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EXECUTIVE LEARNING Expert led masterclasses and hands-on workshops for your talent development programs

A NEW SOURCE OF LEARNING For the past 20 years, we have provided outstanding people from all over the world to speak at client events, and we passionately believe that the value addition of our international network for these purposes is difficult to rival. However, in preparing our clients for the challenges of our ever-changing working environment, we needed to continually stay ahead ourselves. Led by our clients’ requests, we have extended our portfolio of services in order to offer a greater level of engagement than keynote speeches can offer. In short, the journey is from a simple monologue towards a richer dialogue between our clients and our speakers that will equip the audience with practical tools and techniques to meet the business challenges of tomorrow, help develop particular competencies, change mindsets and deliver long-lasting results.

33 MASTERCLASSES Together with our top speakers and a team of experienced instructional designers, we have created a portfolio of masterclasses, each of them uniquely designed to resonate with a particular area of business and develop specific leadership competencies, such as Strategic Thinking, Decision-Making, Performance Management, Communication, and more. Here we are highlighting 33 of these programs. Since we began this quest in 2014, we have successfully delivered more than 300 in-depth practical sessions for our clients, all customized to serve their strategic business needs, and have witnessed tremendous positive impact on team performance, motivation, culture change and business results.


CONTENTS LEADERSHIP 1 BUSINESS OF FORMULA 1: Leadership, Teamwork and Performance 2 MANAGERS TO TRANSFORMERS 3 LEADING GROWTH: Growing Against the Odds 4 Building and Sustaining a High-Performance Team STRATEGY 5 Competing on New Frontiers of Value Creation 6 Disrupt Your Strategy for Winning 7 THE AGE OF COMPETITION: Geopolitics and the Global Business Environment 8 ACCELERATING GROWTH: Outperforming Competition in Emerging Markets 9 COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES IN BANKING RISK & PROJECT MANAGEMENT 10 RISK MANAGEMENT: Adapt Your Business to Emerging Global Threats 11 PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Accelerate the Execution of Your Strategy CULTURE & CHANGE 12 BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE: Put The Customer at the Center of All Activity 13 ELEVATED LEADERSHIP: Lift Your Corporate Culture to New Heights 14 SERVING IS THE NEW SELLING: Build a Powerful Customer Service Culture 15 THE FUTURE OF RETAIL: Manage the Change 16 ARE YOU FUTUREPROOF? Start Doing Things Differently

MARKETING & BRANDING 17 BUILDING A SOCIAL BRAND 18 Capturing the Attention Your Brand Deserves 19 Creating a Unique Conversation for Your Brand 20 DATA & SOCIAL MEDIA: Lessons from Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaigns 21 DEFINE YOUR BRAND With Employee-driven Customer Experiences DECISION MAKING 22 Embracing Uncertainty to Deliver Innovation 23 THINK LIKE A FUTURIST: Unlock the Secrets of Tomorrow's World 24 MAGIC OF BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS Applied to Decision Making 25 LEAD WITH INTEGRITY: Wield Value-Based Decision-Making Approach INNOVATION & CREATIVITY 26 THE ATTACKER MINDSET: Growth by Disrupting the Status Quo 27 IMAGINE BETTER: And Make it Happen 28 FRUGAL INNOVATION: Make it Better, Not More 29 Surviving and Prospering in the Digital Age COMMUNICATION 30 Trust and Communications in The New Normal 31 SPEAK LIKE A TED EXPERT STRATEGIC TALENT MANAGEMENT 32 Recruit, Retain and Develop Talent for Multinational Teams 33 LEARNING: The Only Sustainable Advantage





01 BUSINESS OF FORMULA 1: Leadership, Teamwork and Performance Isn’t motor racing a great metaphor for business? To compete in F1 calls for top performance. The teams – high-end engineering businesses – face a formidable set of challenges in a demanding, intense and highprofile environment where successes and failures cannot be hidden. With his exceptional experience in Formula One, Mark Gallagher is uniquely qualified to steer any business in any field to achieve the highest level of performance. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Mark Gallagher Mark Gallagher has worked in Formula One and international motor sport since 1983, helping teams toward race- and title-winning success at world level. He has worked with champion drivers, advised some of the world’s top brands and become an expert on the inner workings of this fascinating industry. In 1990 Mark became part of the original management at Jordan Grand Prix, described as ‘the most motivated team in F1’. In 2004 Mark joined Jaguar Racing and oversaw its transition to Red Bull Racing. Mark is a founding director of Status Grand Prix Ltd and Managing Director of CMS Motor Sport Ltd, a motor sport management and consulting business.



What is covered: Leadership – Creating vision, identifying goals, cascading positive motivations throughout your organization, creating an environment for success Teamwork – Drawing on practical examples, Mark describes the key attributes of personal commitment and the role of the individual in establishing a cohesive approach Motivation – Discussing definitions of success, creating reviews to help your staff build toward the ultimate goal and celebrate achievements along the way. How can you motivate in times of difficulty Brand building – How F1 teams develop brand awareness, generate core values and communicate those values to sponsors and a global audience of billions This masterclass is full of practical examples of creating the right environment for the attainment and maintenance of success. Who will benefit: Top executives leading large groups of employees within functions and in cross-functional project teams Project leaders from various industries HR professionals overseeing performance management programs The Value and Expected Outcomes: Participants are enabled to identify the strengths of those who achieve world-class status and build these strengths in themselves Insights into how teams compete to achieve success, citing the Formula One World Championship as a case study Practical tips on achieving and maintaining strong motivation – often the only difference between a champion and an ‘also-ran’



02 MANAGERS TO TRANSFORMERS A career in business management is like a journey: from being a ‘doer of things’ to becoming a ‘manager of people’, from a ‘manager of people’ to a ‘leader of ideas’, and finally, from a ‘leader of ideas’ to a ‘shaper of institutions’. This journey asks us to transit from dealing with the ‘known problem–known solution’ arena to the ‘unknown problem–unknown solution’ arena. Sharing the story of his own journey and of those he worked with side-by-side at Unilever and Tata, in this masterclass ‘Gopal’ will take a unique deep dive into the leader’s journey that resonates both with experienced top managers and those just starting out. MASTERCLASS LEADER: R. Gopalakrishnan R. Gopalakrishnan (or Gopal) has spent 46 years in Business Management. For the first 31 years he worked for Unilever, rising to Vice Chairman in 1996. In 1998 he joined Tata Sons as a director and latterly became a non-executive director as well as Vice Chair or Chair of several publiclylisted Tata companies. He is also an independent director of Akzo Nobel India and Castrol India.



