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ATTENDANCE FORM FOR ALL CONFERENCE SPONSERED EVENTS Bring this form completed to registration at Camporees, Bible Bowls or other Conference, Union, or North American Division wide events

CLUB NAME: ______________________________________ DIRECTOR: ________________________________________ How many Pathfinders are in the club?


How many Pathfinders did you bring?


How many Staff are in the club?


How many Staff did you bring?


How many non-Pathfinders did you bring?


How many non-Pathfinder Adults did you bring?


Are your emergency forms filled out correctly? YES ______ NO _____ Are your emergency forms in each vehicle?

YES ______ NO _____

OFFICE USE ONLY: RECEIVED FORM FOR ___________________________ EVENT RECEIVED FROM FROM ________________________________ DATE RECEIVED ______________________________________ RECEIVED BY ________________________________________ AMOUNT PAID ___________________ DATE PAID __________

TRIP EMERGENCY CONTACT PROCEDURE Pathfinder leadership shall follow the procedure outlines below when going on field trips or other outings. 1.


3. 4. 5.


7. 8.


Have a “Contact Person” that the leader of any group or outing/event can contact in case of an accident or emergency. This may be the Pastor, the Head Elder, the church Secretary, or other responsible person. The club director or designee shall carry this contact information with him/her at all times. Club director or designee shall make contact with that “Contact Person” as soon as practicable in any circumstance which may be perceived as an emergency involving any event/outing participant but not later than within two (2) hours. It is recommended that the designated “Contact Person” have a cell phone so that he/she can receive calls wherever he/she may be. The “Contact Person” shall have a list of all event participants’ emergency notification names and telephone numbers. “Contact Person” shall call the emergency notification person until all emergency notification contacts have been notified and shall keep record of times and person so contacted. All vehicles utilized in/for any event shall carry medical release forms for all event participants. Then if participants ride in a different vehicle, there will always be a release form available. An alternate plan which may be used is for each participant to carry his/her own medical release form at all times. Remember the church board needs to approve all outings and records this in their minutes to be sure that Pathfinder insurance will cover the trip. The event leaders shall update the “Contact Person” every two (2) hours or as circumstances change, whichever occurs first until the emergency is over. As each notification/update occurs the “Contact Person” shall, as necessary, re-contact the emergency notification persons as in #5 above.

Pathfinder Contact Form Club Name

Date of Trip

Director’s Name Pathfinders:

Phone # of Person to Contact:

Contact Person:

Phone Number:

Pathfinder Club "Directors Packet"  

A packet of all forms and information for all Pathfinder Club Directors in the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.