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Our mission is to preserve the natural and aquatic environment of Lone Lake LLPOA Newsletter – Volume 18, Number 3, August-October 2011 P.O. Box 10, Aitkin, MN 56431

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Mid-Summer Family Fun Picnic Was Fun For All!

Traditional Latvian Wedding Takes Place on Lone Lake by Maris Kurmis

Over forty members and their children and grandchildren gathered on Saturday, August 13th for the first ever “Mid-Summer Family Fun Picnic” at the home of Maude and Marv Wier. The picnic lived-up to its name as everyone had fun socializing, great food, many fun games like minnow racing, beanbag toss and lawn darts with popcorn for everyone and dozens of prizes given away for each contest winner! LLPOA Outstanding Service Awards were given to retiring Board Members

When our Daughter, Brita Kurmis suggested the crazy idea of a romantic wedding on the shores of Lone Lake, under the pines with loons calling in the distance we did our best to dissuade her but to no avail. Brita set all of the logistical challenges aside of lodging, rain, mosquitoes, parking, food, drink, refrigeration and power and merely said that the wedding was to be at the lake because that was where her greatgrandmother’s spirit would come down from heaven and bless her marriage to Carl. Furthermore there was no need to worry about rain because good weather was “guaranteed” from above! (Story continued on Page 3)

Jennifer O’Neill, Paul Fristad and Roy Carlson. Awards were also presented to the winners of the 4th of July Pontoon, Speed Boat and Dock Decoration Contest winners. All-in-all it was a lovely afternoon of fun and Paul Fristad receives Marv and Maude were LLPOA Board Award presented with an outdoor standing plant for their hospitality and hosting of the event again this year. We want to thank everyone that attended and all of those people that brought dishes, salads and desserts to share and those that helped in

the set-up of the event. (Event pictures on Page 6 and LLPOA Awards on Page 6)

2011 Lone Lake Water Quality Report by Jerry Baker The water monitoring year ends the 1st of October with some 20 readings taken. The Average Secchi Disk Reading this year is 20.7 feet. Last year’s reading was 21.0 feet, so it's staying consistent. The average Lake Level Reading is 1263.50 feet above sea level. This is 8.4 inches higher than at this time last year. The last time it was this high was at this time in 2005. These readings are from May 9, through Sept 12.

Mashuga’s Celebrate 50Years

The LLPOA Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Bob Kosloski to the position of LLPOA Director fulfilling a two year term. Bob and wife Roberta have a home on Lot 1 adjacent to the Public Access. Bob has been active on the Membership Drive Team and also a regular on the Boat Inspection Program as pictured here on Labor Day. We still have two Board positions open for a Director and Team leader. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Steve Frazier at for more details.

Deana and Larry Mashuga celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in early September at the lake with the event being hosted by their children Laurie and Brian along with their spouses and grandchildren. Larry is a previous LLPOA Board member and serves on the Boat Inspection Team and the Mashuga’s have hosted the Annual Meeting many times. We wish them the best in the coming years!

New Changes in 2012

Wagenknecht Cottage For Sale

At the Board Meeting in October it was decided to streamline our LLPOA Activity Calendar and to have one major member gathering per year. The reason is that lake time is precious and with many families only having limited time at the lake and with decreasing numbers at LLPOA events the Board thought it wise to adjust to changing times and go to having an Annual Meeting and Picnic and fun event all at one time to be held in the 4th Saturday of July each year. By moving the meeting to later in the summer instead of early June we hope to avoid many calendar issues and attract more members and families at that time in the summer. 2012 will also be the year that we do a complete water testing analysis of Lone Lake and to do so every five years thereafter. Having a five year interval of water testing will allow us to see any changes in the water quality of Lone Lake and if need be to take action to preserve and protect the lake. With the 2012 water analysis in hand the LLPOA will update its Lake Management Plan in 2013 and do so thereafter on a five year cycle.

