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Good Morning Sunshine Whakatane confirmed as NZ sunshine Capital.

‘Mayorgate’... Will Tony take a dive?

Supermarket Shopping…

the worst kind of torture for Mr Zombie.

Past and present…

Whakatane Surf Lifesaving Club, a success story





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from the editor


look inside... 4



‘Let’s go somewhere where the lights work for a change…’

As in past ‘Look’ publications we have included a ‘people’ story this month featuring a South African couple who have chosen to settle in Whakatane.


John Glasse visits the supermarket

Our gardening feature is full of tips and useful seasonal suggestions. Check out the history of our local Surf Lifesaving Club and give the grey matter a boost with our testing puzzle page. Health and Lifestyle advice plus an entertaining slant on things topical, there is something for everyone in the Look…Enjoy.


Deepen your connection with the outdoors. Nicola Kimton


Good vibrations on Lake Rotoma

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Gardening guru, Kaye, asks if we have gone to seed and tells us that

Enjoy the privilege of living in or near the sunniest town in NZ.

Also in this issue

John Glasse

first became an Editor just after my twelfth birthday, it was a school publication called ‘The Shebbear Recorder’ and I was in charge of jokes and cartoons.

Now I’m at it again and my pals are positively delighted that they can call me Mr. Ed. or was it Big ‘Ed.


intermedia Editor

John Glasse

Art Director Damian Walsh


Grace Thacker Damian Walsh Jeff Vanderlaar

Winsome Mitchell meets Whakatane’s recent immigrants and finds out why they left South Africa.

but does not see any males laughing in the aisles.

shows us how to develop a sense of wonder and appreciation with nature.

send fish into hiding.

chaos in the garden is not all bad.

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Abraham Larsen enlightens us in his inimitable style.

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Aunt Maggie Dear Aunt Maggie, My teenage daughter wants to get a tattoo. I am against her doing something she may regret later & am aghast that she wants to mark her attractive body permanently. We are of European descent so there’s no cultural or ethnic reason why she would want the pain or the expense. If she has a tattoo on her back or where it’s hidden by clothes then what’s the point she wouldn’t see it & neither would anyone else. I keep hearing of women paying huge dollars & suffering a lot of pain having tatts removed as well as being left with ugly scars. She doesn’t seem to be able to give me a reason why she even wants one.


Dear “Tattered”, Perhaps your mother told you as mine did me that apart from highly respected Maori, the only people with tattoos were ex gaol birds or sailors who had an anchor tattooed on their arm. Times change. There are other ways your daughter could draw attention to herself, because that’s what she’s doing. It’s like dyeing hair bright colours except that hair colour can be changed. Ask her what it would look like on you or her grandmother & if she thinks she’ll still like it in ten or twenty years time.. Show her bride pics in a magazine & point out how a charcoal logo would detract from the gorgeous dress. If she’s contemplating having a tatt on arms or ankles she could wear bangles or anklet jewelry instead - & can change them when she tires of them.(And she will). If she’s still adamant buy her some transfers - cheap & painless - hopefully the idea will wear off as she matures. You could shout her a visit to a beautician for eyebrow shaping/tinting to enhance her natural beauty. Nothing wrong with a bribe every now & then…



For advice on your family problem, write to Aunt Maggie. Use a nom-de-plume, senders details are absolutely confidential. Email Aunt Maggie at

look Opinion

‘Mayorgate’... will Tony take a dive?

By now you’re probably aware that the newly elected mayor, Tony Bonne, overspent on his election campaign. Hopefully by the time this article is published the whole matter is taken care of. Abraham Larsen enlightens us in his inimitable style.


hen Tony Bonne was running his mayoral campaign he was everywhere. I think his brand awareness was up there with Nike and CocaCola. When it emerged that he had overspent on his election campaign I was bracing myself for the figures. It had never occurred to me that someone would go over budget in a local election. That seems like getting Michael Schumacher to drive the car you and your kids made for the Blue Light Trolley Derby; what’s the point? But, it turned out that he had in fact overspent in the region of $900.00. My initial thoughts were that it was pretty unfair on the other candidates but in actuality, if they had the finances and the innate narcissism, they’d probably be in the same boat. Were the defeated mayor hopefuls bitter because they didn’t have the pingas to put on a promo campaign that rivalled the 2011 Rugby World Cup? Possibly. Or, as perennial whistle-blower Ida Rose claims, was it the principle? If Mr Bonne couldn’t help himself during the campaign, what is to stop him from blowing out the Council’s budget? That’s a fair question but my argument for that is that Mr Bonne used his and/or his businesses money to pay for the promotional material and not the Councils money. Really, he could’ve given away a couple of Elliptical Trainers with ‘Vote Bonne’ on them and I wouldn’t have bat an eyelid. Tony Bonne is in a position

4 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

where he has the money and resources that the other hopefuls didn’t. That’s bad luck and capitalism in effect. This is a guy we probably should have on our team. People are also calling for Mr Bonne to step down as Mayor. This is where it starts to get ridiculous. First off, I’m sure the cost of another election campaign is going to be a bit more than $928.00. Let’s get rid of the guy who might spend all our money and hold another election using our… Oh. And don’t try to tell me the next candidate with the most votes should become Mayor. This isn’t the queue at the Rainbow’s End roller coaster; next in line doesn’t get to ride. On the other side of the coin, Mr Bonne messed up big time with that lame GST excuse. You can’t tell me you’ve been in business that long, made enough money to blow a chunk of change on a local body election and not check whether a budget includes GST or not. Pull the other one, bro. That’s right up there with ‘the dog ate my homework’. What you should’ve done is admitted you overspent, apologised and kept it moving. Give the equivalent to charity and buy Julie Jukes a box of Roses or something. The fact of the matter is, if the majority of voters are so apathetic that they base their votes on media saturation - not values and promises - then they got what they asked for. Maybe it’s time to face to the fact that politics isn’t just about policies.

look People

Tittle tattle Berry Town festival

Who put the lights out? Uprooting one’s family and moving to a new country is a huge undertaking, even for a young person. How much more traumatic then for someone who is already enjoying a well-earned retirement. Whakatane restaurant owner Piet Nel talks to Winsome Mitchell about why he left South Africa to come to New Zealand.


t wasn’t easy, especially at my age, to leave the country of my birth,” says Piet, “but I could basically sum it up in just one word. Safety!” Piet retired from the corporate world to enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle, but South Africa’s escalating violence meant that the first item packed for an outing was a gun, a noise at night was assumed to be a burglar not a cat, and his wife Susan armed herself to hang out the washing in case she was mugged. The decision to emigrate came about in an unusual manner. During an all too common power outage Piet was reading a newspaper with the aid of a lamp when he saw a headline about emigration to New Zealand. “It was like a sign,” he says. “I turned to my wife and said, let’s go somewhere where the lights

work for a change.” They indicated to their adult children Johan and Nesta that they were thinking of moving to New Zealand, but either they went as a family or they didn’t go at all. The children were keen, but Piet’s age meant that he would have difficulty obtaining a visa unless he possessed special skills. He already owned a restaurant, mainly, he smiles, to keep his wife busy during retirement. Chefs’ skills were sought after in New Zealand and a similar business here would be the quickest route to residency. A month later they were in New Zealand checking out a list of options. The family wanted to settle in a country town, and after touring coastal North Island and part of the South, it was

Whakatane which particularly appealed. Avaganda restaurant was for sale. They decided to go for it, changed the name of the restaurant to AvagandaAfrica and within three months of application received an entrepreneur’s visa, the first step towards residency. Stepping back has enabled Piet to see the South African situation more clearly. “It was wonderful to arrive here and see kids playing in the street. Kids don’t play outside in South Africa any more. They get taken to school and collected afterwards. People live in micro-environments where the homes have electric fences and barbed wire. There are burglar bars on the windows and steel doors on the houses.” Two years later, Piet says New Zealand is all that he thought it would be; a place where he and

Susan can grow old together. The people of Whakatane have been particularly welcoming, and both Johan and Nesta have married Kiwis. Piet is now eligible to apply for residency, but says that he’ll wait until after the holiday season before doing battle with South Africa’s often frustrating postal system. An exchange rate which cruelly eroded his savings has been a major hurdle. From being well off in South Africa he’s had to basically start from scratch in New Zealand. Piet also admits to feeling quite nostalgic at times, especially when speaking to groups about South Africa. “I miss the animals and I miss the open spaces,” he says. “What I don’t miss, is watching my back and some of the people. If I had to weigh the two against each other I would definitely do the same again.”

was a great idea, well done all concerned. We look forward to a future celebration with more stalls, marching girls, street buskers and people dressed as berries...

Speaking of raspberries let’s give one to Whakatane Council for being slow to give resource consent to allow helicopter rides at Julian’s Berry Farm. This company has become a huge asset to our district, let’s give them some leeway, it’s only for a few weeks.

Is there a new convenience store

opening in Whakatane? Bread and milk without the queues!

Not a good look

First impressions of Whakatane are dismal thanks to the Landing Road bridge approach. Can someone adopt the highway from the Tauranga turnoff to the bridge, and rid the verges of weeds and long grass? (Not forgetting the paddock adjacent to Board Mills)

Ask the people - An

innovative idea by Kawerau leaders to find out what rate payers really want.

Good Morning Sunshine

N.I.W.A can eat humble now that Whakatane has been declared Sunshine Capital of NZ. We ask... Does NIWA stand for Now in Whakatane Again?

Current to February 28, 2011 / look /


look through Glasse

Laughter in the aisles...not! Moving on… like a rolling stone by Joanne Lenne


hese days there is an intense concern among artists for the environment. Shelly Demant, well known in the district for her sculptural forms, is making the bold move along with sculptor husband Mike Demant to live the sustainable lifestyle in early 2011.Encouraged to live the ecological approach, they are heading south to become part of the sustainable society, where they can focus on their creativity .We need people who are good with imagination and the true artists voice needs to be heard. Shelly’s sculptural forms are an extension of personal exploration and a desire to share a connection with the viewer, to feel a positive calming emotion and sense of wellbeing. Stylized female forms have evolved from

working with New Zealand sandstones from hinuera/ omaru stone to the now preferred medium of hirinui, a dense hard stone that takes far longer to carve,” “My mind becomes still and the image emerges as I connect with the stone, the end result is personally rewarding and worth the hours of patience of working with hand tools and sandpaper”, said shelly. Recently Shelly extended into the medium of paint not only painting the stone but moving into painting on canvas where she is able to explore more in detail the complexity of emotions to the viewer. The last available works are a must see ,and are currently showing at Evoke Gallery,the Strand ,Whakatane.

