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Please register below, and circle the course name(s) you wish to enroll in as soon as possible. Submit to BBHS to the attention of Barbara Shumway, Guidance Dept. Payment secures your placement in the course until the maximum seats are filled. 10% discount for early registration deadline: April 22, 2011. Payment is due on or before the registration deadline of May 13, 2011. Confirmation will be mailed to you.

Bishop Brady High School

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Summer Academy High School Credit Courses

2011 Summer Academy Honors Algebra I-Incoming 9th graders 1.0 credit $600.00 This course runs Mon-Thurs. 9:00-noon (6 weeks), June 20-June 23; (break) July 5-Aug.4th This course presents an in-depth exploration and development of basic algebraic concepts, with emphasis on theory, techniques, and problem solving. Pre-requisite: Algebra I-for incoming 9th graders who intend to take Honors Geometry (Pre-requisite for Honors Geometry: A grade of 80% in Honors Alg.I) Instructor: Mr. Bill Heath

Honors Geometry-Grades 10-11 1.0 credit $600.00 This course runs Mon-Thurs. 9:00-noon (6 weeks), June 20-June 23; (break) July 5-Aug.4th This course is an in-depth exploration of the concepts of plane and 3-dimensional geometry. The course emphasizes deductive reasoning and rigorous proof which are the foundations of higher mathematics. Students are required to understand and use the vocabulary and concepts of geometry. Students will develop deductive and inductive reasoning skills through the writing of proofs and problem solving. Students will practice solving problems and work on various cooperative and independent exercises, and proofs in their day-today work. Students will complete daily homework assignments and maintain an organized notebook. This course includes an on-line component which will include on-line worksheets, tests, and quizzes. Students will need a compass, a protractor, a straight edge, a TI-83/84 calculator, a three ring binder with tabs, and pencils with erasers. Prerequisites: 80% in Honors Algebra I and completion of 9th grade. This course meets one of the prerequisites for Pre-Calculus. Text required: ISBN#0471510025 Elem.Geom (Gustafson) Email instructor to buy used book. Instructor:Mrs. Raina Fitzgerald

Honors Spanish II-Grades 9-10 1.0 credit $600.00 This course runs Mon-Thurs. 8:30-11:30 for 6 weeks, begins Monday, June 27th- August 5th. BBHS Prerequisites apply for Bishop Brady students. This class provides flexibility in foreign language classes during the regular school year. The benefits being that it will allow students taking Spanish I their freshman year the opportunity to take AP Spanish their senior year; or a student, who did not do well in Spanish II, but plans to continue in Spanish III, could benefit from this class as a non-credit remedial class to prepare them for Spanish III. Due to the condensed time frame, the student should expect to spend a good deal of time working independently outside of class. Text book : Vistas ISBN-13: 798-1-60007-104-1 or ISBN-10: 1-60007-104-X Email instructor to buy used book. Instructor: Mr. David Mathes

CAD 3-D Grades 8-11 .50 credit $275.00 This course runs Mon-Thurs 8:30-2:00 for two weeks, beginning Tues. July 5-14th. Materials included. Explore 3-D CAD ((3-D ComputerAided Drafting Software) Have you ever wondered how the things around us are made? They all start with a design. This includes cars, iPods, WiMOTES, computers, cell phones, machines, etc. Use software that millions of designers, engineers and digital artists are using. Invent something new! Possible opportunities include: 2-D sketching, 3-D solid design, model making, rapid prototyping, creating blueprints, starting a portfolio, exploring college and career options. Seats: Min.10/Max.15 Instructor: Mr. Harrison

Great Religions-Grade 12 .50 credit $250.00 This course begins Wed., July 6th from 8:00-10:00, and Thurs,July 7th from 8:00-12:30,and continues Mon-Thurs. July 11-14, and MonWed., July 18-20th from 8-12:30. Great Religions is an overview of the major religions of the world. Students will take an objective and neutral approach to the study of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. In the study of these religions, it is the goal for student s to gain an understanding, respect and appreciation for the role that these religions play in the world, past, present and future. Students will be challenged to the values that are found within these religions in order to enhance their own faith, lives, and beliefs. Instructor: Mrs. Alison Cloutier

Please call Ms.Shumway at 224-9106 with any questions or email:

BBHS Summer Academy Courses  
BBHS Summer Academy Courses  

Bishop Brady is proud to offer a selection of courses offered during the summer. Successful completion of these courses will earn high scho...