ab • Delightful writing experience • Decorated with CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Element • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen


MOSCOW 58-1101560 Timeless elegance meets brilliant design: The metallic ball pen MOSCOW is an exclusive eye-catcher on every desk. The combination of 24 CHRYSTALLIZED ™-Swarovski Elements and high-quality silver metal clip in PiCOWORLD-Unique Design makes him something very special. Due to his

With precious CRYSTALIZED™Swarovski Elements comfortable grip shape, he is also hand held very solid. Deliverd in a black gift box. 20,5 x 8,3 x 3,3 / 13,5 x 1,9 cm.


Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Hand held very comfortable

Clip in exclusive PICOWORLD-DESIGN

• Blue writing twist ballpoint pen

With precious CRYSTALIZED™Swarovski Elements

With precious CRYSTALIZED™Swarovski Elements

RIGA 58-1101570 May we introduce RIGA, the second highlight from our Swarovski-collection. This high-value roller ball is decorated with 24 CHRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements compared to the ROCK which has one. The sparkling effect creates a wonderful contrast to the shiny black metal body. The logo can be printed or engraved perfectly on the unique picoworld clip. Each pen comes in a quality gift box. 18,5 x 7,8 x 3,3 / 13 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

ab • Black and soft writing rollerball Clip in exclusive PICOWORLD-DESIGN

ST. PETERSBURG 58-1101580 The Era of the fountain pen began in the 18th century. Since that time it has undergone several, but innovative changes, but still remains as one of the most popular writing instruments. Little wonder as the fountain pen provides a wonderful writing experience that is unlike any other – and this is true of our metal fountain pen ST. PETERSBURG. But this isn’t the only reason, why people are immediately taken with this pen. It is also due to its unique appearance with its 24 CHRYSTALLIZED™Swarovski Elements. Each pen comes in a quality gift box. Incl. 1 ink-refill. 19,2 x 8,3 x 3,3 / 13,6 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

ab • IRIDIUM-POINT-nib Clip in exclusive PICOWORLD-DESIGN




At PiCOWORLD, you can always rely on quick, on-time delivery. And on the fact that the products you want are never out of stock and can’t be delivered. Thanks to our large warehouse capacity, we have all of our products on hand.

Clip in PiCOWORLD design

CARBON 58-1100580 If you ask yourself why this item is called CARBON when the pens are black and silver in colour, we’d give the following answer. You know the name PiCOWORLD always stands for items that have attention to detail and this is shown here by the real carbon finish on a metal pen. Supplied in an elegant gift box. 17,5 x 7 x 4 / 13,8 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H5+V2 | 40 x 40 mm K2+H5+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H5 | 40 x 40 mm L2+H5 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• With high-quality, genuine carbon finish • Set includes black writing rollerball and blue writing twist ballpoint pen

Clip in PiCOWORLD design

DIAMOND 58-1103025 black 58-1103028 white Diamonds are forever - this pen is so beautiful that time cannot harm him. With its gleaming Swarovski crystals DIAMOND leaves a brilliant impression when you write with him. The top-class writing jewel shines on paper and is the absolute star among the pens. You do


not want to put the pen down once the diamond fever has caught you. 14 x 1 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 5 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Blue ink ballpoint pen • Transparent middle part with moving Swarovski crystals


SUCCESS Clip in PiCOWORLD design

58-1102320 Siker, succé, successo, Fremgang – no matter the country, there is truly nothing more beautiful than success. And that’s something everyone should be able to see. Not, of course, with an expensive car or a new house right off the bat – sometimes it is the little things that count. Like the exceptional SUCCESS ballpoint pen with “success” written in 14 languages. Robust metal. Large engraving area on the lower barrel. 18,2 x 4 x 2,3 / 13,5 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 x 10 mm K2+H4+V2 | 25 x 10 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

b • “Success” in 14 languages • With stable clip • Large engraving area on lower shaft • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen

Clip in PiCOWORLD design

CARBONIUM 58-1102050 May we introduce our elegant ballpen CARBONIUM! The Carbon finish gives the appearance of a real master-piece compared to other ball pens. But there is more to discover from this distinguished picopen. It writes very softly and is comfortable to hold. The silver clip is the perfect place for your logo. Pen is made of metal and carbon. 16 x 3 x 3 / 13,7 x 1 cm. Engraving size: 25 x 6 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

ab • Real carbon finishing • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen

INTERCONTINENTAL 58-1102300 Haven’t you or your customers always dreamed of holding the world in the palm of your hand? Now you can with our impressive INTERCONTINENTAL pen set. Rollerball and ballpoint pen in a brilliant chrome world map design. Delivered in a stylish box. 18 x 6,5 x 4 / 14 x 1,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H5+V2 | 40 x 40 mm K2+H2+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H5 | 40 x 40 mm L2+H5 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Robust metal with brilliant chrome casing • Can be engraved on every silver continent





58-1102047 If John J. Loud (one of the first inventors of writing instruments and similar devices) in 1888, could experience how his idea continues to be improved over the centuries, he would have been very proud of himself – and of course he would be proud of the distinguished picopen FUNCTION. Its unique design with the rubber covered centre, makes it a genuine star amongst pens. Furthermore this metal pen is also very comfortable to use. Supplied in a hard black card box. 18,2 x 4 x 2,3 / 13 x 1,3 cm.

58-1102287 Three guesses as to why we called our elegant rollerball pen PRECISE. That’s right. Because it is distinguished by its exceptionally precise and clean writing. Of course, that’s not the only thing that makes PRECISE so special. Its clear design in “gun-metal lacquer” and the rubber grip at the mid-point also give it an unique touch. Plus, this shiny rollerball pen looks good in your hand. Delivery in a black box. 18,2 x 4 x 2,3 / 14 x 1,4 cm.

Engraving size: 25 x 5 mm L2+H3 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


Engraving size: 25 x 10 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

b • Robust metal

• Solid metal finishing • Very comfortable hand held • With rubberized gap in the middle • Blue writing ballpoint pen


• Clear, black writing


WOOD AND METAL 58-1103037 You simply cannot get enough of this high-quality writing set. The reason: the variety of materials. The case consists of decorative wood and the pens are made of stainless steel. Ballpoint pen and rollerball lie well in your hand and are decorated with glossy decorative elements, which are a nice contrast to the brushed case. Another eye catcher is the clip in PiCOWORLD design. Delivery in a wooden box. 14 x 1,3 / 17,5 x 5,5 x 2,6 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 5 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

a • Elegant case made of bamboo wood • Black-ink rollerball pen with cap • Blue-ink twist action ball point

highlight Clip in PiCOWORLD design


picopen POET 58-1102249 Wooden writing instruments are enjoying a rise in popularity. They sit comfortably in the hand and are true highlights. This is just the way our elegant ballpoint pen POET is: Made of solid wood, it conveys unsophisticated elegance. Supplied in a wooden box with two magnets which allow free movement of the top cover. 17 x 5,4 x 2,3 / 14 x 1 cm. Print size: 25 x 10 mm K2+H5 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.


• Blue writing twist ballpoint pen and magnet-box made of real beechwood and rubberwood

BORG 58-1102259 BORG will impress you with its elegant design. The shaft is made of walnut and beech wood, accentuated by its chromed clip. Supplied in a wooden box. 16 x 3 x 3 / 14 x 1 cm. Print size: 30 x 1 mm K2+H5 | 30 x 5 mm K2+H5 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.


• Blue writing design twist ballpoint pen made of real nutwood and beechwood • When lid is of box is opened ballpen is lifted up smartly

With rotary mechanism: turn into one direction for adjusting the refill and into opposite direction for fixation

PRECIOUS 58-1102450 The name says it all - PRECIOUS! The pen set consists of a ballpoint pen and a pencil. The writing utensils have an exclusive wooden design with silver-coloured decorative elements. The triangular shape rounds off the set. Delivery in an elegant wooden box. 20 x 7,5 x 4,7 / 14,3 x 1,2 cm. Print size: 25 x 10 / 40 x 30 mm K2+H4 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Decorative box with maple wood applied


• Pens are finished off with chrome plating


• Pen (with blue ink) and pencil are made from walnut wood


BROADWAY 58-1100410 May we introduce one of the stars of the show among the picopen collection: The writing set BROADWAY presents itself in a flamboyant and strikingly beautiful design. Ballpen and roller ball are made of metal and manage to impress by the interwoven black and shiny chrome finish on the barrel. Twist action ballpoint pen and rollerball supplied in an elegant black box.

16,2 x 6 x 2,8 / 14,1 x 1,1 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 3 mm K2+H5+V2 | 30 x 3 mm L2+H5 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Set includes black writing rollerball and blue writing twist ballpoint pen • Gift box with quality lining

SKRIPTUS 58-1100500 Whether striped or patterned the colours black and silver always stand for style and exclusivity. Just like all the picopens on this page. Twist ballpoint pen and rollerball with its polished chromed metal trim with black body and a timeless elegant look will delight your customers time after time. Both pens fit in your hand extremely well because of their heavy quality. The item is delivered in an elegant box.

16 x 5,5 x 3,5 / 13 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 15 mm K2+H2+V2 | 35 x 5 mm K2+H5+V2 | 30 x 15 mm L2+H2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H5 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Set includes black writing rollerball and blue writing twist ballpoint pen • Gift box with embossed crocodile-look finish

BOHEMIAN 58-1100530 Our picopen set BOHEMIAN is the perfect gift for your customers and business associates to express their appreciation. It is simple and elegant, unobtrusive but yet brilliant. Despite its popularity with our customers, we are always being told that it remains unique and individual. Made of high-quality metal, the rollerball and twist ball pen are comfortable to use and write beautifully. Supplied in box with metal inset. 18,0 x 6,5 x 4 / 13 x 1,3 cm.

Print & engraving size: 25 x 5 mm K2+H5+V2 | 40 x 40 mm K2+H2+V2 | 25 x 5 mm L2+H5 | 40 x 40 mm L2+H2 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Set includes black writing rollerball with protective cap and blue writing twist ballpoint pen • Shiny, high quality metal finish



CHAMPAGNE 58-1100687 silver 58-1100689 champagne There is no better way to express the high-quality of our ballpoint pen than calling it CHAMPAGNE. Just as the drink can be characterized by a few chosen adjectives that denote harmony, elegance – and perfection, these can be seen in the smallest detail typified by the delicate mosaic design on the high-quality metal barrel. Supplied in a PU-leather presentation box. Available in two colours - champagne and silver.

18,2 x 5,7 x 3,5 / 14 x 1,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 5 / 25 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 30 x 5 / 25 x 5 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Blue writing ballpoint pen

58-1100490 black / silver 58-1100497 silver Our item STERLING is the pinnacle of our glamorous silver-coloured metal collection. As you can recognize from the name and the design of the twist ball pen, this set looks and feels like it’s made from high quality sterling silver. However our picopen writing set is made of full metal and is much more durable. STERLING has a finely textured finish. 17,3 x 6,7 x 3,5 / 14 x 1,2 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 6 mm K2+H5+V2 | 40 x 40 mm K2+H2+V2 | 30 x 6 mm L2+H5 | 40 x 40 mm L2+H2 50 pcs. / 10 pcs. • Set includes black writing rollerball and blue writing ballpoint pen • Extremely durable


• Comes with a high-quality gift box • Engraving on the pen will appear in gold color



• Available in two colors


FLOATING PEN 58-1100377 It seems like magic as it’s floating. But of course it is floating without any strange magic spells. The compact ballpoint pen is held in place magnetically in its solid zinc stand. This will not only save you a separate pen holder but will also impress others with the shining duo every meeting you hold. It is also a practical paper clip holder – please try it. 12 x 2 x cm / Ø 5,5 x 2,5 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 8 / 10 x 4 mm L2+H6 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Is held in place magnetically


• Holder is made of heavy cast zinc • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen

PEARL 58-1100730 Whoever thought that only bracelets or chains are adorned with mother of pearl doesn’t know our PEARL pen. This elegant high-quality metal ballpoint pen with mother of pearl insets in different color facets is like a small piece of jewellery. To compliment this beautiful writing instrument, PEARL is presented in an exclusive black box. 17,8 x 4,8 x 3,5 / 14 x 1,1 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 5 / 40 x 20 mm K2+H4+V2 | 30 x 5 / 40 x 20 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / –

ab • With real mother of pearl applications • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen

CÈDRE 58-1100590 Looking like a pencil when in fact it’s not, makes the CÈDRE ballpen something special. It is designed like a pencil with 6 edges and is as handy as a usual pencil, but is made out of black metal with silver applications. 14 x Ø 1,2 cm. Engraving size: 40 x 3 mm L2+H4 500 pcs. / 100 pcs.

• Looks like a pencil, but is an elegant blue writing ballpoint pen!



OLYMPIC 58-1102317 For some, it’s “just” a pen set. For us, OLYMPIC is much more. This elegant writing set reflects the personality of its owner in the truest sense of the word. Both the rollerball and the ballpoint pen are presented in a high-gloss chrome finish. A special eye-catcher is the delicate helix engraving on the barrel. Both caps have silver-toned clips. Delivered in a stylish box. 17,4 x 6,7 x 3,5 / 14 x 1,7 cm.

FLEX 58-1101840 Let boring pens be a thing of the past. Nowadays a ballpoint pen should make a statement, just like our stylish picopen FLEX! In black piano key looking finish with chrome trim, it not only looks elegant but is also a reliable companion. Made of high quality metal. Supplied in a black box. 18,5 x 7,8 x 3,3 / 13,6 x 1,3 cm.

Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 40 x 40 mm K2+H2+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H5 | 40 x 40 mm L2+H2 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.



• Pen caps with brilliant silvertoned clips • In black piano key looking finish

• Elaborate helix engraving on the barrel

• Ergonomic indents for optimal grip

• Set includes black writing rollerball and blue writing ballpoint pen

• Blue writing ballpoint pen

COLUMN 58-1100660 black / silver 58-1100661 red / silver 58-1100662 blue / silver The picopen COLUMN proves that design and outward appearance can be in perfect harmony. The columnar coloured barrel and polished chrome tip and cap makes COLUMN an eye-catching design on every desk. Available in blue red and black. Supplied in a matching metal tube. 15,7 x Ø 2,7 / 13,8 x 1,2 cm.


Print & engraving size: 30 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 30 x 5 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Blue writing twist ballpoint pen • Available in three colors • Refined by shiny chrome cap and tip • Supply in perfectly fitted box


COMTESSE 58-1100464 Even amongst writing instruments there are some that rise above the rest which is perfectly demonstrated by our picopen set COMTESSE. At first glance it appears rather smooth and restrained, but on closer inspection, we find COMTESSE expresses its own individuality and character. The stylish ball point pen and rollerball pen are made of elegant matt satin metal with polished chrome elements. 17 x 4,5 x 2 / 13,7 x 1,3 cm.

ALBUS 58-1102335 White is the purest of all colors. It symbolizes order, cleverness, luck and joy. Your customers will enjoy the stylish ALBUS pen set just as much as we did when we discovered it. The rollerball and ballpoint pens are presented in a white piano lacquer finish with chrome applications. Robust metal. Delivered – how else – in a white box! 17,6 x 6,8 x 3,8 / 13,8 x 1,2 cm.

Print & engraving size: 20 x 5 mm K2+H5+V1 | 20 x 5 mm L2+H5 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.

Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H5+V2 | 40 x 40 mm K2+H2+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H5 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.



• Set includes black writing rollerball and blue writing twist ballpoint pen

• Rollerball pen with black ink cartridge, ballpoint pen with blue ink cartridge

• With chrome elements

FINESSE 58-1100517 Stylish and elegant this is our FINESSE. Extra feature is its touch-screen tip and the comfortable grip. It is made of satin finish metal. Delivery in a box. 18,2 x 4 x 2,3 / 13 x 1,1 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 5 mm K2+H5+V1 | 40 x 5 mm L2+H4

200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• With touch-screen tip • Pleasant grip in satin metal • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen


picopen • Pen with iridium nib • Exclusive design with pianolike finish Comes with ink cartridge • Included in the set: black writing rollerball, blue writing ballpoint and fountain pen

TRIO 58-1102410 Our stylish TRIO set made of solid metal leaves nothing to be desired since it provides the right picopen for every occasion: The fountain pen for special documents and signatures, the ballpoint pen for minutes and notes during business meetings and the rollerball pen for everyday use. TRIO is

presented in an elegant piano lacquer finish with brilliant chrome elements. Delivered in a high-quality box with stylish, matching metal applications. 13,8 x 1,1 / 17,8 x 6,6 x 2,5 cm.

50 pcs. / 10 pcs.


Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H5+V2 | 40 x 40 mm K2+H5+V2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H5 | 40 x 40 mm L2+H5

EDITOR 58-1100420 black / silver 58-1100422 blue / silver An old proverb says “less is more.” And when you consider our EDITOR writing set in this way, you can only agree. Plain and simple, but elegant. The contrast in the satin finished metal and finely ribbed coloured plastic body is particularly eye-catching. The ball point pen and the pencil are presented in a high-quality box. 16,3 x 6,2 x 2,6 / 13,3 x 1,4 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 5 mm K2+H5+V2 | 30 x 5 mm L2+H5 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Set includes pencil and blue writing twist ballpoint pen

CALLIGRAPH 58-1100520 Just like its future owner, CALLIGRAPH’S individuality will shine through. At first sight CALLIGRAPH seems to be a simple but elegant design, however, on closer inspection, there are some attractive features to be found: The silver cap has delicate designs ‘woven in’ which show off the glossy facets of metal. To compliment its attractive appearance, your customers will receive the


CALLIGRAPH in a matching gift box. 15,8 x Ø 2,7 / 14 x 1 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 x 6 mm K2+H5+V2 | 25 x 6 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 25 pcs.


• Delicate chromeplated design • Heavy metal for improved grip whilst writing • Blue writing ballpoint pen


It’s amazing how much talent is contained in one small pen! FUSION 58-1100577 Who would have thought that even our purchasing department could be speechless. They were when they discovered FUSION. Maybe you’ll be speechless too, because this metal ballpen is something really special. It includes a flexible and very bright LED lamp. Just push the small button and every document is lit up. Perfect for use on an aeroplane! Supplied in a small silver metal box, incl. 4 batteries. 17,9 x 3,9 x 2 / 12,2 x 1,1 cm.

Print & engraving size: 15 x 25 mm K2+H2+V1 | 30 x 5 mm K2+H5+V1 | 15 x 25 mm L2+H2 | 30 x 5 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. /

• Blue writing ballpoint pen


ARCHITECT 58-1100407 As you know PiCOWORLD is distinctive not only for the unusual, but also for its individuality, as seen in ARCHITECT. A very useful set consisting of a ballpen made of frosted metal with a non-slip grip and a skid-proof grasp range. But there is still more to come: It is equipped with a spirit level. A genuine highlight: the 10 cm long special ruler (triangle shaped) out of aluminum! Supplied in a silver zipper box.

17 x 5,5 x 2,9 / 13,5 x 1,1 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 2 mm K2+H5+V2 | 50 x 20 mm K2+H2+V1 | 30 x 2 mm L2+H5 | 50 x 20 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Triangular measurements: 1:125m / 1:100m / 1:75m / 1:50m / 1:25m / 1:20m • Delivered in a zipper case • With integrated spirit level • Blue writing ballpoint pen

LOOK 58-1101607 Why is this silver-coloured twist action ballpen named LOOK? The reason is simple. It looks very elegant at first sight but on closer inspection, turns out to be a small torch and pen in one. This is due to the integrated and very bright LED lamp at the end of the cap. Your logo will also look great on the silk silvercoloured barrel. Each pen comes in a gift box. 16 x 3 x 3 / 13,1 x 1,1 cm.

Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K2+H4+V1 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Looks very elegant and turns into a flashlight when the small button is pressed!


• Blue writing twist ballpoint pen



ALL IN ONE 58-1102370 It’s been a very long time since a ballpoint pen was just a plain, simple writing utensil. Today, a ballpoint pen has to provide so much more. And our multi-functional ALL IN ONE can do just that: It’s a writing utensil, pencil and PDA stylus all in one. You really can’t tell at first glance. Aluminum and brass. Available in gray-silver and delivered in a stylish box. 18,2 x 4 x 2,3 / 14 x 1 cm.

Engraving size: 25 x 5 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• Multi-functional utensil made of robust brass and aluminum • Ballpoint pen, PDA stylus and pencil in one • Rests very well in your hand, comfortable grip • Blue writing ballpoint pen

Also in an exclusive double set

ADORNO 58-1100620 black / silver 58-1100621 red / silver 58-1100622 blue / silver As everybody knows, stripes make you look slim and that’s true! The twist ballpen ADORNO has a really sporty appearance with its striped design. Of course not only because of the stripes but because of the complete design. It´s a nice eye-catcher on every desk with the silver-coloured, shiny metal. Delivered in a matching striped box. 17 x 6 x 2,3 / 13,8 x 1,9 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K1+H4 | 40 x 40 mm K1+H2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.

ab • Blue writing twist ball point pen • Engraving available upon request • Metal finishing


ADORNO 58-1100630 black / silver 58-1100631 red / silver 58-1100632 blue / silver Also in a set of two ADORNO convinces with slender lines. Rollerball and twist ball pen in silver-polished metal spoil their owners with the highest level of writing comfort as they fit perfectly in your hand and give a clean typeface. Furthermore they also offer plenty of space for your logo. Delivered in a matching striped box. A little tip: the box also has a beautifully centered branding area. 17 x 6 x 2,3 / 13,8 x 1,9 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 5 mm K1+H5 | 40 x 40 mm K1+H2 | 35 x 5 mm L2+H5 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.

ab • Set includes blue writing twist ballpoint pen and black writing rollerball • In classic black, red or blue available • Metal finishing


Glamorous, stylish, graceful – true office personalities! Clip in PiCOWORLD-Design!

