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Leslie Henderson MANAGING EDITOR

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Taylor Smith WRITER

Welcome to Lone Star Local Guide! My name is Lindsey and I am so proud to not only call myself a Texan, but also a Houstonian. My family history is not only deep in the heart of Texas but deep in the heart of Houston since I’m a direct descendant of the Allen Brothers. I’m therefore very proud that my digital publication represents the area where I live and where my family is from. I am passionate about my community and the businesses that reside in it. Without a community, we have no place to call home and nothing to leave the next generation. I believe strongly in the power of the small business and what it represents. When you shop at a small business, you’re not only supporting your community, but you’re also supporting a family. I started Lone Star Local Guide to showcase these local businesses. I strive to find unique small businesses, each offering something different. You may not have even known some of these companies were local to you and my hope is that I’ll be able to give them exposure and support for their businesses. Along with promoting these unique businesses, the Guide will also include informational, educational, and just plain interesting articles on various issues and topics that I hope you will enjoy. Here’s a helpful tip: every ad is linked directly to the advertiser’s website so no more having to write it down- just click and go! Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again in the next issue! Please help spread the word by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram, where we’ll regularly post upcoming local events, news, and, of course, awesome local businesses!

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Dark Chocolate Cocoa

By: Raigan Mayo Food Blogger

Favorite Hot Beverages During this time of year I like to enjoy a night time hot cup of yumminess. Now, while I love a great cup of eggnog I have yet to perfect that recipe. However I do have two that I love: Hot Chocolate and Golden Milk. Golden Milk has be known to help with inflammation, digestion, and recovery. Both of these are great snacks that are filling and warms you from the inside out.

1 TBL Dark Cocoa Powder Unsweetened 1 TBL* of Sweetener of choice( I use xylitol or Sola) *if using artificial sweetner this amount will be too much. 6 OZ Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk Sprinkle of Cinnamon 1 TBL of MTC Oil Heat Almond Milk, then use a blender or immersion blender to incorporate the warm almond milk with all other ingredients. Top with whipped cream. Golden Milk you can find at your local grocery store or Amazon. Its fantastic! 1 scoop of golden milk powder(scoop in container) I prefer Garden of Life but Gaia is good too. 6 OZ Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 1 TBL* of Sweetener of choice( I use xylitol or Sola) *if using artificial sweetner this amount will be too much. 1 TBL MTC Oil Heat Almond Milk, then use a blender or immersion blender to incorporate the warm almond milk with all other ingredients. I hope you enjoy these hot beverages! Happy Holidays! Give my blog a read and let me know if you want to see something Keto Styled!

Lone Star Local Guide Page 5

By: Taylor Smith

If you’re not yet familiar with

life: an efficient yet

Makeup Junkie Bags, let me tell

beautiful makeup

you about these fabulous acces-

bag to organize

sories, designed and manufac-

her cosmetics.

tured right here in Conroe, Texas.

MJ started out

From a humble beginning on her

just making a few

kitchen table with one sewing

bags for herself—

machine to having almost 100

but friends and

employees, Meredith Jurica has

family took notice

made quite a name for herself

and wanted bags of their own.

with her one-of-a-kind products.

She obliged them, and as time

countant and covering the busi-

“MJ” had a career as a speech

went on she found herself having

ness basics, MJ was on her way

pathologist in a local school dis-

quite a side business. It naturally

to what we now know as Makeup

trict for over 10 years. But as a

got her to wondering if she could

Junkie Bags.

self-professed “makeup junkie,”

make her beautiful bags into a

One evening after her business

she was missing something in her

business. After talking to an ac-

was operating for about a year, MJ was watching “Shark Tank,” and she was inspired to apply to the program. “It’s about taking chances with your business and seeing what happens. You’ll always get ‘nos’ but just keep pushing and a ‘yes’ will come!”



that chance when she decided to apply to the show, and it was a big “YES” from them. “Never stay stagnant, and always Lone Star Local Guide Page 6

try to keep your business growing” is how MJ runs her company. She strives to regularly develop new products, made with her loving creativity, that her customers will appreciate and treasure. MJ is a creative thinker who believes in hiring an equally-gifted staff. She surrounds herself with in-

the looks of it Makeup Junkie is

is a program for cancer survivors

growing like a weed, as we say

and those going through cancer

here in the South.

