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Enhanced Deliverability Monitoring Helping more mail arrive in the inbox.

Focus on the message and we’ll make sure it gets there. Seeing a return on inbox starts with ensuring your email actually makes it to the inbox. SendLabs can help ensure your messages arrive through our comprehensive monitoring service, Enhanced Deliverability Monitoring. It’s simple: Increase the percentage of mail making it into the inbox and increase your campaign results.

Enhanced Deliverability Monitoring by SendLabs Real-time message delivery monitoring

Blacklist Monitoring & Resolution

Sleep well knowing the SendLabs team is monitoring all of your outgoing mail over 130 domains and ISP’s globally including U.S., European, Canadian, Asia-Pacific, Latin America & B2B markets. Real-time data reports on the percentage of mail that reaches the inbox, arrives in the bulk folder or went missing at each ISP.

Blacklisting happens. As part of our monitoring service to you, we’ll monitor your IP addresses on more than 170 different blacklists and work to remove them on your behalf.

ISP Intervention & Resolution There are times when some of your mail is mistaken for a variety of reasons as spam by receiving ISP’s. Other times, mail will be rejected for seemingly no reason. SendLabs will reach out on your behalf and resolve any connection and delivery issues at any ISP.

Email Authentication Implementation Assistance Getting started off on the right foot calls for proper email authentication to be implemented. SendLabs will work directly with your IT department to ensure Reverse DNS, Sender ID/SPF and Domain Keys are setup and configured for your sending IP’s.

Custom MTA configuration & maintenance SendLabs will configure delivery of your dedicated mail for optimum delivery and throughput. Over time, ISP’s change their connection and throttling requirements and SendLabs will proactively maintain the appropriate configurations, ensuring greater delivery to the ISP’s.

Per Campaign Diagnostics & Reputation Monitoring Reputation metrics are measured daily with each send, including sender score, accepted rate, complaint rate, unknown user rate and spam traps. In addition, periodic review of campaign creative and coding best practices that influence deliverability will keep you at the highest inbox placement.

RFBL Setup & Monitoring It’s a fact of email marketing that some folks who once wanted your mail, no longer do and sometimes report to their ISP that your mail is spam. These spam complaints are sent immediately to us through Real-Time Feedback Loops (RFBL’s)s. and automatically supressed from your mailing list

Learn more Enhanced Deliverability Monitoring packages start at $500 / mo. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization find more success in the inbox.

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Enhanced Deliverability Monitoring  
Enhanced Deliverability Monitoring  

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