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Mount Shasta Experience 2011


11TH – 17TH



Mount Shasta Experience 2011

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Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Is Shasta Calling You? Have you ever wanted to go to one of the most sacred sites on the planet? A place where millions have pilgrimaged over the years, centuries, aeons, discovering this mountain to exist in a magical multidimensional vortex of energy, where miracles have occurred. Now is your chance, and to go during 2011 is a magical experience never to forget! Mount Shasta; the mystical landmark that has attracted many spiritual seekers. The London Spirituality Meetup Group are taking a group on the Mount Shasta Experience Sept 11th- 17th 2011. This Year! __________________________________________________ There is a saying “You do not go to Shasta. Shasta calls you�. In other words, there is an experience here beyond our expectations, simultaneously expanding us into Divinity. Shasta is a place to experience Joy. Deep Joy that already exists within you. The Mountain works with us each on a unique individual level, initially often bringing up our blockages and limited belief systems, stripping them to reveal the beauty and divinity within. Then, as we open up, we are already within a tremendous portal where the veil between the worlds is extremely thin, allowing us to connect to profound wisdom, insights, and deep, deep peace, joy and love. Many believe Shasta to be the mountain of Lemuria. California and Hawaii are said to be the last risen parts of Lemuria, Mount Shasta was the mountain that our ancient brothers and sisters lived in harmony with. This beautiful being works with humanity across time and space and offers a unique high vibrational gateway to our galactic heritage. Many witness UFO sightings on and around the mountain. The cloud formations are legendary. It is said the mountain is a portal for interdimensional travel for other energies to interact with our own, a base of travel for our divine starbrothers and starsisters. The gravitational-density is different in the vortex in shasta. It has a different torque and spin and 3

Mount Shasta Experience 2011 the sacred geometry of the gravity is a different holographic point. (gravity and density are not just physical but, have different dimensions which cause us to go into these dimensions.) So these ratios create a lightness and affects the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies-we begin to change and match the ratio of the sacred site-this change in torque and spin actually causes us to unlock keys and codes-which we could not unlock with out these ratios and spin. Gaia also has her unique energetic streams around the planet. Every location has its own unique rhythm, just as each individual soul has. Whenever you enter a new area, your energy synchronises and vibrationally interlocks with the vibration of the area you are physically located within. It is a beautiful exchange of energies between yourself and the Earth. On another level, it is an exchange of codes. Within each soul's vibration is a unique code. A blueprint of information describing Who You Are. Everything you have ever experienced, every emotion, every learning, every essence of your existence is what resonates out into this Universe. This is how one creates (or reflects) their reality, as the Universe matches your code with similar vibrations. This code however has far more purposes than creating your own reality. These codes are also key towards humanity's and Gaia's ascension. As you move to a new area, you exchange with Gaia, downloading your codes deep within Gaia's energetic framework. Similarly Gaia uploads her codes from that particular location into your energetic framework. It is time to remember your mastery and your Infinite nature, an energetic being that is resonating out a unique song into the Universe. When we surrender to the process that is life, we realise that every step we take, every moment is Perfect. It is all part of the beautiful design. And the design is reaching its climax, an eruption into a whole new way of being! Everything is happening as it is meant to. You are playing an unbelievably crucial role. Stand tall in your love and radiate out. You are a physical Expression of Love, and are key to everything occurring during this Ascension. The Mount Shasta Experience    

Experience the High Vibration Vortex that is Shasta – and a full moon on Shasta! Attunements to fully activate your lightbody & multi-dimensional self (as well as Divine Light Attunements) BE together in a collective space held in oneness & love Through profound energy work, meet High vibration Light Beings; the Lemurians, Star Beings, Inner Earth Beings, St Germaine and others.


