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2011-12 Annual Report

greater los angeles

{ dream it, own it, build it }

UPEC Associate Infant Teacher Yesica Ramirez and UPEC participant Michael Vallejo enjoy lunch together.


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

{ dream it, own it, build it }

We have dreamed. With hard work and dedicated partnerships, we began to own that dream. As it turned into a reality… we built. Beyond buildings or programs, we are working to build brighter futures. We are striving to be architects of change in greater Los Angeles. This phrase, “Dream it, own it, build it” is a motto at Los Angeles Job Corps encouraging our participants to grab onto their futures and take charge of their destiny. We know that with our mission to ‘eliminate racism, empower women’, we too must join together and embrace a better destiny, a greater dream for Los Angeles.

program enjoyed dedicated partnerships and we welcomed monumental legislative movement in this field. Our YWCA GLA community joined together at the 117th Annual Meeting, 2011 Black and White Ball and the Phenomenal Woman Awards Luncheon, where we honored local heroes and advocates.

This year, we officially completed and occupied a 10-year dream in the making - the YWCA GLA Los Angeles Urban Campus. Along with our partners and friends who helped make this possible, we celebrated the first day students walked onto the new campus, moved into their dorm rooms, ate in the new dining hall, and began studying for their futures.

In the following pages, we share success and efforts of the previous year. We report on program goals and activities, honors and awards. For those who stand with us and have joined in our quest, our gratitude is beyond words. Thank YOU for helping us “dream it, own it, build it.”

We grew and built within other programs as we provided necessary, multi-faceted community services to seniors, youth, children, and families. Our Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Faye Washington CEO, YWCA GLA

2011-12 Annual Report



The overall goal for the YWCA GLA Child Development Program is to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment in which children can flourish while enabling their families to increase their capacity toward self-sufficiency. We provide a quality, developmentally-appropriate program in five different service locations for ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. A strong emphasis is placed on a child’s learning to think critically, work cooperatively, and problem solve. High Scope Curriculum, a qualified teaching staff, and subsidized tuition for qualifying families are key elements of our program. Over 275 families are served through this program annually.


YWCA Greater Los Angeles


{dream it }

The YWCA Youth Program is designed to improve the availability and accessibility of education for youth from low to moderate income families, with the goal of improving the educational and social environment of the community, family and individual. We provide youth with appropriate recreational and educational services that help them develop into well-rounded, well-adjusted and independent adults. The program is designed to give youth the educational tools and information they need to build their confidence, achieve their dreams and enrich their community. We also focus on life skills training, cultural awareness, financial literacy workshops, and preparation for the high school exit exam or CAHSEE.

Youth Program Participant I am thankful for having a house, a family, and for being able to be part of the YWCA. I really want to say thank you for giving me a chance to come and use the computers. I use the internet for homework.

“Youth in the community have a safe haven where they can go to receive support, encouragement and resources that will help them excel academically and as an individual,” shares Maria Elena Chavez, Program Specialist. “These students take pride in understanding that they are an integral part of the community, they matter and that they can have a positive impact on their lives and the lives of others.” Components of the program include: • After School Program focusing on homework assistance, academic enrichment activities, visual arts, computer lab and life skills workshops. • Girls Club helping young girls focus on healthy relationships, self-esteem, education of women’s history and more. • Educational and recreational outings such as trips to the Discovery Science Center, Raging Waters, Riley’s Farm and the Aquarium of the Pacific. • Incentive programs to encourage academic achievement and involvement. • Special educational workshops and trainings such as “Project S.A.F.E.” provided by Bienvenidos, a program focusing on preventing alcohol, drug abuse and HIV infection among adolescents.

Youth Program Participant I am thankful for having a loving and caring family, which is always there to comfort me in times of need and for my friends that help me and give me advice. I’m thankful for my mother that works hard to be able to feed me because I do eat a lot: I am thankful for caring teachers, and organizations like the YWCA that help me improve in school.

