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Our mission is to preserve the natural and aquatic environment of Lone Lake LLPOA Newsletter – Volume 19, Number 2, June 2012 P.O. Box 10, Aitkin, MN 56431

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“Plant A Tree For Marie” Is A Great Success! The “Plant a Tree for Marie” event held on Saturday, May 5th at the Swimming Beach brought out over 30 members to meet with the Hawkinson family, socialize over coffee and homemade desserts. Upon members renewing their lake association memberships they received a lovely selection of seedlings and various bushes and trees. Marie Hawkinson passed away this past year and her daughter, Judy Skoog (Lot 38) and members of her family wanted to contribute a memorial in her name to the LLPOA. Because of Marie’s love of the lake and its beautiful environment it was decided that a “living memorial” would be most appropriate and a way to have her spirit live-on at Lone Lake. With matching funds from the LLPOA and additional trees donated by Aitkin Soil and Water some 400 trees were made available to members at the event and during the Road Cleanup weekend. To mark the occasion the Hawkinson Clan planted a beautiful Red Norway Pine at the Swimming Beach in remembrance of Marie. The LLPOA would like to thank the Hawkinson and Skoog Families for the donation. We would also like to thank Karen Frazier for organizing the event and David Scott for storing the trees under refrigeration during the weeks of the event.

The Year of the Loons on Lone Lake The LLPOA has designated 2012 as the “Year of the Loons” on Lone Lake and to our great surprise we have two sets of Loons nesting on Lone Lake on the SE and NW corners of the lake each containing two eggs. Pictured here is the Loon on the Association loon nest on Loon Lagoon in the NW corner of the lake. The really exciting news is that we have confirmed the hatching of at least two baby Loons on Saturday, June 11th! We will keep you posted about other arrivals! (Turn to page 4 to read Pat Humphreys’ article on the nest in Loon Lagoon and several other Loon Stories from Lone Lake.) Also be sure to mark your calendar to attend the Lone Lake Annual Gathering on Saturday, July 29th to hear Stan Tiekala’s incredible presentation on Loons and to see his incredible photography. Stan is a noted wildlife photographer, author and speaker that will astound us all with his knowledge of Loons and their behavior in the wild. (See story on Page 2)

Also In This Issue: 2012 Water Testing p.3 Week of 4th of July Events p.3 Annual Gathering Sat., July 28th p.2

Board of Directors Report

Minnesota Waters Closes Its Doors The Lone Lake Associations’ Board of Directors is sad to report that Minnesota Waters has closed its doors in mid-May. MW acted as parent organization for all of the lake associations in the State of Minnesota. MW provided training and grant programs for lake associations and conducted a vigorous legislative program to protect the rivers and lakes of Minnesota. The LLPOA had been a long time member of MW and received its website hosting from it. Shortly after the closing it was announced that Minnesota Waters would become part of Conservation Minnesota and they would now host the MW members’ websites. This prompted the LLPOA to act quickly to purchase our own domain name which will be in the future in the event that we may need to transfer our website to another provider. However, for the moment our website is up and running and we will keep members informed of any website changes.

The Annual Gathering Set For July 28th You will notice that the Annual Meeting and Pot Luck is now the Annual Gathering that takes place on Saturday, July 28th. The Board adopted the change from the 2nd weekend in June to the fourth weekend in July for two important reasons. First because June is the prime summer month for inviting company to the lake and the Board realized how precious that time is and the difficulty for many members to attend. Secondly the Board also felt that our late summer Variety Show was not being well attended and that if we combined the two events into one and make it a month later in the summer that we might attract more members and their families to attend. So we now have the Annual Gathering that will be held on Saturday, July 28th from 11:00 to 1:30 at the Preiner Storage Building at 30353 Oak Avenue. As always we encourage you to bring a hot dish, salad or dessert to share (with copies of your recipe!) and folding chairs. The Association will provide tables, plates and tableware, coffee, pop, popcorn and lots of door prizes. There will be games for the kids like the bean-bag-toss and Minnow Races with prizes! Stan Tekiela will be our speaker and his presentation will focus on the Loons of Minnesota and he will absolutely keep you captivated with his knowledge of Loons and their behaviors. Stan is an award winning naturalist, wildlife photographer and writer and is the originator of the popular Birds of Minnesota Field Guide,

