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Selfies have killed more people than sharks this year The selfie obsession has reached such a point that some governments have introduced measures to reduce the risk of accident. The moral of the story seems to be not only that fatal shark attacks are far less common than you might think, but to think twice before you do something reckless in the hope the photo will win you some approval online.

Our ancestors ‘had less sleep’ than we do Our ancestors may have got less sleep than we do, a study suggests. US researchers studied the sleeping patterns of traditional societies in Africa and South America, whose lifestyles closely resemble ancient hunter gatherers.They monitored 98 people for 1,165 nights, and found that they slept for an average of 6.5 hours per night. By comparison, the scientists said that most people in the US get about seven hours, according to a large sleep poll.




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New Voice • Vol 04 Individual writers’ opinion does not stand for the position of New Voice magazine 個別攢文者並不代表《新生》雜誌的立場


每個科目的老師用各種手段罵 了一遍。可是這些同學左耳朵 進右耳朵出,像金魚一樣三秒 鐘的記憶,轉身就忘記了,依 喻嘉栩 舊我行我素。這些同學們,如 Coco Yu 果你們不想要Saturday Detention 的話,不要再遲到 中在我們的生活裡成為 了!對對對,說的就是你 :) 了一個小小的縮影,就像另一 個家。在這個充滿活力,智慧 第二條:交齊所有家庭作業 與力量的YCIS,學會怎樣在 這複雜的校園裡生存下去,因 我已看透這世間的一切哈哈哈 此,作為在耀中呆了很多年的 哈哈,同學們由於沒有做家庭 我,慷慨的給予師弟師妹們一 作業,導致學的東西都和火星 語一樣。因此,學習成績一直 些生存的辦法。 停留在剛剛及格的這一條線。 老師佈置了家庭作業,是想 第一條:準時 讓我們在家裡也可以在學校一 作 為 一 個 好 學 生 , 我 從 不 遲 樣沉浸在知識的海洋裡(然而 到 ! ( 才 怪 ) 可 是 每 個 班 裏 我並不喜歡這樣)現實一點來 總有一兩個遲到的同學,大多 說,如果你不想fail的話,那 數是男生。然後,就可憐的被 麽請你們用心做你們的家庭作

生.存.攻.略 耀


業吧!或者可以選擇購買步步 高點讀機,哪裏不會點哪裏, 就是這麼簡單。 第三條:與朋友有好相處吧 每個人都有朋友,在我眼裡, 朋友是除了家人以外最重要 的一群人。好好珍惜你身邊的 朋友吧,他們可以在你最需要 的時候幫助你,在你心情最低 落的時候鼓勵你,在你最開心 的時候和你一起開心。如果你 是新生,還沒有朋友的話,沒 有關係,主動一點,你會成功 的。 以上就是在我眼裡最重要的三 點,教你如何在校園裡生存下 去。讓我們齊心協力吧,把我 們的青春添加上色彩,讓校園 生活更加美好。加油!

School news THE SCHOOL

WI-FI Ellisa Lin Tiffany Chan

“Hey, is the Wi-Fi working?”


his is a question often asked by students in school as they experience the breakdown of the Wi-Fi system. Although it is reasonable for the Wi-Fi to crash down occasionally as hundreds of students are using the same server at the same time, it is too slow the majority of the time. Meanwhile, we should be Nowadays, we depend heavily on technology for schoolwork or communication means with other students and staff. In order to solve this problem, some must take the initiative to collaborate with the school to eliminate further chances of a Wi-Fi system collapse. We can work with the IT department by proposing regular checkups to ensure that the server is in working order for students and teachers.

self-conscious and make sure that we only use the Internet for educational and academic purposes; this may then reduce the chances for the system to be disrupted by any inappropriate websites. In order to use the system effectively, we must first gain the trust of our principals and teachers and prove we are using the Internet appropriately. The problem lies not only with the server’s ability to accommodate students, but also with our responsibility as students.

Efforts have been made to improve our Wi-Fi system, for example setting up hotspot devices around the school. Despite that, the school should also take into consideration on how to improve the technical system in the long run, in order to benefit both student body and staff.



Stress can be good, it

can be bad. Dizziness. Blurred vision. Constant Tiredness. All symptoms I have personally faced throughout my years in Yew Chung. Tests are important, no doubt. Therefore, finding the right way to go about managing test stress is essential. First, take breaks between studying. This can involve taking a walk outside or even browsing the net for interesting trends! I find that taking a short period of time to chat with friends who are under the same pressure I am works best. Next, do not ever compare yourself to others! Remember that you are an individual and that you should set your personal goals towards your own expectations. Everyone approaches revision in different ways and some ways


may just not suit you. Find the best method that works and adopt it to your liking. I have noticed that I have been getting less sleep each year due to the increasing intensity and workload of my courses throughout the school year. I recommend sleeping well - eight hours at best. Most students I know work on their beds as it is more convenient and comfortable. However remember: “Your bed is a sanctuary, not a desk.� Try to find a clear space where you can sit up. The more minimalistic the work space, the more focused you

will be on the task at hand. Lastly, ensure that you are eating right. Treat your body like a delicate machine if you want it to work well and productively. Feed it the right foods and make sure you are eating a proper breakfast before you rush on to school. Fruit, vegetables and nuts are the ultimate brain fuel so try to sneak in some snacks between classes! Relax, study hard, never give up. I wish you all the best in your upcoming tests or exams. Good luck!


School news 莊誠奇 Alexander Zhuang

來耀中已經是第三個年頭,但百分之九十九的午餐我都是在7樓的餐廳吃的。 這,是有原因的。三年前,我還是非常中意烤焗的。有兩款烤焗我尤為喜愛,具體名 字我已經記不清楚,但我依然還保存著它們的照片。 這道菜我記得是感恩節那天的特別餐。有滷肉,有薯 條,有火雞,還有番茄配玉米。如此足量的一餐在耀 中還是相當少見啊…不知其他人的意見怎樣,我個人 覺得這是我在耀中吃到的最好吃的伙食之一。只可 惜,自那一天過後我就再也沒有見到這道菜。 除此以外,還有另一款烤焗我也非常喜歡。不同於感 恩節特別餐,這一餐是全年都有的。 這餐首先在顏色上就非常的吸引人,如圖: 這道菜色彩鮮豔,引人注目。沙拉和牛肉是一個非常不 錯的搭配。另有番茄作為蔬菜,豐富了維生素。同時, 飯中還有些葡萄乾,為整道菜增色不少。只可惜,這道 菜好像永遠地消失了。自這個新的學期,我就再也沒有 見到過它。不只是這道菜,很多其他的套餐(例如每日 精選)也改變了。做改變尋求創新是值得讚許的。只不 過,我希望學校能夠“取其精華,去其糟粕”。 其實在前兩年,耀中的午膳菜單還是比較固定的, 基本上全年都維持不變。可自從我進Y13,就如之前所提到的,所有的菜式都好像被 更換,變成了一些從未見過的菜式。比如某某豚肉。看到這道菜過後,我瞬間把它 和“吉野家”那個日本餐廳的豚肉飯聯繫在了一起,於是我以迅雷不及掩耳盜鈴兒響叮 噹之勢果斷下單拍卡。 當我坐下後,我迫不及待地想吃下第一口,可我的咀嚼肌還未開始運動時,一種說不 清道不明的味道就在嘴中蔓延開來。這麼說未免有些太誇張了,我旁邊的同學都還在 泰然地嚼著豚肉。但不得不說,客觀來講耀中的午膳有些走下滑路線了,即便價格還 是按照每年通脹8%的速率維持在合理的位置。我周圍的朋友也都反映,耀中的伙食 沒有以前那樣好了。當然,我的意見不代表所有人的意見,畢竟對食物的感知是因人 而異的。不知道你們是否同意我所說的,但我希望我能夠放出一部份耀中人的心聲, 如果那樣的話那我就已經非常滿足了。 總之,我個人希望耀中能夠重新編排七樓的菜單,恢復供應一切曾經的“美食”(例如圖 片中的),為耀中人創造一個更好的用餐體驗,使到大家在學校的生活能更加美好、愉 快。最後,希望school food 可以變得和 “SchoolFood”一樣的受歡迎。


Journey along the River I sailed into the flowing river, Torrents of water swept down hither. The babble of current brook I heard, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound. In my sailing boat I slept and floated, But the heaped rocks choked my wooden boat. A stab of pain I suddenly felt, A finch there was to pecked up the grains. A thousand miles through the mountain hills, A journey planned in the nature fields. But the light grew dim in the thick pines, Where weeds were lush along the levee. Soon I shall left the dusky pinewood, Gloomy place that brought me a bad mood. Oh, to remain on a broad flat rock, And cast a fishing-line there at dawn.


Love is like a Flower Like a flower, but not; No one cares when it falls, Discards from mind and thought; Lonely in the spring thaw. Tangle of wounded vine; A longing heart with grief, Pining after some lines; Decay of tender leaves. Still in my dreams to seek, There is my love and – yet Startles by a bird’s peep; Tears of morning rain shed. What’s left after the rain? Drops after drops of pain.

