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26 May 2017 Alan Webb Quay Chambers AUCKLAND Email:

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We refer to your letter of 19 May 2017.


Williams Land Limited ("WLL") reiterates that all works at WeitiBay, including in relation to the stream, are authorised by resource consents, and have been undertaken in accordance with independent expert advice and with ongoing Council engagement and oversight.


WLL does not accept that it was wrong to undertake works in the stream, or that inappropriate adverse effects have arisen. However, in keeping with the spirit of the WeitiBay development, being one of environmental awareness and responsibility, WLL does not wish to engage in an ongoing dispute on this matter regardless of who is right.


WLL therefore agrees that it will reinstate the stream, subject to any necessary Council approval, in consultation with the Council as to the appropriate management of those works. However, the timeframe proposed by your client is not possible, given the height of the water table during winter. Therefore, WLL will likely commence any works to reinstate the stream at the beginning of the 2017/18 earthworks season, once the water table has returned to an appropriate level. This will be done in consultation with the Council.


We trust that this resolves your client's concerns. We will inform you once works to reinstate the stream have been completed.

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Letter regarding sandbar 26 may 2017  
Letter regarding sandbar 26 may 2017