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WMYC OFFICE: Administration SAILING OFFICE CLUBHOUSE: 2010/2011 MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Patron Ron Boswell Commodore Danny Pearsall Vice Commodore Kevin Westacott Rear Commodore Stewart Hamilton Secretary David Hoban Treasurer David Craddock Social Chairman Col Ramsay Sailing Chairman Andrew Barney Grounds Chairman Vacant Web Master Fred Cramer

Karen Meates (Tue, Wed & Thu 0900 - 1400) Phone: 3393 5708 Fax: 3348 6177 Phone: 3893 0377 Fax: 3348 6177 Phone: 3393 5708 or 3383 0377 (Attended Fri 1800-2200 & Sun 1500 -1900) PO BOX 200, Wynnum, QLD, 4178 ‘Canaipa’ Phone: 3399 9993 Mob: 0433 454 216 ' Micron' Phone: 3904 8100 Mob: 0411 522 655 ‘Jaygee’ Phone: 3398 4711 "Bolero" Phone: 33966552 ‘Ketchit’ Mob: 0403 380 360 " Q-Nard' Phone: 3393 3006 Mob: 0419 253 030 ‘Barney Army’ Phone: 3348 5568 Mob: 0412 005 968 ‘ Simplicity’

Phone: 3393 6085 Mob: 0403 039 327

WYNNUM MANLY SAILING CLUB INC PO BOX 601, Wynnum, QLD, 4178 Saling Chairman Andrew Barney ‘Barney Army’ Phone: 3348 5568 Mob: 0412 005 968 Vice Chairman Michael Schmidt ‘Flight Deck’ Phone: 3208 9045 Secretary Vacant Treasurer Vacant Handicapper Fred Cramer ‘Simplicity’ Phone: 3393 6085 Mob: 0403 039 327 YQ Representatives Darcy Grieve ‘True Blue’ Phone: 3348 9063 WYNNUM MANLY YACHT CLUB MARINA LTD Email: Marina Chairman Brian Aldred ‘Pelican’ Property Matters Ian Skelsey ‘Rumba’ Treasurer Andrew Crawford ‘Dilligara’ Slipway Director and Environmental Ray Lotz ‘Seacret’ Walkway Director Damien Pugh Hardstand, Parking Landscaping & Lights Peter Bampton ‘Audacious’ Marina Manager Pamela Pavey

PO BOX 5112, Manly, QLD, 4179 Phone: 3396 4639 Fax: 3893 2775 Phone: 3273 1874 Phone: 0417 436 145 Phone: 3134 0942 Phone: 3396 2344 Phone 3289 2540 Phone: 3396 4639

SLIPWAY Marina Slip Bookings Phone: 3396 4639 ( Attended 0900-1600 Mon-Fri minimum) Message re Slip delay or changes booking - out of hours 0409 636 783


MANLY DRAGON BOAT CLUB Email: President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Coaching Coordinator Regatta Event Coordinator Page 2

PO BOX 5533, Manly, QLD, 4179 Web: Jason Ferrari Phone: 0416 154 266 Heather Day Phone: 0438 598 878 Danielle Ferrari Phone: 0414 751 275 Fran White Phone: 0408 760 492 Maggie Boyce Phone: 0434 617 717 Ann Davies Phone: 0488 223 426

March - April





by mark gordon Welcome to the March/April Edition of Soundings Magazine. No doubt many of you have been spending some quality time out on the water given the better weather we have been having. Members will note a slight shift in content emphasis as we will be focussing a little more on local boating news. Your feedback is always appreciated, so please drop us a line anytime with your views. I would also like to appeal to all members to provide us with any appropriate news of your boating exploits. When out on the water, be sure to take you camera along and snap away. We would love to publish your photos.

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This edition is packed with all the club racing news and a report on how we survived the recent storm activity. Some were luckier than others, so it is timely to remind all members to ensure their "pride and joy" is safely secured at all times and that all insurances are up to date and provide adequate cover. Until next time I wish you safe boating and fine weather! Mark Gordon PUBLISHER

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Cover photo: 'Six Pack' during the MBTBC 24hr race. courtesy of Andrew Barney. EDITOR/ADVERTISING Mark Gordon Looking Glass Design & Publications P: 07 5576 5439 M: 0448 159 350 E: ART/PRODUCTION Sammy Gordon Looking Glass Design & Publications P: 07 5576 5439 M: 0438 386 930 E: Soundings is published Bi-monthly July, September, November, January, March and May. The opinions expresses by the authors and contributors of articles in Soundings are not necessarily those of Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc, nor does Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc guarantee the accuracy of statements made by contributors or advertisers or accept any responsibility for any product or statements made herein. Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc does not accept liability for advertising material published in Soundings which may contravene the Trade Practices Act. Other than for the purpose of review and subject to the Copyright Act, no part of this publication maybe reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


commodore’s report by danny pearsall “canaipa” The 2012 year book has been printed and delivered to the members. There are a couple of mistakes and Karen has contacted the printer and he will rectify these and produce an update insert for all members. Congratulation to our editor/ publisher Mark Gordon and his wife, Samantha on the birth of their new baby, Emma. At the Committee meeting Tuesday 14/2/2012 we looked at the Year Book against the Soundings and our Web site and have agreed that from this year we will produce a larger Soundings in December instead of a year book. This will reduce costs by approximately $4000.00 At the committee meeting 14/2/2012 Des Clements and Peter Auld were present. Peter is very happy with the progress of the Club history book. They are still looking at publishing options and what can be achieved for an affordable cost. Des Clements produced an events plan for the 50th Anniversary year. The date has been changed to the Saturday 18th August for the big 50th Anniversary celebrations. This due to racing commitments on Sunday 19 August that cannot be cancelled. The proposed running sheet for the 50th Year Anniversary Celebration Day is, •

10am welcome everyone

11am view the marina

12 – 2pm lunch period

3pm official guests welcome

3:15pm official opening – plaque unveiling - special guests.

4pm close

Page 4

There are also a couple of special dinners for the 50th anniversary planned and I will advise more about this in coming editions. Michael Bryant, our cruising Chairman, is in the process of organising a cruise to celebrate the 50th year of the WMYC. I hope everyone can join us for this event. The Committee will take on looking at sponsorship for Lady Skippers and St. Helena and how we will work these events in with our 50th Anniversary Year. We are looking at attracting media attention, filming of the events, sponsors and spectators boats. We will need these to be advertised in local media, web page, Soundings and other Clubs. On Wednesday, 8 February, a storm came through the marina and caused some major damage to D row and some damage in other rows. The marina board is having the damage assessed and will keep members up to date with the outcome. A good friend of mine, Geoff Pryor, a past Soundings Editor and very active in the Club passed away late last year. Geoff was a teacher at Somerset School at the Gold Coast and I attended a memorial service at the school a couple of weeks ago. I was happy to learn that the previous headmaster at the school was a boatie and some of Geoff’s fellow teachers were also boaties. They told a story of Geoff's interview for a position at the school some 20 years ago in which he pointed out to the headmaster, who is a great lover of old wooden craft how his father was a boat builder in the sixties. Funnily enough Geoff got the job and stayed for over 20 years. A fellow teacher (Graeme Trethewey) wrote and read out the following poem he penned for the occasion.