Wildflowers of Minnesota and Trees of Minnesota. Over the past two decades Stan has authored more than 100 field guides, nature appreciation books and wildlife audio CDs for nearly every state in the nation, presenting many species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, trees, wildflowers and cacti. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural History from the University of Minnesota and as an active professional naturalist for more than 20 years, Stan studies and photographs wildlife throughout the United States and has received various national and regional awards for his books and photographs. Stan is also a well-known columnist and radio personality, his syndicated column appears in over 20 newspapers and his wildlife programs are broadcast on a number of Midwest radio stations. He is a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and Canon Professional Services along with many other professional organizations. The Association will be holding a drawing to give away his famous Birds of Minnesota Field Guide with Bird Songs CD. The Lone Lake Singers will be on hand to sing a couple songs, we’ll have a Loon Photo Contest (Start now!) and a Loon Calling Contest. The meeting will end with a brief election of the LLPOA Officers. We hope you will make it a point to reserve July 28th on your calendar and come and celebrate Lone Lake and our Loons!

The LLPOA Board of Directors The Lone Lake Board of Directors started meeting in March to get ready for this year’s program and association events. The Board thanks you for your continuing support and membership in the Lone Lake Property Owners Association.

The Week of the 4th of July on Lone Lake Boat Parade Scheduled for Saturday, June 29th This year because the 4th of July falls midweek the Board decided to hold the Lone Lake Boat Parade on Saturday, June 30th starting at 12:00 noon in the bay by the Public Access. We hope that by holding the parade on the weekend we will accommodate the greatest number of members to take part in the parade, dock competition or just be fun spectators. There are three types of competition: The best decorated and/or unique theme for pontoons; for speed boats and docks. Please display your Name and Lot # to help our judges Bob and Roberta Kosloski to help them identify you. The winners of the three categories will get their names engraved on the traveling trophy and to keep it at their cabin for the year. Last year’s winners of the Boat Parade will act as the Parade Marshals and the Mann Family (Speedboat) and the Sanford and the Wagenknetch (Pontoons) Families will lead the parade.

The Lone Lake Triathlon on July 4th The Lone Lake Triathlon will be held on the morning of Wednesday, July 4th at 8:30AM at the Swimming Beach. No prior registration is required and teams of 2 or 3 are welcomed. The three stage event starts with a 350 yard swim to Dance Hall Point and back; followed by a 12 mile bike ride and concluded with a 3.5 run. Come as a triathlete or put together a team

to take part in this fun and invigorating start to Independence Day!

The Lone Lake Store Is Now Open Director Bev Napurski has been busy working on our website, updating our Facebook social media and setting-up a clothing line and other merchandise with the classic Lone Lake logo. The merchandise is of excellent quality and a bit of the profit comes back to the LLPOA. We urge you to go on line and see the merchandise posted there and to start ordering really cool stuff for yourself and your family! The Lone Lake Store is located at and depicted here is the garments and merchandise that Bev purchased online.

This Is The Year To Test The Water! Every five years the LLPOA conducts testing and analysis of the water in Lone Lake. Jerry Baker and David Scott are doing the testing and taking samples twice a month from June through August and one sample in September. The biweekly samples taken will be analyzed for Total Phosphorus (TP); Chlorophyll a, and Pheophytin. Secchi Disk transparency reading will also be taken on the same schedule. Secchi Disk readings are taken on a biweekly basis yearly. Water clarity in Lone Lake in the month of May was 28feet! This year’s water analysis of the indicators will be used by the LLPOA Board to update the Lone Lake Management Plan in 2013. The cost of the water sampling analysis will be shared between the LLPOA and the Aitkin county Soil and Water District. Dave Scott said, “Testing the water every five years will give us reliable data to determine if we are maintaining our high quality of water in Lone Lake and if gradation has occurred we can take steps to correct it.” The LLPOA and members appreciate the efforts of Jerry Baker and David Scott for their willingness to conduct the tests and collect the samples under stringent testing procedures that will help us monitor the quality of the water in Lone Lake.