Mount Shasta Experience 2011     

Learn the skills & principles to align with your bliss, abundance, peace, authenticity & love. Experience the stillness & heart connection of chanting, the language of light & silent gathering. Experience the Crystal Caves, Stewart Mineral Springs Drink from the Shasta headwaters, said to be amongst the purest waters on the planet that activate light quotients on a cellular level Experience a Harmonic Calling on the mountain, planned for the end of our trip, focusing Love, Light into the Universe with harmonic vibrations and collective energetic connections & chanting

Shasta is a stargate that opens us up to multidimensional experiences. A home to many, a place of wonder. An energetic storehouse of information. Surrender yourselves to the magic and mystery of life, and allow yourself to experience & enjoy whatever is necessary and purposeful for your path! There are hundreds of billions of stars in this galaxy, billions of galaxies in this universe and no doubt many universes and realms beyond what we know. This gives us a dual perspective. On one level we are deeply humbled by the beauty of eternity, we are a part of a Grand Scheme of Existence that is playing out on a level totally beyond our comprehension. Feel the awesomeness of your surroundings for a moment. Breathe it in and surrender to the magnificence. On another level, we are part of this Grand Scheme of Existence! You are All That Is – you are All of This. This Greater Consciousness is with your every breath, your every action, nothing goes unnoticed by All That is. We bless you on your journey, Namaste, Shasta Facilitators


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Meet, Greet, Relax into Shasta Meeting Mount Shasta Aligning our Being to the Full Moons Potential Each morning we will be meeting at the head waters to collect our Shasta Spring water for the day – our daily ritual for vitality and connecting with the lightcodes in the earth here.

Panther Meadows Panther Meadows is 7,000 feet high up on the mountain and is a sacred space where many see the violet flame of St.Germain. It also is an arena where one can immediately enter theta wave transmission as the area takes one’s energy directly into this higher state of consciousness. Many have direct experiences here, and feel an incredible feeling of inner love, communion with guides, angels, source and are downloaded with wisdoms, information. Guided Meditation to journey into the heart centre on 5th dimensional living. Meditation to connect with the mountain. This is a special spot of high vibration on the mountain. To connect with Shasta and the Lemurian energy here, means stepping into the sacred space of the heart. Evening: Full Moon Celebration & Integration! What better way to spend our first days in Shasta, but with a full moon. The full moon is an opportunity to release all unnecessary energies and to vitalize our being. Celebration Dinner together


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Unity Consciousness Expands Having cleared and aligned ourselves on the full moon, we are now ready to step into our wider multi-dimensional selves. Today we open to our heart & mind to our essence as beautiful, infinitely wise Beings who together are creating the shift. Attunement: Multi-dimensional Heart Activation Opening our etheric wings through deep energy work & linking our Hearts to the Heart of Shasta Moving from Guru to Group Experiencing a collective environment as we move into unity consciousness. Sharing experiences Attunement: Activating 8 beams & Pineal Gland Unlocking the mastery within Opening the doorways of our perception. After Dinner Evening Gathering The collective consciousness meets & integrates! A gathering of Silence: be lead beyond words, experience your essential expression beyond form. The lightworkers Kirtan: move from silence to sounds of the heart, chanting, modern to ancient high vibration songs, tones to Aums.

Star Alignment: Opening to Love Shasta offers a high vibration connection to our galactic and multi-dimensional selves. Today we call forth our star families and work inter-dimensionally to re-member our greater cosmic soul. Meditation & connection with our greater cosmic Soul, Light language activations A morning workshop of DNA activations, light body harmonization and anchoring. We hold a forum for connection, Q&A and discover the light language within. Light language is the language of love that connects us to all life. In this workshop, learn how to open to the song of your heart and through your own true sound, experience ‘essential meeting’ with lightbeings, mother earth, guides and teachers. Panther Meadows Journey into the Mountain

Merging the inner & outer, star families reunite, Inter-terrestrial friends reconnect, through meditation and soul travel


Mount Shasta Experience 2011 Through the pure intent of love, we travel between worlds into the mountain. On this journey we meet our guides who facilitate our journey into the inner realms of our beautiful planet. Attunement: Star Guide & Galactic Heritage Activation Connection to download your Galactic Heritage history opening to connecting all beings within your lineage. Downloading an activation from the Lyran star system into your Galactic and Stellar Gateway chakras, initiating the awakening of ancient knowledge, remembrance and a deep Unconditional Love, Keys for your Planetary Mission. To join us we call forth lightbeings in interplanetary union. We open our hearts to the collect song of the universe. We invite the wisdom of the lyrians, lemurians, plaedians, 12 dimension sirians, arcturus, dragon friends and many more beings of light.

