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Meet Our Publisher Welcome to Lone Star Local Guide! My name is Lindsey and I am so proud to not only call myself a Texan, but also a Houstonian. My family history is not only deep in the heart of Texas but deep in the heart of Houston since I’m a direct descendant of the Allen Brothers. I’m therefore very proud that my digital publication represents the area where I live and where my family is from. I am passionate about my community and the businesses that reside in it. Without a community, we have no place to call home and nothing to leave the next generation. I believe strongly in the power of the small business and what it represents. When you shop at a small business, you’re not only supporting your community, but you’re also supporting a family. I started Lone Star Local Guide to showcase these local businesses. I strive to find unique small businesses, each offering something different. You may not have even known some of these companies were local to you and my hope is that I’ll be able to give them exposure and support for their businesses. Along with promoting these unique businesses, the Guide will also include informational, educational, and just plain interesting articles on various issues and topics that I hope you will enjoy. Here’s a helpful tip: every ad is linked directly to the advertiser’s website so no more having to write it down- just click and go! Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again in the next issue! Please help spread the word by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll regularly post upcoming local events, news, and, of course, awesome local businesses!

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I weighed the cauliflower, turnips, and cheese only because it is easier than using measuring cups.

By: Raigan Mayo Food Blogger

Loaded Cauliflower Soup With cooler weather upon us I crave comfort food and this soup is all the comforts of homemade potato soup without all the carbs. This is a perfect meal prep item that you can cuddle up on the couch while binge watching your favorite show. Some notes about this recipe:

Ingredients: 1/3 cup onion, chopped 3 garlic cloves, chopped 18 oz cauliflower, chopped 3 cups of chicken broth 8 oz turnips, diced 1 1/2 cups heavy cream 4 oz cheddar cheese 2 oz parmesan cheese 2 TBL Butter 1 TBL Bacon Fat Toppings: Green Onions, Crispy Bacon, Cheddar Cheese Preparation: 1. Saute onions and garlic until translucent. 2. Add Cauliflower, chicken stock, and heavy cream and bring to a boil 3. Reduce to a simmer and add cheeses. 4. Simmer until cauliflower is tender and falling apart. 5. Blend soup in a blender until smooth consistency. 6. Add blended soup back to bought and add turnips and simmer until turnips are tender. 7. Ladle the soup in your favorite bowl, top with bacon, cheese, and green onions.

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By: Taylor Smith

We wanted to re-run this story because we felt it was only right to give Scratch By Sarah the pat on the back she deserves. Since we ran her story back in May, her small business has exploded! Nearly every month she is fully booked with special orders and close to booked for the follow-

Lone Star Local Guide Page 6

ing month. Needless to say, Scratch By Sarah is the #CakeDealer QUEEN! So what’s so great about her? Here is everything you need to know: Three years ago, Sarah was convinced that everyone knew how to bake delicious cakes and cupcakes. She grew up in a house where everyone was a fantastic cook and baker and she thought it was normal that everyone baked as well as her family. But the feedback Sarah received to her own baked goods was overwhelmingly positive. It wasn’t until people started asking her to personally make cakes for their events that she realized she could actually make a business out of doing what she loved—making cakes and cupcakes. “I love everything about my business! To be able to have creative freedom and even delivering my orders and see-

ing the huge smiles on my customers’ faces. Especially my younger customers, seeing a child’s face light up is the best feeling ever! When I was creating my business model, I decided that titling Scratch as a “bakery and cupcakery” best suited my overall offerings. While the cupcake is definitely my specialty, I also make all sorts of cakes, cookies, brownies, and desserts. Everything I make is from scratch. No shortcuts, no artificial flavorings, and all completely custom, made-to-order. I have no set menu. The creativity door is wide open for them, and for me. For that, I am the proudest.” Sarah uses only fresh, quality ingredients, and no artificial flavorings. When you order something with strawberries or a strawberry flavor she uses actual strawberries as the flavoring. You can be sure there’s no added chemical or fake flavoring coming from her kitchen. Sarah is no stranger to big events either. She may be a business of one, but she can handle any kind of event, wedding, or office party. May-