2011-12 Annual Report


SENIOR SERVICES As an answer to community need, the YWCA GLA offers a variety of senior programs at two different program locations, YWCA Union Pacific Empowerment Center and YWCA West LA at the Felicia Mayhood Center, funded by the Weingart and Ralph M. Parsons foundations. Hundreds of seniors from these communities join in the activities that focus on three main areas: social, education, and health/fitness. With the second largest elderly population in the country, the need for strong senior programs in Los Angeles is apparent. “For years, we have been offering vital senior programming focused on eliminating isolation, improving quality of life and education,” explains Sharon Shelton, YWCA GLA Director of Programs. “There is a definite need for programs focused on this specific population as they are often forgotten.” Activities include computer lab, field trips, health education, exercise classes, ESL classes, various activities and

clubs as well as crafts and hobbies. An affordable, healthy lunch is offered at each location daily. Senior participants also focus on giving back to the community by creating hand-made blankets for hospitals and advocating for their communities. “It has been rewarding to see the group of seniors at Union Pacific become much more aware of local policy,” comments Norma Gonzalez, Site Director, Union Pacific Empowerment Center. “Their involvement in the computer class is not only keeping them socially and mentally engaged but they are becoming actively involved in community concerns.” The health of these senior participants is directly related to their involvement in programs. Recent studies have shown that the most socially connected older adults are three times more likely to report very good or excellent health. Improved health and quality of life is of significant concern at Union Pacific in East Los Angles as the Latino elderly

population in Los Angeles experiences highest rates of diabetes and obesity. “As we boldly continue to grow our senior programs to address an eminent need in the community, I love to share this story of a senior woman who attends our programs,” shares Faye Washington, YWCA GLA CEO. “She was lonely, uninterested in life and isolated. Then, she came to the YW senior program. She began to live again... she began to flourish! She even started dating. There was nothing quite as special as the smile on her face as she told me her story. The statistics and specialists prove there is even greater need now more than ever for senior programs. But for me, I love to hear the personal stories of joy, growth, and people who stopped believing the lie that they didn’t matter to society anymore because of their involvement in YWCA programs... and now they are fighting for safer streets and working with the youth in their community.”

Senior program at the Union Pacific Empowerment Center. Seniors enjoy new friends, games, live music and healthy snacks.

Seniors participate in a field trip to the Flower Fields in Carlsbad.


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

{dream it } Edison International Computer Service Laboratory “I attend computer classes at the YWCA and they give us strength and power to be up-to-date with technology. As a senior citizen, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn without discrimination.” - Lilia Servin

“I have a great desire to grow, study and I believe that the YWCA has helped me reach that dream. I have learned computer basics and now I can communicate with my family through email. As a senior citizen, the center has helped me improve my social life. Now I have many friends, who I met through the services that the YWCA offers.” - Celia Juarez

2011-12 Annual Report


Urban Campus: The House that Love Built

Los Angeles Job Corps

Construction was completed on the YWCA GLA Job Corps Urban Campus in December 2011 and was officially occupied by residential Job Corps students, Job Corps training centers, Job Corps staff and YWCA GLA staff by March 2012. The new Urban Campus building benefits the Los Angeles Job Corps center and the population served and was built to replace old and outdated service facilities as well as to house the YWCA Administrative Offices.

Job Corps is a free education

“This moment marks the pinnacle achievement of more than 10 years of dreaming, planning, funding, designing and building for our Job Corps students,” states Faye Washington, YWCA GLA CEO. “Together, we have come so far and accomplished so much and now it’s time to celebrate this dream turned reality.”

The YWCA GLA Job Corps provides residential and non-residential programming at no cost to homeless, emancipated, and at-risk youth ages 16-24. Annually, approximately 1,200 youth are served and it is estimated that 65 percent of residents in the program are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The Urban Campus is specifically designed to improve trainee success by removing barriers and through facilitating a more streamlined service delivery model. The Urban Campus is centered in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ South Park business district. The seven-story, 154,000 square foot building contains a state of the art library, computer lab, modernized medical and dental clinic and infirmary, classrooms and residential units for 400 students.

and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible young people, ages 16 to 24, who qualify as low income, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life. “Job Corps works because it focuses on careers for the students and serves employers needs,” states Jackie Honore, Los Angeles Job Corps Center Director. “We are a resource to the employer and the community - our strategy is seeking employers and training students to their specific needs. It’s a win-win effort for the student AND the employer.”

