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Our mission is to preserve the natural and aquatic environment of Lone Lake LLPOA Newsletter – Volume 18, Number 2, June-July 2011 P.O. Box 10, Aitkin, MN 56431 Editor – Steve Frazier –

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Large Turnout for Annual Meeting The 2011 Annual Picnic and Meeting were held on June 11th at the home of Larry & Deana Mashuga with over 54 members and friends in attendance. As always the picnic boasted some great food to the culinary delight of everyone in attendance. The Annual Meeting portion of the gathering focused on the Future of Lone Lake from President Steve Frazier and the five Team Leaders, Jerry Baker’s Water Report and the Election of Officers and Board of Directors. (Continued on page 2)

Rivers and Lakes Fair has a Lone Lake Touch The Aitkin County Rivers and Lakes Fair was held on June 18th at Rippleside Elementary School. There was an excellent turnout of over 500 people and the fair lived-up to its basic purpose to entertain, involve and educate both children and adults alike. The LLPOA is a sponsor of the event but what you probably don’t know is that behind the scenes many LLPOA are involved. Walt Weisser is the event’s chair and works with Janet Smude of the Soil and Water Department. Other volunteers that help with the set-up, activities and programs from Lone Lake include Dianne Weisser, Bev Napurski, Elert Johnson, Julie Nelson, David Scott and Roy Carlson.

The 4th of July Boat Parade The 2011 LLPOA Boat Parade and Dock Competition were held on July 2nd and the weather was perfect. The event was originally slated to take place on Monday, July 4th but was changed at the Annual Meeting so that more members could take part in the event. This year there were 11 boats, one canoe, two jet skis and 7 docks decorated. The winning entry in the Runabout competition was called “Having a Ball” by the Mann/Gmach families on Lot 68. The Pontoon competition was a tie between the Sanford’s (Lot 123) and the “Guitar Man and Bandana Crew” of the Wagenknecht family (Lot 80). The Dock competition was won by the Meinke’s (Lot 81) and Honorable Mention for the “Human Powered Canoe” goes to the three girls of the Archer/King family (Lot 93). (Continued on page 3)

The July 4th Lone Lake Triathlon The Lone Lake Triathlon was held on Monday, July 4th on a beautiful calm morning. This year’s triathlon allowed the tri-athletes to compete as individuals doing all three of the triathlon events or as a team. The Lone Lake Triathlon is composed of a 350yard swim to Dance Hall Point, a 12-mile bike ride, and a 3.5mile run. This year’s winners were Stan Pohmer and Ellie Sachse. (Continued on page 4)

Annual Meeting Brings Lake Community Together by Steve Frazier, LLPOA President

Annual Meeting It is amazing how things can change in one year! That is true in life and in the LLPOA as the Board of Directors was transformed this year with retiring members leaving and new directors stepping-up to serve Lone Lake. So we say goodbye to several of our board members. Roy Carlson retired from the board after has serving since 2002! Jennifer O’Neill (Secretary) is on leave after serving the LLPOA since 2006. We’ll miss the music of Paul Fristad who retired after serving two years. And Marty Cook who just came on the board last year but is now on leave in England and he and Jennifer will be back to get involved in two years. The LLPOA thanks all of these fine folks for their dedication and service to the association. They will be recognized and celebrated at the Mid-Summer Family Fun Picnic in August. With change come new leadership and some familiar faces to help the association through this transition. David Scott was elected for another term and will also continue to represent Lone Lake on the Aitkin County Lakes and Rivers Association and Team Leader of Water Quality along with Jerry Baker. Dianne Weisser was elected as Secretary on an interim basis and brings her passion and talents again to that position. Walt Weisser is also back on the board on an interim basis and brings his drive and tenacity again to the association. Rick Napurski is the rookie on the board and takes over as Team Leader of Fisheries and Wild Life Management Team with Steve Zacharias serving as Co-Chair with Rick but not on the LLPOA Board of Directors. Karen Frazier was re-elected as Treasurer as was Steve Frazier as President. Continuing also on the board are David Wilke as Team Leader of Planning and Zoning and Bev Napurski as Director and Website and Social Media Coordinator. Now is the time to become involved as we have three positions open on the LLPOA Board. One is Team Leader of the Water Surface Use and Public Access Team and the other two are Director positions. If you are interested in any of these positions please contact Steve Frazier at to bring your name to the Board for appointment. Thank you to all the past and current Officers/Directors of the Lone Lake Property Owners Association for your service to Lone Lake.