What is covered: This masterclass covers concepts such as the ‘Bonsai Manager’, the ‘Clementine Mirror’ and the ‘ImOpCoRe cycle’ During the first session, through presentation and interaction, Gopal recounts the characteristics of ‘the journey’ and highlights the importance of purpose, self-awareness and human relationships During the second session, Gopal will touch upon a paradox: why smart people end up doing stupid things Gopal is guiding the group through some of the crucial questions one confronts on the journey from manager to transformer: Am I really doing what I enjoy doing? What is my ‘purpose’? How can I better learn lessons that are inherently difficult to teach? How can I learn by reflecting on my experiences? Do I have faults that may affect the progress of my career? The workshop is reflective and inspirational rather than instructional and uses lots of examples, lessons learned from personal experience and motivational stories from different parts of the world. Who will benefit: The program is aimed at top-level executives, but can very well be adjusted to emerging leaders and middle managers The Value and Expected Outcomes: The act of thinking about individual issues will trigger the desire to learn more and develop an individual plan of action. Tools for this will be provided during the program This masterclass develops leadership potential and helps form a personal leadership style for every participant Attendees gain a motivational boost, inspiration for personal growth and insights to perfect their leadership and team management skills 7


03 LEADING GROWTH: Growing Against the Odds The city of Dubai is the modern-day story of doing what others dream of – becoming so successful, it outpaces all the indices, earning a prominent spot on the world’s stage. Curious to know how Dubai grew against the odds, Dr. Tommy Weir discovered 12 leadership habits that pass the test of time and achieve what others say is impossible. Based upon Tommy’s latest best-seller, Leadership Dubai Style, this inspiring and energetic masterclass will coach you to form the Habits for Growing Against the Odds. His captivating stories take you behind the scenes and offer practical insights that will challenge you to change the way you lead. Not only will you learn what to do, you will learn how. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Dr. Tommy Weir A thinker, speaker, and writer to the core, Tommy is a growth specialist. CEOs around the world turn to Tommy for trusted leadership advice on how to become the best they can be and how their organizations can achieve rapid growth. Tommy’s 25 years of experience includes working with companies that have doubled, trebled and quadrupled their revenue in short periods of time and others who became the most profitable amongst their peers.



What is covered: Based upon the premise that to grow against the odds, then you have to do something differently, Tommy argues you must lead differently. If you do what’s always been done, then you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. During this energetic masterclass, participants will create new habits for: Ambition – See what others don’t Courage – Be brave to choose a 'what is possible' strategy and stick with it Execution – Deliver more than promised, ahead of time, 100% of the time Backed up by a world-class set of 'business success tools' Tommy coaches you to form these particular leadership habits to achieve levels of success that your competitors only dream about. Unlike theoretical management programs, these replicable habits are proven to work. Who will benefit: Leaders and managers seeking to develop their out-of-box thinking and looking for inspiration and tools to bring their companies and teams forward Municipalities and urban development leaders – for these audiences Tommy can provide a deep dive into the Dubai case If you are looking into the Middle East market or building partnerships with Middle Eastern companies, this masterclass can be tailored to provide you with necessary tips and context insight for this part of the world The Value and Expected Outcomes: Practical insights will challenge you to change the way you lead You will not only learn what to do, you will learn how These 12 leadership habits will help you to grow against the odds. They’re proven to get results! 9


04 Building and Sustaining a High-Performance Team High-performing teams think, feel and act differently – the challenge is to create an environment of perpetual personal and professional growth and, as time goes on, continually reinvent the conditions that enable this. In response to this challenge, James Kerr has developed an evidence-based methodology that creates the conditions needed in teams for extraordinary performance. His process is inclusive, helping leaders and teams to co-create their own high-performance environment through a menu of engaging, empowering and sometimes provocative interventions that cut through to a deepened sense of belonging and commitment. MASTERCLASS LEADER: James Kerr James Kerr is a writer, speaker and consultant focusing on developing team identity to deliver the best performance. His bestselling book Legacy, 15 Lessons in Leadership, takes the All Blacks – the world’s most successful rugby team – as a case study for what it takes to develop a world class ‘values-based, vision-led, purpose-driven’ cultural environment. James has worked with leaders and elite teams in diverse organizations, from operational teams in the British Army and the US Navy to front-line sales teams at Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Raffles, Savoy, Oxfam and the NHS.



What is covered: Understand what a high-performing team is really like beyond the cliché and provide a pathway towards achieving that Help the leadership group bring alive its 'narrative' – who are you and what are you trying to achieve? Identify priorities and set goals in the short, medium and long-term that focus on fulfilment of whatever narrative you identify Further develop the existing ground rules on how the group should operate, setting expectations about behavior, accountability and delivery Enable the team to have deeper, richer discussions about uncomfortable topics dealing with challenges and conflict constructively Develop a leadership team style in which strategic goals are clear to all, and people are empowered to take tactical decisions Who will benefit: Teams of various sizes and functions, facing new challenges, both of internal and external nature Team leaders and executives willing to deeply understand team dynamics and bring their teams to the highest levels of performance, but also looking for a way to keep this high performance sustainable Newly formed integrated project teams with ambitious goals Mature start-ups facing the challenges of growth The Value and Expected Outcomes: A ‘common cause’ that is understood and invested into by the wider team A set of standards and expectations that is signed up to by all parties An understanding and implementation of the everyday actions required to deliver on the team’s ambitions



05 Competing on New Frontiers of Value Creation Where is the competitive advantage in a world where everything can be copied? How do we create and deliver new forms of value for customers and shareholders? How do we identify new forms of organic growth in mature industries? How do we enable our businesses to execute faster without undue risk? Do we really have a ‘strategy’, or just an extended operating plan? In this masterclass Dr. Gordon Hewitt will help you answer these questions every top manager is facing today; he will build on the current stage of your business life-cycle and help your management team reach agreement on where to move next. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Dr. Gordon Hewitt Dr. Gordon Hewitt is one of the world’s leading authorities on the challenge of creating superior value in dynamic, complex markets. His work over the past two decades, often in partnership with the late CK Prahalad, has been at the leading edge of thinking about corporate competitiveness and corporate governance in the new world economy. Gordon retains long-standing academic posts at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and Duke Corporate Education. He has been working with CEOs and boards of major corporations such as Time Warner, Pfizer, Honeywell, Verizon, Diageo, Warner Bros, HSBC, Humana, Deutsche Post/DHL and Viacom. 12


