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Volume 3 issue 2

Summer 2009

Misfit Acres Milestones

F E A T U R E D Ok, they are not horses! Everyone knows Misfit Acres for horses but we wanted to introduce you to the “Canine” side of Misfit Acres!

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Toesis will be 11 years old in August. He is a big boy! Beautiful red-colored Doberman and 119# of fun! Toesis has a variety of health issues from bee sting allergies, hot spots, thyroid condition, and a fatty tumor on his left rear leg. This growth has been tested and is noncancerous. The doctor’s opinion is that due to his age and the location of this tumor, it is in his best benefit to leave


it alone. Toesis does not let this growth slow him down - so much so that Bruce

The Pups

her seventh birthday! This little girl will wind her way completely around your heart with those loving eyes and a little tail that NEVER quits wagging - except during thunderstorms and hunting season. Acura came to Misfit Acres suffering from heartworm and had to undergo the major kill. She is on year round heart worm prevention - as is Toesis.

built a special ramp on the deck to make it Each year at easier for him to get their annual checkup and down but he ups, we breath a huge refuses to use it. sigh of relief when Acura just had they come up clear. W e l c o m e

Welcome to the Summer 2009 edition of Misfit Acres Milestones! We are delighted to bring this issue to and catch you up on the happenings at Misfit Acres. As we have learned much about producing newslet-

ters, we are happy to offer you Misfit Acres Milestones by email. If you wish to receive your copy electronically, drop us an email at with Misfit Acres Milestones in the subject line.

Should the electronic format not be for you, don’t worry about missing out on the happenings - we shall continue to mail a paper copy to you until you advise us you would like to be removed from our mailings. Happy Summer!!!

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Misfit Acres Milestones

T h i n g s Thanks to generosity of the On-Shore League, one of our long -term goals has come true! Misfit Acres was able to buy a used trailer and begin introducing the “Traveling Ponies”. Faith and Dixie have begun a new aspect of their lives going visiting! The first ever “Pony Picnic”

t o

took place in Blue Earth in May. The two little ones charmed everyone in attendance and enjoyed several hours of grooming. We look forward to more similar visits to those unable to come to Misfit Acres and meet the Sanctuary Horses. Shadow made a similar trip recently as

D o n o r “It is an absolute pleasure to have this special group repeat their visit to Misfit Acres”

K n o w

April 18 was a huge day at Misfit Acres as we welcomed back the Waverly Westford 4-H club for a volunteer day. The members tackled every chore we asked to have finished. The horses soaked up a very thorough brushing. The three youngest club members spent their afternoon playing with and cuddling Dixie, Faith, and Peanut.




she was the guest star at a local graduation

party. Shadow spent time with all the

younger guests at the reception. No one could resist petting her and asking her story. What a pleasure it is to share the “Magic of Horses”. Thank you On-Shore League for giving us this opportunity.

s p o t l i g h t

The Club members were also quite busy before their arrival. Pulling a stock trailer with them, they quickly surprised us with almost 100 empty laser cartridges for our “Recycling for Horses” programs. In addition, there were several cell phones and granola bar wrappers they had collected.

It is an absolute pleasure to have this special group repeat their visit to Misfit Acres. No job is too big for them. Their willingness to help, their dedication to their projects, and their organized methods make them a true example of believing in their mission. We at Misfit Acres send our most since Thank You to them!

S p o n s o r s If you’d like to help sponsor our newsletter we ask for a $15 donation. Please do send a business card with the donation.

Volume 3 issue 2

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c o r n e r

Dr. Bob arrived on May 26 for dom, Peanut remains somewhat annual vaccinations for the of a loner. She is a lovely girl horses. Abbey and Magic decided but does enjoy her personal differently again so they will need to be rescheduled when we have additional help to calm them. Abbey has really had a tough time recovering from winter. She had lost considerable weight late spring. We have restructured her diet and during meal times, Bruce stays with her to keep the sneaky little ponies back. She is improving!


While the Shadow, Faith, & Dixie are basking in their star-

The old boys - Montana and BJ continue with life as

U p c o m i n g

usual. They don’t get riled, upset, but plod around their pasture without a care in the world. Lucky thinks she has troubles, but she really doesn’t! Rather on the spoiled side, she complains. April looks the other way and displays her constant patience with the world. Augie and Magic just want hay and lots of it! They are happiest when a new round bale has just been dropped in their pasture. And - true for fashion - nothing beats a good roll in the mud.

E v e n t s

We are listing some of the summer events we have scheduled so far. Please feel free to call us for more information. We hopefully will be adding to this list.

June 27 - Pioneer Indian Days, Good Thunder Parade at 6 pm July 11 - Pet Fair - KYSM Radio North Mankato - noon - 5 pm July 25 - Truman Days - vending and Parade at 5 pm August 15 & 16 - Kernel Days, Wells, September 19 - Younger Brother Capture, Madelia October 3 - MN Circuit Riders Club - Le Sueur. (more info coming soon) Please drop by and check out our new fundraising merchandise, drop off your recyclables, or just say Hi!!! Looking ahead to Fall, we have set the date for our annual fundraiser at Sunday, October 4 in Good Thunder. We are hoping that by moving it up a bit, we can have another beautiful day like last year. Silent auction items are needed and GREATLY appreciated!!

S p o n s o r s

Jody Swanson, CPA Belynda Hinsch, CPA

Certified Public Accountants

510 Long Street—Suite 108 Mankato, MN 56001-4342 T 507-388-1770 F 507-388-1905


m i s f i t

a c r e s

12480 550TH AVE W AMBOY MN 56010 Phone: 507-278-4876 E-mail: My Forever Home Saving one horse may not make a difference in the whole world, but it will make a world of difference to that one horse ~ Author Unknown

M i s f i t

In addition to our line of jewelry, books, and Misfit Acres Teddy Bears, we have our new Misfit Acres T- Shirts and can coolers! These pre-shrunk T-Shirts feature Misfit Acres logo on the left front chest and large logo on the back.

A c r e s

Shirts are available for $12 for S, M, & L. X sizes are $15. Misfit Acres can coolers are black with white logo. They are the collapsible foam-style that fits in your pocket when not in use.

R e c y c l i n g

Whoa - this has been one busy area!!! Anyone have any extra packing tape? We have been boxing up laser cartridges as soon as we find packing boxes to use. How wonderful!! We have located a new recycler that will buy cer-

S t o r e

f o r

Can coolers are priced at $2 each. And, as always, proceeds from all of our merchandise is dedicated to the Sanctuary Horses of Misfit Acres.

h o r s e s

tain toner cartridges. Our inkjet cartridge recycler used to take toner cartridges but can no longer do it due to shipping costs. We are happy to have found another! The cell phone program has been great! Remember; when you get your new cell phone, the horses really want your old one! If you have several to donate,

we can supply you with a prepaid Fed-Ex label. Same is true with your empty inkjet cartridges. Please do not put these harmful items in the trash. Although the value of the recycled items has decreased considerably, they are still wonderful fundraising options that are free of costs to participate.

Until Fall, . . . Bruce & Jody — Misfit Acres, Inc.


Welcome to the Sum- mer 2009 edition of Misfit Acres Mile- stones! We are de- lighted to bring this issue to and catch you up on the happeni...