treatments. They enjoy a retreat where they can take cooking

novative employees who help her

classes, yoga classes, visit a hair

develop great new products. She

salon, and much more. MJ was

runs all her ideas through her team

over the moon to be chosen as

for their honest opinions, and by

a sponsor where she could give

the sounds of it, Makeup Junkie

back to these wonderful ladies

Bags is getting ready to hit another

fighting for their lives.

home run with its new tote bags,

You can order your Makeup

makeup line and curling iron cov-

Junkie Bags at makeupjunkie-


bags.com. Be sure to give her

“Always be growing! That’s the

a follow for all the upcoming

key to a successful business.” By

products on her Facebook and MJ is grateful for the support


her business has received from the beginning, and she believes in “paying it forward” to


that gratitude. Makeup Junkie Bags was a main sponsor of the foundation “In The Pink”

which Lone Star Local Guide Page 7

Lone Star Local Guide Page 8

Honoring Outstanding Achievements on the Fireground By: Tracee Evans

On Saturday, November 23, the Spring Fire Department honored firefighters who went above and beyond for the citizens of Spring in 2019. Five exceptional people were honored with Spring Firefighter of the Year Awards. Chosen from each shift, as well as from the volunteer and part-time ranks, these firefighters set the example of how a public servant should be. Volunteer District Chief Shawn Babendure presenting Volunteer Firefighter of the Year Marc Corbeil with his award.

A Shift District Chief Kevin Wiseman presenting firefighter Bradley Whitlock his firefighter of the year award while holding Whitlock’s daughter.

A Shift’s firefighter of the year is Bradley Whitlock. B Shift’s firefighter of the Year is Michael Villarreal. C Shift’s firefighter of the year is Ryan Rebarcak, who also serves as the department’s Health and Wellness Coordinator.

C Shift District Chief Jimmy Stewart presenting firefighter Ryan Rebarcak with the C Shift Firefighter of the Year Award.

The 2019 honor for volunteer firefighter of the year went to Mark Corbeil, who is a Lone Star College math professor when not responding to 9-1-1 calls in Spring. Captain David Paige was honored as Spring’s Part-time Firefighter of the Year. Special Awards were handed out for four significant events that Spring firefighters worked in 2019.

Captain Hamilton Ledkins receiving his Silver Life Saving Award.

This Exceptional Duty Commendation is awarded to a member of the department for a highly credible accomplishment bringing public acclaim to the department, or fire service, as a result of devotion to duty or service to the public. Also receiving commendations are District Chief Chris vonWiesenthal, Captain Shannon Stryk and firefighters Jeremy Cobb, Logan Hall and Jason Wal.

All four Spring Fire District Chiefs presenting Captain David Paige (center) with his Parttime Firefighter of the Year award.

Trench Rescue On May 14, 2019, the Spring Fire Department Rescue Team was dispatched to assist the Klein Volunteer Fire Department with a trench collapse, which left one man trapped up to nearly his waist. Once appropriate shoring elements were placed for safety, the arduous digging process continued for several hours until the victim was freed. “The rescue team members who worked inside the trench to help free the victim received the Silver Life Saving medal,” said Spring Fire Chief Scott Seifert. “Those who supported their actions from the ground level received the exceptional duty commendation.” The Silver Life Saving Medal is awarded only to those principally involved in saving the life of another person and whose personal actions were directly responsible for the lifesaving act. On Saturday night, Captain Hamilton Ledkins, Apparatus Operator Kevin Wise, and firefighters Michael Villarreal and Cameron Warnock received both Silver Life Saving Medals and Exceptional Duty Commendations.

District Chief Chris vonWiesenthal, firefighter Logan Hall, Captain Ledkins and firefighter Jason Wal receiving their Exceptional Duty Commendations.

House Fire Entrapment On September 3, 2019, Spring Fire Department crews were dispatched to a Spring Lakes house fire where someone was trapped inside. Upon arrival, Engine 73’s crew entered a second-floor bedroom window to rescue the trapped woman. Captain Paige ascended a ground ladder and broke out a window to reach the woman and pull her to safety. Firefighters Jonathan Hart and Jordan Hendricks assisted Captain Paige down the ladder. Quickly transported to the hospital by Cypress Creek EMS, the woman was able to make a full recovery. Captain Paige was honored with Continue on page 11 u Lone Star Local Guide Page 9

Lone Star Local Guide Page 10

Captain David Paige (left), who received the Silver Lifesaving Medal and firefighter Jordan Hendricks receiving the Meritorious Unit Award.