Of course she is quite capable of doing a weekly shop without being followed around by me, Mr Zombie Features. John Glasse asks, why do wives have this thing about taking their husbands shopping?


o most men it is the worst kind of torture. The USA should have used it against Guantanamo Bay prisoners, one dose of Supermarket shopping with my dearest would have had them screaming for mercy. By the third aisle of the local store they would not only be buying the beans, they would be spilling the beans; divulging every political secret and begging to be released from such a hellish environment. You are thinking that I exaggerate? Let me take you through a supermarket with my wife. She assures me that this is going to be one of those ‘We only need a couple of things’ shops. I joyously pick up one of the small baskets, my heart sinks when I hear those dreaded words, ‘’Better get a trolley”. When shopping alone, I can scoot around throwing things into the trolley as if in one of those ‘grocery-grab’ competitions. As my honey and I pass the vegetable department, I attempt the same strategy. It takes me a nanosecond to flip a packet of mushrooms into our trolley, job done, move on. Or so you might think, but no... My wife has picked up a special mushroom paper bag, explaining that plastic makes the mushrooms sweat. I am thinking, ‘so what, we’ll have them eaten and through the system in three days’. I have moved on to the banana section; she is still fossiking in the mushrooms, playing ‘turn over the buttons.’ Why do women do that? People are queuing behind her; they think she has lost a contact lens in the mushrooms. She fills her paper bag then tips them all out again; she has seen the ‘Portobello’s’. They look too much like toadstools for my liking, I always wait for the wife to try one first...just in case. I am beginning to wish she would try one now...just in case. The courgettes are also divided into packaged sweaty ones or loose. It takes a few minutes for her to figure out that the fresh loose ones

6 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

are more expensive than the plastic pack offering. Of course it would be positively life threatening for me to mention that the once fresh courgettes are now in plastic bags. To hell with logic...she takes the plastic ones. We hover around the meat department, glaring at an emaciated lamb roast; the price is $37... I am thinking a whole carcass must be worth close to a thousand bucks. Why did we give up sheep farming? We choose chicken and mince, again! We smile politely at three people who know us although we have not a clue who they are... it’s worrying us. We have been stopped by the same lady three times; she is mixing us up with another couple and keeps asking about our Norfolk Island holiday. We see her for the fourth time at kitchen towels and toilet rolls and make an ‘on the spot’ decision, never to set foot on Norfolk Island. Thankfully the ordeal is almost over. I meander around the wine department. My beloved is in biscuits and bread, taking an unusually long time. I peer down the aisle. She is hearing from God. She has that Spiritual faraway look, God is telling her that although common sense dictates that it would be cheaper to purchase the ginger biscuit double pack, she is being deceived by the evil one ; for this week only, two separate single packs are cheaper. We have been in the shop for so long our once green bananas have changed colour. The best news is that we have reached the check out. The check outs are full. She reconnoitres while I stand between two likely spots, I am hovering, ready to make a dash to the least full one. She shouts, ‘Here! Over here!’ I push through the throng but am beaten by a local dairy owner, who has two trolleys. Wifey tells me I was too slow. I rush back to my original spot, and read the sign, ‘Checkout Closed’. What a shame... I really wanted the lady to ask... ‘Are you having a nice day?’

Current to February 28, 2011/ look /


look Music

My Broadway Valentine. C

heck out this cool concert to be held at the LIBERTY CENTRE on 16th. February. 7.30pm.

Top International ‘West End’ and renowned local performers will have you singing in the aisles. An evening to remember, guaranteed to be tons of fun for the whole family. Talented favourites Trish Marsden and John White will be performing, the latter we are told will have dusted off his tights and be wearing

them (oooh)... for those who have never experienced his spectacular and well talked about duet from ‘Spamalot’ with Tracy Tidd, well all we can say is this may be your only chance.

This is serious fun with all proceeds going to a serious cause. Performers will be donating proceeds to support breast cancer research which is another very good reason to get to this Valentine celebration concert. Tickets $20 and available from 1XX,

Top Ten NZ Singles 1. Rise Up 2.0 Six60 2. Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris 3. Rolling In The Deep Adele 4. Yeah 3x Chris Brown 5. Invincible Tinie Tempah feat. Kelly Rowland 6. Grenade Bruno Mars 7. Hold It Against Me Britney Spears

Six60 8. Show Me How You Burlesque Christina Aguilera 9. Who’s That Chick? David Guetta feat. Rihanna 10. Rocketeer Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder

Top Ten

Country Singles 1. Somewhere With You Kenny Chesney 2. Felt Good On My Lips Tim McGraw 3. Put You In A Song Keith Urban 4. Mama’s Song Carrie Underwood 5. My Kinda Party Jason Aldean 6. Someone Else Calling You Baby Luke Bryan

7. Who Are You When I’m Not Looking Blake Shelton 8. My Kinda Party Jason Aldean 9. Back To December Taylor Swift 10. This Is Country Music Brad Paisley

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look Books reviewed by Lisa Struneski

Lake of Dreams

Cross Fire

Kim Edwards, author of the bestselling The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, does not disappoint in her new book The Lake of Dreams, a story of a woman’s homecoming, a family secret, and the old house that holds the key to the true legacy of a family.

Cross Fire, the 17th book in James Patterson’s Alex Cross series, did not disappoint. It was everything I love in a Patterson novel - a quick read that keeps me intrigued without requiring too much thought, especially over the holiday period when light reading was the requirement of the day.

by Kim Edwards

Lucy Jarrett returns home from Japan, only to find herself haunted by her father’s unresolved death a decade ago. Old longings stirred up by Keegan Fall, a local glass artist who was once her passionate first love, lead her into the unexpected. Late one night, as she paces the hallways of her family’s rambling lakeside house, she discovers, locked in a window seat, a collection of objects that first appear to be useless curiosities, but soon reveal a deeper and more complex family past. As Lucy discovers and explores the traces of her lineage from an heirloom tapestry and dusty political tracts to a web of allusions depicted in stained-glass windows throughout upstate New York - the family story she has always known is shattered, Lucy’s quest for the truth reconfigures her family’s history, links her to a unique slice of the suffragette movement, and yields dramatic insights that embolden her to live freely. With surprises at every turn, brimming with vibrant detail, The Lake of Dreams is an arresting saga in which every element emerges as a carefully placed piece of the puzzle. A definite must read!

Sister by Rosamund Lupton Beatrice, living in New York, receives a call that her younger sister Tess is missing. She races to the UK to begin the wait. Sister is told exclusively from the perspective of Beatrice in the form of a letter to her younger sister, peppered with memories of shared moments and conversations. The tone is impeccable - every moment of guilt, breath of horror and feeling utter devastation is portrayed painfully realistically and it imbues the story with a unique sense of perpetual anguish. Beatrice stays on in the UK and consoles her mother; however as she learns about her sister and the circumstances around her disappearance she is aware how little she knew of her sister’s life. Beatrice is unable to accept the police findings regarding the death of her sister and embarks on a journey of discovery. Even through all of the emotion and the pain, this book manages to also be a celebration of the relationship between sisters. In places, the memories and illustrations of this bond are beautiful and are used both to soften the tone and provide hope and to strengthen the sense of loss.

by James Patterson

Detective Cross has a lot on his plate; first thinking about wedding plans to law enforcement fiancé Bree and managing estranged ex’s and his family desire to have their hardworking father around. Then fiendish nemesis Kyle Craig, aka the Mastermind is back on the scene after his escape from the high security prison in ADX Florence when Cross last out smarted him. Kyle Craig starts reeking havoc by impersonating FBI agent Max Siegel, who he dispatched early in the opening pages of the book. With the FBI agent’s identity assumed he goes to Washington DC and gets involved on a sniper case that Alex cross is assigned. The perfectly executed assassination of two of Washington D.C.’s most corrupt: a dirty congressmen and an underhanded lobbyist. Next, the elusive gunman begins picking off other crooked politicians, sparking a blaze of theories--is the marksman a hero or a vigilante? It isn’t known who hired the sniper and it but left to assume Kyle Craig organized. Siegel’s mandate is to get close to Alex Cross and eliminate him and his family. Cross Fire will not disappoint die hard fans and those new to the irrepressible Alex Cross.

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

This book was a surprising page turner. A detective novel set in Norway with featuring the stereotypical single, alcoholic, handsome detective, Harry Hole. This novel has many threads that weave together as the story unfolds: a celebrity who has a hereditary disease who has passed it onto his children, cases of women who have disappeared without trace, important calendar dates in the lives of American Presidents, and Harry’s personal life, under acute attack from a number of angles. The Snowman, opens in 1980 with a young child being made to wait in the car for his Mother as she pops into someone’s house for 10 minutes. When the Mother returns to the car 40 minutes later (scared, as she is sure that she saw someone’s face at the window) she finds her child in a state of fear and confusion saying that he “had seen him”. When his mother asks who, he can only reply “The Snowman”. Twenty-four years later, Oslo Detective Harry Hole is investigating the disappearance of several women who all share the fact of being married with at least one child. He is the sole Norwegian ‘serial killer’ expert, having worked previously with the FBI. Harry and his new partner, Katrine Bratt set about trying to find the connection between the women who have disappeared and the only thing that seems to connect them all is that there is a snowman at the scene of every disappearance and the women have all vanished every year on the first day of snowfall. It is clear that there is more to the case than meets the eye. With a smattering of red herrings and mistaken identities you start to suspect everyone who graces the pages of this book. There is, of course, the obligatory nail-biting climax to the book when everything comes together all at once, and the old race-against-the-clock, will he / won’t he make it in time.

Paper Plus Whakatane

170 The Strand Ph: 07 308 6799

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look Food

Bountiful Tomatoes – a Versatile Fruit

You just can’t help it…. the sun beating down, gardens flourishing. The summer weather has been wonderful for lovers of fresh produce. Lisa Struneski looks at tomatoes, one of summer’s sweetest gifts.


efenseless shoppers are taunted with an ever growing variety of tomatoes; Supersweet 100, Golden Boy, Russian Red, Beefsteak and Roma as well as countless heirloom varieties to name a few. The aroma of a fresh tomato – sun ripened is like an aphrodisiac to the tomato aficionado. Tomatoes with their plump and juicy texture beckon the shopper to come hither and for summer price of about $3 a KG hard to resist. Right now tomatoes are crowding out the cucumbers and filling up baskets at farmers’ markets everywhere. When thinking of tomatoes tenderly coaxed through the hot summer, never think the word refrigerator. Let tomatoes ripen at room temperature so that none of the flavour is lost. If you want to ripen them faster put them in with an apple in a covered bowl. If a recipe calls for peeling, plunge tomatoes in a saucepan of boiling water for a few seconds. Place in a bowl of ice water until cool and the skin will come right off. Tomatoes are multipurpose and a great addition to any meal. While you can do anything with tomatoes they are best enjoyed

10 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

in the summer as fresh and as unadulterated as possible. The Heirloom Salad is a great healthy

or 1 teaspoon dried leaf basil • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt, or to taste • 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper


summer meal.

