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香港。 還香嗎? 上課講英語好 嗎?

吐槽。。。 三頁!! 不看不行啦吧

Mr. Matuk -15 years of service you will always be our principle





Nicky Mac Callum Peter Wu


青春不是年華 而是心境 青春不是桃 面 丹唇 柔膝 而是深沈的意志 恢宏 的想象 炙熱的感情 青春是生命的深泉 在湧流

Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.

青春氣貫長虹 勇銳蓋過怯弱 進取壓 倒苟安 如此銳氣 二十後生而有之 六 旬男子則更多見 年歲有加 並非垂老 理想丟棄 方墮暮年

Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of sixty more than a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.

歲月悠悠 衰微只及肌膚 廢必致靈魂 憂煩 惶恐 使心靈扭曲 意氣如灰

熱忱抛卻 喪失自信

頹 定

無論年屆花甲 抑或二八芳齡 心中皆 有生命之歡樂 奇迹之誘惑 孩童般天真 久盛不衰 人人心中皆有一台天線 只要 你從天上人間接受美好 希望 歡樂 勇 氣和力量的信號 你就青春永駐 風華常 存 一旦天線下降 銳氣便被冰雪覆蓋 玩 世不恭 自暴自棄油然而生 即使年方二 十 實已垂垂老矣 然則只要樹起天線 捕捉樂觀信號 你就有望在八十高齡告別 塵寰時仍覺年輕 塞繆爾 厄爾曼(王佐良 譯) 主編寄語 謹將此篇散文獻給Mr.Matuk以及十三年級的 學長學姐們 望他們在前行的道路上帶著勇氣與希望


Linda Lin Jasmine Harris

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Lon Y Law

Friday, June 05, 2015 Printing

Arthur Shen

Articles Alexander Zhuang Tiffany Chan Ellisa Lin Karan Chainrai Jasmine Harris

Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust. Whether sixty or sixteen, there is in every human being’s heart the lure of wonders, the unfailing child-like appetite of what’s next, and the joy of the game of living. In the center of your heart and my heart there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage and power from men and from the Infinite, so long are you young. When the aerials are down, and your spirit is covered with snows of cynicism and the ice of pessimism, then you’ve grown old, even at twenty, but as long as your aerials are up, to catch the waves of optimism, there is hope you may die young at eighty.

- Samuel Ullman

June 4 About 135,000 people lit up Victoria Park in a “heartfelt promise” not to forget the June 4, 1989, crackdown in Tiananmen Square, despite a split by a major student union from organizers. Police put the crowd at 46,600 at its peak, compared to last year’s 99,500.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Hidden boy goes back to mainland voluntarily

A mainland boy who hid in Hong Kong for nine years - sparking protests by activists New Voice is a magazine which is produced has accepted voluntary repatriation. He was then taken to the Shenzhen border in and published by a big group of students in an immigration vehicle. But no family memYew Chung International School bers were seen when Chow and her grandFor advertising oppurtunities, please send an son arrived at Lo Wu about 8pm. email to

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

CY Leung talks of ‘health problems’ as daughter Hong Kong’s leader Leung Chun-ying was forced to make an official statement about his daughter’s health on Tuesday after she posted a number of alarming messages on her Facebook page.




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Mr. Matuk - 15 years of service

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Thank you Mr. Matuk

How many steps have we really walked for ourselves? #nevertoolatetostart



letter to the editor

THE SCHOOL’S SECURITY SYSTEM Ellisa Lin The security system of the school has been an increasing issue in YCIS. Many would say that it is too systematic, and the system has become overly complicated, making it almost impossible for students to just come in and get something we left in the locker. Here’s what happened to me early this month. I came to school to get notes from my locker on a Saturday morning, and the security guard refused to let me in. Despite showing her my student ID card, she still insisted on keeping me at the front gate until I had permission from the school office. My parents then called the office so I may be granted access, but the office refused their request and we were told that the school is not opened to the public on weekends. Although I understand and respect that the school only has our best wishes at heart and are doing their role in protecting our belongings, we should be trusted to be responsible for ourselves. The school should be more flexible, and instead have measures to prevent thefts or other incidents, for example by marking down our student ID number, the locker number or send a guard escort until we leave the campus.





Tiffany Chan


關於推行課堂英文交流的建議 耀中是香港著名的國際學校 所謂國際學校 就是要夠國際化 因此 說英文是一件 不可或缺的事情 然而 我認為我們學校的高年級學生們缺乏英文上的交流 尤其是 在課堂上 這直接導致的結果就是學生們在讀了國際學校后英文水平並沒有顯著的提 升 因此 我建議學校首先應該提倡並鼓勵學生們在課堂上增加英文的溝通交流

pirit day. Running man. Christmas ball. YCGT. The annual musical. What do these names remind you of? Events hosted by our school! Over the past few years, teachers and students alike have introduced many spectacular events to be enjoyed by everyone in the school. Events have not only increased in numbers throughout the years, but they have also improved in quality. But how do we make this even better? How should we boost our school spirit even more? Sometimes, I overhear students talking about the different events our school can host. I remember one student bringing up the idea of introducing more friendly house games, allowing for more house points to be won, and I personally think that proposal is a great idea. However, not all of us are particularly athletic and we may sometimes miss out opportunities to demonstrate our own speciality. We all have talents, all we need is a stage for us to shine!