March - April




Forever Sailing on the Bay

Wednesday 18th April 2012 at 7:30pm

Geoffrey’s sailing on the Bay not heading out to sea,

With no more life on land to live; forever he’ll be free.


Open meeting.




Confirmation of Minutes of previous meeting.


Commodore’s report. Motion: that past-Commodores of 2 or more years of tenure be offered Life Membership of the club, the decision to be ratified by the incoming management committee at the first meeting following the pastCommodores retirement from the position. Moved Danny Pearsall Seconded Kevin Westacott Motion: that the Commodore’s report be accepted.


Vice Commodore’s report. Motion: that the Vice Commodore’s report be accepted


Rear Commodore’s Report Motion: that the Rear Commodore’s report be accepted.


For Geoff Pryor is at anchor, near some Moreton Bay small isle.

Secretary’s report. Motion: that the Secretary’s report be accepted.


And he’ll maintain a vigilant watch on you, until the dawning of next day.

Treasurer’s Report. Motion: that the club and hardstand fees for 2012/2013 be increased by 4%. Moved David Craddock Seconded Stewart Hamilton. Motion: that the Treasurer’s report be accepted.


Sailing Chairman’s report. Motion: that the Sailing Chairman’s report be accepted.

Farewell and clear sailing Geoffrey.

10. Social Club Chairman’s report. Motion: that the Social Chairman’s report be accepted.

Pointed high into the wind, full sail and at the helm,

He’ll cruise the Bay forever, to find life’s other realm. He would not wish for sadness or the shedding tears of grief,

Instead retain his memory, though the life he lived was brief. Geoff will be missed, his jokes no more – thank heavens some will sigh, His wit and colourful turn phrase; forever bade goodbye.


So, when on the bay at sunset; pause, reflect and give a smile,

Take comfort that he’s near you; he has great knowledge of the bay,

Graeme Trethewey 26th January 2012

11. Webmaster’s report Motion: that the webmaster’s report be accepted.

Keep those burgesses flying, see you on the water

12. Grounds Chairman’s report. Motion: that the Grounds Chairman’s report be accepted. 13. Marina Company report. Motion: that the Marina Company’s report be accepted 14. Dragon Boat Club report: Motion: that the Dragon Boat Club report be accepted. David Hoban Secretary.

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


groundings by david clark’aquacasa’ This will be my last Sounding's Report as I have taken a 6 month mining contract in Narrabri (NSW). Due to this extended period I have also decided to resign from being the Grounds Chairman. I have been in the position for more than 4½ years and during this time I have been involved in a number of projects, some big and others small. Along the way, I have been guided, assisted and advised by the Management Committee and also many Club members (yes, some were even constructive) and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. I do not have a replacement for the position as yet, but when someone takes up the reins I will be happy to help in anyway that I can. I have a lot of information that would be of help to the ‘newcomer’ and will only be a phone call away. So if anyone is interested please call one of the other Committee Members.

It would be a good time to volunteer as it’s the Club’s 50th Anniversary and also time to organize the Working Bee and Boat Bits Sale, so there is lots of fun to be had. Since my last Soundings Report, the Club has required little maintenance. The main ones were: • New gas water heater fitted to supply hot water to the showers. • Men’s urinal automatic flushing system upgrade. • Entrance gate track cleaning (after a major storm) Don’t forget the upcoming exciting events as: • •

Boat Bits Sale on Sunday, 1 April 2012. Working Bee is set for Saturday, 14 April 2012.

See opposite page for further details. Take care and enjoy safe boating.

ECO-FRIENDLY MARINE SEWAGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FOR ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE BOAT OWNERS... For more information about our range of toilet waste storage and treatment systems, please visit our website or contact Barry at

P: 0411 598 306 W: Page 6

F: 07 3893 4179 E: March - April



boat bits sale When: 1 April 2012. Where: In the club car park and grassed

trailer parking area.

Cost:$10 Per stall Times:Stall set-up from 7:30am with selling opportunities between 7:30am to 12noon.

What to bring:Trestle/table, chair, shade umbrella (it can be very hot on that tarmac), float change.


PHONE: MICHAEL P: 0412205472 F: 3348 2386 Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.

Contact:For all bookings and enquiries

please contact vice commodore Kevin Westacott on 0411-522-655, or A.H. 3904-8100 We will be holding a sausage sizzle in the car park and cold drinks will also be available. Bring down the stuff your wife wants you to get rid of (sell it in our car park), and buy some really great pieces of equipment for your boat, at bargain prices, you won’t regret it. Don’t forget the sags race afterwards, it’s always great fun. See you there.

club working bee Saturday, 21 March 2012 We require "all hands on deck" to get our Club back up to scratch. There is a list of jobs which is being added to almost weekly. Please come along with your rakes, spades, paint brushes, pruners, ladders, cleaning cloths, gloves etc and help to make your Club a great place to be. Meet other members and have a nice cold drink at the end of it all. For all enquiries. Contact Kevin Westacott Ph.0411-522-655, a.h. 3904-8100 We look forward to seeing you there.


around the club by col ramsay ‘q nard’ - social chairperson Well, first of all, thanks must go to Fred for getting the new Calendar on the WEB site. I managed to put it together over the last few weeks and it is up to date at this time. Please let me know if there are any changes or updates that need to be applied. Without the input from the Committee and Members, this valuable tool will lose it's appeal and usefulness. To date there have been over 210 visitors to the calendar so it is certainly being used. Clubhouse hire charges For the February Management meeting, I prepared a proposal regarding the pricing structure for the Clubhouse. The aim is to encourage greater use of the Clubhouse by members and guests. The committee unanimously agreed to adopt this proposal which is shown opposite page. The Clubhouse is for the benefit of WMYC Members and it seems a waste that it is not being used more regularly. Hopefully, with these changes to the hire rates, which are greatly reduced, we will see Members using this great facility on a more regular basis.

Page 8

Following discussions with Avril from Cafe La Mer, I have to inform all members, with great regret, that due to lack of patronage, the restaurant will only trade on the First Friday Night of each month. If our numbers increase over a period of time, we will be able to offer meals on more nights. On the other Friday nights of the month, the Bar will be open and everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a drink, good company and conversations with members and guests. A number of members will be bringing BYO meals and even using the BBQ to cook their own prepared meals. It is a great shame that we have had to resort to this situation, but without your support we have had no alternative. Support and enjoy CLUB social activities.

Special Notice: Friday May 11th will be a Special Night at the clubhouse with drinks and Hot and Cold Nibblies.

