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No. 3, Vol.30

Lone Lake boat parade is Saturday, July 7.

July 2018


SHORTS ANNUAL MEETING and POTLUCK: Saturday, July 21 starting at 11 a.m. at the Preiner storage shed. Speakers to be announced. Hope to see you there! FREE SHORELINE PRESERVATION WORKSHOP: Saturday, August 25, Learn techniques to prevent your shoreline from erosion, and keep our lake clean. Satruday, August 25. Location on the lake, to be announced. Save the date! LOON REPORT: We have had very little luck with the" loons nest" the last few years. Two years ago we had a chick, but it did not make it. Last year no loon sat on it. This year a goose took it over. It had 2 chicks. If anyone has any ideas to improve our success rate, please let us know. - From Bob Koslowski and Walt Weisser

Big month ahead for Lone Lake recreation — Steve Frazier, LLPOA president Hi Lone Lakers! Summer is in full swing on Lone Lake and a lot is going on around the lake. With the 4th of July coming up, I’ll highlight the week’s events. •Thanks to our Aitkin County Aquatic Invasive Species grant we will have county inspectors at the public landing inspecting watercraft from June 29 to July 8. Tell your friends how to keep our lake clean. •The Lone Lake Triathlon is July 4 starting at 8:30 a.m. at the beach. The VanSlooten family organizes this yearly event and it is open to everyone. It features a swim, bike and run competition for females, males and teams with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category receiving medals. Compete or come out and cheer them on. •The Lone Lake boat parade is on Saturday, July 7. The Wagenknecht family, last year’s pontoon competition winners, will judge the pontoons, docks and run-abouts. Please put your Lot # on the front of your boat or dock so you can be identified. We are holding the parade on Saturday, July 7 because the LLPOA board felt that most Lone Lakers will be up for that weekend. Switching gears to environmental matters, LLPOA actively participated in the Aitkin County Planning Commission’s June 18th review of the mining operation in the gravel pit adjacent to Lone Lake. Before the conditional use hearing was conducted, LLPOA spoke with Mark Ritter, who was applying for the permit, about residents’ and the association’s concerns with the operation of the gravel pit. Ritter expressed an understanding with our issues and vowed open cooperation with the association and residents. (Continued on next page)

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No. 3, Vol. 30

July 2018

President’s letter (cont.) He said he will alert the association to any major projects and impending crushing operations so that residents can plan accordingly. The six areas discussed with Mark Ritter and also with the Planning Commission were: 1. The intended depth of the mining not to interfere with the water table and springs around Lone Lake and any tangential effect it might have on the lake. 2. That the expansion area of the pit meets the standards set by the local, county, and state regulations and statutes as stated in the application. 3. The number of days of operational crushing and hauling. 4. Hours of operation and days during the week. Most common concerns are noise, dust and vibration. 5. Assurance that other materials will not be brought into the site for crushing. 6. Request of prior notice so that residents can plan accordingly. The LLPOA did not oppose the granting of the five-year permit, which allows mining and crushing to occur up to six days a week from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., standard for the county. Ritter assured the association that there will not be a hot plant on the site, that crushing will be on a limited basis and rarely on weekends and none on holiday weekends and prior notice if any large projects are awarded. Ritter is well known to many of us on the lake and he wishes to maintain a positive relationship with his clients on Lone Lake. The LLPOA feels that this is the best we can do and having an open line of communications with Ritter is a positive step for residents and the association. Let’s finish with a few words about this year’s membership drive. We have 16 teams helping with the membership drive this year and many will be trying to finish their calls by the end of Independence Day week. It has been more difficult this year to find people home so welcome the callers when they come a ’knocking on your door. Dues are $25 again this year and if you wish to donate an additional $45 to cover a three-hour shift of AIS inspections that would be great. We would especially like to recognize JoLeeAnn and David Smith for their generous donation. JoLeeAnn wrote, “I have sent a donation of $750 to support the AIS boat inspection initiative. It's not much, but we just want to let ya'll know that even though we can't physically be there, we appreciate the efforts and the outcome of those efforts when we come to our property.” We look forward to JoLeeAnn and David becoming more active once they retire in a couple of years! So, if you would like to make a donation you can do so when the callers come around or now you can pay online using Pay Pal for your dues and making donations at and clicking on donations. Thank you for your support of the Lone Lake Property Owners Association and we’ll see you on the lake! JoLeeAnn and David Smith