METAL 58-1102068 As its name suggests, this distinctive ballpoint pen is manufactured in a high-quality metal. The rubberized, ergonomically designed grip is a real eye-catcher, complimented by its elegant shiny black design. A really stylish companion to any business appointment! 16 x 3 x 3 / 15 x 1,5 cm.

Engraving size: 30 x 5 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

ab • Blue writing ballpoint pen

SOKRATES CANCUN 58-1102290 black / silver 58-1102291 red / silver 58-1102292 blue / silver We think that one of the most important characteristics of a pen is its grip and the way it feels in your hand. That’s why you and your customers will be delighted with CANCUN. The diamond pattern engraving provides the metal with a stylish texture – this elegant ballpoint is sure to stay in your hand. The special attraction? The engraving is an artistic helix design. 13,5 x Ø 1 cm. Engraving size: 40 x 6 mm L1+H4 500 pcs. / 50 pcs.


58-1102211 red / silver 58-1102212 blue / silver 58-1102217 silver This elegant metal ballpoint pen is something very special. Its unique design adds a final refined touch thanks to the four aluminium rings on the grip. In high-quality metallic look, it also sits very comfortably in the hand. Yet this is not all that makes SOKRATES a firstclass picopen: Thanks to a little hole on the push button, it can also be fixed onto a lanyard keychain so you always have it at hand when needed. 14 x Ø 0,9 cm. Engraving size: 40 x 5 mm L1+H4 500 pcs. / 50 pcs.

b • In high-quality metal design

• Available in three colors • Artistic helix engraving for better grip

• Can be fixed on a lanyard keychain thanks to a hole in the push button

• Black writing ballpoint pen

• Blue writing ballpoint pen


CATENA will never let your customers down!


Easy to remove with the silicon sticker on the back • Blue writing ballpoint pen

CATENA 58-1102397 “Do you have a pen? Yes, it’s hanging on the wall behind you.” You may think we wrote the wrong thing but we didn’t. The CATENA ballpoint pen does not spend its existence hidden away in a drawer; it hangs neatly on the wall for everyone to see. It’s always readily to hand in case your customers need something to write with. With an iron core to weight it down. Transparent blue wall holder. Delivered in a stylish box. 16,5 x 4,2 x 2 / 13 x 1,3 cm.

Robust, silver plastic Magnetically sticks on the holder Iron core for weighting it down

Print size: 20 x 5 mm K1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

b LUXOGRAPH LIGHT 58-1100461 red / silver 58-1100462 blue / silver 58-1100463 green / silver Lightning causes many hearts to beat faster, and from today, the same thing can happen when you write with our LUXOGRAPH LIGHT pen. Made of plastic and aluminium in a matt finish, it also sits well in your hand, writes smoothly and simply looks good. 14 x Ø 1,8 cm. Print size: 25 x 6 mm K1+H1 500 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Lights when writing • Selection of 3 colours • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen



UPPSALA 58-1101717 This small and unusual pen could be an invention of the secret service. UPPSALA hides its real size of 9,7 cm when closed and unfolds to a black-silver coloured full-size ballpen measuring 16,7 cm in length when the button is pushed. When folded, it fits into every coat or trouser pocket and unfolds when needed into a very handy ball pen. Convenient, unusual, ingenious – and not just for spies. Material is plastic. Made of plastic. 9,7 x 1,7 x 2,2 cm. Print size: 20 x 10 mm K1+H3 400 pcs. / 200 pcs.

• Looks very small, but unfolds to regular size with the push of a button! • Blue writing ballpoint pen


MAX 58-1100471 black / red 58-1100473 black / green Small but powerful - that is the plastic ballpoint pen MAX. Whilst it is only 10,2 cm long, because of its non-slip compact design, it belongs amongst the bigger pens. Particularly eye-catching is its translucent body in red, green or blue and the original decorative rubber grip. 13,2 x Ø 2,5 cm. Print size: 20 x 7 mm K1+H1 500 pcs. / 10 pcs.

b • Rubber grip with decorative embossing.

58-1101630 black / silver 58-1101631 red / silver 58-1101632 blue / silver 58-1101639 orange / silver Boring ballpens have become unpopular and relics of the past and find themselves banished to the bottom drawer. These days a ball pen has to provide so much more: Its design should be exceptional and unique, it should write smoothly and consistently and even the shape should be contemporary. The GRIP ball pen meets all of these. Made out of solid metal with a rubberized grip, it feels great and writes perfectly – and won’t end up in the customers bottom drawer. 14,2 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 5 mm K2+H4+V1 | 40 x 5 mm L2+H4 500 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• Sits well in your hand

• Contemporary design with rubberized grip

• Blue writing ballpoint pen

• Blue writing ballpoint pen



• Pen with PDA stylus, laser pointer and LED flashlight for more effective presentations

MULTIMEDIA II 58-1100907 A laser pointer is an essential device for any kind of presentations. With its pinpoint beam you can highlight the important points time and again. However, the MULTIMEDIA II laser pointer has many more functions than simply helping with presentations. The small metal multi-pen is also a ballpoint pen, a PDA stylus and an LED light all-in-one. Supplied with a silvercoloured metal box and 3 batteries. 17,8 x 3,7 x 1,8 / 15 x 1 cm.

• Supplied with a silver-coloured metal box and 3 batteries 150 pcs. / 25 pcs.


Print & engraving size: 40 x 4 mm K2+H3+V2 | 50 x 30 mm L2+H2

DUO SLIM 58-1100940 There aren’t many people that have not got a story to tell about scratching the paintwork of their car when they missed the keyhole in the dark. With the key holder, DUO SLIM made of metal, its practical laser pointer and an LED bulb means this can be a thing of the past. Incl. aluminum box. 10 x 3,6 x 2 cm / 5,8 x Ø 0,9 cm.

• Key ring with an ultra bright LED light and a laser pointer • Supplied with a silver-coloured metal box and 3 batteries

Engraving size: 30 x 5 mm L2+H2 200 pcs. / 20 pcs.

sv MULTI-TASK 58-1102277 Our laser pointer is a real all-rounder. You can highlight the key points in lectures and presentations with five different symbols – point, circle, line, finger or arrow. Incl. 3 x LR44 batteries. Includinig aluminum box. 8 x Ø 1,4 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 6 mm K2+H2+V2 | 30 x 6 mm L2+H2 200 pcs. / 20 pcs.

s 26

• Laserpointer with selectable motives like dot, circle, line, finger, arrow



Distinctive helpers for daily work - but not something you see every day! Even if you don’t want to believe it, but a person spends most of their time at work. Which is ideally supposed to be fun, therefore the equipment has to be just right. Starting from the computer all the way to the small office helpers. Working with a stylish letter opener or a fancy calculator, it makes easier to get the job done in no time! Our picooffice ideas guarantee fun for everyone. They are more than industrious everyday helpers; many of them are celebrated for their entertainment value.


MILANO-PORTFOLIO 58-1101330 With such a well organised companion like the MILANO-PORTFOLIO, your customers will have less need to go to the office. The MILANO-PORTFOLIO contains a number of business essentials, including a black calculator, 2 business card pockets, pen and pen holder and 2 large pockets for papers, etc. It has full zip surround for safety and is made of nylon and leatherette. Incl. non-woven bag. 32 x 24,3 x 2,5 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 8 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / –

• With safety zipperincludes DIN A4 writing pad • Goes perfect with TRAVEL and WALLET

without decoration

without decoration


MILANO-PORTFOLIO II 58-1101340 With the MILANO-PORTFOLIO II your customers will have all they need when attending fairs and events. This classy organizer not only looks good, but also provides space for 6 business or credit cards. It contains 2 large pockets for paper, a pen holder and a notepad and is made of nylon with synthetic leather and metal applications. Incl. non-woven bag. 23,7 x 15,2 x 1,5 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 8 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / –

MILANO-TRAVEL 58-1101350 The elegant MILANO-TRAVEL wallet ensures that your customers have all the important documents at their fingertips. The flat organizer is made of nylon and synthetic leather, equipped with a silver magnetic clasp and has capacity for 8 credit cards, paper, pen and a notepad. Incl. non-woven bag. 23,3 x 14 x 1,5 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 8 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. /

• 8 credit card pockets without decoration

• 3 large compartments for notebook, etc. • For A5 writing pad • Made of solid nylon with leather-look


• For A5 writing pad • Includes notepad • 6 business card and credit card pockets

picooffice Elastic strap for easy handling

With fold-out pocket for notes also used as a stand








ec td

58-8105001 Technique is not everything, the packaging must also match. To make sure your iPad 2 or tablet PC is safe during transport, we have got the right case. Your mobile tablet PC is in goods hands in the protective cover lined with velvet velour. On the outside MOBILITY stands out thanks to its leather-look with white decorative stitching. 19,8 x 25 x 1,8 cm.

New Removeable cover for tablet PC (format approx. 24 x 17,7cm) with stand


t deco


Built-in camera-hole rimmed with metal eyelet • Suitable for iPad2 or tablet PCs in this format: about 24 x 17.7 cm • Interior lined with velvet velour

50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• On the outside synthetic leather with decorative stitching and practical fastener loop


• 5 small business card pockets, 1 transparent pocket and 1 large slip-in pocket

58-8084000 The new era forces us to be prepared for everything. The portfolio with removable iPad cover meets these demands. NEW AGE has enough space for a pad of paper, pen, business cards, important documents and even a tablet PC is well protected. Thanks to the zip which runs round the portfolio

nothing can go missing. The portfolio is made from soft synthetic leather. 29,3 x 23,3 x 3,5 / 24,5 x 21 x 1,7 cm. Print size: 90 x 30 mm S2+H4 10 pcs. /

Place for writing pad and utensil



Padded comfortable carrying handle

SILVER-LINE BAG Reinforced document compartments

Adjustable, soft padded shoulder strap

58-1101500 The exclusive SILVER-LINE BAG made of leatherette provides 3 large compartments, including a mobile phone and a pen holder, 4 credit card pockets, 1 small zipped pocket, a laptop pocket and an extra pocket. To make sure everything is well secured, the SILVER-LINE BAG is equipped with a combination lock and also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Incl. nonwoven bag. 41,5 x 32 x 11 cm. Engraving size: 10 x 20 mm L2+H4 5 pcs. / –

without decoration

Incl. non-woven bag

3-digit security combination lock

SILVER-LINE PORTFOLIO without decoration

• 7 business card cases, one with window • Silver calculator included • 3 pen holder • For DIN A4 writing pad


58-1101490 The high-quality SILVER-LINE PORTFOLIO organizer provides a silver-coloured pocket, 3 pen holders, 7 business card pockets including one with window, and a writing pad. It is made of leatherette with a secure magnetic closure. Incl. non-woven bag. 32,5 x 29,5 x 2,5 cm. Engraving size: 10 x 20 mm L2+H4 10 pcs. / –


SILVER-LINE WALLET 58-1101460 With capacity for 60 business cards, the wallet is ideal for those who travel and build new business contacts. Our SILVER-LINE WALLET comes in classic black with a large, matt silver-coloured application that provides space for your engraving. With 30 card pockets. Incl. non-woven bag. 13 x 24 x 2 cm. Engraving size: 10 x 20 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / –

• Made of leatherette • Pockets for 30 cards

without decoration

SILVER-LINE TRAVEL 58-1101470 SILVER-LINE TRAVEL is the perfect companion for business trips. It provides plenty of space for credit cards and papers, and guarantees a stylish look. Made in a high-quality leatherette with silver-coloured bar that is ideal for your logo. Incl. non-woven bag. 24,3 x 16 x 2,6 cm. without decoration

Engraving size: 10 x 20 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. /

• All-around zipper • business card and credit card pockets





rat eco

58-1101480 Nowadays, almost everyone is burning their all important documents on CD or DVD for added safety and convenience. Therefore, it is important to protect them. The elegant SILVER-LINE CDCASE provides space for 48 CDs. Made in leatherette with a silver-coloured bar. Incl. non-woven bag. 18,2 x 32,5 x 2 cm. Engraving size: 10 x 20 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / –

• High-quality leatherette • Fits perfectly with BAG and PORTFOLIO • 12 compartments, each with 4 CD pockets


picooffice CLASSICOPORTFOLIO II 58-1101380 Credit cards, business cards, pens, and a pad – our CLASSICO-PORTFOLIO II provides separate pockets for all these important documents. The organizer is made in leatherette and its pockets are made of nylon. Metal buckle with a magnetic core. Incl. non-woven bag. 24 x 15,4 x 1,8 cm. Print & engraving size: 50 x 20 mm K2+H4 | 30 x 8 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / without decoration

• Includes DIN A5 writing pad • Pad, credit cards, and pen readily accessible • Metal buckle with magnetic core

CLASSICO-TRAVEL 58-1101390 If your customers travel with the noble CLASSICO-TRAVEL they won’t forget anything. With room for credit cards, passports, tickets or maps, your customers will always have all the important documents at their fingertips. Made of PU leather-look material with a silver-coloured, magnetic metal clasp. Incl. non-woven bag. 23 x 13,5 x 1 cm.

• 7 credit card pockets • Made of leatherette • With a pen holder and 3 large compartments

Engraving size: 30 x 8 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / without decoration

CLASSICO-WALLET 58-1101400 The elegant CLASSICO-WALLET ensures your customers will have their business contacts at hand at all times. This business card wallet is made in leatherette and provides space for 36 business cards. Please note the silvercoloured buckle, with safety magnetic core, is a perfect place as an engraving area for your logo. Incl. non-woven bag. 20 x 12 x 2 cm.

without decoration


Engraving size: 30 x 8 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / –

• Space for 36 cards • Soft, sturdy leatherette • Silver-coloured buckle with safety magnetic core


CLASSICO-BAG 58-1101410 Classical design but also very practical – that is our CLASSICO-BAG. The elegant briefcase made in a quality leatherette is equipped with two pockets for A4 documents. Also comes with a padded shoulder strap to make it comfortable for your customers to carry. Incl. nonwoven bag. 39 x 29,5 x 5,5 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 8 mm L2+H3 10 pcs. /

• Chrome-plated buckle made of metal • Stable document pockets • Carrying handle with shoulder strap which is padded and adjustable

without decoration

Portfolio CLASSICO-PORTFOLIO 58-1101370 It looks like a briefcase but is a very elegant organizer: the CLASSICOPORTFOLIO is made in a sturdy leatherette. Equipped with 2 business or credit cards pockets and a slim calculator, CLASSICO-PORTFOLIO provides space for paper, a pad, and a pencil. Buckle and zipper are made of metal. Incl. non-woven bag. 32 x 25 x 2 cm.

without decoration

Engraving size: 30 x 8 mm L2+H4 10 pcs. / –

• Ideal for fairs and field staffIncludes DIN A 4 writing pad • With slim calculator


picooffice PEN CADDY 58-1100879 With our PEN CADDY your office will undoubtedly acquire a very individual touch. Its wheels are mobile and its handle is extendable like a real golf trolley. However, it is not only its looks which makes every golfer‘s heart beat a little faster. PEN CADDY is also very useful as the three small clubs are in

• Extendable handle like a real golf trolley fact coloured pens! Made of the finest leatherette with a zipped side pocket. 17 x 13,2 x 4,5 cm. Print size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H2+V2 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.



t deco


58-1102130 Elegant business folder that provides space for a ticket, a passport, a visa, and a boarding card. The practical HALMSTAD is also useful for many other things including family photos or CDs. With 4 different-sized compartments, a pen holder, and an all-around zipper, this black storage solution from sturdy twill has lots of capacity. 25,5 x 14 x 1 cm. Print size: 50 x 20 mm T2+H2 60 pcs. / –

• Practical and safe all-around zipper

TUMBA 58-0200130 black 58-0200132 blue 58-0200138 grey TUMBA convinces you by it’s elegance. Our document bag is made from high quality, water – resistant micro fibre. Thanks to a zip, your documents are kept in their place. On the inside there is an extra zip pocket for your keys and mobile phone. TUMBA also offers you lots of space to print your logo on the outside and has a strong handle. approx. 41,5 x 32 cm.


Print size: 250 x 200 mm T2+H2 | 250 x 200 mm S2+H2 40 pcs. / 20 pcs.

picooffice hou





ec td

PROTECT Print size: 80 x 80 mm T2+H2 20 pcs. / –

• Safe all-around zipper • Made of waterproof neoprene with a soft, protective padding • Incl. non-woven bag

BACKPACK 58-1102460 Sometimes it is better to carry things on two shoulders instead of one. BACKPACK carries your laptop safely from A to B. In the main zip pocket there is enough space for Notebook + Co. and an integrated organizer. The padded back area, adjustable shoulder straps and strong handle all make sure the backpack is comfortable to carry. approx. 43 x 32 x 14 cm. Print size: 50 x 30 mm T2 10 pcs. / –

without decoration

58-1101420 Everyone who owns a laptop wants to protect it. Our laptop bag PROTECT, made of neoprene, is supplied with an all-round zipper and has Velcro inside. Incl. non-woven bag. 39 x 30 x 1,3 cm.

• With coated bottom to prevent dirt • Robust nylon material • With padded laptop compartment



ODENSE 58-1101957 Whoever said that it’s only diamond rings or chains that wasn’t quite right – as the clock ODENSE clearly proves. 420 beautifully faceted rhinestones sparkle to give ODENSE a touch of extravagance. When closed it’s like a piece of jewellery, when open, it’s not only a clock, but a picture frame as well.

5,2 x 5,1 x 2 cm. Engraving size: 35 x 35 mm L2+H3 24 pcs. /


• Made of shiny metal with 420 rhinestones • Collapsible • Made of solid stainless steel

without decoration

TRONDHEIM 58-1102010 The distinctive rotating paper weight TRONDHEIM should not be missing in any office. Made of heavy black metal, it resists any gust of wind and makes sure that you do not lose any important letters or documents. Furthermore it is a very attractive desk ornament with the five star ends all being adorned with sparkling rhinestones. 12,2 x 12,2 x 1,1 cm. Print size: 30 x 30 mm K2+H2+V2 24 pcs. /


• 110 rhinestones • Rotating paper weight with sparkling rhinestones


New MASTER FILE 58-8117000 What happens if you loose your phone with all your contacts? The address register MASTER FILE offers you the possibility to save your contacts in an analogue mode instead of digitally. It doesn´t hurt to keep your contacts in written form. The small container has an alphabet and number register and 2 draws with enough space for all your contacts. Placed on your desk the container is an essential helper and not to forget the advertising space! Not only for nostalgic lovers! 11,8 x 13,3 x 16,4 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 30 mm L2+H6 10 pcs. / –

• With alphabet and number register • Ideal for storing business cards • Out of black-gloss metal in piano finish



picooffice TÄBY 58-0200170 TÄBY ensures that your customers MP3 player or mobile phone is always well protected. In addition to its quality this practical MP3 player pouch is extremely durable, but retains its soft feel. The simple, classic black design comes with a trendy addition in the form of a large, chrome-plated metal hook. 13,5 x 7 x 3 cm. Print size: 40 x 40 mm T2+H2 300 pcs. / –

• To fasten with secure snap hook • Stable twill quality • Water-repellent • Protection for mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc.




t de



58-1102350 No, our ASTEROID definitely doesn’t come from outer space. However, its unique, brilliant design is an unusual eye-catcher. Plus, this small cell phone holder is equipped with an anti-slip silicon surface and ensures that your customers always have their cell phones at hand. 12 x 4,4 x 6,5 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 20 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Mobile phone holder in chromed metal • With anti-slip silicon surface • Delivered in a black gift box





Holder mobile devices

58-1101313 When you use our SPACE you will always have your mobile in a safe place. The rubberized adhesive surface also offers a good grip that will hold a digital camera or other similar item. Chrome-plated with a metal base. 6,6 x 6,4 x 12,5 cm.

eco on

i rat


Engraving size: 40 x 10 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Made of chrome-plated metal and black hard rubber • Mobile phone holder in noble design • For digital cameras



We want our products to match your vision 100%. If you have a special article you would like, PiCOWORLD offers you individualized, custommade products. Just share your ideas with us and we’ll be glad to put them to work – within a very short period of time! It goes without saying that we will inspect the product minutely before we send it.


without decoration

• Suitable for looking at photos or watching movies


58-8105000 Looks like a stick shift and has not anything to do with a car. The appropriate counterpart for our STAND BY ME is a smart phone or a cell phone. Equipped with a suction cup the holder can easily be mounted to the back of your phone and acts as a base. So your phone stays where you put it. 3,4 x 4,5 x 1,9 cm. Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H1 1000 pcs. / 250 pcs.