Activation of our Crystaline Being: Connecting with Lemuria The Crystalline Grids The earth mother holds within her a mother crystal which is at the centre of a crystalline grid running through the earth. This grid corresponds and connects to our own crystaline matrix & the christ consciousness grid around the planet. Learn how to connect to these grids & how to work with them for yours, the planets & others benefit. Bring a crystal for the adventure! Crystal Caves Having connected our own crystalline grids, and knowing how to through intention retain and deepen this connection – we visit the crystal Caves of Shasta Meditation: With the Lemurians Discussion & sharing: The Lemurians & Lemuria – how to work with your lemurian team, how to integrate this learning with Crystal wisdom.


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Collective Oneness We have experienced and know our union with our multidimensional selves, We now experience our collective oneness, unified. To return to the one, re-member in our greatest capacity. Stewart Mineral Springs It is believed that the mineral waters flowing into the river are the most powerful healing waters on mother earth. You begin your personal experience with the waters in the Bathhouse. Immerse yourself in the heated waters from the creek and feel the natural, purifying effects throughout your body. When you are ready, visit the aromatic wood fed sauna adjacent to the rooms. This continues the purifying process with a sweat in the hot, dry air. A plunge in the rock lined cold 'creek-pool' is invigorating before heading back to your bath. Downloading the Keys of Remembrance, Meditation & Activation. Attunement: Merging Your Multidimensional Selves This high energy attunement allows you to merge your multidimensional selves bringing about powerful transformation within your energetic and physical body. Leading to profound changes in your external reality, where you begin to live centrally - from a Multidimensional Heart Self. Conscious alignment & Co-creation of Loving Intention Tomorrow we engage our collective to create an outpouring of love to the earth, to all beings, to the universe. This will be a sharing of the heart in dance, song, meditation, tones. All with the pure intent of love. From remembering who we are, we welcome who we will Be and activate Source within to co-create The Heart Calling


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

The Heart Calling Procession to Panther Meadows

The Golden Earth A meditative soul journey, of deep heart opening & planetary connection. In the oneness within is a Golden Earth. We unify inner & outer spheres of existence and start a profound relationship with mother earth as a majestic being of unconditional love. Collective Intention of Pure love: Be part of the magic of vibrating with unconditional love and rippling this love out to all Beings. Experience and know the power of love, be transformed forever. Beautiful Solar Light Beings! You have been called to this magnificent gathering through the love of THE ALL. There is great wisdom within you to be shared. It is a time of love, transformation, joy and celebration through your voice and your being. You have traveled across time and space, bridging consciousness, awakening minds. Together we are gathered on this day for the purpose of co-creating new beginnings, new pathways of light. The old paradigm is shedding away and the new is being inspired by changes. This beautiful transition has always been a constant flow in this universe. Today we will gather with one mind, one heart, through the Eyes of Source – A perfect alignment will take place in the skies ~ the wind will come, the prayers will be amplified. Songs of Creation will be sung, dances will spiral; our thoughts will reach the depths of all hearts awakening the souls of all who seeks and asks. The journey of LIFE inspired by love and passion, carried forth by the ancients, strengthened by the new generations ~ The Future ~ The Golden Age is dawning! Feel the Heart, Feel the Call, Feel the Power within and may your voice, your light ignite the flame of all and together we shall enter into the New Paradigm Shift!


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Aang Aakha We are currently experiencing a Spiritual Renaissance, where the time of masters, gurus are now evolving into the human experience. Aang is an energetic healer and channeller working with multidimensional energies. His primary purpose is to experience and with that as the intention, the initiate experiences themselves. He is also a co-director of the London College of Spirituality with Vaz creating a platform for those whom wish to share their wisdom with others. He also does energetic attunements and loves sharing knowledge on ancient and forgotten teachings. Aang is fascinated by energy and technology and has a current role of computer architect.