Spring Road Clean-up The Spring Road Clean-up was held on Saturday, May 12th. Thirty members met at the Swimming Beach at 9:00 and visited while they enjoyed rolls and coffee, renewed their Association memberships and received their free trees. Roy Carlson provided the rolls, Dianne and Walt brought the coffee and David Scott brought the table and trees for distribution. Dianne Weisser handled the membership renewals and organized the cleaning teams. Walt had gone out earlier and set-up the road pick-up zones and Bev Napruski did the photography. Thank you one and all for coming out to help clean the environment around Lone Lake.

Helping out this year was Dianne and Walt Weisser, David Scott, Bev and Rick Napurski, Elert Johnson, Joann and Dick Preiner, Edna and Jerry Baker, Julie and Jerry Nelson, Nancy and Fred Lane, Lee and Sandi Poppe, Deana and Larry Masuga, Julian Grev, Anne and Jim Benda, Gay VanSlooten, Michele Decker, Maureen Sanford, Roberta Kosloski, Elaine Palthe, Laurie and Maris Kurmis, Mustafa Bulut and Roy Carlson. The result of their labor is selfevident in the pile of refuse at the Weisser’s mail box ready for Aitkin County pickup. Thank you for volunteering to help keep our lake area beautiful. Come join us for the Fall Road Clean-up on Saturday, September 8th at 9:00!

Loon Stories from Lone Lake (Continued from page1) Loon Lagoon is located in the West Bay of Lone Lake and there is where you will see the Association’s Loon Nest. Pat Humphreys also lives on that lagoon and is our resident observer of the Loon nest. Hi Lone Lakers. Walt, Bob and I braved the thin ice (those big dudes forced me to go first) went to the other side of the Loon Lagoon and set the nest in place in anticipation of the ice melt in March. The loons showed up early and we saw the birds looking over the nest four or five times. We could not distinguish if it was the same bird or different ones (they all wear the same suit). This year there was a lot of squawking (maybe because of the other pair on the East end, or we are so close to the beaver house) anyway, for a while we did not think anything would happen - on the nest for a few minutes then off the nest for a day or so. Finally, I surmised they were finalizing the 2nd egg. Earlier in the year I read a report written by a noted Loon Expert who stated Loons can lay multiple eggs over a couple week period (usually two) and they will not begin to incubate until the birds body-heat starts it. The report blows a hole in the theory that Loons mate for life. In fact, when a stronger male comes along and drives the other off, she gets the homestead and he moves in. Anyway, they settled into the nest about May 14th and incubation is approximately 29 days so we should see the little one/ones after June 12th. On Saturday, June 9th we received this report from Jane Humphreys. “ Birth Announcement – Surprise! Good Morning! The loons were really carrying on this morning so Pat walked down to the shore. One loon has a baby on its back, the other swam around for a few minutes then she/he is back on the nest so perhaps another baby will be born/hatched today. We will let you know.” At press time Naomi Wagenknecht called and exclaimed “We have two baby Loons and they are doing fine!” We look forward to more sightings and more Loon stories. Mark Williams has a place on Stephan’s Point and he had some decoys out in the water this spring and sure enough the Loon came over to investigate and scoutout the intruders!