Naomi and Jerry Wagenknecht are now offering their cabin on the Stephens Point Association for $90,000. It is an ideal cabin for busy people as the association mows the lawn and the cluster of cabins makes for a nice community. Interested parties can get further information at

Bragelman Boatlift For Sale Newman boatlift For Sale: Used 4 seasons, then bought pontoon. Newman's 20 ft. boatlift with gray canopy - both in perfect condition. Bought for $4500, sale price $2000 OBO. Can be viewed at 30557 Oak Ave, Lot 110. Peggy Bragelman email:

(Wedding on Lone Lake Continued from Page 1) Thanks to many friends and relatives, who worked for two solid days, we pulled this off. Our auto mechanic offered his generator. Our friend, Omar Ansari, hauled up his Surly beer trailer, which is a huge walk-in refrigerator with tappers on the side. It goes without saying that Surly beer was served and all other refrigerator needs taken care of. Our neighbors, Inara Porietis and Mike and Sharon Eder offered the use of their properties for parking and the ceremony. Larry and Deana Mashuga supplied equipment and technical knowledge. Our friend, Dave Scott, provided lodging and the LLPOA provided sorely needed tables. And so, on August 27th, the wedding took place on the shores of Lone Lake, under the white pines and with loons calling in the distance. It was truly a coming together of the village that helped make this possible. It wasn’t just romantic, it was fabulous and my grandmother in heaven came through. The weather was perfect, the mosquitoes non-existent, and her spirit was definitely there. After the ceremony we had the reception on our property across the road, complete with a beautifully decorated and lit massive tent, roast pig for dinner, wonderful speeches, a DJ who played and extra 1 ½ hours (sorry for the noise). Brita’s Latvian heritage required some Latvian wedding traditions which symbolize the transition from single life into that of marriage, love and mutual respect. Before midnight a gorgeous wreath of white roses, woven by an unmarried woman was placed on Brita’s head. Then, Carl and Brita followed a lantern lit walk through the forest to a chair on the dance floor within a circle of people. The wreath was ceremonially removed and

replaced by a bonnet, symbolizing Brita’s new status among married women. Carl received a pipe and a derby hat decorated with two large onions. The onions received one of the biggest laughs of the evening once it was explained that they symbolize that he has the “balls” to face any challenge that their married life might throw at them. Carl wore his onions with pride! Many people commented that this was one of the best weddings they had ever been to. I’ll just say it was tremendous and leave it at that. Obviously, I have a biased opinion and so do Brita and Carl Wegener! For those who might also consider an outdoor wedding, such as this – and without a Plan B – I’ll just say, make sure you have a connection in “high” places.

Mason’s Sell Their Home & Have Sale Jim and Bev Mason have sold their home on Lone Lake at 29889 380th Avenue and reportedly received their asking price for their lovely home. Just prior to the home sale the Manson Family gathered to host a “Moving Sale” with lots of good buys. At the moving sale several of the customers asked to see the house and one of the parties ended up buying the Mason home. We wish them the best as they continue on life’s journey.

Wallace has Wicker and Iris As I've been thinning my perennials, I have dozens of Japanese Iris which are great for planting along the shore line. I'd like to give them to anyone who is interested. Also have for sale a white wicker love seat& 2 chairs-$25.00. Thanks. Pat Wallace 927-4878 Lot72

Fall Road Cleanup 2011 The Road cleanup was held on Saturday, September 10th on a beautiful sunny day. Roy and Jane Carlson had coffee and rolls ready for the 24 members in attendance. Walt Weisser did the road set-up and got everyone signed-up for their cleaning teams. Sandy Poppe did the group photo and everyone had a good visit over coffee and latest lake news. Cleaning team members commented about how clean the area was and very little refuse was collected.

Taking part were Roy and Jane Carlson, Dianne and Walt Weisser, Fred and Nancy Lane, Jerry and Edna Baker, Laurie and Maris Kurmis, Jerry and Naomi Wagenknecht, Mustafa Bulut, Sonny Carlson, Rick and Bev Napurski, Elert Johnson, Bob Kosloski, Lee and Sandy Poppe, Mary Hoeve, Jim and Ann Benda and Larry and Deana Mashuga. We thank everyone one that helped-out with the Road Cleanup this year and look forward to seeing everyone back for the Spring Road Clean-up on Saturday, May 12, 2012!

2011 Loon Watch Report by Elaine Haberkorn This summer we (Elaine, Jeff and Roman Haberkorn) counted a record number of loons on Lone Lake for the Minnesota Loon Watch Program. We did our loon count on July 9th and spotted 18, yes, 18 loons on our lake. There were two loon parties going on – one in our upper bay and the other going on in the larger bay. The 18 included the two babies from our lake this year. We just happened to pick the right day of the week and went out early at 7:00A.M. It was fun to count so many loons and made it easier with an extra spotter to help verify the count. Our own Lone Lake babies survived the summer and were last seen about a week ago and the two babies have not been together for the last couple of weeks. We are excited to hear that 2012 will be the “Year of the Loon” on Lone Lake.