Carly Gilbert "I hear the calling, I feel the calling and I feel blessed to be sharing this beautiful experience with you all. The uniting of souls that has happend in the lead up to this trip has just blown me away, I am so excited for this to continue and meet you all. This is my first time to the mountain and I am looking forward to flowing into the magic of it all, being in the beautiful nature, drinking that pure crystal water and CELEBRATING the beauty of life, wow every time I think about it I get so excited, lets celebrate, lets laugh, lets play and rejoice at this time of magic, pure, pure magic." Carly is a channel, empath and rainbow child. Feeling energy on a very deep level, Carly receives guidance ranging from individual shifts to humanity's shift as a whole. She surrenders to the energy transitions that occur believing them to be deeply sacred moments allowing us to shift into higher states of being and consciousness. Carly is extremely visual and uses this gift within her work. She is committed towards empowering, awakening and uplifting those around her towards recognising their true infinite beautiful selves. Carly runs the London Spirituality Meetup Group (London College of Spirituality) alongside Vaz Sriharan and Aang.

Clare Russell "Welcome to Shasta, the high vibration vortex that offers us the opportunity to discover we are more than we ever thought! I feel honoured and blessed to be traveling there with you. To meditate, connect and experience together on this sacred mountain is a gift to our soul, a remembering of who we are individually and what we can create collectively from our light within. Looking forward to meeting you all." Clare is a healer, coach and Intuition facilitator. She is a Reiki Master, Theta Practitioner, Isis Healing practitioner, qualified Spiritual & Intuitive coach. She enjoys connecting with her own inner guidance and supporting others in doing the


Mount Shasta Experience 2011 same. She runs both the Bristol & Cornwall Intuitive Development Groups, and runs retreats, workshops and courses across the UK on meditation, Intuition, the chakras and wider energy body. She has written articles on personal & spiritual growth for national magazines, Natural Health and Soul & Spirit and offers audio meditations for deepening your intuitive connection. Clare is a member of the UK Reiki federation, International Coaching Federation, The Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Scientific & Medical Network and is fully ensured as a healer and coach. Facebook: Metalife Twitter: MetalifeUK

Rebecca Venkatraman “I am looking forward to spending time with you in one of the most sacred sites on the planet. Having spent the past two summers in Shasta, I have experienced the transformational energy held by this beautiful mountain, and look forward to sharing this once in a life time experience with you.” Rebecca holds a Master Level in Blue Fire Healing and Silver Violet Flame, and is also a Reiki II practitioner. In addition, Rebecca is certified in Jin Shin Do Mind Body Spirit Acupressure, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Isis Alchemy Healing. She holds a BioEnergy Therapy degree from the Kyron School of Higher Consciousness in Rosenheim, Germany. She is a certified Quantum Clairvoyant from the Temple of Self Ascension, as well as an Ordained Minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved, an order of the Melchizedek. Rebecca has over the last 10 years traveled with her family, living in Shanghai China and across the USA. Over that time, she been honored to work with and learn from Spiritual Teachers and Masters from around the globe. Rebecca currently works as an Intuitive Guide on Divine Assignment.

Simon Sutton “Hello Guys and welcome to the Shasta Experience. I am thrilled to be co creating this experience for us and looking forward to exploring Mount Shasta with all who join us on this once in a lifetime experience. I have personally never been to Shasta so this will be a new experience for me also. I will be creating a fun space for like minded people to come together in oneness in these transformative times to celebrate life and expand awareness. I am personally really looking forward to crystal caves, the mineral springs and just the whole adventure of sharing our collective energy, it’s going to be epic and to top it off a mass Harmonic Calling on the mountain, I cannot even imagine it, so I’m just looking forward to the unexpected. Just bring your vocal chords, horns, singing bowls and dancing souls........ see you there”. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Simon and talk to him, then you are indeed blessed. He is an amazing man with an immense sense of enthusiasm and energy which is positively infectious. He is an accomplished actor, a Lightworker helping to birth a new era on this planet - where we leave war, suffering and the ego behind in the old paradigm, a caring friend, a traveller, an observer of our times and a modern-day philosopher. He also co-hosts a show on Blogtalkradio with Vaz Sriharan. His website is -