critisms and inprovements

首先 我認為上課說英語是一種對老師的尊重 我們學校大部份的老師都是外籍的 而且我相信他們之中能聽懂中文的一定是極少數 所以 如果我們上課的時候一直是 用中文在交流 那在無形之中就是將老師 隔離 了 這種感受並不舒服 試想 你一 個人身處在一個所有人都說著你聽不懂的一種語言的環境中 你會是怎樣的感覺 被 孤立 被歧視 當然我不是說老師們也是這麼覺得的 畢竟這個現象不是一天兩天的 事情了 其次 上課說英文有助於學生們更好地學習 我和幾位英文老師都談過 他們都告訴 我說課堂上學生有不斷說中文的情況 如果兩個學生是在用英文討論某個學術問題的 話 老師就能夠上前糾正錯誤或是補充 同時 老師也可以更好的了解到學生是否已 經掌握了課堂上學到的知識 然而 如果大部份人在課堂上都是用中文溝通 那麼老 師存在的意義何在 總而言之 我認為用英文交流可以增強學生和老師的互動 We need a platform to realize our full potential. Beside from participating in athletic competitions, there are many CCAs and other opportunities available for us. We once had a chess club joining local competitions, but where did that club go? Many students do not know about these activities, and they miss out on grand opportunites. Allowing students to understand their choices and realizing their potential is very important. Getting students to be involved in all activities in school not only

benefit themselves, but it also diversifies the school’s culture. So next time when you want to suggest a new activity or join an event, I encourage everyone to voice out their ideas. Your talents should not be supressed. It is up to us students to create these opportunities for themselves. Your ideas are very valuable to the student body and to the school as a whole, so don’t be shy! It is never too late to make your next school year an amazing one!

再有 多說英文可以顯著地提高學生的英文水平 在和夥伴們交流的過程中 他們可 以互相學習 共同進步 英語口語 最重要的就是日常生活的積累 每一次和別人的 交流 都可能成為你的一個故事 另外 擁有一個好的英文功底在未來是很有益處 的 在香港這樣一個國際化的都市中 需要的就是那些能流利得說中英雙語的人 在提倡說英語上 我們的英文班可以說是帶了一個好頭 我在不久前向我的英文老師 提出了一個制度可以推動學生說英語 規則是這樣的 如果學生在上課時說了中文 就要被記上一分 每記上一分就意味著他需要在學年末的Party上捐助10元港幣作為資 金 這個制度在我們班上可以說的非常有效的 因為它成功得增多了學生們的英文交 流 當然 我並不是要求所有的班級都實行這樣的制度 我相信 的提議

學生能從課堂上獲得更多的東西如果他們能多說英文 希望學校可以考慮我 增加學生們說英文的頻率 讓學生們能在課堂上學到更多的東西

此致 敬禮


SUMMEr Karan Chainrai

Summer is a time in our lives where we want to have

fun, explore, meet new people, go on an adventure! However most of us students in Yew Chung spend half of our summers on a “stay-cation” - staying home, watching television and relaxing. It’s almost as if we go through our daily routines, just without school! The IB students enjoy catching up with their sleep during this time, while the younger years laze around and play video games from morning till evening. There are so many options to choose from in order to enrich this holiday, but with only fifty-five days of holiday, how do we use our summers to its full potential?

Theme article

Take up a course

Try something new

Students who are looking to broaden their horizons, meet new people, and who want to learn more in and out of the classroom should look at applying for summer programs. There are many great academic summer courses in Hong Kong, but I encourage you to visit other countries as it can build your independence. Many colleges and universities offer summer programs too, so don’t miss out on the chance to apply for a college you are interested in!

We all love our comfort zone. Whether it is a skill, sport, or a subject that we are good at, we really do love doing what we know we enjoy. HOWEVER, it’s a trap! You will never know whether you like or dislike it if you don’t try it. Use this summer as an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and you will learn from your experience. If you do not enjoy anything you try, make something new. Start an activity with your friends or think of an idea for a good activity and share it with your family.

Have fun. Travel to a new city There’s nothing more exciting then setting off on a journey to an unfamiliar destination, just the change of air and atmosphere induces anticipation. Visiting a new city washes away your worries and allows you to leave them back home, making your vacation just what you need to have a break from reality! On your trip, you can visit many of the cities’ sights, try their food, or even take part in their cultural activities.


Lastly, I encourage you to enjoy your summers. Study, research and work, but don’t forget to enjoy every step of the way. Manage your time well so that you can be productive, while also valuing your free days with friends and family. It all comes down to the experience you have gained and the quality of the things you have done in the short time you have. Remember, you only get one summer a year.


圖為香港最繁忙 的銅鑼灣

香港, 還香嗎?