March - April



new members Function charges as at 21st February 2012 There is no charge when you have a small function (less than 30) at Club normal trading hours

welcome aboard to our new members

Rates with no bar or security per day when club is not normally trading: • No BYO alcohol • No use of Kitchen • No use of BBQ facilities

Sharee Cordes

Hire Amount 100.00 Rates with no bar or security per day when club is not normally trading: • No BYO alcohol • No use of Kitchen • BBQ facilities may be used

George Lyde

Hire Amount 165.00 Rates with no bar or security per day when club is not normally trading: • Week days and Weekends • No BYO alcohol • With use of kitchen by kitchen contractor • No use of BBQ facilities Hire Amount


New Members – First Reading: Kevin Behr Peter Dowling Shaun Ellis Les Hodgson Andrew Morris Daine Mulkearns - Trade Hayden Quaife John Remy Joseph Ruhland Darryl Webster New Members – Second Reading: Suzie Boies



Kevin Caine



Hayley Gettens

“Dog House”

Norman Park

Abby Gibson



Rates with one (1) bar staff and 1 Security Guard - up to 50 Guests Hire Amount Hours Hours Hours 4 5 6

Dennis Hardy



Mon - Fri 340 385 430 Saturday 360 405 450 Sunday 380 425 470 Rates with two (2) bar staff (One charged for & 1 Incl) & 2 Security Guard 51 to 100 Guests Hire Amount Mon - Fri 620.00 740.00 860.00 Saturday 640.00 760.00 880.00 Sunday 660.00 780.00 900.00

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.

Wendy Lakeman Assoc/DB

Wynnum West

Brett Larkin



Wayne Ropiha



Greg Mackrodt

“Doin It Ezyest”


Elizabeth Tighe Assoc/DB

Manly West

Bruce Victor


“Paige Olivia”

Paul Vivian “Opair” Upgrade to Full Membership:


Gregory Harper


management committee precis •

Committee has adopted a new pricing schedule for hire of the club rooms.

Club insurance premiums and policies are under review.

The club’s 50th anniversary celebrations are set for 18th August and a specially written book will be published to mark the occasion. A stone plaque will be dedicated at the celebrations.

Our new web site is operational.

The Dragon Boat Club is booming with 96 members of various categories joining in.

After 4 ½ years David Clarke has resigned a the Club’s Grounds Chairman.

The management committee voted that past Commodores of 2 or more years tenure be granted Life Membership.

The annual Year Book will not be produced from 2013 onward as much of its content is duplicated in Soundings and on the new web site. A “bumper” issue of Soundings will be produced in December of each year to cover certain items.

David Hoban has taken over as Club Secretary.

The marina complex suffered some damage during a strong February storm. Members are reminded that storms so far this summer have been more intense than in previous years.

The hot water system for the shower block has been renewed.

The new “2-up” series kicks off on February 26th. Sign on online or at the sailing office pre-race.

Friday May 11th will be a Special Night at the Clubhouse with drinks and Hot and Cold Nibblies.

Blair Harrison (Red Jam) has taken over as Sailing Club Secretary.

The Dragon Boat Club had a 4-boat trip to Pandanus Beach on Australia Day.

The Cruising Division will get together at King island on March 11th.

The Boat Bits sale day is set for 1st April.

For the time being meals will be available on the first Friday of each month. On other Fridays the bar will be open and the BBQ can be used.

Page 10

March - April



cruise dates by michael bryant ‘ocean maid’ - cruising chairman Hi All, A meeting was held on Sunday, 19 February, to work out dates for 2012 cruises and anchorages. MARCH

11th – Sunday Cheese, crackers and goodies on the beach


6th/7th/8th/9th Easter Cruise Days Gutter


5th/6th/7th Scarborough Harbour


Date TBA Saint Helena Island


11TH/12th 50th Anniversary BBQ


21st to 30th Interclub Bay Cruise


17th/18th High Tide Midday – Christmas Cruise to Horseshoe Bay

Euan Manly Advert.


9:01 PM

smooth seas

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Now at East Co ast Mar


australiawide manly • newport

To list your boat or buy a new one, simply give


a call on

3348 3177 Or email:

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


marina media by pamela pavey - marina manager for marina board the horizontal rain storm - we named “ace” It appears that it was ‘our turn’ to be ‘aced’ on Wednesday afternoon, 8 February, by a violent storm cell which hit us with only 20 mins warning. Winds were reported to reach 72 knots. The Wednesday “RQYS Wags Race" competitors were racing – not to the finish line but for shelter and BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) reports told us to “hold-on!”. In the short time we had. All loose equipment was secured in the work area and the patio – our cars were all nearby and we said, ‘please no hail’! We called in Mick (our second slipmaster as Tom was in NZ) to assist us in securing as much as possible. It was a fast and wet learning curve putting extra restraints on equipment and eliminating as many loose items as possible. We advised all slipway workers and crews on boats of the severe weather prediction. An angry black cloud came over the hill as predicted 20 minutes after the warning. To our eyes it appeared as a HUGE BLACK MONSTER almost opposite RQYS entrance road – it ignored all our A, B, & C Rows and dumped itself unceremoniously on D Row with the fullest velocity. All normal vision was gone from our office – we could only see Horizontal Rain completely WHITE smashing against our windows. Not even the palm tree 5ft outside was visible. We were hit by winds reported to be 70 and 72 knots in our Marina and over 80 knots at the Coastguard. The noise was incredible and some wind bullets attacked our main front door and sprung it open letting water flood our office in seconds. From the Marina Patio we could not see much more except for the surrounding shrubs slashing about but beyond this was WHITE. Creaking and groaning and indeed “weird grinding noises” could be heard but causing what havoc - we had to wait to find out. THE AFTERMATH The “Wags” yachts were racing into the harbour amidst the wind but “Black Jack” the winner of the Brisbane to Gladstone last year ended up on the rocks at the entrance –not able to be removed until the next tide. A multihull also went on the rocks but was soon off. In our neck-of-the-woods - A, B, & C Rows missed the sting of the wind with it landing with a vengeance at D Row where it proceeded to try to push this Row out of alignment and to a Page 12

March - April



small extent, succeeded. It crushed the timbers near each pile which pushed on the timber triangle and broke each triangle – sometimes in more than one place. Other plys on the end of fingers were also split . Boats in this row seemed to sustain small amounts of damage. Many boats needed some pumping out with much water inside. With our Tom (slipmaster) still in NZ on holiday, we called in Mick Franklin our second slipmaster who responded magnificently as did his son Josh. They even managed to replant the largest Wattle Tree we have (and Tom’s favourite) which had been uprooted. F and G Rows were also damaged plus various other sections. Many fire extinguishers and their boxes were damaged, with glass broken and/or their supports failing allowing them to smash on the walkway . These had to be fixed to a point of being safe and positioned again temporarily so our Fire Safety system was not compromised. Had meeting with Fire Extinguisher representative and some suggestions may ensue from this. A FULL Assessment of the complete Marina was carried out by our Walkway Director, Damian and myself, the day after the storm and prices are being sort for the restoration work and equipment involved. Our excellent staff, Karen Pugh and Sonja McFadden excelled themselves phoning and passing on news to our boat owners for over 3 hours on the Wednesday plus most of the next day. The Major Maintenance work we were about to start will have to be pushed back now to allow the storm repairs to be undertaken first. We may have been “Aced” but we have not conceded the game.

For advice and solutions on all your boating, business and personal insurances.

3367 5055 Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


emergency preparation No matter how prepared you are, things can still go wrong. It's a sentiment that rings true in most areas of life, but when you're talking about being out on the water, things going wrong not only happen quickly; they can have a devastating effect. In some cases, a series of small, seemingly insignificant events can snowball into a life-ordeath situation. Just ask Shane Austin, a skipper from Caloundra who prides himself on being well organised and prepared when it comes to safety. So when his boat started to sink off Bribie Island, south of Caloundra bar, it was just as well that he had the right safety gear and knew how to use it. "On a short return trip from Tangalooma with friends, the transom broke, separating the motor from the stern. Within seconds water was pouring everywhere," Shane recalls of that afternoon last October.