~Ellisa Lin

~Ellisa Lin



《褪》 陳榆

乍看月朦朧, 潺水流匆匆。 月色落閣樓, 燭焰軒窗透。 雨添紅顏愁, 風將倩影偷。 任憑簫聲縱, 難為年華守。

《軟肋》 王宇昂

六月廿五春日的尾 楚雁南飛誰來題北關山 不畏忘掉諂媚層 巒心事在日記涂黑 悲傷的聯袂 沉默的心已不想再恭維 朱牆黛瓦旁水道廊坊內 故鄉畔林立的堡壘 秀立的枝椏噙淚的花蕾 我思念惏悷的薔薇 芳草是清風的軟肋 柳岸作誰家的閨闈 誰把真心系在庭后山前的脊背 謝謝你替我詮釋無盡的美

《當我望進你的眼睛》 鄭蕊 當我望進你的眼睛, 我看到了宇宙奧義的一角, 你的目光, 是那麼深不可測, 彷彿被蒙上了一層紗, 正如那樓蘭的女人 美麗, 而又神秘...

變成了當時美人魚走向了 王子的路, 每一步的背後, 都是無言的痛。 我不會向你哭訴, 終於,有一天, 我的內心,痛的麻木...

最後,我無言的走向了相反 我企圖解開你眼裡的紗, 的路, 可是,你卻拒絶打開它, 那時那刻, 你對我說, 我多麼希望你會追逐, 你心裡有一塊傷疤, 可是你並沒有, 很醜的傷疤, 你還是留在原來的地方, 你不想讓人看到他 看著我走, 你想把最美的一面呈現給大 我以為你會流淚, 家 可是你並沒有, 可是,你不知道的是, 你還是笑着, 這也讓我窺探不到你內心的 你的眼神還是那麼的令我難 一角, 以摸透, 於是啊, 可我卻哭了, 當我愛着你的時候, 無聲的哭着, 總是被你無意的一個眼神, 向相反的路上走, 刺到遍體鱗傷。 我遇見了好多人, 於是啊, 他們卻還在往你的方向, 我走向你的路, 追逐。


International Baccalaureate aka - the IB course It is hard, but there is always a way.

The problem is, How to tackle it?

6 WAYS TO PR Here are some year 13s describing IB

Christy Ho 1. The “Golden subjects” are Economics, Geography and Environmental systems and societies (ESS). The reason they are called the “golden subjects” is because this is the perfect combination if you want relatively less stressful IB life and still have high grades. Many areas of these subjects are interrelated, making it much easier for you to study at the end of the year.

“ Keep an open mind. Remember IB is here to prepare you for your future. If you forget about your future and wellbeing just to cope with IB, you’ve got it the wrong way round.” - Ming Xin Ren “ Deadline fighters” - Teresa Chan

“ Trying as hard as a college student only 2. Three of the most challengto get a high school ing subjects are History, Art and certificate” Math HL. For History students, you – David Yang need to read and write a lot in a very short amount of time. You need to grasp the skill of historical debate as IB examiners like it when you give different interpretations on an event, because that's the nature of history at its most basic. For art students, the art studio will become your second home. Seeing Mr Thomass every day will be inevitable.

“ IB is the pinnacle of any student’s school life. The international baccalaureate is a program which connects you to your college both academically and mentally.” “ Philosophical and ref `– Karan Chainrai – Esther Ng

3. Year 12 will pass in the blink of an eye; Year 13 will hit you like a ton of bricks. Work hard in Year 12 and study all you can because in year 13, you are going to need complete all this by October: 1. Personal statement for UCAS - 4000 characters 2. Personal statement for HK universities - 1 to 2 pages for each subject 3. College applications for US universities - 1 to 20 essays per student 4. Math / Chemistry / Biology / Physics internal assessment - 12 pages 5. 3 English written tasks - Abstract 300 words + Body 800 words 6. Geography internal assessment 2500 words 7. Art sketch book 25 pages + comparative study 15 slides + 7 to 11 artworks 8. Theatre internal assessments – 15 pages + 3,000 words + 20 pages … The list goes on. But it’s really not as hard as it sounds. Not.


Theme Article



4. University applications - start as soon as possible. This is NOT a joke. You’ve got to be creative in your application essays and you’ve got to start recollecting the previous “ IB is challenging, but it's 16-18 years of your life as soon as possible. Life experiences are an absomething we will surely remember after solute must in any successful application essay.

“ Hard.” - Ryan Cheng

all the years of life ” - Cissy He “ Can be the worse and best time of your secondary school life” – Otto Lam

If you’re applying to the UK or HK, start extra early by finding out what career you want to pursue as early as possible and start researching them. Some universities (e.g. HKUST) will request to see your school reports all the way from Year 11 to Year 13, so be prepared. Just... don’t use the word “passion” in your personal statement. DO NOT.

“ IB is a program that train students to become risk takers, thinkers..... etc.” – Nicky Mac Callum If you’re applying for the US, you

can start daydreaming about essay topics or tear-inducing life stories “ IB is unpredictable, and leaps out without actually worrying.

at you from all directions. Those who have a genuine interest in a pletho- 5. Theory of Knowledge. Either you ra of subjects are the ones who will get it or you don’t. 1600 words. succeed” Start practising. – Alan Chi

6. Get nearly all your CAS activities and your CAS project done in year 12. You are going to weep in year 13 if you still have a lot of CAS to do.

I hope now you can understand why all year 13s all look so exhausted all the time. Don’t forget the fact that we need to run up 7 flights of stairs every single morning just to reach our lockers on time.



淺談《藥》一文 黃宇彤 Jason Huang

秋 高氣爽,可在魯迅這篇 《藥》中,卻是以「秋天的後 半夜」開頭。除了一片烏藍的 天,什麼也沒有;沒有月亮, 沒有太陽也沒有星辰。華老 栓,本書的主人公之一,用火 柴點亮了油膩的燈盞,可見家 中貧窮的環境。華大媽在「枕 頭底下掏了半天」,才能找出 一包積攢許久的洋錢,給了出 門的老栓。老栓是去完成一筆 交易的:用錢買血饅頭。這血 饅頭,謠傳可以治療肺癆:老 栓的兒子小栓的救命之物。 魯迅為什麼要以血饅頭為中心 來寫「藥」?文中出現了很多 人:花白鬍子,駝背,康大叔, 老栓,華大媽,小栓和二十歲 的年輕人。他們囊括了全部年 齡層。可是他們全部,都覺得 血饅頭可以醫治肺癆。從文章 的第三部分可以看到,他們彷 彿就是一群只會說「包好!」 的複讀機。他們根本不擔心, 因為小栓是被他們眼中的「靈 丹妙藥」所醫治。可是如果放 到現代,誰會相信人血饅頭可 以治療肺癆呢?文中的人血饅 頭,可不是隨便找個人行刑就 做出來的。被處決的犯人是夏 家夏四奶奶的兒子,可是供出 他的人,是夏三爺。俗話說: 「虎毒不食子」。自家 人,夏 三爺怎會下此狠手? 可見當時 的人們有多自私。 清末,名叫 盲目的種子已經在人們心中生 根發芽。紅眼睛阿義,劊子手 之一,去盤問夏家的犯人時, 犯人說:「這大清的天下是我 們 大家的。」 但可悲的是,竟 沒有一人同意他的觀點,人們 都覺得這名犯人已經瘋了。阿 義 扇了他兩個嘴巴,他們覺得 阿義反倒是可憐了——打


了 這種賤骨頭。很明顯,這 名犯人是一位革命家,可是人 們對於當時的社會過於盲目並 且處於一種「全民洗腦」的狀 態,竟無一人可認真思考犯人 的話。這是國家的悲哀;這是 民族的悲哀;這也是革命家的 悲哀。 人們不單單盲目,而且還迷 信。血饅頭,包治百病。老栓 家中已經貧窮到了何種地步? 「火柴」,「油膩的燈盞」, 「老荷葉」和「滿幅補丁的夾 被」。然而,貧窮已經被老栓 心中根深蒂固的信念所忽略。 就算傾家蕩產,用光所有積 蓄,也要買到血饅頭為小栓治 病!人們都說了,血饅頭吃了 包好。老栓的心中,從來沒有 質疑過血饅頭,完全沒有批判 精神。除了老栓呢?上到花白 鬍子,下到二十歲的年輕人, 竟然全部相信血饅頭的功效。 人終會逝去,可是當花白鬍子 和其他年歲已高的人逝去後, 新時代會來臨嗎?不會。二十 歲的人帶著盲目和迷信的種 子,會持續播種直到他老去。 「年輕 人做事有衝勁」。這句 話放到《藥》中,簡直就是個 荒唐荒謬的一個冷笑 話。 年 輕人往往帶著一腔熱血,帶著 新思想加入到社會之中。清末 的年輕人們卻做不到。從老到 小都被「洗腦」,國家何來希 望?學習如逆水行舟,不進則 退。國家也是一樣。如果沒有 進步,那麼會越來越衰敗,直 到被新的王朝或者外來入侵者 所取代。 盲目,迷信,無望。這就是當 時清末人們的狀態。文中第四 段,是一年以後。小栓去世 了,埋在了小路的右邊,窮人 們的墳。華大媽比一年前老了 很多,呆呆的坐在小 栓的墳 前。一個老女人這時走到了小 路的左邊,給她的兒子掃墓。 小路的左邊都埋著死刑犯啊。 老女人,就是夏四奶奶,她的 兒子被處刑之後被用血做了那