What is covered: Gordon focuses on four key issues: Gaining early and deep competitive insight into ‘game-changing’ dynamics, and shaping them to advantage rather than reacting too late Implanting a ‘new game’ approach to business strategy rather than relying on legacy models of incremental planning Enabling the organization to access complex opportunities and manage complex risks which often cross internal boundaries, resulting in new capabilities and scorecards for collaboration Avoiding the anchors of ‘dominant logic’, which stem from deeply entrenched assumptions in the mental models of executives, and creating new mindsets for new games rather than just better processes for existing games Who will benefit: Executive Board members of large and medium-size corporations, especially those with global interests and presence Top teams managing small businesses and mature start-ups looking to expand further Marketing and product development teams Corporate Investment Banking teams The Value and Expected Outcomes: This workshop enables executives to develop relevant techniques to: Analyze their market environment, the changing basis of competition, and find potential areas for disruption Formulate and implement strategy in a ‘new game world’ Take collaborative venturing to a new level across the organization, while still holding executives accountable for divisional performance Identify the core assumptions and orthodoxies in their own dominant logic, and show how to bring them in line with new competitive realities 13


06 Disrupt Your Strategy for Winning Innovation is a word we are using too much lately, but things rarely change just because we bring this issue on board. There are some 'sacred cows' in every business that just can’t let you really think outside your box. In this masterclass devoted to Strategic Innovation, Professor Costas Markides works with your executive team to help you rethink some of the most orthodox assumptions, recreate a strategy for today’s new world and rebuild your organization to reach new targets. As leaders, your top team will then have to work with your employees to win their emotional commitment to change – a quite separate challenge. Costas will enable them to make this commitment with techniques used by leaders like Steve Jobs and John Chambers. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Professor Costas Markides Regularly ranked among the world’s top 50 business thinkers by the Thinkers50, Professor Costas Markides is recognized as one of the foremost experts on strategy and innovation. His work explores how established companies can pursue radical or disruptive innovation and how they can compete with two business models in the same industry. He is currently Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and holds the Robert P Bauman Chair of Strategic Leadership at London Business School, together with numerous consulting projects with clients all over the world. 14


What is covered: Costas will lead you through a tailored series of discussions and exercises highlighting the most important elements of successful strategic innovation: Assumptions and decision-making: Questioning is not enough What are the sacred cows in your organization? How to innovate: Focusing on your business and looking outside for ideas Your organizational environment and changes you would like to see Beyond Creativity: How do you know if your idea is any good? Selling your ideas to win emotional commitment from your employees The Knowing-Doing Gap and what to do about it Who will benefit: Top executives of established businesses seeking new frontiers and markets Organizational development teams and managers responsible for implementing change projects Companies facing severe competition and looking to stress unique competitive advantage for their products The Value and Expected Outcomes: Ideal mixture of world-class academic concepts and real-life business examples to trigger innovation where it is most needed Inside track on some of the most inspirational recent case studies, examples, and best practices Sincere discussion with your top team, sparking new ideas and insights Putting your particular business in focus



07 THE AGE OF COMPETITION: Geopolitics and the Global Business Environment

What is covered: This masterclass works out where economic opportunities lie in the future and how conflicts will shape the global business environment, including deep dives into the ecomonics and geopolitics of the Middle East, Europe, Russia, China and the US, and tracing how global stock and commodity prices are influenced by geopolitics.

Understanding the new power game, with its continuous changes on the chessboard, is crucial for any strategy planning and decision analysis, whether your business is national or global. This fascinating masterclass is led by Oliver August, a world-renowned expert on geopolitics and editor and correspondent at The Economist.

This masterclass is orchestrated through a series of simulations and group exercises. You will not only more deeply understand geopolitical threats and opportunities but actually put yourself 'in the enemy’s shoes', playing out several scenarios from different perspectives. Trying different 'hats' makes your thinking more nuanced and sophisticated and, perhaps to your surprise, you see the world differently.

He will answer key questions: How is the new global system shaping up? What sort of conflicts will emerge and which are unlikely? How far and how fast will the balance of power tilt? Who will be the economic winners? How can your own industry and brand be affected by these trends? MASTERCLASS LEADER: Oliver August Oliver August has reported from the world’s war zones and financial markets for more than two decades. His specializations include American grand strategy, Chinese development, Middle East conflicts, African and Asian emerging markets and the future of the EU. He has been based in Baghdad, Beijing, Beirut, Berlin, Damascus, London, Nairobi, New York and Singapore. Oliver is the author of two books: Along the Wall and Watchtower: A journey down Germany’s divide (1999) and Inside the Red Mansion (2007).



Who will benefit: Firms that operate in far-flung markets wanting to anticipate the future political and economic climate there Senior executives in a wide range of industries Strategists and decision-makers looking to enter new markets Analysts and consultants advising clients on international development The Value and Expected Outcomes: Understand where economic opportunities lie in the future and how the global business environment will be affected by conflicts Get tailored advice about your geographic exposure and industry sector Gain an in-depth understanding of the future of globalization, where businesses can operate in the future and whether globalization will pass a high-water mark Learn more sophisticated and less biased interpretations of current and future geopolitical trends, eventually leading to better decisions 17


08 ACCELERATING GROWTH: Outperforming Competition in Emerging Markets To build successful strategies for growth in emerging markets over the next decade, executives must know which markets to prioritize, understand the risks and opportunities and make the right assumptions for future plans and budgets. In this intensive masterclass, Nenad Pacek offers a step-by-step guide for your executives on how to outperform the competition and achieve accelerated, sustainable growth in challenging and constantly changing environments. He helps them develop an in-depth understanding of the economic and business megatrends of global and emerging markets and how they will shape international business over the years ahead. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Nenad Pacek Nenad Pacek is a world-leading global strategy expert and the Number 1 go-to advisor for hundreds of executives, helping them build successful businesses in all the emerging markets. The founder of Global Success Advisors and the CEEMEA Business Group, Nenad has a client network of more than 380 multinational corporations. Previously, Nenad was Vice President of The Economist Group, where he chaired more than 100 Economist Government Roundtables with prime ministers, presidents and their cabinets throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. 18