be you just need a dozen cupcakes for a girls’ night out? She’s got you covered in that department as well and will make your girls get-together a sweet one to remember. No matter the task, Sarah has the determination and the love of baking to get the job done. What does Sarah feel is essential to success? “For me, staying true to my morals and standards is most important for my success. Often as businesses grow, in any industry, volume goes up and quality goes down. For me, there’s nothing

more important than maintaining the quality my customers have come to expect. You can’t get the best results without using the best ingredients and putting the time and effort into each order that it deserves.” So, the next time you’re at the grocery store and you need a sweet treat for your event, remember to shop local and support a small business owner and her dream. Who doesn’t like the sweet smell of buttercream frosting, strawberry cakes, and chocolate sauce which are an everyday scent pouring from the kitchen at Scratch By Sarah? You can see more of Sarah’s baked goods and contact her at She is also on Facebook and Instagram, so head over and give her a like and a follow.u

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Springing into 2020 By: Tracee Evans

Emergency Services District Seven Board’s decision to move up a fulltime firefighter hiring class made that possible to meet the 2020 staffing goal several months ahead of schedule. In 2019, the Spring Fire Department’s Fire Prevention and Outreach Programs took another big step forward with the introduction of new community events such as Friday Family Flick in the Firehouse, as well as Easter Egg Hunts and safe Halloween Truck or Truck activities at all nine staU.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw (TX-2) speaking at the grand opening of Spring Fire Station 74. Spring Fire also hired the department’s first full-time training captain and announced more hires in the training department for 2020.

2019 has been a banner year for the Spring Fire Department.

stations are now staffed 24/7/365 to

tions. With the help of Klein Collins JROTC cadets, Spring Fire hosted its first annual Haunted (Fire)House event the weekend before Hallowe’en.

best serve the citizens of Spring, Texas.

Spring Fire Crews are now hosting

For the first time in the depart-

The opening of the new Spring

regularly scheduled Open Houses at

ment’s 67-year history, all Spring Fire

Fire Station 74 and the Harris County

Firefighter Jason Wal with a couple of serious egg hunters.

Continue on page 11 u

Klein Collins JROTC cadets showing off their scary costumes outside Station 75. Lone Star Local Guide Page 9

Lone Star Local Guide Page 10

firefighter calendar for 2020, which features shelter pets in need of homes. Calendars are still on sale at the Spring Fire Administration Building at 656 E. Louetta and online at www. Spring




helped reunite several lost pets with their forever families thanks to our microchip reader program, also in partnership with the Harris County Pets Resource Center. In 2020, the Spring Fire Department will continue to grow with a new volunteer academy class, the hiring of more firefighters and training capFirefighter Nathan Smith demonstrating what is carried on a fire engine at the Station 77 Open House.

the stations and school safety visits. More station open houses to come in 2020 starting with Station 73 on January 18. In February, the Spring Firefighter Challenge will be back bigger and better than ever before

tains and the ground breaking of the new W.W. Cotton Weaver Training

in the fall of 2018. Since then Spring

Center and Multi-purpose complex


on Lexington Road.




hundred alarms at no cost to the

Stop the Bleed classes will be add-

residents. Firefighters also conduct

ed to our public education programs,

smoke alarm blitzes during the time

which already include CPR and First

change weekends. Anyone in Spring

Aid classes every month.

Fire’s territory can sign up for a smoke

Learn more about our events

alarm check-up at www.SpringFD.

and classes at



Spring Fire launched its first ever

One of the many pooches brought to Spring Fire Department in 2019 to read a microchip and reunite a family.

and Old Town Spring is again the site for Spring Into Safety Day on the first day of Spring, March 21. The Spring Fire Department continues to expand the free Smoke Alarm Check-up Program launched

The cover of Spring Fire’s 2020 calendar. Lone Star Local Guide Page 11

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By: W.F. Strong

A couple of weeks ago I got into

As I was lying in recovery at the

and I thought immediately of my ad-

an argument with my stairs, and I lost.

