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October 24, 2013

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CE Mangano, former Mayor Giuliani, Senator Skelos and members of Fire Marshal Benevolent Association New York State Senator Dean Skelos, Fire Marshal Benevolent Association and Local Firefighters Endorse Mangano

By Staff Writer

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In a move of solidarity, and to solidify County Executive Ed Mangano’s bid for re-election, former mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City traveled to Long Island today, Thursday, October 24 to endorse Nassau’s chief, Edward Mangano. The backdrop was the Morrelly Homeland Security Center in Bethpage, with several hundred fans and/or supporters of the former mayor and Mr. Mangano in attendance at the press conference. In endorsing the County Executive, Mr. Giuliani, who earned the title as “America’s Mayor’ for his

CE at podium, expresses thanks to Mayor Giuliani following endorsement

ARCHER STUDENTS ON THE MOVE: Hempstead Town Councilwomen Dorothy L. Goosby (right, back row) congratulates the students at the 2013 Archer Street Elementary School Moving Up Ceremony located on Archer Street in Freeport. Pictured (left to right) are Back row - Superintendent Dr. Kishore Kuncham, Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos, Principal Paula R. Lein of Freeport, and Councilman Dorothy L. Goosby, and students of Archer Street Elementary.

role in restoring public safety and trust in the aftermath of 9-11 terrorists’ attack on New York City, began by noting his relationship with Nassau County. “I spent my childhood in Nassau County...Garden City South, North Bellmore. I went to St. Ann’s Grammar School in Stewart Manor. So I know Nassau County for a long, long time. I was here many time after September 11 at many churches to attend the funerals of my firefighters and police officers who unfortunately lost their lives. So I have a great affection for Nassau County.” “I also have a great admiration for what Ed has done because I know how hard it is to turn something around. As someone who participated in turning around New York City, I am a great admirer of the way in which Ed has turned around Nassau County. When he took over four years ago, just about four years ago, this county was in a pretty bad shape...Nassau County is doing very well...and he’s done it without raising taxes.” Mr. Giuliani continued his endorsement of County Executive Mangano by extolling his record of freezing property taxes for four consecutive years, getting rid of the energy tax, creating and retaining over 19,000 private sectors jobs, reducing crime by 20% since 2010, and for his leadership in emergency preparedness that has helped lead Nassau County through some of the worst weather events, including Hurricane Sandy and Irene. Concluding his endorsement, the former Mayor of New York City said that Mr. Mangano has shown strong leadership ability, and that his foresight, and strong fiscal policy have led Nassau County in the position it is today.

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Caribbean Restaurant Set To Hold Grand Opening in Baldwin Baldwin’s newest eatery, C’est Si Bon, located at 1641 Grand Avenue, will hold its grand opening on Tuesday, October 29 at 10:30. The grand opening of the restaurant will open to what is expected to be sea of exciting guests -- state, county, and local officials, among them Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, and other elected officials. And well-wishers. C’est Si Bon, now in its month-long soft open before its grand opening on Tuesday, October 29th, is a mother-daughter take-out restaurant. The mother, Antoinette St. Fleur, is a Registered Nurse and a nursing instructor. The daughter, Marie Ulysse, received her bachelor’s from Cornell University and her master’s degree from Baruch College. Both mother and daughter are passionate cooks and bring their love for cooking to one of Baldwin’s major thoroughfares, Grand Avenue. C’est Si Bon, which is a French phrase, is synonymous with good food. Though the name is French, the minds behind C’est Si Bon Restaurant, currently open for business in Baldwin, don't want to be boxed in as a “French” place. "I don't want us to be classified," co-owner Marie says. “This is an international eatery. I think food is really an international thing. And truly, many of our dishes here do challenge any classification. We cross national origins to bring the best to our patrons.”

C’est Si Bon boasts both Caribbean and American cuisines. To reach C’est Si Bon, now open, call (516) 442-5699. Also , see ad below.