個人血饅頭。 這老女人兒子 的墳,上面有紅白的花圈,整 整齊齊的擺放著,和不整齊的 墳頭土形成了鮮明的對比,同 時表達了他人對革命烈士的思 念。老女人呼喚著「瑜兒」, 認為自己的兒子是含冤而死。 通過名字可以推斷,老女人的 兒子全名叫夏瑜。歷史上有位 著名的女革命家,名為秋瑾。 在這篇文章中,受害人「夏 瑜」名字的由來是因為魯迅想 暗指秋瑾,他們都是為了革命 獻身的人。就連第一段的「古 ♦庭口」,魯迅都把第二個字 空了出來,暗指紹興軒庭口, 秋瑾遇難的地方。革命家在當 時的年代遭到人們的排斥和冷 眼,就連死後埋葬的地方,都 只能埋在死刑犯區域。小路的 右邊的窮人區都是他們的奢 望。那麼窄的一條小路,就像 一條鴻溝,把革命烈士隔絕在 外。革命家的工作是很隱秘 的,就連親生母親,都以為夏 瑜是冤死的。這何嘗不是一種 悲哀呢?文章的最後,老女人 迷信的認為夏瑜顯靈,希望烏 鴉飛到墳頭來證實夏瑜是含冤 而死。過了很久很久,烏鴉一 直如同泰山一般,穩穩的站在 枝頭上,一動不動。就在老女 人和華大媽要離去之時,烏鴉 「啊————」的一聲大叫, 向著遠處的天空,箭也似的飛 去了。夏瑜不是冤死的。夏瑜 作為一個革命家,連自己家人 的思想工作都沒有做全面,革 命可以成功嗎?與此同時,烏 鴉代表不祥之鳥,烏鴉的離去 也說明社會中黑暗的離去,剩 下的只有光明。魯迅對革命前 途還沒有絕望。 《藥》一文,以血饅頭為主 線,反映了當時清末的各種社 會問題和人們的麻木無知。如 果可以改變,那麼新的時代就 會到來。燕雀安知鴻鵠之志? 革命家就像鴻鵠,待他們飛向 浩瀚藍天之時,新的時代就 會猶如星河一般展現在人們眼 前。

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人 王俊坚 Andy Wang


關於這個問題我最近有一個 十分奇怪的想法:如果地球 註定有一天要被人類毀滅, 那就如同一個人得了癌症註 定要死一樣,那麼我就能得 出一個結論──人就是癌細 胞? 難道人類不斷繁殖、延續後 代是為了不斷地毀滅世界? 難道幾億年前恐龍滅絕就是 地球做了一次殺死癌細胞的 治療?難道人類文明的覺醒 只是癌細胞的再生?也就是 說每個人生命的意義都是被 規定好的,而且一致的,就 是為了毀滅地球。 如果這一切都是真的,那麼 我們又會想到另一個新的方 面,地球就是事物的最終端 了嗎?每個人都知道地球是 屬於太陽系的,它與另外八 大行星圍繞著太陽轉。而太 陽系不過是銀河系中很小的 一部份,在銀河系的外面又 存在很多別的河外星系。這 等等一切我們統稱為宇宙。 我們知道宇宙是以一點為中 心不斷地向四周膨脹,再略 微思考一下,這就如同一個 在不斷長大的孩子,而我們 存在的地球只是宇宙中很小 很小的一部份,也就是類似 細胞般的存在。那麼地球的 毀滅對宇宙來說只是一個細 胞的壞死,根本沒什麼大不 了的。

可是宇宙外又是什麼呢?如 果這一切都是真的,那對人 類來說是不是一種悲哀?人 類本身其實就如同祖祖輩輩 不知道研究了多少代的微觀 世界,一個人對地球的價值 或許還不如一個水分子對一 滴水的價值。

及所感覺到的所有東西。 嬰 兒生下來要哭泣,科學上來 說是因為嬰兒獨特的呼吸方 式。但我們換位思考一下, 這或許是嬰兒為自己來到這 個世界上將要經歷的人生, 面對如細節般存在的磨難而 發洩。

雖然人類在宇宙面前如此渺 小,但我們卻依舊需要過自 己的生活。我認為人的一生 無論怎樣最終都能歸為兩個 字,生活。然而何為生活? 在我看來就如同那句經典的 名言──生下來,活下去。 簡簡單單六個字,卻全面 完美地概括出了“生活”的定 義。生活的起點在何處?毋 庸置疑,就是當一個生命降 臨的那一刻。所以說“生”是 我們的開始,而“活”是我們 存在的意義。

無論嬰兒的哭泣是為 了什麼,這裡有一點是無法 否認的:沒有一個人的人生 是一帆風順的,不管曾經多 麼輝煌,也註定會有沒落的 一天。所以遇到坎坷不用擔 心害怕,能跨過去的就跨, 跨不過去就摔一跤,再爬起 來拍拍土也能過去。不需要 糾結自己的失敗,因為這不 是專屬你一個人的。就算對 於地球來說人類不過是個癌 細胞,全世界人民也都和你 一樣擁有失敗的權利。

當然,真正的人生不可能如 此簡單,人生往往包含著許 多細節。而這些細節就是一 個人的所聽、所看、所聞以


長篇小說連載 血色時鐘 劉姝彤 Kiwi Liu

序 謀殺 華盛頓。 蝕月的夜晚,汙濁的空氣像是籠屜中一只 驚恐的老鼠,穿過濕冷黑暗的小巷子,和一 排排門窗緊閉的店鋪。以西大街的拐角處, 一家商店卻奇跡般亮著燈。招牌上的油漆似 乎已經脫落,門把上銹跡斑斑,橱窗蒙了厚 厚一層灰,乍看上去裏面什麽也見不著,只 透出微弱橙黃色燈光。店主是個胡子花白的 矮小老頭,他坐在一把扶手椅裏,口中煙鬥 裏的煙草靜靜地燃燒著,一縷縷細弱的灰煙 在頭頂聚成模糊的形狀。他又吐出一口煙, 手中緊拽著的報紙似乎很舊了,指尖施力的 地方擰起好幾層褶皺。但他卻像第一次讀這 份報紙一般,聚精會神地盯著它,眼中微微 浮現出一絲笑意。 老人太專註了,以至於沒有註意到一串整齊 的腳步聲在他的商店門口停下來,一只帶著 手套的手推開了店門。門口的鈴鐺響了起 來,老頭的視線並沒有離開報紙,他清了清 嗓子:“對不起,我們打烊了。”腳步聲並沒有 停止,反而徑直來到在他面前。老人放下報 紙,自煙霧中浮現出的是兩個光頭男人,深 綠色紋身蜿蜒過肩胛,一塊塊肌肉在半明半 暗的光線下清晰可見。 “我們是來找那只鐘的。”一個家夥發 出毒蛇 般的嘶嘶聲,眼神尖銳而傲慢。 慢。老人的 眸子閃了閃,報紙下的指尖絞在了一起,卻 裝出一副疑惑的樣子:“先生們,我的商店裏 有各式各樣的古董,要挑選請隨意,但我實 在沒有鐘!” “你知道我說的是什麽,威森. 格蘭特。那十 三只時鐘在哪兒?”男人湊近了老人的臉,嘴 裏腐爛的味道令人作嘔。老人突然發出一聲 短促的冷笑,尖銳又刺耳,他抬高下巴,語


氣中帶著不屑:“放心吧,小夥子,你們的主 人永遠都拿不到它們!” 眼中帶著嘲諷,深 深的鄙視。 “老家夥,你簡直就是找死!”另 一個男人怒吼著飛起一腳,老人的身體劃過 一道拋物線,砸倒在幾落瓷罐子上,隨著震 耳欲聾的巨響與塵土飛揚,他枯瘦的手臂僵 住不動了。古董店裏是死一般的寂靜,兩個 男人定在那兒,目不轉睛地盯著滿地碎片和 粘稠的血液,似乎在不甘地等待著什麽。 直 到樓上的屋子裏亮起燈光, 有人走動以及大 喊的聲音, 兩個家夥才頭也不回地從 後門 狼狽而逃。或許這老頭真的死了,兩人面色 慘白,我們絕對會被他生吞活剝!兩道影子 穿過街區最後的一盞路燈,融進了濃墨般的 夜色迅速消失了 。 兩個家夥前腳剛剛溜走,老人骨節分明的 手動了一下,他緩緩地從灰塵與瓷瓶碎片堆 裏站起來,被霾埃染得發黑的汙血順著額頭 流下來,劃過眉毛和眼睛,看上去剛剛從喪 屍堆裏爬出來。他一瘸一拐艱難地挪到桌 前,因疼痛而發抖的手握住筆,匆忙在報紙 上寫下了幾個字。很快,血腥的鹹苦味就占 據了他的頭腦,老人緩緩倒下。沾著黑血的 筆滾到角落裏,古董店裏再次沈寂下來,遠 處隱隱約約傳來警笛鳴聲。



傑克緊了緊衣服,初秋的風已經開始轉 涼,路燈朦朧的光勉強映亮面前的石子路。 他正穿行在華盛頓的老城區,那是一座沈 寂的,墓園一般的角落,街道和小巷浸泡 在粘稠的迷霧中,景物幾乎永遠是朦朦朧 朧。 沿著左轉右轉的石子路他繞了很久,維 多利亞時期的街道看起來像是批量生產的樂 高玩具,只有墻面上滿是銹跡的路牌昭示著 方向。這似乎是除了他在大學一場賭局輸慘 後,第二次踏入這片潮濕的空氣中,像是永 無止境迷茫向你伸出雙手,做了一個無辜的 手勢。突然,面前卻赫然出現了一家古董店 和兩輛警車,他翹起嘴角,濃霧自動散開了 一條並不寬闊的道路,石板仍舊黏滑,終於 找到了。 推開沈重、掉銹的大門,撲面而來是一股 濃重的塵土味兒,夾雜著血液的氣息。三個 巡警站在櫃臺旁,神色不耐煩地哼著小曲。

