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I would like to thank everyone for preparing their property for the current Hurricane season. We found very few violations and most of those were properties that are being watched by our year round residents. We all hope that this is done in vain, but we need to be prepared. The Poolside Grill opened up on Memorial weekend and was a very big success. Our sales for the 3 days were over $1200.00 dollars and it is continuing to be popular. We are open on Saturday, Sunday and Holiday’s from 11:00 to 7:00 with a limited menu of Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken sandwiches, Nachos and Ice Cream. We have reduced the hours of operations for the Pro Shop during the summer due to the lack of golfers in the Village. Our new hours are Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 5:00 and Thursdays from 3:00 to 7:30 for the carry in dinners. I hope everyone has a great summer,

Rick Horner, General Manager OBITUARIES Clifford H. Farrell SC 18 passed away May 25, 2012. He would have been 93 on June 24, 2012. He is survived by his wife Caroline, one son Mark, a daughter Dale, two grand daughters and one great grand son. He was cremated and will be sadly missed by family and many friends. Ardith Smith 824 West Oyster passed away on June 7, 2012 at the age of 95. She is survived by one son, one daughter, 10 grand children and 4 great-grand children. She was cremated and her ashes will be taken to Clear Lake Iowa for a private funeral. Otto Russell “Russ” Stites 589 Star Fish, passed away on June 2, 2012. He was 87 years old. He is survived by one son Todd, one daughter Robin Breit. Funeral services will be held at Warren McElwain Mortuary and burial at Oak Hill Cemetery Lawrence, Kansas. Elsie Reiss 079 Abalone Circle passed away on June 6, 2012. She was 73 years old and had been in Long Island Village for 17 years. She is survived by her husband Tom, 2 children and 4 grand children. Funeral services will be in Lees Summit Missouri.

Carolyn Barber Farrell

July 2012 Volume 50

Manager’s Report – GM Horner GM Horner presented his monthly reports and updates. Work Orders - There 78 work order requests for the month and all but 12 have been completed. Past Due Condo Fees - (01) 16-30 days late ($249.00) - (06) 31-60 days late ($2,640.00) - (07) 61-90 days late ($7,527.00) - (10) 90 days late ($28,175.00) Past due condo fees last month totaled $38,380.00. The current past due condo fees total $38,591.00. Difference of $211.00. Building Permit - 12 issued; 3 concrete, 1 awning, 2 dock, 2 deck, 2 seawall, 2 storage bldg., & 1 re-shingles Projects - The retaining wall for Hole #5 is almost complete. - The new salt system for the pools has been installed in the indoor pool. The outdoor pool and the hot tubs will be changed over once the equipment comes in. - The red light at the marquee has not worked properly. As a result, a new type of light will be placed at the marquee and the red light will be moved to security shack. - Several flower beds on the golf course have been reworked or moved. - The water heater in the laundry room has been fixed. A water leak occurred in the laundry room and is being taken care of. - Dir. Guerra asked GM Horner to explain how the A/C fix will be handled and what changes will be made. Dir. Guerra also asked GM Horner about the bids for the fix of the A/C. GM Horner explained any bids will be for the repair of the A/C at the current location or for moving it to a different location. GM Horner also stated that hopefully the A/C would be able to be moved from the attic to the corner of the men’s dressing room of the indoor pool.


Long Island News Long Island Village Owner’s Association, Inc. Policies Policy 6.12


Robert G. Hamilton Memorial Library

by: Judy Voss, Chairman E-mail:

JUNE 2012 INCOME Cans $223.20 Gas (20.00) P/B Sales,VHS Tapes, Fines 24.80 Directories 122.00 Donation 5.00 Memorial For Stan Vickers 500.00 Total Income $855.00 EXPENSES Supplies 19.12 Books 124.97 DVD’s 239.67 P.I. Press Newspaper 22.00 Total Expenses $405.76 Bank Balance $3388.12 The Library sent a “Thank You Note” to Stan Vickers’ family for their donation in memory of their father. He loved the Library.