Former Mayor Giuliani Endorses County Executive Ed Mangano (Cont’d from cover page) “You got the right man,” said Giuliani. “He kept property taxes low…20%. Frankly, he’s an example of county executives around state and country as to what can be done when people think nothing can be done because things are so the extent that anybody can listen to me, I think he should be reelected. On his part, County Executive Ed Mangano acknowledged Mr. Giuliani’s endorsement of him and praised him for his handling of the city in the aftermath of the infamous September 11. He also thanked supporters, among them New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and the Fire Marshal Benevolent Association. When this reporter asked Mr. Mangano his secret for success, he responded that his secret for success was sound fiscal management, leadership, and understanding the people and working with them.” To view audio of press conference, go to one of the following sites:

Senator Fuschillo hosts “Golden Gathering” Nearly 1,000 residents from Nassau and Suffolk Counties gathered on October 21 at Freeport Recreation Center to participate in Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr.’s annual Golden Senior Gathering. Several exhibitors from government and non-profit agencies provided information to residents about a variety of issues, including health and nutrition, insurance, public safety, and consumer protection. Residents were able to get free blood pressure, hearing, and chiropractic screenings, as well as no out of pocket cost flu & pneumonia vaccinations provided by NuHealth. Mammograms were also offered by NuHealth. Residents were also able to obtain or renew a passport through the Town of Hempstead’s Mobile Passport. “I’m pleased that so many individuals were able to participate in the program and utilize the resources that were offered.” Entertainment was provided by students from the Freeport High School Select Chorale, the Freeport Community Chorale, and Ms. New York Senior America Virginia Werner. Senator Fuschillo’s Golden Gathering provides a host services—free health screenings, information about programs, etc—to senior citizens. The Senator’s office is open to assist all seniors. Senior citizens who were unable to attend Senator Fuschillo’s Golden Gathering but would like more information about the programs and services should call Senator Fuschillo’s office at 516-882-0630 or email him through his website,

Sen Fuschillo speaks with one of the many residents who attended annual Golden Gathering.

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Discovering the Philosophical 'Black Jewel' New Book Prompts Readers to Take a Deeper Look Inside Themselves Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language. In her new book Manifestation: The Jewel in You (published by Trafford), author Christine Bryce uses the fundamental concepts of philosophy to prompt readers to explore their uncharted inner selves. Bryce takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, meaning and significance in her new philosophical book, Manifestation. Centered around the idea of a divine gift called an inner "black jewel," Bryce seeks to help her readers overcome their fear of the unknown and find their divine purpose. Often times, one might think that darkness is associated with "bad" and light is associated with "good." Bryce changes this thinking and raises the thought that theoretical darkness is as much of a gift as light; in the light one can see everything around them and in the dark, everything inside of them. Discovering the black jewel comes when readers shed their fear of the dark and embrace their self-worth. "Our jewel is black, because we have neglected the fact that darkness is a gift to our survival just as much as the light. One may proclaim that, I can not see during dark times. What exists in the darkness that I should need? There are 24 hours during the day, and in most

locations half of that time will be committed to darkness and the other half is committed to light. During the time that has light, you can see all things around you. However, during the dark times you can see everything that exists inside of you. We feel that we are unprotected at night than while during the daylight we see the danger around us. We feel the need to make sure that everything is in its proper place because at night our imaginations are free to come to fruition. " About the Author Christine Bryce was born in Queens, New York. Her passion for knowledge led her to study Philosophy at Stony Brook University. She is currently a student at DeVry College of New York for biomedical engineering; she recently completed an internship with the DEVELOP team at NASA. The nature of philosophy fascinates and captivates her interests.