local news

Patricia Chan 陳譜鈺 據不完全統計 15年五一節假日期間 約有33.1萬內地遊客進入香港 較 去年同期增加了14% 但奇怪的是 遊客增加似乎沒有帶來旅遊消費的增長 很多購物商區完全沒有往年購物熱潮 人流量明顯減少 之後幾個假日 香港 旅遊業仍處低潮 不少小商家生意不佳 與去年比跌幅達五成 餐飲方面 大 部分餐館平均營業額下跌15%左右 那麽 遊人都去哪兒了 有分析稱 入港遊客有相當部分是過道轉飛東 南亞或其它國家了 並沒有滯留香港 因此 出現在銅鑼灣 旺角等傳統商業 中心區域旅遊消費的遊客並不多 多少年來 香港在大陸人民心中有很高的位置以及很重的分量 購物天 堂 旅遊勝地 的招牌很亮 極具成色 然而 這一年不到時間 這一切似乎變 了 有內地遊客不再青睞香港 寧選擇去日本 韓國 臺灣 也不大願赴港購 物遊玩 香港不再香了 香港曾經的光芒 魅力消失了 當然不是 今天的香港還 是充滿活力的東方之珠 去上環的地鐵已經延 伸到堅尼地城 城市交通日見進步 港人治港 港府運作其 實較港英時代更透 明 更民主 至少截止到今天 就內地遊客鐘情 的高檔物件 大牌商品 而 言 香港商店標註的價格比起內地的低5% 10% 很有競爭力 而遍布港區多種多樣的餐 館食肆 味美價廉 最受食客們歡迎 97回歸後 大陸香港相互融合 相伴相依 通過香港 大陸更為便捷地開展世 界經濟交流與拓展 反過來 日漸蓬勃的大陸經濟亦給香港以巨大支持 這是現狀 也是不可逆改的大趨勢 大方向 而去年的占中運動 以及前段發生在元朗等地的反水貨客行動和激進人士發 起的所謂 驅蝗行動 給大陸民眾帶來很大困擾 是今年香港旅遊業受影響的重要原 因 之後 占中的意義各有評估 但畢竟有相當的負面作用 有一不可有二 激進 人士終究是少數 在民主政體下 可以鬧可以吵 但不可過頭 反水貨客行動始終顯 得情緒化 不可繼續 香港 要持續呼吸民主自由的空氣 更要重視民生經濟的可持續 發展 這方面不能沒有大陸的支撐 旅遊業是否提振 一如往昔 乃是是重要標誌 近十幾年來 大陸經濟飛速發展 的確在諸多方面對香港形成了很強的競爭 然從歷 史 文化 經濟 地理綜合評判 香港也已形成的獨特的優勢地位在很長一段時期內 很難被超越取代 勤勞 善學 勇於打拼的香港人一向危機意識強 懂得如何去積極 進取 令人欣慰的是 香港絕大多數民眾對香港未來是持樂觀態度 對大陸與香港的關系 發展是持積極態度 反過來 內地民眾對當下香港的疑慮也是暫時的 如今發達的資 訊會幫助內地民眾全面客觀的了解今天香港 因之 站在大歷史的角度 近期的香港市面略顯低靡 只是一時之象 對香港的未 來我們仍然有憧憬 有期待 相信東方之珠仍將熠熠生光



Mr Matuk

- 15 years of service

photographed by henry shum king

An interview,

Cover stroy

a reflection on the 15 years political science and international law, and completed another degree in that field as an adult.

What will you miss most about YCIS?

I will miss the daily joy of meeting with so many people who have been great colleagues to work with over the years and now have become good friends. But mostly I will miss interacting with current students and meeting new ones, and watching them develop into mature adults over the years. How did you become the leader of YCIS? What advice can you give people that want to lead?

I first came to YCIS as an IT and Mathematics teacher. Opportunities became available for me to advance my career here, including acting as the IB Coordinator and Vice Principal before becoming Co-Principal. For budding leaders, it is important to understand that there are many ways that you can lead. A title and a position is only one type of leader, but


Some students want to be teachers. What can you tell us about teaching/leading? What advice would you give people that want to teach?

being involved in the decision making process, whether as participant, advisor, or initiator, allows you to influence and lead as well. So do grab the opportunities if they come your way, and “open new doors” when you can. Being a good listener and a good team player is very essential. What were you like as a student at school? I enjoyed school life a lot and always desired new knowledge. I also liked sports but did not have a chance to participate on school teams, however mathematics was always the subject I excelled at and l also enjoyed studying science and literature.

What were your dreams? Did you ever think you were going to become a teacher? Much like many young students, I also dreamt of becoming a doctor and a lawyer but did not plan my future until I finished university. Although both my parents were teachers, and my mother a school principal as well, I never planned to become a teacher. Becoming a teacher came by chance when I finished my engineering degree and started looking for jobs. However, other than teaching, I enjoy scientific and medical research as well, which is something I did during my postgraduate studies. I also have an interest and passion for

Teaching is certainly a rewarding profession. Anyone can train to become a “good” teacher and make a career of it, but to be an inspiring teacher is sometimes a rarity. If you wish to become a teacher you need to ask yourself whether you have the passion and if you are willing to give your time selflessly to others. If you are seeking wealth, teaching is certainly not the career you wish to pursue. If working with youth is something that is meaningful to you, then consider teaching as a career option. But remember that teaching is not an easy job! In your opinion, what is the hardest thing about being a teacher/principal?

The hardest thing is to be able to keep the energy, day after day and year after year. This may be true of other professions, but teaching is rather unique. In education, there are always high expectations of teachers and administrators as they are responsible for the education and care of many students. Meeting expectations may not be that simple. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment in YCIS? YCIS has accomplished quite a lot over the past 10-15 years in both academic and non-academic programs, but it is not easy to accomplish something this big on your own. Here, it has always been a team effort and so over the years with the support of teachers, staff, students and parents we have made this school a place to be proud of. YCIS is well respected locally and globally, and none of this would be possible if we have not built a good reputation of excellence over the years.

What are your plans for the future? What do you think is going to be the best part of the next thing that you are going to do? I hope to stay connected with schools and the education field in general, most likely as consultant. But I also hope to have more time now to spend with my grandchildren and watch them grow. Thank ou for your time. You are welcome.

There is a video of Mr. Matuk on vimeo, if you are interested, you can go online and watch the video link: https://vimeo. com/125462632


New principles

Cover story

what do students think about them?

