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September/October 2016 Vol. 10 No. 5



Bundles of joy. It’s what we deliver. From the day you find out to the day you deliver, there’s nothing more important to Longview Regional Medical Center than your and your baby’s health and well-being. This is why we provide extra amenities such as private rooms, spacious birthing suites, childbirth classes and breastfeeding support. And if you and your newest addition need a little extra help, we offer perinatal services that include maternal-fetal medicine specialists and a Level III NICU. For more information about our labor and delivery services, visit

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Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Considering Our Motives

What’s Inside

Creating an economic environment that allows individuals to live out their dreams.

President’s Message................................ 3

Ensuring we have a business climate that supports wealth creation and prosperity.

VOTE! Let Your Voice Be Heard!................ 6

our Chamber believes in Longview and the opportunities that are and can be in place for you to be successful. In order for us to experience the “ultimate” environment we must remove our blinders and know our local predicament. We must understand issues through the lenses of others. And together we can address the issues that create struggles in your business. The leadership of the chamber understood that it would take time to gain buy-in and trust. The journey began by committing to conducting research by investigating other communities’ best practices when dealing with homelessness, poverty, re-development, education attainment levels, etc. On September 7 & 8, a team of 30 people will be in Evansville, IN to explore, contrast, and brain storm about how to integrate appropriate best practices in Longview. These investigative trips allow business and community leaders to remove the blinders and see the challenges that are stumbling blocks to creating and enhancing our community. While on these trips attendees forge relationships that allow for a deeper trust to be built. Possibilities and dreams are discussed. A shared vision and hope allows silos to be broken down and the real work of collaboration can begin. One of the greatest outcomes since the InterCity trips began 5 years ago was the approval of the comprehensive plan in the spring of 2015, built by hundreds of people from across the community participating in task forces, surveys, round table meetings, etc. The plan hasn’t been sitting on the shelf since it was approved; the City created a short list of areas that could be immediately addressed. They have forged partnerships to move the plan forward. One of the more recent ones was the partnership with LEDCO to begin the work on the small area plans for downtown and the I20 corridor. It is important we all remain engaged in the process. Chamber leaders believe we need to create an economic environment that can ride out the hurdles that come our way. This requires preparation, environmental scans, and strategies to support the great work being done across Longview.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy.................. 9


Kelly Hall President/CEO

Training - Do It Online.............................. 4 Small Business Development Center.......... 5 Discover Longview................................... 8 State of The City Luncheon....................... 8 Chamber Classic Golf Tournament............. 9 Leadership Longview............................... 9 Business After Hours............................. 10 Maximize Your Marketing Dollars............. 10 Elected Officials Reception..................... 10 Advocacy Insights.................................. 11 Ribbon Cuttings..................................... 12 New Members & Anniversaries................ 13 Emerging Leaders Awards Luncheon....... 14 Calendar............................................... 15 Longview Progress Report is published bi-monthly by:

410 North Center Street / Longview, Texas 75601 903-237-4000 / @LongviewChamber

The Chamber’s motives are clear, we believe in Longview. We believe we can design how we want the future to be. That future requires preparation, collaboration, and intentional work. Our goal is to join forces with businesses and organizations across our region to build a community that allows individuals to live their dreams. Will you join us? We believe it is the role of the Chamber, which is your investor, to lead and act boldly to protect our business climate and encourage development, to ensure we have a vibrant community where people want to live, work, and play! September - October 2016 | Longview Progress Report


Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Training - Do it Online


onsider Us YOUR complete Training & Development Department all in one place on your private platform. We offer 30 libraries representing 2,000 of the best-in-class course content in business, technology & soft skills training. There are 15 online courses with certificates of completion. Over 18 million people have taken the courses offered through Global Classroom...and counting. Longview Chamber of Commerce Business Solutions Online Training is considered by many to be the most affordable and quickest way to train your workforce. Powered by Global Classroom, the course offering is immense and covers many subjects and skills. The courses are prepared by the best online educators and trainers including Microsoft, FranklinCovey, Emily Post, Skillsoft and many more. Some of the course libraries offered are Accounting & Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources for Managers, Information Technology, Communication, Project