Lee & Sandi Poppe Assist in Kenya Lee and Sandi Poppe of Lone Lake traveled with a group from Aitkin Glory Baptist Church on a

mission trip in august. The group worked on the church school and members got the opportunity to teach the 14 students at the school. Glory Baptist contributes about $6,000 a year to help run the school as part of their mission outreach. Lee and Sandi also got to visit the homes of a couple of the students and saw first-hand the level of poverty that exists in Kenya. The Kenya Mission Group presented their program and experiences on Saturday, October 22nd at the Glory Baptist Church.

In Good Taste… LeVoir Hamburger Bean Dip Everyone raved about Bill LeVoir’s Hamburger Bean Dip at the Mid-Summer Family Fun Picnic. The food is always great at these events and so we are including the recipe for you to try-out at the cabin! Begin by browning one pound of hamburger. When that is done, add one can (16oz) of refried beans (I usually use the non-fat kind but any kind will do) and mix it together in the pan. Once the beans and hamburger are mixed together, put the mixture as the bottom layer of a pan (about the size of a cake pan). On top of that you make the second layer with a 16 oz. container of Sour Lean (or any other sour cream). The next layer is a large jar of Pace Picante sauce (med hot) (either 16 oz. or 24 oz., it doesn't matter). Then on the very top, as the last layer, you put a pound of shredded cheese (I use the four cheese Mexican blend). Since the meat is the only thing that needs to be cooked all you have to do is put it in a microwave or oven until the top layer of cheese melts. That's all there is to it. Serve with Tortilla chips and you're ready to go.

Fristad Cabin to be For Sale Kathy and Paul Fristad’s Cabin on Lot 30 will be up for sale this fall at $150,000. Details are currently being worked-out for the sale.

2011 Boat Inspection Program Many Challenges Ahead in 2012 We want to thank all of the Lone Lake Volunteer Boat Inspectors for serving this year and Boat Inspection coordinator JoAnn Preiner for a job well done. The 2011 boat Inspection data is as follows: Holiday Volunteers Hours Inspections Memorial 15 45 56 th 4 of July 13 39 90 Labor Day 16 48 56 Totals 44 132 202 You will notice that we did not do inspections for the Opening of Fishing because there were not enough volunteers. With the rapid spread of Zebra Mussels and other Aquatic Invasive Species we need to do much better in 2012. Several years ago Zebra Mussels were only in a few lakes but this year in Minnesota they are in over 50 lakes. The Lone Lake Invasive Species Team is most concerned about boats coming from Lake Mille Lacs without being inspected and/or properly cleaned before being launched in Lone Lake. Our AIS policy and that of the State has been to devote 80% of our efforts on education and 20% protection by inspections. We all reasoned that if we educate boaters they would care enough to take the necessary precautions to protect Minnesota’s waters. Well that is a failed policy and is not working because citizens that trailer their boats byin-large do not take the necessary precautions (i.e., power washing with 140 degree water and/or dry dock their boat for at least 14 days in a dry area). So what can we do as a lake association? First lets fill our four big boating times with volunteer inspectors for the Opening of Fishing, Memorial, 4th of July and Labor Day weekends and to continue to educate boaters and show them how to inspect their boats and give them current AIS information. In 2012 we intend to start inspections an hour later in the morning and to go an hour later in the evening to better match boat launching traffic. In a perfect world we should be doing inspections every weekend of the summer but let’s start with the four big weekends! Secondly we can take some local lake access preventive steps such as water exchange facilities for live bait and disposal and power washing of boats. This takes financial resources, time, dedication and training. Are you willing to get involved to that extent? Third is to become politically active on the local, county, DNR and State levels to get coordinated policies enacted to protect Lone Lake and Minnesota’s waters.

There is a growing consensus among citizen groups that the only way to control Zebra Mussels and other AIS is to have some form of electronic gated access at DNR Public Accesses with public and private financing. At what point do we step-up to protect our public waters by requiring boaters to have their boats cleaned and inspected for the freedom of access to all of Minnesota’s waters? Yes, with the freedom to go into any lake comes the responsibility to get your boat cleaned and inspected first. This is not a simple task but is doable with today’s technology. One such proposal is to have regional DNR inspection/washing facilities that would certify a onetime access to an electronic gated access lake. Funding could be by joint powers of a lake association and County/State funding and under the enforcement powers of the DNR/County Sheriff. Nothing is ever simple but to do nothing is to suffer the tragic consequences that we see have occurred on Lake Mille Lacs. The LLPOA will send you update on this challenge and possibly ask you to contact your legislators or County Commissioners if some viable legislation comes along to deal with Aquatic Invasive Species and lake access. In the meantime we would like to hear your ideas on possible solutions and also to have you sign-up for a three-hour shift in 2012. If you sign up for more than one shift on one of the major boating weekends the LLPOA will pay $30 for the extra shift. The Boat Inspection coordinator in 2012 will be Steve Frazier as JoAnn & Dick Preiner will be building a new home next summer. To sign-up contact Steve at and join the fight against AIS. Shifts Opening of Fishing Fri 5/11 Sat 5/12 Sun 5/13 Memorial Day Fri 5/25 Sat 5/26 Sun 5/27