———————————Manifestation: The Jewel in You is available online at,, and ISBN: 978146926099.6 x 9. Paperback. 64 pages $13.00

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How are African-American and New Immigrant Children Doing Academically? Q. As we celebrate Black History Month, what is the state of academic achievement for African-American children and new immigrant children at this time? A. The stats are still poor. Overall, AfricanAmerican students score lower on standardized tests, graduate at lower rates and are considerably more likely to be expelled, suspended or placed in special education. If they are poor and new immigrants the gaps are even worse. If students are new immigrants who speak another language like Hispanic, African or Haitian students the ability to achieve is hindered even more. Research shows that African-American children tend to attend districts with substandard teachers, administrators and resources. Some districts resort to moving their low functioning minority students to alternative schools or special education so that their low scores will not pull down the overall scores of the district. One would think that districts would implement researched based programs proven to be effective with poor minority and new immigrant students but all school districts are complaining about is little to no funding. Those who do research in education will often list what poor children need to succeed, what minority children need to succeed and what second language learners need to succeed academically however, it is rare to find school districts that implement these kinds of programs. Often these three components overlap. Two recent reports, one from the Council of the Great City Schools and one from the American Institutes for Research, reveal that the achievement gaps are still large between African-American and white students. But concerted efforts in certain states and districts have shown that the historical trend doesn't have to remain the same, and overall the picture may have brightened slightly over the past decade or two, according to statistics and anecdotal observations. According to the Alliance for Excellent Education, African-American high school students are notably falling behind their white counterparts in graduation rates, dropout rates, literacy rates, and college preparedness rates. * In 2005, only 55 percent of all black students graduated from high school on time with a regular diploma, compared to 78 percent of whites. * In 2005, the on-time graduation rate for black males was 48 percent nationally; for white males it was 74 percent. * Nearly half of the nation’s African American students, but only 11 percent of white students, attend high schools in which graduation is not the norm.

*In 2002, 23 percent of all black students who started public high school left it prepared for college, compared to 40 percent of whites. *On average, African American and Hispanic twelfth-grade students read at approximately the same level as white eighth graders. *About half of poor, urban ninth graders read at only a fifth- or sixth-grade level. * The National Assessment of Educational Progress reports that 88 percent of African American eighth graders read below grade level, compared to 62 percent of white eighth graders. * The twelfth-grade reading scores of African American males were significantly lower than those for men and women across every other racial and ethnic group. A disproportionate number of failing schools, across grade levels, are predominantly comprised of poor, racial, and ethnic minority students. These segregated schools tend to have fewer financial, human, and material resources than schools in more affluent areas. By the time students who attend these schools reach high school, the academic challenges they face have been compounded by years of substandard education.

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

What Can Parents Do? We could spend hours discussing the state of education for African-American children. The research is voluminous and thorough. While the school boards and politicians fight over funding and teacher evaluation systems, our children lose valuable time and resources. People live where they can afford but that doesn’t mean they should stand for substandard schools. Parents have to take a much more active role in their children’s education. Here are my tips for parents:

• • •

• • •

• •

Make sure your child has good nutrition. Make sure your child has enough sleep.

Make sure your child does all homework, assignments and readings. Read to your child and insist older children read everyday. Ask ‘wh’ questions while you read to improve comprehension skills. Turn off the TV and video games and read. Take them on outings and improve vocabulary and exposure to new things. Visit the library and library shows. They are free and informative. Learn the curriculum for your child’s grade and reinforce skills at home. Watch educational TV like Discovery Channel, National Geographic and PBS! Have a good relationship with your children. Emotional health is just as important as physical health. Have good routines for homework, meal times and sleep. Stay in touch with your child’s teacher often. Ask what you can do to help. Join your schools PTA. Be active and present at school. Attend all meetings at your child’s school. Let your children know education is a priority and non-negotiable. Encourage writing skills. Help them write about a book they just read or a show they watched. Let them write letters to family on paper or online. Make sure your child is in good health. Have your child’s vision and hearing tested. If your child is struggling academically have him/her evaluated early for a learning disability so there can be early intervention. Attend school board meetings and know what is happening in your district. Make sure your child has all school supplies needed. Expect much from your district and teachers. Ask the teacher for resources you can reinforce at home.