The Heirloom Salad

Cut cores from the tomatoes; slice each tomato into 8 to 10 wedges. Combine with remaining ingredients in a large bowl; toss to blend well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving. Serve on salad greens, if desired. Serves 6 to 8.

• 1 tablespoon fresh chopped parsley

My personal favorite is a tasty Bruschetta. Tomato Bruschetta are a wonderfully easy way to enjoy fresh, ripe, seasonal tomatoes. Play around with these as much as you like - add other chopped vegetables, try basil oil, use different herbs, add a bit of cheese - Bruschetta are endlessly flexible. Bruschetta are traditionally made with stale bread, and for good reason. When you toast up stale bread it’s a bit harder, a bit more able to stand up to tomato juices and olive oil than is fresh bread.

• 1 tablespoon fresh chopped basil,

Lashings of EVO – extra virgin

Prep Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients: • 8 to 10 small tomatoes, a variety of colors if possible • 2 cloves garlic, finely minced • 1/4 cup diced sweet onion or purple onion

olive oil, onions and garlic (lots of it) coupled with fresh basil over a tasty baguette create a taste sensation to rival none other. When coupled with a tasty pinot gris it is the quintessential summer treat.

Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

will disintegrate into the bread, leaving just a bit of garlic left. Alternatively, if a garlic lover, finely chop and add to mixture. . 3. Core tomatoes. Cut them in half along the “equator,” exposing much of the seeded flesh. Over a bowl or sink, squeeze out the seeds from each half.

Prep Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients: • 6 thick slices good-quality French- or Italian-style bread • 3 cloves garlic • 4 medium very ripe tomatoes • About 2 Tbsp. good quality, extra virgin olive oil • Course salt • Fresh basil leaves cut into ribbons • Freshly ground black pepper (optional)

Preparation: 1. Toast bread. While bread is toasting, peel garlic cloves and cut them in half. 2. Rub one side of each slice of toasted bread with the cut side of a garlic clove. The garlic

4. Coarsely chop tomatoes and put in a medium bowl. Add olive oil and gently toss to combine. 5. Gently spoon the tomato mixture evenly onto the toasts. Sprinkle with salt. 6. Sprinkle with basil and/ or pepper, if you like. Serve immediately. Makes 6

look Sport

Surfwatch not Baywatch G

one are the men’s bathing suits that made male and female almost indistinguishable. Gone are the carnival march pasts displaying club colours and parade like efficiency and drill routines. Gone are the reel-men, eyes glued to the surf, belt men fighting Ohope Beach breakers and linemen playing out the life-line overhead with poetic rhythm. Tony Kirby discovers that the excitement, teamwork, dedication and training that leads to life saving efficiencies are still very much alive. The Whakatane Surf Life Saving Club is rich in history from its inception in 1933 through to the war years when it went into recess and its revival in the immediate post war years I spoke with Keith Shannon, the longest serving living member. He remembered how in post war days there was no “hoping in the car” to go to the beach. It was a bike ride down the Maraetotara Road, unsealed of course, to the working bee to modernise the Clubhouse, patrol and enjoy the company of like minded people.

He recounted, as older people do, with a certain amount of pride how, when he became a member in the early 50’s he instilled

a set of parameters. These parameters shaped the future of the club. Discipline and loyalty are still the underpinning factors that have led to success in civic organisation and national competitions. The original clubhouse was moved in 1960 to Coopers camp (now Waterford Estate) and set up as the Ladies Surf Life Saving Club. The men remained at the original site where a new clubhouse was built with voluntary labour. Patrols continued beside the Mahy Camping Ground. Keith had a wry smile when he explained, there were no sleepover facilities provided, and interaction between the two clubs was not encouraged. Yeah right! Then why did Hugh marry Heather, Jeff marry June, Dave

What! You haven’t been to Javaman yet? It’s time to soak up the friendly, trendy Javaman atmosphere and discover why this Strand cafe’ is the talk of the town. It’s a great lunchtime experience, take a break you know you deserve it. Give your special partner a surprise breakfast in Javaman’s sunny courtyard, or let the friendly staff plan the menu for a romantic Valentine’s Day picnic.

marry Glenda, Arthur marry Jeanette, Paul marry Nita? to mention a few ‘interactions’, all of whom forged lifelong partnerships. From these partnerships, dynasties of three and four generations of surf-lifesavers have sprung. Surf Club is a national institution that fosters family involvement. Currently the club involves Sandcrabs ‘til you are 7, Nippers ‘til you’re 9, Intermediate ‘til you’re 11, Cadets ‘til you’re 15, Seniors till you depart this Earth. To become a Senior and wear the sought after Red and Gold there are time, stamina and knowledge tests that have

to be passed and techniques demonstrated. Accreditation is only good for a year and then refresher courses have to be sat. Is it little wonder then that the colours are worn with pride. For it is only then that you have the licence to sit on the tower and show Anderson and Hasselhoff how it really should be done! The Whakatane Surf Life Saving Club, through the family generations, has progressed from the original reel and six man team that patrolled weekends, to the Club as it stands today. It has kept abreast of the latest techniques, passed through the stages of Surf Board, Skiffs, Surf Boats to the current IRB’s (Piha Style) for the more distant and difficult rescues. Like so many clubs in the provincial New Zealand, there is a mass evacuation in the late teenage years. Not just to gain academic and career qualifications but to experience life. Young people of this ilk, set targets, have pride in contributing, but still preserve their own identity and take responsibility. The Whakatane Surf Life Saving Club has been and will continue to be a vehicle to help them achieve their dreams and lifetime ambitions.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS Take advantage of Whakatane’s hot summer nights and get a free after dinner tuk tuk ride to the heads & back. A ride in the tuk tuk is the perfect end to your GLOBAL THAI summer dining experience.

The Masterchefs of Whakatane’s cafe scene are eager for you to experience their innovative and mouth-watering fare. We now cater for and specialise in pre-booked night time private functions, wedding dinners and for a memorable evening dining experience with a group of friends or business associates (minimum 35 people) you can choose from three or four setmenus or a delicious buffet. All you have to do is talk to the experts. Let Javaman take the hassle out of all your catering needs.

, e s i t r e p x e e h t e c n Experie s u o i c i l e d e h t n i t deligh

Open Monday to Saturday 8.30-3pm and Sunday 9am-2pm

GLOBAL THAI Restaurant & Bar

Ph.308 9000 Free WiFi

Corner The Strand and Commerce Streets. Open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday from 5.30pm to late. Open for lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11.30pm to 2.00pm. Current to February 28, 2011/ look /


look Health

SPECSAVERS SMASHES THE PRICE OF GLASSES IN WHAKATANE Local Specsavers Optometrist David Anderson and dispensing Optician David Brenton-Rule are helping to revolutionise the cost of eyecare in New Zealand. Along with Mr Anderson’s fiancée Wendy, who also works at the store, the two Davids are bringing muchneeded competition to a sector that has traditionally been able to name its price.


“I’ve been involved with Specsavers in the UK since 1995, and an Optometrist Director with the company since 2005. Since joining forces with Specsavers in Whakatane, I’ve been able to offer customers two complete pairs of glasses – including lenses – for less than what people in New Zealand have been paying for a single pair,” he said. “These savings are possible because of the enormous buying power of a company the size of Specsavers. I can now offer a complete pair of glasses from $79 and my two pairs for one price offer starts at $199. This is the kind of value that is going to force our competitors to re-evaluate their own prices. And this also enables Whakatane customers to have excellent quality products and service at more affordable prices.”

NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY Mr Brenton-Rule, a Bay of Plenty local for the last seven years, said lower prices did not mean lower quality products. “I’ve been working in the NZ optical industry for over 24 years and I’m pleased to tell customers that what we’re offering at Specsavers is great value – and there’s a big difference between a good value product and a cheap product. We provide the highest quality glasses, including a range of well-known designer brands like fcuk vision, Karen Millen, Roxy and Tommy Hilfiger for much less than you would normally expect to pay. And all glasses in our store come with PENTAX lenses and a scratch resistant coating, included in the price as standard. It’s outstanding value.” As a result of the two-for-one offer, which is always available on all glasses priced at $199 and above, in all Specsavers stores, Mr Brenton-Rule said he fully expected to see residents around the Whakatane area looking more stylish than ever. “I believe that people should be able to have more than one great looking pair of glasses in their wardrobe, just like they have more than one pair of shoes. But in the past, the cost often made that unaffordable,” he said. “Well not anymore.”

David Anderson (left) and David Brenton-Rule (right). “Together with our two dogs, Wendy and I have moved from the UK to make New Zealand our home, and are really excited at the opportunity to become part of a revolution that is bringing the price of glasses down for everyday Kiwis,” Mr Anderson said. “New Zealand has suffered from a lack of competition in optics for many years, which allowed prices to creep up and stay high. But Specsavers has given the industry a shake-up and there’s no doubt prices are coming down as a result.”

“At Specsavers people can now afford to buy really good quality, fashionable frames to update their look. And our two-for-one offer means you can get a smart pair for the office and another style for the weekend, all for one low price. With over 1000 frames to choose from in store, we’d have a pair to suit everyone!”

CLEAR PRICES – NO SURPRISES AT THE TILL The store at Whakatane has been designed so that customers will know exactly what they have to pay before they get to the till. All of the glasses are laid out with clear prices that include the cost of single vision lenses – which is a first in New Zealand.

“You might accept not knowing what you’re going to pay upfront from your dentist, but why should that be the case when you need a new pair of specs?” said Mr Anderson. “Those days are over. At Specsavers, we believe it should be easy to compare prices and you should know exactly what you’ll get, up front. That’s what our Clear Price philosophy is all about. Our products also come with a two year guarantee which means that people can feel secure that their glasses will stand the test of time.”

PROFESSIONAL TESTING AND CARE New Zealand health guidelines recommend that everyone, including children, have an eye test every two years, regardless of whether or not you wear glasses. “Our optometrist will perform a thorough eye health check which includes tests for problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts,” Mr Anderson said. “Eye tests are quick and painless with bulk billing available. My team and I are committed to providing the highest quality eyecare, as well as offering the most affordable, quality eyewear to the community. If you’re overdue for an eye test or are just considering updating your look, drop in and see us.”

HALF PRICE EYE EXAM Cannot be exchanged for cash or used with any other voucher. Valid for 1 half price eye exam. Voucher must be presented at time of exam. Offer only available at Specsavers Whakatane. Offer valid untill 15th March 2011.

Specsavers Optometrists Whakatane 184 The Strand Whakatane 07 308 2154 © 2010 Specsavers Optical Group. All rights reserved.