On January 19, 2012, the YWCA Greater Los Angeles officially presented the Department of Labor with the key to the Urban Campus building. The DOL signed a multi-year lease with the YWCA/GLA to facilitate the operation of the Los Angeles Job Corps Program.

Project Milestones in Retrospect: • September 2003 & May 2004 - Land acquired in segments • February 2009 - President Obama signs ARRA economic stimulus package which includes $82,000,000 for Office of Job Corps, which funds the LA Job Corps Center lease • May 2009 - Lease agreement finalized • December 2009 - Construction begins • November 2010 - Topping Out Ceremony • December 2011 - Construction completed • January 2012 - YWCA GLA presented the Department of Labor with the key to the Urban Campus building • March 2012 - YWCA GLA and Job Corps moved into the building


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

{own it }

Economic Empowerment - BizCamp As a YWCA Hallmark Program, Economic Empowerment is woven through all aspects of YWCA’s programming. Multiple efforts with Job Corps students reflect the passion the YWCA has for equipping young people for today’s economy. One such recent effort, a BizCamp pilot program administrated by NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship), was an intensive, two week program for 40 Job Corps students focusing on entrepreneurship. “During the training, students learned about business-related topics such as return on investment, supply and demand, opportunity recognition, and marketing,” stated Jackie Honore, LA Job Corps Center Director. “This partnership with NFTE originated within the last year and we couldn’t be more enthused about what these students learned and how it will positively impact their individual futures.” At the end of the program, students came up with a business idea and then worked to complete a business plan. On September 2nd, during a culmination event, six teams presented their business ideas and plans to a panel of judges. Three top winners were chosen and given prizes. Job Corps student Ashley Johnson

took first prize with her business “Wear Yourself Art”, a business allowing people to design their own shirts with original art. Her plan allowed for groups to engage in art together and schools to contract this business for various reasons. Randy Martell took 2nd place with “Beauty Minded”, a freelance make-up artist company and Amerisa Gonzalez and Kevin Portillo took 3rd place with “Dine in Time”, a retro dining restaurant. The event’s judging panel included: Betty LaMarr, Founder of EmpowHer Institute; Edward Kushell, President of The Franchise Consulting Group; Estelle Reyes, Executive Director of NFTE Greater Los Angeles; Basil Kimbrew, CEO/Founder of CA Friends of the African American Caucus; and Linda Brandon, Career Development Division Director at LAJCC. “One goal of the program was to see how we can help these up-and-coming entrepreneurs realize their goals by preparing them with necessary business tools and helping them identify ways to begin making their dreams a reality including acquiring seed money. We envision something like BizCamp being an ongoing program at Job Corps and throughout the YWCA,” continued Honore.

2011-12 Annual Report


YWCA and Allstate Foundation Host Purple Purse Community Event On October 19th, over 100 people attended a free community Purple Purse event made possible through a partnership between the YWCA and the Allstate Foundation in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. For every attendee, the Allstate Foundation pledged $100 to the YWCA to help support critical services that protect women and children from abuse. This successful event resulted in a $10,000 donation from the Allstate Foundation. “This event was timely in light of recent tragedies concerning the Cindi Santana family as well as the massacre at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach,” stated Sharon Shelton, Senior Director of YWCA GLA Program Services. “During the event, a


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

remembrance altar honored these people as well as other victims of domestic violence.” Attendees had an opportunity to get personalized advice and information regarding domestic violence resources. The event also included a safe room, a place for on-site counseling and intervention. Guests were invited to show support by wearing purple, the official color of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