• •

• •

Find out what your child will be learning next week so you can introduce it over the weekend. Get a tutor if you can. Professional tutors can be expensive but you can connect with your local high school and ask for a student who is good in math, for example, who you can pay a stipend to tutor your child. If you can let your child learn to play an instrument, join a sport or join a club. Kids who are engaged in a group do better in school because they are more focused, tend to have more friends, and have better self-esteem. Praise your child for his/her strengths. He may not be on the honor roll but he may be an excellent writer or debater or an excellent artist. Praise progress, improvement and good effort as if it was an A+. Make sure your child attends school! It’s hard to grasp something new if you were not there to learn it and practice it. Keep your children actively learning through the summer months. They can still have fun and read a book and do a few pages of work, too.

Some information gathered from the and websites. Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers is a licensed and certified speechlanguage pathologist who has worked in education for over two decades. She holds graduate degrees in speechlanguage pathology and multicultural education. She also holds certification in educational administration. She is the author of the books, They Say I Have ADHD, I Say Life Sucks! Thoughts From Nicholas and They SSSay I’m a StStStutterer, But I SSSay Nothing! Meet Kelly and coauthor of 365 Ways to Succeed With ADHD! She is the Education Editor of the Community Journal newspaper in Baldwin, NY and a member of the National Education Writers Association. You may contact her at or by visiting her website at


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Toys for Tots Event at Coral House 2012

US Marine, Miss Universe, Maj. Chuck Kilbride, Butch Yamali of Coral House, Comptrl George Maragos, and U.S. Marines

Hosts Betty Cross, Major Chuck Kilbride with honorable supporters

US Marine escorts Miss Universe

Marines entertainers, American Bombshells performs

Butch Yamali, Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Maj. Chuck Kilbride

Freeport Fire Chief makes remarks

Maj. Kilbride with supportes

Councilwoman Goosby and Bobby Kumar, President, All American Political Party

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Mr. Lennie Coral House staffer and Councilwoman Goosby

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2012 Toys for Tots honorees Gerald and Wilma Tootle

Maj. Kilbride recognizing family of late Nassau County Legislator Peter Schmitt and paying respect to his memories

Fmr Mayor Garner of Inc. Village of Hempstead

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Venditto makes a remark

Iris Johnson of EOC

Rev/Dr. Phil Elliott

The Tootles

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Celebrity Interview—Zulay Henao

Kam Williams

Zulay Henao, The “Love Thy Neighbor” Interview with Kam Williams

spin, with a cast of characters that we can all relate to! Kam: How would you describe your character, Marianna? Zulay: Tyler wrote me into the show and I feel blessed! She is strong-willed yet kind, sensitive, and emotional. I like to think that she is the voice of reason within the group. Kam: What’s it like having your first starring role on a television series? Zulay: First and foremost, I feel so excited to be working with Tyler Perry and Oprah! I am in complete alignment with their brand and the change they want to create in the world through the media and arts. Being on this television show is a huge platform for me, a unique opportunity to reach my demographic in a way that motivates and empowers. I feel truly blessed. Kam: Does each episode have a moral, or is it just being played for laughs? Zulay: Yes, I believe that is the common thread we've all come to love about Tyler Perry and Oprah's brand. There is always

Headline: Hip Hip Zulay! Zulay Henao was born in Medellin, Colombia on May 29, 1979, and moved to the United States with her family at 4 years-old with her parents. Living in New Jersey, she knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress. However, Zulay didn’t follow the conventional route to fame. In fact, she took a pit stop and joined the United States Army after graduating from high school. While stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, she found time to study at Methodist College. After completing her commitment to the military, Zulay decided to finally pursue her dream of performing. She enrolled at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, where she would study for several years. It was during this tenure that her break came when she landed the female lead in Feel the Noise starring opposite music sensation Omarion. It was then that Hollywood insiders began to take notice of her irresistible beauty and talent. She was hand selected by writer-director Tom Skull to star in his horror feature Grizzly Park produced by Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’s Belle Avery. Next would be the role that would really put Zulay on Hollywood’s radar – a starring role as Channing Tatum’s love interest in Fighting. She would subsequently go on to star in John Singleton’s Takers alongside the star-studded cast of Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown, Matt Dillon, Zoe Saldana and Jay Hernandez. She also appeared in S. Darko, Boy Wonder and Hostel: Part 3. No stranger to the small screen, Zulay’s TV credits include guest-starring roles on such series as Grey’s Anatomy, Army Wives, Law and Order: SVU and The Unusuals, as well as the made for TV movie Racing for Time. Next year, she will appear in Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club alongside Amy Smart, Nia Long, Terry Crews and Eddie Cibrian. Here, she talks about playing Marianna on Love Thy Neighbor, a new TV sitcom written and directed by Tyler Perry and airing on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network. The show premieres on May 29 at 9 PM ET/PT. [Check local listings]