Michelle’s Health & Nutrition

LIVE WELL AND PROSPER is the best way to describe Michelle Ingle-Kinnaird’s philosophy on life.


ollowing confirmation, twenty years ago, of the early stages of a serious illness Michelle made up her mind to change her lifestyle. Having fully recovered, she is passionate about showing other people the benefits of healthier living. What better way to help other people than through her very well stocked ‘Michelle’s Health & Nutrition’ on Boon Street. Michelle wants to spread the good news, making sure that people take care of their bodies and overall health. Healthy living is the name of the game and she has filled her OneStop-Health-Shop with everything one might need to enable wellness and a positive lifestyle. Michelle, an experienced Naturopath, can help with advice on nutrition, natural skin care, gluten and dairy free products and eco friendly cleaning merchandise. She has made it her business to keep up to date with availability of safe and proven health products and has stocked her shop with organic beverages, dried goods and locally produced organic fruit and vegetables. No stranger to Whakatane, Michelle has been involved in retail in the town for the last fifteen years. She looks forward to having you visiting her at Michelle’s Health and Nutrition and welcomes your enquiry for reflexology, relaxation massage and advice on how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Current to February 28, 2011/ look /


look Health

Nurtured by Nature Nicola Kimpton explains how to deepen your connection with the outdoors


ith the warmer weather upon us, many of us are taking the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Being outdoors in nature provides many physical benefits, such as better health and vitality. Yet how many of us consider the mental and spiritual benefits? Connecting purposefully with nature can clear our minds, awaken our senses and bring joy and inspiration to our lives. But if we’re not used to connecting with nature in a meaningful way, how do we get started? Here are six fun simple steps to try.

1. Get acquainted To begin with, identify a natural environment that appeals to you. Perhaps there’s a particular area of bush, beach or park you feel drawn to, or maybe even your garden. Notice how you feel when you’re in this special place: relaxed, happy, peaceful? What is it about this environment that makes you feel good? Recognise and acknowledge these good feelings – you are starting to make a conscious connection.

2. Come to your senses Develop a sense of wonder for nature. Turn off any distractions like headphones and really tune into the environment. Notice the trees, smell the flowers, feel the breeze. Discover new things about familiar places. Play ‘I spy.’ These are also great activities to do with children. As well as being calming, they sharpen perception, enhance appreciation and

14 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

open our awareness to the unseen world.

3. Keep your feet on the ground Nature is wonderful for ‘grounding’ us. Grounding ourselves brings our attention back to the present and our minds and bodies back into balance. It’s wonderful to do when feeling irritable, anxious or stressed. When out in nature, take off your shoes and go barefoot. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Hug a tree or touch a plant. Take indoor activities such as reading or writing outside for a change, to enhance your connection. Outdoor pursuits such as gardening can also help you to be grounded.

4. Get physical Walking in nature gets your energy flowing. It revives your body, balances your emotions and brings clarity. Being active shifts your attention away from your ‘thinking mind’ to your ‘feeling body’ and puts you in touch with your instincts and intuition. Instead of worrying about a problem or endlessly analysing, get up, go outside and walk around. Giving our minds a break from thinking creates space for miraculous and creative solutions to appear.

5. Pay your respects Appreciate nature. Pick up litter, extend mental greetings to the plants, flowers and wildlife you encounter – don’t be shy! Children have no problem expressing their

joy, so follow their example. Be creative and let nature inspire you – paint, draw, sing, dance – you don’t have to be an expert, just let yourself go. This also opens your heart which is a key to recognising and receiving more goodness into your life.

bring some of the magic inside. Beautify your inner environment with flowers, houseplants and natural textures such as wooden furniture. Not only does this lift your spirits, it also reminds you of your connection to the earth and to all living things.

6. And so within

Connecting consciously with nature can open the doorway to your soul. Are you ready to step through?

As you experience the mental and spiritual benefits of connecting with the outdoors,

lookhealth look Health

SPIRULINA Superior Nutrition Nutrition and and Lasting Lasting Energy Energy Superior Do you you wish wish you you had had more more up’n’go up’n’goand andmore moreenergy? energy? Do Feeling run down or exhausted? Feeling run down or exhausted? Iron deficient? Iron deficient? Exercising regularly? Exercising regularly? Looking for more energy? Looking for more energy?

You may may benefit benefit from from taking taking You Lifestream Bioactive Bioactive Spirulina Spirulina Lifestream as seen seen on on Good Good Morning Morning TV. TV. as

0 1 F F $ O 0 y 1 l n $ o


table w o N et 100 E g S U L P FRE


0 5 . 9 5 $ EXTRA

the reason why the iron in Spirulina the reasontowhy thebioavailable iron in Spirulina appears be so is because appears be so bioavailable is because the iron to forms soluble complexes with the iron forms soluble complexes with Phycocyanin. This iron-phycocyanin Phycocyanin. This iron-phycocyanin complex allows easier absorption by the complex allows easier absorption body of this important mineral. by the body of this important mineral. Lifestream Spirulina is an excellent natural Lifestream is an excellent natural iron sourceSpirulina especially when combined with iron source especially when combined with a healthy, well balanced diet of other ironarich healthy, balanced of other ironfoodswell such as greendiet leafy vegetables, rich foods such as beans green leafy vegetables, seeds, molasses, and pulses, dried seeds, molasses, beans and pulses, fruits, eggs and lean meats. People dried with fruits, eggsiron anddeficiency lean meats. People with on-going symptoms should on-going iron deficiency symptoms seek professional healthcare adviceshould for seek professional healthcare advice for specific treatment. Some people can specific treatment. Some people can experience problems associated with experience problems associated with taking synthetic iron supplements - such taking synthetic iron supplements - such as constipation and intestinal pain. as constipation and intestinal pain. Lifestream Spirulina produces none of Lifestream Spirulina produces none of these side effects and provides a natural these side effects and provides a natural source of bioavailable iron. source of bioavailable iron. Lifestream Bioactive Spirulina was hand Lifestream Bioactive Spirulina was hand picked for its purity and nutritional potency picked for its purity and nutritional potency from 35 varieties worldwide, is free of from 35 varieties worldwide, is free of herbicides, pesticides, irradiation and is herbicides, pesticides, irradiation and is G.E. free and suitable for vegetarians and G.E. free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. vegans.

We recommend Lifestream Spirulina to be part of and not a replacement for a healthy We recommend Lifestream Spirulina to be part of and not a replacement for a healthy and balanced diet. Please follow all label instructions and remember, these foods may and balanced diet. Please follow all label instructions and remember, these foods may be new to your diet so you may want to start off with small amounts. Lifestream Spirulina be new to your diet so you may want to start off with small amounts. Lifestream Spirulina is a natural whole food and is not meant to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease is a natural whole food and is not meant to prevent, diagnose or cure any disease condition. People with specific nutrient deficiencies may also need professional advice condition. People with specific nutrient deficiencies may also need professional advice and should consult their Healthcare Practitioner. and should consult their Healthcare Practitioner.

HEALTH 2000 WHAKATANE The Esplanade Mall 07 307 7491

Come in and be surprised…

TAPS: 6665, 6249 TAPS: 6665, 6249

Spirulina, a spiral shaped microscopic Spirulina, a spiral fresh water plant,shaped containsmicroscopic one of the fresh plant, contains one of the richestwater concentrations of nutrients known richest concentrations nutrients known in any food, plant, grainofor herb. Many in any food, plant, grain herb.especially Many people find that they areortired, people they areThis tired, especially around find mid that afternoon. may be around afternoon. This may be becausemid your diet is lacking in certain because diet is lacking in contains certain a nutrients.your Lifestream Spirulina nutrients. Lifestream Spirulina contains a powerhouse of nutrients including powerhouse nutrients including all the carotenoids, of unique phytonutrients, carotenoids, unique phytonutrients, essential amino acids, vitamins B1, all B2,the essential amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and important minerals including B3, and important minerals including Iron,B6 Calcium, Zinc, Chromium and Iodine. Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Chromium and Iodine. Spirulina is rich in GLA (gamma-linolenic Spirulina rich in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an is important Omega 6 fatty acid acid), an important Omega 6 fatty acid which is also found commonly in Evening which is also found commonly in Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil. When used Primrose Oil and Borage Oil. When used in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, Spirulina helps to keep you energized all Spirulina helps to keep you energized all day. Low in calories and fat and is one of day. Low in calories and fat and is one of the highest protein vegetarian foods. the highest protein vegetarian foods. Lifestream Spirulina is a genuine health Lifestream Spirulina is a genuine health food. food. Iron deficiency is one of the most common Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional problems worldwide especially nutritional problems worldwide especially amongst children, the elderly and women amongst children, the elderly and women (who have lower iron levels than men due (who have lower iron levels than men due to blood loss during menstruation). It is to blood loss during menstruation). It is estimated that 70% of women at some estimated that 70% of women at some stage suffer from iron deficiency. Spirulina stage suffer from iron deficiency. Spirulina is an an excellent excellent natural natural source source of of iron iron and and is


AVAILA BLE AT www.h ealth20 00whk .co

.nz Free Po stage AVAILA BLE AT www.h ealth20 00whk .co

.nz Free Po stage

The Esplanade Mall (Next to Michael Hill Jewellers on The Strand) Whakatane ph 07 307 7491 Current to February 28, 2011/ Current to 31st May 2010 /look look/ /13 7


- TUSA Lightweight balanced piston / S10 2nd stage - TUSA Octi Reg - Yellow Nose & 2nd stage - TUSA Twin analog metric guage - TUSA Charter 2100 BCD - PRO-DIVE Explorer one piece 5mm Wetsuit - PRO-DIVE Glove-Pro Amara/Neoprene2mm - Dive Boot 5mm, plush lined & zipped - PRO-DIVE Weightbelt S/S Buckle, Nylon Web - TUSA Liberator Mask, Silicone - TUSA Snorkel, Hyperdry - Tusa Fins-X-Ten open heel fin


W! GET IT ON FINANCEPeNr WOeek 00 FOR ONLY $26.44 or $1999.



07 308 7528

Check out our online Gun Store at



True Flite Ultra Match Rifle Barrel Agents, approved barrel fitter

ng hi Fis r & ale g in De nt d Hu erre ne ef ta Pr ka e ha th W is 16 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

GUNWORKS NO COMPROMISE GUNWORKS - -NO COMPROMISE LIFETIME WARRANTY LIFETIME WARRANTY Check out our website, you won’t be disappointed with our ongoing blog under “whats happening this week”.

Phone 07 308 7528 Hours Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:30pm and Sat 8:00am-2:00pm. Email

look on the Water

Trout fishing report During the past few weeks Graham Pyatt discovers the fishing on all our rivers has improved. Now that the rivers have cleared and dropped to reasonable levels they are able to be fished everywhere.