the Silver Life Saving Medal and joined Apparatus Operator Kevin Jennings and firefighters Jonathan Hart and Jordan Hendricks in receiving the Meritorious Unit Award. Tropical Storm Imelda On September 19, 2019, Heavy Utility 70 responded to a flooding emergency during tropical storm Imelda in Eastern Montgomery County. “For over 12 hours straight, a Spring Fire crew of two evacuated over 100 residents to safety under extreme flood conditions,” said Spring Fire Chief Scott Seifert. “For this devotion to service, firefighters Santiago Eckhardt and Louis Rougeou received Exceptional Duty Commendations.”

to be staffed and arrive on scene quickly that fateful day.” Engine 77 crew brought five civilians down on ladders in a matter of minutes. Honored with the Silver Life Saving Medal were Captain Jermaine Wilson and firefighters Shawn Kohl, Nathan Smith and Christopher Soliz. “At this same incident, Deputy Chief Jerod Davenport spotted a man preparing to jump from a third story window to escape heavy smoke,” said Seifert.” “Deputy Chief Davenport grabbed fire-

Deputy Chief of Training Joel Crenshaw receiving his 25 years of service pin.

Bowker, Aaron Chaplin, Kyle Fisher, William Lara, Stoney Parker, Kevin Price, Richard Rakus, and Ryan Rebarcak. Fire Chief’s Award Every year Fire Chief’s Award goes to an incredible person whose commitment makes the department a better place for staff, volunteers and the Spring community.

A Shift District Chief Kevin Wiseman presenting firefighter Shawn Kohl, Captain Jermaine Wilson and firefighter Nathan Smith with the Silver Life Saving Medal (left to right).

fighter Jeff Paige and threw an extension ladder to the third floor where firefighter Rodger Hernandez assisted with bringing the victim down the ladder. For their efforts in saving this life, Chief Davenport and firefighters Paige and Hernandez are awarded the Silver Life Saving Medal.” “Assistant Chief Robert Logan and Deputy Chief Davenport’s leadership, level of calmness and actions on that day as incident commanders led to multiple rescues,” added Seifert. “If these of-

District Chief Jimmy Stewart presenting firefighter Louis Rougeau with an Exceptional Duty Commendation.

Motel 6 Fire On October 9, 2019, the Spring Fire Department was dispatched to a hotel on fire at the Motel 6 near I-45 and Cypresswood. Upon arrival, the crew of Engine 77 found multiple people trapped on the third floor hanging out of windows. “If this hotel fire had occurred 6 months earlier it could have had a completely different outcome,” said Seifert. Due to the Harris County Emergency Services District Seven board approving the hiring three additional personnel that were not initially funded in 2019, the Spring Fire Department was able to staff all nine of our fire stations beginning in August. “Why is that important?, asked Seifert . “Because there would have been no one staffing Station 77 and Station 71’s crew was training at Station 78, so the two closest fire stations wouldn’t have been able respond immediately. That ESD funding decision allowed Engine 77

Walter Juarez, David Paige, Noel Webber and Larry Wilkinson; Apparatus Operators Michael Alaniz and Kevin Wise; and firefighters Cedric Allen, Colby Bates, Gary

Volunteer Fernando Martinez receiving his 10 years of service pin. Not pictured, Mark Hutchison who also was honored with a 10 years of service pin.

Captain Rocky Langone and Volunteer Firefighter Randy Sandell receiving their 15 years of service pins.

Firefighter Jeff Paige and Deputy Chief Jared Davenport with their Silver Life Saving Medal (left to right).

ficers had not be on scene the outcome may have been fatal for a civilian or a firefighter but due to their actions, everyone went home like they were supposed to.” For their successful leadership, Logan and Davenport were awarded Exceptional Duty Commendations. Before the night was over, former Fire Chiefs had received their badges. Pins honored Lifetime Members, 25, 15, 10 and 5 members were handed out. Sixteen Spring Fire Department employees and volunteers received fiveyear service pins, including HR Director Steve Kiebzak, Captains John Irwin,

For 44 years, the Spring Fire Department functioned with only volunteers. For the next 16 years, part-time firefighters joined the department. In 2013, Spring Fire began an ambitious hiring process to hire enough full-time firefighters to be able to staff nine stations by 2020. In those six years, we have hired 87 full-time firefighters who had to be trained to the highest level. “The person I chose to receive this year’s Fire Chief’s Award was instrumental in starting our Spring Fire New Hire Academy and has continued to improve it with each new class of cadets,” said Seifert. “The new hire training academy has grown from one week to three solid weeks of instruction under Captain Noel Webber’s leadership. Captain Webber is the recipient of this year’s Fire Chief’s Award because he is exactly what I am looking for from everyone within our department.”u Lone Star Local Guide Page 11

Lone Star Local Guide Page 12

By: W.F. Strong

In 1918, there were fewer than

have been talking about WW III for

Germany would help them get Texas

250,000 vehicles on the road in Texas.

some time but fortunately, nobody


No driver’s license was required, by

has been able to produce it yet.