52 Boat Inspections Made Over the Memorial Weekend Memorial Day weekend LLPOA Boat Inspection was an interesting experience. Between the blistering heat and sudden thunderstorms our AIS Boat Inspectors inspected 52 boats. Our volunteer inspectors put in 51 hours at the Public Access inspecting and educating the public. We had three empty slots but were able to cover most of the weekend boat access traffic. During the twelve shifts that our Boat Inspectors were on duty we had three boats that had last been in the water at Mille Lacs prior to coming to Lone Lake. Thank heavens that one had been in Mille Lacs 8 days previously and for the other two it had been 14 days. If a boat is cleaned and dry then most zebra mussels will only survive up to 5 days although some experts suggest 12 days. Two of the three were from Lone Lake and took precautions to clean their boats inside and out. The greatest threat to Lone Lake is Zebra Mussles. Our proximity to Lake Mille Lacs puts our lake in danger every time it is windy and rough on Mille Lacs and fishermen leave to find quiet waters on small adjacent lakes. A professional fisherman visiting Lone Lake told one of our inspectors that the best way to inspect a boat that has come from Mille Lacs is to run your hand down the lower portion of the bow and if it feels gritty it is most likely Zebra Mussels and will most likely infect the lake. He went on to say that the best way to deal with it is to suggest that they not launch prior to going into the carwash in Aitkin where the water temperature is 106 degrees and to power wash their boat inside and out and all of their anchors and tow lines. He even suggested that they wash their car because of backing their vehicle into the water. His solution for the live well is to put a half a cup of breach in a gallon of water and rinse it out on land away for the lake. The pro-fisherman went on to say that if the boater does not cooperate then notify him that he has been warned that he is most likely transporting Zebra Mussels and tell him that you are notifying the authorities and take out your cell phone and dial 911! We want to thank the Memorial Day Inspectors for their important service to

inspect but more importantly to educate boater and supply them with the current information on Aquatic Invasive Species. Specifically we want to thank Julie and Jerry Nelson, Jon Tremmel, Rick Napurski, Sean Hawkinson, Linda Szymanski, Jeanne Thompson, Peggy Bragelman, Naomi and Jerry Wagenknech (Pictured here and first time inspectors with Jeanne and Peggy!), David Wilke and Karen and Steve Frazier. Let’s now turn our attention to the upcoming 4th of July and Labor Day Weekends. We have five open shifts for the heavy 4th of July Week and three open shifts for the Labor Day Weekend. We know that lake time is precious but so is serving and trying to protect the lake from invasive species and careless boaters and uninformed personal watercraft operators. Contact Steve Frazier at with your name(s) and desired Date and Shift you would like to serve. In turn Steve will send you an instruction letter that describes the inspection process and a Pdf file that describes how inspections are conducted on Lone Lake. If you are a DNR Certified Boat Inspector and have already signed–up to do a shift the LLPOA AIS Fund will pay you $15/hour to take on an additional shift(s). How about some good news?! Bev Napurski has made-up new Boat Inspector Badges that make an official impression to boaters using the Public Access and will be ready for the 4th of July Inspectors. Memorial Day Fri 5/25





No Inspections

No Inspections



Sat 5/26 Sun 5/27

Tremmel J Olson

Napurski Hawkinson

Open Frazier

Mon 5/28

Thompson Bragelman


Open Szymans ki Wilke

No Inspections

Tremmel LeVoir Mashuga Szymanski Open



Bulut D. Wilke Open

Open Frazier Open

4th of July Fri 6/29


Sat 6/30 Sun 7/1 Wed 7/4 Labor Day Fri 8/31

Tremmel W Olson Bragelman No Inspections

No Inspections



Sat 9/1




Sun 9/2 Mon 9/3

Preiner Kosloski

Meinke Open

R Carlson Open Weisser

Nelson Frazier

Join the Team and Make a Difference!