hospital, I realized that my injury was

vantages over Sam. I had only to lie

The stairs insisted there were 12 steps

similar to that which Sam Houston

there wrapped in the loving arms of

and I thought 10 would do. I broke

suffered at the Battle of San Jacinto.

morphine and watch the Houston As-

my tibia and fibula. The good news is

Same shattered tibia, inches above

tros (ironically Sam’s namesake city’s

that I ended up at the bottom of the

the ankle. Of course his was pene-

team) play the Nationals. That was

stairs, conveniently located for the

trated by a musket ball in battle and

all I had to worry about. Sam had to

EMS to pick me up and rush me into

mine was penetrated by the hubris of

push through the pain of his broken

emergency surgery. I’ll be 97 percent

thinking I had the agility of a teenag-

leg and open wound because he

good as new in four months.

er. Still, the result was much the same,

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William Henry Huddle’s painting “Surrender of Santa Anna.” Lone Star Local Guide Page 13

Lone Star Local Guide Page 14

had a new Republic to create and

discovered an 1853 letter that Sam

had eight children. They had their

protect, an undisciplined army to

wrote to his wife in which he said that

“happily ever after,” which may have

command, a dictator to keep alive

his left leg still troubled him from the

never happened had he not been

at all costs, and political foes to keep

“old San Jacinto wound.”

wounded at San Jacinto. Cupid

an eye on. Here are three things of interest to

The third interesting thing is that

works in mysterious ways.

Sam’s wound at San Jacinto got

I’m sure Sam thought his wound

worse, probably infected – though

was a stroke of bad luck that came

First, he ignored it. After the bat-

they didn’t yet know about germs.

at the worst time. But the Greek idea

tle was over, though he was suffer-

Sam developed a fever and his doc-

of the fates makes sense here. Not all

ing great pain and his boot was filled

tor wanted to send him to New Or-

bad luck is truly bad. Sometimes bad

with blood, he met with his com-

leans for expert treatment. David G.

luck is just a means of moving you to

manders to make sure they under-

Burnet, then Interim president of Tex-

a better road.

stood that two Mexican armies were

as, didn’t want to grant him leave. He

Hopefully that is true for me, too. I

still in the neighborhood, within strik-

wanted him to stay with the army, but

would not likely have thought to write

ing distance. Vigilance was essential

Sam’s doctor and friends convinced

this if I hadn’t taken an unfortunate

to securing this newly-won indepen-

Burnet that he was in danger of dying

tumble down the stairs in my rush to

dence. Once confident that all was

if he didn’t go. So Burnet relented.

eat golden brown pancakes one

know about Sam’s wound:

well for the time being, he said, “Gen-

Sam was met in New Orleans like

tlemen, I have been shot. I must go

an American hero. He fainted on the

cence is a terrible thing to waste.u

tend to this wound.”

docks from his fever. They carried

This article was edited for broadcast by Texas Standard producers for the Texas Standard radio program on Apple podcast

The second interesting thing is that

him to the hospital on a

there is a famous painting showing

stretcher. According to

Sam Houston talking to Santa Anna,

biographer James Hal-

under a tree while reclined on a rug.

ey, when his stretcher

His lower right leg is bandaged. The

passed by a beautiful,

painting was titled, “The Surrender of

violet-eyed 17-year-old

Santa Anna” by William Henry Hud-

there on the docks, she

dle. It hangs in the Texas State Capitol

reported that she felt

in Austin. Beautiful work. Many a fine

the “eerie sensation of

biographer, influenced by that paint-

destiny sweep through

ing, wrote that Sam’s right leg was

her.” I guess you have

broken. But his wound was actually

to say young Marga-

to his left leg. That painting had the

ret Lea’s intuition was

power of a photograph, I suppose.

good. Three years later,

It’s a trivial difference, but interesting

when she was 20 and

that the perception lasted so long.

