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Advanced Professional Animation Seminar by International lead animators The One Academy presents another world-renowned learning opportunity with international lead animators; Shawn Kelly (Industrial Light & Magic) and Carlos Baena (Pixar Animation Studios) to share their valuable knowledge. Both speaker has years of great experiences of professional involvements in international blockbuster productions such as Transformers, Transformers 2 & 3, Star Wars, Rango, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E & Toy Story 3. The One Academy Penang’s students feel great to meet up International Animation Masters and explore deeper possibilities in the various animation topics and at the same time enhance their work experience in the digital animation industry. Date: 6th -8th December 2011 Dion Ooi ‘Success Magic To The One Academy Penang Champions’ The One Academy Penang proudly invited Mr. Dion Ooi ,an international certified training professional based in Penang to share his success‘magic’ with our students. The sharing session includes ‘technic to manage time’, ‘way to dream big’, ‘Seeproblem and solve problem’, ‘Believe to be success’ and etc. Date: 27th & 28th October 2011 Artgogo Holiday Camp Annual event Artgogo Holiday Camp successfully attracted 72 secondary school students to take part this year. Students from northern region happily enhanced their experience in art & design from a series of workshop. Besidesthe workshops, we’ve prepared some gamesfor them as well. Date: 17th & 18th December 2011 Top 10 Award 2011 After a year of hard work in academics, it’s time for The One Academy Penang to show appreciation and recognition to those who performed outstanding achievements in the year 2011. Top 10 awards includes ‘Best Sketching’, ‘Best in Illustration with Comics’, ‘Best in Multimedia Design’, ‘Best in Advertising and Graphic Design’, ‘ Best in Digital Animation with GameDevelopment’, ‘Best in Interior Design’, ‘Best Team Work’, ‘Best Leadership’, ‘Best Initiative’ and ‘TOAPModel Student’. To gain attention from students to highlight the awards, there was a series of awarenesscampaign moving around in campus. From stickers on wall, super hero appearance, follow by 1st anamorphic in Penang. We are proudly to announce the 1st ‘Top 10 Awards’ now begin in The One Academy Penang. Nominees of each category will be announced in January 2012 and the prizes presentation will formally held on the 4th Feb 2012.


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