一個便服的男人站在收銀桌邊,隨著腳步聲 的漸近,他抬起頭,臉上綻開一絲疲憊的笑 容:“啊,雷米先生。我是卡爾探長,負責維 多利亞區和哈迪斯街區的各類刑事案件。” “國際刑警傑克.雷米。總部接到你的電話 就派 我趕來了 ,什麽事那麽緊張?” 傑克挑眉問 到。探長讓到一邊,國際刑警的目光越過一 疊書,準確地發現了那個伏在書桌上,嘴角 帶有乾涸血痕的老人。“威森.格蘭特。獨居老 人,從父輩手裏繼承了這家古董店後就沒有 離開過,無妻無子嗣。今晨兩點多他樓上的 住戶報警說聽見樓下喊叫和砸東西的聲音就 報了警。警察到來的時候,他已經死亡了。” 老人的身體微微卷曲,似乎有什麽重要的 東西被他攥在手裏。身上深淺不一的刮痕和 嘴角的血跡一直延伸至翻倒沙發後的大堆古 董碎片中,觸目驚心。他將老人的身體翻 開,胸口有一個極深的腳印,大約44碼。老 人的後頸及肩膀有撞傷痕跡,皮膚大面積割 傷,奇怪的是他的臉上帶著一絲微笑,像是 相機裏定格的心滿意足的笑意。古董碎片上 還帶著血跡,倒地沙發上深凹的痕跡與老人 肩膀的寬度吻合。 “他的手中原來握著什麽東西嗎?”掃視完 不算大的古董店,傑克的目光再次鎖定在了 探長身上。他在證物袋裏翻找一陣,取出一 張舊報紙,“這也恰恰是我找你的原因!” 那 是一張報道了傑克破獲埃及毒梟的報道的報 紙,歪歪扭扭的幾行匆忙潦草字跡印在正中 央:維多利亞港24號。附註:找到雷米!!國 際刑警撓了撓腦袋,他並沒有任何關於這位 老人的記憶,或者是在街上的茫茫人海中有 過一瞥?但這臨終 的便條是要說什麽呢?探 長在大衣上搓了搓手,一陣突兀的電話打斷 了他剛想說出口的話語,他不耐煩地掏出手 機放在耳邊:“餵?……是我! ……什麽?我 這兒還有一個沒解決呢!…….好吧,好吧! 我馬上到!…….再見!”他用力合上手機, 長長地嘆了口氣,再次轉向傑克:“對不起, 雷米先生,局裏要我回去一趟。這個案子就 全權交給您負責,有任何麻煩盡管打我的電 話,以您國際刑警的資質,我相信這案子一 定會很快水落石出的!”

Theme Article 探長帶著三個如釋重負的巡警離開了,傑 克長嘆了口氣,他不喜歡這個家夥,深潭一 般的瞳孔裏似乎有什麽在翻滾咆哮,卻沒有 擺脫控制。他頭頂的吊燈晃了晃,老人衣衫 裏的一小簇金色一閃而過,傑克伸出手,一 枚刻著沙漏和時鐘的硬幣靜靜躺在老人的上 衣口袋裏,似乎已經等候多時了。 “看來探長先生的水平也不過如此嘛!”他 嘲諷地笑笑,取出那枚硬幣。冰涼的金屬 質地,是維多利亞一世期間的老款硬幣, 但摸起來仍舊十分結實,最下方有一行小 字:Employ time wisely, they shall return no more as one did not apply carefully.(管理好 時間吧,失去的永遠不會回來了)傑克瞇著 眼,這似乎就是一個很普通的告誡,但事 情 絕對不會這麽簡單。 “越來越復雜了!”國際刑警組織的優秀成 員扶了扶額。我最好去查查看這枚硬幣,它 或許能幫到什麽!但我敢保證,這絕對不是 一枚普通的硬幣,更不會是一枚錢幣。他瞥 了一眼收銀桌上被“好心”留下的證物袋和兩 份潦草的筆記,無奈地扯了扯嘴角,把這幾 樣東西塞進背包裏。快步走出古董店,遠離 了塵土與血腥,店外新鮮的空氣使他精神一 震,霧氣薄弱的的空隙裏折射出星點陽光。 他研究了一會兒Google Map,在導航的指引 下向左邊走去。水汽像是收到命令的士兵, 細細密密遮蓋了他穿過的間隙,僅剩不多的 幾絲光明也被擠了出去,維多利亞城區再次 被濕冷的晦暗淹沒,什麽都沒有發生。 古董店裏一切如常,像是什麽都沒有發生 過,老人雙手交握,報紙反扣在胸前。他神 色安詳地靠著沙發,像是睡著了。只是無論 暖氣開到任何一檔,他的身體都不會再暖和 起來了。



S tudent Council

“ 好, 我們是來自《新聲》雜誌社的記者。首先, 非常 感謝你能在百忙之中抽出時間接受我們的採訪;我們希望 這次採訪能成為一個讓全校的學生和老師更加了解學生 會, 你的職位及你個人的一個機會。謝謝!”

“It’s very nice to meet you. We are journalists from the school magazine New Voice. We truly appreciate that you could take the time to be one of our interviewees for this edition. More importantly, we hope that this interview can be a platform for students and teachers to know what the student council is and how it works, what do you personally do and who you are. Thanks!”


Gaven Cao

在學生會和HOUSE競選拉票期間讓我印象最為深刻的就是你的競選 標語:“對! 你不認識我, 正因為你不認識我, 我才是你的最佳的選擇。” 這種有點反其道而行的方法在最後起到了意想不到的效果, 讓你成功 當選。那麽, 你覺得學生和老師為什麽會放棄把票投給那些他們再 熟悉不過的其他候選人反而寧願相信你一個剛來耀中不到兩年的“外 人”呢? 首先我很感謝所有投票給我的同學們, 沒有你們投給我的票, 我是不 可能被選上的。其實, 我在演講的時候說的是“你們認不認識我並不 重要, 重要的是我能給大家帶來什麽”可能是因為我的口齒不太清楚, 所以一些同學們沒聽清我所說的, 實在是不好意思了, 嘿嘿。其實, 對 於這次的campaign我也是付出所有的心血來準備。大家可能也有 注意到, campaign的那五天每天我都會在墻上掛兩幅新的海報。海 報的內容自然是我為大家準備的活動。Campaign一共五天, 我準備 了十張不同的海報以及超過十種不同的活動。在所有的sc和house的 競選者中我是唯一一個這麽做的。最後我運氣好投我的人稍微多了 那麽一點, 然後就奇跡般地成功了。 如果想讓學生會在最大程度上實現學生的權益, 學生會成員之間的默 契是必不可少的。但是據我了解現在學生會的四名成員雖然都在一 個年紀, 但因為來自不同的背景,彼此之間還不是非常熟悉。你作為 學生會的領導人, 怎麼樣才能最快地讓成員們彼此熟悉呢? 其實我們幾個也沒有很不熟悉, 我在pre-ib的時候就認識Alice了。那 時候我在準備SAT, 她推薦我背巴郎3500; Christy今年跟我在一個英 文班裏; Sandy又是跟我上同一節英文課的。她們三個其實我還是比 較熟悉的, 真正不太認識的是各個年級的year reps。不過我性格外 向, 而且她們好像也不怎麽內向, 所以那天我們拍集體照的時候也都 認識了, 大家熟得快的超乎我的想象。 在你的競選演講中, 我看到你為了豐富這個學期的學生生活所準備的 許多富有新意的活動, 比如說改版的running man。但是除了豐富的活 動之外, 你覺得學生會還能通過什麼來改善學生的校園生活? 今年我們不僅為大家準備了很多有趣的節目,還準備了很多有意義的 活動。好玩不是我們的唯一宗旨, 我們更希望讓同學們的校園生活過 得更加充實, 至於都有什麽活動, 我暫時就先賣個關子了。 最後, 身為學生會主席, 能夠說一說這屆學生會的目標? 上一個學年The SC做得非常出色, 這讓我們今年的團隊壓力非常大。 而且今年的SC團隊人員壓縮, 只有我們四個人, 所以我們比去年The SC團隊的起步會更加艱難。希望大家在我們剛開始團隊磨合期間, 如果有什麼做得不好的望多多包容。我們的目標非常簡單, 就是希望 能給大家一個美妙的學校生活。不說要超過去年的The SC, 至少今年 我們的團隊能夠讓大家覺得我們不比他們差。也許, 我們能比他們做 的更好呢! 我們會努力的。

