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Sector 9 Longboards to Feed Your Skating Demon Sector 9 Longboards continue to be some of the hottest skateboards on the market. When you start looking for boards you will probably fall in lust with a Sector 9 Longboard due to the graphics and style, but it is when you get on the board and start grinding out some action is when your true passion for the boards will ignite. One board which will get your heart pounding is the Scorpion Complete from the Deep End series of Sector 9 Longboards. The board is created from 7 plies of cold pressed maple to give it tremendous power and durability for your hardest days in the trenches. The board rides on top of a set of 129 and 149mm trucks which carry a set of 56mm 101a Park Formula wheels. Sector 9 makes sure it all hangs together during your pounding runs by using 1 inch hardened steel bolts. The Longboards the Pros Use The Deep End series are the same style of boards which Tyler Martin of the Sector 9 team rides, but he prefers the Eagle board. Almost every guy on the Sector 9 team uses the Deep End series of boards with the exception of Jeremy Peckham who is still unannounced on his preferred board. Another of the great Sector 9 Longboard choices is the City Crusher out of the Cosmic series of boards. This board uses a combination of 4 plies of maple and fiberglass in a sandwich construction for tremendous competition strength. The board is nearly 30 inches long and 8” wide. The trucks are a wide 8.375” carrying 76mm centerset Nineball wheels. The bolts on this Cosmic series board are a half inch longer than the Deep End series at 1.5”. The City Crusher is the preferred board of Annie Sullivan from the Sector 9 women’s skate team. The other two women on the team follow the same preference as the men using the Deep End series boards. You might think this leads to the conclusion the Deep End series are the best boards for all competitive riders. The truth is virtually any Sector 9 board can handle the abuse of hard riding and action you will throw at it. The more important things are for you to select a style of board which works well with your footwork and moves. Most of the series of boards are comparatively prices and perform fantastically. Graphical Genius Under Your Feet Take some time to look through all of the graphical options like the amazing Bob Marley skateboards or the Sea Shepherd limited edition. You will find graphics which are stunning with at least one being a match to your own taste.

If you are looking for something really special consider the 2X Plat Carbonite Sector 9 Longboard. This board is a full 41 inches long but more impressively is created from 2 plies of 32 strand carbon fiber, fiberglass, and 5 plies of maple. This board is strong, flexible, and built for action. You will see Sector 9 boards at almost every major skating event.

Sector 9 Longboards to Feed Your Skating Demon  

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