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Vaz Sriharan "We live in a beautiful time, where we are waking up together to remember our true heritage as Divine Infinite Souls. This is also the time of the collective, a time of magic! I have visited Mount Shasta twice before and both experiences have changed my life. I feel that the mountain is a conscious being that calls us when we are ready for a unique experience, cellular recoding and to send us on our paths. Last time, Shasta magically orchestrated events in my life to get me there, this time I am going because I can hear the Calling deeper than ever before. I am going to Celebrate! This is the first time I am going with others, my soul family, You, and I cannot wait. Out there, I'll be helping to facilitate deep energy experiences, connecting to star energies and looking very much forward to drinking from the headwaters, cleansing in the springs and connecting to the sacred mountain. Playing :-)" Vaz is a clairsentient, channel writer & speaker, Reiki Master and grassroots spiritual activist. He is founder of the London Spirituality Meetup Group (London College of Spirituality) working alongside Aang and Carly Gilbert, and with nearly 4,000 members, is a heart-centered gateway spreading a Universal message of Love and empowerment. He also co-hosts a show on Blogtalkradio with Simon Sutton. Vaz is committed to exploring, evolving spirituality, helping awaken others to their Divine heritage and moving into Unity Consciousness.

Yantara Jiro "I am guided to strengthen and activate our spiritual antennas, upgrade our energy circuitry system to embrace and resonate with higher dimensional frequencies. As Earth continues to re-calibrate itself and merge with higher-lower dimensions, we too are going through a process of awakening to embrace the new light. If you have a voice; you can sing; you can tone; you can hum. And each sound, each note you express from your heart represents a thousand words." Yantara Jiro is a visionary, inspirational leader, vocalist and explorer of Sound and Consciousness. He is the International Leader of Middle East and Asia for "The DifferenceTM" He travels with joy facilitating his seminars and courses in over 10 countries around the world. Yantara teaches through his journey of spiritual awakening and inspires to invoke the inner power within us into our personal alignment with Source so as to co- create with the waves of global awakening. Be the Source of your own Power!


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

SEPTEMBER 11TH TO SEPTEMBER 17TH 2011 ÂŁ595 (approximately $960) Includes: Accommodation, Experiences, Attunements, Activations for 7 days (including Harmonic Calling) *Cost does not include Flights, Car Travel within and to Shasta, food. All our accommodation, activations, attunements begin from the 11th September. From the 11th September and ends on the 17th (final evening). You are welcome to arrive anytime before the 11th, however our accommodation package includes 7 nights only. Please see below for more details :-) We are trying to make this experience as accessible as possible, so that all may experience the beauty and wonder of Shasta, and so have worked out costs so facilitator travel, board expenses are met at the most Deposit option to secure your place = ÂŁ300 (approx. $485) Please also see the FAQ page to view all queries and answers from you fellow Shasta Lovers!


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Flights Please book your flights so that you are aware of the time difference to arrive by the 11th morning (although you may arrive later if you would like). Please also take into effect that it takes an overnight train back to Oakland (if you are travelling by train), which takes 8 hours. If this is case, please allow ample time for your flights You may of course come a little later, or leave earlier if time is of the essence.

Travel from Airport / Within Shasta The nearest airport is Redding airport. San Francisco airport is further away but more international. Both would require transport to and from.

