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foreword Longbenton Youth Project has been established on this estate for over sixteen years and it plays a crucially important role in the lives of young people within this community, offering them opportunity to access a whole range of different learning experiences. The churches and local people of Longbenton are to be congratulated on their foresight for the formation and development of this highly successful project and the workers and volunteers deserve a great deal of credit for the enthusiasm and commitment they have shown over these last sixteen years. This year the annual report highlights a number of areas of work covered during the 2009-2010 period and one of these initiatives has been the development of the Fifteen Stories project that brings together young and old on the Estate to tell their stories of living in Longbenton past and present and it is helping to strengthen community bonds and cohesion and leads to greater intergenerational understanding and a more positive future for all our residents. Once again we must congratulate LYP on obtaining the Investors in Children Accreditation (June 2010) which fully indicates what the young people believe in the Project and how it is making a real difference to their lives. During the next 12 months the project will have to find funding for one of the full time workers posts that are so pivotal to the future of this vital community resource and I will offer any support I can to help them in their quest for sustainability. We must all get behind the youth workers and fully recognise the valuable work that they are achieving and give them our fullest support for the continued successful development of this essential service to the young people of the Longbenton Estate. Councillor Eddie Darke, Labour Councillor, Longbenton Ward,

I am pleased to be able to support the work of Longbenton Youth Project as it helps young people to experience new opportunities and identify, work towards and achieve their goals. There is so much negative press about young people these days so it is positive to see young people addressing this by continuing to be involved with such beneficial programmes. Whenever people ask me where I am from I always say Longbenton Newcastle Upon Tyne as I am proud to say I am from Longbenton. A valuable lesson that I have learnt is to be your own person and do not give in to peer pressure. Remember that whilst you can not do anything to change the past you can and have the ability to change the future. Best wishes to all at Longbenton Youth Project and long may their fantastic work continue LYP Patron Peter Beardsley MBE

chairperson's report contents This Annual report looks back over the last year of the project and as you read it you will discover how much vital work has been done with young people and I and my family know from personal experience just how important LYP’s efforts can make such a huge and positive difference in people’s Over the last sixteen years since lives. it was formed by local people and the churches LYP has made We all look forward with real and lasting differences to anticipation to what the future the lives of young people of will hold and I know that working Longbenton and has had an together we can make it a bright exceptional impact on the whole one for the young people of community. Longbenton. Having been involved with Longbenton Youth Project from its early days as both a user and now as Chair of the Project I feel great pride in what has been achieved during the last sixteen years and I know that LYP has a crucial part to play in the lives of our community going forward.

Unfortunately due to work commitments I cannot give the Simon Workman, time needed to serve as Chair of Chairperson 2009-2010 the Project so I will be standing Longbenton Youth Project down as Chairperson at the AGM but wish to remain on the committee and therefore I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank all those who have supported the work of LYP, The Funders, The Management Committee and the workers without whom this crucial work would not be possible.

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Project Managers Report Street Work One to One Work Case Study Work with Girls and Young Women Health Matters Work with Young Mums Year 9 School Group Work With Boys and Young Men Incredibles The Young Ones The Codfathers Work with Mixed Gender Groups Loony Toons C-Card LB Inclusive Sessional Youth Worker Employment Case Studies Intergenerational Work Volunteers Fundraising Conclusion Acknowledgements Management Committee