Sam was 48, they were

It was only in 2002 that Richard Rice

married and eventually

perfect Sunday morning. A convales-

Young Margaret Lone Star Local Guide Page 15

Lone Star Local Guide Page 16

Lone Star Local Guide Page 17

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Lone Star Local Guide Page 20

e Travel

gablond n with Va w ro B r e if By: Jenn

EMBRACED BY MANA The French Polynesian mantra.

alive and loved than the island of Ta-

Nowhere is mana’s presence more

hiti. Mana can be characterized by a life force and the spirit that surround and connects all living



can hear it, smell, it, touch, and live it! When you step off the plane in Papeete



capital) and arrive to the islands you

divided into five groups of islands, the



Society Islands, the Tuamotu Archi-


pelago, the Gambier Islands, Austral

mana makes lands

feel and


Islands, and the Marquesas Islands.


The society islands being the most

these so


popular of all the groups where you

nesian islands are

can find Tahiti, Moorea, and the all

composed of 118

popular Bora Bora.





and atolls that are

Now replicated across the world, Continue on page 23 u Lone Star Local Guide Page 21

Lone Star Local Guide Page 22

the FIRST and original iconic over the

Moorea is considered the heart

and lush rainforest, this is your island!

water bungalows built in 1967 were

shape island where adventure meets

And yes, they have over the water

built on Moorea and Raiatea. I found

the water! It’s the perfect location to

bungalows here too! One of my fa-

myself sleeping in a few of these bun-

explore whether you are on foot or

vorite non profit organizations, COR-

galows and touring all 11 of the resorts

by 4x4. Want to see striking waterfalls

AL GARDENERS, is located on Moorea

each having their own unique style.

Continue on page 25 u

Last month the Tahiti Tourism Exchange extended an invitation to the owner of Vagablonde Travel to visit 4 of their islands and 11 different resorts which completed the program to become a Certified Tahiti Specialist. While there, I kept having to ask myself “is the real life”? I didn’t think the pictures could match what my eyes saw, but it was even better! Raiatea and Taha’a were the first on our journey where we stayed at Le Taha’a, which is still considered a little secret, where the island features the amazing octopus caves, the coral gardens, shipwrecks, and the famous vanilla plantations. Be sure not to discount these islands and make some time to stay for a few days! Lone Star Local Guide Page 23

Lone Star Local Guide Page 24

your first Tahitian black pearl from the Robert Wan Museum! Don’t discount this island and only stay for a night as there is so much to do here! Bora Bora is what the general population think when someone says French Polynesian Islands and is one of the most beautiful islands in the word! Perfect white sand beaches, emerald waters, luxury resorts, and over the water bungalows dot this island. Truly where romantic dreams become a reality. 3 of my MUST DO’s are the following: 1. Visit Bloody Mary’s and have a nice lunch or dinner. 2. Swim with sting rays and black tip sharks (yes on purpose). 3. Rent jet ski’s and tour the island seeing all it’s beauty from the water. Average rates for over the water bungalows start at $1,000 per night, but I promise you IT’S WORHT IT! You will never see something as beautiful as these unique islands! u

and offers an amazing experience to adopt and plant your own coral while visiting. You can even adopt your own nursery table to give back! Tahiti is where city life meets island paradise. Here you can discover the surfs, unique arts,



shows, or even buy Lone Star Local Guide Page 25

Lone Star Local Guide Page 26

Lone Star Local Guide Page 27

Lone Star Local Guide Page 28

By: W.F. Strong

When settlers first came upon Ja-

off outcroppings rising 10 to 15 feet

through 23 feet of well-lit water to an

cob’s Well near Wimberley around

above the well, into eternal 68-de-

apparent bottom, but then it veers

1850, they did not encounter a swim-

gree waters. Quite an arctic blast in

off into a descent of increasing dark-

ming hole. They discovered a magi-

the middle of a Texas summer.

ness. I visited with Gregg Tatum who

cal fountain of beautifully clear wa-

My focus here is not, however, on

has logged over 250 dives there. He

ter, 12 feet in diameter, sometimes

the idyllic surface world of Jacob’s

says it is no place for a novice. Only

spouting four or five feet above the

Well. I’m interested in what lies be-

cave certified divers with substantial

surface. They named it Jacob’s Well

neath. Far, far beneath. In Stephen

experience in cave diving should go

because of its Biblical magnificence.


