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Best Longboards To Thrash! ____________________________________________________________________________________ The term “longboard” can be used to describe both surfing longboards and skateboarding longboards. Longboard surfboards can range between eight and 14 feet, in contrast to shortboard surfboards that range between five and seven feet in length. In 2011, the top 10 longboard surfboard manufacturers were (from 10 to one): Robert August’s RA Retro Single Fin; Infinity’s Rad Noserider; Stewart’s Hydro Hull; the Hydro Glide Longboard; Infinity’s Cluster; the Original longboard by McTavish; Robert August – What I Ride by Surftech; Fireball Evolution by McTavish; and Walden Surfboards’ Magic Model.

Longboards used for skateboarding are typically one meter long, which is nearly 10 inches longer than a standard skateboard. A longboard’s wheels are also usually larger and softer than a traditional skateboard’s. The top 10 manufacturers of skateboard longboards of 2010 were (from 10 to one): Comet; Rayne; Flexdex; Original; Never Summer; Ladyachtz; Gravity;

Best Longboards To Thrash!