Longview Progress Report | September - October 2016

Management, Leadership, Sales, Social Media & Apps, Marketing and Career Readiness. These are only some of the course libraries offered each with 22-194 courses. Likely the most affordable and most professional method available online, Global Classroom’s subscription libraries provide members with unlimited access to courses that are focused on the job-relevant skills required to succeed in today’s global economy. All courses completed recognize the member with a Certificate or a Badge of Participation. There are three ways to take advantage of our Business Solutions Online through Global Classroom. Course Libraries are the most popular. Subscription to a course library is $15 per month per user, providing unlimited access to courses that are focused on the job-relevant skills required to succeed in today’s global economy. Select single courses are available for members to purchase at $15 per course. There’s no monthly subscription fee required and members have unlimited access to the course for 30 days. Discounts apply for 100+ single course purchases. The Certification Programs recognize members for the completion of an educational program that is focused on a subject area. These include a series of interactive learning modules that include video-rich lectures, quizzes & printable guides to help conceptualize key points and apply learned skills. Many Certifications also prepare members for examinations that are required by the accrediting organization. Members have unlimited access to the content of the Certification Program for twelve months. Sign up and discover why over 18 million have taken our courses and counting... https:// longviewchamber.

2016 Officers Wade Johnson

Chairman of the Board Johnson & Pace Incorporated

Ken Cunningham

Immediate Past Chairman of the Board Good Shepherd Health System, Inc.

Roy Eon

Chairman of Finance

Pat Britton

Eastman Chemical Company, Texas Operations

Ron Hutchison Network IP

Roger Johnson

Texas Office Leasing

Dana Parr

Copeland Insurance Group

Brad Tidwell

Citizens National Bank

2016 Directors James Barron

Barron’s / J & J Barron Enterprises LLC

David Hayes

Hayes RV Center

Brett Lindig

SYSCO Food Services, LLC

Sam Neale

AAON Coil Products Inc

Rodney Overman Henry & Peters, P.C.

Meredith Todd

R. Lacy Services, LTD

2016 Appointed Directors Natalie Lynch

Austin Bank Texas NA

Ronnie McKinney

Gregg County Commissioner Precinct 1

Becky Simpson

Judge Gregg County Court at Law 1

Cheryl Jaskiewicz

Pinnacle Senior Living, LLC

Kelly Hall

President/CEO Longview Chamber of Commerce

Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Staff Kelly Hall

President/CEO 903-237-4004

Paul Anderson

Senior Vice President Director of Communications 903-237-4041

Leska Parker

Director of Development 903-918-1546

Suzanne Brown

Public Policy & Communications Director 903-237-4003

Lisa Monsivais

Business/Office Manager 903-237-4013

David Jochum

Director of Business & Membership Development 903-237-4023

Shalee Faircloth

Membership Services Coordinator 903-237-4000

Amy Canton

Leadership Longview Coordinator 903-261-7125

On Contract Courtney Gill

Young Entrepreneurs Academy Coordinator 903-452-7521

Small Business Development Center


he Small Business Development Center funds, obtaining necessary suppliers, helping in (SBDC) is a professional management determining your legal entity, and evaluating counseling/training service in partnership with the purchase of a franchise or existing business. the U.S. Small Business Administration. The In 2016, the SBDC has been recognized for SBDC is designed to provide potential and their outstanding service. The Kilgore SBDC existing businesses in the Gregg, Harrison, was recently named the state’s SBDC of the Year Rusk, Upshur, Panola, and Marion County with by the North Texas SBDC Network. The SBDC the practical assistance needed to survive, grow of the Year is awarded based on exceeding and prosper. The SBDC offers FREE individual performance milestones: long term clients, new counseling in such areas as new business business start-ups and capital infusion. Brad feasibility and start-up, business plan Bunt, Director of the SBDC, has been awarded preparation, loan document preparation, loan the 2016 Texas State Star due to his performance consolidation analysis, financial management, excellence and exceeding all previous records and general management strategies for small for capital formation and job creation. Also, in businesses engaged in retail, service, 2016, Bunt was named, “Corporate Citizen of manufacturing and the wholesale industries. the Year,” by the East Texas Council of Utilizing certified business advisors and Governments for the Kilgore College’s SBDC’s professionals recruited from the business world, work regionally with businesses in East Texas. the SBDC provides hands-on, expert instruction The SBDC’s services are completely on various business topics, such as introductory confidential and available free of charge to all topics for those planning to start a business to residents of the service area. To schedule an more advanced topics aimed at the experienced appointment with a business advisor or to small business owner. The SBDC has access to a receive more information on upcoming SBDC wide range of information for business success, training programs, call the SBDC at such as IBIS reports, comparative expense (903)757-5857 or visit ratios, business listings of all Come see what a locally-owned registered businesses in the independent bank can do for you ... United States and Canada, all free of charge for Kilgore College SBDC clients. If you own an established business, the SBDC can help you in the following areas: conducting financial analysis and improving profitability, developing competitive strategies, coping with government regulations and taxes, designing a market plan, hiring and managing employees, understanding and securing loans/other sources of capital, keeping abreast of current technology, researching suppliers and customer leads from a 16,000,000+ business databank, and seeking capitol for expansion or a line of credit. If you are planning your business start-up, the SBDC can help you with: determining the 3700 Gilmer Road feasibility of a new business 202 Hollybrook Drive concept, developing a business 903-759-0751 plan, seeking sources of start-up September - October 2016 | Longview Progress Report


Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

VOTE! Let Your Voice Be Heard!


t’s has been a unique and busy election year! There have been primaries for nominees for state senate and house resulting in primary run-offs for state senate. School board changes. City council changes. Heading toward November is one of the most controversial presidential elections in our recent history with traditional party splits and divisiveness. Social media is rampant with opinions and determinations from those who want to sit this one out. Add to that the recent 5th circuit court decision striking down Texas’ 2010 voter id laws. Now is not the time to languish in apathy on the couch: now is the time to Vote and Let Your Voice Be Heard! “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” Edward R. Murrow

Even today there are countries where people still fight for this right. • Do you want to have elected officials in office who represent your needs and concerns? Vote. • Candidates make determinations for funding. Vote for those who support causes important to you. • “The millennial generation (consisting of 80 million people and growing) is lazy!” Fight the stereotype – vote. • Our government is designed on citizen participation – if you do not vote, someone else will make these decisions for you. How independent is that? • Elected officials decide how to spend your hard earned tax money. Vote for those who you agree with their point of view. • Do you want to change education? Vote for EVERY VOTE COUNTS local and state school board members who set public education policy and budgets. • Do you need a good job? Think pay equity, fairness in hiring, and workplace safety. Vote. • Crime prevention, laws and enforcement, safe and affordable housing, transportation, schools, parks and recreation and the Comprehensive Plan. Vote for the betterment of your community.

Voting has not always been a civil right for all US Citizens. Throughout US history, people have fought and died for these rights. The Revolutionary war made us an independent nation governing ourselves, though not everyone had the privilege to vote. The 14th Amendment provided for all persons born within the U.S. are citizens and guaranteed rights and privileges (1868). The 15th amendment provided that no citizen be denied the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude (1870). The 19th Amendment provided that no citizen shall be abridged of their right to vote based on sex (1920). The Indian citizenship Act of 1924 declared all non-citizen Native Americans born in the U.S.A. to be citizens with the right to vote. The 24th Amendment provided that no poll tax is allowed or failure to pay any other tax shall prevent a person from voting (1964). The 26th Amendment provided all persons 18 or older shall not be abridged of their right to vote (1971). It has been a long, hard journey, but how privileged are we that we are able to change the course of our leadership and country by the peaceful impact of voting our choice and opinion rather than by military coup or force. We continue our peaceful transition of power. Yet with all this hard work to attain these rights, the U.S. still trails most developed countries in voter turnout.



“The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.” Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th President of the United States

Why Vote?

You have the right and you have a voice. Voting gives you a voice in government. The popular tendency to express oneself through social media does not change law or leadership; only your vote has that power. Women, underrepresented groups and young people fought hard for this right. 6

Longview Progress Report | September - October 2016

Time Lines • Voter Registration is due October 11, 2016 in order to vote in the November election. • Early voting is October 24, 2016-November 4, 2016. • Election Day is November 8, 2016.

How? Register. Make sure you are registered and register if you are not! Registration requires filling out a form and physically filing it at the Election Administrator’s office. In Gregg County the Elections Administrator is Kathryn Nealy, P.O. Box 2827, Longview, 75606 (903) 236-8458 Phone; fill out a form on line, print it out and mail it to Elections Administrator’s office: Smith County the Elections Administrator is Karen Nelson, 302 E Ferguson St, Tyler, 75702 (903)590-4777; information online at aspx. The ultimate guide to Texas voter registration status is at where you can also check your voter registration status. The Chamber also has voter registration cards that you can come by and pick up, and provides voting information on their website. Remember to encourage your friends and neighbors to vote. Research the candidates to make an informed decision. Do not rely on social media to fill the knowledge void. Vote! Let Your Voice be Heard! - Continued on page 8

Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

September - October 2016 | Longview Progress Report


Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Vote! Let Your Voice be Heard! - Continued from page 6 Research the candidates and the issues and listen to both sides of the argument. Watch the debates, review candidate web sites, review voting guides, review the League of Women Voters guide, Council on Foreign Relations Campaign 2016 site, and state legislators web site for those in office. Become better informed in order to make an educated decision on your positions and how you choose to vote. Find your polling location ahead of time. Check at the county web site or the state web site. Vote Early. Take advantage of early voting. Life happens and last minute issues can impede voting on the actual Election Day. Voting is important to your future. Understanding some of the history, the reasons why and how you can get involved will empower you to vote and persuade others to engage in their civic rights. Ultimately, Your Vote Matters. Engage in the peaceful transition of power.

Discover Longview – Third and Final Boarding!


he third Discover Longview Tour for 2016 will be held Friday, October 21, 2016. The tour is free and is the last tour of this format. Beginning in 2017, the tour becomes part of the executive leadership training program. On our final tour, climb aboard for a day of discovering the great attractions and events in Longview, with a focus on employee engagement. The tour will commence in an air-conditioned bus and will include a delicious lunch compliments of Bear Creek Smokehouse. This is a great opportunity for the Hospitality Industry, Human Resources and Hiring Managers, College Admittance / Student Relations professionals, Assisted Living Activity Professionals, and Realtors / Developers to attract and retain people to Longview! Please dress comfortably and wear low-heeled, closed toe shoes. For more information call the Chamber at 903.237.4000.

State of the City Luncheon


e invite you to join us as Longview Mayor Andy Mack takes the stage on Wednesday, September 28, 2016, for his State of the City Address. Elected officials, business leaders and community leaders will come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the Longview Community and discuss the future opportunities and challenges that we face. The luncheon will be held at Pinecrest Country Club from 11:30am-1:00pm. Tickets can be purchased for $25 per person through the Chamber’s web site. For more information, contact Dave Jochum at djochum@

611 S. Mobberly Avenue Longview, Texas 75602 903.758.1773 • 800.530.4888 8

Longview Progress Report | September - October 2016

Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Young Entrepreneurs Academy are excited to be kicking off our 4th year of the WeYoung Entrepreneur’s Academy and again partnering with Pine Tree ISD. The school year is quickly approaching and our students will hit the ground running with classroom instruction by Ms. Barrow Mitchell. Prior to the summer break, students participating in the 2016-2017 YEA! Program were given the opportunity to begin their idea generation. During the first few weeks of class, students will learn the concept of business ideas versus business opportunities and with no time being wasted, by the end of September, businesses will be well on the way to being launched. The 2016-2017 YEA! Program is packed with entrepreneurial education and activities including four field trips, eleven guest speakers, marketing, graphic designers, Innovation Showcase, CEO Roundtable, numerous mentors and one of our most anticipated events of the 2017 year, the 3rd Annual Investor Panel. Guest speakers will include topics of Insurance & Risk Management, Accounting Principles, E-Commerce, Marketing and Branding, and so much more. Peter Drucker stated, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” These students are creating their future! Ready or not Longview, new Entrepreneurs are coming to town!

Leadership Longview Longview Class of 2016-2017 starts ThewithLeadership an opening retreat at Sky Ranch in September. Thanks to retreat sponsors, the Longview Economic Development Corporation, and Texana Bank, the class spends two days connecting as a team and learning leadership skills. This group of 28 area leaders will hear from John Grubbs on the 5 keys of leadership and learn to understand their natural leadership style with Dave Jochum. This new class will also tackle low and high ropes, a human maze, a cattle drive and more. In October the Class has an Economic Development Day, sponsored by Texas Bank and Trust and Eastman Chemical Company. They will meet with leaders from the City and County including Judge Bill Stout, Chamber President Kelly Hall, Mayor Andy Mack and others to learn about city and county government and how they can get involved in the future growth of Longview. The Leadership Longview Class of 2016-2017 includes: Amy Allen, St. Mary’s Catholic School, Finney Alverez, Longview Transit, John Andrews, Network Communications, Steve Brown, Prosperity Bank, Andy Burnfield, Primerica, Dana Carter, Longview Regional Medical Center, Jeremy Davis, Eastman Chemical Company, Carla Dixon, Eastman Credit Union, Amy Dodgen, Longview Fire Department, Tyler Fritz, Gans and Smith Insurance Agency, Jennifer Harper, Texas Bank and Trust, and Johanna Hodges, Texana Bank.