Kam: Hi Zulay, thanks for the interview. Zulay: Hi Kam! Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you and reach your readers. KW: What interested you in Love Thy Neighbor? Zulay: This role was very important to me because I had the opportunity to portray an educated, professional, sexy, and powerful Latina on mainstream television.

Kam: Tell me a little about the sitcom? Zulay: Love Thy Neighbor, to me, is a sitcom about life and friends with a comedic

something to learn or reflect on. I truly love this aspect of my work on the show! Kam: Is there any question no one ever asks you, that you wish someone would? Zulay: I can't think of any right now, I run into very interesting people in my life and interviews like these. You guys got it covered! Kam: The Teri Emerson question: When was the last time you had a good laugh? Zulay: I love a good laugh. My brother, sister, and I just spent the weekend together, which is rare because we all live in different states, laughing at childhood memories! Kam: What is your guiltiest pleasure? Zulay: Latin food is my guiltiest pleasure and my demise. My trainer hates when I go home to visit my mom and her cooking. [Laughs] Kam: The bookworm Troy Johnson question: What was the last book you read? Zulay: I am currently reading “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson. It's phenomenal! I highly recommend it. http://www.a ma ASIN/0310330734/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire20 Kam: The music maven Heather Covington question: What was the last song you listened to? Zulay: I just sang my heart out to "Ahora Quien" by Marc Anthony. B0002IQNV0/ref%3dnosim/thslfofire-20 Kam: What is your favorite dish to cook? Zulay: I love to mix things up and create new dishes in the kitchen. I love cooking shrimp scampi and having a glass of Pinot Grigio while listening to music.

Kam: What excites you? Zulay: The power of God, love, and human potential. Kam: Who is your favorite clothes designer? Zulay: Oscar de la Renta. Kam: When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Zulay: Wow! I truly love this. When I look in the mirror I see my parents’ sacrifices being honored. I see the love from which I was created and the power of the human spirit. Kam: If you could have one wish instantly granted, what would that be for? Zulay: I would wish for one last experience and conversation with my grandfather. Kam: What would you do, if you only had 24 hours to live? Would you do the bad stuff, you never got a chance to do, or would you do good stuff to make sure you make it into heaven? Zulay: If I had 24 hours to live I wouldn't waste it on doing the "bad" stuff. I would savor every moment, every memory, and every loved one. Kam: If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Zulay: I think this has changed over time. At this moment, I would be a horse. They are intelligent, powerful, beautiful, and graceful. Kam: What is your earliest childhood memory? Zulay: My earliest memory is of me crying at the airport in Medellin, Colombia as I said goodbye to my father when we were headed for America. I was 4. Kam: Is there something that you promised to do if you became famous, that you still haven’t done yet? Zulay: Yes, I'd like to buy my mother her dream home. Hopefully it will happen soon. Kam: How did your first big heartbreak impact who you are as a person? Zulay: Heartbreak is essential. We grow, evolve, and learn about the most beautiful thing ever: Love! My first heartbreak taught me that love is supposed to ADD beauty and happiness to my already love-filled life! Kam: What’s the difference between who you are at home as opposed to the person you pretend to be on the red carpet? Zulay: There's this whole sexy thing that happens to women when we walk the red carpet, and it's all okay! At home, I am so many other things! I am just a girl dreaming. I am emotional and goofy. Kam: If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose? Zulay: I'd like to be able to see into people's hearts. Kam: What key quality do you believe all successful people share? Zulay: Self-awareness and kindness. Being a generous giver! Kam: If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be? Zulay: I would love to meet Martin Luther King. His fearless attitude, leadership, and self-awareness changed our world. Kam: With so many classic films being redone, is there a remake you'd like to star in? Zulay: Yes!! I would love to play Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind! Kam: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps? Zulay: Always be who YOU are, be selfaware, and love yourself tremendously! Kam: What is your favorite charity?