New MR. U-TEC 58-8103001 We all sometimes run on adrenalin. And if that is not the case: the charger MR. U-TEC supplies your cell phone or Smartphone with energy. En route the charging robot is operated via battery and at home the USB cable (13,3 cm) can be attached to your computer. The little helpers becomes human thanks to its 360° movable arms. Replaceable batteries (2 x AA) excl. 6,9 x 4,6 x 2,4 cm.

Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H4 200 pcs. / 100 pcs.



without decoration


58-8103002 Time to pose! The stainless steel mobile phone holder DATABASE offers mobile phone and Smartphone the opportunity to pose. The rubber-coated rotary disc allows the phone to be positioned anyway it likes, either horizontal or vertical. To make even better DATABASE even offers a USB port in the stand with a cable (approx. 100 cm long). 6,5 x 7 x 12 cm. Engraving size: 40 x 10 mm L2+H6 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

t • Stainless steel mobile phone holder • Rubber-coated rotary disc for safe positioning of mobile phones and Smartphones • With USB port in the stand



SINUO 58-1102630 white 58-1102610 black The folding optical mouse SINUO has several positive features. The mouse can be folded to save space and easily fits in the pocket. Unfolded SINUO becomes an absolute design highlight. Equipped with a USB dongle the wireless mouse provides for more freedom of movement in the workplace. The two-button mouse with scroll wheel impresses with its ergonomic shape and lateral grip profile. Batt: 2 x UM4 (excl.). 11,4 x 5,7 x 3,3 cm. Print size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H4 100 pcs. / –


• USB connection fixed to the back of the mouse with a magnet • With 800/ 1600 dpi definition • Range up to 10 m • Plug + Play - no software required

INPUT 58-1102510 black / silver 58-1102530 silver / white The mini USB mouse INPUT glides magically over your desk. Thanks to the ultra flat form and its light weight the mouse lies perfectly in ones hand. Additionally the mouse has 2 buttons and a scroller. The mouse makes a good impression with it´s elegant smooth surface and silver coloured decoration elements. Ideal for laptop users!


8,1 x 4,5 x 2,1 cm. Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H3+V1 100 pcs. /


• With 800 dpi definition • approx. 75 cm long USB cable with cable drum • Plug + Play - no software required



With PiCOWORLD, you have a excellent partner for production and import. And it goes without saying that because of this you have first-rate and unique advantages: Quick, on-time delivery, individual custom-made products, inexpensive large quantity production and rapid special design manufacture. Everything that you need to have done. Just talk to us!

CARBO 58-1102340 Nowadays, the plastic computer mouse is one of our most hard-working “employees”. It should not only look good but also offer something – just like CARBO, our new wireless, optical USB mouse. It’s the perfect combination of top design and high class functions! In a stylish black carbon finish with scroll wheel. 8,5 x 6,5 x 4,5 cm. Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H4+V1 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Wireless mouse with USB dongle and scroll wheel • Resolution: 1000dpi • High-class carbon look and ergonomic design • Range up to 3 m

PC TRACER 58-1102227 The attractive design of the optical USB computer mouse is based on that of a racing car and makes it a real eyecatcher on every desk. Special extras are the rolling wheels as well as shining head- and backlights. PC TRACER is equipped with a scrollwheel.Made of plastic (ABS). 10,2 x 5,2 x 3,5 cm.

Print size: 30 x 15 mm K2+H4+V1 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Resolution 800 dpi


• USB mouse in shape of racing car • With scroll wheel, bright headlights and taillights and spinning wheels


picooffice GET FRESH 58-1102440 For all you fresh air fans out there, we have just the right product for you. The stainless steel fan GET FRESH supplies you with a cool head and fresh air in the office or at home. The power is supplied with a USB cable. With GET FRESH you and your customers will always have fresh air through out the hot summer. 14,0 x 15,0 x 9,5 cm. Engraving size: 25 x 25 mm L2+H4 30 pcs. / –

• Stainless steel


• approx. 117 cm long USB cable for power supply • Rubber-coated feet for steady hold

LED-table and book lamp

Clip feature for books

Robust ABS plastic

Base and charging station in one

approx. 124 cm long USB cable for power supply


LIBERO 58-1102435 Let there be light – bright light. LIBERO is a real highlight in terms of design and performance. This simple, elegant lamp is equipped with 6 white, very bright LED. They can be turned on by simply raising the head of the lamp. And where is the battery? Invisibly built into the lamp. That is why the base also functions as a charging station. And if you want to read your favorite murder mystery in the evening, just use the clip feature for books. 23 x 4,5 cm (Lamp) / 20 x Ø 11 cm (Stand).


Print size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H4+V1 | 40 x 20 mm K2+H4 30 pcs. / 5 pcs.

58-0401555 PLAY IT is a multifunctional key ring with a digital photo frame, alarm function, time and date display and two games – 17 + 4 and slot. It is simply brilliant and made of solid plastic. (Software is included). 7,5 x 4,5 x 1,7 cm. Print size: 8 x 8 mm K1+H4 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.


• Time and day display • 17+4-game and slot • Alarm clock



DIGI EGG 58-1103050 black 58-1103053 white What seems like an egg timer is actually a digital photo frame. With DIGI EGG you can have you personal photos wherever you like and for each day you can look at a different picture. A USB cable is supplied to transfer data. Additionally the photo frame has further functions like day, date, time, diashow, contrast set up, back ground lightening and battery display. 8 x 6 cm. Print size: 15 x 5 mm K2+H4 50 pcs. /

ait • Picture size: approx. 2,5 x 2,5 cm • 8 MB for approx. 143 pictures • Standing mechanism • With USB cable approx. 80 cm long • Plug + Play - no software required • With integrated lithium battery



PRIVATE KEY 58-0300290 Our plastic PRIVATE KEY is a brilliant invention and a must-have for every PC and laptop user. After exceeding a certain distance PRIVATE KEY will lock the PC. It will be unlocked if distance is fallen below. It is a really ingenious idea! 6,7 x 2,2 x 0,8 cm.

Print size: 10 x 10 mm K2+H4+V2 60 pcs. / –

ast Adjustable neck

Adjustable neck

Ventilator LED lamp


AERO FRESH 58-1100127 The USB fan AERO FRESH provides a fresh breeze in your office without obstructing you like a normal fan does. When connected to a PC it can blow in any desired direction thanks to its flexible neck. Its chrome coating makes it a real eye-catcher in any environment. No external power source is required. 38,3 x Ø 1,5 cm.


VIPERE Print & engraving size: 15 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 10 x 10 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.


58-1100107 Our VIPERE presents itself as elegant as a swan as its neck can be moved in all directions. That means a bright, USB light shining from the top, bottom, left, and right – in fact from just about anywhere. No external power source is required. 45,5 x Ø 1 cm.

Print & engraving size: 15 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 15 x 10 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.



UNIVERSAL 58-1103060 The UNIVERSAL USB kit ensures that you and your customers don´t have to do without the accustomed comfort. Optical mouse, card reader, USB hub, number pad are perfect travel companions. And everyone knows: with the right hardware workflows can be optimized. Ideal for laptop and mini-notebook! Supplied in a handy zipper case. 22,5 x 15,5 x 5 cm.

• With mini SD card reader for SD, XD, MS


• USB-hub with 4 ports


58-1103020 The holidays are over and you want to share your photos with your friends. With the card reader, CARY, data exchange is made easy. Because CARY reads all standard memory cards. A connection cable with USB connection is included. The device supports USB 2.0. 8,3 x 5,4 x 1,0 cm.

58-1100110 This USB kit consists of a 4-port-HUB, a mini optical mouse, a swan neck fan and an LED light. Supplied in a nylon case with a metal application. 16.5 x 16 x 4.5 cm (case). The fan and the LED light can also be bought separately. 15,8 x 16,3 x 4,6 cm.

Engraving size: 40 x 20 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. /


• For all commercially available card types (including CF, SD, Mini SD, MS, Micro SD, mmC, XD) • Suitable for Mac and Windows

• With USB numeric keypad

Engraving size: 50 x 5 mm L2+H4 24 pcs. / –


• With USB cable (length approx. 40 cm)

• Optical mini-mouse with 2 buttons, scroll wheel and cable drum with automatic roll-up

Print & engraving size: 25 x 25 / 15 x 5 mm K2+H4+V2 | 25 x 25 / 15 x 5 mm L2+H4 20 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• On the case there is a printing and engraving plate for your advertising

• LED lamp • Ventilator • 4-port-HUB • Optical mini mouse


Practical and beautiful don’t go together? Yes, they do: In our picooffice treasures!


BERGEN 58-1101967 BERGEN is a luxurious letter opener, which has a striking similarity to a splendid old dagger thanks to the shiny blade and its compact design with five sparkling rhinestones on each end of the handle. Made of high quality, heavyweight metal. 19,6 x 2,1 x 0,8 cm.

Engraving size: 60 x 10 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. /

• Made of heavy metal with rhinestone applications

DORADO 58-1101190 In a perfectly organized office a letter opener should always be present. Using a letter opener as elegant as our DORADO makes opening the post even more fun and its glossy black design with chrome sides and top makes it a real eye-catcher on every desk. In addition, it’s the perfect item to open a letter quickly and safely. 19,9 x 2,1 x 1,1 cm.

Print & engraving size: 60 x 8 mm K2+H2+V2 | 40 x 10 mm L2+H6 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Ideal match for mobile phone holder, business card holder, and other DORADO items • Made of solid metal








o dec

58-1100847 The name PROTECTOR speaks for itself. PROTECTOR keeps your favourite CDs and DVDs safe because the CD-case is made of metal and equipped with a safe all-around zip. A 4 x 2 cm logo can be applied on the top cover. 1,5 x Ø 15,2 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H2+V2 | 10 x 10 mm L2+H2 80 pcs. / 40 pcs.

• Capacity for 16 CDs or DVDs • Rugged metal with a safe allaround zip


MEMO 58-1102362 blue 58-1102364 gold 58-1102361 red It happens to everyone: You are on the go and suddenly realize that you have something important to do. You can always tie a piece of string around your finger as a reminder but it wouldn’t it be better to write it down? But where? The answer is simple: In our small MEMO notebook in shiny aluminum. A handy, stylish twist action ballpoint pen is attached to the side. 11 x 7 x 1 cm.

• Shiny, polished aluminum

Print & engraving size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H3+V1 | 40 x 30 mm L2+H3 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Includes blue writing twist ballpoint pen and holder attachment • Fits in every front pocket

Sliding surface with 3 magnetic vertices for opening and closing

• Sturdy acrylic • Includes a black writing metal twist ballpoint pen

PLEXI 58-1101557 Elegant design, hardwearing and practical, the pen holder PLEXI ensures that you always have a pen to hand. In this instance, it’s an elegant twist action ballpoint pen in highly polished metal! A sliding base is perfect for placing your logo in a prominent position. 8 x 6 x 11,1 cm.

Print & engraving size: 35 mm K2+H4+V1 | Ø 35 mm L2+H4 60 pcs. /


without decoration

KALMAR 58-0401530 black 58-0401535 white KALMAR has surely one of the most creative ways to elegantly present your photographs. The practical plastic stand clip does not only look good but is also really flexible, meaning it can not only show your photos in an advantageous light but can also hold your most important notes. 6,5 x 4,3 x 3,9 cm.

Print size: 15 x 6 mm K1+H1+V1 400 pcs. / 100 pcs.



Super flat, super small, super smart: Your customers can always count on these remarkable calculating geniuses!

LUND 58-1101737 Hard to believe but true: The ultra light solar calculator LUND is only as small as a credit card and fits in any shirt or trouser pocket, but has all the qualities of a normal size calculator. Made of plastic. 7,2 x 4,8 x 0,3 cm.

• Credit card size Print size: 30 x 3 mm K1+H2 500 pcs. / 250 pcs.


WINGMAN 58-1101515 The rotating design calculator made of plastic helps with bookkeeping and other calculating work. A distinguishing feature is its automatically retracting display – just by pressing a button. 10,6 x 3,6 x 1,8 cm. Print size: 20 mm K2+H2+V1 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.


TRANS-SCRIPT 58-1102380 Have you ever noticed that most people are either good at languages or math but rarely both? Our multi-talented plastic TRANS-SCRIPT gets the last laugh. It is a calculator and translator all in one. And it can even be used as a ruler. Simply ingenious! 31 x 5,6 x 0,9 cm.


• With learning function Print size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H3 60 pcs. / 30 pcs.


• Translations in 6 languages (German, English, Spanish, etc.): 120 sentences, 5.000 words • Displays time and date • Elegant design with calculator and ruler

• Extendable display by pressing a button


Whether reliabble deelivery, individual custom-made prodduccts or engraved and printed loogos – first class service is one of our greateest strengths.

NOIR 58-1101870 NOIR is a pocket calculator which looks more like a small remote control and comes with an unusual display which is almost invisible when the calculator is off. The 8-digit design calculator made of plastic is supplied with a velvet bag. 11,2 x 6,6 x 0,9 cm. Print size: 40 x 7 mm K2+H3+V1

100 pcs. / 50 pcs.

s • Display is almost invisible when switched off

NUMERO 58-1102084 gold 58-1102080 black We present an unique and exclusive calculator that is both useful and elegant with metal front. NUMERO is available in classic black or gold design. Although looking like real gold at first glance, the golden NUMERO is many times lighter than the original, but is worth its weight! Batt: 1 x UM4 (excl.). 18 x 11 x 2 cm. Print & engraving size: 60 x 20 mm K2+H2+V2 | 60 x 20 mm L2+H2

40 pcs. / 20 pcs.

u • Elegant calculator in flat design with large display • Powered by solarcell and battery

BLACK NUMBER 58-1101160 The 12-digit dual power calculator BLACK NUMBER offers everything that a modern business calculator should have. Moreover, it looks fantastic with its elegant jet-black keyboard number pad design and the flat, handy format makes it a real eye-catcher on your desk! Made of plastic. 16 x 9,5 x 1 cm. Print size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H4+V2 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

su • Clearly arranged keyboard number pad • With dual power function thanks to solar cells



DORADO 58-1101200 You’ve almost certainly been in the situation of looking for your mobile phone but not finding it. To help avoid this in future, you might prefer using our DORADO. This elegant looking mobile phone holder means you’ll always have your phone in view to display your incoming calls. What’s more, DORADO’s glossy black chrome sides gives your mobile phone a very prestigious setting. 7,8 x 5,8 x 6 cm.

Print & engraving size: 30 x 35 mm K2+H6+V2 | 30 x 35 mm L2+H6 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• High quality chrome on the sides • Suitable for all phones • Made of solid metal


without decora


58-1101210 black 58-1101215 white Our exclusive pen holder DORADO is available in classic black or white. Not only does it impress with its slightly slanted design but it also offers practical storage place for pens, pencils, rulers and so on. Shiny chrome accents give it a look of elegance and your logo will really stand out – whether printed or engraved. 9,4 x Ø 6 cm.

Print & engraving size: 50 x 15 mm K2+H6+V2 | 50 x 15 mm L2+H6 40 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Available in classic black and white • A special eye-catcher: the sloped design







atio ecor

58-1101220 black 58-1101225 white Display your business cards in a nice way with the help of the desk business card holder DORADO. This exclusive office item looks very attractive in elegant black or white with its finely curved chromed sides. Do you also find it somehow resembles a designer couch? 10 x 7 x 4,2 cm.

Print & engraving size: 70 x 10 mm K2+H6+V2 | 70 x 10 mm L2+H6 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Robust metal in glossy, stylish black

picooffice with out d ec

orati on

DORADO 58-1101230 Our exclusive business card box DORADO makes an ideal companion for your business trips. It has an elegant contrasting design with its combination shiny black and chrome-plated base. The interior is also in an elegant black as is the eye-catching a secure clasp. 9,9 x 6,2 x 1,2 cm.

• Safe closure and an elegant chrome base

Engraving size: 50 x 30 mm L2+H6 200 pcs. / 100 pcs.

DORADO 58-1101250 black 58-1101255 white We don’t know who invented the first pen holder and when, but we know it was a brilliant idea. Therefore, if you’d like our recommendation, please have a look at DORADO. It ensures that you always have a stylish chrome pen and note pad at hand. 12,5 x 9,2 x 2,4 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H6+V2 | 40 x 20 mm L2+H6 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• High-grade chrome on the sides and mounted with screws • Blue writing twist ballpoint pen

DORADO 58-1101240 black 58-1101245 white Designer table clock DORADO will surely outshine many of the bigger cased clocks. Its curved design and the glossy black or white design will immediately draw everybody’s attention. The chrome-plated sides ensures that DORADO makes a truly elegant promotional gift that will certainly brighten up your working day. 8 x 5,3 x 5 cm 8 x 5,5 x 5 cm.

Print & engraving size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H6+V2 | 40 x 20 mm L2+H6 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

s • Shiny design table clock with chromed sides


Traditional, fashionable, elegant and always as original as you are yourself!


With solenoid shutter on both sides



co t de



SAO PAULO 58-1101260 Our SAO PAULO business card holder is getting sophisticated – or you could also call it “Open Sesame!” due to its magnetic clasps on both sides. Inside it is equipped with two silver-coloured metal brackets – very practical and attractive at the same time. Furthermore, the high-gloss metal sides offer the perfect place to engrave your name or logo on. Material: leatherette.

MEMBER 10 x 6 x 1,5 cm. Engraving size: 50 x 10 mm L2+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


58-1101040 Whether it’s a mobile phone or a digital timer, true style can be seen in even the smallest things. A business card holder should also communicate individuality and elegance through its design, just like our business card case MEMBER does. Made of finely textured quality leatherette with aluminium sides and a very effective magnetic clasp, MEMBER also has remarkable “inner qualities” with its velvety cloth interior for your customers’ business cards. 10,1 x 6,4 x 1,6 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 7 mm L1+H2 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.

q 52



th wi



o ec

• Perfect protection for business cards thanks to the integrated velvet fabric

picooffice Made of real leather with an inlaid slipcase


ut witho

58-1101000 Just as its name implies, the elegant business card holder PROFESSION is a true professional. Firstly, it is made of precious leather and looks very elegant. Secondly, the embedded aluminium slipcase presents the business cards as the case is opened. Last but not least all cards are protected by a very strong closing mechanism. Still looking for anything more professional than our PROFESSION? 10,2 x 6,9 x 1,9 cm.



deco n

Print size: 45 x 20 mm K2+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


ut de










58-1101690 If you are thinking “what a nice organizer” when you look at the RIO, unfortunately we’ll have to disappoint you – even though it’s the best proof we have that we made the right choice when we selected the RIO for picooffice. This distinguished business card case offers a lot of practical features: It is extremely well made, comes with a secure magnetic clasp and is covered in a quality synthetic leather. 10 x 6,5 x 1,5 cm.

58-1101030 If you have some customers who prefer a simple, yet elegant design, they will definitely love our business card holder CONTACT. Made of fine leatherette in classic black, it looks discreet and yet stylish. The inner part is covered with a fine velvety material – also in black. CONTACT is also equipped with a secure magnetic closure so that no card can ever be lost. 10,2 x 6,4 x 1,8 cm.

Engraving size: 25 x 10 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.


Print size: 50 x 20 mm K2+H2 200 pcs. / 100 pcs.

• A robust business card case with aluminium Interior

q • Interior covered in soft velvet


picooffice LILLEHAMMER 58-1102037 There are no limits to the imagination as far as the design of business card cases is concerned. Our LILLEHAMMER, made of silver-coloured metal and acrylic, is a perfect example. Comes with a highly effective snap shut mechanism to ensure none of your cards fall out. 10,4 x 6,8 x 1 cm.


t deco

u witho

• Guaranteed safety for your business cards due to the highly effective snap shut mechanism • Acrylic finishing

Print & engraving size: 50 x 25 mm K2+H2+V1 | 50 x 30 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. /

• Whether open or closed it’s truly an elegant, shiny eyecatcher on the table









FREDRIKSHAVEN 58-1101924 copper 58-1101928 silver The hinged business card holder FREDRIKSHAVEN has a simple but elegant design making it an eyecatching accessory for every desk. Made of metal and plastic. 10,1 x 6,4 x 2 cm. Print size: 70 x 20 mm K2+H3 50 pcs. / –






PIET 58-1102230 Our high-quality business card case PIET presents itself in a contrasting choice of materials, namely a silver-coloured polished base with zinc alloy and a top cover in textured leather look which is refined with white stitching. Comes with a secure magnetic clasp. Being an ideal storage place for your business cards, PIET is also an absolute eye-catcher when you are making those new contacts. The interior also has a luxurious velvet lining. 9,6 x 6,4 x 1 cm. Engraving size: 70 x 7 mm L1+H2


100 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Lid in stylish simulated leather grain, base of zink alloy


INFORMATION 58-1100977 This elegant business and credit card case really steals the show compared to others with its shiny chrome body and refined cover design. To its female owners it offers even more advantages. When open, the inner cover can be easily used as a pocket mirror, allowing for a quick check of your make-up wherever you are. 9,5 x 6 x 0,6 cm.



ut de


• Large aluminium area for engravingInner surface can also be used as a pocket mirror

Print & engraving size: 60 x 7 mm K2+H2+V2 | 60 x 8 mm L1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

PRESENCE 58-1100987 You may feel inclined to call our business card case PRESENCE the twin brother of INFORMATION. It is also made of aluminium and is very solid, but differs in that it possesses a fine matt-chromed all-over finish which emphasizes its elegant appearance even more. 9,4 x 5,7 x 0,5 cm.



ut de


• Robust and distinguished highquality aluminium card case

Print & engraving size: 50 x 25 mm K2+H2+V1 | 50 x 50 mm L1+H2 400 pcs. / 50 pcs.