Michelle Lau

in how they can improve, - blue house captain change and support YCIS. Once we were all done giving our introductory As one of the student leaders within the school, I talk, we were given the was honored to be one of chance to ask the new the nine selected students co-principals some questo have an initial meeting tions. So I asked our new co-principals about how with the new co-princithey can include some pals, to discuss the plans for future school life in Yew of their knowledge from previous experience to Chung. When we all first met the new co-principals, help Yew Chung become a more friendly, artistic we were quite nervous and as we introduced our- and fun environment. Mr. selves. One of the co-prin- Maxwell said “I hope to provide Yew Chung with cipals Mr. Maxwell, surprised us all when he said a safe and open relationthat he acted as principal ship and hopefully break the serious bond between and co-principal at different schools all over the students and myself. My world, including Abu-Dha- door is always open for students.” bi, Jordan, Australia and more. I personally feel delighted to have a well-experienced principal who is more than excited to be part of the Yew Chung life. The other principal, Dr. Lam, has also given us all a surprise as he has known our current principal Mr. Matuk for over 14 years. He was also the principal in Yew Chung Qing Dao, and in my perspective, Dr. Lam is quite the knowledgable person and has a very sociable personality. The nine student leaders present were all quite curious


Christy Ho

- secretary of the SC

Last week, we had a fun meeting with our two future principals. As student leaders, we seized our chance and bombarded them with some questions. Accompanied by Mr Matuk and Dr Lyso, our western principal walked into the room. He was a cool Australian with a pair of sunglasses hanging around his neck and a red glow on his face. He was the principle of a school in UAE and his wife was also a principal in Australia. They both decided to move to Hong Kong to experience the exotic Asian culture together, and he seemed ready to find out more about Chinese culture in the area of education. He has also worked in schools in many different countries in the past, and the experiences he has gained has shaped him to be an insightful leader. The conversation was light hearted and fun. He was a kind and interesting man with a great sense of Australian humor, and at one point, he even expressed

his love for cookies. Half an hour later, our Chinese principal walked in. The man was as energetic, and had a youthful smile on his face. His journey with YCIS began a long time ago, as he had worked for our school before the school even moved into this new campus in Kowloon. He is also good friend of our current principal, Mr Matuk. According to them, they have both known each other for at least 14 years. When YCIS moved to its new campus, he was sent to develop YCIS in Qing Dao as the principal. Soon after he returned back to Hong Kong, gained a Chinese Master’s degree in HKU and worked with various other international schools inHong Kong. He had a great enthusiasm for Chinese and being in credibly familiar with our school system, he joked excitedly about being our Chinese Extended Essay supervisor for Lun Yu ( 論語). We are excited to see the new and exciting changes that they can add to our school. Next year is going to be an incredible year!

周駿豪 Nicky Mac Callum

蘇梓豪 Nick SU

- President of the SC

- Red House Captain

2015年5月27日下午 兩位 耀中的新校長在學校小教堂 邀請學生領袖進行談話 談 話內容主要圍繞學生日常生 活 學生組織展望以及耀中 文化傳承 其中中文校長林 博士 前青島耀中的開拓 者 擁有中文教育系PHD 學位 而外國校長 則是在 杜拜某教育機構擔任了高級 管理層的角色 中文校長 林博士表示 他將注重培養 學生除了學科之外的領域 力求全方位發展 新的校 長 代表新的開始 兩位來 自世界各地的教育領袖又將 會帶領耀中走向何方呢 讓 我們拭目以待

說真的啊 當兩位新校長坐 在我們面前的時候 我的 第一反應 他們是說相聲 的 一個可愛的胖胖的澳 大利亞逗哏 跟個博學的 本土捧哏 我想 他們的 加入將會對學校再添上一抹 亮色 逗哏在中東在澳大利 亞在美國都有工作過 還都 當的是校長 挺期待他會如 何將這些國際化的理念帶入 到我們親愛的學校來 這個 捧哏可不簡單 他曾經便是 本校的中文老師 後來又拿 了各種博士 在與他的會面 中 他經常提到關於論語還 有論語對於教育的影響等論 題 不錯 有文化 我喜 歡 捧哏和逗哏倆站一起 雖說真很有喜劇效果 不過 我相信他們的國際化和不同 文化的背景 值得讓我們對 著下一學年充滿期待





Jason Huang 黃宇彤 東漢末年 政治腐 敗 宦官霸權 宦官是什 麼 就是專供皇帝指使的 官 專門負責皇帝身邊的各 種雜事 有些官員見到上級 就會發紅包求升官 腐敗至 極 當時心中還存在一點 點正義的官員們自稱 清流 派 來諷刺中飽私囊的 濁流派 貪官們 但是在上 多信徒 這些信徒全部頭 一任皇帝的時期 清流派卻 上繫著黃色的紗巾 因此 被濁流派算計 幾乎全部蹲 被稱為黃巾黨 除了張角 他的弟 大牢去了 弟張寶和張梁也是黃巾黨 於是呢朝中大權就幾 的重要領導人 他們因為 乎全部被濁流派控制 政治 都會妖術且都是 領導人 陷入極度腐敗 官員的髒款 所以自稱 天公 將 軍 地宮將軍 和 人宮將 都是從老百姓身上榨取而 來 導致老百姓的生活水準 軍 直線下降 吃不飽 穿不 黃巾黨的兵力以非 暖 老百姓實在是受不了 常快的速度增加著 當然 了 各種造反起義 狗急了 皇帝也不會無動於衷 他 還跳牆 兔子急了還咬人 呢 黃巾黨就是這麼華麗出 大手一揮 下令盧植和黃 場的一個叛亂組織 以推翻 甫嵩兩名將軍帶著兄弟去 討伐黃巾黨 並且開始招 漢室為目標而建立 募義勇軍 未來的三國英 雄劉備 關羽 張飛 孫 黃巾黨的老大張角 堅 曹操和董卓等人就是 據說在深山老林中 獲得了 太平要術 也因此習得 在此次事件中相遇 所以 呼風喚雨 的神奇 法術 黃巾之亂可說是三國的序 幕 張角是個很機智的 人 他有時還幫老百姓治 病 這次義勇軍招募的 深得民心 因為這張大 叔 過程中 劉備站立在榜文 會變魔法人又好 就有了很


OK! Gaven Cao的吐槽又 回來了,大家都考完試特 別想吐槽,但是又沒地方“ 吐”對不對!Gaven,在這裏 替大家“吐”了!