project manager’s report david mcguigan mbe Longbenton Youth Project recently celebrated its sixteenth year working with the young people of Longbenton Estate. Its continuing success can be crucially attributed to the fact that it remains as relevant today, for the young people it serves, as it was sixteen years ago when it was first set up by the churches and local people of this community. Detached youth work is the very cornerstone of the solid foundations that we have built over the last sixteen years and this very unique approach means that we make contact with young people that other services cannot reach. This missing 10% are not lost to us and we see them on a very regular basis due almost entirely to the unique contact method that we adopt. Detached youth work is where youth workers go out onto the streets, or other places where young people meet to build and form relationships with those for whom more traditional styles of youth work and other agencies either do not exist, are unaffordable or inappropriate. Once again the Project has been recognized for its tremendous work by the Investing in Children standard mark (May 2010) awarded via assessment of the young people of Longbenton. If the project was not doing its job those same young people would be the first to let us know and they remain our sternest critics. Of course other factors must also combine to make a project as successful as Longbenton Youth Project has over the last sixteen years and the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of our workers and volunteers, Management Committee Members, supporting Trust Funds and the young people themselves all contribute massively to keeping us focused and determined on the road ahead. Continued and lasting support from our local and national representatives, Kevin Conroy, Eddie Darke, John Harrison and Mary Glindon also enable this project to go forth with leadership and vision. Trust Funds often ask us why they should continue to support our work as opposed to seed funding for new projects and the answer is startlingly simple, Longbenton Youth Project works, it is highly effective with a proven track record and with the involvement and participation of the young people of Longbenton it continues to go from strength to strength.

Longbenton Youth Project is unquestionably;

“A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION” for the young people of Longbenton. Some fabulous and interesting examples of the work that is undertaken by the project are highlighted in the pages ahead and we hope the reader will enjoy a brief glimpse of the last twelve months and further insight into the success and longevity

streetwork Over the last 12 months we have had contact with 310 individual young people, of which 54 were new contacts for the project this year. The ratio of young men to young women being 52 % to 48 %. This has resulted in a total of

Table 1: Approximate number of young people contaced 175 170 165 160 155 150 145 140

Male Female Contacts

Table 2: Ratio of old and new young people contacted 140 120 100 80 60 40


20 0


Female Old


one to one work The project continues to work with young people in a one to one capacity; this method of working is usually deployed when young people experience crisis situations within their lives. It is essential to respond to the needs of young people in a flexible and pro-active manner, liaising with other services and acting as an advocate on their behalf. This is an integral part of working with young people in a holistic way, and supporting them in dealing with their greatest challenges. Over the past year we have seen many young people who have been involved in the project for years needing extra support due to a crisis situation occurring within their lives.

Case Study 1: Lucy Longbenton Youth Project has known Lucy for many years; when she was 14 she was involved in our Youth Making a Difference Course and went on to form a group with her peers. When Lucy fell pregnant with her son at 17, Longbenton Youth Project supported her and teamed her up with a One to One worker who listened and assisted her with housing and parenting skills. We gave her practical aid through hardship grants and generally helped her to be as prepared as possible for the arrival of her son. Lucy's baby was born premature and the practical support afforded her by our project was vital. Two years on and our commitment to her remains, Lucy has regular contact with us through our young mums group. Often, as it sometimes occurs with young people our role in

in need of our help more then ever. Lucy had been coping with domestic violence and after a serious attack had been threatened with homelessness and the loss of most of the things in life she held dear. The One to One worker provided by Longbenton Youth Project provided assistance through liaising with social services, law firms and other professionals on Lucy's behalf. It had been the long standing and trusting relationship already formed with Lucy that enabled us to act in this way and be a support system to Lucy in this time of crisis. Now that Lucy is free of the immediate danger of that relationship she is trying with our help to piece together the fragments of her life to build a better future for herself and her son.

