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The Gateway Chakras The Soul Star, Zeal Point, Thymus and Earth Star are generally recognised as the Gateway Chakras. These chakras are being activated to a much a deeper level as humanity moves into a New Paradigm of Consciousness and on our part of Ascension.

Soul Star Chakra This chakra is located a few inches above the crown Chakra. It bonds the Spirit in the Spiritual Realms during incarnation on the physical plane. This chakra offers direct contact with the Soul, connecting to Universal Wisdom and Source.

The Thymus Chakra This is located between the Throat and the Heart chakras. It is the gateway to multidimensional experience, accessing Unconditional Love and Compassion, Wisdom and Consciousness.

Golden Heart Also known as the Seat of the Soul this encompasses the Thymus and the Heart chakra. A multidimensional portal where all realities and dimensions connect. Allows one to see the best possible choice from all possibilities created.

Zeal Point Chakra This is situated on the back of the head, where the base of the skull meets the neck. The Zeal Point is also known as the Ascension Chakra (also known as the Mouth of God) and when fully activated allows for multidimensional communication.

The Earth Star Chakra This is located approximately 12 inches below the feet. This chakra anchors Spirit into Physical Reality


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