Car Travel Please note, a car will be needed within Shasta to reach certain points of interest (Stewart Mineral

Springs, Crystal Caves, Panther Meadows (up the mountain), possibly back and forth from your hotel if you do not want to walk it. We will be arranging carpooling for those who do not have a car themselves, please register your interest and let us know

If you are travelling alone or with another and would like to carpool with others, once in Shasta, please let us know and we can arrange to group you up with others. Please let us know following your booking. We have worked out that maximum costs per person for car travel would be: $160 (equivalent to ÂŁ100) for the whole week. This would be travelling to and from San Francisco as well as within Shasta and to the sacred spots. This is based on all costs, care hire and fuel. Alternatively you may wish to hire a vehicle yourself, which of course you can do from the airports. NOTE: We are able to pick up a select few who are arriving on the 10th September from San Francisco airport, who do not wish to carpool with others they do not know - please contact us for details. See FAQ for a query relating to this


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

Arriving by Train Alternatively, from Oakland (a train ride from San Francisco), the overnight Amtrak train can be taken to Dunsmuir, which is a 15 min ride from Shasta. You can arrange with us to be picked up if arrived on certain days. San Francisco has an amazing train system called the BART

Take the BART train system from San Francisco International Airport to Lake Merritt (Oakland)

Take taxi from Lake Merritt BART station (800 Madison Street , Oakland , CA 94607) to Oakland Jack London Square (OKJ) Amtrak Station (245 Second Street, Oakland, CA 94607) Alternatively you can walk (20 minutes) Directions: Click here for Google Map

Amtrak Oakland - Dunsmuir (overnight train) It leaves in the evening, if you have an earlier flight, enjoy SAN FRANCISCO! It is a beautiful, amazing city and easily accessible to move around and access by the public BART system Please note the Amtrak trains are renowned for being an hour or so late, somehow they manage to pick up on the time, we will also be monitoring the times from our end to know when you are arriving.

It usually arrives at 5.15am every morning in Dunsmuir: We will pick you up from the station and take you to your hotel

Return The Return Amtrak train usually leaves at 12.35am!!! We can give those of you who need it, lifts to Dunsmuir on the 17th if you are leaving then. It arrives at 8.40am in the morning

We will be there to meet and greet you, and we will organise the connections with your beautiful soul family that you have yet to re-connect with on this sacred journey! Relax into the knowing that all who come to Shasta are looked after, by the mountain and the beautiful people who live there. Shasta will support you! And so will we. Look forward to seeing you there!!


Mount Shasta Experience 2011

7 nights will be booked for yourself, from the 11th till the 17th (inclusive). Check out will be the 18th September. Please arrange flights for the 18th September onwards (it is a 4 hour drive from Shasta to San Francisco, please see below for more details) £595 (can range from £420 to £665 depending on your accommodation choice) for Whole Retreat including all Attunements, Activations, Workshops, 7 nights Accommodation. Flights & internal Travel not included. We are organising carpooling, please see Itinerary BOOK NOW ON THIS EPIC ADVENTURE TO CONFIRM YOUR SPACE!!! This Experience is being organised by the London College of Spirituality We are making this experience as accessible as possible, so that all may experience the beauty and wonder of Shasta, and have worked out costs so facilitator travel, board expenses are met at the most. Below are Pricing options relating to various types of Accommodation, ranging from single bedrooms to shared bedrooms: Best Western Hotel Shared hotel rooms = £595 each for whole Experience (including this accommodation) Indoor pool and spa, a fitness center and a guest laundry. Full service restaurant and lounge. Free full hot breakfast buffet every morning during your stay. These rooms are shared with others on the retreat. There may be 2 or 3 people per room (each with their own bed) Cold Creek Inn Single Queen hotel bedroom +£70 surcharge for the week = £665 each for whole Experience (including this accommodation) Free High Speed Internet Connection - Wifi, All Rooms with Microwave and Refrigerator, Large 25” TVs, Complimentary Continental Breakfast and Juice. (We are passing on the surcharge for the week from the hotel for the single room) Lake Siskiyou Log Cabins Fits 4-6 people = £420 each for whole Experience (including this accommodation) Please bring sleeping bag (beds are provided but sleeping bags are recommended for these beds). Suitable for those who wish to group-share in a dormitory style. The log cabins are on the lake, with a view of Mount Shasta

Pictures: Kagaya and web-sourced.


Mount Shasta Experience 2011


Mount Shasta Experience 2011