{own it} Sexual Assault Crisis Services Since 1985, the YWCA Greater Los Angeles has provided Sexual Assault Crisis Services for residents of the Los Angeles area. This program seeks to improve the quality of life for those victimized by sexual assault and strives to expand awareness in the community on issues related to sexual violence. In a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, the YWCA offers rape survivors the support they need and extends this support to family and friends. The program also strives to provide information on the rape trauma syndrome and refer survivors to appropriate medical, legal and social services. Services are provided for those 12 years of age and up at four different program locations: Compton, South Los Angeles, and South Bay/Long Beach. Program services are provided by student interns and volunteers through a 40-hour training program certified by the State of California with particular emphasis on cultural diversity and sensitivity. Services include: • Accompaniment • Community Education • Counseling • Crisis Intervention

Recent Legislation Impacts the YW GLA SACS Efforts Two recent legislative breakthroughs both at the federal and local level greatly aid in the fight against sexual assault and the YWCA GLA Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) efforts. At the federal level, in early January 2012, the Justice Department made a ruling to redefine the word “rape”. This new definition includes men as victims and other details that will lead to a more comprehensive statistical reporting of rape nationwide, as reported by CNN. “These long overdue updates to the definition of rape will help ensure justice for those whose lives have

• Prevention Education • Self Defense • Clothesline Project

been devastated by sexual violence and reflect the Department of Justice’s commitment to standing with rape victims,” Attorney General Eric Holder Holder said. “This new, more inclusive definition will provide us with a more accurate understanding of the scope and volume of these crimes.”

Healing Art Workshops

One unique program offered at the three YWCA GLA SACS locations uses art to assist in healing. Through collaboration with “A Window Between Worlds” (AWBW), an organization focused on art as a tool of healing specifically in the area of Domestic Violence, the YWCA SACS program offers healing art workshops. “We are grateful to work with AWBW because we know that many times sexual assault and domestic violence are linked together,” share Grace Aguilar, YWCA GLA SACS Therapist. “During these monthly workshops, art is used as a healing tool to help clients process the feelings of pain, hurt, guilt and those associated with Rape Trauma Syndrome.”

2011-12 Annual Report


Honor Roll of Donors $100,000 and above City of Los Angeles Edison International L.A. United School District Ralph M. Parsons Foundation State of California United Way Weingart Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center JPMorgan Chase Union Bank of California

$25,000 to $49,999 Citibank Toyota Motor Sales, USA

$10,000 to $24,999 AEG AllState Foundation Haworth Vivian D. Howell LA Confidential Magazine SEIU ULTCW Local 6434 Faye Washington The Winifred Ruth Hessinger Trust

$5,000 to $9,999 Chapman & Associates Green Hasson & Janks LLP IsComp Systems, Inc. Jenkins Gales & Martinez, Inc. Kelsey Nakken PCL Construction Services, Inc. Southern California Gas Company Thomas Properties Group Wells Fargo Foundations $1,000 to $4,999 917 Parts MFG Charmaine Atherton AT&T Bank of America Eleanor Beasley Deborah Beavers-Watford Belasco Theatre Entertainment David Blankmeyer 12

Lisa Cagnolatti The California Endowment Conrad N. Hilton Foundation DLA Piper LLP (US) Hayden Fulstone Tim Gibson Ann Hamilton Maria Hurtado Kathy Ireland Michelle Isenberg Patricia Keane Legal Aid Foundation Los Angeles Urban League Los Angeles World Airports Faith I. Mitchell B.C. Monk Omni Hotel Los Angeles Sarah Smith Orr Jane Pak Peter C. Foy & Associates Polenzani Benefits & Insurance Beth Quillen-Thomas RedStone Project Manager Gloria L. Rice Brenda Rodriquez Walton Construction Services Marie B. Washington

$500 to $999

Sandy Aguiar Marisa Antonini Tracy Solomon Clark Nichole Berklas Bocarsly Emden Cowan Esmail & Arndt LLP Sandra Braham Mercedes Antoinette Brown Barbara Brown Clara Brown Russ Burbank Lucy Ann Cade-Wilson Antoinette Carter Polina Chapiro Natalie Cole Cynthia Colfer Donna Crowder Carolyn DeVinny Robin Emtage