IDENTITY 58-1101027 If the look of this business card case isn’t enough to impress you, then even the best designed business card is unlikely to do so. A good business card case can convey its own personality – and that is what our IDENTITY can do perfectly. Simple, yet elegant in design, it is made of matt aluminium. 9,4 x 6,2 x 0,8 cm.



ut de


• Matt silver-coloured aluminium design – great for engraving logo

Print & engraving size: 50 x 25 mm K2+H2+V1 | 50 x 50 mm L1+H2 500 pcs. / 50 pcs.



LONG 58-1101655 As you can easily recognize LONG is not an ordinary ruler. It is also very practical, sturdy and comes with a magnifying glass – and as the name suggests, it is somewhat longer. A 40-cm-long designer ruler with a large area for your logo. 42 x 5,2 x 0,9 cm.

Print size: 50 x 10 mm K2+H2 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Logo can be fixed beneath middlepart


ICE RADIO 58-0401415 Thanks to its simple yet elegant design our ICE RADIO looks great on every desk. Just like the ICE calculator, it is equipped with a high-quality, white ceramic casing. Furthermore, it not only looks great, but also sounds great too. Any keen fans of the 70’s will like its retro style dials – just like the olden days! Batt: 2 x UM4 (excl.). 11,3 x 9,3 x 4,9 cm.


• With a built-in magnifying glass for even more accurate measurement

Print size: 70 x 20 mm K2+H2+V2 24 pcs. /

• With classic knobs to adjust the volume and the channel

58-0401345 This beautifully designed table clock with a ceramic body not only tells the time but also tells you the inside temperature and the current date. It also has an alarm clock with snooze function and its large, bright display is a real highlight. Batt: 2 x UM4 (excl.). 10 x 8,3 x 4,2 cm. Print size: 60 x 20 mm K2+H2+V2 20 pcs. /

cdik • Indoor temperature display, clock with alarm function, date display



Time is fleeting but the extraordinary remains! Timepieces: Everyone has one and most people have more than one. There are wall clocks, grandfather clocks, watches, alarm clocks, table clocks and many, many other kinds. Which ones do you prefer? Of course we from PiCOWORLD prefer the extraordinary. Our unique picotime ideas do not only convince by the exact time - they also stand for contemporary design and multifunctionality. Take some time and see for yourself!





Alarm clocks, radio clocks or table clocks – you can decorate every one of our picotime highlights with your name or logo. That way, you stay in the minds of your customers and business partners around the clock.

COUNTRY 58-8045002 What looks old, does not have to be the old-fashioned. The wall clock COUNTRY stands out in retro style and simply cannot be overlooked due to its size. The black and red numbers on the light dial remember the good old days. With an approx. 8 inches deep plastic frame, the clock stands conspicuously off the wall. Battery: 1 x AAA (incl.). Ø 30,1 x 10,2 cm.

10 pcs. / –

r • With suspension arrangement • Quartz movement

ROUNDABOUT 58-0401217 The wall clock ROUNDABOUT is simply timeless and elegant in design. Its classical black and silver clock-face and silver-coloured aluminium frame, ensures ROUNDABOUT looks good in any setting. Of particular interest are the aluminium edges which are wide enough to carry a logo. Batt: 1 x AA (excl.). 12,2 x Ø 30 cm. Engraving size: 40 x 20 mm L2+H4 10 pcs. /


• Extra-wide aluminium edges for your logo • Frame and numerals made of matt silver-coloured aluminium


Does almost everything all by itself – the only thing you have to do is read the time! EXACTLY 58-0401527 The clock will always display the right time, as the name promises. With help of a radio signal, EXACTLY always receives the correct time wirelessly. For example, there is no need to adjust the clock when the time changes from summer to wintertime. The clock also displays the current temperature and humidity. Brushed aluminium frame. Batt: 1 x UM3 (excl.). Ø 30 x 4 cm. 10 pcs. / –


• No manual adjustment of time required • 100% exact time • Automatic changeover from summer to winter time • Timezone (UTL + 1 / GMT + 1)

New COOL TIME 58-8045000 A quick look at the wall clock COOL TIME is enough to decide what to wear. The clock shows the time and temperature inside and outside. A wireless infrared sensor transfers the data to the clock. The sensor has a flexible stand which can also be used as a holder. Made from bushed aluminium frame, plexiglass and plastic. Battery for the clock 3x AA and 2x AAA for the sensor (incl.). Ø 29,9 x 4,2 / 5,8 x 3,7 x 9,7 cm. 10 pcs. /


• With LCD screen for indoor and outdoor temperature • Wireless outdoor sensor sends to clock • Flexible stand can also be used as wall holder • Smooth running quartz clock: the second hand moves smoothly around the clock without ticking


picotime New PURIST 58-8045003 The wall clock PURIST stands out by its natural beauty. Made of high quality bamboo wood, this clock comes without bits and pieces. In order to focus attention on the impressive wood grain and the black-gleaming hand, PURIST even passes on a dial. Otherwise, the wall clock with quartz clockwork is pretty simple. Because sometimes less is more. Battery: 1 x AA (incl.). Ø 26 cm.

Print size: 45 x 25 mm K2+H4 10 pcs. / –


HEMERA 58-0400940 The simple elegantly designed clock HEMERA proves that when it comes to catching your attention, a little can generate a lot. The contrasting classic black and silver numerals and silvercoloured hands gives her that something special and ensures it fits easily into any setting. Made from plastic and aluminium with quartz movement. Batt: 1 x AA (excl.). Ø 31 x 3,5 cm. 20 pcs. / –

• With high-quality quartz movement • Shiny silver colour frame

PUNKTO 58-0400897 Clean design, no frills, simple and functional – that is our wall-clock PUNKTO. The combination of a silver-coloured frame, white dial and black numerals will make PUNKTO a real eye-catcher in your customers office. Plastic case with glass face and quartz movement. Batt: 1 x AA (excl.).


3,5 x Ø 35,1 cm. Print size: 50 x 20 mm K2+H4+V1 10 pcs. / –

• Plastic + glass


New RING RING 58-8045001 An alarm clock as a wall clock - now that is something new. The wall clock RING RING with its nostalgic design is a real eye-catcher. All in white and with professional dial - the clock tells you the time and the alarm sounds when it is meant to. Thanks to the hook on the back the metal clock can be mounted onto the wall. With metal fame, plexiglass and plastic back. Battery: C LR/14 (incl.). Ø 21,5 / 21,5 x 8,8 x 28,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H6+V1 | 30 x 20 mm L2+H6 10 pcs. /

cr • In kingsize • High-profile dial • With suspension arrangement • In the trend colour white • Quartz movement



picotime Rotating centre - Clock - front, rear - photos - or vice versa Practical, revolving globe


AALBORG 58-1101947 Timelessly elegant and an extremely refined design – that is the classy desk clock AALBORG. Although simple in design, it impresses with its chrome numerals and hands as well as the smaller detailed dial in the centre. Made of high quality, shiny metal and glass. Batt: 1 x AA (incl.). Ø 16 cm.

• Chrome-plated metal and glass Engraving size: 50 x 10 mm L2+H3 12 pcs. /


58-1101750 The small clock MALMÖ speaks for itself: it not only displays the time, but also your customer’s favourite photos via the polished metal revolving globe. But that‘s not all: The black wooden base also has an area to engrave your logo. If you prefer, you can order MALMÖ without an engraving area. 14,4 x 8,5 x 6,2 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H3 | 40 x 30 mm L2+H5 24 pcs. / –


• With time, hygrometer and thermometer

SUNNY TIMES 58-0401870 While others only talk about the weather the weather station SUNNY TIMES shows reliable values . The thermometer makes it easier to pick the right clothes and the hygrometer indicates the humidity. In addition, SUNNY TIMES also


has a clock with analogue time display. All three instruments come in a rugged metal housing. And the wooden frame provides an elegant appearance. Battery: 1 x AA (excl.). 27,5 x 11,5 x 3,5 cm.

Engraving size: 50 x 15 mm L2+H3 12 pcs. / –


• With suede bottom to protect the surface the item is being put on • With printing and engraving plate for your logo • Powered by batteries • With alarm



• With 3 platforms: clock, picture frame, printing and engraving area

CIRCLE 58-8044000 The shapely rotating clock CIRCLE indicates more than just time and is equipped with three retractable platforms. The integrated picture frame offers time for a retrospective view. The third platform is used as a printing and

engraving area for your logo. And if you enjoy working with the window open, you and your customers can also use CIRCLE as a paperweight. Zinc alloy. Battery: 1 coin cell SR 66, LR 66 with 1.55 V (incl.). 5,1 x 2,4 x 10,6/16,2 cm.

Engraving size: 30 x 20 mm L2+H6 30 pcs. /


• Metal plate for your advertising message can be fixed with a magnet • Also suitable as a paperweight • Can be set up individually standing and lying

New GLOBE 58-8044001 In the past fortune tellers interviewed their crystal ball. Today, the world clock GLOBE tells what time it is in New York or Hong Kong. The desk clock features a revolving bezel with city names that can be individually set to the desired time zone. Perched on the glass base the spherical metal-clock with a dial in world map design embellishes any room. Complex zinc alloy. Battery: 1 coin cell V 13 GA, LR 44 (incl.). 7 x 7 x 9,6 / Ø 7 cm. 20 pcs. /


• Can also be used as a paperweight • With a robust base made of glass - perfect for laser engraving • Rotating globe format with dial in world map design • Rotating bezel with city names • With a secret compartment - the lower hemisphere is hollow


picotime SONATA 58-0401400 Elegant, practical and extremely versatile – all that is our SONATA with many features. It is partly a weather station that always keeps your customers well informed about temperature and humidity. It has a calendar with dates and weekdays displayed and not to be forgotten, SONATA is a very beautiful desk clock made of sturdy plastic. Batt: 2 x UM4 (excl.). 21,3 x 9,8 x 1,8/4,5 cm. Print size: 70 x 13 mm K2+H4+V1 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

kl • Clock and weather station in one • Blue LED light if button is pushed • With thermometer and hygrometer

ARHUS MACAU 58-0401517 On a business trip an alarm clock is worth its weight in gold. Who knows, maybe the hotel has a power failure and its alarm clock is turned off, or you forget to ask for a wake-up call. But those who have MACAU with them will definitely wake up on time. What’s more, it looks very elegant and collapses down almost flat. Shiny metal and leatherette. 11/6,3 x 5,2 x 2,8 cm.

• Made of sturdy metal • Convenient folding design

58-1101910 black / silver 58-1101915 silver / white We present ARHUS, a great new clock. This elegant desk clock with a digital time and date display is a real eye-catcher on every desk, because the stand can rotate in three different directions. The front part is made of silver-coloured shiny metal which lends ARHUS a touch of elegance. And if your customers are prone to a little early morning exercise at their workplace, no problem: ARHUS comes with a handy stopwatch. In high-quality plastic-metal. 8,5 x 3,3 x 1 cm.

Print & engraving size: 45 x 20 mm K2+H3 | 35 x 10 mm L2+H3 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.

Print & engraving size: 20 x 20 mm K2+H3+V2 | 20 x 10 mm L2+H3 100 pcs. /



• Three different directions of rotation • Digital time and date display • Additional stop-watch function



BLACK LINE 58-0401390 Our elegant solar power and radio controlled BLACK LINE made of sturdy plastic. Apart from its distinguished appearance, it also has a noble heart – after all, it’s helping to protect the environment. Furthermore it is a true all-rounder with alarm function, snooze,

time, date, day and temperature display. And the way your logo is presented is very prominent. 20 x 3,8 x 3,6 cm. Print size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H4+V2 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.


• Environmentally friendly due to solar power • Large logo printing area • Alarm clock, calendar and thermometer in one

• Time Zone GMT +1 • Large time display

WAKE UP 58-0401310 black 58-0401317 silver Get up! With pleasure. But only when you’re woken up by something as nice as WAKE UP. When it rings, the sun is likely to be shining. This petite plastic digital alarm clock, with dual-power technology, is powered either by a battery or – you’ve got it – the sunrays. Not only benefits your customers but the environment as well. Batt: 1 x UM4 (excl.). 7,1 x 5,4 x 3,2 cm.

SOLA Print size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H3+V1 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.


58-0401160 With this “sun worshipper” you and your customers will be doing something positive for the environment, because SOLA derives its energy solely from the sunrays. As a result, it doesn’t stand behind the usual battery clocks. SOLA wakes you up on time and also shows the date and temperature. In glossy black with a chrome rim. Batt: 1 x UM3 (incl.). 8,5 x 8,5 x 4,1 cm.

• Temperature display • 3 solar panels Print size: 30 x 15 mm K2+H4 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

cdeikru 65


• Clock, calendar, thermometer and practical mirror in one


• Mirrored display

HELSINKI 58-0401280 Our compact desk clock HELSINKI is a true all-rounder. You and your business partners will be thrilled, just as we are and your customers will be. As HELSINKI doesn’t continually display the time, date, day and temperature – on the back, there is a mirror. The display also is a mirror. If you press the button on the top, the time will be shown. The appearance of the bright blue display is also very attractive. Batt: 2 x AA (excl.).

without decoration 14,8 x 8 x 4,1 cm. Print size: 60 x 10 mm K2+H4 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.


58-0401332 That‘s DEEP BLUE – a highlight amongst the new generations of plastic clocks and true genius in saving resources. To get her to work, your customers need no battery, no electricity nor a USB cable. All that is needed is water and salt. DEEP BLUE draws all the energy it needs just from the electrolite. Not only will your customers thank you, but the environment as well. 10,5 x 9,5 x 8,5 cm. Print size: 12 x 6 / Ø 20 mm K2+H3 40 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Gets its energy from water – just pour in

CALOR 58-0401795 With our PiCOWORLD ideas, we would like to do more than provide you and your customers with something special. We also want to make your lives easier. Like, for example, with our CALOR clock. It will save you a trip to check the temperature. CALOR is a clock and a weather station at the same time with temperature readings, barometer and humidity indicators all in one! In white ABS plastic. Battery: 2 x AAA (excl.). 13 x 9 x 3,5 cm. Print size: 25 x 5 mm K2+H3+V1 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

cdf 66

• Blue LED illumination • Weather station, clock and alarm clock with snooze function

picotime Display for seconds

Display for 1 / 10 seconds Display for minutes

Display for hours

AMPLIFY 58-0401840 It’s high time for an extravagant clock. Here is the table clock AMPLIFY – designed like an old tube amplifier. The front tubes show the seconds, the back ones the time. Exact to 1/10 of a second.The clock also provides an alarm feature since we’re sure you and your customers want to be on time. Made of plastic and aluminum. Current is supplied through the included transformer. 25 x 11,5 x 13,4 cm. Print size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H4+V1 8 pcs. / –


Alarm function

WESTERN 58-0402070 Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? The alarm clock WESTERN won´t rest until you shoot at him. As soon as the alarm goes off a target shows up. The included gun makes hitting noises when fired. In addition a countdown can be set on the alarm clock, which will be count down by a voice. With the ´record´ function you can even record your own voice if needed. Battery: 4 x AA for target (excl.), 2 x AA for gun (excl.). 14,5 x 14 x 4,4 cm.

• Target with countdown • Hitting noises when fired • Record your own voice • Powered by batteries

Print size: 35 x 20 mm K2+H4 20 pcs. / 10 pcs.

c 67


Pleasure for eyes and ears Turnable and foldable headphones

Padded headphones

Slot for mini SD card

With printing and engraving area Player function

CONCERT 58-1103014 Finally, listen to music wirelessly. The MP3 headphones CONCERT are equipped with a rechargeable battery and get by approx. 10 hours without electricity. So you can enjoy your music anywhere - in the subway, train and walking. CONCERT is charged via the included USB cable. Moreover, foldable headphones do not take up a lot of space in your pocket. The stylish design


headphones provide pleasure for eyes and ears. 18 x 15 x 5,5 cm.

• Frequency: 20 Hz – 20.000Hz

Print size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H4 40 pcs. /

• Rechargeable with USB cable (length approx. 96 cm)


• Volume: 108 dB

• Built-in rechargeable battery • Memory cards: up to 16 GB (not included) • Supports MP3 format



Rich sound in the highest tones! As the saying goes: “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”. Whether you are listening to your favourite song from your mobile phone, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone . only a good sound creates a listening pleasure. In the search for technical innovations and new sound highlights we are never satisfied with the first-best and try to meet your’s and your customer’s needs. See for yourself on the next few pages and enjoy great PiCOWORLD entertainment.




VIBORG • High-quality sound 58-1101897 Have you already noticed how many different types of headphones people are using today? There are small, large, some almost invisible, colourful and so on. But the trend is towards larger headphones because they are kinder on the ear and a lot more comfortable to wear, just like our VIBORG with padded earpieces and adjustable headband! Volume manually adjustable. 18 x 17,5 x 7 cm. Print size: 30 x 5 mm K2+H4 40 pcs. / –


• Frequency curve: 20 Hz 20.000 Hz • Sensitivity: max. 105 dB volume, resistance: 32 ohms Maximum input: 1500 mW • Cable length 2.2 meters with 3.5 mm jack plug • Adjustable headband and padded earphones • Manually adjustable volume control • Built-in microphone on the volume control

58-1102260 A must-have for every ardent HIFI fan! HURRICANE are the perfect on-ear headphones for everyone who wants to enjoy high-quality sound, clear treble and deep bass. Excellent comfort is combined with a clear design for those who would rather not stand out in the crowd. Adjustable headband of PVC and aluminum, cushioned earphones and plastic (ABS) fastener. Ear phones in elegant, restrained white. 20 x 14,5 x 6 cm. Print size: 25 x 5 mm K2+H4 40 pcs. /

• Frequency: 20Hz- 20.000Hz • Sensitivity: max. 105 dB volume, resistance: 32 ohms maximum input: 50 mW • Cable length approx. 2,20 m • Padded Headphone in modern design


ROSKILDE 58-1101880 The Internet telephone is a fantastic invention. However, it can be a bit annoying when the sound isn’t all that it could be. With our high-quality headset ROSKILDE it needn’t be as the microphone boom can be rotated and adjusted individually to suit you. That means you can position the microphone to the correct position to provide you with the optimum sound reproduction. Comes with adjustable and comfortable padded headband and earphones together with a manually operated volume control. 21 x 6,8 x 8,5 cm. Print size: 40 x 6 mm K2+H4

40 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• High-quality sound • Frequency curve: 8-22.000 kHz • Sensitivity: max. 100 dB volume, resistance: 32 ohms Maximum input: 1500 mW • Cable length 2.2 meters with 3.5 mm jack plug • Adjustable headband and padded earphones

SOUNDCHECK 58-1103010 Why small when you can go large? For a good sound you need big headphones. SOUNDCHECK has padded earphones and an elegant headband with leather design. The headband is adjustable for the perfect fit. The volume can be adjusted easily with the remote on the cable. 20,0 x 15,2 x 7,1 cm. Print size: 35 x 15 mm K2+H4 40 pcs. / –

• With volume control on the cable • Frequency: 20Hz - 20.000Hz • Volume: 105 dB • Cable length approx. 2,10 m




For many years, the name PiCOWORLD has stood for unique, premium promotional gifts, on schedule delivery and excellent service. Thanks to many years of experience and a great deal of expertise by the entire PiCOWORLD team. All of us want you to receive 100% satisfaction all the time!

Adjustable head band with padding on the ear pieces ensure comfort while wearing



FREEINDOOR 58-8106000 Form und function all in one FREEINDOOR. The elegantly designed headphones ensure nine hours of wireless music pleasure and can contact with other gadgets via Bluetooth. Suitable for iPod and iPhone! Thanks to a built-in microphone FREEINDOOR can also be used as a headset. With integrated battery. 16,2 x 15,3 x 3,2 cm. Print size: 20 x 20 mm K2+H4 10 pcs. / – Player functions on the left and right of the headphones


• With Bluetooth version 2.1. • Up to 10m range • Up to 9 hours listening pleasure

Player functions on the left and right of the headphones


FREESPORT 58-8106001 FREESPORT is perfect for outdoor activities. The wireless headphones functions with Bluetooth and is resistant to raindrops. The ergonomically designed sport form guarantees for moving freedom and sits perfectly around the head. Ideal for jogging and thanks to a built-in microphone it is suitable for using as a headset. You can even accept phone calls while listening to music. With integrated battery. 13 x 14 x 4,1 cm.


Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H4 20 pcs. / –

at • With Bluetooth version 2.1. • Raindrop resistant - ideal for sport outdoors • Approx. 8 hours



Brilliant sound â&#x20AC;&#x201C; completely wireless


Cool DJ, thermometer, alarm clock and design object!

picosound Retractable antenna

Electrical connection (excl. adapter)

NEW SOUND 58-0401497 The table radio NEW SOUND in a cultic design spoils with excellent sound and many functions: digital time, temperature announcement, alarm function with wake-up repetition, FM and AM ability as well as the accurate transmitter setting. Besides, the aerial is able to depart. If your customers would like to take this table radio, e.g. to a picnic: Fold the state foot and use it as a wear bracket. Aluminium. With stream connection (excl. adapter). Battery: 2 x AA (excl.). 15 x 5,5 x 8,7 cm.

With headphone jack

Print size: 70 x 25 mm K2+H3 20 pcs. / – Frequency tuning


Display illumination Stand usable as a handle

Digital temperature display (C° und F°)

SOUNDBALL 58-1101145 Billiard ball, baseball or a different kind of mirror ball? None of those. This small, circular product is called SOUNDBALL. It’s a really cool radio, which will appeal not only to your customers but to their children as well. The built-in speakers produce a really great sound and what’s more, the plastic SOUNDBALL has a connection socket for MP3 players. The manual on/off switch and the AM/FM tuning switch also illuminate in a contrasting colour. Battery: 3 x AAA (not included). MP3 player not included. Ø 9,5 cm. Print size: 25 x 10 mm K2+H3 40 pcs. / 20 pcs.


• Small designer radio with integrated socket for MP3 players • Built-in speaker provides excellent sound • On and off switch and AM / FM channel switch light in contrasting colors


SOUNDFLASH 58-0402090 Let the music play! The mini-speaker SOUNDFLASH provides a good sound on the way. SOUNDFLASH can easily be connected to external devices such as mobile phone, laptop, iPhone and MP3 players with an USB cable. In addition the mini-speaker is equipped with a slot for a Micro SD card. 7,5 x 4,5 x 5,4 cm. Print size: 10 x 10 mm K2+H4 100 pcs. / –


• Suitable for mobile phones, iPods, MP3 Players and PC/ Laptops • Frequency: 180Hz – 20 KHz • Volume: 70 dB • Includes socket plug 3,5mm plug, cable length approx. 15 cm • Includes USB cable (length approx. 15 cm) • Rubber-coated feet for steady hold

without decoration


BLUEDANCE 58-8106002 The tiny sound sensation BLUEDANCE does not only convince by its cylindrical body made of stainless steel. In addition, the mini speaker is equipped with a blue light that dances to the rhythm of the music. So you can enjoy your favourite music from your mobile phone, iPhone, laptop and MP3 player in the best quality and the light show is for free - even in case there is no megasound system available. Comes with a

rechargeable built-in battery - including cable with USB and line-out port 3.5 mm jack. Ø 5 x 5,6 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 5 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

t 75


AQUA-DISC 58-0401850 In the shower, you can either sing yourself or listen to beautiful music. AQUA-DISC made of plastic and acrylic is a refreshing idea. This splash-proof shower radio is operated by touch surface and not buttons. And in order to keep you company in the shower, it has a large suction cup to securely attach

it to the tiles. Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Dance while you wash! Ø 11,3 x 4 cm. Print size: 30 x 30 mm K2+H4+V1 60 pcs. / 30 pcs.

• Splash-proof • Touch pad operation • ABS and acrylic

RAINDROPS 58-0400775 If your customers like to start the day with some feel-good music, they will be thrilled by our Shower Radio RAINDROPS. People who prefer to listen to the news and traffic information instead, will also really appreciate this splash-proof radio. RAINDROPS made of sturdy plastic is equipped with a backlight that changes colour helping to keep you in the right mood. RAINDROPS is supplied with a hanger and scan function for one-hand operation.


Battery: 3 x AAA (not included). 3,5 x 4,5 x 10,8 cm. Print size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H3+V1 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Changing backlight from red to green, blue and purple



Comfort around the globe! Anyone who travels a lot, knows how important it is to pack smartly. It starts with the manicure set and does not end with a hanger. And a luggage tags make sure that the bag always finds its way back to the owner. Wherever your travels take you, we from PiCOWORLD offer you and your customers the best comfort. Begin your next trip with our picotravel ideas. And donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget: Make sure you use our logo services to bestow your personal and individualized return address on each and every product.



PICOCARE 58-0800328 Well-manicured nails are considered important to all of us a visiting card of any of us. With PICOCARE – which looks like a business card case – you will always be able to provide your nails with the best care they deserve. The ultra-flat shiny metallic slip case fits into any suit pocket and includes scissors, tweezers, a nail clipper and a file from stainless steel. Comes with a solid rubber band fastener. 10,7 x 8 x 1,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 60 x 15 mm K2+H4+V2 | 60 x 30 mm L2+H2 24 pcs. / –

• Tweezers, scissors, nail clipper and nail file always at hand


• Included zipper-case made of leatherette

58-0800030 Our high-quality manicure set SCALA with 6 stainless steel components. 2 nail scissors, 1 nail clipper, a pair of tweezers, 1 nail file and cuticle pusher ensure beautiful nails. Accessories are made of satin stainless steel in synthetic leather bag. 12,8 x 12,3 x 2,4 cm.

• Manicure set with nail file, 2 scissors, tweezers, and snapper in leatherette case

Print size: 20 x 6 mm T2+H4 60 pcs. / 15 pcs.

NYKÖPING 58-0800170 Our small nail studio NYKÖPING is an ideal travel companion. The high quality manicure set comes with 1 nail scissors, 1 nail clipper, a pair of tweezers, 1 nail file and 1 nail pliers in a croc-look black leatherette bag. 7,8 x 12,1 x 2 cm. Engraving size: 25 x 8 mm L2+H4 80 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• 5-pieces manicure set made of stable and high-quality metal • With engraving plate for your logo



BEAUTY 58-0800351 red 58-0800352 blue If it makes you look good, it should look good itself. Just like BEAUTY. However, this manicure set is first and foremost incredibly practical to take on trips since it contains a solution for all your cosmetic problem: 5 make-up tools, 2 manicure tools, one mirror. In a handbag design made of PU. Comes in a stylish box. 12 x 13 x 3 cm. Print size: 60 x 25 mm K2+H3 60 pcs. / 30 pcs.

• Manicure set in handbag design • Perfect for travelling • Your choice of 2 colors

HELSINGBORG 58-0800187 Not only a must-have for women, our elegant pocket mirror HELSINGBORG with silver plastic case, fits in every pocket or handbag. Just press the button to pop up the mirror. 9,3 x 7,5 x 1,2 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H4 | 40 x 30 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• Pocket mirror in pocket size with three mirrors, which unfold at the push of a button

LOOK AT ME 58-0800331 red / silver 58-0800332 blue / silver 58-0800333 green / silver Have you ever thought about all the things women carry around in their handbags? One thing is is almost always there: a pocket mirror. That’s why your customers will love LOOK AT ME. The outside of this aluminum pocket mirror is simulated leather; the inside is decorated in metal. Comes in a stylish box. 6 x 6 x 1 cm. Print size: 30 x 30 mm K2+H3 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Real glass mirror • Interior made of finely polished aluminum • Exterior in high-quality simulated leather • Available in three fashionable colors • With magnetic closure • Engraving on mirror possible



NOMINAL 58-0200017 The silver-coloured luggage tag NOMINAL has a robust metal wire and enough space for your name, phone No. and address, yet only your name is visible for added security. 8,5 x 3 x 0,9 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 8 mm K2+H3+V2 | 35 x 8 mm L1+H3 500 pcs. / 100 pcs.

• Luggage tag made of metal with solid integrated address card

TRAVELLER 58-0402050 Luggage tags have proved as useful companions when it comes to finding lost luggage or avoiding a mix-up at the baggage claim. Thus you should always take your luggage tag TRAVELLER along when you travel. The address field on the back is waiting to be completed by you. And there is a place for your advertising on the highly polished stainless steel surface. 8 x 4,1 cm. Engraving size: 50 x 15 mm L1+H3 400 pcs. / 100 pcs.

TAKE OFF 58-0401447 Our stylish luggage tag TAKE OFF is made of aluminium and equipped with a robust metal wire. The address section is also foldable enabling it to be hidden from view. 9 x 3 x 0,9 cm. • Made from stainless steel stable metal wire • With integrated address card


Print & engraving size: 50 x 10 mm K2+H3+V2 | 40 x 10 mm L1+H3 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Elegant luggage tag with solid wire and fold-out address card


NOME 58-0401584 Everyone that travels a lot knows that you and your luggage don’t always end up arriving together! To ensure that your bag won’t be lost forever, you really need our luggage tag NOME made of solid acrylic. 8,5 x 5,8 x 0,2 cm.

• Practical luggage tag • Prominent space for your logo

Print size: 60 x 8 mm K2+H3+V2 120 pcs. /

• Scale to 30 gram exact • With ergonomic grip

CARL 58-0800307 May we introduce CARL to you – your new travel companion on business trips or on vacation. CARL takes care that you never have to pay extra costs for excess luggage again as it’s not only an elegant carrying handle, but also a practical luggage scale. Digital display shows the exact weight of your suitcase and the stop function reacts immediately as soon as the maximum weight is reached, allowing you to easily read off the weight after taking it off the case. Maximum weight: 50 kg. Made of robust almost indestructible ABS plastic. 15 x 8 x 3,5 cm.

• Lugagge scale with digital display • With tare function • Automatic stop at maximum weight • Strong nylon strap with plastic buckle

Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H4 500 pcs. / 100 pcs.

s 81


HOLD IT 58-0401477 It’s always the same. You’re sitting in a restaurant or in a meeting and you don’t know where to put your hand bag. The solution is found with our hand bag holder HOLD IT made of shiny metal. Just fix the holder on the table and hang up your bag. Simple. Ø 4,5 x 0,8 cm.

• Handbag holder: Unfold, attach to the table and hang your bag Print & engraving size: 25 mm K2+H2+V2 | 23 x 23 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• Integrated mirror • Closure of two magnets

HOLD IT FOREVER 58-0401827 Has this ever happened to you? You are sitting in a restaurant or in a meeting and you simply don’t know what to do with your handbag. The only thing you can do is place it under the table. But with HOLD IT FOREVER, help is in sight. It makes sure that you are able to hang your bag on any table no matter where you are. Just unfold HOLD IT FOREVER, attach it to the table with the felt side down and hang your bag on it. With its

• Delivered in a black gift box

shiny metal surface, it is also a great attention-getter. Ø 4,5 x 1,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 mm K2+H2+V2 | Ø 25 mm L2+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


SOLID 58-0800207 Space-saving and therefore perfect for every journey. The fold-out hanger is made of aluminium. Inludes a protection cover. 13,2 x 5 x 1,1 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 15 mm L2+H3 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.


• Practical hanger for suits during journeys



If there is anything that gets around a lot, it is travel equipment – no matter whether we are talking about luggage tags or handbag holders. So make sure you round off our picotravel ideas with your logo! Who knows, maybe one of your customer’s business partners will soon become your partner …

58-0800310 Finally there is a toilet bag which suits even the most densely packed suitcase. FELIX simply fits into the available space thanks to its round shape and soft quality. It also has a practical removable metal hook that allows you to hang it up wherever you like. An intelligent interior subdivision ensures that FELIX owners don’t have to search for their toiletries any longer than they need to. 29 x 16 x 13 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 10 mm L2+H2 10 pcs. / –

without decoration


• Water-resistant material: PU, and 1680D polyester • With two inside pockets with zippers • With engraving plate for your logo

CLASSIC 58-0800120 The shoe cleaning set CLASSIC contains everything you need for well-maintained shoes. 2 shoe brushes, black coloured polish, 1 polishing cloth, 1 sponge and 1 shoe horn. The equipment is stored in a round leatherette case with white stitching. 16 x 6 cm. Print size: 70 x 10 mm K2+H3 20 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Shoe polish set made of leatherette • Contains cloth, shoe horn, sponge, 2 brushes and polish





Relaxing, practical and active - itâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s leisure! Everybody needs a portion of leisure. Simply no appointments, computer and cell phone are turned off. Start your barbecue and simply relax. Or meet up with friends for a picnic in the park However you use your free time, just think of yourself. After all, less stress brings more joy to life! The picoactive-program offers you a lot of variety in every season. We have put together ideas for you and your customers which simply invite you to unwind.



ENKÖPING 58-0200129 Imagine there is 30 degrees in the shade and a warm breeze – and you can relax with a cool drink beside you. ENKÖPING made of polyester can keep drinks cool for several hours as it’s fitted with an extra high-quality aluminium foil. approx. 30 x 43 x 23,5 cm. Print size: 80 x 80 mm T2+H2 14 pcs. / –

REFRESH • Particularly high-quality aluminum-insulating foil • Capacity for approximately 25 x 0,33 l cans • Extremely stable

58-0200157 Okay, we can also hardly imagine that your customers go on a vacation in the Gobi Desert. However, with our exclusive cool bag REFRESH for 1,5 liters (47,2 x 14,2 x 11cm) they could if they wanted! The heat can not get inside and maximum temperatures are resisted for hours. Simply cool!

SUMMERTIME 58-0600309 If you like summer evenings in the park or ice skating on a lake, don’t forget our practical polyester picnic bag SUMMERTIME. The bag is insulated and keeps your food and drink at the right temperature. The bag includes 2 cups, salt and pepper shaker, 2 sets of cutlery, 2 plates, a cutting board, a bottle opener with cutters and corkscrews and a vacuum flask made of stainless steel. 37 x 29 x 15 cm. Print size: 100 x 60 mm T2+H2 6 pcs. / –


46 x 13,7 x 11,5 cm. Print size: 70 x 40 mm S2+H2+V2 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Picnic backpack with sets for 2 people: cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, can opener and isolated zipper bag


New COOLNESS • For 4 people: napkins, plates, glasses, knives, forks, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, bottle opener, cutting board and knife • With isolated cooler pocket • Elastic band on the front - to fasten the blanket

58-8065000 Eat out at the most beautiful places. While hiking you can make the perfect picnic with COOLNESS on your back. The rucksack has cutlery and crockery for 4 people. With an isolated pocket on the front your valuables are safe and sound. Made from 420D diamond and 840D jacquard. approx. 30 x 17 x 40 cm. Print size: 100 x 30 mm S2+H4 6 pcs. / –


t decora


• With spacious aluminium isolated pocket


• Additional velcro lid with velcro fastener for easy access to drinks and groceries • Approx. 30 litres capacity

COOLNESS 58-8085000 Stay cool! The cooler bag COOLNESS is turning it´s back on the summer. Thanks to the isolated pocket with aluminium foil your drinks and food stay cool. The bag can hold up to approx. 30 litres and has a strong carrying handle with adjustable and removable shoulder strap which ensures easy carrying. Made from 420D diamond and 840D jacquard. approx. 40 x 25 x 30 cm. Print size: 100 x 30 mm S2+H4 12 pcs. / –

without decoration



Enjoy life and be spontaneous. How does that work? See for yourself!

4 PICKNICK 58-0600519 Next summer will come faster than you think so best to be prepared for the first family trip out to the country. Our ultimate picnic bag 4 PICKNICK might be just what you need. It comes with a cosy PVC and polyester picnic blanket and picnic utensils for four people. Simply open the zipper pockets on the left and right sides of the bag and set the “table”. The cooling space in the centre provides plenty of room for food and drinks. Content: four plastic glasses and plates; four metal spoons, forks and knives; four napkins and a waiter’s knife. Bag made of a brown cord fabric. 45 x 25 x 24 cm. 4 pcs. /

• Picnic bag with a large picnic blanket (135 x 113 cm), dishes for 4 people, napkins and a waiter´s knife

KILTY 58-0600503 KILTY can work wonders in the truest sense of the word. When folded, it looks like a black, stylish bag, however, once opened, a soft, cuddly picnic blanket in a tartan design is revealed. Thanks to its PVC-coated, stain-resistant underside, KILTY can be used on grass without any problems whilst keeping its picnic guests warm. Top side: 100% polyester; underside: PVC; bag: 600D polyester. 38 x 28 x 5 cm / 150 x 117,5 cm. Print size: 80 x 80 mm T2+H2 20 pcs. / –


• Dirt-repelling PVC coating on the back side


BBQ-CADDY 58-0600290 An exceptional BBQ set for all golfers and BBQ fans. The bag, the cutlery and the salt and pepper shakers are in a golf design. The set consists of 7 pieces: spatula, tongs, grill brush, meat tenderizer, salt and pepper shakers in a caddy bag made of leatherette. 50 x 15 cm. Print & engraving size: 50 x 30 mm K2+H6+V2 | 50 x 30 mm T2+H6 | 50 x 30 mm L2+H4 6 pcs. /

• Unique BBQ bag with metal cutlery, salt and pepper shakers in golf set design • Easy-care polyester

GRILLMEISTER 58-0600217 Any avid BBQ fan will feel perfectly equipped with our 21 piece BBQ set GRILLMEISTER, made of stainless steel. Neatly arranged, always to hand, space saving and well packed in the aluminium case. 47,1 x 29 x 7,5 cm. Engraving size: 60 x 30 mm L2+H2 5 pcs. / –

• 21-piece BBQ cutlery in stainless steel • Packaged in space saving aluminum case



GRILLINO 58-0600227 BBQ set GRILLINO is equipped with a fork, spatula and tongs made of stainless steel in an aluminium case. 38 x 11 x 9 cm. Engraving size: 60 x 30 mm L1+H2 10 pcs. / –

• 3-piece stainless steel cutlery in a practical aluminum case

GRILLINATOR 58-0600230 What a great name for a BBQ set! Even beginners can look like a professional with our BBQ set GRILLINATOR. The fork, spatula and tongs made of stainless steel are stored in a nylon belt pouch and are always ready to hand. The set is also equipped with a salt and pepper shaker. 38 x 20 x 5,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 80 x 80 mm K2+H4+V2 | 80 x 80 mm T1+H6/T2+H6 | 10 x 10 mm L1+H4 10 pcs. / –


• BBQ apron with integrated belt case, 3-piece cutlery and a salt-and a pepper shaker


New COOLNESS 58-8065001 Are you ready for a spontaneous picnic in the park? The picnic shoulder bag has 3 pockets and is ready for anything. Thanks to an isolated pocket your meat stays cold until you are ready to start your BBQ. The middle pocket contains BBQ cutlery, bottle opener, cutting board and salt and pepper shakers. All the picnic utensils are fastened with an elastic band to ensure nothing gets damaged while out and about. Made from 420D diamond and 840D jacquard. approx. 30 x 17 x 40 cm. Print size: 120 x 40 mm S2+H4 6 pcs. /


• 3 pockets: front pocket, isolated cooler bag and pocket with BBQ and picnic accessories • Includes stainless steel BBQ cutlery: Spatula, fork and tongs • Includes: salt and pepper shaker, bottle opener, cutting board and knife



TREKKING 58-0600167 This high quality metal compass TREKKING has everything you need for orienteering, whether in the wilds or in the urban jungle. Detailed instructions attached. 8 x 6 x 3 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 8 mm K2+H2+V2 | 30 x 6 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Compass with magnifier for better reading the direction. Including thread and backsight for direction finding • High-quality metal case


• 11 tool functions made from stainless steel

58-0300830 What a tool! The pocket knife EXTREME delivers what it promises and convinces with 11 tool functions. For indoor and outdoor activities EXTREME is well equipped and offers the right tool for every challenge. The handy pocket knife with a rubberized surface is the perfect advertising medium with long-term effect, which you and your customers will happily keep in your hands. 10 x 3,1 x 2,2 cm.

• Large knife, can opener, cork screw, bottle opener, screwdriver, pair of scissors, saw, pricker, Philips screwdriver, nail file, fish knife • Partially rubber coated surface • 2 metal plates for your logo • Weight approx. 122 g

Engraving size: 20 x 5 m L2+H2 80 pcs. / 20 pcs.

OUTBACK 58-0300810 Adventurers need a knife on which they can rely. The OUTBACK folding knife is equipped with a stainless steel blade which takes a short-cut everywhere. Moreover, the stable pocket knife with its slip-proof surface structure lies well in your hand. A practical clip is attached on the back for attachment to the belt. 11,0 x 3,0 x 1,9 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 4 mm L2+H4 80 pcs. / 20 pcs.


• With stainless steel blade • With practical belt clip • Weight approx. 109 g



You’re still not sure if the PiCOWORLD idea you selected is the right one? No problem. Assure yourself of the quality before you place a large order. Just ask us for a sample! That way you can play it safe – and we look forward to your one hundred percent satisfaction.