What is covered: Whether focused on a specific regional market appealing to your business, or on an overview of a particular industry across several countries, Nenad will address: Economic and business megatrends in global and emerging markets Analysis of why competition in emerging markets is accelerating A market-by-market economic outlook guide for key emerging markets An economic outlook for the developed world Strategy guidance for multinational companies to accelerate growth Insights into fast-changing corporate best practices Future strategic, structural and operational pillars of international corporations Who will benefit: Large and medium-sized businesses looking to establish themselves in some emerging markets Strategists and decision-makers for specific products and brands, evaluating potential growth opportunities Analysts and consultants advising their clients on international development and new market strategies The Value and Expected Outcomes: Knowledge needed to better identify future risks and opportunities, more effectively prioritize markets and make the right assumptions for 1–5-year plans and budgets Guidance on how to change your corporate strategy to accelerate growth and outperform competitors in emerging markets in a sustainable way Develop the ability to benchmark your company’s approach to emerging markets against evolving best practices Achieve multi-million cost savings by avoiding potential hidden threats and conflicts often inevitable in the territories of 'unknown' 19


09 COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES IN BANKING Banking professionals, now more than ever, feel the pressure of the many major challenges: legacy of the global crisis; increased competition; human capital and technology issues. In the past banks could rely on customer loyalty, but no longer. The financial services industry constantly calls for ‘innovation’, but this is not straightforward. Getting it right calls for both strategic and tactical thinking. Dr. Joe Divanna works with C-level banking professionals to consider a select number of challenges on the bankers’ agenda. He deploys a method of strategic thinking from left to right and then right to left – from inception to implementation. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Dr. Joe Divanna A management and strategy specialist for more than 35 years, Dr. Joe Divanna is one of the most respected experts on financial services in emerging markets. In addition to interventions on traditional banking and banking in emerging markets, Joe is an expert on Islamic banking and finance. He is the founder and managing director of Maris Strategies, a consultancy and think-tank for business and financial services. His cuttingedge, evidence-based global research is used by banks, financial services providers, central banks, government agencies, universities and technology companies worldwide.



What is covered: Setting strategic goals to achieve top-line growth Building intelligence about customers and the competition Creating, managing and distributing product portfolios Joe is a master at tailoring his message to specific audiences and his captivating style blends provocative insights and practical knowledge. The masterclass offers delegates the opportunity to learn, interact and start the process of creating solutions. Who will benefit: Strategic teams and board members of banks, credit unions and varied financial institutions Professional associations in the financial sector International organizations overseeing the financial industry Investors looking at emerging markets, especially those interested in Arab and North African countries The Value and Expected Outcomes: Understand the changing landscape of the world finance industry Build strategy for competitive advantage Create superior customer and competitive intelligence Provide value to customers in an increasingly global competitive marketplace Develop and deliver successful product portfolios Translate strategy into action



10 RISK MANAGEMENT: Adapt Your Business to Emerging Global Threats Technological development has created not only new opportunities but also new vulnerabilities and risks, including those of terrorism, political extremism, espionage, organized crime, cyber threats, and more. Today, security-related risks must be an integrated part of corporate risk management and focus must be on the ability of the corporation not only to identify, prevent and counter specific threats, but also to recover from specific incidents. In this masterclass devoted to strategic corporate security and risk management, Jakob Scharf works with your executive team to help you adapt your business to emerging global threats. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Jakob Scharf Jakob Scharf is former Director General of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service. During his term, he dealt with terrorism and cyber threats affecting national security interests and private corporations as well. Since he resigned in 2014 he is the executive director of CERTA Intelligence & Security, a consultancy company providing intelligence, analysis and security advice for private corporations.



What is covered: Jakob Scharf will lead you through a series of discussions, which will enable you to answer the following questions: What are the most relevant and important security-related threats and risks affecting your organization? What are the consequences and how vulnerable is your organization in case of a security-related incident? Are the security level and security culture within your organization appropriate? Has your organization implemented such strategies, plans, guidelines and security measures, which are necessary and expected? Is your organization using its resources on security in the most cost-efficient manner? Who will benefit: Top executives of businesses, which may potentially be affected by terrorism, political extremism, espionage, organized crime, cyber threats or other significant threats to corporate security Teams and managers responsible for risk management, compliance and security, including information security Companies seeking to expand their activities into markets where they will be exposed to a new threat environment The Value and Expected Outcomes: A unique insight into terrorism, political extremism, espionage, organized crime, cyber threats and other significant security threats relevant to private corporations Thorough understanding of the way private corporations need to adapt to emerging global threats A specific assessment of the maturity of your organization in dealing with security-related threats, risks and vulnerabilities



11 PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Accelerate the Execution of Your Strategy Organizations are starting to realize that to execute their strategy they need to succeed in implementing their strategic projects, hence project management has become a critical skill for their top people. Recent research by the Project Management Institute reveals that up to 2020 about 1.5 million jobs will be created every year in project management, mostly in Asia, but also many in Europe and the US. This masterclass provides you with a structured framework for exploring leading-edge ideas in project management to ensure that your organization achieves its mission and strategic objectives. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez Antonio has spent over 15 years researching what successful companies and governments have in common, as a key driver in successful implementation of their long-term vision. He currently works as Director Head of PMO at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines. Previously he worked in the banking sector for BNP Paribas Fortis and for 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers as senior manager. Antonio is currently Chairman of the Global Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute, the largest project management association in the world. 24


What is covered: We have a strategy – but what is next? The essence of value creation is in how that strategy is executed The essence of strategy implementation: the link between successful strategy implementation and well executed project management Project management framework: fundamentals and core skills needed to be successful in your projects (based on PMI’s PMBOK©) Prioritization of strategic initiatives Dealing with complexity and never-ending change Corporate longevity through ‘ambidexterity’ Becoming a focused organization: learn what today’s most successful organizations do differently and how you can become one Who will benefit: Strategic decision-makers and board members Project managers and portfolio managers Organizations going through Mergers and Acquisitions, and those going through major change initiatives The Value and Expected Outcomes: Better understand the concept of strategy execution: what works and what usually goes wrong Learn how to implement a project portfolio management framework for your strategic initiatives Share examples that work and can be applied in your organization now Become a focused organization that can successfully execute your agreed strategy



12 BOOST YOUR PERFORMANCE: Put the Customer at the Center of All Activity Customer focus is much discussed but rarely applied to great effect. To do it successfully, your business must change its thinking and its platform of activity, as well as how it engages with customers. Whatever your leadership challenge – innovation, change management or improving team performance – this masterclass gives you all the right tools for success and demonstrates why putting the customer at the very heart of all activity is the most powerful leadership tool of all. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Hamish Taylor Hamish Taylor is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in innovation, change, customer focus, brand management, leadership and performance. Originally trained in brand management at Procter & Gamble, he became a management consultant at PWC, Head of Brands at British Airways, CEO of Eurostar, and CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank. Whenever he moved on, he left behind a record of impressive growth achieved by a willingness to challenge industry and organizational norms and put the customer first, above all else.