Business Professionals Connect On The Golf Course The Chamber Classic Golf Tournament is once again a sold out success. The one-day networking event provides opportunities for business professionals who participate to leave with sales leads, business referrals and prospective clients. The laid back, casual atmosphere at the exclusive course at Pinecrest Country Club provides the perfect venue for players to connect with business owners and community members, to win great prizes and to enjoy outstanding food while experiencing course exclusivity during the tournament. A special thank you to The Chamber Classic Co-Chairs: Cliff Hale, Citizens National Bank and Craig Parr, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, and the many volunteers that make this golf tournament a continued success. Sponsorships and teams sell out quickly. For information on 2017 Sponsorships and Team Registrations contact Lisa Morgan at or Dave Jochum at

September - October 2016 | Longview Progress Report


Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

you finalize where you will spend your marketing Before dollars for 2017, be sure to review the Chamber’s

opportunities for promoting your business to newcomers, visitors, residents and businesses. The Chamber offers over one million dollars’ worth of sponsorships and advertising ranging from a business description in the annual city map to presenting sponsorship of advocacy, business and education initiatives. Until October 12, 2016, Chamber members have the chance to work with Chamber volunteers trained in finding the best solution to promote your business. Over 60 professionals will be reaching out to members to make appointments to discuss your marketing plan and how the chamber’s sponsorships can help achieve successful results. Many times, volunteers report back that members “didn’t even know the chamber was involved in that program.” Another benefit to answering the call, is that you have the opportunity to build a connection with a potential new customer and share something he or she may not know about your business. So, do not delay in being a part of the 2016 Total Resource Campaign! If you have not been contacted yet, please don’t wait!


Elected Officials Reception

ark your calendars for the upcoming

Elected Officials Reception on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. The event will be held from 4:45pm-6:30pm at Pinecrest Country Club, 214 Club Dr, Longview, TX 75602. Take the time to meet with our elected officials to say “thank you” for the hard work they put in to represent our area whether it be school board, city, county, state or federal level. Enjoy live music in a festive environment while enjoying good conversation just one week prior to election night!

Contact Leska Parker at 903-918-1546 or, and she will have a volunteer reach out to you immediately!

CATERING • The Largest Trained & Qualified Catering Staff in East Texas • Fresh, made from scratch menus prepared & executed especially for your event

What makes traditions catering so extraordinary? Whether it’s a formal wedding reception, corporate event, holiday gathering, or business meeting, Traditions offers an extensive menu with a variety of options for catering events of all sizes. In addition to hosting your event in one of our beautiful on-site private dining rooms, we also provide our catering services at a variety of off-site locations. From offices, convention centers, schools, churches and more, our Catering team is available to serve at the location of your choice. Traditions Catering takes care of all the details ensuring that your special event is perfect!

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6205 S. Broadway Ave. • Tyler, TX 75703 • 903.534.1111 •


Longview Progress Report | September - October 2016

Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Advocacy Insight


Your Chamber at Work On Behalf Of Business: Advocacy in 2016!

our advocacy team doesn’t rest. Looking forward into 2017, key issues are being organized into summits for educating and challenging members on issues critical to the business community. Transportation is still the behemoth that challenges lawmakers and interests alike to create adequate funding to equate to the incredible growth rate in our state. Energy is a large part of the local economy and the United States has once again become the number one exporter of oil/ natural gas. What are the challenges this fossil fuel economy faces given environmental consciousness, the new generation’s obsession with going green, and the inevitable limitations of fossil fuel economy? Looking toward education, this July our state candidates have already begun preparing to hit the ground running when the Texas legislature is back in session. After a day-long summit on education funding, they are poised to address this dilemma. We’ll take a look at education as it pertains to the workforce and current local economy and look outward to see what needs to be in place to meet the future workforce needs. In addition, what support mechanisms are missing that need to be provided to ensure student success and transition to a productive citizen?



s we roll into fall, the elections are at the forefront of many citizens’ thoughts. Texas state laws on voter id passed in 2010, HB14, have been struck down by the 5th Circuit Court. Modifications to soften the law have been agreed upon, but further action is ongoing. How does that translate into the November elections? Your chamber has begun a Get Out the Vote campaign that encompasses video messaging disseminated through social media. We’ll be providing voter registration forms and registration check at all chamber events until the registration deadline of October 11, 2016. Early voting is October 24 – November 4, 2016. Election Day is November 8, 2016.