YWCA Greater Los Angeles

John E. Franklin Starla C. Gales Donald R. Henderson Ann Marie Hickambottom Arlene Honbo Jacquelyn Honore Coreen Irani Margaret M. Karren, CPA Caroline Kuperstock Larry Spun Products, Inc. Margaret Leong-Checca Elsa Luna Edward A. Mady Gigi McCrea Elaine Moore Alva Moreno David Nahas Rise Phillips, MPH, MBA Desiree Pierce Jennifer Price Patricia Reed-Cunningham Residential Communities Jack Sample Anilu Sanchez Ethel Sanford-Smith Sharon Shelton Gail Silver Lori Tierney Jasmine Tolentino Mina Trujillo Susan Vaage Helen Washington John Whitaker Carolyn Williams Hope Williams

$250 to $499

Nathan Ackeret Janis Adams Derrick and Annette Angus John A. Atherton Brenda Bass MD Beth Bergman Pedro Birba Joshlyn Black Char Bland Charlotte Tyner Brown Carol Bunche August Caimi

{ dream it, own it, build it } Ellen Chapa Shalinda Dean Grace Fisher-Adams Norma Gonzalez Lynn Goodloe, MD Robert Groff J.R. Hamlett, Sr. Linda Hammond Virginia Harper Heffernan Group Foundation Ruth Hern C.E. Hetrick Melissa Hibbert Monica Holt Irma Hopkins Deloria J. Jones Jeannine Jones Ginger Lai Karen Mayeda Carliss McGhee Bruce Ogier Daryl L. Osby Howard A. Parelskin Paulara Rocharlet Hawkins Seaton & Associates Joe Stalzer Jeanine Taylor Richard Thomas Ashana Thorman TRUIST Verde Concepts, Inc. Barbara Wagner Helen Washington Pamela Washington John Wolf

$100 to $249

Sonia Allen Adriana Alvarado Constance Anderson Nedra Austin Marianne Bamonte Stacy Banks Shirley Jean Better Candance A. Bond Julie Bornstein Celeste Altimari Boydstun Ron Bryan Frieda Caplan

Tasha Carter Mark E. Carruthers Maria Elena Chavez Brian L. Chin Margaret Jo Clark Maritza Y. Collins Eloise Crippens Phyllis Currie-Dunna Luz Diaz Linda Davis Kimberly Didrikson Bill Esaki Maria L. Garcia Bernadette Garland Lonna Gibson Wendy Greuel Timi A. Hallem Sara Ann Hamilton Wendy Hammond Jenna Harris Christian Herrmann, Jr. Winifred Hessinger Teresa Hill Geri Holman Thelma Houston Toi Jackson Deborah Jenkins Kathy Irish Jones Nicole Jones Samantha Jones Ingrid Jo Joan M. Kaloustian Kay W. Kardos Teri Kinne Betsy Klein Neneki M. Lee Karen Lewis Patricia Lott Horace E. Lumpkin Jackie B. Majors Alva Mason Mauria McPoland Judy Miller Noemi Morales Rhianna Morales National YWCA of Korea Maeda Nelson Harold Oakley Mack Oliver Janet Ortiz Juanita Palacios-Sims

Barbara Perkins Roni Pfeffer Cheryl A. Plotkin Michael Popwell Robbin Narike Erika Ramirez Leona Reed Jozella Reed Avis Ridley-Thomas Elainea Robbins Jenny Rodriguez Rubin Sadorra Diane S. Salle Jack Saltzberg Anthonette M. Schimmel Lavern Butler Scriven Melissa Shepherd Joyce Sloss Paula Stamp Jean Angas Starks Helen and Carol Stevenson Georgianna Streeter Douglas K. Stricklin May Chen Tham Brooke Thomas Lisa R. Torneden Gloria Jean Turner LaWinifred Turner Brenda Tyson Helen Washington Denita Willoughby Anne Wimmer Dolores Wong Danielle Wright Anita Wu Linda Young

greater los angeles

Every effort has been made to list all donors for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. If your name is not listed, please call our development office. Thank you in advance for understanding.