Communication Corner With Gail Lewis

Take It or Leave It…Right Now Ever watch the game show Let’s Make A Deal? A costume clad audience member is faced with several prize options and must make an instant decision as to which to choose. Curtain #1? Maybe curtain #3? The prize choice must be made quickly; after all, it’s only a 30 minute show! Some salespeople ask for an instant decision from their customers. With a one-time customer, as with a retail sale, asking for a quick decision is expected. After all, in retail, the mall closes at 9, and customers must vacate the premises. But when building a long-term relationship with a customer, salespeople might want to rethink the quick sale approach. “Take it or leave it…right now” might make a potential long-term customer sprint away faster than the Road Runner. Build a relationship with a long-term customer by avoiding hard-sell, I-need-a-decision-rightnow-or-nothing pressure. Instead of demanding an instant decision, ask your customer for a time you can visit or call to get a decision. With a returning customer, take the time to build the relationship. The return on your patience might just be a life-long client. ————Gail Lewis, M.A. teaches Communications; is a corporate trainer with The Communication Depot (; and never passes up an opportunity to watch Star Trek.

Zulay: I like the influence and responsibility the Red Cross has become known for. Kam: How do you want to be remembered? Zulay: I would like to be remembered as someone who gave it all and went for it all, As a woman of strong conviction, character, dignity, and talent who always put God first. Kam: Thanks again for the time, Zulay, and best of luck with the new show. Zulay: Thank you so very much, Kam. God bless you! To see Zulay talking about her role on Love https:// Thy Neighbor, visit:

Page 9

The diner is housed in an imposing, yet welcoming glass façade accented with

Imperial Diner


he word imperial is synonymous with royalty, majestic, and splendidness and, Imperial Diner in Freeport, lives up to its name, imperial! A village of Freeport eatery since the 1970s, Imperial Diner is nestled along Merrick Avenue in Freeport, a village known for its nautical miles of fine restaurants.

prominent blue and red neon lights. Imperial Diner is a classact diner specializing in authentic home-style American cuisine with a Mediterranean flair. A family-owned eatery established, Imperial is managed by a family team which comprises Steve, William “Billy” and Alana, and they are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. Imperial’s staff is courteous. From the moment you enter Imperial Diner until the moment you leave, the diner’s employees makes it their duty and honor to make you as comfortable as they can to

make your time with them satisfying. The food. Oh, the food! Looking for a wholesome, belly-filling meal— be it breakfast, lunch or dinner—Imperial Diner is a must-stop! You can enjoy a Breakfast Buffet every morning beginning at 7:00 a.m., or order from a full breakfast menu serving from 6:00 a.m. Buffet items include fresh pastries, scrambled eggs, grits, huge homemade fried potato French fries and much more. Dinner hours are: Monday through Friday 4:00 till 8:00 p.m. with Friday and Saturday from 12:00 till 9:00 p.m. Imperial Diner also provides catering as well as space for parties. Book your next event at Imperial Diner. Call (516) 868-0303. This review by staff writer, Elseah Chea

Each week we will bring you reviews of quality places to dine. The restaurants we review are nominated by individuals and/ or families who have eaten at these eateries. Your favorite restaurant could be next. To nominate a restaurant, call (516) 292-1263

Life's trying moments Editor's Notes: One of our readers sent this and asked that we share it. Enjoy it.