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Mid-Summer Family Fun Picnic (Continued from Page 1) Everyone had a good time at the MidSummer Family Fun Picnic with the emphasis on “Fun” as everyone joined in to have a great pot luck dinner and then to take on some fun games. Here Jim & Bev Mason and one of the Napurski daughters Kick-off the dinner line with Dianne Weisser oversees the food. Jon & Donna Tremmel and Bill LeVoir (look for his Bean Dip Recipe) visit with Dave Scott prior to dinner. We all sat out in the Wier’s front yard by the lake and enjoyed the wonderful food and drinks. Here Naomi & Jerry Wagenknetch eat and visit with Chris and Elert Johnson. After dinner Steve Frazier presented awards to retiring LLPOA Board members. Jennifer O’Neill returned from England and received her Outstanding Service Award for her years as Director and Secretary of the LLPOA. Paul Fristad also received his award as seen on the front page. Roy Carlson was also recognized for his 10 years on the Board and for his work as Team Leader of the Surface Water Use and

Public Access Team. The other awards went to the winners of the 4th of July Boat Parade. Pictured here are Jerry and Naomi Wagenknecht for winning the Speed Boat Traveling Trophy and Gary and Carol Meinke for the Dock Contest winners. Then it was time to just have fun and to watch kids and adults alike join in the games and minnow races. The minnow races were the most fun to watch as the players urged their minnows on with Popsicle sticks with the winner of each event receiving a nice prize. Even the adults got into the fun as we see Dave and Kathy Wilke try their hand at the minnow competition. There were several other games and here the Mason and one of the Napurski daughters lineup for the bean bag toss. Not to be outdone by the girls Elert Johnson and Marv Wier try their hand at the competition. The prizes consisted of toys, school and business supplies, and a whole line of Aveda products that the winners got to choose from. It was truly a fun afternoon! And to end a perfect day the lake was treated to fireworks!

Our mission is to enhance, protect and preserve the beauty of Lone Lake

2012 Program Calendar – Year of the Loon The Lone Lake Property Owners Association invites you to take part in all of the activities planned for the summer of 2012. The association is also seeking member participation to help with our programs, projects and teams. Together we can preserve and protect our beautiful lake and also have fun as a lake community. Listed below are this year’s events: May 12th

Spring Road Cleanup – Coffee and Rolls on Saturday, May 12th at 9:00 at the Swimming Beach.

May 26th

The 2011 LLPOA Membership Drive Begins with Memorial Day Weekend

June 16th

Rivers and Lakes Fair – Rippleside Elementary School in Aitkin on Saturday, June 16th from 9:00 to 2:00.

June 30th

Annual Boat Parade – Meet on Saturday, June 30th at 12:00 noon at the Public Access Bay for the parade of pontoons, runabouts and dock contests. – Post your Lot # on the front of your boat and/or dock.

July 4th

Lone Lake Triathlon – Wednesday, July 4th with a Starting Time at 8:30am at the Swimming Beach. No prior registration required and teams of 2 & 3 are welcome.

July 28th

Annual Picnic and Meeting – Saturday, July 28th at 11:00 at the Preiner Storage facility at 30353 Oak Avenue. Look for the LLPOA Sign!

September 8th

Fall Road Cleanup – Meet on Saturday, September 8th at 9AM for Coffee and Rolls at the Swimming Beach.

Invasive Species Boat Inspections Weekends at Public Landing: Opening of Fishing – May 11th – 13th Memorial Day – May 25th– 28th Independence Day – June 29th - July 1st and July 4th Labor Day – August 31st - September 3rd Visit our Website at or on Facebook at Lone Lake POA Contact us at Join Us In Enhancing, Protecting and Preserving the Environmental Beauty of Lone Lake

Newsletter (October 2011)  

Lone Lake Property Owners Newsletter

Newsletter (October 2011)  

Lone Lake Property Owners Newsletter