Larry and Deana Mashuga graciously hosted the Annual Meeting this year. It was a beautiful fresh and breezy day for the Annual Meeting on June 11th. The LLPOA thanked the Mashuga’s by presenting them with a flowering pot for their deck in appreciation for their hospitality. After a great meal President Steve Frazier talked about the future of Lone Lake and the goal of the board to bring in the next generation of leadership and to get them involved in association activities. Frazier emphasized the importance of continuing to do strategic planning for the lake and to involve more members in protecting and preserving Lone Lake for future generations. Jerry Baker gave a fascinating report on Lone Lakes water clarity and rising lake levels. Then in turn each of the Board Team Leaders reported for their teams and stated their accomplishment over the past two years and then outlined their main goals for the next two years. See the Annual Meeting Minutes for more complete details. Besides the election of officers a motion was made to move the 4th of July Boat Parade to Saturday, July 2nd so that more lake residents could be present to enjoy the parade. The motion was discussed and passed unanimously. Members were to be informed by email about the change of date and urged to participate.

(Editors Note: The Minutes of the Annual Meeting and the Treasurers Report are on an insert page in this newsletter and are printed there according to the Lone Lake Property Owners Association Bylaws.)

July 4th Boat Parade Was Fun For Everyone! (Continued from page 1)

The competition was fierce in the Pontoon division and decorations contest according to LLPOA Judges Dianne and Walt Weisser. Dianne commented, “There were so many wonderfully decorated pontoons that we decided to declare a tie between the Sandford’s (Lot 123) Red, White and Blue and the Wagenknecht’s (Lot 80) ‘Guitar Man & Bandana Crew’”. Walt said that “there were so many great decoration that it was really hard to be a judge this year!” The Dock Contest went to the Meinke’s (Lot 81) Raft and the kids were having a ball performing for the boat parade. We have had lots of different entries in the Boat Parade over the years from Jet Skis to Paddle Boats but this year’s Honorable Mention goes to the Archer/King (Lot 93) “Human Powered -Three Girls in a Canoe” entry that powered their way around the lake with the parade! We want to thank everyone for a fun and safe parade this year and we look forward to next year’s competition. The Award Trophies will be presented to the winners at the fall Picnic in August. For more great pictures go to

Flickr 2011 boatparade and view all the photos of the parade compliments of Kristi from the Weisser Clan! Here are some more pictures on Facebook by Bev

Napurski : 5.64408.137584352958915&l=072cde5950&type=1

We apologize to those people who are not on the LLPOA email list and didn’t find out about the parade until they saw the parade coming down the lake. If you have not been getting email messages from the LLPOA this year please send a note to sfrazier@usjet to get on the list. A current goal of the LLPOA is to go electronic with communications so that the association can get information out to members in a timely manner and save on volunteer time, printing and postage costs.

Here Are a Few More Pictures from the 4th!

Lone Lake Triathlon Gains Where Everyone Is A Winner! The event started with Matt VanSlooten going over the rules of the Triathlon and the routes of each of the events. Then the 14 swimmers lined up for their 350 yard swim to Dance Hall Point and back as the first leg of the triathlon. It was exciting as the crowed got ready for the starting signal and the swimmers took their starting stances and then they were off. Every triathlete from the fastest to the last to finish were cheered-on by the onlookers. It reminds us that everyone is a winner that gets out there and tries! Nathan Sachse was first in the swim and said it was really fun! As the swimmers came in and tagged-off the bikers prepared for their 12 mile bike ride. Here we see Gayle Carlson waiting for her tag-off to start her 12 mile ride. Gayle said that she would like to see interested members come out next year and join in the fun no matter what their age might be. After the bike ride the runners took over for their 3.5 mile run. Not only is this a fun event to participate in but it is also an exciting event to be a spectator. Event organizers Matt VanSlooten, Anna Pohmer and Mike Paulbeck kept the event running smoothly and Scott

Nutting did the record keeping for the event. Mike Paulbeck also acted as the sponsor of the event and provided fruit and refreshments for the athletes as well as the crowd of onlookers.

