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Volume 2 issue 2

Summer 2008

Misfit Acres Milestones M S P E C I A L P O I N T S O F I N T E R E S T :

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April is a true lady! We don’t know who trained her but she is a very willing horse and almost impossible to startle. April is highly trained and responds to the slightest pressures. She is very friendly and adores people. She shares a pasture with Lucky, who is incredibly spoiled and rules the roost, but April doesn’t care. She had sustained an injury when she was very young leaving her right

eye blind and slightly disfiguring the bone structure surrounding the

a fly mask with the right side covered to block the sunshine for her.

This lovely girl came to Misfit Acres in May of 2005 at the age of 16. During her life at Misfit Acres, she April is a true lady. has been mixed with a number of eye. A little later, other rescue April developed horses and shows moon-blindness in us that she is defithis eye. April is on nitely not the alpha daily aspirin powder mare. We think therapy for this that is part of her condition. When charm. She is a she does have a very easy keeper bout with her moon and a delight to be -blindness, we have around.

W e l c o m e We hope you enjoy our Summer 2008 issue of Milestones. Thanks to all of you, our support-

ers, each issue we print is a Milestone! In these tough economic times, you have re-

mained helpful to the Sanctuary Horses of Misfit Acres. Thank you!!

P a g e


M i s f it

U P D A T E You will recall from our last newsletter the story of Tumbleweed the injured owl? Last communication with the Raptor Center reports that he had lost many, many

D o n o r

“If you love Jade, see them while they last!”

Mi l es t o n e s


feathers from his ordeal. Tumbleweed is in the “Flying Area” at the Raptor Center learning how to fly again. His wing has healed. The volunteers at the Center

Our most sincere Thank You goes out to the Steele County Mounted Posse for their kind donation to the Sanctuary Horses of Misfit Acres!! We invite you to visit the Posse’s website at and learn about the wonderful work these volunteers do for their community.

Ac r e s

predict it will be another six to eight weeks before he can be released back into the wild. They will contact us when he is ready to be free again.

s p o t l i g h t

By special arrangement, Misfit Acres now has several Capstone Press horse books for sale as fundraisers. We thank this local company for this opportunity to carry their fine line of books. Please see to view their products.

Lastly, Thank you Lee and Chaw Chaw for their donation of a whole new batch of Jade Jewelry. These beautiful pieces are a directly from Thailand and Myanmar. They are all hand made and hand tied. They are tremendously popular - if you love Jade, see them while they last!

S p o n s o r s

If you’d like to help sponsor our newsletter we ask for a $15 donation. Please do send a business card with the donation.

V o l u m e


i ss u e


P a g e

R e s i d e n t ’ s As of the writing of this newsletter, we attempted immunizations for the horses. Yes, attempted is the proper word! Magic showed us he was having no part of this. Abbey decided the same. We were able to successfully vaccinate the remaining seven horses but will need to obtain more help with these two rebels. Hoof care continues regularly. Magic has not figured out that this is a requirement either. His fronts go pretty well but the back hooves are not fun. Dixie is still the little “Queen”.

She and Peanut have developed quite a bond the last few months but Abbey still stays very close to them. April and Lucky are really loving the warmer days. So far, they have covered every inch of the pasture grazing around. BJ & Montana are just plain old happy! Each day is another day of relaxation and just being a horse. Rarely separated, they sure can kick up their heels at hay time. Magic continues to antagonize Augie at the water tank every

H u g e We don’t know where to begin thanking Donn of Donn’s Leatherworks of Chatfield. He is donating this hand-made saddle for fundraising purposes! This treasure has a retail value of $3500. Therefore - Our raffle is underway! First prize will be Donn’s saddle, second prize is $100, and third prize is $50. The final drawing will be held at our annual fundraiser on Sun-

chance he gets. Augie has learned to watch for him before he lowers his head into the water tank. Magic is pretty quick to bite Augie in the hiney!

“Magic continues to antagonize Augie at the water tank...”

And little Acura had to have a tooth removed. She was pretty sleepy and sore for a couple days but now she is back to being a happy little dog with a tail that wags like crazy!

h a p p e n i n g

day October 19 in Good Thunder, MN. Raffle Tickets are $5 each and winner need not be present to win. We will make arrangements to ship the saddle to the winner. If you are not in our area, please don’t hesitate to support our venture! Minnesota gambling laws do not allow us to sell raffle tickets through ecommerce on our website or to sell raffle tickets to

S u m m e r On July 11, 12, & 13, Bruce will be attending the John Lyons event in Rochester, MN at the Olmstead County Fair Grounds representing Misfit Acres. He will have our complete setup including fundraising merchandise and scrapbook. This event runs from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

c o r n e r

anyone under age 18. Let’s make this raffle a total success for the Sanctuary Horses of Misfit Acres. We rarely put out pleas for support but this opportunity is especially important with the expected high costs of hay this year. Win this Saddle!

See Donn’s Work at

e v e n t s

Truman Days will be held July 26 at the park in Truman! We have attended this event for the last three years. We have had to replace our little Astro van and hope to have the new vehicle ready to go for the Truman parade as well as setting up our display in the park.

Old Town Summerfest on August 30 in down town Mankato, MN will bring another fun day. This celebration includes music, vendors, food, and special events. Please look for our display at Summerfest. Please visit for additional information.





12480 550TH AVE W AMBOY MN 56010 Phone: 507-278-4876 E-mail: My Forever Home Saving one horse may not make a difference in the whole world, but it will make a world of difference to that one horse ~ Author Unknown

R e c y c l i n g The Bottle Brigade is suspended. Please take your bottles to your local recycling center for now. We are stockpiled with bottles in anticipation of the program starting up again but must politely decline any more at this time.

f o r

h o r s e s

addition, we have added Nabisco cookie and cracker wrappers from the individual serving packages. Please contact us for prepaid shipping supplies for these fundraising programs. We thank everyone for your participation and help!!

The laser cartridge, inkjet cartridge, and cell phone recycling programs continue. Please spread the word and help collect these valuable items. And, don’t forget our wrapper recycling. We are collecting Granola and Energy bar wrappers for funds. In

… and don’t forget our wrapper recycling ...

Until our Fall 2008 issue……… Bruce & Jody Misfit Acres Inc.


F E A T U R E D H O R S E — M Y S W E E T A P R I L ers, each issue we print is a Milestone! In these tough economic times, you have re- W e...