前為國家的未來嘆氣 被張 飛聽到 張飛是個粗人 當 即就問劉備為何嘆息 劉備 一看這 五大三粗的大漢 嚇 得是都快尿出來了 當然成 盤托出他嘆息的緣由 張飛 非常同意劉備的看法 他們 兩個於是就約一起去酒館一 邊飲 酒一邊商討大計 這還真是巧 他們又 遇到一個臉比猴子屁股還紅 的關羽 關羽在劉備和張飛 談論時就已經注意到了他 們 不過由於報名參軍的人 實在太多 所以一時擠不過 去 關羽也是忠義之士 想 為國家盡自己的一份力 三人一拍即合 第二 天就前往桃園結義 後面便 誕生了 不求同年同月同日 生 但求同年同月同日死 之誓言 集結了各路大漢的 漢朝踏上了討伐黃巾的徵 程

我相信考試之前大家或是 在家或是在學校忙著緊張 的復習,這時我的頭腦中 清晰的出現了同學們在家 和在學校的情景。一個是 大家全身癱瘓在床上復習 壹天的情景,另一個就是 上課的時候大家半身癱瘓 在座位上聽課的情景。

同學發現自己已經掛科 了。 在這裏,Gaven想跟大家 說:考試之前分數是全 部,考試之後分數就是浮 雲了。同時我也再送大家 一句話:一個錯題其實就 是一個財富,當妳發現妳 快要錯的掛科的時候,妳 應該有一種土豪的感覺對 不對!嘿嘿嘿! (其實我只 是在自我安慰,妳們知道 的。)

哎,說了這麽多,考試都 考了,該做錯的題也已經 做錯了,現在說什麽都晚 了。還是想想怎麽面對家 長吧!其實,我覺得,考 試考差了不能怪我們!大 家沒聽說過那句話嗎?沒 有學不好的學生,只有學 的方法不對!

我就奇了怪了!沒有一個 老師是能教全部科目的, 為什麽,作為學生!我們 就要學全部的科目!睡不 到八小時的學生黨!妳們 說,我說的對不對!

考完了萬惡的數學之後, 有些同學可能發現做錯了 一些題, 有些同學可能發 現做錯了很多題,還有些


吐槽 蘇梓豪、董 nick su, shirley dong 前一期的吐槽據說反應很 好耶~ 所以這一期。。 特別聲明:以下內容的 idea有些來自於暴走漫畫 等微信公眾號。版權不 知道是誰的但肯定不是我 的。 我實在是不能理解學校是 什麼邏輯。為什麼可以任 意使用電腦和iPad卻不能 使用手機。如果要玩遊戲 貌似用電腦更爽快一點 吧,難道是為了防止我們 拿諾基亞砸核桃嗎?

一直很想吐槽一下學校 的fitness gym,來YC兩年 了,可是我從來沒有去 過那個gym。。這是為森 麼。。。


別人溫書最後都是說“喔! 我看懂了!”,難道只有我 一個是“喔!我看開了!”

最近騙子的各種騙術越來 越高超了,總結一下我多 年不被騙的經驗就是,警 惕性高,別貪小便宜,還 有卡裏始終沒錢。

吐槽 各位同學、老師們,這幾 天過的開心不?在這裡我 想對各位拿到成績的同學 們說一聲:天台永遠歡迎 你們的光臨! 不,我開玩笑的!我們還 能靠臉吃飯的是吧~ 其實這句才是真的玩笑。 恩。

我覺得吧,就算考不上大 學…去紐西蘭種田也是個 不錯的選擇…左手一隻雞 右手一隻羊,一邊吹著清 風一邊看著那些大學狗繼 續考試。完全一副人生贏 家的感覺有沒有!! (https://www.immigration.

好,我知道我的建議完全 沒有用…其實我覺得現在 很多家長嘞,就真的很想


在小盆友的人生規劃中插一 腳。 每個人大學都去讀金融、讀 business、讀econ 。試試看跟 你媽媽說畢業想去紐西蘭種 田。我想看看有多少小盆友 會被打成哈比人~

我永遠忘記不了我十二歲的 兒童票依然沒人管… 還有…還有…不行了再說下 去我要哭出來了…

(其實紐西蘭男人平均身高 186顫抖吧小花生!!!好吧 小花生其實根本不是紐西蘭 人…)

還記得小時候都被怎麼稱呼 麼?「嘿喲這小夥子很結實 啊!」「嘿喲這小夥子真精 神!!」

說到身高,真是南方人的畢 生之痛…想起個之前看到的 段子「160的妹子都被180的 漢子帶走了,只剩下170和 漢子和170的妹子四目相瞪 著著著著著。」有沒有發現 很重要的東西!15X的妹子 跟16X的漢子已經完全被 忽 略了呀!!!吾校有一半的 人已經連段子手都不想理了 呀!!