What was really fun to watch was how family members, friends and residents from around the lake joined in to cheer on the tri-athletes and to socialize while the athletes were out on the course.

Congrdulations to the 2011 Lone Lake Triathlon Team!

Boat Inspections Are Becoming A Serious Matter for Lone Lake & Minnesota Lakes The LLPOA Boat Inspectors were on duty three of the four-day weekend of July 4th. With the invasion of Zebra Mussels threatening Lone Lake and many other Minnesota lakes the LLPOA is making plans to step-up its Aquatic Invasive Species Plan (AIS) in 2012. The plan will include increased inspections by lake volunteer certified inspectors and paid inspectors, improved signage at the access, water and bait disposal facility, explore the idea of a gated access and continued education of members and boat visitors to Lone Lake. Everyone on the lake will need to step-up and volunteer to inspect and/or pay for certified state/county inspectors. The AIS Team is currently discussing its action plans and will report progress to members. Plans are under way to repaint the AIS sign at the access and the team is following a pilot program of gated accesses in the metro area. Bait and bait water disposal are more difficult issues as they encourage illegal refuse disposal and our inspectors only have the power to suggest proper disposal but can not enforce the law. The LLPOA will pilot some of the best practices to combat AIS and just see how well they work for Lone Lake. If you would like to get involved in the AIS Team please contact Steve Frazier at or Walt and Dianne Weisser at and they will get you started.

angler is to carry with them. This is to help lessen the chance of small baby Zebra Mussels (veligers) being carried in bait containers and thus contaminating an uninfected lake. The DNR suggests but does not require that live bait should be dumped and disposed of when coming out of a lake. These are very tough laws to enforce. The other practice that boaters don’t seen to know about is how to decontaminate their boat when coming out of Mille Lacs or other infested AIS waters. Since zebra mussels are very small in the veligers stage and they can readily attach themselves to boats and motors. A simple test to detect small Zebra Mussels is to run your hand along the bottom side of he bow of the boat and if it feels gritty your boat is most likely contaminated. Many times the veligers are so small that you may not even be able to see or feel them. The best practice is to go to a power wash like the car wash by the 40 Club that has a 140-degree temperature. That temperature along with the power wash will generally kill the Zebra Mussels. The next best effective way is to power wash your boat at home or drydock your boat for at least a week as drying kills the Zebra Mussels. However zebra mussels can live if they are in damp or standing water conditions or live inside tubing of your trailer. How many anglers are going to take these basic precautions to protect our lake and waters of Minnesota? You already know the answer and therein lay the challenge. It’s 80% education and 20% inspection and we need both right now! Finally the good news is that we have a full contingency of inspectors for the Labor Day weekend! We would like to thank all the inspectors for their efforts to protect Lone Lake and to educate boaters about Aquatic Invasive Species.

4th of July Inspections Proved Interesting Karen and Steve Frazier were on inspection duty on July 2nd from 6 to 9AM. and found that very few boaters know the new state laws or how to decontaminate their boat if they have been in infested water like Mille Lacs. Almost everyone knows that all water is to be emptied from boats on the shore away from the lake. This simple practice is an important deterrent to the spread of AIS. Few people seem to know and/or understand that bait container water is also to be drained and filled with tap water that the