2011-12 Annual Report


Financials 2011-12 Public Support & Revenue: $38,736,652

Expenses: $30,038,817


Other Income-3.45%

Job Training-65.55%

Other Programs-5.95%


United Way-.22%



Preschool Age Child Care & Youth Development-11.88%



Numbers Served: 90,828 80000

30000 20000 10000 0


YWCA Greater Los Angeles






Youth Services


Sexual Assault


Child Development and Infant Learning Centers



YWCA GLA Locations 1 YWCA Urban Campus 1020 South Olive Street, 7th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90015

4 Angeles Mesa Empowerment Center 2501 W. Vernon Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90008

2 Studio Club 1215 Lodi Place Los Angeles, CA 90038

5 Compton Empowerment Center 1600 E. Compton Blvd. Compton, CA 90221

3 Union Pacific Empowerment Center 4315 Union Pacific Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90023

6 South Bay Empowerment Center 920 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90813


7 Walnut Park Empowerment Center Opening Fall 2013! 7515 Pacific Blvd. Walnut Park, CA 90255

Glendale Los Angeles 1

Santa Monica

3 7


Compton 5

Long Beach 6

Map of Los Angeles

2011-12 Annual Report


Urban Campus Project Supporter Dave Blankmeyer Receives Corporate Champion Award at 2011 Black & White Benefactrix Ball


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

2011 Black & White Benefactrix Ball 2011 Black & White Benefactrix Ball Celebrates Urban Campus and Project Supporters Dave Blankmeyer receives Corporate Champion Award and Ayahlushim Getachew receives Silver Achievement Award. YWCA Greater Los Angeles celebrated the completion of the downtown Job Corps Urban Campus and its project supporters at the recent 2011 Black & White Benefactrix Ball. Sponsored by Edison International and Union Bank, the event was hosted by Society of Benefactrix, a circle of women who work to be a catalyst for change for women and families in the Greater Los Angeles community. The gala honored individuals who champion the YWCA/GLA mission and who made significant contributions to the development of the highly anticipated downtown Urban Campus project, a fully-funded 154,000 square

foot, seven story facility, that will provide free housing, meals, vocational training and support for youth of the Los Angeles community. Dave Blankmeyer of PCL Construction received the 2011 Corporate Champion Award and Ayahlushim Getachew, Vice President of Thomas Properties Group received the 2011 Silver Achievement Award. The fundraiser drew 384 attendees representing LA’s top business leaders, humanitarians, financial supporters, dignitaries and celebrities to raise awareness and funds in support of YWCA GLA community programs. Comedian Shelley Dennis was the event’s Mistress of Ceremony and comedian Kym Whitley returned this year as the Celebrity Auctioneer. The theme for this event was “Urban Campus...The House That Love Built: Celebrating the Power of Faith, Fight,

{ dream it, own it, build it } Favor and Friends”. Faye Washington, CEO YWCA GLA said, “The YWCA GLA and its partners fight the good fight of empowering our youth to be self sufficient. Our programs are designed to send arrows of hope into the future so generations will benefit. Now that we have achieved this dream against impossible odds, with increased faith and vigor, we are turning our sights on launching the Empowerment Village. A community that is built on the city block surrounding the Urban Campus, that will offer affordable housing for Job Corps graduates, retail spaces, Arts & Culture Museum, health complex and much more to enrich the downtown community experience for our young graduates and downtown community at large. Thank you to our partners, donors, friends and members who generously donate their power, resources, time and funding to provide girls, women and families in our community ‘Safe Spaces to Live, Learn and Grow’.”

2011-12 Annual Report



Laphonza Butler was named YWCA GLA 2012 Phenomenal Woman of the Year.