deep into Jacob’s Well. He says, “It




Over the next 70 years, thirsty cen-

he says it is “like a portal from an-

tral Texas pulled water from the Trinity

other dimension, a world of unnatu-

Novelist Harrigan describes his

aquifer that feeds the artesian foun-

ral vibrance and mystery.” Harrigan

character’s response similarly: “He

tain. It was slowly tamed but it is still

logged over 20 dives in the cave

turned off his light and felt the dark-

wildly beautiful there. You can jump

more than thirty years ago.

ness rush in… exquisite blackness like

The well takes an initial plunge

gets so dark you can taste it.”

Continue on page 31 u

Lone Star Local Guide Page 29

Lone Star Local Guide Page 30

a weight. If he had been on Mars he

A particularly interesting feature

is the Jacob’s Well Exploration Proj-

couldn’t have felt farther from the fa-

of the cave is called the “Birth Canal.”

ect. However, you can go along with

miliar world above him.”

This two-foot square portal is found at

them, so to speak, by video, on their

Eight or nine divers have lost their

the rear of a fairly large underwater

website, Jacob’s Well Exploration Pro-

lives in Jacob’s Well. It is difficult to get

room, 75 feet from the surface. The

jectg. You will be diving deep into the

an exact number – could be more.

Birth Canal is situated at the top of

heart of Texas in no time.

For that reason, Jacob’s Well is known

a long, steep, gravel-floored slope

As for me, I couldn’t dive there,

as one of the most dangerous diving

which is notoriously unstable. At the

even with training, and I’ll tell you

spots in the world. Tatum, however,

base of this slope, divers encounter


bristles at that description. He says

a narrow restriction that, depending

When I was six years old my

that the Well is only dangerous if you

on conditions, can be as tight as 15

mother took us to swim in a pool at

“don’t know what you are doing.”

inches in height.

her friend’s house. It was unusual for

Still, Tatum says that there is no

Negotiating this restriction some-

a residential pool. The deep end was

room for error. He takes at least two,

times requires divers to push rocks

exceptionally deep. You couldn’t see

and sometimes three of everything

and gravel out of the way, pull for-

the bottom because of the shade

– two knives, two tanks, three lights.

ward a few inches and then repeat

that the big trees cast over it. My old-

Lighting is sometimes more impor-

the process several times. Once past

er brother, Shep, who was a practical

tant than air. It is likely that some of

the restriction, the cave widens con-

joker extraordinaire, told me that it

the doomed divers ran out of air be-

siderably, but the ceiling remains only

was 100 feet deep there and dared

cause they first ran out of light. Anoth-

2 to 3 feet high. Clearly, this is not a

me to swim across it. Though I was a

er hazard is the silt on the bottom. It

place for the claustrophobic.

good swimmer already, I would not

is easy for the novice to accidentally

Gregg notes that divers occa-

risk it. The idea that it was possibly

stir up the silt so he cannot tell up from

sionally find that gravel that was

bottomless and that strange crea-

down or which way is in or out.

pushed aside to gain entrance has

tures might be lurking down there,

The Jacob’s Well Exploration Proj-

been replaced with more material

kept me in the shallow end. There is

ect, of which Gregg Tatum is the di-

from higher up the slope, making the

a name for this fear: bathophobia.

rector, has mapped the cave system.

opening appear to close shut behind

It is not a fear of being clean: it is a

It plunges to 140 feet at its deepest

them. Even for an experienced cave

fear of deep water that may hide un-

point; 14 stories underground, under-

diver, this event can give one pause.

known horrors.

water. There are two tunnels, A and

Divers now use side-mounted

Fast forward 30 years: I went swim-

B. A is 4300 feet long (three-quarters

tanks to lower their profiles and make

ming at Jacob’s Well in central Texas.

of a mile) and B is 1300 feet long. It

them more streamlined as they slide

When I learned that eight or nine

takes five hours round trip to get to

through narrow passageways with

people had drowned scuba diving

the terminus of tunnel A. Tatum be-

less risk of getting stuck. And it is a

in that cave system, my bathopho-

lieves that if one had time to work at

sublime underwater world. There are

bia was triggered. Just the thought of

the terminus, there might be a way

no stalactites and stalagmites, but

going down into those depths was to

to gain access to more of the cave.

there are impressive limestone walls

me the stuff Stephen King novels were

There is a strong flow, too, which div-

of many colors, vibrant and muted.

made of. I stayed on the surface or

ers must struggle against to get down

There are no bats, of course, but there

near it, enjoying the well lit waters.

into the depths.

are catfish, perch, turtles – at the be-

But that was not so for everyone.