What is covered: Hamish draws on numerous case studies from his many years working as a management consultant with some of the world’s leading blue-chip names. He covers the four key customer focus challenges faced by all businesses, whatever market they are in:

Change the way you understand your customers Change the platform for your activity Change your thinking Change the way you engage with customers

Hamish is renowned for an engaging, energetic and humorous style that inspires genuine change in thinking. He receives outstanding testimonials for his deeply practical guidance, relevant to all industries and every kind of challenge. Who will benefit: Executive teams and board members seeking to build a truly customer-centric business Organizational development leaders and change champions Team leaders at every level and function, especially CRM and sales teams The value and expected outcomes: Step-by-step guidance for achieving breakthroughs for you and your team, putting the customer at the center of everything New approaches to innovation, change and improving your team’s performance New customer insights and a new way of thinking, beyond your existing environment Guidance on how to change the platform of your activity A radically different approach to engaging with customers



13 ELEVATED LEADERSHIP: Lift Your Corporate Culture to New Heights The culture of an organization is the single most powerful driver of its future performance. Winning cultures are created through elevated leadership, deploying teams that are highly engaged, innovative and high-performing. 'Elevated Leadership' harnesses the energies of individuals who are motivated to deliver the highest levels of achievement – not because they have to, but because they want to. In this powerful masterclass Anniken R. Day demonstrates how mindsets, behaviors and actions can build, reinforce and transform your corporate culture into one with infinite possibilities. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Annicken R. Day Annicken R. Day, CEO and founder of Corporate Spring, is a respected specialist in corporate innovation, motivation, collaborative teams and technologies. As Chief Cultural Officer and VP HR at Tandberg, a large Norwegian electronics manufacturer, she helped transform the company from a 300-employee start-up into a 1,700-employee global market leader, while leaving its unique culture intact. When Tandberg was acquired by Cisco, Day seamlessly integrated the two organizations’ cultures without losing business momentum and served at Cisco as Culture Ambassador.



What is covered: The masterclass is full of practical examples and is structured around ‘7 elevators’ for leadership: Purpose: Inspire team members to define their own personal purpose Identity: Be clear about who you are as a team, what you stand for and believe Trust: Trust your team and they will trust you Care: Coach your team with empathy, even when you have to say something they don’t want to hear Growth: Help people to learn, grow, stretch and develop themselves by creating a safe environment in which to do so Passion: Always look for opportunities to inspire passion in your team and yourself Joy: Enjoy yourself at work and inspire others to do the same Who will benefit: Executives and team leaders of various functions and levels Organizations going through M&A, change of leadership and culture Change champions and those wanting to make their business more productive The value and expected outcomes: An in-depth understanding of how culture and engagement can deliver success New insights into how to think, work and lead in the 21st century Tools that will take your leadership and team culture to new heights Strategies for creating a culture based on passion, trust, empathy and a clear vision that inspires and motivates individuals to grow and innovate



14 SERVING IS THE NEW SELLING: Build a Powerful Customer Service Culture No matter the size of your company, quality customer service needs to drive your business model – and the motivation of your team. What you need are simple-to-implement ideas you can put into practice right now to boost your reputation, staff morale and the bottom line without raising costs. Good service is a powerful way to differentiate your business from the competition and grow market share. Your front-line staff must learn how to increase brand loyalty by turning complaints into opportunities. They must combine high-tech and high touch for top results, creating customers for life, while having a life themselves! MASTERCLASS LEADER: Catherine DeVrye Catherine DeVrye is a world authority on customer service and resilience in an ever-changing world. Winner of the Australian Executive Woman of the Year Award, she is the author of No.1 bestseller Good Service is Good Business and is renowned for her international management experience in both private and public sectors. Before founding her own business, Catherine was a marketing executive with IBM, then HR Manager for Asia Pacific in Tokyo, where she took on the company’s customer education and leadership development programs across South East Asia. She has truly ‘walked the talk’ in countless real-life situations.



What is covered: Boost your bottom line without increasing costs Use service to differentiate you from your competition Gain market share through exceeding customer expectations Increase brand loyalty by turning complaints into opportunities Have major impact on the internal and external stakeholder experience Add more value to customers through creating more valued staff Eliminate waste Create customers for life – as well as a life for your people This is an inspirational and informative masterclass that follows a clear, commonsense approach to transforming a ho-hum customer service profile into a recognized service leader. Whether at C-suite level or with front-line staff, Catherine combines substance with humor to motivate and empower others to bring out the best in themselves and for their organization. Who will benefit: Sales and marketing teams and team leaders Corporate Executives and boards trying to enhance customer experience and embed a customer-centric culture Entrepreneurs seeking to build a customer-centric business The Value and Expected Outcomes: Catherine will share her long experience, important case studies and hands-on tools Attendees learn the practical ‘how-to’ rules of first-class customer service while gaining greater awareness of ‘why-to’ considerations You create motivated, inspired, empowered people ready to make vital changes that boost your bottom line and enhance reputation



15 THE FUTURE OF RETAIL: Manage the Change The frenetic pace of change is nowhere faster – and more complex – than in the retail industry. Even the best retailers find it a daunting challenge. The digital age is transforming the sector; speculating about what the future holds is no help – the future is already here. But how to embrace this complexity and develop a business model that will maximize the opportunities it presents? As a leading expert in retail change, Alan O’Neill brings well-tested growth strategies and a wealth of practical experience to this masterclass, showing executive teams how to manage change and deliver business success. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Alan O’Neill Alan knows exactly what it takes to drive change right across a business. His front-line management career began in retail as an owner and manager and then as a distributor. A respected management consultant since 1991, Alan has led major culture change projects in Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He headed up an ambitious culture change project at London’s Selfridges from 2004 to 2013, which gained the retailer the official title of ‘Best Department Store in the World’. He has also managed change projects for AIB Bank, Bulmers, Chevron, Glanbia, Intel, Kizad, Lavazza, Nissan, Symantec and Vodafone.