"Help arrived pretty much straight away. I guess it was because we were well prepared, it meant a bad situation didn't turn into something much worse." While lifesavers took a woman and two children back to shore by jet skis, Shane stayed with his remaining crew and continued bailing water while the coast guard towed the boat back to base. "I was so thankful that we had all the safety gear. Being prepared for the worst is a vital part of boating, particularly when you have other people on board." While Shane's story is an example of a positive outcome for a well organised skipper, it goes to show just how quickly accidents happen. "You can't control everything, but if you're well prepared, you can prevent a bad situation from becoming a potentially fatal one. As skipper, that's my responsibility."

"We started bailing with buckets and I flicked on the bilge pump, set the anchor, fired a distress flare, activated the EPIRB and phoned triple 0 to alert the Coast Guard," Shane said.

Farine Boat Sales

Call Anita Farine on 0423 974 474 or email to

Our Focus is on Customer Service! We offer manu years of brockerage experience in the Scarborough area. Please contact us if you wish to sell or purchase a boat. Throughout the time it takes to complete the change of ownership, we will represent you in a professional manner and see it that all negotiations are handled with the utmost care, discretion and responsibility. Page 14

March - April



think this will save you? The safety equipment on your boat could save your life in an emergency so it is important to make sure all equipment is kept in good working order. One of the most vital pieces of safety equipment is your life jacket. A boatie going offshore was carrying the life jacket shown above. Safety equipment that is poorly maintained is the same as not carrying it at all. A life jacket in poor condition, for instance if it shows signs of deterioration such as stiff or cracked fabric, frayed strapping or pulled stitching, will be considered non- compliant and you will be fined. There are different types of life jackets required for various activities and areas. Life jackets must also meet the relevant Australian Standard.

Life jackets must meet the following Australian Standards: PFD type 1 – AS1512 PFD type 2 – AS1499 PFD type 3 – AS2260 Level 275 – AS4758 Level 150 – AS4758 Level 100 – AS4758 Level 50 – AS4758 Level 50 special purpose – AS4758. Here are some tips on life jackets: Make sure each person on board has one of the right size and type for the area that you are going boating. Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.

Life jackets should be easily accessible and everyone on board should know where they are and how to put them on. Check your life jackets before and after each trip to make sure that they are in good condition and there are no tears or frays. If they get wet, hang them up to dry before storing them away. Do not use your life jacket as a cushion. Inflatable life jackets also need to be maintained and serviced. Check with the manufacturer for the recommended servicing schedule. See Maritime Safety Queensland’s website for more information



Congratulations to Andrew Barney and crew aboard "Sixpack" on their recent victory in the Moreton Bay Boat Club 24 Hour Race. Well done!

Do your sails need attention? Thinking about a furling system? Covers looking tired? A quote for a new sail? For all your sailmaking and sail handling requirements Contact the team at: Phone: (07) 3893 1022 Fax: (07) 3396 9667 Hood Sailmakers (Brisbane) Pty. Ltd. 124 Glenora Street, Wynnum Qld 4178 Page 16

Email: Website: March - April



webmaster report by fred cramer ‘simplicity’ The new web site has been up and running since late last year but the real change over was when our old web domain was redirected to the new one thereby disabling access to the old web site.

Although emails to the old addresses of and au will still work, they should not be used anymore as we will pull the plug on them in the not too distant future.

I have received many reactions, mostly positive ones, which means that people do use our web site.

I created similar addresses under the new domain as and for you to use from now on. I will also create another address which is This is to comply with what was published in the Yearbook. As Karen in the office is monitoring all email addresses I would recommend to use for all correspondence.

Detailed information about all sailing events is now available including a facility for skippers to register their boats for a race or series and check who else has already registered. Racing results are available and posted on our site as soon as the results are known. We did not run a crew register for a few years which means that we currently have nothing to publish as yet. I would like to create a new page for this purpose and invite people to put their name down.

Fair winds and safe boating. Fred Cramer

I have not spent any time yet to publish more photos on the gallery but will start on that soon. As I expect that some people may want to order the originals, we need to work out how to handle this. Thanks to Col Ramsay we have a new improved calendar on our site with all known events listed. Have a browse through to see what is going on. I have been using the “Latest News” feature to post reminders and details of upcoming events. Check them out often if you don’t want to miss out on events that are important to you. Earlier this month we started using our new mailing system through our new web host. All emails that go out to a larger group of people are sent through this mass mailing system. At the moment we have two mailing lists, one for all members and one for all sailing club members. Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


sailing chairman’s report by andrew barney ‘barney army’ It’s been a great start to the WMSC season with the Vic Lucas Cup, the first heat of the Club Championship and Race 1 of the Ultimate Sails 2Up series being run. The weather was favourable for all 3 races, and considering the rain we have had this was a big bonus! John Stevenson on Albatross won the Vic Lucas Cup and the $100 cash prize. The extra speed from some crew proved a bonus for John and it looks like it will be a good season for the mighty Albatross! Go Stevo #2! Eric Knowles of Incatation was second with Peter Auld of Southern Star 3rd! Well done and thanks to those who supported this event. Next year we might hold it on Australia Day to try and build this race into an event worthy of the great little cup. We had 20 yachts between the two divisions for the first Club heat, Jaspa - Sean Healy, Red Jam – Blair Harrison and Need 4 Speed – John Holmes took out the Division 1 Fleet with Ethel May II – Mark Sheaves, Alyth – Chris Eldridge and Flight Deck – Michael Schmidt taking out the division 2 Fleet! Race 2 for the Manly Combined Clubs Series is scheduled for the 11th of March, with the presentation to be held at WMYC.

Page 18

The Ultimate Sails 2up series was held on the 26th of February, with 22 boats entering this 3 race series. Many thanks go to Andrew Turner of Ultimate Sails for sponsoring this event and Michael and Leanne Schmidt in organising the series. Ian Skelsey's recently purchased Cavalier 37 was the dark horse, sneaking to the lead and rounding Cleveland Yellow Beacon five minutes ahead of the rest of the fleet. This early lead meant he took out the first race on handicap, with Dave Moran on Escape 2nd and Red Jam, Blair Harrison 3rd on corrected time! A great day for all with wood fired Pizzas upon return to the Club as part of the entry. With 2 races still to do it’s not too late to come on down and enter the rest of the series! These are scheduled for the 27th of March and the 15th of April! Other events include Race 3 of the Combined Clubs series on 22 April and the Wynnum Manly Cup which coincides with the Combined Clubs race to Sandgate – 26th &27th May. This will be my last report for a while as I will be doing a lap of Australia from the 5th May for 18 weeks. See you on my return!