CyberSecurity Summit Schedule November 10, 2016


yberSecurity continues to be at the forefront of business risk assessment and consumer personal attack. Cyber Space seems to have levelled the playing field allowing more participants in this new form of international warfare. Last year the chamber produced a CyberSecurity Summit that exceeded expectations. A large panel of experts ranging from the U.S. Chamber CyberSecurity division to Department of Homeland Security, to NIST, FBI, to local experts from TSTC and Eastman Chemical Company, provided a discussion on the increasingly challenging and intrusive CyberSecurity. This November, many of them return with a look at new challenges and break-out sessions for hands-on training. This will be an extraordinary event. Early registration is until October 28, 2016, at $59 for members and $79 for nonmembers; regular registration commences until November 4, 2016, at $69 for members and $89 for nonmembers.

Longview Chamber of Commerce (LCC) signs on as a co-plaintiff challenging DOL overtime rule.


he LCC signed on to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) and Texas Association of Business (TAB) lawsuit challenging the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) overtime rule. There has been much discussion regarding the DOL, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Overtime Regulation set to go into effect December 1, 2016. This will have a significant impact not only on the members we serve but also on many chambers directly. Based on the DOL’s decision to enact the rule, the TAB and the USCC invited our chamber to join as a co-plaintiff to file suit and challenge the new “Overtime Rule” promulgated by the DOL.

September - October 2016 | Longview Progress Report


Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Ribbon Cuttings & Grand Openings Behavioral Innovations 701 Glencrest Ln Longview, TX

Citizens National Bank 800 Gilmer Rd Longview, TX

Cricket Wireless 409 W Loop 281 Longview, TX

Excel ER 120 Clay St Longview, TX

Naturally White 103 W Loop 281 Longview, TX

On The Border Purple Monkey Interiors 1426 A McCann Rd Longview, TX

Top Notch Supply 3876 Whitehurst Rd. Longview, TX

World Of Wonders

200 W Loop 281 Longview, TX

Texas Best Events 1200 S White Oak Rd. White Oak, TX

Tractor Supply Co. 2707 LEDCO Dr. Longview, TX

112 Tyler St. Longview, TX


Longview Progress Report | September - October 2016

Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

New Members Aggressive Air Solutions John Dossey 105 Montie Suite 100 Longview TX 75604 (903) 475-2777

Alpine Dry Cleaners & Laundry Service Inc. Craig Benedict 1218 Alpine Rd Longview TX 75601 (903) 758-4131

Alpine Presbyterian Church Gordon Blackman 135 Hiette Lane at Tryon Rd Longview TX 75605 (903) 663-1368

Barber Institute of Texas Wray Wade 2430 S High St #B4 Longview, TX, 75601 (903) 236-9695

Behavioral Hospital of Longview Paula Florczykowski 22 Bermuda Ln Longview TX 75605 (903) 291-3456

Behavioral Innovations Stephanie Deker 701 Glencrest Ln Longview TX 75601 (430) 625-7905


Bolton Alford 2309 Gilmer Rd Longview, TX 75604 (844) 334-1201




Kern’s Bakery

Purple Monkey Interior

Legacy Academy

Rotolo’s Pizzeria

David Delorme 1009 E Marshall Ave Longview TX 75601 (903) 759-2681

Tracy Edwards 1426 A McCann Rd Longview TX 75601 (903) 452-4418

Amanda Florczykowski 1400 E Loop 281 Longview TX 75605 (903) 235-0979

Justin Carr 9969 Loveland Ct Shreveport LA 71106 (318) 840-9690


Secure Payment Solutions

Naturally White Longview

Super 8 Motel

Tanya Gipson 1501 E Whaley St. Longview TX 75601 (903) 331-4950

Dameon Green 5415 S Donnybrook Ave Tyler TX 75703 (903)747-5708

Wendy Wilburn Shelton 103 W Loop 281 Longview TX 75605 (903) 405-3510

Priti Patel 203 N Spur 63 Longview TX 75601 (903) 757-7858

On The Border

Teddy Ott Insurance Agency

PhyNet Inc.