PRESTIGE 58-0300909 The apple at a picnic, a rope needs to be cut and a stock tip to be carved there are many reasons why you should have a knife with you The folding knife PRESTIGE looks elegant and is also useful. The smooth grip with grained wood application lets the knife lay smoothly in your hand. After use PRESTIGE can be securely packed in a nylon bag with Velcro. There is a loop on the back of the bag, so you can wear the knife on a belt. 11,2 x 2,8 x 1,7 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 10 mm K2+H5+V1 | 15 x 5 mm L2+H5 96 pcs. / 12 pcs.

• Smooth grip with fine wood grain • Stainless steel blade • With belt attachment clip • Weight: approx. 139 g

BLACK-CUT 58-0300560 When you need that ‘cutting edge’, nothing is better suited to the task than the BLACK CUT knife. This high quality practical knife combines precision with comfort with its ergonomic grip. Equipped with a clip and safety fuse it’s ideal for sports and outdoor activities and will make the perfect gift for the ‘active’ customer. The steel blade has an electrophoresis procedure finish for extra durability. 19,2 x 3,6 x 1,8 cm. Engraving size: 40 x 10 mm L2+H3 48 pcs. / 12 pcs.

• Sharp knife with clip and safety fuse • Fits well in your hand due to its strengthened ergonomic grip



T-REX 58-0300239 Don’t worry, our T-REX isn’t as dangerous as its prehistoric namesake. Far from it, our T-REX can help on just about any occasion. This imposing multifunctional tool is an absolute ‘must-have’ for any type of adventurer. Made of stainless steel, it will become the long-term companion for the person who wants to be prepared for anything: Comes complete with a knife, screwdriver, saw, file and pliers together with a very handy fold-out white LED light for any challenges in the dark. 13 x 4,2 x 2,5 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 10 mm L2+H5 20 pcs. / 5 pcs.


• Knife, pliers, LED light, saw, nail file and screwdriver • Includes nylon bag • Multi-tool with sturdy wooden handle and stainless steel

SAURUS 58-0300257 Robinson Crusoe would definitely have been glad to have his SAURUS alongside, despite having Man Friday with him. Whether for sawing, filing, cutting or removing nails or screws – this multi-function tool is a very useful companion. As it’s made of stainless steel, SAURUS can be used in any weather. Practical and safe with a foldable file, saw, two knives and pliers. 10,6 x 5,2 x 1,6 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 8 mm K2+H5+V1 | 30 x 40 mm L2+H5 40 pcs. / 5 pcs.

• Includes nylon bag • Multi-tool made of stainless steel with a file, saw, knife and pliers • Weight approx. 265 g



JOB SHOP 58-0300870 A tool box for your pocket! With the multifunctional tool JOB SHOP this dream comes true. Whether it´s DIY or a camping trip - the reliable helper tool is equipped with different functions. A special feature: JOB SHOP unfolds to universal pliers. In addition, other tools can be found in the grips. Delivery in a nylon pouch with Velcro closure and belt loop. 10 x 4,5 x 2,0 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 5 m L2+H5 40 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Tool functions made from stainless steel • Pincers, saw, file, screwdriver, bottle opener, fish knife with measurements (cm + inch), can opener, knife blade, Philips screwdriver and pricker • Fold-out pincers with suspension • Aluminium plating on the handle • Weight approx. 240 g

highlight 95

picoactive New WARMING UP 58-8034000 silver / white 58-8034001 blue / silver 58-8034002 red / silver Always with you on the go - WARMING UP - this vacuum flask is the best companion especially for the winter time. It keeps your hot drinks warm like tea or coffee. Thanks to the plastic lid which folds-out easily you will have a comfortable drinking feeling. A coloured middle rounds the vacuum flask off. Ø 7,5 x 22,3 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 22 mm L2+H4 48 pcs. / 12 pcs.

KEGEL 58-0600450 black 58-0600452 blue 58-0600451 red Our elegant, high-quality vacuum flask KEGEL is bound to make all bowling fans very happy. It’s also ideal for a picnic or the office as it keeps your tea or coffee warm for 6-7 hours. It is made of stainless steel and available in three colours, 0.5 l. Ø 7,5 x 25,7 cm.


• Stainless steel vacuum flask in very elegant cone design • Keeps coffee and tea warm for up to 6-7 hours • 0.5 l capacity Print & engraving size: 30 x 30 mm K2+H4+V2 | 28 x 28 mm L2+H4 24 pcs. / 12 pcs.

• Double walled mug - ideal for hot and cold drinks • Approx. 450 ml capacity • Non-slip bottom for safe hold on smooth surfaces

BOTTICELLO 58-0600342 black / blue 58-0600347 black / silver Practical aluminum bottle with carabiner for a secure attachmentIn durable neoprene bag with zipper closure. Ø 7,3 x 19,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H2+V2 | 40 x 20 mm T1+H4 | 40 x 20 mm L2+H7 40 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Practical aluminum bottle with carabiner for a secure Attachment • In durable neoprene bag with zipper closure


ARCTIC 58-0600660 The winter comes with snow and ice, sometimes faster than you think. With the hand snow brush ARCTIC you and your clients are well prepared for the cold season. The car can easily be freed from snow thanks to the hand

brush. There is no need to stretch your arms thanks to the retractable telescope system the car roof can easily be reached. The ice scraper on the other side of the hand brush cares for clear windows. Thus you and your

customers will always have a clear view. 90 x 11 cm. Print size: 5 x 15 mm K2+H5 20 pcs. /

• Telescopic handle with foam rubber grip • With ice scraper and snow brush


TRUNK EXTENDER 58-0600367 You have been shopping, bought too much and can’t now close the boot of your car? Our TRUNK EXTENDER provides the ideal connection between the boot and the open back door. With steel cable, snap hook, mini cutter and signal lamp. Made of plastic with metal plates. 2 x AAA (excl.). 9,8 x 9 x 3 cm.

Print & engraving size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H2+V2 | 40 x 20 mm L2+H2 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Trunk securing with cutting knife, carabine hook, and integrated signal lamp

58-0300670 Why do we waste valuable time by driving to the gas station to check tire pressure when there’s a much easier way? With UNDER PRESSURE made of plastic and stainless steel, you can do it yourself! With this talented device, you can comfortable and reliably determine tire pressure at any time with digital precision and read it on the LCD display. But that’s not all: The device also has an LED flashlight, 5 tools and a headlamp. Delivered in a box. 1 x UM4 (excl.). 16 x 7 x 2,7 cm.

Print & engraving size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H3+V2 | 30 x 20 mm L2+H3 40 pcs. / 20 pcs.

sv • With emergency hammer • Precise to measure tire pressure on the go • Includes alarm, LED flashlight and 5 tools



MA-BU 58-0300542 Equally at home on a camping trip as it is around the house, this high quality foldable knife MA-BU is something you can’t afford to be without. It comes equipped with an extremely sharp, easy to change manganese blade together with 5 spare blades. Furthermore, its ergonomic grip ensures it’s the perfect fit every time. 10 x 3,8 x 1,7 / 15,8 x 2,9 x 1,6 cm. Print & engraving size: 50 x 10 mm K2+H3+V1 | 50 x 13 mm L1+H3 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Function with a very sharp knife, interchangeable manganese blade and 5 spare blades

BIT-PISTOL 58-0300247 The imposing and originally designed BIT-PISTOL compact plastic screwdriver comes with an innovative storage system for 6 magnetic bits that are accessed by rotating the barrel. Four additional bits are located in the handle. Its ultra-light weight and tailored grip makes the BIT-PISTOL screwdriver a popular accessory for every handyman. 14 x 8 x 3,8 cm. Print size: 20 x 6 mm K2+H5 50 pcs. / –


• With ratchet function in both directions • Extremely light magnetic screwdriver with 6 bits and 4 spare bits

picoactive With built-in LED lamp

Very stable 3 m steel measuring tape

DISTANCE 58-0300730 black / silver 58-0300750 red / silver 58-0300710 blue / silver Success is measurable. With DISTANCE you are on the right path to a successful year. The tape can be rolled out to 2 meters. And thanks to the handy carabiner you can wear the tape measure ready to hand on your belt or keychain. The tape has a printing and engraving area on both sides. 6,6 x 4,7 x 1,8 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 10 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• With carabiner hook • Stable 2 m metal measuring tape • Measurement in centimetres and inch

58-0300277 A few millimetres can often decide whether the new bed will fit into the bedroom or if it should have been left in the furniture showroom. It’s important therefore to have a precision measuring tape like DIMENSION. DIMENSION is very robust with its stainless steel front panel and the integrated LED lamp ensures you can take accurate measurements even in the poorest light. The three meter long steel tape

is also equipped with a handy belt clip. 7 x 6 x 3,2 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 15 mm K1+H3 | 35 x 20 mm L2+H3 100 pcs. /


New QUANTUM Digital display Rubber keys

Lateral on and off switch

Ergonomic grip zone

58-8062000 The distance meter QUANTUM measures distances up to 15 m. You measure and QUANTUM calculates. The measuring device can handle volume (cubic meters) and area (m²) calculation. The distance between a wall and the measuring device is determined by ultrasound. Focusing is done by infrared, which allows a precise targeting. Ideal for do-it-yourselfers! Battery: 9 V battery (incl.). Ø 5 x 13 cm. Print size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H4 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.

r • With ultrasonic sensor • Calculation function for m² and m³ • Adds up to 20 linear measurements • Range from approximately 0.13 m - 15 m




There are some things we just can’t say often enough. One of them is to remember to use our PiCOWORLD logo service when you place your order. Your name gives our premium promotional gift items the final polish. Our tip? With its large engraving areas, HEAT (below) is just waiting for your logo!

• In case of emergency pull ring and a loud signal tone will ring

PERSONAL-ALARM 58-0400650 If you’re camping in the great outdoors and want to feel safe, don’t forget to take our handbag sized plastic PERSONAL-ALARM with you. It looks like a key ring but if you pull out the ring a noisy audio warning sounds.

5,8 x 3,7 x 2,4 cm. Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H2 100 pcs. /

HEAT 58-0600527 There are many portable hand warmers – disposable hand warmers, pocket ovens, heating balls . However, hand warmers like HEAT are unique. When you first see HEAT in its protective sock, it looks like a cell phone. But with HEAT you don’t need to wait a long time or rub your hands until they are warm. Just press the button and it will provide 4 hours of cozy heat up to 40° C. Rechargeable via USB, approx. 2 to 3 hours. Made of plastic and aluminum. 9,1 x 4 x 0,8 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H4+V1 | 40 x 25 mm L2+H4

COUNTDOWN 58-0600537 We have replaced the expensive personal trainer to the stars with our little COUNTDOWN for you or your customers: A small pedometer, kilometer and calorie counter with clock, stop watch, belt clip and nylon strap for your wrist. Plus, COUNTDOWN is a great bodyguard, sounding the alarm as soon as the security pin is pulled. But we hope you will never need to use it.


100 pcs. / 20 pcs.

t • With integrated lithium-ion battery • Recharged easily and quickly via USB • Cozy warmth of up to 40 ° C at the press of a button

• Pedometer up to at least 9999, clock, stop watch, calorie and kilometer counter Its main purpose is to count steps and keep you in shape. Made of plastic. 6 x 5 x 3 cm. Print size: 20 x 5 mm K2+H3 100 pcs. / 20 pcs.


• Includes alarm, belt clip and nylon strap



There are pocket lighters everywhere however, only we deliver bright ideas! When was the last time you were really in love? With our lighters you will certainly catch fire. It’s love at first sight! Even if you and your customers are not smoking, you will simply love our lighters. Wherever they are used, the heat is on. Enjoy these innovative picoflam ideas that will strike a spark with you and your customers!


Strike a light in the fireplace without getting burned!


Convenient and refillable

Lighter and bottle opener in one

DOLPHIN 58-0400550 black / silver 58-0400552 blue / silver If you’re ever asked whether you can open a bottle with a lighter, all owners of this refillable gas filled lighter can be confident in their reply. This is no fisherman’s tale as the broad base of the DOLPHIN lighter is also a bottle opener. It’s slim-line design also comes with a slip-proof plastic coating on the body. 23 x 3,9 x 3 cm.


SKYSCRAPER Print & engraving size: 40 x 6 mm K2+H2+V2 | 40 x 5 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. / –


58-0400497 Its long slender styling makes this outstanding lighter a pleasure to use every time. The slim-line champagnecoloured design means it will fit comfortably into your pocket or bag. SKYSCRAPER is refillable with an adjustable flame and secure on and off switch. 17,6 x 1,5 x 1,1 cm.

• Ultra slim, refillable lighter Print & engraving size: 20 x 7 mm K2+H4+V2 | 20 x 8 mm L2+H4 200 pcs. /




Barbecue lighter made of shiny metal

With 29 cm long neck

Adjustable swan neck

Adjustment scroller to adjust flame size

Safe on/off switch

With child-proof lock

FIRESTARTER 58-8043000 One can learn a lot from just looking at the nature around you. Our stainless steel lighter FIRESTARTER has a long neck just like a giraffe. The approx. 29 cm long neck ensures that you don´t burn your fingers while lightening the fire or candles. So you can relax and easily light a barbecue or the Christmas tree lights. The lighter has an ON/OFF button with child protection as well as a flame adjusting wheel. Thanks to the hook FIRESTARTER is always ready for action. 2,9 x 2,3 x 47,9 cm.

Thumb wheel for flame setting

FLEX LIGHT 58-0400517 When it comes to the design of everyday things, FLEX LIGHT has broken the mould with its impressive metal design. Unlike a normal plastic lighter, FLEX LIGHT is flexible and can help prevent you from burning yourself. The flame size is also individually adjustable by means of a small control wheel at the base. 21,5 x 2,7 x 1,5 cm.

Print & engraving size: 40 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 40 x 10 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. /

Print & engraving size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H4+V1 | 30 x 10 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. /

m • Filled with gas and refillable


• Made out of stainless steel and plastic



COMTE 58-0400567 The days of simple, old-fashioned plastic lighters are over. COMTE is a high-quality flameless piezo ignited lighter that not only burns well, but with its combination of a matte and shiny stainless steel surface, looks great at the same time. Environmentally friendly, eye-catching and economical at the same time, COMTE is also refillable. Comes supplied in a quality gift box. 7 x 3,3 x 1,1 cm.

VERDE 58-0401657 There are items, which make the eyes of one glow like a fire. This slim lighter delivers the spark to light the fire without question. Why? Because it is unusual in every regard: Elegantly designed, reliable due to the Piezo ignition, a jet flame and practically equipped with a green LED, which displays whether a refilling is necessary. Briefly: VERDE is the beginning for a good customer relationship! 6,1 x 3,3 x 0,9 cm.


Print & engraving size: 40 x 15 mm K2+H2+V2 | 40 x 25 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. /

am • Refillable lighter, with high quality stainless steel surface design

AZZURRA Engraving size: 40 x 15 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. /

o • With LED lighting, reliable piezo ignition and flame-jet

58-0401667 Why have we given the metal lighter the name AZZURRA? Because it’s equipped with a bright, azure blue LED fuel gauge so you can instantly see when it needs to be refilled. Another feature of AZZURRA is its green coloured jet flame produced by the convenient piezo ignition. 6,3 x 3,2 x 0,9 cm. Engraving size: 40 x 15 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. /

o • The LED shows when the lighter has to be refilled



Trust a proven recipe for success: good taste! As you know, there is no accounting for taste. We are inspired by looking at the wine opener, cheese board and pepper mill. The stylish household products in noble design simply bring good taste into your kitchen. A feast for the eyes. Enjoy the selection and let yourself be seduced by our appetizing picohome ideas. On the following pages you and your customers will find the right thing for every taste.



SHAKE-IT 58-0300437 With our cocktail shaker SHAKE-IT your friends and customers will be able to mix their own cocktails. Salad dressings can also be easily prepared with this article. Simply put all the ingredients into it and shake it. Made of stainless steel and solid plastic. 18,5 x Ø 8 cm. Print & engraving size: 35 x 20 mm K2+H4+V2 | 30 x 20 mm L2+H4 30 pcs. / 15 pcs.

• High-quality stainless steel shaker for cocktails, long drinks or salad dressings • Capacity 0.5 litre

withou td

ecorati o


CRACK-IT 58-0300470 black / silver 58-0300477 silver With their hard shell and delicious centre, nuts are not just for Christmas, but are extremely healthy, benefiting both the heart and brain. But before you can enjoy them, you have to crack them. That’s where our nutcracker CRACK-IT comes in. Simply put the nut down, squeeze the sides and start cracking. Made of metal and plastic. Ø 16 x 20,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 x 10 mm K2+H3+V1 | 28 x 9 mm L2+H3 20 pcs. /

• Stylishly designed nutcracker made of shiny silver-coloured metal and plastic • Easy to use



Good wines deserve to be presented well. Let’s drink to that! VINUM Designer object and wine rack in a high gloss polished metal finish

58-0300627 Round, square, ornate, colorful, monochromatic – there are many types of wine racks. But let’s be honest: Most of them aren’t very stylish. We still think that a good wine deserves a “home” with style. Like our designer wine rack VINUM. Its combination of wood and metal makes it a great eyecatcher in your living room. Holds three bottles. Delivery in a stylish black box. 32 x 30 x 9 cm.

For 3 bottles with sturdy wooden base

Print & engraving size: 60 x 20 mm K2+H5 | 70 x 20 mm K2+H5+V2 | 70 x 20 mm L2+H5 6 pcs. / – without decoration

• Shiny finished steel • Exclusive high quality

Print & engraving size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H4+V2 | 45 x 30 mm L2+H4

45 pcs. /


• Made of highly polished stainless steel

58-0300907 If you do it, do it right. With the stainless steel bottle holder STEADY you serve wine as it deserves it - stylish. STEADY makes any table appear more beautiful and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. The handle proves to be extremely convenient which makes an unerring pouring possible. 23,5 x 7,5 cm.

• Convenient handle makes pouring easier without decoration

58-0300557 First of all, we want to express our gratitude to the HELIX designer. This unique wine holder is a real work of art that draws everyone‘s attention, even when it’s not in use. Made of highly polished stainless steel, it is exceptionally robust and rust-proof. With HELIX you do not only have a practical wine holder for Bordeaux, Pinot or champagne in your house, but also an exceptionally beautiful design object. 15 x 15 x 8 cm.

• Unique design

without decoration


Engraving size: 50 x 10 mm L2+H4 24 pcs. /



without decoration

With foil cutter

Opens easily thanks to the 2 step lever mechanism

COOL-IT 58-0300420 The better the temperature, the better the enjoyment. Our elegant bottle cooler COOL-IT gives every party and every dinner that little touch of extravagance. COOL-IT has a stylish design and is made of brushed metal and solid plastic black casing. 25,5 x 12,5 x 12 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H3+V2 | 30 x 20 mm L2+H3 18 pcs. / –


• Elegant high quality bottle cooler • Brushed metal apron • Perfect drinking temperature for hours

58-0300900 Nobody needs to stay thirsty with the waiter´s knife SERVICE. This handy knife is equipped with a corkscrew and bottle opener and fits comfortably in your pocket. Thus wine and beer bottles can be opened quite easily. Cheers! Delivery in a black box. 14 x 3 x 1,2 cm. Print size: 30 x 5 mm K2+H4 100 pcs. / –

• Handle coated with plastic • With corkscrew, bottle opener and foil cutter


58-0300380 May we present our practical corkscrew DAISY. Made from high-quality chromeplated material with black non-slip rubber parts. We wish to you and your customers: Salute! 17,5 x 7,5 x 5 cm.

58-0300330 Although the elegant bottle stopper PINOT has inherited its name from a highly re-nowned white wine, it is also perfect for all other sorts of wine. It ensures that the flavour will not lose his intensity after the bottle has been opened. In addition, PINOT adorns each bottle with its exceptionally beautiful and distinguished design. A real eye catcher made of silver-coloured metal with black tip. 8,5 x 3,6 x 2,2 cm.

Engraving size: 20 x 10 mm L2+H2 48 pcs. / 6 pcs.

Engraving size: 10 x 9 mm L2+H5 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.


• High-quality chrome corkscrew • Easy to use


• An elegant bottle stopper for first-class flavour even after the bottle’s been opened


PLEASURE 58-0300690 Pleasure without restrictions. The wine set PLEASURE offers you everything you need for a good wine: a wine thermometer, a corkscrew, a metal spout, two drip rings and a bottle cap. And the wine accessories make a real impression in an elegant wooden stand. Delivery in a black box. 19,5 x 6,0 x 6,0 cm. Print size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H5 24 pcs. / –

• Wine accessories out of stainless steel • Elegant wooden stand



picohome UFO 58-0300397 An important part of cooking is getting the timing right. Our elegant kitchentimer UFO will help you to keep your vegetables crunchy and make your roast succulent. It is made of brushfinished metal and has a 60-minutescale. Ø 7 x 4 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 x 15 mm K2+H2+V2 | 25 x 15 mm L2+H2 100 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Design kitchen clock of brushfinished metal with 60-minute timer

KITCHEN-EGG 58-0300487 KITCHEN-EGG is a beautifully designed and stylish timer in the shape of an egg. It’s not only suitable for hard or soft-boiled eggs, but for anything that you’re cooking. The elegant combination of silver-coloured metal with black numbers means it will fit perfectly into any kitchen. Our recipe for you – engrave your logo on the “egg” for that personal touch. 60-minutetimer. Ø 6 x 7,5 cm.