職位/Position: President

Cover Story

The first thing that caught my attention during the Student Council and house election was your slogan, “Yes! You don’t know me, and if that’s true, if you don’t know who I am, then I may be your best choice.” Your slogan contradicts the purpose of telling others how good you are, however this has actually made you successful in the election. Why do you think the students voted for you, a person who has only been at Yew Chung for no more than two years, and not for candidates that they are more familiar with? First of all, I want to thank all the students who have voted for me, it is impossible for me to be in this position without your vote. Secondly, I want to clarify that I did not say, “Yes! You don’t know me, and if that’s true, if you don’t know who I am, then I may be your best choice.” What I said in my election speech was actually, “Whether you know me or not is not important, the most important thing is what I can bring to the school, to all of you.” Maybe I was stuttering so some of you guys have misheard me, sorry about that, haha. I have actually prepared a lot for the campaign; I had been putting on two new posters on the wall everyday during the campaign week, and on them are the activities that I have planned and prepared for all of you. I was the only one who came up with this idea among all of the student council and house candidates; but I think in the end I was elected by luck, as I only got a few more votes than others. It is important for student council members to have a good understanding of each other in order to work towards the same goal, to protect students’ rights and other things around school. According to my knowledge, the four new student council members are not yet familiar with each other as you all come from different backgrounds, even though you are all from the same year level. As the student council leader, what will you do to quickly get to know your team members? Gaven: We aren’t actually that unfamiliar with each other. I have known Alice since Pre-IB when she recommended me to use the Barrons 3500 Word List for SAT as I was preparing for SAT at that time; I am in the same English class with Christy and Sandy this year so we actually know each other. However speaking of unfamiliar people, I am actually unfamiliar with all the year representatives. I am an outgoing person and they aren’t introverted people so we got to know each other when we were taking the group photo. I would never have imagined that we could know each other in such a short period of time. I have noticed that you have prepared a lot of interesting activities for the students in your election speech, for example a slightly different version of Running Man. What kind of other improvements can the student council make to enhance students’ school lives apart from all the activities you have planned? We have prepared a lot of fun activities for the students to enjoy, but we have also planned for many meaningful events. Providing enjoyment is not the only aim for the student council; it is more fulfilling to do meaningful things. With regards to what these meaningful events are, I will announce it later. Lastly, as the student council’s president, can you tell us the goal for this year’s student council? Last year’s student council was very outstanding; their amazing performances have put a lot pressure on our team this year. It will be much harder for our team to start off when compared to the SC last year, as the student council members are reduced to only four people this year. I hope you can bear with us if we do something wrong as we are still in the break-in period. We only have one simple goal, and that is to provide you with a wonderful school life. I am not saying that we can do better than the SC last year, but our team can at least make you believe that we aren’t very bad compared to them. But maybe we can do better. We will strive to do our best!



Alice Wong

我們通過你的競選演講知道曾是學生會的year reps, 相信你對於學生會這個學生 團體有特別的見解從而使得你在今年想要競選新一年的學生會主幹成員, 可否談 談你對學生會的理解和它對於你的意義? 學生會是個採集學生們的想法並讓它們成真的地方, 與此同時它還應該將對學生 們有意義有好處或是他們還沒有想到的想法帶來學校, 以豐富他們在學校的生 活。我在去年擔當year rep的時候, 每當看到學生們都很享受我們為他們準備的活 動時, 都會很有成就感。所以, 在今年想要更上一層樓。作為學生會主幹成員, 就 能有更多的權利和機會去發展我的才能, 讓每個學生的校園生活更加充實美好。 你選擇競選副會長而不是會長一職的原因是什麼? 是認為自己的能力更適合輔助 他人麼? 你認為副會長主要任務是什麼? 其實去年開學初我還並沒有參選的想法, 直到得知今年的學生會制度會大改, 而 我若是想要更好的發展與管理學校在慈善方面的活動, 競選副會長是個必須的選 擇。這個也是最初想要參選副會長的原因, 想要在學校為慈善做出自己的一份貢 獻。而副會長今年的主要任務除了輔助會長, 更是要負責管理學校關於慈善的工 作。我認為我是個非常有組織能力的人, 從前便熱衷於組織各種活動, 不管是日常 與朋友之間的遊玩, 亦或是學業上的組織我都是挺擅長的, 所以我認為自己這方面 的能力也可以用在學校組織捐款和宣傳慈善方面的活動。而選擇副會長的原因亦 有認為自己有些優柔寡斷, 從某種程度來講, 我不太擅長做最終的決定,而是更適 合提出意見, 改善他人想法。 作為新一任的學生會副會長, 你認為你能為全校學生作為什麼改變或者改進呢? 而想要改變的原因是什麼? 我第一個要做的便是學校關於慈善方面的改進。往年都是老師們在台上為慈善做 演講, 或是在台下做組織, 而學生能做的只是作為聽眾, 卻總是不知道做慈善的真 正原因。我希望學生不再是以往一個聽眾或是受眾的角色, 而是真正參與其中。 我想做的改變就是讓我們學生自己作為慈善的發起者, 自己策劃及推行各種慈善 活動, 讓學生們了解慈善正真的含義。另一個我想要做出的改變是學生會內部效 率的改變。從去年的例子看, 小食部的排班表一直很混亂, 主幹人員不清楚下面的 人員安排, 也令得下面負責行動和輔助的人員感到迷茫。所以我認為這是個給予 改進的點, 而我會更加關注這一類的問題, 讓學生會進行得更有效率, 使得學生們 獲得更大利益。 通過談話我們知道你對於慈善有很大的熱忱, 可以談談你對與慈善的興趣是怎麼 產生的麼? 你又是如何實行的呢? 最初我想要關注的是環境保護的問題, 包括我自身的大學意向也是環境工程這一 方面, 所以一開始我就經常去參加關於環境保護方面的義工活動或是實習。後來 想到在學校做些關於環境保護的活動, 因為環境也是慈善的一部分, 不管是人還是 環境都是社會以及地球中的一部分, 這也是當初產生做慈善的想法的原因。而在 來到耀中後有兩點讓我感受頗深, 第一點是在香港明明有很多的資源與機會參與 到慈善活動中, 我卻不知道如何參加, 且身邊的朋友對慈善的活動並沒有多大的熱 忱, 大家沒有對慈善有深的體會與理解。第二點則是學校的例行活動:便服日, 每 次的便服日, 穿便服的學生都要交$20, 然而學生們卻不知道這錢是為了什麼, 也 不關心。所以我想要讓學生自己組織宣傳這一類的活動讓學生自己更能體會慈善 的意義與目的。

職位/Position: Vice President

Cover Story

You mentioned in your campaign speech that you were a year rep last year, therefore you must have a good understanding about the student council which inspired you to run as a candidate this year. Can you tell us some of your beliefs about the student council and what does it mean to you? The student council is a body which collects students’ ideas and make them a reality when appropriate. It also introduces students to activities that are meaningful or even entirely new. The aim is to enrich students’ school life so as to nurture their physical and spiritual growth. Last year when I was a year representative, I was proud to be involved in the preparation of every event. I would be very satisfied whenever I saw the students enjoying themselves during our activities. That is why I would like to work on a higher level this year. As a core member of the student council, I would also have more opportunities to develop myself and enhance the experience of students. What is your reason to run for the position of vice president but not the president? Do you think yourself as more of an assisting person? What do you think are the main mission of a vice president? Actually, I was not planning to take part in the electon at the begining of last year. However, after I found out about the new student council system, I saw that being the vice president could serve as an opportunity for me to further develop and run charity activities in the school. The main task of the vice president is to assist the president. In the absence of the president, the vice president would help to organize activities, be responsible for internal communication, and to voice out opinions. Most importantly, the vice president has to help manage the school charity projects. I consider myself as a person who is highly capable of organizational work. I believe that my talents will help in running donation events and charity promotion at school. However, I am an indecisive person who is good at giving suggestions but not making final decisions. Therefore, I think the role of vice president rather that of the president is a better match to my personality and abilities. As the new vice president, what are you going to change or improve in the school? Why? The first thing I will do is to improve the charity work in school. In the past, charity activities were initiated and organized by teachers while students simply listened and never understood the meaning behind the work. My goal is to change students from the passive role of listening to that of active engaging. I would like students to be initiators of charity events, to plan and launch different related activities so that they can truly understand the meaning behind charity. Another change I would like to see is the increase of work efficiency in the student council. From the experience of last year, the duty list for the students responsible for the co-op shop was very confusing. Problems like these will be my focus of attention, so that the student council would run more efficiently and students will better benefit from us. Through this interview, we are convinced of your enthusiasm in charity. Would you like to talk about how did this interest begin? And how are you going to execute it? At first I was only interested in the issues of environmental protection. This is reflected in my subject choice for university - environmental engineering. For the same reason, I often participate in voluntary services or internships related to environmental protection. I intended to start similar activities at school and gradually expanded my horizon to charity work as well, because it is also closely linked to environmental protection. After all, humans and nature are all part of society and the global village, and therefore that formed the basis of my interest in charity. There are two issues I observed in Yew Chung that’s worth noting. Firstly, although there are a lot of resources and opportunities to participate in voluntary work, but I have no idea how to participate. Secondly, during the dress casual days at school, students would simply pay $20 in exchange for wearing casual but not knowing and not caring where the money will go. Most students, including myself, pay $20 without knowing the meaning behind the act. This is why I would like to motivate students to run their own charity events so that they may experience first hand the meaning and objectives of charity work.