其實長大后想想,這根本形 容就是嬰兒肥和多動症好 麼!這就好像有人問「你覺 得我女朋友長得如何:D」「 她特好人!」一 樣一樣的! 乍聽好像很真 誠的樣子…其 實這也不賴人家,要不是把 人家逼的,哪想的出來這麼 有創意的高級黑

時候去做飛躍太空山被趕出 來的屈辱… 還有十四歲的時候上地鐵買

真的,中國人與人的關係實 在太複雜。有時真想就找個 坑把自己埋了。兩耳不聞窗 外事,一心只讀聖賢書。靜 靜地思考人生。

我感覺作為青春期少年,或 是post青春期少年 好多人的人生都是在思考人 生上把自己毀掉的 陽光的青春少年變成了一個 個抑鬱症的人兒 「同學!你為~什麼不開心! 」 「關~你屁事!」

最近看到個很火的帖子「世 界那麼大,我想去看看」 暑假了,是時候少想一些有 的沒的的東西了 多花點時間陪陪家人陪陪朋 友出去走走吧

暑假快樂 ! 各位早安,午安,或晚安


MOVIE RECOMMENDATION by Christy Ho Mean Girls: The Most Quotable Film of this Century

Games by Ellisa Lin



It is absolutely beyond me how a student can watch so many movies before exams, from The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, to Fight Club. But after watching an impressive collection of films, I have come to the conclusion that Mean Girls will forever be the queen of all teenage movies. Based on the book Queenbees and Wanabees, the story’s main lead Cady Heron (Lindsey Lohan), moves from being homeschooled in South Africa to a typical American high school, where she is introduced into a public high school that is made up of with teenage cliques and clichés. On the first day of school, Cady gets an immediate crash course about the school jocks, the cheerleaders, the stoners, the cool Asians and so on. Most importantly, she gets invited into the school’s most exclusive and powerful clique, the Plastics. It consists of three popular girls, Regina George (Rachel McAdams), Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), who are the rich pretty girls that rule the school. It doesn’t take Cady long to discover how crazy and manipulative the Plastics can be. After she falls in love with Regina’s ex boyfriend, Aaron Samuels (Jonnathan Bennet), the jungle that is the girl’s world is unleashed. Although the plot of this movie is not as original as it could be, the script is spiced up with hilarious and sarcastic humor. It is cleverly crafted to poke fun at teen clichés, and at the same time, it shows the realities of the teenage years by painting a vivid picture of the high school scene, and is the perfect portrayal of high school as a jungle of hormones and fake people. It reveals every ugly detail of being a teenager: obsessions with being skinny, rumors, or falling in love with the wrong guy or girl. Most importantly, it teaches youngsters an important lesson -- “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.” With its funny small touches, the movie has become a pop culture phenomenon. After eleven years, Mean Girls continues to be relevant today, and in fact the film should be the rite of passage for every single teenager. If you have never seen this movie before, give it a try! This cleverly written and funny satire on high school will pleasantly surprise you, and you may begin to understand the complexity of a teenage girl’s world, and understand that it’s true what they say: girls are mean.



- 評經典影片


Patricia Chen 邦尼是名出色的藝術 品仿造大師,對外身份卻是 著名的藝術品收藏家。一次 不小心,他將複制品維納斯 雕像賣給一家法國博物館並且 簽署了一份藝術品鑒定合約。 眼見雕塑的真相即將曝光,自 己的名譽即將掃地,邦尼急地 直跳腳,住宅中竟還招來一盜 賊。邦尼的女兒妮可意外射傷 盜賊,二人由此結識。爲救父 親,妮可請求莫特(盜賊) 偷出維納斯雕像。一出偷龍轉 鳳,巧妙構思的盜竊案就此展 開。同時,一場綿延的愛情喜 劇也呈上屏幕。 影片的情節轉合不亞 于偵探片的精妙設計,過程布 局高明,又輕松诙諧。封閉的 儲物間內取鑰匙和設計關閉安 保系統最爲精彩,必定要親自 看過,才能感慨偷竊藝術的絕 妙。無數次特寫複刻的維納斯 雕像,另屏幕前的讀者一再疑 惑,究竟怎樣的藝術品才是上 乘藝術。光潔柔美的女神軀體 應擺放在戒備森嚴的博物館中 央,還是在提水的鐵皮桶中, 藝術的價值是自身的美學意義 還是視覺的享受,都是值得探 討的話題。從電影特色來看, 影片具有那個年代特有的朦胧 畫面感。昏黃的光線下,人物 面孔上挂著優雅的 笑容,眼 神迷離。緩慢的鏡頭切換,將 浪漫情節進展減慢,使人物情 感在最大。



one last dance Thursday 6:00 - 10:00 pm

本人作爲奧黛麗赫本 的腦殘粉絲,在女神的石榴裙 下伏地跪拜多年,收藏女神的 碟片,書物無數。雖然《偷龍 轉鳳》不是赫本最出名的影 片,但我認爲卻 是最有 意思的,也是她表演最爲出色 的。出演《偷龍轉鳳》時,赫 本已經快四十歲,但是她的純 情,靈氣絲毫不減,顔值一如 既往的高。富家女的形象亦與 赫本非常相襯,俏皮活潑又不 失優雅。男主是由彼得奧圖扮 演的儒雅小偷,談吐幽默,風 度翩翩。二人一起極爲般配, 電力十足,情味濃烈。僅是這

俊男美女的搭檔,已足夠吸引 眼球,加上演員們豐富,飽滿 的演技,可愛的對話,推薦指 數五顆星。 小偷和騙子的聯手, 雕刻藝術和盜竊藝術的較量, 怪才演員彼得奧圖和絕世淑女 奧黛麗赫本攜手的一場愛情喜 劇,在六十年代風姿卓越的巴 黎都市上演。


音樂,電影推薦 蘇梓豪

《他一定很愛你》 阿杜 2002

一寫下這首歌就感覺要暴露自己年齡了…作為 一個成年人(咳咳咳)到底我童年的背景音樂是什 麼?周杰倫麼?還是蔡依林?他們的確在我的生命中 留下不可磨滅的位置。但對我來講,阿杜的聲音代表 了千禧年。也許我到現在都還沒有理解“我應該在車 底,不應該在車裡”是個什麼意思,可是誰在乎呢, 過去一直都是美好的。作為九零后,近年再也沒聽到 阿杜的聲音,真是很傷心啊!