Print & engraving size: 20 x 12 mm K2+H3+V2 | 20 x 8 mm L2+H3 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• 60-minute kitchen timer in stylish design, brushed metal

DORI 58-0300597 DORI, our LED kitchen timer, is a bright example of the way kitchen timers nowadays should be: elegant, practical and innovative all at the same time. The LED indicator is a distinctive feature. It changes color to show the time left until your cake, pizza, etc. is done. The green light means > 10 minutes remain, yellow is for 10-5 minutes and red means < 5 minutes. Batteries: 2 x AA (excl.). Ø 8 x 5 cm. Print & engraving size: 40 mm K2+H3 | Ø 40 mm L2+H3 40 pcs. / 20 pcs.


• With switch on/off button for the light • One glance into the kitchen lets know how much time remains • Stainless steel kitchen timer with countdown light to visualize the remaining time • LED light display with color change



CRÈME BRÛLÉE 58-8043001 You don´t have to go to a restaurant to eat Crème brûlée. From now on you can have the French dessert from yolk, cream, milk and sugar at home. For the caramel crust you can use our product CRÈME BRÛLÉE and burn the top lightly. It is so easy to create appetizing desserts. Ø 2,5 x 19 cm. without decoration

Print & engraving size: 40 x 10 mm K2+H4+V1 | 40 x 10 mm L2+H4

100 pcs. /

o • Filled with gas and refillable • Ideal for caramelizing desserts • With instruction manual

TEA + HEART 58-0300655 Tea warms our bodies and souls and takes us far away from our daily stress. Tea is passion. The tea set TEA + HEART embodies this passion. Made of stainless steel, the tea ball and ceramic bowl are heart-shaped and an absolute eye-catcher in any household! Delivery in a black gift box. 5,5 x 4 x 1,5 cm (Tea infuser) / 8 x 7,5 x 3 cm (Bowl). Print size: 25 x 20 mm K2+H3+V2 48 pcs. /

without decoration • Set: Tea egg of stainless steel + ceramic bowl • Pretty heart shape

ENJOY 58-0300647 Cappuccino and other coffee drinks simply taste better when served with a dash of love – and you should be able to see it. Eyes not only feast, they also drink. The hot chocolate and cappuccino shaker set ENJOY provides a treat to both eyes and taste buds. Includes cool heart and star stencils. Who can resist them? Definitely not your customers. 9 x Ø 4 cm (Dispenser) / Ø 6,5 cm (Pattern). Print & engraving size: 60 x 15 m K2+H3+V2 | 60 x 15 mm L2+H4 48 pcs. /

without decoration • Polished stainless steel • Large engraving area for your logo or name • All pieces can be engraved


A high-class dinner calls for only the best ingredients!


THANKSGIVING 58-0300587 Keen chefs among you have a good reason to celebrate, for with THANKSGIVING you can not only carve the traditional turkey for an American Thanksgiving dinner but also Polish Christmas geese, German chicken, French ducks and other poultry. The knife, poultry shears and fork are ergonomically designed and fit perfectly in your hand. The set is made from highquality stainless steel and is packed in a high-quality aluminum case with an engraving plate. A very personal gift for customers who appreciate good taste. 33,6 x 14 x 3,5 cm. Engraving size: 50 x 30 mm L2+H2 16 pcs. /


• 3 piece professional carving set includes knife, scissors and fork • Ergonomic design • High-quality stainless steel

CARBO-CUT 58-0300660 You don’t have to be a world-class chef to know how important a good knife is for cooking. And CARBO-CUT is one sharp knife! The hardness of this elegant ceramic knife’s blade is similar to a diamond and is amazingly robust. In addition, the handle with its carbon


finish fits securely in your hand. Comes in a stylish case. 24 x 3 x 2 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H3+V2 | 30 x 10 mm L2+H3 30 pcs. / –

• Comfortable grip in carbon finish • Ceramic blade • Blade in Damascus steel pattern



CERA-TRIO 58-8031000 Spice up your kitchen with ceramic knives! The 3 pce. ceramic knife set CERA-TRIO helps when cutting or peeling. The bread knife, allround knife and peeler come with a ceramic blade. The blades don´t rust, they are aroma neutral and very hygienic. You can compare the sharpness of the blade to a diamond and therefore stay sharp for a long time. Delivery in a gift box. 30,5 x 22 x 2,8 cm. Engraving size: 35 x 10 mm L2+H4 10 pcs. / â&#x20AC;&#x201C;


highlight With protection covers for the blades









at cor

58-0300449 Having prepared the food, you now want to present it. Whether it is crusty bread, vegetable sticks or a cheeseboard – BAMBOO-GRIP makes your food look even more delicious. Made from a very sturdy, easy-care and durable bamboo wood so that your customers will enjoy it for a long time. 43 x 26 x 2 cm.

Print size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H4 10 pcs. / –

• The perfect cutting board: Bamboo board for slicing and dicing • Practical metal handle




ut tho


o dec

58-0300469 BAMBOO-ROUND is an ideal chopping board for your kitchen. It’s tough and durable quality bamboo wood is resistant to marking for a very long time. Moreover BAMBOO-ROUND is easy to clean – simply wipe it with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Additional feature – a practical handle made of polished metal. 30 x 20 x 2 cm.

Print size: 40 x 10 mm K2+H4 10 pcs. / –

• Cutting board with a practical end groove on the edge • Made of cut resistant bamboo

KAAS 58-0300609 There’s nothing better than a nice evening with a glass of red wine and delicious cheese. Elegantly served, of course. And you can’t get any more stylish than with the KAAS cheese set. Its cheese-shaped box is made of highquality bamboo and opens to reveal 2 cheese knives and a fork. The swiveling fastener is practical and clever. Delivered in a black box. 22,5 x 20 x 3 cm. Print & engraving size: 60 x 20 mm K2+H4 | 70 x 20 mm K2+H4+V2 | 70 x 20 mm L2+H4 24 pcs. / –


• Unique cheese shape contains two knives and a fork • Open and close with twist mechanism

picohome • Salt and pepper mill with highquality, solid ceramic mill



t de



• Incl. Tray Engraving size: 30 x 10 mm L2+H3 24 pcs. /

OSLO 58-0300537 Whether it’s bacon and eggs for breakfast or a romantic dinner for two – food always tastes better when it’s seasoned. Our simple design salt and pepper set OSLO is made of polished metal and gives every table a touch of elegance. Each shaker:. 4,5 x 4,5 x 6 cm. Engraving size: 24 mm L1+H2 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Highly polished set of metal salt and pepper shakers


without decoration


58-0300510 Our salt and pepper mill KOPENHAGEN should be a permanent feature in any well-run kitchen as spices give up their fullest flavour when they are freshly ground. KOPENHAGEN is adjustable in 5 steps and comes equipped with a ceramic grinding mechanism. And even when KOPENHAGEN is not being used, it’s eye-catching design will grace any kitchen. Made of brushed stainless steel and plastic it comes with a convenient storage tray. 22,3 x 6,3 x 5,5 cm.

• 5 adjustable grind steps

58-0300615 You want to add more spice to your life but don’t know how? Our answer: SALT N´ PEPPER! This electronic salt and pepper mill spices up your breakfast eggs and everything else at the touch of a button, plus it looks great on any table. Robust plastic with shiny silver applications. Mill made of high-quality ceramic. Delivered in a black box. 6 x UM3 (not included). 21,6 x Ø 6,8 cm.

Print size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H4+V1 20 pcs. /

• Electric salt and pepper mill with robust, high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism




We want to give you and your customers 100% satisfaction. That’s why we inspect every single product in light of quality and function before we add it to our range!

EGGY 58-0300635 What would a relaxing Sunday morning be without rolls, fresh coffee – and a delicious egg for breakfast? It certainly wouldn’t be nearly as nice! And our saucy breakfast set EGGY is there to make your egg taste even better. It comes with a salt shaker, a stainless steel egg cup and a ceramic spoon. EGGY is delivered in a stylish gift box. Ø 5 x 6 cm (Egg) / 9,4 x 2 cm (Spoon). Print size: 20 x 20 mm K2+H3+V2 48 pcs. / –

Design award 2009!


• Breakfast set includes ceramic salt shaker egg, stainless steel egg cup and ceramic spoon

58-8035000 Horses are not supposed to be on the table, but these two animals CARESSING made from crockery are perfect for any dinner party. The white horse can be filled with salt and the black horse can be filled with pepper. The opening for refilling is on their stomach and opening for spreading is on their heads. With CARESSING you

New always bet on the right horse, this item is not only for horse lovers. Delivered in a black box. 12 x 4 x 9,2 cm. Engraving size: 25 x 10 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 25 pcs.

TIME 58-0300500 black 58-0300501 red 58-0300505 white Anyone that puts a value on wellbalanced nutrition should have a kitchen scale at home. Especially, when it looks like our exclusively designed TIME. This multi-functional product combines kitchen scales that shows the exact weight as well as the time. Made of plastic and glass. Batt. 3 x UM 4 (excl.). Ø 20 x 2 cm. Print size: 40 x 20 mm K2+H3+V2 6 pcs. / –


without decoration

• 2-in-1: kitchen scale and wall clock • With hanger • Up to 3 kg max. weight • Weight displayed in grams or ounces • With digital display




i-CONTROL 58-8036000 With accurate measurements your food will always taste good. The digital kitchen scale i-CONTROL makes sure you have enough of each and every ingredient. The kitchen scale, shaped as an iPad has a scratch free glass surface and rounded corners with elegant chrome edges. You can hang the kitchen

scale up on the wall so it is always already for its next mission and an eye catcher for visitors. Battery: 3 x AA excl. 23 x 16,2 cm. Print size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H6+V2 20 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Weighs up to a maximum of 3kg

• Surface made out of 300° heated safety glass

• 1g accuracy

• Weight displayed in grams or ounces

• With hold and tara function • Display with light switches itself on by touch and turns itself off automatically



ut de

ion corat

58-0300310 Take 1 kg of tomatoes, one onion, 125 g Crème frâiche .. – people who like cooking know that the correct quantity of ingredients is essential for making a great dish. And what do they need for this? A reliable and precise kitchen scale like our COOK-SCALE. An eye-catching design made of glass and plastic that every kitchen should have. Batt. 2 x UM4 (excl.). 21 x 17 x 3,3 cm.

• Very accurate

Print size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H4+V2 10 pcs. /

• Kitchen scale in elegant design • Kilogram and pound indication


picohome CUORE 58-0200140 black 58-0200141 red 58-0200142 blue There are things you should always have with you – such as a shopping bag for a spontaneous visit to the supermarket. It is both practical and environmentally friendly. The CUORE is made of nylon, comes with long handles and is very durable. It is also very stylish and forms a heart shape when folded up. approx. 41 x 37 cm. Print size: 30 x 25 mm T2+H2 | 30 x 25 mm S2+H2 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.

• Small heart-formed pouch • Long handles • Very stable • Made of 190 T Nylon

BIG DEAL 58-0800345 BIG DEAL has got that certain something: A practical nylon shopping bag. You’re probably asking yourself why there is a bag in a bag. The answer is simple: Because shopping bags aren’t usually very nice to look at. Unlike this little handbag with leather applications that you can attach to your key chain with a carabiner. approx. 8 x 5,5 x 2,2 / 38 x 38 x 8 cm. Print size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H3 | 30 x 10 mm T2+H8 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• Super small – fits on every key chain • Practical zipper • Nylon shopping bag inside


• With integrated cooler bag

Print size: 80 x 80 mm T2+H2 40 pcs. / –

• Convenient storage for shopping trolleys

without decoration

58-0200110 A shopping trip can sometimes take a long time! Our practical bag FAXE made of polyester has an integrated cooler compartment with high-quality aluminium lining. FAXE is highly versatile and you can easily roll it up and hang it on the trolley when you no longer need to use it. approx. 2434 x 32,5-48 x 39 cm.

• Very good quality




Even the simplest things can demonstrate great personality! You know the sentence: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Good things come in small packages.â&#x20AC;? Then you must also know, that it is the small things that makes people smile. A keyring doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just open doors, they also open the heart of customers and shows appreciation. Give it a try! Our picostyle key rings proves themselves as practical companions, which emphasise personality and style. Let our key rings convince you!


picostyle LABEL 58-0401700 There is no doubt that everybody who likes simple but elegant gifts will be impressed by our key holder LABEL. Black-coloured and in real leatherette, it catches the eye with its contrasting white stitching. An engraving plate with zinc alloy offers an ideal space for your logo or name. The key ring is made of metal and is also covered with an exclusive zinc alloy. The pendant is made of PU. 10,7 x 3,3 x 0,7 cm.

Print & engraving size: 25 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 30 x 10 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


KAI TAK 58-0401430 This majestic key ring with one of the CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements is made of leatherette and metal. 6,2 x 3,2 x 1,9 cm. Engraving size: 13 x 10 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.

a • Finished with one of the CRYSTALLIZED™- Swarovski Elements

ESTRELLA 58-0401810 There are certain things that everyone needs. Key chains definitely belong to this category. That’s why we are sure that you will give your customers star potential with our unique ESTRELLA key chain. Its star shape in faux leather has a small metal star in the center. 10 x 5,7 x 0,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 12 mm K2+H2+V2 | 10 x 10 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• High quality leatherette with contrasting white seams • Star-shaped metal application in the center



BELTO 58-0401260 Our elegant key ring BELTO looks like a belt buckle and is a real eye-catcher on your bunch of keys. The black hanger is made of solid polyurethane and the metal front part is an ideal place for your logo. 8,5 x 2 x 0,7 cm.

200 pcs. / 50 pcs.


Print & engraving size: 25 x 12 mm K2+H2+V2 | 25 x 12 mm L1+H2

SOLIGHT 58-0402010 This key ring is simply a little golden boy. Once the three bright white LEDs are charged SOLIGHT begins to glow. The integrated solar module converts sunlight into energy. Thanks to a key ring you can easily attach SOLIGHT to your key chain and carry the sun with you wherever you go. A printing and engraving area is also located on the bottom side of the rubberized housing. 5,6 x 3,5 x 1,0 cm. Print size: 25 x 10 mm K1+H3 400 pcs. / 100 pcs.

uv • Charged by solar power • ON/OFF button on the side • Rubber-coated surface • With printing and engraving plate for your logo

DOGGY 58-0402065 I am sure when you are in a hurry your keys seem to disappear! But thanks to our key finder “DOGGY” that is left in the past. As soon as you clap your hands the key finder starts to bark and the light begins to flash. With the rubber ring you can attach the key finder easily to your keys. Battery: 3 x AG13/LR44 (incl.). 6 x 5 x 2,3 cm. Print size: 15 x 5 mm K2+H3 200 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• 3 claps and the dog bark and the light comes on


• ON/OFF button for key finder • With integrated light • With 3 cell batteries



DISQUE 58-0400077 Front door keys, car keys and the neighbours’ spare keys . It’s a good idea to have our key ring DISQUE with five removable rings. It is made of high quality brass with chrome satin finish. Ø 2,5 x 10 x 1 cm. Print & engraving size: 15 mm K2+H2+V2 | 8 x 8 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• 5 removable key rings • Made of high-quality brass with chrome-satin-finish

LOVELY HEART 58-0401450 Our key ring HEART will inspire your female customers. Exclusive design made of metal with snap lock and three removable rings. 4,1 x 4,1 x 0,6 cm. Print & engraving size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 20 x 10 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


aw • With 3 removable rings

58-0401900 The key ring LOVELY opens the doors to the hearts of your customers. Because LOVELY has his heart in the right place and communicates advertising messages that come from the heart. The fashionable pendant made of shiny metal makes a real impression on your key ring. You will love it - also for its printing and engraving surface.

3,9 x 4 x 0,3 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 10 mm L1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Made from gloss polished metal



MAJESTIC 58-0401807 Allow us to present to you MAJESTIC, the king of key chains! Modeled on the design of a crown and with small, sparkling crystal stones in the points, this aristocratic key chain is a real eyecatcher. And one that should proclaim your name: The crown provides a wonderful spot to engrave your logo or name. 10 x 3,1 x 0,3 cm. Print & engraving size: 10 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 10 x 6 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.

a • With 3 crystal stones in the points of the crown • Zinc alloy in a shiny chrome finish



FORTUNA 58-0401737 The extraordinary key holder FORTUNA comes in the shape of chromeplated cast metal dice. It is both an eye catching design and a trusted “guardian” for your keys at the same time. Unlike the original fortuna, it does not have the lucky “6”– this place is reserved for your logo! A little lock on the side offers an opportunity to separate the key chain from the dice so you can play with it. 8,6 x 2 cm.

CARDS 58-0400187 Not just a key ring made of metal, CARDS is also a talisman for all Poker fans and guarantees a ‘ROYAL FLUSH’. 7,7 x 5,1 x 0,4 cm.

Engraving size: 10 x 10 mm L1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

a • Key holder with removable chromed dice

• In talismanical Royal-Flushdesign 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


Engraving size: 30 x 15 mm L1+H2

SPEED 58-0401237 If your customers see our key ring SPEED they will automatically change gear. Key ring in automatic gearshift design made of metal. 5,4 x 3,1 x 1,4 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 x 8 mm K2+H2+V2 | 25 x 12 mm L1+H2


200 pcs. / 50 pcs.



picoservice NOTEBOOK 58-0401697 If your business partners like unusual but elegant things then we have a perfect key holder for them. Named NOTEBOOK, it is designed like a miniature notebook. In addition, this folding key holder from zinc cast metal also functions as a small picture frame which opens and closes by means of a magnetic closure. 4 x 4,5 x 0,6 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 x 15 mm K2+H2+V1 | 30 x 15 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Key ring and photo frame in one


PiCOWORLD offers you remarkable and unusual ideas. Promotional gifts that you can use to express your personal appreciation to your customers. These, however, are even more personal if you furnish our products with your logo or name. Whether printing or engraving – our service team is here to promptly fulfill your every wish!

FLY AWAY 58-0401177 Nothing is more beautiful than flying. The key ring FLY AWAY is made of metal and has a rubberized back with removable rings. 5,5 x 3,4 x 1,4 cm. Print & engraving size: 20 x 5 mm K2+H2+V2 | 15 x 10 mm L1+H2

300 pcs. / 50 pcs.

w • To open the key ring turn plane

DRIVE AWAY 58-0401187 Not only for racing fans, the key ring DRIVE AWAY perfectly compliments your car keys. It is made of metal with a rubberised back for maximum protection against scratches. Just turn the car to remove the rings. 5,5 x 3,4 x 1,4 cm. Print & engraving size: 20 x 5 mm K2+H2+V2 | 15 x 10 mm L1+H2

200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

aw • To open the key ring turn car


So beautiful, so stylish, so secure – and so wonderfully unique with your engraved logo!


CHAMBA 58-0401787 If this isn’t a great good luck charm, we don’t know what is. This cute CHAMBA key chain in the shape of a pig will definitely make your customers exclaim, “How cute”! But CHAMBA is more than just cute; its shiny with a zinc alloy bright chrome look is also very stylish and it includes a practical shopping cart token. The chain on the curly tail is a special detail. 11 x 3,5 x 0,6 cm.

• Unique key chain with practical shopping cart token

Print & engraving size: 25 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 20 x 10 mm L1+H2

• Both key chain and token can be engraved

250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


COINLESS GOODBUY 58-0400137 Simple key ring with integrated EUROsize disc made of metal and plastic. 9 x 3,1 x 0,7 cm.


Print & engraving size: 30 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 20 x 10 mm L1+H2 300 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Key ring with integrated trolley coin


58-0400167 It’s always the same – you go shopping and don’t have any loose cash for the trolley. Our COINLESS key ring made of high-quality metal will come to your rescue. It is a key ring with integrated EURO-sized disc made of metal. 9,5 x 3,2 x 0,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 16 x 4 mm L1+H2

300 pcs. / 50 pcs.

a • Key ring and trolley coin in one


LENI 58-0401837 A stylish organizer that looks good as well. If you want to find your keys in no time flat, just grab LENI. Simply attach your key to the carabiner, hang LENI in your bag and you will always have those important items at your fingertips. In addition, a large area for engraving

provides advertising impact for your customers. 12,5 x 3,5 x 1,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 20 mm K2+H3+V2 | 20 x 20 mm L1+H3 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Key finder • Prominent engraving area • Comes in a black gift box • Zinc casting and stainless steel

CARRY 58-0401717 Key holder CARRY’s unusual shopping bag design will impress shopping and non-shopping fans alike. High quality metal with zinc-alloy ensures that CARRY remains scratch resistant whatever happens. Comes with a metal key ring. 4,2 x 3,2 x 0,9 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 x 20 mm K2+H2+V2 | 25 x 23 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.