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A mailbox deposit of #25.00 is required to lease a mailbox. This is a refundable deposit, contingent upon the return of keys (2), and entitles the property owner the use of the mailbox for as long as he/she is a property owner in Long Island Village owners association (LIVOA). There is a one (1) mailbox per owner limit regardless of the number of properties owned. Mailboxes are limited and therefore available on a first come, first serve basis A waiting list will be available. 1. The term of the lease is as long as the person owns property in LIVOA. Once a person no longer owns property in LIVOA ( previous owner). the lease is terminated and the mailbox will be returned to the custody of LIVOA. The purchaser of the previous owner’s property will have a 30 day Right of Redemption to acquire the mailbox from LIVOA. 2. Once the property owner sells his/her property and no longer owns property in LIVOA he/she has 30 days to return the keys (2) for the mailbox and receive their deposit. 3. Once keys are returned, LIVOA will issue a check for the deposit amount within 7 days after receiving the keys. It is the previous owner’s responsibility to leave a forwarding address to mail deposit refund to. 4. In the event that the keys are not turned in within 30 days, the mailbox lock will be changed and new keys will be furnished. The previous owner’s deposit will be forfeited and applied as payment for the $ 25 re-key fee that is charged for the new lock and keys. The new owner will have the same 30 day Right of Redemption. 5. Purchaser of a seller’s property, where the seller remains an owner of property in LIVOA, and where the seller owns only (1) mailbox and does not wish to relinquish his/her rights to that mailbox, will need to go on the waiting list if no mailbox is available. 6. Any property owner in LIVOA that is currently leasing more than one (1) mailbox (multiple mailbox owner) will be grandfathered while the unit that the mailbox is registered under is owned by them. Once the multiple mailbox owner no longer owns the property the mailbox is registered under, the mailbox will be returned to the custody of LIVOA and the purchaser of the multiple mailbox owner’s unit will have a 30 day Right of Redemption. 7. LIVOA property owners on the waiting list will need to leave contact information at the Activities Office so that they can be contacted once a mailbox becomes available. LIVOA will attempt to contact the owner via the contact information once a mailbox becomes available. In the event that LIVOA is not able to make contact with the owner within 10 days, the mailbox will be offered to the next owner on the list. It is the sole responsibility of the owner on the waiting list to keep current contact information for the mailbox waiting list at the Activities Office.

3 REGULAR BOARD MEETING April 25, 2012 - MINUTES Approval of March 28, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes AS McBride made a motion to accept the minutes. AVP Gagan seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed. Water Restriction – AT Kelmis AT Kelmis stated after careful consideration, residents would be able to wash their cars, houses, etc. on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. AT Kelmis further explained that hand held watering is allowed. If a resident has a sprinkler system it should be connected to the LIV system. AT Kelmis clearly stated that the only exemption to the policy is residents would be allowed to wash their boats after fishing. AT Kelmis proposed the policy begin June 1st, 2012. An open discussion took place. AS McBride made a motion to accept the policy for a year and then review it. AVP Gagan seconded the motion. An open discussion about the possibility of being able to review the water bill compared to the previous year. All in favor. Motion Passed. Please see figure A3. Lots 7, 125 and 706 – President Chapa President Chapa stated the auction has been rescheduled and hopefully lot 706 will be included in the auction. An open discussion about the auction date took place. Dir. Guerra made a motion to schedule the auction May 19, 2012 at 10:00AM in the Rec Hall. Treasurer Sandberg seconded the motion. An open discussion about advertisement for the auction took place. All in favor. Motion Passed. Questions about Liquor Laws – Treasurer Sandberg Treasurer Sandberg expressed her opinion about changing the liquor license from Aramark’s name to LIV’s name. Treasurer Sandberg stated that LIV would be able to get a liquor license because it is covered under the insurance policy we already pay. President Chapa read aloud an email received from the attorney concerning the liquor license. An open discussion took place. Dir. Guerra made a motion to leave the liquor license as is with Aramark. AVP Gagan seconded the motion. Roll call vote: AVP Gagan, yes; Treasurer Sandberg, no; AT Kelmis, yes; AS McBride, no; Dir. Guerra, yes; Secretary Gunderson, yes. Majority has it. Motion Passed. Signatures for Banking – Secretary Gunderson Secretary Gunderson stated First National Bank of South Padre Island needed to have a statement in the minutes saying that every board member is able to sign checks. Secretary Gunderson made a motion to have President David Chapa, Vice President Annita White, Assistant Vice President Bill Gagan, Treasurer Patty Ann Sandberg, Assistant Treasurer Jeff Kelmis, Secretary Flora Gunderson, Assistant Secretary Ed McBride, Director Jose Guerra, and Director Eddie Montalvo authorized to sign checks at First National Bank of South Padre Island. Dir. Guerra seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion Passed. Mail Box Policy – Secretary Gunderson Secretary Gunderson read the new policy to the audience and board members. A short discussion took place. Secretary Gunderson made a motion to accept the policy. Dir. Guerra seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion Passed. An open discussion too place. Please see figure A4. President Chapa called for break at 11:41AM for executive session to begin. Executive session Legal Issues- Updates AVP Gagan made a motion to adjourn. AS McBride seconded the motion. Motion passed. Adjournment at 12:40 p.m. Minutes Taken By Flora Gunderson LIV Board of Directors