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No. 3, Vol. 30

July 2018

Our mission is to enhance, protect and preserve the beauty of Lone Lake

2018 Program Calendar

The Lone Lake Property Owners Association invites you to take part in all of the activities planned for the summer of 2018. The association is also seeking member participation to help with our programs, projects and teams. Together we can preserve and protect our beautiful lake and also have fun as a lake community. Listed below are this year’s events: May 11-13th

Opening of Fishing Inspections DNR AIS Inspectors at the Public Access.

May 12th

Spring Road Cleanup – Coffee and Rolls on Saturday, May 12th at 9:00 at the Swimming Beach.

May 25-28th

Memorial Weekend Inspections DNR AIS Inspectors at the Public Access.

May 28th

2018 LLPOA Membership Drive begins with Memorial Day Weekend


DNR Boat Inspection Training and Certification.

June 16th

Rivers & Lakes Fair – Aitkin High School on Saturday, June 16th 9am to 2pm.

July 4th

Independence Weekend Inspections DNR AIS Inspectors at the Public Access.

July 7th

Annual Boat Parade – Meet on Saturday, July 7 at 12:00 noon at the Public Access Bay for the parade of pontoons, runabouts and dock contests. – Post your Lot # on the front of your boat and/or dock.

July 4th

Lone Lake Triathlon – Wednes, July 4th with a starting time of 8:30 am at the Swimming Beach. No prior registration required. Teams of 1, 2 & 3 are welcome.

July 21st

Annual Picnic and Meeting – Saturday, July 21st at 11:00 at the Preiner Storage Shed at 30353 Oak Avenue. Look for the LLPOA Sign!

Aug. 31-Sept 3th Labor Day Weekend Boat Inspections at Public Access Sept. 8th

Fall Road Cleanup – Meet on Saturday, September 8th at 9AM for Coffee and Rolls at the Swimming Beach. Visit our Website at or on at Lone Lake POA Contact us at

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No. 3, Vol. 30

July 2018

LLPOA 2018 MEMBERSHIP FORM Please fill out this form completely so that we can verify our records and include it with a $25 check, payable to the LLPOA. The membership form and dues may be given to the membership volunteer, at the Annual Meeting or mailed to the LLPOA, P.O. Box 10, Aitkin, MN 56431. Your check will serve as your receipt. Dues run from January 1st to December 31st. Thank you.

Print Name(s)_____________________________________________Lot(s) ______ Address:_____________________________________________________________ City ________________________________ State ____________Zip ___________ Lake Address_____________________________________ Aitkin, MN 56431

Home Phone______________ Lake Phone ______________ Cell _____________________

Phone(s)______________ Email Address_______________________________________ I am/ we are making an additional Tax Deductible donation of ___________ to be used for the Aquatic Invasive Species Education, Prevention and Treatment Fund. ___________I am donating $45 to cover the cost of a 3-hour shift of a county AIS inspector. I/we would like to get more involved in the LLPOA. Please check areas of interest: ___ Serve on LLPOA Board ___ Lake Monitoring Team (10 Hours) ___Inasive Species Team (5 Hours) ___ Land Use & Zoning Team (5 Hours) ___ Birdhouse Kit Team (3 Hours) ___ Culvert Monitoring (5 Hours) ___ Wildlife Management Team (5 Hours) ___ Short Term Special Project/Event (3 Hours) ___ Fall Road Cleanup (2 Hours) Other_______________________

___ Water Quality Team (5 Hours) ___ Water Surface Use Team (5 Hours) ___ Public Access Team (5 Hours) ___ Aquatic Vegetation Team (5 Hours) ___ Loon Nest Team (5 Hours) ___ History Team (5 Hours) ___ Membership Drive Team

Share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with any member of the LLPOA board by writing to or by contacting Steve Frazier, LLPOA president at or 612-618-4345.

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Profile for Lone Lake POA

LLPOA News Brief July 18  

Lone Lake in Aitkin, Minnesota

LLPOA News Brief July 18  

Lone Lake in Aitkin, Minnesota