Good vibrations T at Lake Rotoma

he Rangitaikei is fishing well in the lower reaches between Waimana township and through the Gorge.

Our roving reporter checks out - the New Zealand National Water Skiing Champs


ittle wonder the trout were not biting for the week-end of January 15th and 16th. The breathtaking tranquillity of beautiful Lake Rotoma was rudely shattered by the throaty roar of twenty four gas gobbling, speed boats. I looked for the obvious name on one of them ‘What Recession?’ but it was not there. Imagine pulling two water skiers behind a 200 to 300 horse power torpedo. This is what these two days were all about. Amazingly the diversity of age between these fearless racers ranged from the youngest at eight to the oldest

at sixty four. This exciting water skiing gala featured the 7th and 8th rounds of The North Island Series, a National event which includes racing in Lake Taupo in late March and culminates in the World Champs in Brisbane later this year. After two days of racing, and lots of excitement (sadly marred by an injured skier), the sound of power boats has dissipated. Thank goodness the fish can now hear the irresistible vibration of a green and yellow Toby, so I’m going fishing

angler. Personally over the last few seasons that I have fished extensively in this area I have found that a good pattern to use during this period is a CDC emerger in # 16 & 18 or a small Blue dun mayfly on the top water.Willow grubs are also in abundance which the fish love, particularly the big browns.

The Whakatane is producing some good fish throughout it’s length but it’s the upper reaches of this river that is really worthwhile. The Waioeka is improving daily and fish are now appearing throughout it’s length after a somewhat patchy early season.

Graham Pyatt

The Motu continues to fish well for those anglers familiar with the tricks and skills required to tackle this difficult river. It’s that time of the year when the Lacemoths appear to frustrate even the most experienced

A very good all round setup to use during a hatch is a dryfly with a small nymph suspended below.

Lakes throughout the district are fishing well from reports I receive. A great time of the year so get out and enjoy, and may the rise be with you. Graham can be contacted for guiding, call him on 07 3155531 or email

Saltwater fishing report with Ian Davie

Dawn breaks as the first rays of sun fracture into a myriad of reflected light points scattered across the sea. Time to put on the sunscreen and sunnies. Ian Davie uncovers the mysteries of the sea.


he lures are already deployed as we head towards the hundred metre mark out behind Whale Island. The first strike is on the hand line and soon an albacore tuna is brought aboard, the first fish of the day. Next it is my turn with the bucking rod and screaming reel signalling a hook up, another albacore soon joins the first. The fourth albacore is brought aboard as we hit the hundred metre mark, which sees Adrian cut the engine and drop it down as a livey on his ‘marlin’ setup. I continue free casting a lure for tuna and over the next half an hour have one hook up, unfortunately with the fish throwing the hook. Then Adrian calls out a run on his marlin gear and it’s all on! The lever is pushed into strike position and it’s a solid hook up. My first job is helping Adrian on with the gamble belt and harness. As line leaves the reel at an alarming rate, Adrian is convinced he is hooked up to his first marlin. I then rush to clear up anything that may cause an obstacle on the deck, whilst Chase, the third crew member, turns the boat to follow the fish. Then disaster, in a split second as the boat is turning, the taut line touches gear yet to be cleared away and it is all over with the line parting. It is hard to remain philosophical in a situation like this, but valuable lessons have

been learnt. As we troll back towards Whale Island, looking for another livey, everyone on board hopes the boat lives up to its name ‘Second Time Lucky’. Then I see a fantastic sight of a free jumping marlin; one, two, three and then four times out of the water, enough to get any fisherman’s heart racing. We head to the area and find large shoals of albacore and skipjack tuna. A second livey is deployed and the deck is cleared away ready. As we wait, a seven foot shark lazily swims passed the boat, within a moment the back gets nailed and only shredded bridal rigging comes back. Adrian decides to call it quits for the day’s marlin fishing and have some fun with the tuna instead. We drift through the shoals whilst casting lures on light gear and have some of the best light line sports fishing I can remember. Catching twenty plus skipjack and albacore tuna, including two that Adrian caught on his soft bait outfit. Rods bent double and screaming reels are the order of the day, with continuous action until it is time to head back to the boat ramp. As if to salute us goodbye, a second free jumping marlin is spotted, I take my hat off and hope to meet it another day. Current to February 28, 2011/ look /




Fill the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9.



Each number represents a different letter of the alphabet. Write the given letters into all squares with matching numbers. Now work out which letters are represented by the other numbers. As you get the letters, write them into the main grid and the reference grid. Decoder uses all 26 letters of the alphabet.


ACROSS 6 Cave projection 8 Shrewd 10 World-weariness 13 Jail 14 Flooded 17 Surviving object 19 Got a line on (anag) DOWN 1 Shock 2 Beat the skin off 3 Persistent throb

4 5 7 9 11 12 15 16 17 18

Autograph Taciturnity Set going Approaches Mettle Very cold Declare as true Lofty Assess Appearance




Find the missing letter which completes an eight-letter word reading clockwise or anti-clockwise.



The same three-letter sequence will complete each of these four words. What are the missing letters?


Insert the missing letters to complete 10 words, five across the grid and five down. More than one solution may be possible.

How many words of three or more letters can you make, using each letter only once? Plurals are allowed, but no foreign words or words beginning with a capital. There’s at least one five-letter word. SCRIBBLE SPACE

Answers in the March issue of look... TODAY: Good 6 Excellent 10 Amazing 16

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Eat fresh from your garden...


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Dried Oregano

Dried Rosemary

Dried Sweet Marjoram

Dried Thyme

look Gardening

Kaye Blaker comes from a long line of keen gardeners and has a particular passion for growing food. Using basic permaculture methods, and with the help of five chickens and three sheep as part of the working team, she feeds several people from her vege garden year-round.

There’s nothing Kaye enjoys more than encouraging new gardeners to give it a go. Her column will feature all sorts of helpful tips for beginners and existing gardening enthusiasts.

Is going to seed such a bad thing? Is your garden full of lettuces and broccoli that are going to seed? As annoying as this is, the life-cycle of vege growing is happening before your eyes and it’s a wondrous thing. Kaye Blaker our gardening guru has the answers.


eave one of each to flower away happily and it will bring the bees to pollinate your crops and add a cottage garden touch to your landscape. Think of it as free seed for next year. While you are having so much fun in your summer garden it is hard to think ahead but seed saving can become an addictive hobby while also saving you money. It’s a great way to meet your neighbours too as you swap your favourite green striped tomato seeds for seeds of their gorgeous purple sweet peas you have been admiring over the fence. Your seeding leafy veges are responding to the heat and possibly lack of water, so put up some shade if you can (even an old umbrella) or plant small seedlings in the shade of larger plants. And mulch! mulch! mulch! Use anything that hasn’t got seeds in it or you will get an unexpected crop. If you have planted in pots or tubs, water twice as often. Again, don’t let the abundance of your summer garden distract you from thinking ahead to your winter garden. Leeks, broccoli, onions (I always plant red ones for a bit of glamour) and also another crop of carrots can all go in now because they take a bit longer to mature than the salady things you have been planting. Just a few at a time, planted every 10 days or so will keep you in veges throughout winter. Remember to water and compost well, especially while the seedlings are little and vulnerable. Tuck some little marigolds into the gaps for bug control. February is often the month when new gardeners give up on their vegetable patch because things have become a bit chaotic.

Plants are turning yellow, there are bugs multiplying before your eyes and the herbs have taken over. Don’t despair! Everything is as it should be. Well maybe your weeding was neglected in favour of the beach, but you can make up for it by having a quick cleanout, making room for a few nice fresh seedlings. Be ruthless and pull out anything that isn’t producing anymore, and snip back those herbs by about half. The yellowing plants may just need some liquid fertiliser. Tomatoes will ripen on your windowsill very quickly if you pick them when they have just started to turn colour. This way you will give the plant a chance to recover and you might beat the bugs to them. The easiest way to get rid of green shield beetles, which are a real curse at this time of year, is simply to squash and drop them. The smell they emit will warn their mates to stay away. Planting flowers in your vege garden will encourage those insects that eat the eggs of the white butterfly. Slugs and snails hide in weeds during the day so that’s a good reason to keep weeding. A healthy well-fed garden will attract fewer pests and diseases so don’t give up! Now you will be harvesting all those yummy things that can be turned into jam and chutney. It’s a good way to use up your surplus, but I actually plant extra with preserves in mind because they tart up winter vegetables making them more attractive to the fussier members of the family. Whoever said “enjoy the fruits of your labour” must have been a gardener.

Current to February 28, 2011/ look /


22 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

look Property

Property Report B

y now holiday makers will have headed back home and some will be thinking about buying or selling property. The question on everyones mind is ‘Are property prices ready to rise?’ Traditionally from January onwards real estate enquiries increase. The number of unique browsers to web site can be seen by the following hits... December 2009


January 2010


February 2010


Thanks to the return of confidence in Dairy farming, December saw a rural real estate surge forward into positive mode. Although much depended on location, prices for Dairy farm properties lifted toward the end of 2010. Thirty farms sold in December and demand pushed the national median price up from the previous selling season. There was also a lift in general farm sales toward the end of the year although well down on 2009 results. Banks are re-entering the market and interest rates are predicted to remain static for the time being.

March 2010


Commercial properties are still sought after

and sales achieved. However it is more relevant on todays market that asking prices reflect yield. Obviously an added attraction for prospective buyers would be the existence of secure long term tenancies. Commercial property vendors are tending to lean toward ‘sale by Auction’; a fair system particularly suitable for seller and purchaser given the current fluctuation of Market prices. There still appears to be reluctance by residential and rural vendors to align their asking price with fair market values. When a property has become stagnant in the market place, nine times out of ten it is because of

price. Many vendors are happy to wait for a price lift which is fair enough however vendors who are keen to meet the market and bite the bullet should make sure their property price drops low enough to attract a buyer. Dropping slightly on a slowing market will do little except discourage and frustrate. This year’s Rugby World Cup promotion gives New Zealand a window of opportunity to show off. What better time to invest in real estate, interest rates remain low and right at this moment the real estate gurus’ are still calling it a buyer’s market.

We are busy selling properties

We need more homes to sell Talk to us about our fees Are you ready for your next move?