What is covered: Alan shares real life case studies and hands-on practical tools to answer key questions: What is changing and what is not changing in retail? What is customer service about in the new digital world? What are the pitfalls and obstacles when coping with digital and managing change? What is the importance of planning for change? How can you overcome resistance from individuals, teams and external partners? How do you change mindsets and culture and ensure all functions pull together? Alan’s highly engaging masterclass has helped retailers, banks, the motor industry and other B2C organizations to adapt to digital-age challenges. It has also helped B2Bs that need to support their frontfacing customers who are themselves also confronting change. Who will benefit: Retailers from every corner of the sector Executives and decision-makers needing to transform their retail operations Strategy and marketing groups working on new strategies Sales teams and team leaders The Value and Expected Outcomes: In-depth knowledge of how change is impacting the retail sector Guidance on how to overcome obstacles, maximize opportunities and successfully harness change in a digital world Guidance on how to develop a change strategy and achieve effective long-term results Guidance on how to implement change smoothly, change cultures successfully and make sure people maximize their full potential for the benefit of the business 33


16 ARE YOU FUTUREPROOF? Start Doing Things Differently There probably is no music or newspaper mogul in the world today who wouldn’t pray to wake up tomorrow morning and find the Internet was just a bad dream. But the digital revolution was just a taste of far bigger things. Some business leaders will understand this, many will not – and their company could die as a result. Drawing on lessons from commerce, art and science, this workshop will help you understand the megatrends that will shape your business (and global economics) over the next 30 years; how definitions of wealth, leadership and power will shift over the next decade; and will explore the new rules of corporate agility that will determine whether you prosper – or fall victim to the unavoidable impact of rapid change. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Mark Stevenson Mark Stevenson is one of the world’s most respected thinkers on technology and societal trends – helping you see where the world is going and how to adapt. He is the author of the internationally best-selling An Optimist’s Tour of the Future. As founder of the cultural change agency We Do Things Differently, he is helping organizations across the globe see their role in creating a better future. His many advisory roles include Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge, Civilized Bank, Atlas of the Future and The Institution of Mechanical Engineers.



What is covered: Mixing inspiration with challenging thinking, Mark will: guide you through the mega-trends and technologies that will bring unprecedented threats and opportunities in the decade ahead give you practical, no-nonsense techniques for embracing this future You will learn: how emerging technologies and trends will disrupt our geopolitics and transform your industry, your business, your career and your personal life how definitions of wealth, leadership and power will change over the next decade – and what this will mean for you and your organization the eight principles of organizational agility Who will benefit: Strategic decision-makers and others shaping your future agenda C-suite executives and board members Organizational development specialists and change champions Entrepreneurs shaping their company’s future and seeking a clear and effective path in a radically changing world The Value and Expected Outcomes: Enable you to anticipate and avoid new threats Identify and harness new opportunities Help you deal with the big ‘what if?’ questions Share insights that will give your change agenda the support it needs Help attendees align their personal and professional aims while shaping the future



17 BUILDING A SOCIAL BRAND In just ten years, the everyday landscape has changed fundamentally and with it the way people interact with each other and with brands. Social media have emerged from their infancy – but when it comes to brands and businesses have we fundamentally changed our behavior? In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, it’s not about being ON social media, it’s about BEING social. But how to cut through the endless advertising clutter and avoid the fast-growing ad-blocking trend? A key factor: giving people the ability to truly appreciate your brand’s message, making them WANT to listen. The Brand Bank Account – a tool developed by Huib van Bockel – enables brands to discover their many different possibilities, to give value to people, so they make deposits instead of constant withdrawals. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Huib van Bockel Digital marketing and media thought leader, writer of The Social Brand and former Head of Marketing at Red Bull, Huib was named one of the top 100 most influential marketers of 2015. His career kicked off at Unilever before moving to MTV where he developed one of the world’s first social networks. At Red Bull he played a key part in the transition from energy drink business to the respected media player it is today.



What is covered: During the seminar Huib explains the simple four-step process that enables your brand to give something of value to the customer and gives your message the power to cut through the clutter and – crucially – to deliver the Holy Grail of marketing: customer loyalty. The Social Era: what it is and how to harness it Social media: should you even be on it – and if so how? How to penetrate the walls with which people increasingly surround themselves How to stop pushing your brand messages into ever more media outlets. Step back and ask yourself, what value you can add? What is the secret behind the world's most successful brands like Nike, Red Bull, Apple and Google? How to turn your brand into something bigger to inspire your stakeholders and turn them into committed brand fans How to use the Brand Bank Account to ensure your brand gives more than it takes Who will benefit: Marketing and CRM teams in any industry, both with B2B and B2C focus Social media professionals Branding and PR professionals Entrepreneurs and start-up teams seeking to build loyal customer networks The Value and Expected Outcomes: You will learn how to create content and marketing that cuts through and builds long term loyalty You will acquire hands-on tools you can use right away to make your brand truly social and generate a growing community of loyal customers 37


18 Capturing the Attention Your Brand Deserves In our tech-driven world every brand must shout loudly if it’s to win the attention it needs to be successful. In a marketplace weighed down by information overload, no brand – whatever its size or character – can ignore the need to communicate its uniqueness in different ways and on global scale. The old-style press release has given way to sophisticated media strategies and innovative concepts that capture the spirit of a brand and excite the imagination of existing and potential consumers. Kinvara Balfour, respected ‘consultant of cool’ for culture-conscious international companies and major brands across the world, brings a wealth of experience to this masterclass as she shares her insights on how to capture and hold consumer attention. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Kinvara Balfour Kinvara Balfour is a leading brand, style and retail expert, creative director, producer, host, entrepreneur and renowned interpreter of global cultural trends. Kinvara has consulted for international brands including Apple., AOL, Wella, Max Factor, Pantene, Jimmy Choo, Richemont, Coutts, Smythson and the British Fashion Council. She also has extensive editorial experience as Fashion Assistant at Condé Nast, Style Editor at the Saturday Telegraph Magazine and has created a digital blog platform for Time Out.