5200 Texans died during the war.

the way. Given that there were only

A million Texans registered for the

About a third of them died from

about 5 million of us back then, we

draft and 200,000 fought in the Great

the other devastating event of that

had one vehicle for every 20 people.

War. Texas volunteerism was high,

year, the influenza pandemic, better

That made getting to the family re-

perhaps because Germany had

known as the Spanish Flu. It was par-

union a tight squeeze.

offered Mexico a deal in the Zim-

ticularly sad that we had soldiers sur-

Today there are 22 million ve-

mermann Telegram. They said that

vive four years of unholy trench war-

hicles on the road in Texas – some-

if Mexico threw in with Germany,

Continue on page 15 u

times I think all of them are in the I-35 corridor when I’m there. There are 28 million Texans. Subtract the children and you have damnear one vehicle for every Texan of driving age. Since 1918, cars and trucks have proliferated far faster than Texans. We’ve seen a twenty-fold increase in vehicles and only a 6-fold increase in people. We’re adding cars and trucks faster than we’re making Texans. In 1918, World War I ended. Incidentally, it was called The Great War then. It didn’t become WW I until we had a WW II, which created the unique war labeling. Many people

George Fuermann, “Texas and Houston” Collection, 1836-2001/ Wikimedia Commons A view of a World War I homecoming parade, looking south on Main Street from Rusk Avenue.

Lone Star Local Guide Page 13

Lone Star Local Guide Page 14

fare and mustard gas only to come

riety is not impossible, most experts

more than 80 million by 2118. This as-

home to die of the flu.

feel it is highly unlikely. But we cannot

sumes that Texas will obtain technol-

The Spanish Flu was unusual in that

say the same for World Wars. It always

ogy and other factors to increase the

20-40 year old adults were most at risk

seems one surprise assassination of

water supply,” he said.

rather than children and old people.

an obscure archduke away.

From this number, we can see

A common story of the time was of

Turning to the future, what will

that this would put us in the neighbor-

four healthy women who played

Texas look like in 100 years, in 2118?

hood of present-day Egypt for size

bridge late into the night. They went

All one can do is look at trends and

and population.

to bed and the next morning, three

guess. As Peter Drucker said, “Trying

Murdock also said that in the 2050-

were dead.

to predict the future is like trying to

2060 decade, Texas will be about 55

Children who survived the flu that

drive down a country road at night

percent Hispanic and 20 percent

year, some believe, went on to live

with no lights on while looking out the

white. It’s hard to predict trends be-

healthier lives than most because

back window.” So with that warning,

yond that point. He said we need

they developed powerful immunities.

let’s try anyway.

very much to ensure educational op-

My mother had the flu when she was

If we go by the futurists at Google,

portunity for all or we will not have the

eigh years old. She lived to be almost

we can predict that there will be

success in the century ahead that we

102. She was in good company: Walt

fewer cars on the road, per capita,

enjoyed in the last one.

Disney had it, Woodrow Wilson had

than now. We will have many types

My personal guess is that Texas will

it, and so did Texas novelist Katherine

of public transportation such as self-

be incredibly urban in 2118, as com-

Ann Porter, who later wrote a novella

driving buses and cars. Fewer people

pared to today, particularly east of

based on the epidemic called “Pale

will own their own cars and trucks in

I-35. DFW, Houston and San Antonio

Horse, Pale Rider.”

the future. Experts believe we will sim-

will be super cities. Austin may well be

A study by Vanderbilt University in

ply hail self-driving taxis using some

a kind of giant suburb of San Antonio.