07 312 5005

Pa r a m o u n t R e a l t y L t d M R E I N Z | 1 9 Po h u t u k a w a A v e , O h o p e B e a c h | L i c e n s e d R e a l E s t a t e A g e n t R E A A 2 0 0 8

Current to February 28, 2011/ look /


(07) 312 5005 Pa r a m o u n t Re a l t y L t d


1 9 Po h u t u ka w a Av e, O h o p e B e a c h

Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008) id#238626

~ The besT chance TO geT inTO OTaRawaiReRe ~

~ “2 fOR 1 in TOi sT $750,000” ~

~ sOughT afTeR LOcaTiOn ~

a much loved family home for 39 years. This property has great potential, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms another large room outside either an office or another bedroom. storage galore. a double garage and carport. This home is definitely worth viewing with lovely views of the ocean, in this elite subdivision above Ohope beach, if you are wanting to live in this area then you need to consider this property as they rarely come on this market at this price! id ObR1714

2 Titles for one. ensure your privacy and seclusion, while only mins from town, in one of the best streets in whakatane. 2 titles, 1406m² + 782m² (more or less) 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms doubling as ensuites. Open plan living with a addition “snug” lounge. 2 level living with pleasing period architecture elevated expansive rural, bush and seaviews. an entertainers dream, sundrenched indoor/outdoor living. id ObR1637

• 3 bedrooms, master bedroom with ensuite • guest suite • study • beach views and great access • separate lounge opens to deck • alfresco outdoor living you need to view this property to see what it has to offer! id ObR1283 $750,000 140 Pohutukawa ave, Ohope

$659,000 6 & 8 Toi street, whakatane

110 Otarawairere Road, Ohope


~ OhOPe beach hOLiday Pad ~

~ cOnvenienT LOcaTiOn - easy Living ~

~ affORdabLe beach Pad OR invesTMenT ~

chill out in this converted garage “bach” which has one bedroom, bathroom and open plan living and new kitchen. Recently built there is a new additional double garage with a bedroom and nearly completed bathroom. This would be great for the car, boat and toys. also on the property are a couple of extra garden sheds and a nice sunny lawn area as well. Just enjoy wonderful easy holiday for now and then change if needed in the future. beach close by! id ObR1739

Restyled brick plastered home, 3 bedrooms, master bedroom with ensuite Large family bathroom with spa bath, Low maintenance grounds. fully fenced, a great lock up and leave property. Mains gas, hobb, heating, hot water. viewing by appointment id ObR1514

stylish 1st floor 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with open plan living, deck and peeps of Ohiwa harbour and Ohope beach. swimming pools, spa pools, sauna, tennis court, gym and on site management which offers a letting pool service to generate an income when you’re not using this apartment. Live in - rent out - or both - the choices are yours. id ObR1744

271b Pohutukawa ave, Ohope

$325,000 137 James street, whakatane

$375,000 apartment O1d, Ohope beach Resort


~ sPaciOus bRick faMiLy hOMe... ~

~ weLcOMe TO OhOPe ~

~ incRedibLe OPPORTuniTy... ~

if you require space for all the family this is the home you should view. a brick home with concrete tile roof which will suit those wanting low maintenance. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 offices, a separate spa room too! Plus a family room, separate dining and a lovely peaceful lounge complete with the ambiance of an open fire. set amidst mature trees and delightful gardens. This is a home that has it all and so close to whakatane the current vendors love just walking to town. id ObR1728

Modern, contemporary and stylish perfect for family living. The living is elevated to make the most of the harbour views and this home is designed particularly for sun and the views. ground level family room with bi-fold doors to enjoy outside living – you just need to add your landscaping touches. a home you’ll love living in. ObR1747

amazing views. This has to be the best location in the heart of Ohope. easy living with spacious lounge, dining, vaulted ceilings, beautiful designer kitchen and all with views “to die for” Prime Ohope location id ObR1675

41 Pouwhare street, whakatane

$625,000 2 sanctuary ave, Ohope

$659,000 11a west end, Ohope


~ exTended faMiLy OR hOMe & incOMe ~

~ TOP LOcaTiOn, Lake views ~

~ execuTive hOMe... ~

This centrally located property has so much on offer with TwO seperate homes. do you have extended family requirments or just live in one and rent the other. set in mature gardens the home of Lockwoood constructions has 3 bedrooms with the master having ensuite. the living opens to the decks and garden. The second house on the property consists of a spacious living and two good size bedrooms so there are lots of lifestyle choices for you to invest in this property. id ObR1736

a solid well constructed brick home in a great neighbourhood. This well presented home offers; 3 bedrooms. stunning lake views from lounge, dining and kitchen. solar water heating. internal access from double garage with large storage cupboard. attractive grounds and plantings. easy walking distance to schools. Make that appointment to view today. ObR1561

executive waterford estate. This was the waterford estate show home built by “d. scheidegger” and you can see the quality and attention to detail throughout. Light bright and airy open plan living with spacious entertainers lounge. 4 bedrooms, separate office, 2 living areas and both open for outdoor living. its a beautiful home and views to the ocean too. id ObR1741

64 eivers Road, whakatane

$495,000 28 Olympic drive, whakatane

$459,000 4 waterford ave, Ohope

Liz Williams AREINZ

Natalie Hands

Jennie Power

Lesley Cooper

021 777 495 312 4166

027 273 0007 07 315 4061

027 491 8725 308 6036

021 911 147 312 6179

24 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

Rema Hinds

Neal Berry

027 453 5033 307 2080

027 212 1236 07 315 8545



Taniko-Fay Charteris


0274 879 708 07 315 5828


(07) 312 5005 Pa r a m o u n t Re a l t y L t d


1 9 Po h u t u ka w a Av e, O h o p e B e a c h

Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)

~ deSiRABle locAtion ~

~ A top quAlity home ~

~ pRemium oceAn RoAd, locAtion ~

With more than meets the eye this home offers: 3 bedrooms & multi-purpose room. modern conservators off master bedroom. Sun-soaked lounge/dining. delightful entertaining area with water feature. flat rear section fully fenced with veggie garden and tidy landscaped gardens id oBR1618

Be the envy of your friends with this elegant brick home. immaculately appointment throughout with space, comfort and security in mind and for the retirees we offer extra wide doorways, no stairs, a low maintenance garden and extra parking for the campervan or boat, internal entry double garage with office/work room. A generous man shed out back. 3 double bedrooms (master with ensuite and walk in wardrobe) and luxurious bathrooms.

Stunning contemporary home located on sought after ocean Road, with sensational ocean views. Ground floor living featuring kitchen, dining and family living. the master bedroom with ensuite and generous dressing room. large decks and private courtyard. upstairs is a family/rumpus with kitchenette, 2 bedrooms and bathroom. viewing essential!

41 Appenzell drive, Whakatane id oBR1716 $549,000 274a ocean Road, ohope

$369,000 23 Beach Street, Whakatane


~ executive home in the midSt of nAtuRe ~

~ entRy level - ohope ~

~ the BAch ~

5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with large well designed kitchen with beautiful timber features. two living areas for you to enjoy plus a separate lounge. Rumpus room and office where you could easily work from home with its own entrance way. Great views of the ocean. A large triple garage with internal access. oBR1713

this property of two bedrooms would make an ideal home, holiday home or rental investment. there is a single garage as well and all set on a compact, tidy section within a few minutes walk of the ocean or the harbour. call for an appointment to view!

this bach oozes nostalgia of past summers. heaps of lawn here to erect the tents. 2 bedrooms, utility/bathroom, open plan living with polished floors. Sunny north facing deck. easy access to the beach, adjoining the reserve and play area. fabulous full site in a terrific location!

112 otarawairere Road, ohope id oBR1726 id oBR1666

$849,000 16 eruini Street, ohope

$320,000 225 pohutukawa Ave, ohope

$650,000 id #140704

~ ohope BeAch ReSoRt ~

~ “dRop deAd GoRGeouS” ~

~ mAGnificent in cReStWood RiSe ~

Buy a holiday getaway, a stylish retirement option, or a cleverly designed modern home this is a must to consider. this superbly designed complex offers everything you could possibly desire. enjoy 3 swimming pools, tennis court and gym. each apartment offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & 2 car parks with either beautiful harbour views or amazing oceans views.

immaculate spacious 3 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms in the hillcrest area. massive 180 degree panoramic views over bush to the plains and mt edgecumbe. open plan living, dining to contemporary kitchen. decks to views and great indoor/outdoor flow, tropical gardens. 3 levels, double garage, storage galore & workshop. premier address, minutes to town id oBR1693

magnificent rural, bush and sea views and some views of the plains • 3 double bedrooms, hobby room or 4th bedroom plus study/office • Spacious kitchen and lounge • cosy 2nd lounge with its own deck • huge sheltered deck and superb indoor/outdoor flow • double garage, workshop, man-cave, storage galore id oBR1676

from $425,000 88 Waiewe Street, Whakatane

307-309 harbour Road, ohope

$659,000 1 crestwood Rise, Whakatane


~ juSt BRinG youR toothBRuSh ~

~ ohope only $289,000 - thiS Will Sell! ~

~ A home foR A fAmily At plAy ~

fully furnished, everything included in the price 2 bedrooms, 1 bathrooms perfect apartment for beach living or holidays heated pool, gym and an on site manager located on the second floor with ocean views id oBR1695

2 double bedrooms. A sunny and private fully fenced section. With a new roof and heat pump. A short stroll to ohope Beach and ohiwa harbour love in it...Rent it in’s your choice So take the opportunity and make your move today!

With more than meets the eye, this character home offers: • 3 bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • 2 living areas • new gas fire • Sep double garage plus extra parking for caravan or boat • fully fenced • outside areas, private and sheltered • central to shops, hospital and schools id oBR1242

Apt 19, Beach point Resort id oBR1707

$399,000 211c harbour Road, ohope

$289,000 75 Goulstone Road, Whakatane

Liz Williams AREINZ

Natalie Hands

Jennie Power

Lesley Cooper

021 777 495 312 4166

027 273 0007 07 315 4061

027 491 8725 308 6036

021 911 147 312 6179

Taniko-Fay Charteris

Rema Hinds

Neal Berry

027 453 5033 307 2080

027 212 1236 07 315 8545




0274 879 708 07 315 5828

Current to February 28, 2011/ look /



(07) 312 5005 Pa r a m o u n t Re a l t y L t d


1 9 Po h u t u ka w a Av e, O h o p e B e a c h

Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)




Come and enjoy this brand new modern townhouse. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and open plan living with great entertaining areas. Magnificent views of the harbour and hinterland. You won’t be disapointed, a must to view. id OBR1724

Blessed with magnificent views across green rolling hills with a peep of the ocean, this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, home has spacious open living with indoor-outdoor flow to a private tropical planted courtyard. • Large master bedroom with ensuite & walk in wardrobe • Enjoy the peace & quiet this home offers with “Hush” glass • first steel frame house in Whakatane • Minutes from town in sought after Hillcrest id OBR1674

What an amazing location this home is positioned fronting onto a large harbour side reserve so as you can imagine the views are out of this world across the peaceful waters. The house design is trendy a great holiday home or an ideal place to call home. Open plan living with three generous size bedrooms, large double garage, compact section. Its all waiting for you!