Memorial Fri 5/27 Sat 5/28 Sun 5/29



Open J Olson

Napurski Hawkinson

12-3 Weisser Bragelman Frazier



4th of July Fri 7/1

Martz Thompson 6-9 ----


3-6 S Carlson

Sat 7/2 Sun 7/3 Mon 7/4 Labor Day Fri 9/2 Sat 9/3 Sun 9/4 Mon 9/5

Frazier W Olson Open 6-9 ---------Poppe Preiner Kosloski

9-12 Tremmel LeVoir Mashuga Szymanski Open 9-12 ------------T.Anderson Meinke Frazier

Bulut D. Wilke Open 12-3 Mashuga R Carlson Hermanson Weisser

Open Preiner Open 3-6 Scott Mason Nelson Preiner

Mon 5/30

3-6 D Wilke Open Tremmel LeVoir Preiner

The Mason Home

Lone Has Twin Baby Loons It is great to see the two baby Loons swimming with their parents in the bays of Lone Lake. We hope that they survive the perils of nature but really their greatest threat comes from our boating public on Lone Lake. Stay 200 feet from the Loons and make sure when you are power boating and/or skiing that your driver is aware of the location of the Loons. The babies cannot dive for safety yet so it is our responsibility to watch out for them and not visa versa! For more Loon pictures go to: 8.61803.137584352958915&l=b7ce829a02&type=1

Properties For Sale On Lone Lake Rogneby Cabin The Rogneby Cabin is for sale at $199,000. The 1.07 acres property is located in the bay on the southeast end of Lone Lake. The property includes, a cabin along with a two-car garage, a boathouse, and a trailer we always referred to as the bunkhouse. Or if you prefer to build, both lots slope down towards the lake; perfect for a house with a walkout basement. Click on the link to view the property and sales information: sting.cfm?MLS=199093 Please contact Scott Rogneby at: Cell: (612) 751-2635 Office: 612) 371-7821 Home: (952) 934-5960

Jim and Bev Mason have offered their Home for sale at 29889 380th Avenue on the southeast side of Lone Lake for $359,000. The gorgeous and well-kept 4bedroom walkout home has 100 feet of sandy beach and approximately 2400 square feet of finished living space. The 36’x40’ house has an attached 22’x26’6” garage and a freestanding 28’x32’ utility garage. The home has many decks, several bathrooms and spacious bedrooms, a three-season porch facing the sunset, living room and family rooms. Interested parties can contact Jim at or cal 218-838-1196 for further details and fact sheet.

The Wagenknecht Cabin on Steven’s Point Jerry and Naomi Wagenknecht have purchased a home on Lone Lake and are now offering their cabin on the Stephens Point Association for $110,000. It is an ideal cabin for busy people as the association mows the lawn and the cluster of cabins makes for a nice community. Interested parties can get further information at

The Treasure at the End of the Rainbow is Truly Lone Lake! (July 1, 2011)

The Road Cleanup Crew Keeps the Area Around Lone Lake Beautiful! The LLPOA would like to publicly thank the road cleanup crews from last fall and this spring for braving the elements and keeping the area around Lone Lake looking pristine and beautiful. Unfortunately we ran out of room in the May newsletter so we would like to make-up for it in this issue. The Fall 2010 Road Cleanup Crew

The Spring Road Cleanup Crew Thank you for your service to Lone Lake in keeping our environment clean. Special thanks to Walt Weisser for setting up the cleaning areas, Jerry Baker for cleaning the north side on his all terrain vehicle, Roy and Jane Carlson for providing the coffee and rolls, Dianne Weisser for organizing the cleaning teams and Bev Napurski for the photography. It is really true that “Many hands makes for small work” and on Lone Lake we even make it a fun occasion. Helping out this spring