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676 E Clam- Nice waterfront lot w/ boat dock, concrete patio and covered palapa seating. $89,500 Sea Cottage 16- Unfurnished 2/2 w/ elevator lift & boat lift. Easy intracoastal waterway access. Nice morning sun! $185,000 Currently available for short term rental 463 W Clam- Custom 2/1 waterfront cottage home. Large covered deck. Nice kitchen. Vaulted ceilings. Must See! $199,500

First United

Methodist Church 101 W. Adams, Port Isabel (956) 943-2485

Summer hours for First United Methodist Church in Port Isabel are: 9:30 am Worship Service 10:30 am Fellowship and Bible Study



LIV Patrol

05/05 Lot 25 Owner reported broken rope across driveway. 05/09 Lot 376 Owner’s car hit by arm at gate house due to another vehicle trying to change lanes. No damages reported. 05/12 Gate House Question as to truck having permit to enter. Security checked and found permit was issued. 05/18 Commercial Dumpsters Cement truck caused damage to fence and driver will fix damages. 05/18 Lot 489 Renter found unclassified substance in unit and gave it to security. Management notified. 05/19 Lot 562 Water Leak. Maintenance notified. 05/19 Lot 523 Owner reported unidentified truck parked on their lot. Security checked to find owner of vehicle. 05/22 Lot 729 Water leak. Maintenance notified

Long Island News Law Offices of John Haywood Property sales Business transactions Personal injury accidents Estate planning & Pre-Nuptial agreements. Call the Law Offices of John Haywood at 943-3288 for your appointment. Down the street at the Queen Isabel Inn.


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Lot 3 Empty lot for your Rv or build. Located in first section $35,000 Lot 755 COTTAGE HOME 2B/2Bth fully furnished, covered front and rear deck, Must see to appreciate $130,000

Waterfront Lots

Lot 137 PM with small island room, across the street from ICW. $115,000. Lot 140 COTTAGE HOME 2BR/2BTH, partially furnished, granite countertops and windowsills, stg under deck has 6.5 ‘ clearance, seawall replaced in 06. $218,000 Lot 141 empty lot ready to build on or your RV $108,000. SC 59, 2BD/2BTH, furnished, spacious corner Lot 272 • Recent remodeled PM, almost new lot, Boat Lift, Storm Shutters. $185,000 boat lift, dock, large deck $139,900 SC 66 Furnished, 2BDR/2BTH, office on Lot 454 PM, island room, 1 BR/2Bth, W/D in ground level, amazing master bedroom stor- stg bldg, out of water boat lift $129,500 age, 2 balconies, recent upgrades $179,000. Lot 458 Nice park model with addition, W/D, SC 124, A single with 3BR/3BTH, recent new stg bldg, large covered deck $85,782 Lot 493 • Very nicely furnished PM, large tiled upgrades, mostly furnished plus a boat. and covered deck, dock, and fish cleaning $225,000. station. $129,000 Lot 618A PM on the LIV lake with covered deck and stg $110,000 pending Lot N - Emply lot with island view. Lot 691 PM with an amazing view from cov$ 60,000 ered deck, extra waterfront frontage. Would WE WANT YOUR LISTING. make great building site. $120,000 Lot 706 PM unfurnished needing a little bit of Nor ma Swink, BROKER fix up, stg bldg, mature landscaping. Look at Cell (956) 561.3442 this bargain soon before it is gone $95,000 P.D. Swink, AGENT Lot 827 COTTAGE HOME like new 2B/2Bth, Cell (956) 572.1559 boat lift, under deck stg, brick walk way. You Office: (956) 943.4228 have to see this one! $214,000 or (956) 943.4243 Lot 842 PM with island room on oversized lot 1338 W. Hwy 100 Laguna Vista,TX 78578 near the intracoastal, large bath. The lot has Email: the value. $185,000. Online:

Sea Cottage Lots

Golf Course Lots


Sea Cottage 85 - $ 235,000, 2 car garage, boat lift, fish cleaning station.vSpacious kitchen, living room, dining room, full bath and bedroom on 2nd floor. Large bedroom, ¾ bath and laundry on third floor. Great views of South Padre Island. Well maintained. Lot of storage. Call Bill at 651-335-5264 Lot 442 – PM, Deck w/Golf Course View. W/D , water filter system, possible 2 bedroom, 1 bath. New Paint, New Roof, Clean, Furnished. Mail Box included $ 59,900 (361) 533-2591

SIT BACK; ENJOY THE VIEW. Waterfront Cottage Home, Lot 301. 1 Bedroom, 2 Baths, furnished. $199.900. Contact Owner, 956-761-1182 (daytime); or Susan Brown, 956-592-5464 (anytime).

FOR SALE LARGE CONNER LOT 739 2/2 COTTAGE HOME WITH SHIPPING CHANNEL AND ISLAND VIEW FROM LARGE COVERED DECK. OPEN FLOOR PLAN WITH LOTS OF STORAGE, CUSTOM BLANDS, 4 CEILING FANS, JETTED TUB, ALL TILE 18 IN. FLOORING AND FULLY FURNISHED WITH WASHER/DRYER. BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPING AND PAVED DRIVE. PRICE $ 149,000. CALL LINDA AT 956-433-1756. LOT # 364 FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD! WIDE CANAL / INTRACOASTAL VIEW. PM, 1/1, W/D, covered patio, dock/boat lift. Newer shed, siding, roof, A/C and flooring. $ 110,000.00. Owner 630-915-6753. For Sale Lot # 426 Conch – PM w/ Island Rm, 2 Bd, 2 Bth. Large covered back deck. All tile floors except master bedroom. Fully furnished including W/D. New roof in 2011. Priced to sell $ 66,000. Call 956-9437581 or 651-338-8444 to see. SALE: 838 Waterfront: Remodeled Park Model / Island Room w/boat lift, King bed, whirlpool tub, Open Bright Plan, 19’ x 12’ Living Room w/sofa bed & 42” TV, 2nd bath w/ closet & washer/dryer, & large Walk-in Closet (remove to make 2nd bedroom) Covered Tile deck, Storage under, dock Fully Furnished & Equipped. $139,900 Owner Jim (262) 242-4181

For Sale: 799 E. Oyster – Waterfront Lot w/ 1/1 Park Model. Fully furnished, covered deck, and boat dock. $ 124,500 Call Bruce – 956-330-2218 For Sale: 503 E. Clam – Waterfront w/ 1/1 Park Model. Fully furnished, covered deck, boat dock, storage. Very clean ! $135,000. Contact Bruce – 956-330-2218 Sea Cottage 89 REDUCED - $ 222,500 Great SPI/Ship Channel View Morning Sun- 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Furnished - MAKE OFFER !! Patty 956-943-3454

COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Call Island Geek 761-3333 FOR SALE LOT # 815 On Canal with Dock reduced $85,000 907-345-5860 or 928-566-7189 SEA COTTAGE 19 -BARGAIN 2/2 recently remodeled, newly tiled floor, Carpet. Lots of storage. W/D upstairs. New storm shutters. Deck with boat lift. Elevator to 2nd floor. REDUCED $199,000 956-943-3215. Lot 236 Cottage Home for rent. 2BR – 1 bath furnished. On water with fishing dock, close to Intracoastal. Monthly $ 1500.00, Weekly $ 600.00 Call 956-655-4157 FOUR-MONTH RENTERS – We are looking to rent a 2/2 Sea cottage on the east end of Scallop with a boat lift (for 19”boat) for four months beginning December 2012. Please call Roger or Vicki at 605-486-0015 (h) : Roger at 402-670-0913; FOR RENT – WATERFRONT LOT # 814 October - April $ 625/mo. Call Owner 651-592-6188 LOT # 192 Waterfront Cottage home For Rent – 2 Bedroom/2Bath-Recently remodeled. Fully furnished, Covered deck with shade. For months of September, October thru March. Only $ 1,700 monthly Call (956) 821-5899 WATERFRONT LOT # 73 FOR SALE Located 3 lots off Intracoastal Waterway. Deck, Dock and Fish cleaning station. 80 feet of channel frontage. Call 281-578-0333. $ 85,000 FOR RENT: LOT # 456 WEST CLAM. Dock-Boat Lift- Double Paved.- Fish Cleaning Table – Main Canal- Wkly: $210/Monthly: $625/ Holiday Wk: $310. Contact Owner: 956-399-0568.

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Best Waterfront Dining! Famous for the fun, known for the food!



Hooker’s Palapa Bar at Pier 19. Featuring South Padre Islands famous sunsets.

Fish, Shrimp, Oysters, Burgers, Po Boys, Chicken, BLT, Salads, Fries, and Kids Meals.


- FREE WIFIOver the water on South Padre Island

Not valid with any other promotion or discount.



IN C REDIBLE! $5.99 Lunch Specials Monday thur Friday 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ALL Y OU CAN EAT Fish or Shrimp Served with Two Sides Daily


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

(956) 943-PIER

Open daily 7AM Fresh Seafood, Salads, Sandwiches 10% OFF COUPON Not valid with any other promotion or discount.



110 N. Garcia • Port Isabel WATERFRONT DINING AT THE LIGHTHOUSE Open 11 a.m. • Lunch & Dinner

(956) 943-FOOD

7 Welcome New Owners - June, 2012 Lot #10 - NEAL Danny Lot #73 - COOK, Harwin & BERGER, Bonnie Lot #585 - MCBRIDE, Ed & Jennie Lot #731 - ORTIZ, Rene & Irma Lot #757 - WENTZ, Ralph & Denise

Lots With Na me Changes Only - Not Sold Lot #128 - Ralph Dorzback Lot #589 - Robin Breit Lot #664 - Sandra Singleton Lot #703 - Tamara Rounds


5/02 Wed. 1st Myrle Minor, Betsy Davis, Jeri Wilhelmi ? 2nd Darlene Kriz, Jane Loveridge, Paula Gilbert, Annie Goade?

Long Island News 818 W OYSTER 2 bedroom 1 bath with new Island Room and large kitchen. This furnished home has a very roomy living area and new master bedroom. Channel front with nice patio, front and side doors, awnings and drive large enough for two cars. Refrigerator freezer plus a bait refrigerator freezer. This one is a “must see” $149,000


112 Scallop Large Single Sea Cottage, furnished with short list of exclusions. Never rented, two car garage, water softener, fully carpeted. This cottage has great views, a nice deck with hot tub, and balconies on the second and third floors. Granite vanities in both bathrooms, lots and lots of storage $239,000 $229,000


05/04 Fri 1st Carl Sprague, Mel Poyser, Myrle Minor, Ed Smith, Chuck Sandberg -10 05/06 Sun 1st Paul Krueger, Dennis Sullivan, Art Wilhelmi, Karen Bolling -26 Tie 1st Darryl Goade, Jim Viola, Helen Sansone, Betsy Davis -26 Tie 05/13 Sun. 1st James Van, Carl Sprague, Eric Von Schweinitz, Kathy Von Schweinitz -37

