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Volume 2 issue 4

Winter 2008

Misfit Acres Milestones m

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F E A T U R E D Long before we became a rescue we wanted to raise one baby horse. Augie is Lucky’s baby - a 1997 model horse with TONS of character.

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Four years ago, this guy got so sick in December, we were afraid we would lose him. His white blood count spiked to over 18000 from a bacterial infection. He had to be on IV’s for several evenings in a row, required Lasix injections, and be hot packed twice a day. This happened again the following December. He then developed extreme laminitis. Our vet’s best guess was it was brought on by the infection and medications. Through

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H O R S E — A U G I E

careful work on the part out. He figured it out of our farrier, Augie gets and reached into the around okay now. bale and pulled out a twine in his mouth, the whole while looking at me. When his former pasture mate, Trixie, become ill and could not rise, he watched me pulling on the lead rope when Trixie would struggle to get up. He knew he had to help and did so by pulling on the lead rope too.


Augie is a smart horse. One day we were out delivering round bales to the horses. Augie is always right in the middle of whatever is going on. He watched us cut the twines and pull them

Augie now enjoys the helping Magic, who is now blind, around the pasture. Sometimes they disagree but Augie is a constant caretaker anyway.

W e l c o m e We hope you enjoy our special Christmas edition of Misfit Acres Milestones. Sometimes as we began writing Milestones, it seems as though we could go on

forever about the Sanctuary Horses. Please let us know if you would like to be removed from our mailings and be assured that we NEVER sell or give out your contact information. We

thank you for your kind donations and hope that you will consider including Misfit Acres in your year-end charitable planning. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Misfit Acres Milestones

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With the holiday season upon us and goodies everywhere please keep this number handy for your pets.

4435 accessible to you 24 hours a day. Should your pet discover how good people treats are, do not hesitate to call them.

The ASPCA has an Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-

Many of the great foods we enjoy are hazardous to our pets. D o n o r

“You are a tremendous help to the Sanctuary Horses ...”

We are very excited about our latest grant news! The Ralph & Virginia Mullen Foundation of Arizona has granted the Sanctuary Horses of Misfit Acres a $500 gift in their annual charitable giving cycle. We are very thankful for this gift but also to have the Foundation recognize what Misfit Acres is all about. Equally exciting is the $150 gift from the Orchard




And sometimes, even though the foods seem to be out of reach, pets can get into them anyway. You can also visit their website at for more information on

helping your pets through the holiday excitement. While on their website, you may be interested in signing up for their text message service filled with pet care tips.

s p o t l i g h t

Ranger Saddle Club! In these difficult times, we send our deepest thanks to them for their kindness to the Sanctuary Horses of Misfit Acres. Once again we thank WFS of Mapleton for their horse feed donation. You are a tremendous help to the Sanctuary Horses of Misfit Acres!!! We would like to thank everyone for a very successful fund-

raiser in October! Saddle raffle winner was Eva Hoffman, $100 winner was Dale Flowers and the $50 prize winner was Tom Schumacher. This event took in $6000 for the Sanctuary Horses ! Looking forward to planning our 2009 fundraiser, tentatively set for October 18, 2009.

S p o n s o r s If you’d like to help sponsor our newsletter we ask for a $15 donation. Please do send a business card with the donation.

Volume 2 issue 4

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The Christmas spirit seems to be spreading through out the property! We thought you may enjoy a little fun in this spot especially for Christmas!

And the dobies were nestled all snug on the couch!

Oh come all ye Kitties!

Joy to the world - the oats have come

Rocking around the round bale feeder

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my shelter’s so delightful.

Dashing through the snow S p o n s o r s

Jody Swanson, CPA Belynda Hinsch, CPA

510 Long Street—Suite 108 Mankato, MN 56001-4342 T 507-388-1770 F 507-388-1905

Certified Public Accountants


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12480 550TH AVE W AMBOY MN 56010 Phone: 507-278-4876 E-mail: My Forever Home Saving one horse may not make a difference in the whole world, but it will make a world of difference to that one horse ~ Author Unknown

R e c y c l i n g As always, we continue to “Recycle for Horses” and help save the Earth. Our inkjet cartridge recycler has discontinued the prepaid baggies for the inkjet cartridges due to high postage costs. Please discard any baggies you may have. They do continue to supply prepaid shipping labels for inkjets - just use a sturdy box, affix the label, and give to any Fed-Ex driver. Remember the Cell Phone recycling program in the event Santa brings you a new phone. All cell phones regardless of age are $$ to the Sanc-

f o r

h o r s e s

tuary Horses of Misfit Acres. Attachments are not needed. The recycler will pay scrap price for phones that do not also. Another win-win deal - money for the Sanctuary Horses and less harmful trash in our landfills. Again, the cell phone recycler uses prepaid shipping labels so there is no cost to you except a box and some tape.

Don’t forget that granola bar and energy bar wrappers bring dollars to the Sanctuary Horses as well. Contact us for prepaid UPS envelopes for the wrapper program. We do appreciate your taking time to email us your Coke Rewards codes! We continue to collect these to earn merchandise for our 6th Annual Misfit Acres Meet-Up Celebrating New Lives for Horses set for October 18, 2009.

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and a bright New Year ! Until Spring . . . Bruce & Jody — Misfit Acres, Inc.


We hope you enjoy our special Christmas edi- tion of Misfit Acres Mile- stones. Sometimes as we began writing Mile- stones, it seems as thou...