Sandy Lau

首先, 我感到好奇的是: 你為什麽要競選學生會? 你為什麽會選擇學生會財務 部長這一職位? 在你的心目中, 像學生會這樣子的學生團體對你個人和整個 學校有什麽特別的意義? 我參選學生會的原因是想要獲取更多的經驗, 多學一些對自身有用的知識, 通過實踐鍛鍊自己的能力。同時也希望能通過自己的努力為全校學生做一 些事, 讓師生能更好地享受學校生活。關於參選財務部長一職, 我原本是想 競選活動策劃的, 但後來考慮自己的能力更加適合財政部長這個職位。總而 言之,我想用自己的能力為學生會這個團體牟取更大的利益,從而使學生們獲 得更大利益。 校長宣布競選結果的時候相信作為候選人的你是非常緊張。當聽到你的名 字的那一刻,你的心情是怎麽樣的呢? 就你個人而言, 你覺得你為什麽可以當 選呢? 在競選前我為了這個職位做了很多的準備, 在競選結果要發佈那天是從一早 來到學校就已經很緊張了, 對未知的結果有點恐懼又期待, 當然結果不會因 我的心情而有所改變, 所以在宣布結果前就已做好或許會失敗的心理準備, 但當從校長口中確切得知我競選成功時我的內心是充滿著喜悅與激動的。 對於自己能當選財政部長是因為挺多因素的, 其中自己為此付出的努力和朋 友們的支持對我來說是最重要的, 在競選之前的拉票我用了許多的方式讓同 學們記住我, 例如海報和貼紙等, 我的朋友們令我感到我並不是一個人在努 力, 他們會幫我一起製作海報, 一起拉票, 給了我很大鼓勵, 也讓我更有勇氣 和決心來競選學生會。而除去自己為此做的努力和朋友們的支持, 我自身的 能力也是很重要的原因, 我對數字財務方面有比較敏銳的觸覺, 在自我管理 方面也能做到平衡, 所以我相信我在財務部長這個位置上能更好的發揮我的 專長, 為學生會和全校學生牟取更多的利益。 從你的職位中的第二個單詞“Treasury”可以看出妳的第二個主要職責是預 計, 記錄, 即管理學生會的日常及活動開支。相信妳也有所耳聞, 上一年學生 會在財政管理這個方面只能說是差強人意, 尤其在聖誕舞會的籌備和財政預 算上出了比較大的漏洞。如果秉承著以史為鑒的理念, 妳覺得妳會在像聖誕 舞會這一類的大型活動的財政預算和管理做些什麽樣的改善呢? 關於去年學生會的財政方面我知之甚少, 但通過與上任部長的交流中, 我們 得到的消息或許有所偏差。但從活動方面看來的確是有虧損的, 然而去年學 生會總體來說還是有盈利的。對於聖誕舞會這樣的學校大型活動, 我認為可 以在食物方面減少開支, 而將這部分加在場景的佈置以及活動中的表演部分, 從而使得舞會在保證質量, 更加完善精彩的同時將預算控制在範圍之內。對 於支出可能會超出預算的情況, 我會提前將預算拉高來減低可能出現虧損的 風險。 最後,作為耀中學生的代表,你覺得你學校在現在的這個階段有什麽需要 完善的地方嗎? 作為剛上任的學生會財政部長, 我認為學校的小食部在盈利的同時, 可以選 擇多一些健康亦美味的零食來取代油炸食品, 在為學生提供小食的同時也保 證了他們的健康。

職位/Position: Secretary


Cover Story

Firstly, why did you decide to run for the student council in the first place? Why did you want the position secretary treasurer in particular? What sort of impact do student organizations such as student council have on the whole school? I want to gain more experience from the work as a member of the student council, do something that is beneficial for me as a person and strengthen my personal ability through more exposure. At the same time, I hope that I can improve the students’ academic life through putting in my own effort. With regards to the position of secretary treasurer, I decided on it only after I had decided not to run for the activity organizer, as I realized that the position of secretary treasurer would be better for me. In a nutshell, I want to push myself to both help the student council and make the most for the student’s school life. When our principle read out the result even I felt nervous, but I believe that you would be more nervous than I was. How did you feel when you knew that you were elected? Personally, what characteristics do you think make you the right choice for the position of the secretary treasurer? Firstly, I had really committed myself to the campaign; so much so that my mind was had stopped on the day when the result was due to release. However, I was mentally prepared to face a bad result. Nevertheless, I still felt incredibly happy when I knew that I won the election. Personally, I believed that several things have helped me with the campaign. Amongst those the most important was the support from my friends and my own efforts. My friends had accompanied and helped me to create good memories for the students. For example, we designed, made and posted up the campaign posters together; this really made me feel that I was not alone. In addition, they propped me up when necessary and made me much more confident for this student council position. Apart from the support from others, I think my personal characteristics certainly helped as well. In particular, I believe that I am sharp with numbers and good at managing money. Additionally, I have different aspects of my life are well balanced. As a result, I believe that as the secretary treasurer I could both strengthen my advantages, and seek benefits for all students. From the next part of title, “Treasurer”, it can be known that another part of job is to estimate, record, and manage the daily spending of the student council. From the experience of the previous student council, it can be seen that they had some problems when it came to monetary management and administration, especially for several school activities. If you were to learn from their past experience, what do you think is important to avoid and how are you going to deal with the management of money? Honestly, I don’t know much about what happened to the last student council’s management when it came to money. However, I learnt from the previous SC president that they actually handled the money better than you described it to be. But, it is also worth knowing that they made losses in certain activities. So for the monetary management for major activities such as the Christmas Ball, I would try to cut the spending on food and put more on the setting and the performances to ensure the overall quality of the ball. Moreover, I would try to increase the budget planning for major activities, in order to avoid the possible situation of the actual spending exceeding the budget planning. Lastly, as a member of the student council, which part(s) of school do you consider need to be improved on? As the new Secretary treasurer, I think while trying to make profit, the school canteens could change their food with healthier alternatives, so that the students can buy something not only healthy but tasty.



Christy Chu

可否談談你競選學生會的原因? 你認為自己有什麼樣的特質使得你想要參選 活動策劃? 你認為自己能為學生會帶來什麼新的改變呢? 競選學生會的主要原因是想要在學校實行自己作為學生的一些想法, 而相對 於house team, 學生會所做的計畫更有實行的可能。所以我認為競選學生 會更有可能讓我的想法成真。我是個很喜歡社交的人, 在每個年級都有朋友, 所以我更能接收到不同年級同學的想法, 與他們交流。所以相較於其他職位, 我認為活動策劃更能發揮我的特長, 將不同年級同學的想法收集整合, 從而 設計出更適合學生們的活動。在新一年, 通過同學們的反饋, 我認為學生會 可以與house team以及風紀委員會合作, 完善改進各種活動。並且希望能將 學生會辦的活動與house point聯繫在一起, 增加學生們參與活動的熱情。 你在去年曾擔任過vice house capitan, 鑒於你的“雙重身分”你能跟我們講 講學生會和house在運作方面的不同之處麼? 去年我作為house vice capital,對於house的活動策劃方面是深有體會的。 因為在我們學校house的存在完全是賴於運動, 所以我們策劃的不是關於運 動的活動都不被學校批准。所以今年參加學生會的主要原因就是學生會的 活動可以更多元化些, 能讓更多好的想法實行。更多一點是今年的學生會統 共加起來不過九個人, 所以今年希望能跟house的人一起合作, 使得活動能 成功推行。 作為新一年的活動策劃, 你認為一個活動要有什麼特質才能使得學生們喜歡 並且享受, 而你在新的一年會有什麼新的計畫或者活動給學校帶來新的生氣 呢? 在新的一年, 我想將一些低年級課業上的活動加在學生會上, 再加上一些學 生喜歡的東西, 讓他們更樂意參與活動。還會策劃一個青少年寫作比賽, 校 內寫得好的文章也可以拿出去外面參選。這樣既對學生有利, 同時也提高了 學校的聲譽。由此看來, 我們還可以設立一些獎勵手段, 準備一些小獎品, 吸引學生們參與。而且今年的活動不只是對於低年級的學生, 對於高年級的 學生我們會用新穎的活動來吸引他們參與。所以我認為一個好的活動是既 可以令學生享受, 又有利於學生的身心健康, 並令他們得到新的經歷與體會 的。 在往年例行的活動, 例如聖誕晚會中, YCGT及各種與其他學生社團合作的活 動, 你會改變些什麼, 或是加什麼新的元素在今年的活動中, 使得今年的活動 更加與眾不同與新穎有趣嗎? 去年的活動因為學業方面的壓力, 我並沒有參與很多。但從朋友們的反饋中, 我也了解了許多關於這些活動的優缺點。例如去年新加入的running man 是個學生們十分享受參與的活動, 但也有些小小的瑕疵, 例如其中的小遊戲 安排的不夠仔細, 最後的撕名牌環節時間太短。所以在今年的活動中, 我會 更加著重於活動細節方面的安排, 也會在最後的環節中多設些關卡, 令到遊 戲更加有趣。

