Home for the Holidays 2018 Social Story

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Lone Tree Arts Center Going to the Theater:

A Social Story

Theater Today I am going to the theater. I am going to the Lone Tree Arts Center to see a show. We may have to drive to get there. When we arrive, we can park in the parking lot of the Arts Center.

Home for the Holidays 2018 The show I am seeing is called Home for the Holidays. This show is a variety show, all about the holidays. It is full of dancers, singers, drummers, holiday songs, and Santa. It is the perfect show to get into the holiday spirit!

Lobby We need tickets to see the show. Some people buy their tickets before they arrive, and some buy them at the theater. If we buy them there, we will buy them at the box office in the lobby. The lobby also has benches to rest on before the show.

Ushers There will be people called Ushers at the show. These people work for the Lone Tree Arts Center and can help me if I need them to. They will also scan my ticket and show me where my seat is.


When it is time to go in, we will find our seats. If my seat is in the balcony, I might have to walk up stairs to get there. We can also choose to take the elevator. I will be sitting with my family and friends. I might also be sitting next to people I don’t know. This is okay. When I am sitting I will try to be still and not kick the seats in front of me. There may be a point where people need to get past me to find their seats or go to the bathroom. I may have to stand in order to let them by. This will only take a second and then I can sit back down and continue watching the show.

The Performance The lights will dim a little bit when the show is about to begin. I will hear an announcement and music. The show will begin after the announcement. The lights will change again and the actors will come on stage. I am encouraged to applaud by waving my hands if I hear or see something I like. Others may applaud by waving their hands too. I can cover my ears or use my headphones if it gets too loud. The Arts Center also has headphones to borrow at the Box Office if the noise gets too loud.

Taking a break During the show, I may need to take a break and that is okay. I can tell the people I am with, and they can take me to the quiet room. This room is a safe place where I can calm down. When I am ready, I can return to my seat and continue watching the show.

After the Show When the show is over, people may cheer and applaud by waving their hands. I can do so too. If it gets too loud, I can cover my ears or use the headphones. The noise won’t last very long. When the actors leave the stage and the lights get bright, I can wait in line to leave the theater. If I don’t want to wait with the crowd, I can stay in my seat until they have left. Then I can leave too.

Leaving the Theater The lobby may be crowded, but I can just say “excuse me� if I need to get around someone. I will leave through the same doors I entered. The Lone Tree Arts Center hopes I had a great time and that I will come back soon!