Don McLean (1971)

其實我都不知道推薦如此經典的歌算不算犯 規…只是有天在電臺裡又聽到了它,想起今年便是 梵高離世125年了,感覺是有意義再翻出來紀念一下 這個藝術史上的奇才。我想這首歌不單單是最有名 的紀念梵高的歌曲,更是最有名的紀念梵高的方式 了。最喜歡梵高這種永遠不開心的人了,真酷哈哈 哈。“They will not listen they’re not listening still, perhaps they never will”125年了,有多少人真的 懂他呢。

< To be with you > Mr. Big (1991)

萬萬沒想到Mr. Big這個四位糙漢子組成的重 金屬樂隊也能產出如此出色的柔情作品。雖然Eric Martin的那搖滾味濃濃的嗓音依然出現在了裡面,但 卻能夠與偏流行和舒緩的音樂完美地融合在一起。我 還記得第一次是在洗澡的時候聽到這首歌的,突然間 就感覺特開心,沉浸在了那個好洗腦卻又好舒服的旋 律里。在這個情歌滿天飛的時候,偶爾靜靜下來聽聽 這樣略勵志的歌,也不妨是一件挺贊的事情。



林冉、黃芳瑩 Luv Letter - Dj Okawari

日本一向不缺鋼琴與電音結合的人才,然而日系DJ也喜歡這種結合,不管是在house或者 hiphop都出現許多許多類似的crossover東西。“luv letter”的作者 DJ Okawari,就來自於日本靜 岡縣,是一位充滿才氣和靈感之光的音樂創作人。他的音樂總是將傳統與現代相結合,曲風 以jazz-hiphop和chillout為主,帶有空靈自然的唯美感。不僅如此,日系純音樂在他們的專輯 封面制作上頗具創新。第一眼看到《Mirror》這個專輯封面,就情不自禁地被吸引住——簡約 中透著華麗,飽含著自然元素,把美學與音樂結合在一起的專輯,無不令人動心。而在本張 專輯中,最喜歡的莫過於“luv letter”這首曲調清雅的歌曲了。鋼琴聲落處,如雨珠墜盤,再配 上節奏鮮明歡快的鼓點,妙筆生花。前奏長達50秒的鋼琴Solo,奠定了主旋律。從最初的抒情 緩和,慢慢地漸變為清新歡快的小調,轉折升華,最後呈現出一種曼妙的感覺。就如同歌名 一樣,腦海裡浮現出一對戀人從相知相識的青澀甜蜜,到束手離別時的不舍思戀,最終都寄 於一封封信紙上,時刻期盼對方的回音。百感交集的情緒變化洋溢於琴聲之中。因此無論從 曲風,歌曲背景,後期編輯和封面排版的角度欣賞,luv letter都是一首值得收藏的好歌曲~ 《夜的鋼琴曲15》 -石進 中國現代有不少傑出的鋼琴家,像 朗朗,李雲迪等都是家喻戶曉的人選。然 而,也有許多平凡的創作者,或許他們沒有 高超的演繹技巧,卻將我們的心情如實地彈 奏於琴聲中,細致入微。石進,國內音樂創 作人,憑著自己業余愛好創作《夜的鋼琴 曲》系列被馮小剛選為經典電影《非誠勿擾2 》的配樂。其中,夜的鋼琴曲5最為出名,然 而相比抒情的5,我更傾向於夜的鋼琴曲15。 它的曲調輕快鮮活,聽起來非常舒服,給人 帶來愉悅的心情。若將它比作一名女子,它 必定是那俏皮靈動,毫不做作,渾身散發著 活力的少女,讓人打心眼裡歡喜。

《晴天》 歌手:周杰倫 星級:☆☆☆☆☆ 理由:於是乎,周董又出現了。這首歌 我相信許多人都聽過,輕快的曲風和憂 傷的歌詞看起來似乎格格不入;卻被周 董完美逆轉。就像是用輕鬆愉悅的語氣 來講述自己過去傷感的回憶。看起來已 經什麼事都過去了,可是痛苦也許只有 他一個人知道吧?就學著歌詞最後一歌 詞,說一句「拜拜」。拜拜,最初的你 我;拜拜,那些哭過笑過的美好回憶。 推薦人群:情侶檔或者單身貴族都行, 老少皆宜,周董粉絲。

《發如雪》 歌手:周杰倫 星級:☆☆☆☆☆ 理由:這是我認為周董最好聽的一首古 風歌曲,認真來講,歌詞並非是圍繞著 「雪」這一氣候來描寫的。(才不會告 訴你們我只是單純的太愛這首歌了)《 發如雪》是周董和方文山的又一次合 作,詞曲方面融入了古詩般的韻味,產 生了種濃郁古香和現代感的激烈碰撞。 這首歌每個人聽都會有不同的感受。 推薦人群:喜歡古風、好歌的人,各種 年齡層皆宜,周董粉絲。


歌手:南拳媽媽 星級:☆☆☆☆☆ 理由:這首歌是由南拳媽媽里的女子成員梁 心頤所演唱的。這首歌圍繞著「雨天」的背 景來敘述女孩的心理活動。不少人都說這首 歌的歌詞就像在講述自己的故事。在一個個 淅淅瀝瀝的夜晚,你是不是也曾想著那些苦 澀情感,你會不會因為這首歌而感同身受? 推薦人群:青年-中年人群,喜靜的人