2008 found that people like my mom

future version of smart phones which

It’s quite possible that San Antonio

still had the Spanish Flu antibodies,

probably won’t be called phones

and Houston will fight over city limit

working hard 90 years after they had

anymore. I wonder if we will have taxi


the flu.

pickup trucks, nicely lifted, with an

If the big tech giants have the

occasional set of longhorns strapped

future properly envisioned, our cities

to the front, just for nostalgia.

like Dallas and Houston will be more

Texas cities like El Paso were particularly hard-hit, partially because of Fort Bliss, the military base there. 600

I asked former official State De-

people-friendly – pushing vehicles out

people died in El Paso, almost 1 per-

mographer of Texas, Steve Murdock

of our streets and reclaiming many as

cent of the population, and many

(everybody’s go-to guy for the future

green spaces for walking and biking

more, of course, survived the flu.

of Texas) what the Texas population

and sports. And we will all have artifi-

would look like in 2118.

cial intelligence robots.

Today, we have the flu vaccine, which was invented by Jonas

“If Texas continues to grow as it

I just hope the robots say things

Salk and Thomas Francis in 1933. So

has in the recent past, one would ex-

like “howdy” and “fixin’to” and “while

though a pandemic of the 1918 va-

pect it to increase its population to

I’m up, can I get y’all a beer?”u Lone Star Local Guide Page 15

Lone Star Local Guide Page 16

DID YOU KNOW… ROLE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS IN WWI MILITARY AVIATION Robert A. Kasprzak Major, USAF (Retired) soldering”. About the same time, the USAAS proposed a joint training capability be established with the Canadian Royal Flying Corps (CRFC).


Canadians were well experienced having fought in Europe for the past three years. The proposal called for the Americans to be trained in Toronto and a training base be established in the Southern United States

“Hot, Dusty, Rattlesnakes” Pvt Sowers Did you know when the United

mission ready.

States entered World War I on 6

Shortly after War was declared,

April 1917, our military was under

a massive and aggressive recruit-

equipped, untrained, and under-

ment campaign began. It was so


That situation quickly

successful that enlisted men began

changed especially when it came

to arrive at Kelly Airfield near San

to military aviation. During my re-

Antonio as early as May 1917. Their

search on the 28th Aero Squadron,

goal was to construct a military in-

I learned how important a role Tex-

stallation. As one of the men (Pri-

as played in preparing our military,

vate Cliston Sowers) wrote, it was

particularly our U.S. Army Air Service

“hot, dusty, and full of rattlesnakes”.

(known as the USAAS). This article

Nevertheless, the unit was desig-

provides an overview on how Texas

nated as the 28th Aero Squadron

helped the 28th Aero (as well as

on 22 June 1917 and the personnel

other Aero Squadrons) become

began learning the “rudiments of

to be run by the CRFC. Ultimately, the Canadians decided the base was to be established near Fort Worth. The base, known as Taliaferro Field, was comprised of three auxiliary fields known as Field 1 (Hicks), Field 2 (Everman), and Field 3 (Carruthers). The 28th Aero Squadron left Texas for training in Toronto on 22 August 1917 and returned to the U.S. on 7 November 1917. The 28th was ultimately assigned to Hicks Field outside Saginaw, Texas. While there, the CRFC provided flight training, gunnery practice, and Continue on page 19 u Lone Lone Star Star Local Local Guide Guide Page Page 17 17

Lone Star Local Guide Page 18

leading edge of training our early Airmen of the U.S. Army Air Service. That tradition continues today. For example, the 28th Aero Squadron, now known as the 28th Bomb Squadron, is stationed at Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene. The 28th is responsible for conducting advanced training for the B-1 bomber crews of the U.S. Air Force.

In ad-

dition, numerous Air Force bases, both training and operational, can

Train with 28th Aero Squadron leaving for Toronto, Canada

be found throughout the State. It all started over 100 years ago at a hot,

ground crew operations. After six months of training, the 28th Aero





proud of the fact they were at the

dusty, rattlesnake infested location near Fort Worth!u

Squadron left Texas a fully trained unit on 21 January 1918...only six months after the United States declared War. During


course of it’s existence, the Canadians at the Taliaferro


trained 450 pilots, 2,500 ground support


1,600 personnel

ancillary (such

as safety and motor transport), and 1,500 Canadians.

Taliaferro Complex‌28th Aero at Hicks Field Lone Star Local Guide Page 19

Lone Star Local Guide Page 20

e Travel

gablond n with Va w ro B r e if By: Jenn

As we enter a new year and NEW

Top Trends                                         

and mental benefits as longer vaca-

DECADE, our travel needs and de-

• Active or adventure trips                        

tions do. Though you may only be

sires continue to evolve. Vagablonde

• Environmental Travel

gone for 2-4 days, you will still benefit

Travel, an accredited and nationally

• Authenticity and growing closer

from stress relief, creative boosts, and

recognized travel agency predicts

to the culture of a destination                                                  

cultural expansion as you will be leav-

that 2020 will be a year of travel ex-

• Micro Trips

ing your own comfort zone regardless

ploration, fueled by technology as

• DNA Trips

of where you are going. Micro Trips

well as a growing sense of responsibil-

• Multigenerational travel (grand-

are perfect for on the go millennials!

ity and deeper connection with the

parents taking grandkids)                        

people and places we visit.

