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Aspects Of Successful Couples Counseling No matter how well a relationship starts and how much the marriage partners maintain their love, sometimes they can get a sense that “something is wrong”. If this feeling comes to both spouses, it may be a perfect catalyst for identifying the problem together. Seeking couples counseling is a superb way to help the problem and get the marriage back on track. The perception of who is wrong in the situation, unfortunately, often boils down to one person in the marriage, which could then make working towards a resolution all the more difficult. Here are some of the aspects of marriage counseling concerning dealing with specific problems, and how each partner can agree to attend counseling together. Counseling Should Not Be Used As A Weapon The first thing that a counselor will explain is that they are a resource. They're absolutely not a participant in the marriage. If either participant thinks they are able to state things like "the counselor and I both have agreed that you're wrong", then it may be hard to use counseling for their marriage. Actually, the counselor must remain on neutral ground and stay at arm's length. They should no more be a weapon than just a book on marriage counseling. If Your Husband Will Not Ask for Directions, He'll Probably Resist Counseling too For whatever reason, the man in the marriage relationship tends to accept the idea of counseling much more slowly than the woman does. This can be crucial for both people in in the relationship to know as they start to move forward. A woman may have the perception that it is always good to work within a group. Then again, a stereotypical man often wishes to be self-sufficient. He may believe that it is his problem and he will find a way to solve it. He never imagined marrying his wife and a counselor, any more than he imagined purchasing a car, then hiring someone to drive it for him. It is important to note that, in many marriages, these roles may be completely reversed. For both the husband and wife to get ready for counseling, they both should understand and consider the perspective of the other person. Some of the best advice is to exhibit a degree of patience and to not try and force your partner. Handling Excessive Contention Some couples believe that there communication is restricted because they are always fighting. Whenever one partner has an opinion, the other has the opposite, and so they fight for supremacy like two pit bulls with a bone. Although these partners may perceive this issue as an affront to their ego as well as the inability of their partner to work rationally, it can often be a case of knowing how to express differences and resolve them. Particularly in situations where the contention has begun to engender long-term negative feelings, the solution may be a professional who can stand outside the dispute, and give the partners the tools they need to resolve their problems in a very positive, loving manner. Dealing with Loss of Interest Sometimes, marriage partners often grow apart. Some describe this as being the “seven-year itch” where one of the partners is rethinking his or her life, and wonders what it really would be like Kathie Ray-Annis Counseling

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Aspects Of Successful Couples Counseling without marriage. They are debating on whether their desires could be fulfilled in some other way. Some couples underestimate this problem, and try to deal with it by finding more activities in common. Even though this is not always a bad start, a more effective solution could be to let a counselor help the marriage partners rekindle the flame, before the ember extinguishes. These are some of the ways the couples counseling can help the issues in a marriage, and ways that both partners will feel comfortable getting counseling together. When you and your spouse work with a couples counselor in Vancouver, WA, you're taking vital steps in pinpointing and correcting the major difficulties in your relationship. Additional info on Kathie Ray-Annis Counseling are obtainable at the business' website,

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Aspects Of Successful Couples Counseling