247 Harbour Road, Ohope

$775,000 116 Hillcrest Road, Whakatane id OBR1663

$425,000 23a Claydon Place, Ohope





This single level home would suit all, even a lock up and leave holiday home. The living area captures the sun and opens onto paved outdoor area, garden and grounds which are fully fenced. With 3 double bedrooms – master with ensuite and walk in wardrobe, it even has a study as well. Good garaging and all this just a short walk to the beach or harbour in a modern subdivision id OBR1694

A stunning home newly refurbished on this flat elevated position with bush and rural aspects that you’ll love. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.Generous living. Spacious dining. Outside living. All the refinements you would expect with a property of this calibre. Lush Easy care gardens with mature trees creating outside ambiance of shade to enjoy. All well fenced and paved. This is a sunny warm home in a very safe area. A pleasant place to call home! id OBR1719

More than meets the eye... Split level 4 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Open plan living, designer kitchen, double garage and parking for a boat. Easy care site and sunny decks. Adjacent to the beach. Great lock up and leave or holiday rental OBR1664

19 Manuera Place, Ohope

$569,000 358 Ocean Road, Ohope

$435,000 4 Crestwood Rise, Whakatane

$649,000 neg


~ WOW... LOOk AT ME! ~


Totally delightful. Light and bright and airy designed for easy living. Beautiful designer kitchen complete with granite bench top, built in stainless appliances including fridge freezer and microwave. Plenty of room for formal dining and fantastic open plan living to enjoy, opening to two excellent outside living areas, a manicured back patio for privacy and a north facing deck for views. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Internal lift and air-conditioner. This is a prime position in Ohope with ocean views.

don’t delay – This property is PRICEd TO SELL! • Ocean Road frontage • Magic Ocean Views • Trendy design • decks North and South • 3 Spacious Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • double Garage id OBR1616

Easy living and perfect town house living at the best address. Private with mature trees. Big North facing decks to step straight out from the lounge. A home you need to step inside to appreciate. 3 bedrooms, double garage too! OBR1458

4/120 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

$659,000 54 Ocean Road, Ohope

$719,000 18 Plantation Reserve, Ohope





Enjoy expansive harbour and amazing ocean vistas from this luxury penthouse. 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms + office/day room. Expansive balcony areas offering alfresco dining and entertaining. While the tiled floors add a timeless ambience to the property. Be part of Ohope Beach Resort and experience the wonderful lifestyle on offer. 2 swimming pools, 2 spas, lap pool, gym, sauna & tennis court. OBR1154

3 bedrooms home + 1 bedroom self-contained flat. Home workshop with great exposure. Carport and plenty of parking. decks/Conservatory. Let the flat income help pay your mortgage. id OBR1712

3 bedrooms plus office. Tastefully redecorated kitchen well planned with oodles of storage. Living room warm and welcoming with luxurious carpeting. Single garage, internal access. Sited on an easy care section. The vast improvements on this older home make it like new again. Trust your judgement, a home so tempting you will want to move right in. id OBR1686

H3A Penthouse, Ohope Beach Resort

ONLY $750,000 277 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

$419,000 34 Mokorua Grove, Whakatane

Liz Williams AREINZ

Natalie Hands

Jennie Power

Lesley Cooper

021 777 495 312 4166

027 273 0007 07 315 4061

027 491 8725 308 6036

021 911 147 312 6179

26 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

Rema Hinds

Neal Berry

027 453 5033 307 2080

027 212 1236 07 315 8545



Taniko-Fay Charteris


0274 879 708 07 315 5828


(07) 312 5005 Pa r a m o u n t Re a l t y L t d


1 9 Po h u t u ka w a Av e, O h o p e B e a c h

Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008) #239920 ~ cOmfORtable HOme and gReat sHed/gaRaging ~

~ OHOPe Views and sunsets ~

~ all ReasOnable OffeRs cOnsideRed~

Room for the boat/motor home then this is the place for you. great situation, so close to both the ocean and harbour. did i mention there is not only a large garage with extra storage under the house, there is also a double workshop as well and a fish cleaning bay. Plus bore water. there are three bedrooms plus an office, two bathrooms as well. it’s all here location, garage and workshop, comfortable home. so what are you waiting for?

when location means everything, look no further. situated high above Ohope and enjoying the best ocean views, this lovely 4 bedroom home in one of Ohope’s most prestigious areas. 2 living areas opening out to delightful lawns and gardens. exquisite master bedroom where you’ll love waking up to start the day. id ObR1594

look at what i’m offering: • Option of possible subdivision 809m² (more or less) • extra living for friends/family • main house 3 bedrooms • lift, spa pool • double garage and carport and parking for the camper van • Plenty of room for all the toys, kayaks and boat • fully fenced id ObR1447 id ObR1731

165 Harbour Road, Ohope

$475,000 3 Kowhai street, Ohope

$625,000 176 Harbour Road, Ohope


~ Ocean ROad - inVestment ~

~ cOntemPORaRY deligHt ~

~ stand Out fROm tHe cROwd! ~

• 2 flats • 2 incomes and • all the furniture You could live in one while collecting the rent - a great way to buy at Ohope beach! these are two by 2 bedroom spacious flats one above the other and just over the road to the beach in fact you can see the ocean from the top floor. You could have two families share this property or rent out one as the current vendors do. double tandem garage and an outside shower completes the picture. Just over the road to the beach!

with an engaging front that draws the attention of passers by this 4 bedroom, 2 living is perfect for the family when extra space is needed. Open plan living opening onto large wrap around deck for evening bbQs, outside shower and fish cleaning bench. double garaging and carport both with extra high stud. fully fenced low maintenance section, perfect for children and pets. located in an elite harbour side subdivision, walking distance to wharf, restaurant, beach and short drive to golf course and boat ramp.

uniquely different chalet - home or holiday home. completely refurbished. sunny, north facing with big ocean views. a few steps to the beach and harbour. lock up and leave. You will love what’s on offer here. ObR1691 id ObR1653

48a Ocean Road, Ohope id ObR1612

$595,000 284 Ocean Road, Ohope

bring Your Offer 28 te taiawatea drive, Ohope

$595,000 id#238631

~ 1930’s bacH witH stunning sea Views ~

~ sPaciOus HOme - excePtiOnal Views ~

~ nO 10 tHe addRess fOR success! ~

Originally 2 bedrooms, this classic bach has been converted into 1 very large bedroom. wooden floors throughout. large deck. Original single car garage has potential for conversion into sleep out, plus a carport, and plenty of room for the boat 759m² (more or less). what’s this bach worth to you? bring offers near to the new cV. You decide how near!

3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large open plan living, large rumpus room, double garage + extra parking. with so much to offer this beautifully designed home takes full advantage of the elevated views of the harbour and ocean. a private fenced courtyard extends out to the garden area with space for the boat. all up a spacious home perfect for the active family. id ObR1670

this section is in such an excellent position right opposite Ohope beach, surf club and in the centre of Ohope village, by cafes with beautiful beach Views. this could be your dream home… artist’s impression only. enjoy the ocean views, take in the beautiful Pohutukawa trees that are uplit in the evenings, wander across and dine in the local café’s. we have sketch plans available or design your own. land 424m² cOuld cOnsideR tRade cOmmeRcial OR Residential PROPeRtY id ObR1210 id ObR1644 Pohutukawa ave, Ohope new 2010 cv $490,000 14 claydon Place, Ohope

new cV $650,000 10 Pohutukawa ave, Ohope

$425,000 id#238633

~ wanting YOuR OffeR ~

~ HOlidaY at HOme! ~

~ OHOPe lifestYle ~

look no further. located on an easy care site taking the best advantage of sun and elevation to enjoy the views. 3 levels, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and office. designed for town house living, outdoor courtyard garden and decks covered by shade, perfect for entertaining. Priced to sell at $649,000

this home is just right for a family three generous sized bedrooms, master bedroom with ensuite. well designed kitchen, while the living area has adjoining decks. good sized double garage and room to park the boat as well. Views of the harbour and a reserve at your backdoor and close to many of Ohope’s attractions… golf club, wharf, boat ramp and general store.

trendy near new 3 bedroom home. Open plan living with spacious kitchen. close to all amenities in Ohope. beach access just across the road. this is a smart buy in Ohope - Viewing a must. id ObR1706 id ObR1591 124a Pohutukawa ave, Ohope id ObR1672

$649,000 16 Rangitukehu street, Ohope

Liz Williams AREINZ

Natalie Hands

Jennie Power

Lesley Cooper

021 777 495 312 4166

027 273 0007 07 315 4061

027 491 8725 308 6036

021 911 147 312 6179

$515,000 240 Pohutukawa ave, Ohope

Taniko-Fay Charteris

Rema Hinds

Neal Berry

027 453 5033 307 2080

027 212 1236 07 315 8545




0274 879 708 07 315 5828

Current to February 28, 2011 / look /



(07) 312 5005 Pa r a m o u n t Re a l t y L t d


1 9 Po h u t u ka w a Av e, O h o p e B e a c h

Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)

~ tAkE yOUR BREAtH AWAy.... ~


~ gRAnt ROAD ~

• On the most elite properties on Burke Road • you will be impressed beautiful expansive living • Amazing views over Ohiwa and Ohope Beach • An exquisite home on 6.1ha • 15 minutes to town • Private Harbour Access id OBR1684

4.1 hectares Just 4 minutes to Ohope, Its own harbor access. Power, water, phone, all to front gate. Building platform overlooking a habitat of nature id OBR1745

nicely set in its manicured grounds this renovated 3 bedroom home with its sundecks and privacy is without a doubt a sort after property in a popular street. id OBR1697

OHOPE $199,000 $199,000 $227,000 $265,000 $269,000 SOLD $298,000 $300,000 $375,000 $425,000 $550,000 MATATA ~ WAIOtAHI BEAcH HOUsE ~ $180,000 can’t sell your house and need to get to the beach? COASTLANDS Maybe a swap plus a cash difference could work, venders are $255,000 open to all possibilities to move this fabulous home overlooking Waiotahi Beach WHAKATANE id OBR1465 $100,000 Waiotahi Beach $597,000 $135,000 $145,000 $149,000 $189,000 $200,000 $250,000 $260,000 OHIWA $350,000 $450,000 WAIOTAHI $140,000 $185,000 $210,000 $230,000+gst LIfEstyLE WItH tWO cHARActER cOttAgEs $230,000+gst Ideal for those seeking a lifestyle change with two character cottages. $450,000 14400m² (approx 3 1/2 acres) A large deck for outdoor living which links $ Offers both cottages fenced, A spring, 8 chooks and a rooster, $ Offers A handful of huge avocado trees and other fruit trees, Double garage, Hay shed, gorgeous spot, 15-20mins from Ohope $ Offers id OBR1703