•Celebration or milestone travel                                      

Environmental Travel The term ‘environmental travel’

Micro Trips

can have many different meanings

blonde Travel founded the agency

Let’s face it, not everyone in the

to many different people, from sus-

in 2017 and she hasn’t looked back

world has the time, money, or know-

tainable travel methods and loca-

yet, now servicing thousands of cli-

how to plan an extended vacation,

tions to natural habitat vacations, or

ents, dozens of destination brides,

in fact, very little of the active travel-

maybe even volunteer vacations.

and handfuls of different destinations

ing population does. That’s why 2020

The thing is, all of these ‘green’ travel

every year!

is the year to embrace Micro Trips,

trends are on the rise, and we love

Here are some of the trends we

short yet experience-dense mini va-

them all! We oftentimes send groups

expect to see in 2020. Maybe you

cations. Micro Trips are more work/

on volunteer vacations, trips in which

can relate or want to take one of

vacation time friendly, more budget-

they spend their time helping clean,

these trips.

friendly, and more schedule-friendly,

plant, or build in a natural area that

Jennifer Brown, owner of Vaga-

yet they provide the same cultural Continue on page 23 u

Lone Star Local Guide Page 21

Lone Star Local Guide Page 22

needs it. We also have groups that request eco-friendly travel methods such as national parks and natural habitat locations such the Serengeti in Tanzania. We predict environmental travel will be at an all-time high in 2020! DNA Trips There’s always been an appetite for visiting where our ancestors came from. What’s changed is DNA technology has become so much more accessible. DNA Trips are on the rise. The desire to track down our genealogical background is overwhelming today, and when you sign up for things such as a 23andMe DNA kit you actually get a visual breakdown of where your ancestors came from. That means you can have us plan a trip, solely based on your newly found roots! They will literally send you a map with your origin percentages by the appropriate area/country. This type of travel is so popular that a recent poll actually stated that 23% of ‘long haul’ Scotland guests are visiting based upon ancestry! Top Emerging Destinations • Croatia • Antarctica • Iceland • Japan 

Greece – “Moon beach -because its landscape resembles a scene from an extraterrestrial place”

• Portugal

Top Honeymoon Destinations

• Galapagos

• French Polynesia

• South Africa

• Italy

Top Millennial Destinations             

• Greece

• Greece

• Bali

• Bali

• Maldives

• Croatia

So, the golden question I always

• Iceland

get asked, is when should we book?

• Cambodia                   

What if I told you that the travel in-

Hawaii – “In Hawaiian culture, Mana is spiritual energy of power and strength, it exists in objects and persons. Help build a forest in Hawaii when you stay”

dustry has our own version of Black Friday—but that instead of a single day of deals, it’s an entire seaContinue on page 25 u Lone Star Local Guide Page 23

Lone Star Local Guide Page 24

“Uncruise Adventures for the thrill seeker” son of discounts that takes you from

you are comfortable with a price, pur-

January is certainly the best time to

“should we take a vacation” to “book

chase it or allow Vagablonde Travel

start planning trips and setting airfare

this right now”? Welcome to what we

to bundle it in a package for a dis-


travel agents call “wave season.”

counted package deal! If you know

Why not put down your deposit

Wave season begins once Janu-

where you want to go in 2020, start

payment and just pay on your trip a

ary comes around and most people

tracking prices with apps like Hopper.

little at a time. Yes, Vagablonde Trav-

have hit that post-holiday travel fa-

Even if you’re not ready to book,

el allows payment plans just like this

tigue and lasts until the end of March.

so let’s take the globe for a spin and

There are reports that claim January

start planning your next trip! Consult-

is the best time to book inexpensive

ing and planning fees start with a low

flights but as an industry professional,

cost of $50!

