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Meeting Center in Grandola House for ederly people Collaboration with Aires Mateus Associados

Grandola, Portugal

The project involves the extension of a geriatric centre in Grandola, creating a new events hall. The conditions of the project were not to integrate the new facility inside the existing structure, but rather to make it indipendent and accessible to the towns-people. In this way, the new structure is presented as a detached volume with a formal character that stands out from the context to which it belongs. The interior of this new building is regularized by a simple organization of space, whereby the main area is occupied by a large empty room, around which are distributed various services, such us a bar, restrooms and storage space. It is right in the empty heart of this building that the space is characterized by a singular volume generated by a complex ceiling. So a simple programme guide is transformed into a very particular architectural exercise where complexity is integrated within the rules, and spatial hierarchies are well defined.

Project year

2011-2016 613 m2

Total Square Meter



Photo @ Aires Mateus Associados, Hisao Suzuki

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Marco Campolongo Portfolio  

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