Lone Lake Potpourri

The Mann Family at the Plant a Tree for Marie Event

Lake Association Membership Drive & New Lone Lake Directory LLPOA Treasurer and Membership Chair reports that the Membership Drive that started over the Memorial Day weekend is off to a great start with 72 members that have already renewed their memberships with only half of the Membership Callers reports in. Karen said, “Members really like getting the newly revised and updated Lone Lake Directory when they renew their memberships and find it useful to get it early in the year!” Karen went on to say, “If you have renewed your membership but have not received your Lone Lake Directory please let us know or the Director living closest to you and we’ll get a copy to you!” Karen also mentioned that she is still getting updates on contact information even after trying to contact every member this past spring. There will be an updated version of the Lone Lake Directory available at the Annual Gather on July 29th.

Boat Inspectors on Memorial Weekend

Jon Tremmel

New Member Lake Owner Packets Available If you are a new member of the Lone Lake Property Owners Association and a first time lake home owner on Lone Lake, we want you to have s New Members Packet that will help you understand local regulations and helpful tips for lake living. Please contact Steve Frazier – LLPOA President at and he will get a packet to you. Welcome to Lone Lake!

Karen Frazier & Linda Szymanski

Are the Beavers Destroying Your Shoreland? The LLPOA’s Policy on beavers is that we will pay for trapping the beavers if they are inhibiting the flow of water out of Lone Lake. However if the beavers are causing damage on your shoreland it is your own determination what action you may want to take. This is a touchy subject of nature versus shoreland preservation and the Association leaves that decision up to you. If you need a trapper he is Wayne Davies 218-927-6817

For Sale on Lone Lake If you have a lake property for sale on Laone Lake please let us know by sending a brief description and photo to and we’ll put it in the July issue of the LLPOA Newsletter. We are aware of at least nine properties on Lone Lake that are up for sale and what better place to find a new owner than through the people who live here and love this precious lake.

Visit Us on Facebook at Lone Lake POA

Carol & Gary Meinke

We Say Goodbye to Some Lone Lake Friends Carleton “Sonny” L. Carlson, 75, Aitkin, died April 22, 2012, at his home on Lone Lake. Torry L. Hallstrom, Aitkin, formerly of Brook Park, died on May 25, 2012, at his home by Lone Lake. He was 85 years old. Rita M. Gerads, 86, Aitkin, formerly of Minneapolis and Richfield, died May 1, 2012, at the Aitkin Health Services in Aitkin.

2012 LLPOA Membership Form Please fill out this form completely so that we can verify our records and include with it a $15 check payable to the LLPOA. The membership form and dues can be mailed to the LLPOA, P.O. box 10, Aitkin, MN 56431. Your check will serve as your receipt. Dues run from January 1st to December 31st. Thank you. Print Name(s)_________________________________________________________________ Lot(s)____________ Address: ______________________________________ City _________________ State ______ Zip ____________ Lake Address __________________________ Aitkin, MN 56431-- Get Newsletter by _____ Email or______ Mail Email Address ___________________________________________ (We would like to do as much as possible by email) ____ I am/we are making an additional Tax Deductible donation of $______to the Aquatic Invasive Species Fund LLPOA BOARD OF DIRECTORS President – Steve Frazier - 30579 Oak Ave. (Lot 111) 218-927-2972 – Secretary – Dianne Weisser – 29411 389th Place (Lot 2) 218-927-3214 – Treasurer – Karen Frazier - 30579 Oak Ave. (Lot 111) 218-927-2972 – Director – Bev Napurski –38392 297th Lane (lot 15) 218-927-6276 – Director – Bob Kosloski – 29252 390th Place (Lot 1) 218-927-3438 – Director – Walt Weisser – 29411 389th Place (Lot 2) 218-927-3214 – Water Quality – David Scott – 29789 380th Ave. (40) 218-927-2967 – Zoning – David Wilke – 30030 395th Pl. (126) 218-927-6409 – Fisheries & Wild Life – Rick Napurski – 3839 297th Lane (Lot 15) 218-927-6276 –

P.O. Box 10, Aitkin, MN 56431 Forwarding and Address

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