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ultimate sails 2up series

by michael schmidt ‘flight deck’ After days of rain and strong winds, we were all wondering what would we be met with for the first race of the Ultimate Sails 2UP series and how many yachts will show up in this weather. Race day came, weather cleared up nicely, for a hot day with 12-14knots ESE…..with a few stronger puffs, as always at the wrong time. The weather helped on the numbers and we had 22 entries, with a few yachts from MBTBC and a few from RQ. We even had an entry from Sandgate which was Pagan and great to see participants from other local Yacht Clubs. The 2UP series also dragged some boaties out from racing retirement. That was even better. After an 8:30am briefing we all got ready to meet Catalyst, our start boat, to take the start gun at 11am. From here we went to Cleveland yellow, back up around Hope, over the top of Green Island on to the finish line ending a 17mile trip. That sounded simple, but looking at the crews, hearing about their battles, they were stuffed. I told them there was no sheep station to be won, but then again Andrew Turner did provide us with prizes that was well worth sweating over. Back at the Clubhouse we had Di in the Bar serving up cold drinks, Fire N Dough cooking up wood fired pizzas. What a treat and sit back and enjoy a well earned rest. A raffle was held for a large Ultimate Sails gear bag. My crew had his eye on that one. Just as we didn’t win on the water, he didn’t win the gear bag either. Better luck next time.

Turner leading up to the first race start, this didn’t change his mind on sponsoring the 2UP series and over the next 2 race’s we will transfer the event name to Ullman Sails 2UP series, check out site for sail information. As always events like these take a team of people to make them function well and at times there are slip ups on the day, I had a big one. Catalyst our start boat, with Tony and a crew of three were there for us, were out early to setup the start line and were last to come in. My slip up was to forget thanking them for a great job done, Thanks you Team Catalyst. Fred Cramer had already prepared most of the entries on the computer and results came out in timely manner, as well as on the web site, thank you Fred. And with much more important business decisions to make, thank you to Andrew Turner from Ullman Sails for still going ahead with sponsoring the 2UP series. Next race is Sunday 25 March, it’s not too late to be part of the fun, even if you didn’t participate in race 1, Ullman Sails have provided prizes for each and every race and who knows can we top the wood fired pizzas next time, you will need to be there to find out.

All up, what a great day we all had and even better for Ben Nevis in first place, Escape in second and Red Jam in third. All 3 received a prize from Andrew Turner of Ullman Sails. Ullman Sails? I thought it was Ultimate Sails I can hear you say. A business decision was taken by Andrew Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


ullman sails Ullman Sails is excited to announce that Andrew Turner has joined our international group of sailmakers as Ullman Sails Brisbane. Andrew joins the group with 20 years of sailmaking experience behind him, including nearly ten years as one of Australia’s leading independent sailmakers and designers, Ultimate Sails.

Over his career, he has built and designed sails for maxi catamarans and cruise ships through to title-winning dinghies and world champion land sailors. Now Andrew looks forward to bringing his expertise to a collaborative group effort that shares the same philosophy: ‘My decision to move to the Ullman Sails group was infused by the group’s continuous commitment to building strong sails which perform at the top of their field. I am also drawn to the group’s inspiring attitude to help people get more from their boats.’ Growing up in a sailing family, Andrew has devoted most of his life to the sport of sailing; a hobby and passion which has seen him sail and work in locations all over the world. His racing experience is large and varied from the International Contender Dinghy and Tornado Catamaran World Championships to the Sydney to Hobart and many Brisbane to Gladstone yacht races on different styles and sizes of yacht. He currently owns and races a T650 sports boat, which is getting great results in Queensland this season.

Ullman Sails - Andrew Turner T650

Page 20

Andrew’s loft is situated in Wynnum, Queensland, a popular bayside suburb of Brisbane. As Ullman Sails Brisbane, the loft will be the closet to Manly Marina – the second largest marina in the southern hemisphere.

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It will continue to provide the same great customer service and product which people have grown to know and love; but with the added benefit of having all the amazing resources, combined knowledge and experience that the Ullman Sails group provides. It is an exciting time for sailmaking in Brisbane and the standard that people have come to expect has just moved up a notch! Contact Andrew and his team at Ullman Sails Brisbane: 3/76 Andrew St Wynnum, QLD, Australia Phone: +61 7 3348 7245 Mobile: +61 0 409 057 689 Email: andrew(at)


There are now five major Ullman Sails lofts in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, the Whitsundays, and locations in Perth and Mandurah to service Western Australia. No matter your passion on the water, Ullman Sails provides a complete range of high quality racing and cruising sails, including our FibrePath membrane technology and world-renowned one design sails. With unrivaled customer service, we’re focused on making sure you get the sail you need to match your goals and your budget. For more information, check out the website or visit us on Facebook: Ullman Sails Australia.

Ullman Sails

“We believe in helping people get MORE from their boats” 3/76 Andrew St Wynnum QLD 4178 Phone: 07 3348 7245 Mobile: 0409 057 689 Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.



bosses in 20 years by karen meates - club office administrator

It was Shirley Phillips as our Lady Commodore, Don Murray as Vice Commodore and Wil Melzer as Treasurer who employed me as an Office Assistant 20 years ago. The interview was held in the Clubhouse and I wondered with interest where the office was. In actual fact it was in a very old demountable shed behind the hardstand boats, approximately where the big green shed is now. There was a blue plastic seat to use as an office chair, one filing cabinet, and no air conditioning or fan. In in the summer it was a real hot box ( I wonder who was the workplace safety inspector back then!). The hole in the floor allowed Basil the rat to visit on a daily basis for many years. Our security gate used to be opened with a key only. We then progressed to using a swipe card. Whenever tradesmen or deliveries came (several times a day) I would have to run from the old office up to the gate to let them in. It kept me fit back then! I am sure you will all agree, that the gate remotes we have now are fantastic to use. I was thrilled when in 1996 the committee decided to move me away from the rubbish bins, the work benches and the awful stench that used to permeate from the drains down that end of the complex, to a new demountable in the garden at the front of the Clubhouse. That was 16 years ago, and the current committee are now talking about revamping the office, so more changes may be in store in the future. Page 22

This job started off as 2 days a week, to get the banking and the wages completed. It has grown over the years to involve much, much more than that. The office is now open 3 days a week but such a lot gets done in there every day. Fortunately Leonie Clark helps out one day a week, which has made a huge difference to the workload. There were many days when I felt sure that each member of the committee thought I was waiting just for their phone call so I could “do something” for them. Of course that is my job, but I felt sure that sometimes they didn’t realise that the other 9-10 committee members wanted me to “do something” for them also. It certainly made for some very busy days. There are many stories that will never be told about some of the “committee characters” listed below. There have been many highs and lows, marriages/relationships made or ended, fights and heated disagreements and sadly some deaths (but that is life). Through it all the committees have always tried their best to make improvements to the Club for the benefit of the members. The following list (in alpha order of Christian names) shows the people on the management committees whom I have worked with over the past 20 years. Some people for many years with all sorts of different portfolios, others for only a short time. Each one has been a character in their own way and all the different personalities have been interesting to work with. I have butted heads with some over the years when I felt they were going off track, because as newbies on the committee they didn’t realise there were rules and regulations which had to be taken into account. Fortunately all “differences of opinion” got ironed out. March - April




Sailing Rear Social Grounds Treasurer Social Treasurer Commodore Commodore Commodore Grounds Treasurer Sailing Secretary Sailing Sailing Vice Social Website Secretary Grounds Grounds Treasurer Sailing Vice Commodore Commodore QYA Rear Secretary Sailing Grounds Sailing Secretary Rear Sailing Social Vice Social Secretary Sailing Rear Grounds