職位/Position: Activity


Cover Story

First thing’s first. We would like you to talk briefly about the reason you campaigned for the Student Council. What were the qualities you possessed that made you run for the role of activity organizer? And what are some of the changes that you are expecting to achieve in the future? The reason why I ran for the Student Council was because I’ve always wanted to carry out some of my ideas for the school, and I felt like joining the School Council rather than the house team would mean that there is a better chance of carrying out these ideas. I am very outgoing person, and I have friends from every year group. This allows me to interact and collect opinions from different students effectively, while maintaining my lively spirit. Hence, I think that the role “Activity organizer” would allow me to apply my specialty most efficiently when comparing to other positions in the Student Council. This year, considering the various feedback I have gotten from my fellow students, I think that the Student Council should join forces with the house team and the prefects, and do our utmost to improve and enhance the school activities. Though you were known for being one of the vice house captains last year, you chose to elect for the Student Council. What kind of changes and how do you think you can use this special identity and experience of yours to achieve them? Firstly, I reckon that I am more familiar with how the house operates when comparing to other Student Council members. Last year, the Student Council president Nicky was only able to get to know the red house captain, Nick, thus causing Nick to be forced to bear most of the burden and do most of the work. This has definitely lowered our effectiveness. However, by utilizing my “duality”, I can help with the coordination and communication of both sides, therefore ensuring a better teamwork and bring about better efficiency. What do you think are the characteristics of a good activity that students will enjoy, and what are the things that you are willing to do to liven up the school atmosphere? For a new start I would like to lift some bans and get the junior students involved in more activities, and hopefully create some new ones that students of all ages would be happy to participate in. I would also arrange writing competitions and perhaps select some of the better writings and submit them to open competitions outside of school. This will not only be beneficial to students, but can also help boost our school’s reputation. To do this, we can establish a bonus or incentive plan, and encourage participation by rewarding students who perform well in activities. Therefore overall, I think a good activity is an activity that is enjoyable, beneficial to health, and is an experience that can widen our horizons. With regards to last year’s staple activities, such as Christmas Ball, YCGT and other club activities, what are the things that you would like to modify? Or are there any new ideas that you would like to add, making this year’s activities more original, unique, and fascinating? Due to schoolwork, I wasn’t able to participate in many student council activities last year. But after asking about them from various friends, I’ve understood many of the pros and cons of those activities. For instance, many students enjoyed last year’s newly introduced activity -- Running Man, however there were some flaws to it and there is room for improvement. For example, some of the challenges were not prepared very elaborately and the “name tag tearing section” was not long enough. Therefore, for this year’s activity I would make sure to pay extra attention to the details, for example setting up more levels at the end of the game, making the activity more interesting and enjoyable.



by Ryan Cheng

The new election season has just finished, and the students have, elected a capable and passionate student council and House. These qualities are quite likely what makes a good student government great. We all want the student government to be as efficient and as productive as possible, but like most student governments, it has one major structural flaw - polycratism. The student government just has to overcome this one barrier, in order to achieve what I believe will be greater than other student governments have achieved. Polycratism, or the government of many organisations, is often a good thing. We have different bodies responsible for different things, and this division of labour among them results in an efficient government. In our present day student government, the organisations serve different roles - House does activities to raise house spirit, and SC focuses on policy changes as well as school spirit. This is all great in theory, but the definitions of “house spirit”, “school spirit” etc. are becoming increasingly blurred, especially since the Student Council and House have begun to collaborate more. We have begun to overlap by doing the same things and we have begun to lose coordination. For example, SC does Running Man while House does Basketball. Both can claim to raise some sort of school or house spirit, or even teamwork in general. It always seems as if House and SC can do the same things, despite being different bodies. Why has this happened? Well, firstly, there has been a greater strive towards the fulfilment of public demands. While democracy is useful for guaranteeing that every person is represented, what happens is that is we have multiple opinions continuously clashing each other. SC is constantly compromising with their representatives, and House is constantly compromising with each other. Furthermore, there has been a greater desire to be able to do fulfil everyone’s wishes; this is an unfortunate consequence of a passionate student government and a student body that desires further independence in school policies. Yet, structural flaws may not be a bad thing. Polycratism is extremely effective if we know what House, SC, and their members all have to do. There has to be a decision about what their individual boundaries are, as this allows the members to focus on doing what they are supposed to do. It must begin with us organising ourselves. If this can be achieved, I have no doubt that our student government will be the most passionate and productive Yew Chung has seen.





by Kitty Lai 3.5/5 stars

“I just know there’s a hole in my life and I need to fill it... soon.” —The Intern

It’s been hard to keep

up with the movies coming out feverishly this recent season, however The Intern stands out as a pleasant alternative to the usual detective and action films. It is an insightful yet touching comedy, starring Academy Award winners Robert De Niro as Ben Whitaker and Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin. The film depicts a widowed Ben who is stuck in a rut and lives a boring life after retirement. He decides to fill the void by working as a senior intern in an e-commerce company founded by Jules, and although the two cannot see eye to eye at first they soon become good friends. With his life experience and sense of humor, Ben helps Jules resolve some major business and family problems and teaches both her and us, that experience never gets old.

The setting of the film breaks away from societal conventions by playing with the idea of placing a senior intern in a young growing company, something entirely unimaginable in Hong Kong. The plot is direct and straightforward, adding to its light-hearted nature. However, its preciseness leads to a lack of climatic scenes and, horror of all horrors, an abrupt ending. But the flat narrative is saved and livened up by the amiable and charming characters played by the leading actors: Ben is cheerful and optimistic despite all the hilariously odd situations he faces; Jules is a strong boss but

cares deeply about people around her. The film is a lively representation of the problems faced by common people in their daily lives, making the characters down to earth and approachable. The Intern has a strong sense of humor running in between the lines of every scene, leaving you wiping away tears of laughter. Underlying the humor are lessons about life, shrewd leadership, and the value of wisdom from aged old experience against the rapidly changing society. Despite a feeble plot, the bright and relaxing movie can serve as a good relief of stress as well as simply a weekend amusement.


吐槽 蘇梓豪 Nick Su

說真的 吐槽作為一門藝術,實在是很受歧視 啊!真的! 吐得太狠吧,就會被查水錶 吐得仁慈一點吧,會被小盆友說不好看 真是每兩個月的交稿日都讓我可傷心可 傷心了…

每次稿子一交上去 過兩天單身男子彼得作為學生部副會長 就會被校長叫去喝茶 校刊辦了三期,彼得也喝了三次茶 看他都要喝成綠巨人了,我真是小小不 忍心 不過現在仔細想想,學校這麼愛喝 (zhao)茶也是有原因的 在這麼個初中高中都在一起的學校 總是要保護那些連Facebook年齡限制都 還沒到的小盆友

不過當我看到小盆友在podium上歡樂地 奔跑,尖叫,踩氣球,順帶玩巨大飛行 棋之後 我知道我錯了… 他們真的只是孩子 一群純潔的孩子 一群卡哇伊卡哇伊的孩子 不過再怎麼樣,這是我的最後一期在校 刊的吐槽了 而且好像一個繼承人都沒有! 一個都沒有!!!! (有意加入吐槽部超歡迎!錄取者我請 吃飯!)

可是我的收官之作,總不能就這樣什麼 都沒說就結束了吧 到底怎樣才可以保護著小盆友又不被送 去喝茶呢! 所以在我冥思苦想之後,有了個兩全的 方式~

(低年級在學校不可以用手機哦!) 同學們再見兒~




林冉 Elaine Lin NO.1 <白熊咖啡屋>第1~4部(しろくまカフ ェ) 畫風:☆☆☆☆☆ 劇情:☆☆☆☆☆ 最開始接觸這部漫是在學校art trip的時 候,買了四本它的漫畫書就再也停不下來 了。很萌很小清新的暖心漫畫,主角都是 動物,特別喜歡熊貓先生,矮胖矮胖der~~ 想看書的可以買書,想看動畫的網上也有 哦,小編我強烈推薦~ NO.2 <秦時明月>第1~5部 畫風:☆☆☆☆☆ 劇情:☆☆☆☆☆ 唯一一部讓我從小學看到現在而且從未 停止的國內動漫。這 絕對是內地最好的 一部動漫了QwQ... 3D畫風真的很美, 想養肥看劇的已經可以行動了…我看了 好久才看完的嚶嚶…

NO.3 <海賊王>(ONE PIECE,ワンピース) 畫風:☆☆☆☆ 劇情:☆☆☆☆☆ 在小夥伴的威逼利誘下…小編很不爭氣地 開始追這部番。畫風真的一開始極其不習 慣,但是劇情真的是非常的完美...剛開始 還嘲笑小夥伴們哭得眼淚鼻涕一把的醜死 了,結果最後自己哭的更慘烈QwQ,每一個 人物都好愛,不過集數太長,追劇可能有 點困難哦..