Case Study 2: Jordan We first met Jordan when he was 14, as part of one of our mixed gender youth groups, we raised money through the Keyfund to do a film and theatre review project. The highlight was seeing "Starlight Express" at the Sunderland Empire Theatre, I remember after the closing acts one of the young people turned to me and said, 'oh, I get it, there trains!' the workers had a good laugh about that one. Jordan then went on to attend our Building Nature foreign volunteer experience in Portugal in September 2008. He was the youngest there but you wouldn't have known it! Jordan held his own amongst the other students from Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal and France and worked hard to construct a straw and lime house for a Donkey called Vincent. On his return Jordan came out as being gay, although this was a difficult time in his life, he was pleasantly surprised by

the positive response he got from the people who knew him and I'm sure this was to his relief. At this time Jordan was at a crossroads within his life. He was studying uniformed services but not enjoying it, so when LYP was sent the jobs update by the employability team, there was a nurse apprenticeship that seemed perfect for him. The project supported Jordan to go for it, providing help with references and interview technique. When he went for his interview he had so much to talk about, the experiences he gained volunteering in Portugal set him apart from the others and showed that he could apply himself to tasks and work well as part of a team. When Jordan told us of his success the workers were so proud of what he had achieved and pleased that we were able to affect positive change within his life.


Work with Girls and Young Women

health matters This group of young woman were recruited through our contact with the learning mentor at Longbenton Community College. It has been evident over the past year how much the group have developed and bonded with each other and their personal achievements speak for themselves. The group came together under the common theme of health with them participating in firstly Great-Sexpectations and then moving on to tackle issues such as drug and alcohol use in the projects 'Get it Together' course. This aside I feel the group have gained understanding and respect for each other and themselves along the way. In 2009 the group also attended a residential to Beadnell and undertook outdoor education with Mobex North East which saw them climbing, gill scrambling and kayaking, all this despite their initial fear and apprehension. The young woman have always been passionate about changing the bad reputation young people get and are in the process of raising funds to do an oral history project called '15 stories' due to start in September 2010. The name is a nod to the notorious 15 story flats which dominated the skyline of Longbenton for many years . How often have you heard, 'it wasn't like this when we were young' or young people don't know how well they have it these days'? The '15 Stories' project aims to reveal the real life similarities and differences of living as a 15 year old on the estate whether in 1955 or in 2005. The participant's personal accounts of being 15 will be collated onto a DVD which will then be used as a tool to raise awareness of the experiences and changing attitudes towards young people


work with young mum's Throughout 2009/10 we have worked with young mums in a one to one and group capacity. Time is spent helping with crisis work, mother and baby grants, general support around housing, health, education and employment. As well as providing activities that help young mums learn together with their children in a fun and interactive way. This year some of the places we have visited are beamish open air museum, Whitehouse farm and the Steven Stories Library and Activity Centre. This year the project has supported four families with young children, including two young mums to get away for a Holiday in partnership with The Mothers Union and the Adventure Trust. Three families went to Berwick Northumberland and the other enjoyed a short break at Beadnell Northumberland. Family holidays are of great importance to create lasting memories for children and relieving the stress of every day life for parents

Year 9 School Group This group runs annually and in partnership with Mr Ian Little at Longbenton Community College, young people were identified who may benefit from informal education and relationship building within a youth group setting. This year we worked with yr 9 girls who experienced low self esteem, were not achieving or were at risk of school exclusion. The group attended for three hours per week and developed their own project, culminating in a group residential to Calvert Trust Kielder in February 2010. The group decided to sample a range of activities in the first term which included, climbing, Quad biking, cooking and volunteering at the Christmas lunch at St Mary Madelyn's. In the second term of the programme the girls wanted to focus on the arts, they visited the Biscuit Factory art gallery and had musical theatre singing lessons and street dance classes. I felt the young woman involved harnessed the opportunity to access these different activities and gained so much self

Work with Boys and Young Men Incredibles This group of boys have been very active over the past year, there is a core of 6 young lads who reliably attend and carry out project work with up to 5 more who dip in and out to attend football tournaments and trips, such as climbing and Quasar Lazar. The core group of 6 have undertaken our 'Get it Together' course and have expressed how much they have enjoyed learning about the different subjects involved. (sexual health, drugs, alcohol, internet safety, knife crime). The course is fun and interactive, and uses a range of different learning models to give the young lads a positive learning experience and develop their self esteem. During the sexual health work the lads were given the opportunity to cover all aspects of sex, they had the space to explore future aspirations around having children and they learned about the correct use of condoms to prevent pregnancy until they are, In their own words 'mature enough to become fathers'. We have our second residential planned for Nov and have planned outdoor education sessions with Mobex North East throughout July and

