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Ruby Maris Stephens

Catalogue Useful Sources

1. A Conversation with Emile Hirsch URL: Interviewer: Charlie Rose This was a conversation/interview by Charlie Rose with Emile Hirsch (lead actor in Into The Wild), it also has a short section of an interview with Sean Penn (director of Into The Wild). It offers lots of information on how Emile Hirsch got into character, how certain parts were filmed and information into the background of the film and story, which the film depicts. 2. Biopic Films URL: This is a website offers lots of information on biopic films, what they are and lots of examples on them. It was useful of explaining and helping to understand about biopic films are. Even though biopic films seems like an easy thing to understand, reading the information on this website has helped me to completely understand them fully, not just the basic information. 3. Sight & Sound Magazine Year: 2007 Month: December This article is about Into The Wild, and it provides a lot of detail into the story of the film and shows a different view to certain parts of the story. The article also talks about Sean Penn as a director and how he got ideas for how parts of the film should look and be filmed. There is also a review of the film that has a lot of interesting views and new ways of seeing certain things to do with the film. 4. Genre and Hollywood Author: Steve Neale Publisher: Routledge Year: 2000 This book offers a mini section on information about biopic films and includes many examples of other biopic films. It also references lots of other books and places, which have a fair amount of information and facts on biopic films. 5. Sight & Sound Magazine Year: 2008 Month: January This is a large article about the film Iʼm Not There, which explains a lot of reasons behind the way, why certain things were done in that certain way, and some information on what makes it a biopic - described as being “as far from the tired old conventional biopic as possible”. It also has a page length interview with Todd Haynes (director of Iʼm Not There), which has a lot of information about how he got the idea for the film, information on the cast and filming.


Ruby Maris Stephens

6. Museum of Moving Image Source, Pinewood Dialogues URL: Interviewees: Todd Haynes and Bruce Greenwood This is an interview with at the start Todd Haynes (director of Iʼm Not There) and then gets joined with actor Bruce Greenwood (who plays the journalist ʻMr Jonesʼ). It includes many fact and reasons for certain things that are involved in the film, it also demonstrates how Haynes was not just interested in exploring and explaining details of Dylanʼs life, but also the complete concept of identity as a form of performance. 7. Imdb URL: This is a widely used and trusted website, which holds lots of facts and information on lots of films. I used this website to find the release dates on all my films and to determine if they are classified as a biopic film or not. 8. Sight & Sound Magazine Year: 2010 Month: November This source is a magazine article about The Social Network, it includes a lot of information about the film itself, but it does also include facts about the director and writer, which are quite interesting. The magazine also includes a review, which is a lot more help, as it doesnʼt just explain the film, it goes into depths of the film and has some interesting opinions on the film. 9. How Did They Ever Make a Movie of Facebook?: feature length documentary DVD: The Social Network, Disc 2 Director: David Fincher This was a documentary about how they movie the movie - background into story, how the made the sets, costumes, hair, make-up, props..etc. It also includes how the actors got into their characters without ever meeting the real people who they are portraying, which I found incredibly, interesting and helpful in understanding how actors are able to embrace and become the real life person they are trying to portray.

Unuseful Sources

1. Film/Genre Author: Rick Altman Publisher: British Film Institute Year: 1999 Even though this did have some useful information, I found the majority of the chapter about biopic films to be hard to understand and that it didnʼt help to my knowledge of biopic films. 2. Wikipedia URL: Even though this website has a lot of interesting facts, it is editable by anyone which sometimes makes it hard to decide whether certain things said are true or not. But I feel that I know my films well enough to know if something is true or false.


1. A Conversation with Emile Hirsch URL: Interviewer: Charlie Rose This was a conversation/in...

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