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

2012 Phenomenal Woman Awards Luncheon

{ dream it, own it, build it }

The 2012 Phenomenal Woman Awards Luncheon, presented

Supporters of the event included Vivian D. Howell, DLA

by Union Bank, Edison International and Toyota, was held

Piper, ISComp, Los Angeles Urban League, Unisource,

on Wednesday, May 16, 2012. LA’s top women executives

UPS, Polenzani Benefits. The Phenomenal Woman Awards

were saluted at the yearly luncheon held at the Omni Los

fundraiser draws Southern California’s top women executives

Angeles Hotel. Media Sponsors were Clear Channel Media and

and leaders to salute their accomplishments before an

Entertainment and Los Angeles Confidential Magazine. Other

audience of the Los Angeles business community.

top sponsors included Wells Fargo, SEIU, The Gas Company, JPMorgan Chase, AEG, PCL, Jenkins Gales & Martinez. Hosted by Clear Channel’s radio personality Josefa Salinas the event’s theme was “Saluting Women Who Inspire Change.” During the event, Laphonza Butler was named YWCA GLA 2012 Phenomenal Woman of the Year. Butler is the President of SEIU United Long Term Care Workers (ULTCW), which represents 180,000 in-home caregivers and nursing home workers throughout California and is the largest local in the state.

2011-12 Annual Report


Society of Benefactrix End-of-Summer Soiree Hosted by Tiffany & Co. Over 70 Society of Benefactrix members and guests enjoyed a private shopping experience during the YW “End-of-Summer Soiree” Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at Tiffany & Co Beverly Center where Tiffany & Co. unveiled their fall line of jewelry. Each member was recognized for their continued support and dedication to the mission and work of the YWCA. “As the definition of the Society of Benefactrix mentions,

YW Board member, Melissa Hibbert, gave the welcome and encouraged non-members to join while Board President Vivian Howell did the presentations. For more information about Society of Benefactrix contact Maritza Collins at (213) 251-1317 or

this group of women have chosen to be catalysts for change on behalf of the Los Angeles community by giving their support to the YWCA,” stated Faye Washington, YWCA CEO. “We are grateful for these strong, beloved supporters - they stand alongside us as we fight for the women and families of Los Angeles.”

Society of Benefactrix President Level members and above receive custom-made YWCA GLA,Tiffany & Co. sterling silver jewelry as a token of appreciation for their support.


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

YWCA 117th Annual Meeting The YWCA GLA held its 118th

talent and music from the

Annual Membership Meeting

Taiko Center of Los Angeles

on Thursday, September 6th

drummers. New members joined

at the Kyoto Grand Hotel

the YWCA GLA during the

and Japanese Gardens in

event and an opportunity

Los Angeles. This year’s

drawing occurred for an

event focused on the unique

iPad, iPod and $500 iTunes

position of the YWCA as

gift card.

{ dream it, own it, build it }

a membership AND service organization and the response was positive. Guests enjoyed keynote speakers Betsy BerkhemerCredaire and Renee White Fraser, Ph.D., talk radio hosts and business experts. Entertainment was a brilliant display of


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

2011-12 Annual Report


{ dream it, own it, build it }

Founded in 1894, the YWCA Greater Los Angeles is a women’s membership movement built on the mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. As a YWCA, we advocate for justice and dignity for all people. For over a century, the YWCA Greater Los Angeles has provided housing and supportive services. YWCA GLA is pioneering a model of community centers and housing - co-created with diverse stakeholders - to transform lives, build self-reliance and, ultimately, strengthen communities.

The YWCA Greater Los Angeles: Safe space to live, learn and grow.


YWCA Greater Los Angeles

YWCA GLA Board of Directors: Chief Executive Officer Faye Washington Officers: Vivian D. Howell President Eleanor Beasley Vice President Jane Pak Secretary

Constance Anderson Treasurer

Elected Members: Lisa Cagnolatti Maria L. Garcia Melissa R. HibbĂŠrt Samantha W. Jones Patricia Keane Alva P. Mason Robbin Narike Preciado

2011-12 Annual Report


greater los angeles

1020 S. Olive Street, 7th Floor Los Angeles 90015 Tel: (213) 365-2991 Fax: (213) 365-9887

2011-12 YWCA GLA Annual Report  

2011-12 YWCA GLA Annual Report

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