Treasurer Commodore Vice Commodore Treasurer Social Sailing Commodore Commodore Vice Social Secretary Sailing Commodore Vice Rear Website Commodore Vice Secretary Treasurer

There have been many changes in the office with upgrading computer systems to paying bills and wages on-line, a huge step forward from the Kalamazoo system and hand writing cheques. We no longer work in the “dark ages”. I am so fortunate to have had 20 years of Club knowledge, 20 years of listening to the life stories of members, 20 years of laughter, and 20 years of working with and knowing great people. It has been an absolute pleasure to have been involved with each and every one of you, so thank you to you all. To the members who have become personal friends along my journey, and who have become a huge part of my life, thank you to you as well. May the friendship of WMYC continue for many years to come.


member profile foundation & life member: bruce roberts-goodson Bruce Roberts-Goodson was born in Victoria and was educated at Eltham High School. He went on to study yacht design through the US based Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology. He came to Brisbane and became next door neighbour to Bill Haslet at 124 Raeburn St, Manly. Bill Haslet’s boys remember Bruce as an ambitious and super slick salesman involved in the fibreglass business. He had a “Boat Building and Supplies” business in Cambridge Parade and later moved house to the corner of Upper Esplanade and Picton Parade, Manly. As Bill was commencing to build his “big” yacht Karunda in his back yard, Bruce Roberts was completing his Hartley Sparkle trimaran Trident next door. Bill still remembers being invited to the launch of the trimaran and refusing a sail as he regarded multihulls as unsafe. Bill’s wife Betty remembers the big bonfire next door when Bruce burnt all his construction off cuts and the fire threatened Ted Tickle’s new house being built at the bottom of Bill’s block. The early meetings in Raeburn St between building partners Stan Davey and Bill Haslet, and Bill’s neighbours resulted in the foundation of the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club. Bruce became the first Commodore in 1962. Stan was Commodore in 1965, Ted Tickle in 1966 and Bill had his turn in 1968. Bruce was actively involved in Club affairs during his year at the helm, occasionally being absent to attend a Catamaran Association meeting. He played his guitar at a barbecue sing song ashore at King Island accompanying George Tickle on piano accordion and J Willett on mouth organ. He Page 24

was instrumental in suggesting the Club’s first yacht races and he entered Trident in all the early events. In 1964 Trident was joined by Hedley Nichol’s new trimaran Vagabond adding a second multihull to the fleet. By 1965 Bruce had left the Club and in 1966 he founded Bruce Roberts Yacht Design in partnership with Andrew Slorach and moved to waterfront premises at Molley Road, Gumdale. It is believed that Hedley Nichol and Bruce had common business interests prior to Hedley’s sudden departure for America aboard trimaran Privateer, and subsequent disappearance in 1966. In 1972 Bruce opened his US design office which subsequently produced a huge range of sail and power boats that have been built in fibreglass, steel, aluminium and wood. In 1972 – 2009 he opened additional design offices in the USA, Holland and Ireland. In 2009 an office in Spain was opened and additional Naval Architects were employed. Today Bruce lives in England but remains personally involved in the world wide company he founded and he and his wife Gwenda now cruise European waters. He is the author of many boat building books which can be found on the World Wide Web. March - April



top 10 boat names The 22nd annual list of top 10 boat names has been released by BoatUS, with ‘Seas the Day’ taking out top ranking. Making the decision to buy a boat comes easy for some people. Picking out a name for the boat, however, can prove to be much harder, according to Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). ‘A boat name reflects the life and loves of the owner,’ says Occoless Trotter of the BoatUS Boat Graphics department in Alexandria, Virginia, which helps boaters design their own boat names ‘But, it’s hard to sum it all up with just a few words.’ The half-millionmember boat owners group has been tallying the Top Ten Boat Names List for over two decades.

The 22nd Annual List Top Ten Boat Names are:

1. Seas the Day 2. Nauti Buoy 3. Aquaholic 4. Dream Weaver 5. Pegasus 6. Serenity Now 7. Second Wind 8. Liquid Asset 9. Miss Behavin’ 10. Blew ByYou (you can find us in the Muir Marine Building) QUEENSLAND AGENT FOR:

also offering insurance policies and valuations

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


new products raymarine thermal cameras Raymarine has launched its new TH24 and TH32 thermal cameras. The compact, handheld cameras are lightweight and easy to use, giving boaters the power to see clearly for up to a kilometre, even in total darkness. The TH series uses thermal imaging, rather than light to create an image, so that objects show up through the thermal energy they emit. Raymarine says the cameras allow users to see landmarks, bridge abutments, rocks, buoys, floating debris, other vessels and people clearly in complete darkness. The cameras are easy to use when on the move and have an internal rechargeable battery to provide power. The TH24 has a range of up to 895m for sizeable objects such as a vessel, and up to 320m for an object, such as a person, in the water. The TH32 features a 2x digital zoom capability and has an

extended range of vision of up to 1.23km for vessels and up to 450m for objects or people in the water. Enquiries: Coursemaster, Tel: (02) 9417 7097 Web:


HIGHLY COMPETITIVE QUOTES ON ALL MARINE INSURANCE GIVE US A CALL NOW Cruising, Club Racing, Ocean Racing (eg Brisbane To Gladstone), Builders Risk / Transit Cargo

Phone: 07 3393 5550

Shop 5/457 Esplanade, Manly Qld 4179 Email: Website: Page 26

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digital marine ipad waterproof case The waterproof Ipad Case provides outstanding protection for your precious new iPad, allowing you to utilise it wherever you want- on the boat, in the bush or on the road. Rated to IP65 waterproofing and Military Spec 810F for dust proofing you will not get better protection. Full range of mounting options available to suit all requirements. The case is specifically designed for marine and outdoor use and will protect your ipad from water, impacts, scratches and dust. Installation and removal are achieved in seconds without any tools. You also have full access to power, volume and home button controls all whilst in case. There is also a full range of accessories including palm strap, shoulder strap and click in RAM mount options. Enquiries: Coursemaster, Tel: (02) 9417 7097 Web:

predictwind app Sail-World has been using this app for some months and PredictWind is probably the most used app on our iPhone. You can check the weather anywhere in the world, and get a five day forecast, plus a variety of other features and functions of PredictWind. The app is synchronised with your PC, so that your latest set of locations are always available without resetting each time you change a device. PredictWind have announced an iPhone and Android app which takes the use possibilities to a new level and you can now literally have a weather forecast in your pocket.

If you get a driPhone you can run your weather system from the rail, and do a whole lot of other things besides.