The Mid Summer Family Fun Picnic Is Right Around The Corner! The Fall Picnic will be held on August 13th at the home of Maude and Marv Wier (lot 122) at 30661 Oak Avenue. Look for the LLPOA Sign on the avenue. In the event of rain the event will be held in the Preinner Storage Building at 30353 Oak Ave. (Lot 90). The potluck dinner will start at 4:00. Bring your favorite dish, salad or dessert to share. The LLPOA will provide refreshments and coffee, popcorn, tables and all of the paper products and utensils. Please bring your own folding or lawn chair. This year we are encouraging members to send their best digital bird, loon or duck picture(s) to Steve Frazier at for a display at the event. The winner of the Bird Picture Contest will receive a “Blue Bird House Kit” and featured in the fall newsletter. In order to attract some younger families with children the LLPOA will provide some fun and games and prizes for the children and adults! Plans are still being made but we know there will be minnow races, Volleyball, Bocce Ball, Bean Bag Toss just to name a few! There will be a short program to award the 4th of July Boat and Dock Decorating Contest Winners with their Lone Lake Traveling Trophies. Also the retiring LLPOA Board Members will receive their Outstanding Service Awards and the appreciation of the members present at the picnic for their service. The mid-summer picnic is a fun experience and we hope to see you all there for great food, a fun program and time to visit with friends and neighbors!

Speaking of Bird Pictures… Some members wondered why the Frazier’s (Lot 111) had their Christmas decoration up until late June. It seems that a family of robins (4 babies) nested on top of the Frazier’s Christmas arch and delayed removal!

were Marv Wier, Fred Lane, JoAnn & Dick Preiner, Jerry Baker, Beth Anne & Dave Rowe, Bev & Rick Napurski, Anne & Jim Benda, Courtney & Oatrick Napurski, Mustafa Bulut, Roy Carlson, Dave Scott and Walt and Dianne Weisser. The Fall Road Cleanup will be held on Saturday, September 10th at 9AM at the Public Swimming Beach. Come join the crew and bring your kids so that they can gain an appreciation for service and protecting our environment.

What picture(s) do you have?