I’ll stand by that there is no crystal ball

Jennifer Brown

that will tell you when the best flight

Owner – Vagablonde Travel

prices will appear, they can change within 5 minutes and sometimes do. If

Next Trip: Tahiti Dec 3-11, 2020 “The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora exudes an effortless luxury”

Follow @vagablondetravelu Lone Star Local Guide Page 25

Lone Star Local Guide Page 26

Lone Star Local Guide Page 27

Lone Star Local Guide Page 28

By: W.F. Strong

Texas has produced and nurtured

Spanish and English, and his unique

ing, “Hang ‘em first and try ‘em lat-

a great number of colorful charac-

persuasion skills became prized. The

er.” Though it certainly worked as a

ters, but none more colorful than

Texas Rangers liked his style and re-

deterrent, the truth is he never ac-

the prismatic Judge Roy Bean. He

cruited him to become Justice of the

tually hung anybody. It’s true. There

squeezed many showy lives into one

Peace in those parts. And he took to

was no jail in Langtry, so Judge Bean

lifetime. In fact, he didn’t become

the role like he was sent there from

would often keep accused crimi-

the Judge Roy Bean that Paul New-

central casting. Bean made it known

nals chained to a mesquite tree out-

man immortalized on film until he was

that he was the “Law West of the Pe-

side until he could have a trial. On a

almost 60 years old. This proves my fa-

cos.” He was actually playing on an

few occasions he would sentence a

vorite maxim: “The greatest mistake

older saying that went like this: “West

young man to hang for some gener-

in life is thinking it’s too late.”

of the Pecos there is no law; west of

ally unhangable offense. The night

In his earlier years, he was living in

El Paso, there is no God.” So at least,

before the hanging, Bean would

a poor area of San Antonio named for

now, there was law west of the Pe-

leave the lock open, allowing him to

him. It was called Beanville. He tried

cos. He hung out a sign saying so.

escape. The young criminal would

and failed at many things, mostly for, ironically, running afoul of the law. He

Bean was also famous for say-

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failed at selling firewood because he cut down trees that didn’t belong to him. He failed as a butcher because butchering other people’s maverick cows before you’ve bought them is frowned upon. He failed at selling milk because he watered it down. One customer complained that he found a minnow in his milk. Bean defended himself by saying, “That’s the last time I let that cow drink out of the creek before I milk her.” He eventually had some success when he opened a saloon in Beanville, but he sold out when he heard that there were rare opportunities out in west Texas where they were building the railroad. It was in the lawless railroad camps that Bean’s vast knowledge of people, his bilingual fluency in Lone Star Local Guide Page 29

Lone Star Local Guide Page 30

never be seen in those parts again.

that anyway. He believed that if he

gal there, too, though only a misde-

In time, Bean opened his famous

made the mistake of marrying them

meanor. Nonetheless, the governor

saloon there in Langtry on the right

he should be able to correct the mis-

of Chihuahua sent troops to Juarez

of way of the railroad. He was actu-

take by setting them free. Bean also

to make sure the fight didn’t happen

ally just squatting there, but the rail-

officially pronounced people “dead.”

there, either. Finally, in steps Judge

road, because they liked him, even-

He merged his duties on occasion. He

Roy Bean. He sent a telegram to the

tually created a legal arrangement

would use his official pronouncement

promoter saying they could have it in

so he could stay. He named his bar

of death as the last thing he said at a

Langtry, right across the river on a Rio

the Jersey Lilly in honor of Lillie Lang-

wedding: “I pronounce you man and

Grande sand bar. Technically, Mexi-

try, of England, one of the world’s

wife. May God have mercy on your

co, yes, but miles from any authority

most beautiful women at the time.


that would be able to stop it.

Bean wrote to her and asked her to

The Jersey Lilly was also where

So the whole menagerie of unlike-

visit Langtry, Texas, which he claimed

Judge Bean held court. And so, natu-

ly associates, boxers, gamblers, Texas

was named for her (it wasn’t). She did

rally, you couldn’t be on a jury if you

Rangers, high-rollers from the East,

come to see him, too, but she had

didn’t drink. Right in the middle of

and spectators of all stripes, board-

to visit him in his grave. She was ten

happy hour, you might say, he would

ed a train bound for parts unknown

months too late. But that’s another

assemble a jury and swear them in.

because the destination was kept a


The case would be presented, ver-

secret. Bean met them at his rail-side

The trains would stop at the Lang-

dicts arrived at, and sentencing pro-

saloon, sold everybody beer at the

try depot for water and all the pas-

nounced, all within an hour or two.

exorbitant price of a dollar each, and

sengers would get down to have a

Often the sentence for misdemean-

then escorted them across a pon-

drink at the Jersey Lilly. When Judge

ors was to buy a round of drinks for

toon bridge to the Mexican side of

Roy Bean served customers in his sa-

the jury. He was very patriotic about

the river. The Texas Rangers watched

loon, he never had change. So if a

Texas, too. He often preceded sen-

from the Texas side, satisfied that they

customer paid for a 25 cent beer with

tencing with words like: “You have

had no jurisdiction in the matter. The

a dollar, he wouldn’t get back the 75

offended the great state of Texas by

fight ensued, and before the specta-

cents. If he complained, the judge

committing this crime on her sacred

tors could get settled in for a good,

would fine him 75 cents for disturbing

soil… “

long match, it was over. Fitzsimmons

the peace.