The PredictWind application was used by the Swiss team Alinghi to win the 2003 and 2007 America’s Cups, and has become the leading wind system used by racing and recreational sailors around the world. It is available on a subscription basis and also with a free forecast option. Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


Article by Markboat Gordon BOAT RAMP ETIQUETTE ethanol - the danger to your

by mark gordon According the marine engine industry, just one tank of the Ethanol E10 fuel could mean an expensive trip to the workshop. Ethanol fuel is being sold at almost every petrol station on the east coast and will be hard to avoid in NSW and Qld. Here marine industry researcher, Gary Fooks explains the risks and hazards of E10 which was introduced while we were sleeping. Boats more than a few years old, and any boat with a fibreglass or aluminium fuel tank are at risk. There are no real savings from E10 (10% ethanol 90% petrol) at current pump prices, and the potential damage bill could be high. While ethanol is okay for about 60% of new cars, some boat owners are about to experience melted fibreglass fuel tanks, fuel leaks and damaged engines.. That’s why all of the four major oil companies, as well as the NSW and Queensland governments, have issued

warnings against using ethanol in any boat and advising not to leave it in lawn mowers for more than a few weeks. David Heyes, of BRP Evinrude and Chairman of the Australian Marine Engine Council (AMEC) recently stated that his members were alarmed. Heyes explained that while almost all modern outboards will at least tolerate E10, the outboard industry was very concerned with the potential damage to fuel systems, and especially for the safety of boat owners. The real cause of damage to marine engines is dissolved fuel system components being deposited inside sensitive modern engines. The risks for boat owners come from three key characteristics of ethanol. * It’s a powerful solvent, * It doesn’t stay mixed with petrol, and * It has a very short shelf life.

Ph: 0439 734 394 Page 28

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photo: phase separation

The solvent nature means that it dissolves some of the components of fibreglass fuel tanks, as well as many elastomer (rubber like) materials found in fuel systems. These pass through the best filters and end up forming destructive deposits inside marine engines. Chemical attacks on tanks and hoses mean the inevitable leaks are a fire risk. That means a fire risk, or at best, a powerful solvent attack to the bilge surfaces. Ethanol and petrol will ‘separate’ under normal, moist boating conditions, and that action concentrates the ethanol, so it can do even more damage. Ethanol has higher volatility than most elements of petrol, meaning it evaporates off first. That means it may go ‘sour’ in as little as 2 weeks. As state governments in the biggest boating states continue to push ethanol blended fuels at the bowsers, much of the boat building industry has missed the warning signs. Aluminium tanks aren’t in the clear either – they suffer increased corrosion. As Paul Dawson, technical guru at Evinrude puts it, ethanol is going to liberate dirt and residue in your fuel system that you never knew existed. In 2007, Shell had to shut down its ethanol sales for a period because the new fuel in old tanks just kept releasing sediments and blocking up filters. Boaties will experience the same blocked filter problems. So if you end up using ethanol (by accident, or through lack of choice) plan for a filter change after the first tank, and carry a spare or two. Even the best filters won’t block some potential hazards. Some chemicals become completely dissolved and readily pass though the very best filters before ending up re-deposited inside the engine. And that’s how engines become uneconomical to repair. Boats with fibreglass tanks are most at risk from the solvent properties of ethanol. Fibreglass tanks are soon attacked by Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.

ethanol, dissolving the resins, eventually weakening the structure and inviting leaks. That also means any fuel spills around the filler cap (who amongst us has never had some form of blow-back when filling the tank?) could cause some permanent damage to gel coat or paint finishes. An ethanol spill is one you need to wash off immediately. And I mean, within seconds. Wait until you have finished filling and paid at the cashier, and the damage will be visible. Potential leaks can come from any part of the fuel system. Hoses and gaskets are unlikely to be E10 compatible and any part that is old or suffered UV damage is certainly at risk of leaking. There is no easy solution for this. Fibreglass tanks will have to be replaced before boats can be used with any ethanol blend. Aluminium tanks are reported to be at risk of corrosion. E10 should be okay, but if there is chloride (from salt water) or copper (e.g. brass fittings) present in the mix then chemical reactions mean accelerated corrosion. We contacted BP, Shell and Caltex during research and they all advised that boat owners should not use ethanol mix fuels in their boats. Full stop. They each told us that their warning was mostly because ethanol has a dramatically shorter life expectancy, especially in a marine environment. The bottom line is that boats and E10 don’t mix, and we suggest that you contact your boat builder and confirm their position on ethanol usage in your boat before you even contemplate the possibility of using this fuel blend.


manly dragons by jason ferrari Manly Dragons have been busy since we have recommenced training after our 2 week break over Xmas. We are currently up to 96 members, with more still turning up every Saturday for our come and try paddle. Since our ads in the Herald, we have been getting more enquiries about paddling. Saturdays are seeing around 75 people turn up for training with regatta training first, then followed by the Fun and Fitness and come and try members. We currently have 6 sessions on water a week with 1 land based night at Revolution Fitness in Andrew St Wynnum. Thanks for your support. Our on water training is short and sharp with a lot of speed work as we are coming to the competitive end of the season. Early January saw the Club celebrate our 5th birthday with drinks, nibbles and Birthday cake to celebrate the milestone. We had past and present paddlers turn up for the celebration at the WMYC with all sharing stories of when the Club first started and those great moments in the our short history.

Page 30

The Australia Day paddle saw us venture to Pandanus Beach with 4 boats for a fun paddle. Boats where decorated and paddlers dressed in Australian gear. It was a special day as it had rained off and on for about 2 weeks prior, only for us to wake and see blue sky,light winds and a beautiful high tide. Upon arrival at Pandanus Beach we walked to the wading pool where we enjoyed a swim to cool off before heading back to the Club for a coffee and the traditional Aussie morning tea. We also held a working bee where 30 odd members helped do various jobs from cleaning boats to sorting and restacking the shed. A big thank you to all it was great to see so many helpers. Manly Dragons has a number of big race events for the year with the States at Kawana 17th-18th March, Nationals in Melbourne 1st-5th April and the World Titles in Hong Kong 4th-8th July where Manly has received an invitation to compete in the Women’s Masters 10’s. At the moment we have around 30 people, competitors and supporters heading to Hong Kong to see history in the making for Manly Dragons Boat Club to make it to the WORLD TITLES in front of 17,000 other competitors from all over the globe.

March - April



We have also had some great success lately with sponsorship Major and Minor with MI-CAT Moreton Island Adventures coming back on board this year as our major sponsor. THANK-YOU also to Down Town Toyota, KayakPro and Adam and Eve Beauty Salon. Manly Dragons would like to thank you all for your support.

Due to the high numbers at Saturday training sessions filling the car park, we have been generously given extra parking areas for this day at the Marina visitors car park on the eastern side. Thank you Marina.

• • • • • • •

I would also like to invite any WMYC members, partners and friends who would like to have a go at Dragon Boating to come and join us for a paddle to see what a great sport it is. President Manly Dragons Jason Ferrari

Stainless Steel Design & Fabrication Fibreglass & Gelcoat Repairs & Modifications Varnishing & Teak Restoration Polishing Anti-foul & Propspeed Application Winch Servicing Painting

"We are extremely pleased with Justin's workmanship, attention to detail and general care of our vessel" Arthur V, Beneteau Oceanis 400

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


tide times - brisbane bar LAT27o 22’S LONG 153o 10E TIMES AND HEIGHTS OF HIGH AND LOW WATERS TIME ZONE - 1000 m 1.90 0.99 1.52 0.79