One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally he decided the animal was old and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the don key. He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement, he quieted down. A few shovel loads later, he farmer finally looked down the well and was astonished at what he saw. With every shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up. As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was

amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and trotted off! Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping- stone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up! Remember the five simple rules to being happy: 1. Free your heart from hatred 2. Free your mind from worries.

3. Live simply 4. Give more 5. Expect less Enjoy Your SHAKE IT OFF!! "Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we've got.” -Art Buchwald

Page 10

Gary S. Carbocci So you are a plant lover? You love to garden. Well, this is the season for it. But just before you head out to your hobby, remember this: there is never enough time to enjoy your garden, and make time to enjoy your garden. The real threat of enjoying ones garden may be evident when one sees “something” in the garden that is obviously not of this world or perhaps we would wish it were not of this world and the “something” would go back to whatever world it came from. Taking the time to look at your plants to some may be too scary a notion. You may see something! While enjoying the host of plants that you toiled for indirectly or directly, it makes no difference, you come upon something that should not be, but there it is! There on your hard earned garden plant or tree literally enjoying your plant as much as you are, little creatures like little vampires happily sucking the life out of the leaves. The life in your leaves just hap-

“Thoughts From A Feline” Of course, everyone thinks I am absolutely beautiful. No, I am not conceited. I am just right, and I am always right. No I am not human, I am smarter than that! I am a five year-old, tabby, female feline. My name is Tripp. I do not remember what my parents look like. I just know that I was homeless and I lived in a brown paper bag. I was covered in fleas and I was very sick. Then, a pretty young lady named, Catherine, found me. She became my mom. She loves me unconditionally. My mom treats me like a princess. I have my own bed, even though I sleep on hers. My mom feeds me the good brand cat food and not that “Meow Mix” crap. Don't let the commercial fool you! I eat organic

pens to be sunlight turned to sugar, formally, “photosynthate,” the same sugar passes through the insect to drip and make all adjacent areas, including your cherished garden furniture sticky. This sugar mess becomes a perfect medium for growing sooty mold that turns everything black, yuck! At this time in the garden, June, if under the leaves, you are looking, you will see mature scale insect egg cases. They look like cotton, white and fluffy, with an amber little dot. You may be looking at armored scales, that look like little clams on the half shell but inverted on the leaf, twig, or in most cases clams on the whole plant. They are all very problematic to stressed plants because they may kill plants under stress. Three species of scale come to mind. Cottony maple scale, Cottony Cushiony Scale, Camellia Scales, they are Pulvinaria scale. These are soft scales and are in the same family as aphids and most gardeners know what damage aphids may do, and how fast they multiply. Soft and hard scale insects are not gentle on plants either. Before spilling your coffee and running away, all is not lost. There are many ways to combat the insects that have piecing and sucking mouthparts. They can’t run or hide they are a captive audience unlike aphids, most commonly scales have only one cycle per year. I like to treat them as if they are from a Steven King novel “un erm ills cat treats and the best wet cat food ever! I do miss my brothers and sisters. I worry about them because I don't know where they are. Wherever they are, I hope they have a great life like I do. When my mom goes out, I would cry for her. She heard me cry several times, so she decided to get me a feline companion. I now have a two year-old pain in the butt brother. His name is Chravis. He is fun to play with but he is always hogging the food. When my mom pets me, he gets so jealous. He thinks he is the boss around here, but I had to put him in his furry place; now he gets it. Plus, even though he has a handsome Grey coat, he will never be as gorgeous as me! Other than having an annoying adopted brother, being a feline is great. You don't have to worry about paying bills, buying things, or who you want to vote for. My biggest worry is when am I going to eat next, and is it going to be dried or wet food? My favorite thing to do is play with my mom, Catherine's hair ties. She flings them across the room, and I fetch them like a dog; except I am smarter than a dog. I tend to attack the air out of nowhere, but sometimes I am attacking