446 Waiotahi Valley, Waiotahi


$295,000 46 grant Road, Opotiki

Wainui Road, Ohope


~ sEctIOns ~ 910a Wainui Road 424 Harbour Road 6 Sharkbay Close 9 Sharkbay Close 2 Waterford Ave 41 Harbour Road 154 Pohutukawa Ave 242 Pohutukawa Ave 1 Waterford Ave 10 Pohutukawa Ave 131 Otarawairere Road

6460m² 670m² 507m² 574m² 412m² 745m² 1000m² 1075m² 452m² 424m² 1500m²

OBR1503 OBR1606 OBR1645 OBR1659 OBR1615 OBR1727 OBR1028 OBR1286 OBR1576 OBR1210 OBR1632

18 Clem Elliott Drive



8 Anchorage Grove



16 The Fairway 6 Brabant Street 28 McGarvey Rd 6 The Green 14 The Fairway 9 Crestwood Rise 8 Toi Street 2a Kupe Street

972m² 486m² 570m² 649m² 717m² 1841m² 782m² 588m²

OBR1639 OBR1746 OBR1678 OBR1587 OBR1553 OBR1415 OBR1641 OBR1560

115 Ohiwa Harbour 122a Ohiwa Loop Rd

3090m² 9885m²

OBR1165 OBR1669

22 Arakotipu Bvld 7 Te Karaka Key Lot 95 Te Karaka Key Lot 8 Pearata Ridge Lot 12 Pearata Ridge 17 Waiotahi Drifts 3 Rimu Rimu Keys 9 Rimu Rimu Keys 13 Rimu Rimu Keys

781m² 731m² 898m² 906m² 323m² 920m² 918m² 896m² 822m²

OBR1512 OBR1480 OBR1342 OBR1233 OBR1233 OBR1189 OBR1603 OBR1603 OBR1603

View sections at using the OBR reference number Section sizes are approximate only

~ HOLIDAy OR HOME ~ Be quick to secure this unique piece of real estate. Elevated bush clad setting with Harbour views. 3 bedroom home, large deck, garage plus workshop with storage for kayaks beach fishing & toys. your own bush walk leads to the top of the property and an “artist hut”. id OBR1355

258b Ruatuna Road, Ohiwa


~ WOODLAnDs ~ check out this roomy 2 bedroom home plus sleepout/rumpus room, see its peaceful, private 977m2 setting for yourself. Internal access double garage for your convenience. A sort after area of town, within walking distance from the golf course, minutes from some of the best beaches you will find. seeing is believing so get along and check this out for yourself id OBR1687

37 Woodlands Road, Opotiki


~ PAst nOstALgIA - fUtURE POtEntIAL ~


~ PAERAtA RIDgE 2.4 AcREs ~

Large 2030m² (more or less) site. top Location. Uniquely different 1930’s home. 4 Bedroms - with potential for home office. timber floors & interesting ceilings. Large double garage. OBR1734

5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, mature fruit trees. Modest income from truffles. Potential to develop further. great garaging, workshop and implement shed OBR1709

Avocados plus Lifestyle with a guaranteed income. Would you like this lifestyle but cant quiet afford it? Well maybe you can with this lovely 4 bedroom home and Orchard option plus a completely self contained unit presently rented right next-door for that extra income.

60 st John street, Opotiki

$359,000 206 Ruatuna Road, Ohiwa

Liz Williams AREINZ

Natalie Hands

Jennie Power

Lesley Cooper

021 777 495 312 4166

027 273 0007 07 315 4061

027 491 8725 308 6036

021 911 147 312 6179

28 / look / Current to February 28, 2011 id OBR1505

$650,000 262 Paerata Ridge, Waiotahi

Rema Hinds

Neal Berry

027 453 5033 307 2080

027 212 1236 07 315 8545


$435,000 + gst

Taniko-Fay Charteris


0274 879 708 07 315 5828


(07) 312 5005 Pa r a m o u n t Re a l t y L t d


1 9 Po h u t u ka w a Av e, O h o p e B e a c h

Licensed Real Estate Agent (REAA 2008)


Wow! This property has it all, double glazing, provision for a lift and only 2 years old. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with open plan living. It certainly has a beachy feel to it. Great indoor/outdoor flow with 2 decks to capture the sun, with stunning elevated views of the Harbour. You need to view this property to appreciate what it has to offer.

Hardly used since new this prestigious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom trendy apartment features views of Ohiwa Harbor and Ohope Beach. Built for enjoyment, whether long term living or holidays. This apartment will bring you so much pleasure. Onsite facilities include swimming pools, spa pools, sauna, gym and onsite management. OBR1743 Liz Williams AREINZ 021 777 495 or A/H 07 312 4166

Apartment H1C, Ohope Beach Resort OBR1738 Lesley Cooper 021 911 147 or A/H 07 312 6179

$399,000 BE AB AC sO H LuT FR E ON T

~ suBsTANTIAL BEACH FRONT HOmE ~ A few finishing touches needed to put your stamp on and behold the beachfront home of your dreams. From this substantial family home, enjoy the activity on the ocean as the boats pass by, surfing, swimming, kayaking, great fishing and gorgeous evening sunsets. spectacular ocean views can’t be built out, capturing Whale and White Islands right down to the Whakatane Heads. Elevated in a quiet cul de sac with access way to the beach just foot steps away. 4 bedrooms + office, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas, parking for the boat and toys. OBR1619 Jennie power 0274 918 725 or A/H 07 308 6036

13 Captains Cove, Coastlands


289 Harbour Road, Ohope Beach


vENdOR WANTs sOLd Ohiwa Waterfront Property $498,000

Section with Harbour & Ocean views $329,000 To discuss your options

Talk to Natalie Hands 027 273 0007 or A/H 07 315 4061

Only $850,000 6

Current to February 28, 2011/ look /


Sponsored by The Best trekking horses in the Bay. Affordable family fun.

WHAKATANE/ OHOPE FARMERS MARKET Every Sunday from 9am – 12.30pm Local produce and food producers at Mitchell Park, Phone 07 308 0232 OHOPE CRAFT MARKET 1st Saturday of the month, Large regional market with crafts, food produce and plants 8am – 1pm Ohope Hall, Bluett Road, Ohope. Phone 07 312 3339 PEACE PARK MARKET Last Thursday of the month. Arts, crafts, gifts, produce. 8am – 1pm Next to Museum, Boon Street, Whakatane. Phone 07 312 5403 STAR GAZING Astronomical Society evening star gazing at the Whakatane observatory every Tuesday and Friday from 8:30 onwards weather permitting. Hurunui St, Whakatane. Phone 3086495 TRIATHLON CYCLE CLUB The Eastern bay of plenty Cycle Club holds short races on Monday and

Thursday nights at 6pm. Pack Rides starting from Pak and Save at 8am every Sunday. Phone Kevin McComb 3088663 MINATURE RAILWAY The kids love it. Access from McAlister Street next to Riverside playground. Every Sunday during summer from 10am to 4pm. Phone 07 3086058 CHOCOLATE SUNDAE Riverside Concert 6th Feb (Waitangi Day) at amphitheatre. Starts at 1pm. DAIRY INDUSTRY AWARDS; B.O.P entrants in the Dairy Trainee competition will be judged on Feb. 9th.& 11th. Other categories (Equity/farmer of the year and Farm Manager) from 15th to 18th. Award dinner to be held at Awakeri in midMarch. MY BROADWAY VALENTINE Wed. 16th. Feb @ 7.30pm Liberty Centre, Wairaka Road. Featuring the talents of Lili Latham, Dave McMeeking, Liz Flint, Angus Jacobs and Victoria Flint. (tickets $20 from 1xx)

OPOTIKI Opotiki Community Arts Council are bringing the band “Pacific Curls” to the Heritage Art Centre, King Street, Opotiki on Tuesday Feb 8th. commencing at 7pm. Opotiki A&P and Community Show; Saturday Feb 12th. Stalls, fun and much more including farming challenges and activities organized by the Young Farmers. Opotiki Lions Paddy’s Market and Auction Sunday Feb 13th. At OPAC Factory Road, Doors open at 9am. Auction starts at 1 Opotiki River Swim 3km swim from Opotiki Wharf to river bar and back. Opotiki Show Jumping Derby Saturday Feb 19th. and Sunday 20th. To be held at Pony Club grounds, northern end of St. John Street. COMING SOON March 18th. & 19th. Opotiki’s Famous Charity Concert Featuring top International and New Zealand artists. This exciting 16th annual Opotiki Charity

Concert will be held at Opotiki College Hall. All enquiries to Opotiki I-Site Visitor Centre, Ph. 07-3153031

KAWERAU WATERWHEEL COUNTRY FAIR; Saturday Feb 5th. The Waterwheel Historic Trust presents... The Waitangi Celebration Country Fair to be held at the Waterwheel Heritage Park, Spencer Ave, Kawerau. Gates open at 10am, entry by a gold coin donation, all proceeds go towards further development of the Heritage Park. Founder of the Waterwheel Trust, Stan Fretwell will be on hand making sure his incredibly built six metre diameter Waterwheel is fully operational for the day. It’s going to be a lot of fun with live music, arts and craft, sheep shearing demonstrations, and some hungry looking alpacas on site, plus much more. (Information; www.waterwheel.

Chocolate Sundae Riverside concert Sunday February 6th (Waitangi Day) The Eastern Bay continues to be spoilt with great events throughout the summer season and Chocolate Sundae is no exception. Held at the Whakatane Riverbank Amphitheatre, the daytime concert was a big hit last year. With a focus on acoustic originals and a great afternoon out for the whole family, this year’s event is a chance for those who missed out last year to see what the hype is about.

30 / look / Current to February 28, 2011

This year features a similar line-up with a few new faces in between. Main act, The Tait Kora Band will be joined by Tea Tree, Elise Adlam, John Stephen, Natasha Chanwai and Jayme Fitzgerald. Last years Chocolate Sundae was an unexpected success with a large crowd of

families making the most of the great weather, beautiful setting and chilled out music. The event was set up to give local, emerging acts a chance to perform in a relaxed, outdoor setting while giving the audience an entertaining Sunday afternoon for a gold coin donation. Since last year’s event, a lot of the acts have gone on to become regular live acts at the various concerts through out the Bay.

backdrop provides a relaxed atmosphere and views of Whale Island. You can roll out a picnic blanket and make use of the liquor licence while the kids are entertained with a lolly scramble, sausage sizzle and giveaways. Chocolate Sundae not only gives you a sampling of our local performers for a gold coin donation, it’s a music sojourn after most of us have returned to work for the year.

Making use of the under-utilised amphitheatre Chocolate Sundae starts at 1pm on Waitangi on the Whakatane Riverbank, the stunning Day.

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