• Key chain with a carabiner and practical shopping cart token • Unique handbag design • Extremely robust, heavy metal zinc alloy

58-0401277 Small, flat and comfortable is our key ring TRINGS. Just press the black clip to remove the rings. It is made of high quality and solid metal. 6,5 x 2,5 x 0,7 cm. Print & engraving size: 15 x 15 mm K2+H2+V2 | 15 x 15 mm L1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

aw • With 3 removable rings



JETSET 58-0400097 The key ring JETSET is made of metal and a perfect companion for all frequent flyers. To remove the wire you just have to turn the button on the left or on the right side. 7 x 3,8 x 0,5 cm. Print & engraving size: 15 x 6 mm K2+H2+V2 | 15 x 6 mm L1+H2 300 pcs. /

a • Easy to open thanks to removable metal wire

• Zinc alloy in a shiny chrome finish An exclusive PiCOWORLD-design

PESCADO 58-0401767 We don’t know, of course, whether you know the star signs of your customers or business partners but those who are Pisces really need to become acquainted with PESCADO: A stylish key chain shaped like a fish in a shiny chrome finish. And last but not least, the coveted PiCOWORLD quick fastener. 4,1 x 2 x 0,7 cm.

Print & engraving size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H2+V2 | 10 x 6 mm L1+H2 300 pcs. / 50 pcs.


An exclusive PiCOWORLD-design

PAJARO 58-0401777 When we developed this lovely key ring, we agreed that the stylish chrome finish and unusual bird design were truly unique – and that’s why you can only purchase it in this combination at PiCOWORLD. Your customers will be as thrilled about PAJARO as we are! Sophisticated zinc alloy with the wellproven, extra secure PiCOWORLD quick fastener. 4,1 x 2 x 0,7 cm.


Print & engraving size: 10 x 6 mm K2+H2+V2 | 10 x 6 mm L1+H2 300 pcs. / 50 pcs.



PLATE 58-0401910 This key ring is known because of its simple elegance. The highly polished metal surface makes PLATE to a stylish companion and an exposed advertising medium. Your advertising shows to advantage on the rectangular format. Moreover, the key ring lies heavy in the hand and won´t get lost easily. 4,5 x 3 x 0,4 cm.

Engraving size: 30 x 10 mm L1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

• Made from gloss polished metal • Nice print and engraving area

GATO 58-0400117 Our cat design key ring GATO is made of solid metal with safety snap-in mechanism. 4,3 x 2 x 0,7 cm.

• Steel rope with secure fastening mechanism

Print & engraving size: 10 x 6 mm K2+H2+V2 | 10 x 6 mm L1+H2 300 pcs. / 50 pcs.


PERRO 58-0400107 Fully house-trained is our key ring PERRO. It is made of metal with snap-in mechanism. 4 x 2,2 x 0,7 cm.

• Highly polished chrome-plated metal

Print & engraving size: 10 x 6 mm K2+H2+V2 | 10 x 6 mm L1+H2 300 pcs. / 50 pcs.

a 129



• With 2 LED-lamps

58-0400197 Our HIGHWAY is a key ring with two LED-lights made of metal with rubberized back. 6,5 x 3,1 x 1,1 cm.


Engraving size: 31 x 9 mm L1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

PITO 58-0400207 For all sport fans who like to cheer on their favourite soccer team. Our key ring PITO comes with a whistle made of metal and plastic. 8 x 3,5 x 1 cm. Print & engraving size: 25 x 15 mm K2+H2+V2 | 30 x 15 mm L1+H2 250 pcs. / 50 pcs.


• Key ring and whistle in one • Made of metal and plastic

WHISTLE With integrated whistle

58-0401890 WHISTLE is a key ring that cannot be easily overseen or ignored as the fashionable pendant is equipped with a whistle. So keys will only dance to your tune. The extendable key ring is inserted in the housing. 4,1 x 1,1 x 1,5 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 5 mm L1+H2 200 pcs. / 50 pcs.

a 130

• Shiny matt metal • Stainless steel • Easy to open with pull-out key ring



The best thing in life: never lose your enjoyment of playing games! There are countless computer games. Take a guess what games are most popular? Hard to believe but true: board games and parlour games! And this, although the end has already been predicted to the good old board games in the internet age.Long live the play instinct! Whichever game type you are, we have the right PiCOWORLD game for everyone! And the best of all? All our picogames can easily be taken along on trips, providing you and your customers with fun and relaxation along the way.


You’ve already won.




58-8053000 In life and games there are always ups and downs. The stainless steel yo-yo with it´s smooth running metal device makes it easy to play. The patience game with reel and string trains finger skills and reaction ability. Furthermore the yo-yo looks good and from the side it shows a star. Ø 5,6 x 3,5 cm.

• With instructions for different games

Engraving size: 20 x 10 mm L2+H4 150 pcs. / 50 pcs.

BACKGAMMON TETRADE 58-0500067 You surely know the popular arcade game TETRADE. Sense of the game is to put 4 gaming pieces in a row before your opponent does – horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Stored in a handy aluminium box, lacquered tiles made of plastic. 17 x 11,5 x 1,8 cm. Print & engraving size: 70 x 20 mm K2+H4+V1 | 10 x 15 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. / 10 pcs.


• Portable exciting game of skill • In practical aluminium box • Erectable aluminum playing surface and plastic tiles embedded in safe rubber foam

58-0500287 Did you know that backgammon is one of the oldest board games in the world? Of course, thousands of years ago people didn’t have a magnetic or foldable game like our BACKGAMMON. However, this game of strategy and luck remains as popular as ever. Plus, our BACKGAMMON has lots of space for your logo. Metal game in plastic box. 16,5 x 9,5 x 1 cm. Print size: 70 x 15 mm K2+H3 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

• 15 silver and black magnetic checkers and 2 dice in a slim, foldable game box


New BEND 58-8051000 The wooden dice game BEND offers a nice change to your typical plastic games. The long lasting wooden dice is made out of bamboo wood, a material which grows again quickly. Playing this game means having fun, not only because the material is environment friendly. For those of you who are a little impatient, there is an answer sheet packed in with the game. 7,5 x 7,5 x 7,5 cm. Print size: 20 x 10 mm K2+H4 80 pcs. / 20 pcs.

• Made out of classy strong bamboo wood • Dice is made up of 6 wooden pieces • Delivery in box with answer sheet

8 IN 1 GAME 58-0500265 Your living room will immediately turn into a real sports field with the exciting video game console 8 IN 1 GAME. Simply choose a game and then proceed to the play rug. Eight exciting games – skiing, hurdle race, soccer, skipping rope, marathon, playing marbles, hammer throwing and aerobics – will make a highperformance athlete out of you very soon. 10 x 15 x 3,3 cm / 68 x 38 cm. Print size: 70 x 15 mm K2+H4 10 pcs. /

• Shows calorie consumption • Game carpet with six sensor areas • Movement and fitness for the office and at home • Calculates body mass index before game begins • Video game with 8 games: ski, hurdle race, football, skipping rope, marathon, marbles, throw hammers, aerobics

501 58-0500140 Dart is one of the most popular games. Our magnetic dart game 501 is mobile, practically unrollable and can be hung up anywhere. Supplied in a stable cardboard roll with 6 magnetic darts. 47,3 x 41 cm. Print size: 80 x 60 mm T2+H3 | 80 x 60 mm S6+H3 12 pcs. / – • Foldable, with 6 magnetic darts




Excellent quality, unique features, individuality – there are many things that make the name PiCOWORLD stand out. But there’s one thing we’re particularly proud of: The fact that you and your customers can rely on our ability to deliver the articles you want since we always maintain a high stock of PiCOWORLD products. And because we want to be absolutely sure you get what you want, you can order individual samples of every product before placing a large order.

HOLE-IN-ONE 58-0500170 In the office or at home – with our golf set HOLE-IN-ONE you can practise putting wherever you want. Including a leatherette golf bag, golf club, training hole, ball and playground of artificial green. 17 x 10 x 39 cm. Print size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H4+V2 10 pcs. / –

• Golf set for office, hotel room or at home: • Threepart club • Artificial Green (189 x 23 cm) and riginal golf ball • Training hole • Weight less than one kiloIn practically leatherette golfbaglook case

PICO-MIND 58-0500250 Do you like to play SUDOKU “Suji wa dokushin ni kagiru”? If not, you certainly will with our PICO MIND. This small educational game is ideal for people on the go and contains two games of the logic puzzle Sudoku with five challenging levels each. PICO MIND is equipped with a PDA stylus and a practical calculator. Made of plastic. 8 x 11,5 x 0,8 cm. Print size: 40 x 6 mm K2+H2+V2 100 pcs. /


• Educational SUDOKU game with 5 levels of difficulty • Integrated calculator with PDA stylus




Your customers are guaranteed to be seen in their best light! Let it shine. Our LED lights do not only look good, in terms of light output they are really small power packs. Reading light, solar lantern or flashlight ensure optimum illumination, wherever it is needed. The LEDs make it possible. In contrast to the light bulbs they are also much less sensitive to vibrations. We from PiCOWORLD are specialised in bringing good things to light. You and your clients will be absolutely thrilled by the multifunctional picolux ideas!


picolux LIBERO LED-table and book lamp

Clip feature for books

Robust ABS plastic

Base and charging station in one

58-1102435 Let there be light – bright light. LIBERO is a real highlight in terms of design and performance. This simple, elegant lamp is equipped with 6 white, very bright LED. They can be turned on by simply raising the head of the lamp. And where is the battery? Invisibly built into the lamp. That is why the base also functions as a charging station. And if you want to read your favorite murder mystery in the evening, just use the clip feature for books. 23 x 4,5 cm (Lamp) / 20 x Ø 11 cm (Stand). Print size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H4+V1 | 40 x 20 mm K2+H4 30 pcs. / 5 pcs.

approx. 124 cm long USB cable for power supply

READ 58-1101120 Does this sound familiar? You are on an airplane and want to read your favourite book but the lighting offered by the seat light above makes it hard to see. READ has the solution. This ultra-light LED lamp can be attached to the book, providing you with all the light you need. What’s more, READ can even be used as a bookmark. Made of black, flexible rubber and plastic. 20,2 x 4,1 x 1,4 cm. Print & engraving size: 30 x 20 mm K2+H4+V2 | 30 x 20 mm L2+H4 120 pcs. / 40 pcs.

sv 136

• Flexible reading light and bookmark that can be attached to a book



A bright idea: To remain permanently in the minds of your customers, make sure you immortalize yourself with your logo on our picolux ideas when you place your order. Who knows where and when the lights may come on!

GÉNÉRATEUR 58-0600140 Picture the following scene. You need a torch but you can’t find one and if you do, the battery has gone flat or gone missing! With the ultra small mini dynamo torch Générateur, this will be a thing of the past. Simply unfold the small lever, rotate it a few times and GÉNÉRATEUR will generate light – no batteries required! Made of high quality plastic, you can even attach it to your keyfob. 7,4 x 4,4 x 2,7 cm.

Print size: 40 x 30 mm K2+H4 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

v • Power-saving Mini-Dynamo Flashlight • No battery needed

Flexible and turnable spotlight with 25 LEDs


Dimmer function

58-1103035 Who sees well, can also work better. ILLUMINATION illuminates your workplace optimally. The desk lamp has 25 LEDs with excellent brilliance. The individually adjustable pivot arm provides light where you need it. And if it´s too bright, it can also get more comfortable: you can affect the light intensity with the dimmer. ILLUMINATION responds when the base is touched. 38 x 11 x 11 cm. 10 pcs. / –


• ON/OFF by the touch of a finger • Rubber-coated feet for steady hold • Power supply with 230 volt plug and USB cable (up to 182 cm possible)


picolux TRANSFORMER 58-0600650 TRANSFORMER brings light into darkness and is not only suitable for camping trips. The comfortable camping lantern features two lateral light windows. Thanks to the retractable carrying handle TRANSFORMER can be taken anywhere. The two torches integrated in the housing are removable. The lamp is charged via a 230-volt outlet connector or a 12-volt outlet (cigarette lighter). 25 x 12 cm. Print size: 40 x 15 mm K2+H5 6 pcs. /

• 2 removable torches (3x AAA batteries per touch, not included) • 2 fold-out carrying handles • Rubber-coated ON/OFF button • Power supply with 250 volt plug and 12 volt plug (cigarette lighter)

SOL-SPOT 58-0600437 SOL-SPOT is a beautiful eye catching solar lamp made of metal with bright LED light that will grace your garden or your balcony. No cable required. 37 x 14 x 9 cm. Engraving size: 35 x 20 mm L2+H5 30 pcs. /


• Energy saving solar lamp with very bright LED • Easy to prick into the ground

ELECTRA 58-0600657 Thanks to the rubberized grip the LED torch ELECTRA does not only lie good in your hand, it also brings enlightenment. ELECTRA can be recharged at any time via the cigarette lighter of your car. If you screw off the handle at the end of the lamp you will find the right connection. The stainless steel body makes this high-quality lamp to a good companion, which will always shows you the way. 16 x 3,2 cm. Engraving size: 20 x 10 mm L2+H4 50 pcs. /


v • Rugged stainless steel housing • Rubberized on-off switch • Convenient rubberized handgrip • Rechargeable via 12-volt outlet (cigarette lighter)


highlight With practical loop

REFLECT Pull-out telescopic system

Rotatable neck

58-0600610 blue 58-0600611 black No reason to crane your neck. The retractable LED torch REFLECT has a telescoping neck that allows you to shine in the darkest corner. In the extended state REFLECT has an impressive length of approx 55 cm. In addition, the robust aluminium flashlight is equipped with 3 bright LEDs. Battery: 4 x LR44 (incl.). Ă&#x2DC; 2 x 16,8 cm. Engraving size: 30 x 4 mm L2+H4 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

qsv Rubber-coated ON/OFF button

With ring magnet

3 white LEDs



FLASHLIGHT 58-0600397 The environmentally friendly elegant dual power FLASHLIGHT is equipped with a generous solar panel for its primary energy source. If the solar energy starts to run low, the cell battery steps in to ensure its 3 bright white LED lights continue to shine. Due to its compact size, the plastic flashlight will fit neatly in a pocket or a purse. 11,5 x 4,5 x 1,5 cm.

Print size: 15 x 5 mm K2+H2 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

suv • Solar dual power flashlight with 3 bright white LED lights

CORDLIGHT 58-0600497 At first glance, a combination of the design, shape and the LED lights, makes this dual power flashlight made of plastic look just like a small spaceship. CORDLIGHT can’t fly but it does have a very bright light. It draws its energy from a rechargeable lithium battery that is “refuelled” by the solar panel during the day. At night it is recharged through the dynamo function that will keep it illuminated for up to one hour. 13 x 4,8 x 1,7 cm.

Print size: 16 x 4 mm K2+H2 100 pcs. / 25 pcs.

suv • Dual-power LED flashlight with a large solar panel and dynamo function

TURNLIGHT 58-0600590 Let there be light! The small power packet TURNLIGHT has three strong LEDs. The torch charges itself with the integrated solar panels. And if you want to take matters into your own hands you can use the lever to charge up the torch too. 9 x 5 x 3 cm. Print size: 20 x 5 mm K2+H2 120 pcs. / 60 pcs.


• Power supply with solar power or charge it yourself • With hand loop


picolux • Head lamp with adjustable headband and extremely bright light

KILIMANDSCHARO 58-0600127 Say goodbye to the traditional torch and hello to the new head lamp! The brilliant LED head lamp, KILIMANDSCHARO made of plastic, can provide a much brighter light than a standard torch due to its 12 brilliant LED bulbs. The lighting is adjustable offering the ability to turn on 4, 8 or 12 bulbs together with an intermittent

• Adjustable lighting options

option. The bulbs themselves also have a lifetime of around 100,000 hours. The two headbands are individually adjustable which ensures that KILIMANDSCHARO stays in the correct position, making it the ideal companion for mountaineering, cycling, jogging or DIY. Batt. 3 x UM4 (excl.). 7 x 5,5 x 6,5 cm.

Print size: 6 x 8 mm K2+H2 100 pcs. / 10 pcs.


BRIGHTHEAD 58-0600117 Weighing only 20 grams, this handy head lamp stays securely in position allowing you to keep both hands free. The 5 LED lights have a permanent and intermittent lighting option and a lifetime of around 100,000 hours, making it ideal for adventurers, mountaineers or hikers. The narrow headband is comfortable to wear and is individually adjustable in length. Made of plastic. 4,5 x 4 x 1,8 cm.

• Ultra-lightweight, comfortable head lamp with 5 LED lights and adjustable headband


Print size: 20 x 20 mm K2+H2 200 pcs. / 10 pcs.

CAPLIGHT 58-0600130 CAPLIGHT is the perfect companion for a number of night time activities, including a late night jog. Simply clip on to the peak of a baseball cap and 5 extremely bright, white LED’s guarantee you a good view. Made of robust black ABS plastic, CAPLIGHT has a permanent and intermittent lighting option. 8,3 x 5,5 x 2,5 cm. Print size: 20 x 20 mm K2+H4 200 pcs. / 20 pcs.


• Baseball cap attachment with 5 LED bulbs • Lights up to 10 m range



Print code legend The print codes at the end of the product descriptions give you details regarding the printing process and the cost of printing names or logos.

Your special service advantages!


Advertising imprint: pad printing on plastic


Advertising imprint: pad printing on metal


Advertising imprint: screen printing on bags


Advertising imprint: screen printing on umbrellas


Advertising imprint: transfer printing < 8 x 8 cm


Advertising imprint: transfer printing > 8 x 8 cm


Advertising imprint: laser engraving standard article 1


Advertising imprint: laser engraving on metal


Maximum lettering size: 7 sq. cm, larger engravings upon request

Your special service advantages! “Excellent quality, reliable, on-time delivery. All at outstanding conditions!” That is our philosophy. And how can we live up to these ideals? With first-class service, of course! • You can always count on our quick, reliable and on-time delivery!

58-0400600 UM3, AA, 1,5V

• Before we add a product to our portfolio, we inspect it minutely in terms of its quality and function!

60/600 piece

• Based on our experience and the right contacts, we can even make challenging custom-made products available to you at any time! • You can order a sample of any product in advance – guaranteeing you a risk-free purchase!

58-0400610 UM4, AAA, 1,5V

• You can individualize every product with your name or logo – making the products even more unique!

60/1200 piece

• High-quality ideas deserve high-quality packaging: That is why we deliver many products in a stylish gift box!

Information legend a b c d e f 142

Gift packed This product is supplied in one of PiCOWORLD’S stylish gift boxes.

Bigsize refill The delivery of the product is included with a bigsize refill.

Alarm This product is equipped with alarm.

Snooze This product is equipped with snooze facility.

Clock Radio Radio controlled clock. No separate manual adjustment required.

Worldtime This product shows you the different time zones in selected countries.

g h i j k l

Countdown timer Define a time period and the countdown timer counts it down to zero.

Calendar This product is equipped with a monthly calendar.

Date display This product is equipped with an additional date display.

Weather information The exact weather information is shown via the measurement of the air pressure.

Thermometer Amongst other things, this product indicates the outside and interior temperature.

Hygrometer The integrated hygrometer indicates the current room climate and the air humidity.

m n o p q r

Normal flame This lighter is equipped with a normal flame.

Point of glow This lighter is equipped with a flame of point of glow.

Jet flame The jet flame, or also laser flame, reaches a temperature of up to 1.300 ° C.

Earphone A suitable earphone is included.

Magnetic This product is magnetically sealed.

Including battery The matching battery is included.

s t u v w x

Including button cell battery The correct coin cell battery is included in delivery.

USB Connection This product is equipped with a USB port.

Solar operation This product draws its power via solar cells and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

White Light LED Especially bright luminosity plus long service life and low energy consumption.

Removable rings You can remove the different rings of this key ring or fob or chain.

Genuine leather This product is manufactured from high-quality leather, breathable, water and air-permeable, light-resisting and sturdy.

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executive cases 30, 33-34 fountain pens 9, 20 games 131-134 golf game 134 hand snow brush 97 hand warmers 100 handbag holder 82 head lamps 141 headphones 68-73 household accessories 105-117 household scales 116-117 ice scrapers 97 jack-knives 92-93 key finder 121, 127 key rings 42, 118-130 key rings with shopping trolley token 126-127 kitchen accessories 105-117 kitchen knives 112-114 kitchen scales 116-117 kitchen timer 110 knives 89, 92-95, 98, 112-114 lamps 21, 24, 26, 42, 44, 135-141 laptop bags 29, 35 laser pointers 26 letter openers 46 lighters 102-104 loudspeaker 74-75 luggage scale 81 luggage tags 80-81 manicure sets 78-79 measuring tapes 99 memo holders 47 mini speakers 74-75 mirror 36, 66, 79 mobile phone accessories 38-39, 50 multifunction tools 92, 94-95 notebook carry case 29, 35 nut cracker 106 office accessories 6-55 outdoor items 84-91 paper weight 36 patience game 132-133 PC mouse 40-41, 45 PDA pens 22, 26 pedometers 100 pen cases 10-11, 13-23 pen holders 34, 47, 50-51 pencils 14, 20, 22 pens 6-26, 34 personal alarm 100

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