LYP workers talk to us about about things like sexual health and other people come in and talk to us about alcohol and drugs. We share our ideas about what we want to know, then people come in to cover that stuff with us. Jack - Age 15


The Young Ones This group of Young men now 18 and 19 have been involved with the project since they were 'The Young Ones' although the group have been less busy then usual this year, we have often seen them on detached youth work sessions. The group continue to access the project for help and advice around housing and employment. In 2009 the group attended a camping residential at Kielder and have attended trips such as Quad Biking and Go-Ape (aerial assault course).

The Codfathers A group of young men and dads, aged between 18 and 24 years, who we work with on a regular basis both individually and as a group. Some members of the group have been and still are in prison this year and we have kept in contact with them and been involved in their positive return to the community, supporting them with advice and guidance regarding training and employment opportunities whilst also informally counselling them as to the crimes they have committed and more positive ways to make a success of their lives. The group have been on various activities throughout the year with a favourite being quad biking but have mainly been involved with the project on issues such as employment, benefits, relationships, drugs, etc.

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Work with Mixed Gender Groups The Loony Toons The Loony Toons are our longest established group made up of friends, family members, partners and now offspring! Over the past 8 years this group has been very active with creative projects, trips and activities. In the past two years we have seen a shift in their lifestyles and commitments. Two of the young women are mothers and are settled with homes and partners, some of the group members have jobs. We have responded to the groups needs by supporting them to access mother and baby grants, organise meetings to help them into work, and provide advice on budgeting for household bills.

C-Card The project continues to be a C-Card outlet, as a matter of good practice the project closely monitors the use of this service with regards to under those under the specified age guidelines. Our part time youth worker has recently trained to be a C-card administrator and will support the full time staff to deliver the service. In July 2010 LYP will pilot a full sexual health clinical session for young people in partnership with the One to One service outreach team; this is in response to the decline of sexual health services for young people in the

L-B Inclusive LB-inclusive have been a regular part of LYP for five years. The group has gone from strength to strength and there is a healthy contact list for this group. Over 2008-2009 the group have enjoyed many different activities which has challenged and engaged them in many different ways. Recently the group have attended snow tubing, swimming, bowling and badminton classes. They have also attended a residential at Beadnall. While there the group participated in a boat trip, it was the first time most of the young people had been on a boat. The group worked together and supported each other throughout the residential, with chores and cooking food, which was a taste of independence away from the family home.

Sessional Youth Worker I first got involved with the LYP from the age of 14 and worker which they are still supporting me to the over the years it has been the most amazing journey. present day. Due to having a big family, money was low and I was I first started working for the LYP doing voluntary work unable to do most things with my friends, such as and then went on to being paid staff; during this time I going to the cinema, go- karting, going for meals and was able to attended many training courses to further many other activities and the LYP was able to allow my learning development. me to experience these things. My biggest challenge was yet to come; the staff then When I reached the age of sixteen the staff supported had bigger plans for me and persuaded me to apply to me in applying for jobs and then went on to support do a university course. This was something that I me in being re-housed due to becoming homeless. didn’t feel I was able to do or even thought of doing in At the age of nineteen I decided I wanted to do the past. I have now completed my first year of voluntary work abroad and the staff at the LYP university with the help and support from the staff and supported me in every step of the way, which lead me my journey with the LYP still continues……. to go to three different countries, Africa, Sweden and Poland for a number a number of months. Stacey Wears The support didn’t stop at this point; they then went Full Time Sunderland University Student on to support me in my role of becoming a youth 6

Employment During the last twelve months we have supported 114 young people with regards to employment, further education and training. The greatest number of contacts we have at the office base come in to gain either employment, training or college course information and we support them with whatever their need is ( C.V., references, employment agencies, interview techniques, etc). Employment is so central to young people’s wellbeing giving them a real sense of who they are, what they can achieve and how others in society view them. So we are very happy to report our crucial work in this area particularly in view of the devastating record youth unemployment rate currently standing at nearly one million young people.