What is covered: World Creation: How does your brand best create a world consumers want to inhabit? Social media: How do I navigate the virtual jungle? Owning a Moment: How your brand best create a ‘moment’; how does it promote that moment to maximum effect? Print vs. Digital: Which is more powerful and where should your brand spend its time, money and resources to build a winning strategy? Case Study: Which key global brand is getting it right today – how and why? Know the Zeitgeist: Key trends that define the spirit of our time; a précis to excite and inspire Trend Sources: Which websites and social media feeds show the way? Who will benefit: Marketing and branding teams Fashion and beauty professionals; media business leaders Product development specialists The Value and Expected Outcomes: How to create a strategy that embraces the essence of a brand, captures the imagination of consumers and creates a world they want to join How to achieve a brand ‘moment’ and maximize its effect How to harness digital and social media as powerful instruments of success and realize your brand ambitions How to sharpen your awareness of key trends and be inspired by them



19 Creating a Unique Conversation for Your Brand Having a Conversation with millions of people at the same time is a new idea, made possible by the post-digital age and always-on communications. Companies and brands that tap into this global Conversation enjoy unprecedented growth in sales, enhanced marketing ROI, a transformation in the energy and commitment of their staff and a stock price that outperforms the market. But because the Conversation as a marketing and communications tool is a relatively new concept, it is one of the least understood. This unique and challenging masterclass will help your company and its brands embrace this global Conversation to deliver real business success. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Jon Duschinsky Jon Duschinsky is CEO and co-founder of The Conversation Farm, a global team of creative talent that develops ways to change how people talk about and engage with brands, issues and causes. Its clients include Nascar, Beauty Gives Back, the NFL & Alzheimer’s Disease International. After 20 years working in the philanthropy sector, in 2013 Jon was voted 2nd Most Influential Communicator in Social Innovation, second only to President Bill Clinton. Jon is the author of two books, Philanthropy in a Flat World (2008) and (Me)volution (2012).



What is covered: What is a Conversation and why do you need one? What do you want people to be saying about you? How to create a belief system that articulates what you stand for How do you Create, Seed and Tend your Conversation to engage a bigger and more influential audience? How do you use your Conversation to turn your entire staff into ambassadors for your brand, not just your marketing department? How will your Conversation drive better results from your marketing and advertising? Jon shows how to harness the power of the Conversation to build your brand’s bottom line. He explains that creating a Conversation calls for a subtle blend of advertising, marketing, PR and management consultancy, all driven by game-changing thinking. Advertising and marketing leverage just the assets of the marketing department; the Conversation leverages all assets (people, culture, processes, products and expertise). An authentic Conversation can be truly transformational for any brand. Who will benefit: Strategic marketing leaders and teams PR and Internal Communications teams Corporate and non-profit organizations, big and small The Value and Expected Outcomes: You will learn how to put the Conversation to work for your particular industry and market situation Part high-energy engagement, part intimate storytelling, part handson workshop, this masterclass will give you real tools and open your eyes to a new and powerful way to achieve your strategic goals



20 DATA & SOCIAL MEDIA: Lessons from Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaigns An interactive workshop with Roger Fisk brings you into direct contact with the lessons, tools and organizational strategies that propelled Barack Obama to victory in two presidential campaigns. The benefits of this masterclass are multiple for every professional involved in connecting millions of people with ideas, products, movements and trends. Because the Obama campaigns were so different is directly connected to why they won. This workshop shows you how it all happened. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Roger Fisk Roger Fisk began working for the first Obama campaign in 2007. He helped create and manage a nationwide grass-roots fundraising team that focused on low-dollar donor events and raised US$100 million in 11 months. He was directly responsible for coordinating and managing the media’s coverage of over 150 events across the country. In the first Obama Administration, Roger helped design and implement trade missions before working on the re-election campaign. Outside politics, he has advised many Fortune 500 companies on their PR and marketing strategies.



What is covered: Communications Strategy: how to advance your core message, maintain discipline through daily news cycles, learn how and when to react, and how to influence key demographics Steady Leadership While Creating Change: both Obama campaigns are celebrated for their discipline. Learn how to make circumstances work for you and avoid distractions that decrease focus and motivation Engaging and Motivating: tens of millions voted, but millions also volunteered for Obama. This masterclass shows how social media were used to build a movement that multi-million dollar television advertising could not defeat Organizational Innovation: the Obama organization took the status of underdog and made it a strength. This workshop shows how to succeed in the face of doubt Data as a Game Changer: the more you know about the people you already have, the more likely you are to get those you don’t have. This section examines how Obama triumphed through intelligent use of information about voters Who will benefit: Senior professionals involved in marketing, public relations, advocacy, corporate communications, academia and government Public relations and fundraising teams Corporate and non-profit organizations The Value and Expected Outcomes: In-depth understanding of real-time communication challenges Detailed understanding of Obama’s online strategy in a social media campaign – and lessons learned that can be implemented in your own situation to achieve your strategic business goals Firm grasp of how to create news that communicates your core aims



21 DEFINE YOUR BRAND With Employee-driven Customer Experiences The quality of the experience delivered through your staff is as vital as the quality of your products and services. Developing a best-in-class customer service strategy – and a corporate culture to match – will be a major point of differentiation in a crowded marketplace. Andrew McMillan, leading expert in customer service strategy and the brains behind the legendary customer service that defined the success of retailer John Lewis, leads this masterclass. It is designed to show you how to develop – through your employees – a distinct and differentiated customer experience that defines your brand. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Andrew McMillan Andrew McMillan is a renowned service and sales culture specialist. He spent more than 20 years with the John Lewis Partnership where he led customer service across the department store division, with 20,000 customer-facing Partners in 26 stores across the UK. As a consultant he has worked with clients in both private and public sectors: he has helped local authorities deliver distinct and differentiated customer experience, worked with National Health Service trusts to define and develop their patient experience, and advised several high-profile private sector clients, including Virgin Atlantic. 44


What is covered: This masterclass will be divided into two sessions and cover both strategy and execution. Strategy: Ways to differentiate your product or service / Setting clear strategic goals / The power of customer experience in differentiating an organization Execution: Six steps to create and sustain a defined employee-led customer experience: Define / Measure / Communicate / Lead / Reward and Recognition / Recruitment Andrew is as engaging as the messages he conveys, and his passion for delivering unbeatable service to the customer is reflected in his unwavering connection with every audience he addresses. Who will benefit: Corporate and Internal Communications teams CRM and sales team leaders Organizational development teams aspiring to build a truly customer-centric corporate culture Private and public sector organizations The Value and Expected Outcomes: A deeper understanding of the power of customer experience A framework by which to judge the effectiveness of your own organization Practical solutions to any identified weakness in your strategy A step-by-step guide to delivering a distinct and differentiated customer experience