LLPOA Annual Meeting Minutes June 11, 2011 – 11:30 am Deana and Larry Mashuga hosted the LLPOA Annual Meeting and Potluck Picnic with 40 plus members attending. Steve Frazier welcomed everyone and introduced the board. After a short prayer of thanks, everyone gathered to enjoy a sampling of delicious dishes and treats. A special surprise was to see Mary and Ed Hoeve and also former resident, Pat Jensen in attendance. The business portion of the meeting began at 12:35, with Steve sharing that the LLPOA Board is going through a transition period with the resignation of Paul Fristad and Jennifer and Marty Cook’s temporary move. Steve also noted Roy Carlson has decided to retire from the board. Dianne & Walt Weisser and Rick Napurski have been asked to serve during the interim period. Steve shared that moving forward the newsletters and other lake communications will be delivered via e-mail to reduce printing and postage costs. Michelle Decker suggested a donation box on the membership form for postage. Steve gave a summary of the May Planning Session held at Glory Church. Water quality testing will begin next year, with the Lake Management Plan rewritten and updated to reflect results. Going forward the plan will be updated every 5 years. The 2010 Meeting Minutes and Financial Report were handed out and reviewed. With no questions or concerns, Michelle Decker made a motion to accept the minutes with a 2nd by Fred Lane. Roy Carlson made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report with a 2nd by Deana Mashuga. All approved. The 2010 Minutes and Financial Report were accepted. Team Leader for Water Surface Use, Roy Carlson, showed the newly created sign that was designed by Deana and Larry Mashugas, for the Public Access. The sign asks lake users to be respectful of each other, the lake and be aware of nesting loons, etc. Team Leaders Jerry Baker & Dave Scott spoke on Water Clarity. Current clarity is 22 ½ feet, with a measured 6.4 inches of rain. The lake is 8” higher than this time last year. During Jerry’s 19 years of measuring, the lake has remained fairly consistent. Bev Napurski questioned the green stuff sometimes observed in the lake. It has been tested, is harmless, and will disperse. Michelle Decker inquired about all the snails. Ward Olson commented he had thousands last year and this year they seem to be gone. Ward has learned that snails come because of a food supply, once the food supply is gone, so are the snails. Dave Scott shared that the Comprehensive Data Study being offered to Lone Lake by Soil and Water would cost $200. The offer is being declined as Lone Lake will do water collections and will secure a testing lab. Much of the information in the Data Study being offered is already gathered and published in the Lake Management Plan. Dave Scott, ACLARA Representative, stated that Terry Neff, Aitkin Planning & Zoning spoke before the ACLARA June meeting. Mr. Neff was seeking donations for a new program being offered at Long Lake Conservation Center. The program educates 6th graders in water clarity through a 2 day training camp. Dave suggested the LLPOA consider looking at a donation to this program next year. Dave also mentioned that the next Boat Inspection Training will be at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge on July 9th @ 10:00 am. Interested parties should contact Keri Hull at the Brainerd DNR office to register. Bev Napurski, Web Coordinator, shared that the LLPOA is on Facebook and encouraged folks to friend the site. She is also working to get the LLPOA Website on MN Waters, back up and running. Bev asked for suggestions as to what members would like to see on the website. Rick Napurski and Steve Zacharias Team Leaders, Fisheries & Wildlife Mgmt., received the DNR findings from the netting done on Lone Lake. Crappies & Walleye samples are good, with small size Northern. Dave Wilke, Land Use & Zoning Team Leader stated it has been a quiet year with shoreline setbacks appearing good. Leaching due to increased farming along County Road 28 could be a future concern. Walt Weisser spoke of the upcoming Rivers and Lakes Fair on Saturday, June 18th. Volunteers would be welcome to help set up on Friday, June 17th @ 12:30, at Rippleside. Stacy VanSlooten invited everyone to the Lone Lake, Swim, Bike, and Run Triathlon at the Lone Lake Swim Beach on Monday, July 4th at 8:30 am to watch or participate. Roland Zacharias added he attended last year and said it was most enjoyable. Steve Frazier stated there are several open shifts remaining for the 4th of July boat inspection wknd. Please note: If inspectors volunteer to take another shift, after completing their committed 3 hour assigned shift, they will be paid $30.00. There is also a power point training program available through the LLPOA. Roy Carlson made a motion to move the 4th of July Boat Parade to Saturday, July 2nd at 12:00, as the 4th falls on Monday this year. Marilyn Backstrom 2nd the motion. All were in favor, the Membership approved. . Elections were held with Steve Frazier, President, Dianne Weisser, Secretary, Karen Frazier, Treasurer, and Dave Scott, Water Quality Team Leader all running unopposed. No one was nominated to fill Roy Carlson’s vacant board position, or chair the Team Leader position for Water Surface Use which Roy previously held. Those positions will need to be filled by the board. Roy Carlson asked for a motion to unanimously approve the election of all individuals running unopposed, a 2nd was made by Barb Hill. All were in favor, the election was approved. With no further business from the Membership, Steve adjourned the 2011 Annual Meeting at 1:45 pm. A very special thanks to Deana and Larry Mashuga for sharing their home for the Annual Meeting. They were presented with a lovely planter, compliments of Steve & Karen Frazier. Duly Submitted by: Dianne Weisser, Secretary 6/15/11

LLPOA 2010 Financial Report

Balance (Note: Savings include Dedicated Funds of $3767.00 – AIS, Shoreland Restoration, Inspections and Memorial Fund) Income: 2010 Dues (93) Fall BBQ Savings to Checking Transfer Savings Interest: $8.34 Inflow Total

Savings $5594.46

Checking $1661.73

$1395.00 $117.71


Expenses: Membership & Donations: So. Aitkin 1st Responders (Donation) Rivers & Lakes Fair (Donation) Minnesota Waters Association ACLARA President Stipend Newsletter Stipend Treasurers Stipend Secretary’s Stipend Annual Meeting Fall BBQ Newsletter/Postage Planning Meeting Materials and Lunch Road Cleanup Secretary of State Non-Profit Fee Misc. Expenses-P.O. rental, Trophies, membership packets Outflow Total

$100.00 $200.00 $250.00 $25.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $188.85 $117.71 $373.60 $220.06 $37.56 $35.00 $339.43 $2087.21


Total Assets as of December 31,2010



Newsletter (July 2011)  
Newsletter (July 2011)  

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