Case Study 3: Shelley Having first met Shelley during detached youth work sessions at the very beginning of LYP in 1994 she has been with us through her group right up to the present day. About six years ago she met her partner Andy and he has become part of the group also. Over the years we have supported the development of these two young people with the various issues they have faced and it was absolutely fantastic to be invited to their wedding this year and witness the strong bond that has grown between them that has blossomed from those early days.

It is more than fair to say that Shelley’s upbringing was not the easiest and it is incredible to watch her with her own two children seeing how attentive she is and what super parents they both have turned out to be. Young people are not always bound to commit the mistakes of their parents and this young couple are a great example of this and whatever LYP can do to assist their future happiness we will be more than willing to oblige. This is a young couple grappling with the difficulties and pressures of modern day living in Britain in 2010 and it is fabulous to see them making such positive choices for their family’s future and we wish them all the very best of wishes

Case Study 4: Micky We met Micky about ten years ago whilst out on a detached youth work session and he has been with the project ever since. He has been part of a group that has done many activities and undertakings but has always been around the project base for individual support and guidance, so much so that we used to have a special chair for him for his daily visits to LYP. We are currently visiting him in a North East prison where he is nearing the end of his sentence for a moment of drink fuelled madness that was exacerbated by the death of a close friend and Micky not dealing with his grief properly.


Micky fully regrets the incident that has led him to serve nearly two years in jail and has missed the once in a life time moment of seeing his little son. He feels he has let

his partner down very badly and also his little son and knows that he will have to work very hard to win back their support upon his release. We are now helping him to recognise more positive actions for his future in terms of his relationships, employment and responsible drinking attitudes. He wants to make a fresh start to his life and is very committed to being a good dad and partner and he would like some day for his son to look up to him for the positive thing he has achieved in life. The moral of this case study is a brief moment of madness can ruin a young person’s life and can have devastating long term effects on their future hopefully this will not be the case for Micky as he set out with our support to rebuild his life more positively.

Intergenerational Work Over the last twelve months we have sought once again to embrace the local community with one off activities to get the whole extended family involved. Two hundred plus people attended our summer family trips to Lightwater Valley, Seahouses and Edinburgh Zoo. Forty plus people attended the Christmas Meal at St Mary Magdalene’s Church. Another forty plus young people and old people enjoyed a Christmas Panto’s at the Peoples Theatre. Oh no they didn't. Some would question the validity of such events for a young people’s project but we know the importance of our work with the wider community and the resulting benefits for the young people we serve.

Volunteer - Peter Rush

Since starting as a volunteer at the LYP in July 2009 I have gained a variety of new skills and knowledge. I have been involved in many different activities ranging from delivering social education sessions and day trips away. The support and guidance I have recieved from Dave, Kelly and Stacy has been outstanding and very professional, Within my time with the LYP I have gained a place on a NVQ Level 2 in Youth Studies and also a place on a Youth and Community Studies Foundation degree. I believe volunteering is a great thing and would advise anyone to do it.


fundraising We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the following funders for supporting LYP over the last year.