erld.” The scale crawlers emerge in the summer and they are tiny as mites, if you are not “Spider Man,” forget it, you need a hand lens to see them. It is important that when you, or your Plant Health Care Technician, make an application, the scale crawler should be present. So keep a hand lens near by and keep looking. Control is accomplished by killing or washing those scale crawlers off the plants. Once washed off the leaf the scale insect hasn’t a prayer getting back to the leaf, ever. Some people find that to be satisfying, don’t get cocky, you have to keep after scale insects by continuing the effort, if left alone you may be back to square one in a hurry. If you have any of those scale insects don’t hesitate to call an ISA Certified Arborist or your local Plant Health Care professional. Always try to use materials like “insecticidal soap” or “Horticultural Oil” that are kind to the beneficial insects that eat the scale; you may need all the help you can get. Yes, you may even release parasites and predators on your plants to tip the scales in your favor. Enjoy gardening. Remember to consult a plant health care professional.

……… —Gary S. Carbocci of Goldberg & Rodler Tree Care Inc., is an ISA Certified Arborist. He holds a degree in Ornamental Horticulture and is a member of the Long Island and New York State Arboricultural Association. He may be reached at

a bug. That is a thing that us cats do that humans just don't get. Humans see our eyes get big and we pounce! Then they look and see that there is nothing there. My mom laughs, pets me and tells me how cute I am. Humans think that we are either cute or crazy when do that, but we are not. We actually see spirits, and we are protecting the humans. All of the spirits that we see are either good or evil; us cats just don't want to take any chances. We can always sense evil, too, so we are not just crazy cats. There is another thing that humans need to know. We are easily entertained! If we want to go inside a box, bag, laundry basket, or a sink, please let us. It is just the best thing ever! I love my mom, but she always chases me out of the sink! She says that she doesn’t want me to get hurt. You know that annoying thing that humans do to call a cat? You know that “Pssss pssss pssss” whisper like noise? Yes, it gets our attention, but it scares us, too! I am always in deep thought, and when my mom calls me, she startles me! But it's

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all good because my mommy always means well. Here is a little mental note for the humans: if we lay in the middle of your homework, or newspaper when you are reading, it is time to pay attention to us! Another note to humans is please keep our kitty litter box clean or we will go to the bathroom in a place where it is not a pleasant surprise. Also, when your friends or family comes over and we hide until they are gone, us cats suggest that you find new people to hang out with. We run away from the cat carrier because we are afraid we will never see the ones that we love ever again! We may not seem like we are extremely attached to our owners because of our independent nature, but we are. In fact, that is why we sleep on our owners head or chest at night; and because humans have the best body heat! Well, it has been a pppuuurrrleasure but I have a mouse to chase. Until next time, meow!

……..... ——Catherine Long is a student at SUNY/ Old Westbury where she majors in Communications. She may be reached at email:

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shake it off and take a step up on the new layer of dirt. As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, the donkey stepped up over the edge of the One day a farmer's donkey fell into an abanwell and trotted off, to the shock and astondoned well. The animal cried piteously for ishment of all the neighbors! hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds do. of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is Finally, he decided the animal was old and to not let it bury you, but to shake it off and the well needed to be covered up anyway; so take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepit just wasn't worth it to him to try to retrieve ping-stone. We can get out of the deepest the donkey. wells just by not stopping, never giving up! He invited all his neighbors to come over Shake it off and take a step up! Remember the and help him. They each grabbed a shovel five simple rules to be happy: Free your heart and began to shovel dirt into the well. Realizfrom hatred. - Free your mind from worries. ing what was happening, the donkey at first Live simply.- Give more.- Expect cried and wailed horribly. Then, a few shovelless. fuls later, he quieted down completely. Also, the donkey kicked the shit out of the The farmer peered down into the well, and guy that tried to bury him. Which brings me was astounded by what he saw. With every to another moral for this story: When you try shovelful of dirt that hit his back, the donkey to cover your ass, it always comes back and was doing something amazing. He would gets you.

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The long island dispatch october 24, 2013  
The long island dispatch october 24, 2013  

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