One of his most famous cases had

knocked out Maher in the first round.

Stories about the abusive Judge

to do with a dead man who fell off a

The fight lasted 95 seconds. But the

Roy Bean got out in the world, and

bridge there in Langtry. Bean found

big winner was Judge Roy Bean. He

rather than drive people away, ev-

$40 on him and a pistol. He fined him

sold a lot of beer and his name went

eryone on the trains wanted to stop

$40 for carrying a concealed weap-

out over the wires worldwide as the

and get harassed by the irascible

on. That was enough to get him bur-

clever man who made the fight pos-

Bean. You could say Bean’s Jersey



Lilly was a precursor to Dick’s Last Re-

Bean rose to international promi-

Judge Roy Bean lived his life in

nence when he promoted the World

ascendancy, saving the best for last.

He had a law book called the

Heavyweight Championship prize-

Had he died twenty years earlier,

“1879 Revised Statutes of Texas0.” He

fight between Fitzsimmons and Ma-

you never would have heard of him.

liked that one. Even though the legis-

her. Believe it or not, prizefighting,

I wouldn’t be talking about him. His

lature sent him new books every two

back then, was illegal in Texas. It

fame is still bringing some 40,000 visi-

years, reflecting new laws, he burned

was considered uncivilized. At first,

tors a year to Langtry, over a century

them. He said he liked the old book

the fight looked like it might be held

after his death. Not bad numbers for

better and he like those laws better,

on the sly in El Paso, so the Texas

a dead man. As a lifelong showman,


governor sent 25 Texas rangers over

you can be sure he’s grinning in his

As a justice of the peace, he

there to make sure it didn’t happen.


could marry people. He had no legal

Then, it seemed like it might be held

right to divorce people, but he did

in Juarez, but such fighting was ille-

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sort in today’s world.

Lone Star Local Guide Page 31

Lone Star Local Guide Page 32

Propositions Although part one of a two part series on court functions was published last month, part two will be de-

Proposition 8:

“This Nov. 5 bond was created by the

Creates a Flood Infrastructure

CISD board of trustees following the

Fund: PASS

failure of a $807 million bond in May.

layed one month to allow for a follow

Proposition 9:

Proposition A features $144.25 million

up on the recent votes.

Authorizes property tax exemp-

for Phase 2 construction at Conroe

tion for precious metals held in de-

High School, a new $80.63 million ju-

positories: PASS

nior high in the Caney Creek feeder

On November 5, voters decided on 10 proposals in a statewide constitutional amendment election. Here is a list of propositions and if they passed: Proposition 1:

Proposition 10:

zone and mechanical improvements

Allows for transfer of law enforce-

at Oak Ridge High School—all items

ment animals to handlers or others if

included in May’s bond. Proposition

in animal’s best interest: PASS

B is one item: adding turf to athletic

Allows persons to serve as more

Of particular interest to some

fields.” Community Impact Newslet-

than one appointed or elected mu-

Montgomery County voters was the

ter “Early Voting Shows Support for

nicipal judge: FAIL

CISD bond vote. This vote followed

Proposition A of Conroe ISD Bond”

Proposition 2:

on the heels of a failed bond pro-

posted 11/5/19.

Allows the Texas Water Develop-

posal and was again hotly contest-

Proposition A passed and Proposition

ment Board to issue up to $200 million

ed. This time voters had two options.

B failed.u

At the final vote

in bonds: PASS Proposition 3: Authorizes



tax exemption for disaster areas: PASS Proposition 4: Prohibits the state from levying an income tax on individuals: PASS Proposition 5: Dedicates revenue from the sales tax on sporting goods to parks, wildlife, and historical agencies: PASS Proposition 6: Authorizes the legislature to increase bonds for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute: PASS Proposition 7: Increases distributions to the state school fund: PASS Lone Star Local Guide Page 33

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