Texas Best Events

Adam Thompson 200 W Loop 281 Longview TX 75605 (903) 781-3095

Teddy Ott 101 W Hawkins Pkwy Longview TX 75605 (430) 625-7993

John Ford 4002 Technology Center Longview TX 75605 (903) 247-0484

Sesh Mehta 1200 S White Oak Rd #551 White Oak TX 75693 (903) 374-3736

Primerica Financial Services

Texas Best Smokehouse

Andrew Burnfield 411 N Fredonia St Suite 114 Longview TX 75606 (903) 236-2891

Callie Rucas 3302 S Eastman Rd Longview TX 75605 (903) 248-4300

Milestone Anniversaries September / October American HomePatient J LeGrande Northcutt Jim King Photography Success Mortgage Partners Tommy Thomas & Associates David Simpson - State Representative Julie Woods & Associates Real Estate Firm B & J Security Advanced Industries August Wallace Eyecare Associates Rivers Recycling, LLC Plano Marine of East Texas


GCI “When Training Matters”



Tri City Charter Boot Barn Network Communications Clayton Place Properties LLC Evergreen At Longview




Pack & Mail Whataburger of East Texas Billy B Westbrook Wood Hollow Golf Club


Alco-Air Ledbetter Plumbing September - October 2016 | Longview Progress Report


Leading Longview People. Place. Prosperity.

Emerging Leaders Awards Luncheon


he Emerging Leaders Awards Luncheon highlights and honors three outstanding leaders under the age of 40 who have made exceptional contributions to the Longview community. These honorees have demonstrated a passion to serve as an inspiration to others in an effort to improve the quality of life in our city as well as exhibiting a dedication to excellence in their area of expertise. Through commitment to their profession and community, the applicant serves as an inspiration and an example to others who want to make a difference in Longview. They are chosen by a council of past award

recipients, after completing an application and being judged on a set of criteria. This year’s luncheon will take place on Wednesday, November 30th at the Pinecrest Country Club. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the future of Longview that these individuals will no doubt help shape. Tickets to the luncheon are $25 for an individual and are available now through the Chamber’s web site. This year’s luncheon is presented by Citizens National Bank. Application and Criteria Forms are available online. For more information contact Dave Jochum at



Longview Progress Report | September - October 2016

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams



Events are held at the Chamber offices unless otherwise noted.

Events are held at the Chamber offices unless otherwise noted.


1 q

Labor Day

Holiday - Chamber Offices are closed

7-8 p

InterCity Trip

Elected Officials Reception Board of Directors Meeting 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Evansville Indiana

Executive Board Meeting


Business After Hours Austin Bank

7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

911 NW Loop 281

4:45 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

d k

Board of Directors Meeting

3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


4:45 – 6:30 p.m.

State of the City Luncheon with Longview Mayor Andy Mack Pinecrest Country Club 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

OCTOBER Events are held at the Chamber offices unless otherwise noted.

e t a s j

CyberSecurity Summit


Board of Directors Meeting

Maude Cobb

Business After Hours

4523 Judson Rd.



TRC Victory Party


3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Holiday - Chamber Offices are Closed


Emerging Leaders Luncheon

DECEMBER Events are held at the Chamber offices unless otherwise noted.

Chamber Classic Golf Tournament Board of Directors Meeting

3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Discover Longview Training Business Before Hours Jim Bartlett 2002 Judson Rd Suite 101 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

e f-j

Executive Board Meeting 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Christmas Holiday Holiday - Chamber Offices are Closed


410 N. Center Street Longview, TX 75601 903-237-4000

Running this business shouldn’t include troubleshooting the copier.

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Copier and printing service is our full-time job. You focus on yours. Complete Business Systems specializes in making businesses like yours more efficient and productive. We evaluate a business from numerous angles, looking at paper use, number of employees, budget and more. Then we develop a strategy and match the proper equipment and service level to the needs we uncover. If you’re ready to manage and reduce your business’s printing cost, our team of specialists is ready to help. Contact us today to set up a free evaluation.

Offices in Longview and Tyler. Serving all of greater East Texas. 800 284 4270 | Cover image George Washington Monument provided by:

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Longview Progress Report - September - October 2016  

The Longview Progress Report is the official printed newsletter of the Longview Chamber of Commerce. The newsletter addresses issues of impo...

Longview Progress Report - September - October 2016  

The Longview Progress Report is the official printed newsletter of the Longview Chamber of Commerce. The newsletter addresses issues of impo...