Children in Need Community Foundation Elswick Lodge Trust


North Tyneside Council The Big Lottery Fund The Greggs Trust

“ I am delighted that the Big Lottery Fund was able to fund a full-time Manager's post to help support and sustain Longbenton Youth Project's excellent work with the young people of Longbenton and Benton”. Peter Wanless CEO. The Big Lottery Fund

“Congratulations on what looks like another really successful year. The variety of work you do is great. The Investing in Children Standard Mark is a real achievement, so congratulations to the whole team”. Hannah Stapley, Northern Rock Foundation

“I always enjoy my visits to LYP as it is one of the most vibrant and innovative young people’s projects in the area. There is a real commitment from the team to work with the young people, and that is reciprocated by the users who help give it its vibrant feel. We have been delighted to support LYP and I hope that they continue this exceptional work for many years to come!”

conclusion This Sixteenth Annual Report demonstrates in the clearest possible terms that Longbenton Youth Project has delivered another amazing twelve months of work which continues to bond this Project to the community it serves and brings hope and opportunity to a further generation of young people from Longbenton. Obviously so much can not be achieved by so few (two full time, two part time sessional workers and two volunteers at present) if it were not without the fantastic partnerships that we have built up with a wide range of agencies, (e.g. Longbenton Community College, Early years Children Centre, Phoenix Youth Project, D2 youth Zone, North Tyneside Creative Writing Centre etc.) to name but a few and we would like to thank all those people involved in supporting us to deliver the very best of services to our young people. Unfortunately the need for our work is as important as it has ever been with the current global economic crisis having a huge impact locally with the loss of major employers and the consequent record rise in the youth unemployment rate in this area. To summarise, the last twelve months and to conclude our aspirations for the future, we firmly believe that the youth work taking place in Longbenton bears favourable comparison to any being offered within the UK, given the size of our operation, and that we are at the cutting edge of developmental, ground breaking work.

Peter Ellis, Manager, North East Region, Lloyds TSB Foundation

Despite the current difficulties faced by young people Longbenton Youth Project continues to offer support guidance and direction to enable young people to overcome the barriers that prevent them from realising their full potential and a happy and healthy future.

"BBC Children in Need is delighted to be funding a detached youth worker who we believe will make a real difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people in Longbenton."

We operated for a good part of last year without one fulltime worker (due to financial restrictions) so the outcomes are still quite breathtaking and we know that we will continue to work for the benefit of all the young people of Longbenton particularly those that no other agencies can reach.

David Ramsden CEO. - BBC Children in Need

Hope for the future, secure with our past and the total conviction that LYP is building a better brighter future for the young people of Longbenton. 10

acknowledgments The young people and wider community of Longbenton LYP Management Committee Adventure Holiday Angela Smith – D2 Youth Zone Balliol Youth Centre Broomley Grange Churches of Longbenton and Benton Cllr. Eddie Darke Cllr. Kevin Conroy Community Foundation Elswick Lodge Trust Health Promotions Helen Mulhearn – Investors In Children Martin Lightfoot – North Tyneside Council Peter Ellis - Lloyds TSB Foundation Longbenton Community College – Ian Little, Michelle Smith Jonny McGuigan - MCGT Solutions Longbenton Children’s Centre – Val Bradley, Ann Cavanagh and Lynn Shields N2L North East Detached Youth Work Forum Northern Rock Foundation Oxford Centre - Richard Salvin Peter Beardsley - NUFC Phoenix Detached Project – Mike Burgess The Big Lottery Fund Ms. Violet Wilson - Community Rep. Voda - Sheena Dean Wallsend People’s Centre


Management committee members 2009-2010 Chair:

Simon Workman

Longbenton Resident

Vice Chair: Treasurer: Secretary:

Darren Havis Michelle Smith

Longbenton..Resident Longbenton Com. College

Roger Layton Ann Cavanagh Phillip Dexter Gemma Prosser

North Tyneside Council Longbenton Children’s Centre Longbenton Resident Longbenton

Signed: Signed and agreed on behalf of Longbenton Youth Project by Simon Workman, Chairperson June 2010. 12

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longbenton youth project

98b stoneleigh avenue longbenton newcastle upon tyne ne12 8nt t. 0191 266 2271 m. 07754538616 / 07906558873

Annual Report 2010  

Longbenton Youth Project's 2010 Annual Report