Authorities once tried to seal off

ginning of the cave – and then deep

Whereas I was disenchanted with the

the cave. They welded a steel grate

in, there are blind Texas salamanders

depths, the free divers and scuba div-

at about 70 feet in. Within months it

to keep you company.

ers were seduced, and still are, forev-

was removed by rogue divers who

You can’t scuba dive there with-

left a note saying, “You can’t keep us

out a special permit from Hays Coun-


ty, and the only entity that has one

er attracted to what lies beneath.u This article was edited for broadcast by Texas Standard producers for the Texas Standard radio program on Apple podcast Lone Star Local Guide Page 31

Lone Star Local Guide Page 32

Montgomery County Courts: What they Do (Part Two of Two) Once an understanding of what

Courts at law handle all Class A and

our County Courts at Law and District

the basic types of law entails it is eas-

Class B misdemeanors. This would in-

Courts to achieve maximum efficien-

ier to understand what Montgomery

clude crimes such as first and second

cy. The courts hear cases as follows:

County Courts do.

DWI cases, assault involving bodily

We have five Justice of the Peace

injury and marijuana cases.


Civil Cases:

284th District Court

and the 457th District Court (newly

Courts. These courts are what many

punishment for cases filed in County

of us remember as The People’s Court.

Courts at Law is up to one year in jail

Felony Cases: 9th District Court,

There is a JP Court in each precinct

and up to a $10,000.00 fine. County

221st District Court, 359th District

of the County. The judges are not

Courts at Law also handle civil cases

Court & 435th District Court

required to be attorneys.

with an amount in controversy of up

JP judges

handle Class C misdemeanor crimi-

to $200,000.00.

County Courts at

nal cases which include mostly traf-

Law handle all probate cases includ-

fic tickets, but can also include other

ing mental health and guardianship

cases like assault involving unwanted


formed court that isn’t open yet)

Misdemeanor Cases:


CCL#4 (including all juvenile cases), CCL#5 Family Cases: 418th District Court, CCL#3

touching. JP Courts handle civil cas-

We have seven (soon to be eight)

The two quasi-specialized courts

es with an amount in controversy of

District Courts in Montgomery Coun-

are the 410th District Court and

up to $10,000.00. Later this year the

ty. District Court Judges must be ex-

CCL#2. These courts hear cases as

amount will increase to $20,000.00.

perienced attorneys. District Courts


Litigants are not required to follow the

handle all felony cases which can

rules of procedure in JP Court which

carry death penalty punishment and

makes it a very welcoming place for

life sentences all the way down to six

those who want to handle their cases

months in the state penitentiary. Dis-

without hiring an attorney.

trict Courts handle civil cases where

We have five County Courts at

the amount in controversy unlimited.

Law in Montgomery County. County

District Courts and County Courts at

Court at Law Judges must be expe-

law also handle all types of family

rienced attorneys. All of the Mont-

cases including CPS cases, divorces,

gomery County Courts at Law and

child custody cases, and adoptions.

District Courts are situated in Conroe, which is our county seat.


410th District Court: Family cases and civil cases CCL#2: Civil cases and probate casesu

In Montgomery County we have specialized or quasi-specialized all of Lone Star Local Guide Page 33

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Lone Star Local Guide - January 2020  

We believe in the power of the small business. Our goal is to share what we find with our followers and tell you where the hidden treasures...

Lone Star Local Guide - January 2020  

We believe in the power of the small business. Our goal is to share what we find with our followers and tell you where the hidden treasures...