“沒有人想當英雄, 而是時勢造英雄” 楊晨光 David Yang


時候,男主角對著在停屍間內的戰友說 的。在美國人看來,他們是英雄,嘗試 著幫助索馬里人擺脫困境,擺脫軍閥統 治。這句話也好像是回答在開頭不久, 一個索馬里商人對美軍將軍所說的話:“ 這是內戰,這是我們的戰爭,不是你們 的。” 要問哪部戰爭電影,最大程度地還原了 現實,最大程度的客觀,又絕對扣人心 弦,那麽我會說《黑鷹墜落》。 他在競 爭激烈的2002年奧斯卡獎(其中與之競 爭的不乏《訓練日》,《指環王》, 《 美麗心靈》等重量級電影)中贏得了最佳剪 輯(best Film editing) 和最佳音效(Best

sound mixing),以及最佳導演(best director)和最佳攝影(Cinematography)。他與 《拯救大兵瑞恩》這類型的表現人性的戰爭 片不同,他專注於戰爭的本身。沒有超級英 雄,只有幾位性格稍微突出的主角,在戰爭 下,沒有主角光環,任何人都有可能在任何 時候倒下,有著太多不確定因素。正是這些 對戰爭的真實描寫,讓整部電影從頭到尾扣 人心弦。 《黑鷹墜落》的情節基於美國於1993年在 索馬里的任務。美軍在索馬里的任務是希望 抓捕當地一位殘暴的軍閥艾迪德,以此來停 止索馬裏的內戰。上百名來自美國各路特種 部隊的士兵參與了抓捕行動。但是行動一開 始的一名士兵摔下飛機,以及後面的兩架黑 鷹直升機的墜毀,導致了整個行動受阻。光 天化日下的索馬裏變成了美軍士兵眼中的全 民皆兵的地獄。一個索馬裏民兵倒下了,另 一個立刻沖上來拿起死者的槍繼續掃射。處 於被動局面的美國大兵不得不向聯合國維和 部隊求助。最終,18位美軍士兵陣亡,73人 受傷,1位被俘虜,兩架直升機墜毀,多架直 升機與車輛受到了不同程度的損傷。這場血 戰結束後,索馬里人甚至拿著一名美國士兵


《惡意》 董婧 Shirley Dong

有這樣一個人麽,他對你微笑,幫助你,可是你卻覺得他可恨。希望他消 失掉? 明明應該是愛到極致的朋友,卻是恨到了極致。 《惡意》這本書,首先勝在了它的故事結構設計,在眾多偵探小說之中,故事情節往往過 於戲劇化而脫離現實,結局也往往是找到兇手。但《惡意》跳出了這個傳統偵探小說的框 架,博得讀者眼前一亮。整本小說的中心,並不是為了找到兇手,而是為了理解兇手的動 機。兇手是誰,如何作案,則在小說一開始便交代清楚,但兇手的自白書卻被一而再,再而 三的推翻。當你以為你已找到真相,但實則不然,不到最後一段,你是永遠不會知道故事的 真相。 兇手野野口從小就一直深深嫉妒鄰居家的日高邦彥,長大後,也只能眼見日高實現自己的 夢想。心中的怒意與嫉妒不斷累積,終於將他最後一點良心掩蓋。所以當他看到自己少年時 期秘密的照片要被公布於眾時,為了隱藏自己的罪惡,也為了挽救自己的職業生涯,更為了 自己多年的嫉妒之心報仇,野野口決心走上一條不歸之路,於是一場預謀已久的謀殺展開 了。但讓人發涼的卻不止是兇手的惡意,而是讀者所體會到的“代入感”,誰又沒有過這樣的 嫉妒與惡意呢? 小時候媽媽講的別人家的孩子,長大後與自己競爭的同學,同事。


的屍體遊街。 戰爭的殘酷在這部電影裏體現的淋漓盡致, 根本不需要花裏胡哨的特效。 其中,對比是體現殘酷的一個很好地手段。 在出發前的一天晚上,兩位狙擊手還在下棋, 而第二天他們就先後死在了墜機地點;士兵 們聚在一起互相開著玩笑,可是再一次聚在 一起則是在戰區的臨時掩體內部,大家要麽 受傷嚴重,要麽就壓根倒在戰場了;兩架墜 毀直升機的飛行員前一天還在無線電裏面爭 論,第二天,他們就再也吵不起來了…… 導演的鏡頭常常會給了成群的敵人以及美 國士兵的面部。在這成群的敵人前面,美國 士兵顯得十分的無助,而美國士兵的表情體 現出的都是驚愕,害怕,無奈,這也體現出 了這場戰爭的殘酷。 細節在這部電影中被刻畫的無微不至。正如 左圖的,索馬里民兵撿起死人的武器,準備 繼續戰鬥,暗喻了敵人數量之多以及敵人的 好戰之心;電影裏也曾拍到一只貓,但它是 一只瘸了腿的貓,暗示著動物同樣都受到戰 爭的波及。全民皆兵也體現於細節之中,在 這部電影中,可以看到索馬里婦女舉著槍向 前沖,父親和孩子設置著埋伏等著美軍的出

Entertainment 現,美軍士兵祈禱自己槍口下的女人不要撿 起槍,但是最終不得不按下扳機;撤退時, 索馬裏居民非但沒有感謝美軍所做的犧牲, 反倒向他們灌著臟話,做著侮辱性的動作。 景深鏡頭被廣泛地用在這部電影裏面,手 持攝影更是無處不在,此外還運用了高速 攝影,這些都讓加深了細節,整個殘酷的場 面更是被緊張渲染了一遍。直升機的出動, 直升機的墜落,穆斯林的朝拜,美軍最後狼 狽地跑出戰場,都被這些鏡頭重新渲染了一 遍,有些淒涼,有些悲壯,有些莊嚴。 這 部電影中,沒有正義與非正義,就好像索馬 里商人說的話“這是我們的戰爭”,美國大兵 抱著正義的信念踏上索馬裏,卻落魄的撤了 回來。兩方沒有哪個正確,哪個錯誤能讓一 個國家擺脫殘暴的環境,固然好。但是對於 索馬里人,拿著槍的白人,就好像闖進家裏 的武裝分子,光憑這一點就足以讓他們團結 起來一致對外,這種“保家衛國”,有錯嗎? 我們是否應該做時勢造出的英雄?

就如小說中所說,“我就是恨你,明明你是我最親密的朋友,明明你是那麽善良,明明你知 道我不堪的過去還幫我保密,明明你一直在幫我實現理想。可是我就是恨你。我恨你搶先實 現了我的理想,我恨你優越的生活,我恨當初我如此不屑的你如今有了光明的前途,我也恨 我自己的懦弱,我恨我自己運氣不夠才能不夠,我恨我自己還沒來得及成功就得了癌症。我 把對我自己的恨一併給你,全部用來恨你。那麽,在我死之前,殺了你。讓你帶著世人的罵 名下地獄。在你死了以後,我再繼續恨你。” 《惡意》與眾多推理小說的不同與獨特,不但在於它精巧的寫作手法與故事結構,更在於 它與現實如此貼近,能讓人真正感受到發涼的惡意。





aving converted my bedroom into a mini library, one would think that it would be a massive struggle for me to choose a favourite author, let alone a favourite novel. Yet I can easily name my most battered and well read series - The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare. Prequel to the award-winning series The Mortal Instruments, this steampunk themed trilogy set in Victorian London is, in my opinion, far better in every aspect than its more famous sister series. The series contains a strong female protagonist, two (gorgeous) demon-slaying boys, betrayal and a devastating ending that will shatter your heart into a million pieces – everything a bookworm could hope for.


The Infernal Devices is a tale about Tessa Gray, who through searching for her missing brother discovers the hidden underworld of London. She finds herself battling against a secret organization made up of supernatural creatures, the Pandemonium Club, who aims to destroy the demon-slaying race known as Shadowhunters. Tessa, who is the most crucial part to their plans, is the only one who can stop them. The series is filled with characters with great depth, development, and the occasional tragic backstory. Combine this with the author’s sharp wit and vivid imagery, as well as the dark London or wild Welsh countryside as a backdrop, the series quickly becomes irresistible. Though some argue that the combination of automatons, angels, warlocks, and almost all things

supernatural may be slightly over the top, Clare’s skillful writing winds each element tightly together and the book captures and holds its readers through every heart-wrenching twist and turn.

Although the series is of the young adult genre, The Infernal Devices will teach you of sacrifice, of heroes, of struggle, and of friendships transcend even death. Highly recommended for those who enjoy action, fantasy or romance, but readers be warned: a large box of tissues is much suggested!

Entertainment Charity Organization in Yew Chung By Olina Zhu

When I first came to Yew Chung I was amazed by how CMED has made charity such a big part of school life. Morning assemblies, occasional activities, and even some CCAs that promote charity towards students and staff. However after participating in some of these activities, I realized that most students do not understand the meaning and importance of charity. In other words, they are simply taking encouraged actions, but sadly not truly caring. Charity does not mean throwing spare change into the donation box, nor does it mean buying expensive cookies from a stand that says "We Aim to Help the Orphans!" Charity is the idea that people with generous hearts genuinely acknowledge and care for the needy or disadvantaged in society, and then decided to make a change by taking action.

Therefore this year, I was thrilled to hear that a new opportunity has been created for students to investigate and understand what it truly means to be doing “charity.� It will not focus on monetary values, it does not consider practical benefits as the main aim, and it is not what any of the Yew Chung students have ever experienced before. This opportunity is a new CCA called the Student Charity Club, which will be cooperating with four NGOs in Hong Kong to further bring the spirit of generosity into Yew Chung. Presentations and speeches will be given during assemblies, and activities will be planned and carried out by the CCA members. This activity will be able to answer some questions that you may have - how can I personally improve society? What changes could my achievements bring? It is a self-actualizing and engaging experience, as well as a great opportunity to be exposed to the issues in our society and environment. Furthermore, year 12 and year 13 students can count as a long term CAS activity! Who wouldn’t want to do their best to help others, have fun in the school, and complete schoolwork at the same time?

The chosen NGOs aim to improve society in multiple aspects, including environmental conservation through reducing paper wastage, helping the disadvantaged and under-privileged that make up a important part of our society, and also includes an NGO that some students may already be familiar with, the Seeds of Hope program, which promotes education in far away rural areas.

If any students are interested in joining or if any teachers and staff members are willing to know more about it, you are very welcome to contact the organizer of this CCA, Alice Wang (12A), through