TRAVELs Jasmine Harris Egypt was every bit as magical as I ever envisioned it to be. As a young child I tore through page after page of Egyptian myth, and even then I had set my heart on going to this land someday. That someday became a reality this year, where I finally had the chance to explore this country of animal-headed gods and great stone temples. Some of these temples included Abu Simbel, Temple of Edfu and more. Although they shared similar traits, every single one of them was remarkable. For one thing, they were older than even


Christ himself, yet they tower at a height of over 50 feet and still stand strong to this very day. However the pyramids themselves were rather disappointing. The interior was completely plain, and you could spend just five minutes within the greatest pyramid of them all, the Pyramid of Giza, and have experienced the entire pyramid experience. But on the other hand in the temples, nearly every single wall of the temples was covered from top to bottom with carvings of people and gods walking sideways, still in color. Walking through these halls that had belonged to some of the greatest rulers the Earth has ever seen, the pharaohs that I had grown up reading about, can make someone feel incredibly small. The food is itself is surprisingly good, specifically the traditional eesh

baladi bread and the seasoned chicken. However not all parts of Egypt were as splendid as this; the massive amounts of rubbish on the streets and the army carrying guns everywhere are some of the imperfections that Egypt has. Our tour guide told us of the typical life of the Egyptians, where girls were denied so many more chances and how he, like so many, lost everything he owned in the revolution. The pushy vendors especially are a massive negative of being a tourist in this country. A small tip if you were ever to visit Egypt: never ever even make eye contact with the salesmen, unless you want to be tailed for half an hour by them.

that if I was a part of this beautiful, alive country, I would be proud to call myself Egyptian.

Despite all that, Egypt is a vibrant and colorful country. When cruising down the Nile or when riding on camels in the desert, I couldn’t help but think



當甜品來敲門~ 賴靜靜、 袁諾


甜品作為一種隨著 時間的流逝亦不曾淡出人 們視野的食品種類,一直 頗受人們的青睞。雖從未 被當作一種主食,但在 食品發展的歷史中卻有著 舉足輕重的地位。每個女 孩都有一個甜品的夢,當 然男孩也會有,看著櫥窗 裡一個又一個精緻玲瓏的 小蛋糕,又有誰能不心動 呢?

準備材料:鸡蛋4个,细砂糖 100g,咖啡70g,低筋面粉60g, 可可粉20g,玉米淀粉5g,白醋 几滴,植物油40g 摩卡奶油:鲜奶油500g,可可粉 1小勺,速溶细咖啡粉1大勺, 细砂糖40g,香草精几滴,黑巧 克适量 以上材料可以做一个7寸 (18cm)的圆形戚风蛋糕

甜品總能帶給我們 好心情,美好的事物總不 會招人討厭。每間甜品店 裏都彷彿藏著一隻小精 靈,住著讓人快樂的天 使,再煩悶的心情都在踏 入店裡的那一刻煙消雲 散,讓人不忍褻瀆這一刻 的美好。開甜品店的人必 定有顆浪漫而有細膩的 心,溢滿了對甜品的喜愛 與對生活的熱忱。每每經 過那一間間的夢幻小店, 總會覺得時光都慢了下 來,嘴角也不覺地輕輕揚 起。或許就是這樣奇妙的 感覺才使得每個愛吃甜品 的人都有著自己做甜品的 心,又令每個會做甜品的 人有著開甜品店的夢。 本期我們將帶領大 家觸摸到這個甜品夢,教 大家自己動手做一個簡單 的戚風蛋糕。



做法: 1. 将烤箱打开,预热160°C。将蛋黄和蛋清分离。 2. 往蛋黄中倒入约2大勺细砂糖,打散搅匀。将剩下的细砂糖 取出1/3与玉米淀粉拌匀待用 3. 一边搅拌蛋黄,一边慢慢地倒入植物油,混合均匀 4. 继续倒入咖啡拌匀 5. 筛入低筋面粉和可可粉,用蛋抽搅拌成均匀的蛋黄面糊 6. 将蛋清打发,起泡后滴入白醋 7. 用中高速持续打发蛋清,同时将没有拌入玉米淀粉的细砂糖 一勺一勺地加入蛋清中 8. 当蛋清打发至泡沫绵密时,再将拌入了玉米淀粉的细砂糖一 勺一勺地加入蛋清中,直至蛋清打发至超过中性发泡,但还没 有达到干性发泡的程度 9. 取1/3蛋清加入蛋黄糊中拌匀,再将蛋黄糊倒回剩下的蛋清 中,用刮刀翻拌均匀 10. 将拌好的面糊倒入模具,抹平表面,震出大气泡,送入预 热好的烤箱中,160°C烤40分钟 11. 烤好的蛋糕出炉后立即震出热气,倒扣晾凉 12. 往冷藏过的鲜奶油中加入可可粉、咖啡粉、细砂糖和香草 精,用蛋抽拌匀后直接手动打发,至奶油出现纹路,但还有一 定流动性时即可停止 13. 用刀刃在黑巧克力上垂直地刮出巧克力屑,收集起来待用 14. 将彻底冷却的蛋糕脱模,平均切成三片 15. 将奶油抹在每一层蛋糕上,大致抹平整了就好 16. 最后在表面撒上适量巧克力屑即可 Tips: 1. 做蛋糕时要选用尽量新鲜的鸡蛋,更容易打发 2. 可可粉会消泡,拌面糊时动作要尽量快速轻巧,拌好的面糊 要即刻送入烤箱



In the lower secondary, 10% of students admit that they have witnessed or have been the subject of bullying. In light of this, the Student Anti Bullying Committee (SABC) has come together to create an online form for victims of bullying. The QR code above will link you to the online form. This form will allow you to get help or advice from an adult, if you have been involved in bullying. Or, you can speak up and be an UPstander to report bullying you have witnessed. The QR code below will link you to the online form.