0406 1006 FR 1637 2234


0.26 2.47 0.27 2.34


0453 1047 SA 1714 2318

0.28 2.39 0.26 2.39

11 0539 1129

0.35 2.26 0.29


0004 0628 MO 1213 1828

2.39 0.46 2.09 0.37

13 0053 0722

2.34 0.60 1.90 0.47

14 0149 0827

2.26 0.72 1.73 0.58

15 0255 0947

2.18 0.78 1.63 0.67

16 0413 1109

2.14 0.76 1.64 0.69

17 0530 1220

2.17 0.68 1.74

18 0004 0635

0.64 2.23 0.58 1.87

19 0108 0727

0.56 2.28 0.51 1.99

20 0200 0810

0.50 2.29 0.46 2.09

21 0244 0848

0.47 2.27 0.43 2.16

22 0323 0923

0.46 2.24 0.42 2.22

23 0359 0954

0.48 2.18 0.41 2.26

24 0432 1024

0.51 2.11 0.41 2.28

25 0555 1053 SU 1706 2320

0.55 2.09 0.45 2.27

26 0537 1122 MO 1734 2354

0.61 1.93 0.48 2.23

27 0612 1154 TU 1805

0.69 1.82 0.56

28 0031 0650

2.16 0.78 1.71 0.65

29 0112 0736

2.08 0.86 1.61 0.74

30 0203 0838

2.01 0.92 1.54 0.81

310311 0958

1.98 0.91 1.54 0.83

Time 0428 1115 SU 1707 2304

m 2.02 0.82 1.64 0.76

Time 0535 1219 MO 1812

m 2.11 0.69 1.80

Time 0014 0632 TU 1311 1906

m 0.65 2.22 0.56 1.98

0533 1112 MO 1723 2348


0.37 2.10 0.28 2.56

10 0625 1200

0.46 1.95 0.37

11 0038 0722

2.48 0.57 1.80 0.50


0132 0826 TH 1358 1947

2.36 0.66 1.68 0.63

13 0234 0936

2.25 0.70 1.65 0.74

14 0344 1043

2.16 0.69 1.70 0.77

15 0455 1145

2.12 0.63 1.82 0.74

16 0558 1238

2.12 0.56 1.95

17 0043 0650

0.68 2.13 0.50 2.08

18 0136 0735

0.62 2.12 0.46 2.148

19 0221 0814

0.59 2.09 0.43 2.26

20 0301 0849

0.56 2.06 0.41 2.32

21 0338 0921

0.56 2.01 0.40 2.36

22 0413 0953

0.57 1.96 0.41 2.37

23 0447 1024

0.59 1.90 0.43 2.36

24 0520 1056

0.63 1.83 0.48 2.32

25 0555 1131

0.68 1.76 0.55

26 0005 0633

2.26 0.73 1.70 0.63

27 0045 0717

2.20 0.78 1.64 0.71

28 0132 0812

2.14 0.81 1.60 0.78

29 0229 0918

2.10 0.79 1.63 0.81

30 0337 1027

2.09 0.71 1.73 0.78


SA 1804

Time 0406 1046 FR 1620 2231


SU 1316 1903

m 1.90 0.98 1.514 0.78

Time 0524 1205 SA 1741 2346


SU 1751

MO 1403 1951

m 1.99 0.88 1.59 0.70

MARCH 2012

Time 0249 0914 TH 1449 2109

Time m 2.12 0.75 SU 1843 1.72

4 0626 1304

TU 1442 2033

WE 1229 1840

Time m 0.58 2.26 MO 1354 0.62 1934 1.86

5 0048 0716

TU 1302 1911

WE 1517 2109

TH 1313 1923

Time m 0.46 2.37 TU 1438 0.50 2020 2.01

6 0143 0802 WE 1401 2005

TH 1547 2143

FR 1415 2022

Time m 0.36 2.45 WE 1519 0.40 2105 2.14

7 0233 0844 TH 1520 2117

FR 1614 2216

SA 1543 2143

Time m 0.29 2.49 TH 1559 0.32 2150 2.26

8 0320 0926

FR 1648 2243

SA 1640 2248

APRIL 2012 1

TU 1323 1925

WE 1735


TU 1805

WE 1404 2006

TH 1209 1811


WE 1254 1850

TH 1435 2042

FR 1255 1854


Time m 0.53 2.31 WE 1358 0.43 1955 2.15

4 0115 0723

FR 1506 2117

SA 1355 1951


Time m 0.42 2.36 TH 1443 0.33 2042 2.31

5 0210 0810

FR 1514 2058

SA 1535 2150

SU 1521 2105

Time m 0.35 2.36 FR 1524 0.26 2128 2.45

6 0303 0855

SA 1633 2222

SU 1603 2222

MO 1631 2225


Time m 0.31 2.32 SA 1604 0.22 2215 2.54

7 0353 0940

SU 1742 2340

MO 1632 2255

Time m 0.31 2.23 SU 1644 0.23 2301 2.58

8 0443 1025

MO 1838

TU 1703 2329


Tide Times provided courtesy of Maritime Safety Queensland. For more information, see the Official Tide Tables and Boating Safety Guide published by the Maritime Safety Queensland and the World Wide Web at htt:// The tidal predictions for the Brisbane Bar are supplied by the National Tidal Centre Bureau of Meteorology, copyright reserved.

Don Holland Marine Surveyor

Manly QLD 4179 Enquiries at: MEMBER

P h : 0 42 7 0 2 7 24 0 Page 32

March - April



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BROKERS Australiawide Yacht Brokers Manly Newport Scarborough Phone: 3348 3177 Email: Website: Farine Boat Sales Mobile; 0423 974 474 Email: Multihull Yacht Sales Australia Yacht Brokerage & Insurance agents Phone: 3393 5550 Fax: 3393 5590 Mobile: 0409 598 871 Email: Oceana Yacht Brokers 61 Cambridge Pde Manly Qld 4179 Phone: 3396 4400 Fax: 3396 7713 Mobile: 0418 741 581 Email: Website:

INSURANCE OAMPS Insurance For advice & solutions on all your boating, business and personal insurances. Phone: 3367 5055 Email: Contact Steve Mahaffy

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MARINE ACCESSORIES Rope Solutions Rope sales, splicing and associated rope hardware Mobile: 0439 734 394 Email: Web:

SAIL MAKERS Hood Sailmakers (Brisbane) Sailmakers & Repairs Phone: 3893 1022 Fax: 3396 9667 Mobile: 0419 799 958 Email: Web: www, Contact Ian Davis Ultimate Sails Sails, Repairs, Covers Phone; 3348 7245 Fax: 3348 7240 Email: Website: Contact: Andrew Turner

WASTE SERVICES Nautical Waste Solutions 8 Thorne St, Wynnum QLD 4178 Phone: 0411 598 306

Join y our W MY Trade Directo C ry Promo te you rb to mem bers a usiness nd to o receiv ers of ‘Sound ther ings’

David Bray Yachts 188 Stratton Tce Manly Qld 4179 Phone: 3348 3264 Website:

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March - April




galley & bar

Dine on the Deck or inside the Clubhouse with family and friends

Open every Friday night from 6:00pm to 9:00pm Bookings essential phone Plates & platters E: or Karen Meates 3393 5708

Wynnum Manly Yacht Club welcomes all members and visitors but we do ask that you are suitably attired .

Members and Visitors are required to observe correct dress in the Clubhouse at all times. Neat and tidy causal dress is permitted at all times.

Available for hire for that special function to all members Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Inc.


March - April I 2012


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Soundings March - April 2012  
Soundings March - April 2012  

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