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hammond Lori Hammond ~ currently the Academic Director of Media Arts & Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics and Visual Game Programming at The Art Institute of California Hollywood. Ms. Hammond has worked as a Training Specialist at Disney Feature Animation Studios, where she worked on films; "Bolt", Goofy Short "How to Hook Up your Home Theater" and "Princess & The Frog". Ms. Hammond has worked in feature film,TV, Webinars, and shown her work in galleries both nationally and internationally.

Tell us about yourself My background is multi-faceted and has allowed me to experience being a creator. When I began to draw at a young age I had no idea it would lead me to New York where I would receive my MFA in Digital Art with a focus on 3D Animation from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work in the education, fashion, events and entertainment. I got my first real job in entertainment a few years back as a Training Specialist for Walt Disney Animation Studios. This job gave me the experience I needed to progress not only as an artist but as a educator and it opened doors to a multitude of other experiences not to mention working with the most talented people in the industry. My job there was to train the artists on the software used to create such titles as "Princess and the Frog,” "Bolt,” and a short animation:

"Goofy -How to hook up your Home Theater.” I enjoyed the experience and am thankful. Currently I am the Director of The Art Institute of California - Hollywood and it is my goal to help the students there get the same opportunities as I have had. While education is my day job the Artist in me never sleeps as I am a consummate creator. Currently I am working on an illustrated graphic novel, short artistic videos for gallery displays, and I am a designer for a clothing line on Vida, and you can find my collection here: When did you first notice you were interested in art or creativity? Did you get support from your family and friends, teachers, siblings etc. or a mentor?

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