Organic Goods Fruit Smoothies & Gourmet Coffee Medicinal Teas & Herbs Supplements, Minerals, Homeopathics

Fred Garza 956-459-9769

Nutritional Consultation with Doctor

Body System Evaluation Hair Analysis & Saliva Testing Natural Weight & Hormone Mgmt Books and More!! Box & Ship UPS Across USA Fax • Copy • Free WIFI 201 W. Queen Isabella Blvd., Port Isabel

(956) 943-2300


Long Island News JUNE Yard of the Month MARY STEFFENSEN


JULY Yard of the Month


Bingo Guess What! Bingo continues all summer, so bring the family and your snacks for an evening of fun every Friday night. Cards are out by 6:15 p.m. with play beginning at 7:00 p.m. sharp in the LIV Rec. Hall. You never know, you might be the next lucky winner.

Shirley Ritten Ryan Foster (956) 605-7258

Lot # 242 1 Bedroom, 2.5 Baths. Home on Intracoastal Waterway, with deep water access! Asking $ 299,000. Lot # 410 Improved vacant lot. $ 40,000. Cottage Home #424 Newly built Furnished Home – 2 bedroom, 2 bath, granite counter tops. Lots of upgrades. $ 142,000

Long Island News


Atchley Realty




Robbie Atchley Coffman,

(956) 943-2313 Cell (956) 525-2124

selling price negotiable

413 PM/add-on room, W/D,deck $74,900 K PM, full bath, w/d, walk-in closet, stg bldg $55,000 396 PM/Island Rm, fixer upper, nice porch $64,900 M PM/Island Rm, 1 1/2 baths, golf course, stg $69,900

Lot Facing Golf Course ready to be occupied.

394 PM, w/d, corner lot. Make offer! $69,90 147 2bd/2ba home 70’+ waterfront $195,000

(956) 792-5002


FREE RECORDED INFORMATION 24 HRS. TOLL FREE 1-800-778-1647 then enter the extension number Several rentals available. Several units or lots can possibly be owner financed. Lot #236 - 2/1 waterfront p.m./island room 3 lots off intercoastal $179,900 1800-778-1647 Ext.1254

Lot #347 waterfront p.m./room close to intercoastal-70ft of water frontage ONLY $165,000. 1-800-778-1647 ext.1134

Lot #232 - waterfront p,m./island room, direct access to intercoastal-summer shade,very clean $149,000 1-800-776-1847 ext.1374

Lot #715 - waterfront/cottage home 2/2, corner lot, gas stove, 1-800-778-1647 ext.1294 $232,000

Please call for new listings / open evenings & weekends by appointment. FINANCING AVAILABLE


Make an offer! Lot #80 waterfront park model, Waterfront # 214 Cottage Home Lot #634 Very Nice, 2/2 waterLot #487 - waterfront pm, covered, tiled deck, new furniture, all tile, shady parking, beautiful 2/2 Furn. nautical décor. Large deck front cottage home, lots of extras, Close to club house. View of canal boat lift, $245,000 all ceramic tile 1-800-778-1647 water views! 1-800-778-1167 $179,000 800-778-1647 • Ext. 1774 1-800-778-1647 ext. #1214 ext.1274 $99,750. ext.1194 $132,000

#5 $42,000 #8 $35,000 #113 $39,500 #535 $40,000 #721 $69,500

#203 - $51,000 #203 possible owner finance ONLY $52,000 #433 golf course view $59,500

WATERFRONT Lot #379 pm, corner lot, shed, tile, 1-800-778-1647 ext.1174 $60,000

J - Super nice p. m., roof over, tiled porch, shutters, clean, golf course,etc $79,995 1800-7781647 ext. #1154

Lot # 268 waterfront home 2bed- Letter I must see! golf course 1b, furnished, covered and tiled pm/room- island view 1800-778deck, open floor plan. $189,500 1647 ext. #1174 $75,000 1-800-778-1641 ext. 1114

RONA HAMLINCK (956) 371-0425 Roy Bailey / Broker

#180-$125,000 # 650 - $ 218,000

600 S. Garcia #13, Port Isabel


Long Island News

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July 2012

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