22 Embrace Uncertainty to Deliver Innovation Among the most common fears in management and decision-making are complexity and uncertainty – something that all organizations and leaders try to avoid. But in doing so, they may be losing the very thing that guarantees their long-term survival. Complexity is itself the engine of collaboration that creates insight and inspiration and delivers the innovation much desired by the leaders of today. Dr. Beau Lotto and Lottolab draw on the latest knowledge in neuroscience, behavioral science and design thinking to offer a new way of looking at human behavior and the process of decision-making. The lab is a pioneer in its understanding of human perception and applies it to create transformational experiences, helping leaders and organizations to embrace uncertainty and use it to their advantage. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Dr. Beau Lotto Dr. Beau Lotto is a globally renowned neuroscientist whose studies in human perception have taken him beyond the scientific domain into the fields of business, education and the arts. He is equally at home creating scientific experiments, running his two start-ups, giving talks, delivering workshops designed for corporate leaders or making TV programs (for BBC, the National Geographic Channel and PBS). Beau has given two main-stage TED talks and has spoken at the Google Zeitgeist event, WIRED and at the G8 Summit in 2013. 46


What is covered: The interdependent relationships between right leadership and right decisions: Dealing with uncertainty: your brain knows how to solve this challenge The (potential) power of diversity Creativity of groups and the effects of others on individual decision-making The concept of emergence and how to bring great ideas to life How leaders can foster a space of innovation Beau’s style is entertaining and informative. He explains not just HOW but WHY, which enables you to apply his perceptual framework to your own life. His approach is very interactive and gathers live data throughout his masterclass – an approach that enables you to actively absorb the information being explored. Who will benefit: Diverse groups of executives looking for tools to encourage creativity and innovation in their teams Leaders responsible for strategic decision-making and willing to learn to see issues from different perspectives The Value and Expected Outcomes: Understand how to use uncertainty and complexity to your advantage Master how to manage and adapt to change and address the innovation challenge within your organization Learn how to apply the principles of human creativity to the diverse activities and challenges you encounter You will actually be part of this process of discovery in a lab environment, asking questions and finding answers that will transform the way you think 47


23 THINK LIKE A FUTURIST: Unlock the Secrets of Tomorrow's World No company or business sector functions in a vacuum. Yet most decision-makers spend very little time – if any – looking ahead to what the next five or ten years might bring. To many executives ‘futurology’ is seen as a dark art or just a bit of harmless fun. Few regard it as a vital tool for preparing the enterprise for the challenges – and opportunities – that lie ahead. Yet corporate history demonstrates that a business that fails to anticipate future realities and build futuredriven forward strategies is putting its very survival at risk. As we enter an unprecedented age of disruption that risk is greater than it has ever been. MASTERCLASS LEADER: James Bellini Dr. James Bellini is a leading futurist, corporate historian, television broadcaster, author and executive mentor who works with a wide range of clients and organizations to ‘future-proof’ them for what lies ahead. He was the first British member of the US futurology think tank the Hudson Institute. For 25 years he was also a respected television journalist specializing in political, economic, business and technology issues. James is the author of numerous books, a Certified Executive Coach and a regular choice as keynote speaker and moderator at senior level programs worldwide. 48


What is covered: ‘The future’ and corporate survival: lessons of corporate history The brain map of the futurist Tools that enable rigorous and far-reaching analysis of future trends Frameworks for speculation about ‘possible’ future worlds How to identify dependable futures research – and spot the stuff that’s not How to deploy ‘informed imagination’ to develop insights about tomorrow’s world Putting ‘future-thinking’ to work to make best decisions and create a more futureproof company strategy James not only guides you through key developments in the next 1015 years, he shares hands-on techniques and tools that enable you to think like a futurologist and make sense of the dense array of future possibilities and trends that make up the complex Big Picture jigsaw that is the world of tomorrow. Who will benefit: All C-suite executives seeking to become more ‘future-aware’ Strategy developers in people-facing roles NPD and R&D teams Team leaders and managers looking to expand their horizons The Value and Expected Outcomes: Gaining a Big Picture perspective on future trends Creating a more future-aware corporate culture Learning to use the techniques of the futurists to support your decision-making process Acquiring powerful insights to shape key areas of forward thinking: working practices, innovation, talent management, NPD, CRM Build a corporate mindset that drives growth and improves the bottom line 49


24 MAGIC OF BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS Applied to Decision-Making This masterclass is focused around Behavioral Economics, shining a light on the psychology of decision-making, both individually and as part of a group or crowd. In business broadly, it explores how choices are made and decisions reached, often subconsciously, from the highest executive boards to ordinary consumers. In the investment world it seeks to understand how markets can be distorted or made inefficient due to the influential biases of its participants. Understanding key aspects of social psychology is an important defense against what is often referred to as ‘Groupthink’. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Paul Craven Paul Craven is world-renowned expert in Behavioral Economics. He retired from Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2013 after six years as a managing director with the firm and latterly was head of European Institutional Business. Paul worked for four years at PIMCO Europe, where he was head of UK Business Development, and for 17 years at Schroders as a portfolio manager and later head of UK Institutional Sales. Paul is a Freeman of the City of London and is on the advisory council to the CFA in the UK. He is currently partner in a specialist coaching firm, Salomon Partners. 50


What is covered: A deep dive into the psychology of human decision-making, with a focus on persuasion and influence techniques Why human beings have hardwired biases and often make 'mental shortcuts’ What can we do about these biases? And, equally important, how can we turn them to our advantage in our business and personal lives? How can individuals in a decision-making body use behavioral economics to increase self-awareness with particular self-discipline techniques – for instance checklists and the use of devil’s advocates. How can teams avoid ‘Groupthink’ and improve their decisionmaking process? Individual and group exercises to master self-awareness, communication and self-discipline techniques Who will benefit: Executives and managers facing new and challenging tasks, new markets and environments – eager to understand the common principles of decision-making to influence their teams, peers, and customers Sales and marketing professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of the process of human decision-making and gain relevant insights from the latest research Asset managers and investment bankers Executive boards and committees facing the issue of ‘Groupthink’ The Value and Expected Outcomes: Increase individual and collective decision-making capabilities Improve processes for defining the correct decision frames, improving confidence in potential business outcomes Manage and reduce common biases to boost decision-making effectiveness 51


25 LEAD WITH INTEGRITY: Wield Value-Based Decision Making Approach The most successful and enduring businesses are those that combine a meaningful purpose and a clear set of values, with leaders who display both rational and emotional intelligence of the highest order. This masterclass by Roger Steare enables leaders at all levels to reflect on these issues in a highly engaging and compelling way. At the core of this workshop is the alignment of all stakeholder values so that all forces within a business pull in the same direction. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Roger Steare Roger Steare is Corporate Philosopher in Residence at Cass Business School and a Fellow of the policy think tank ResPublica. In 2009 HSBC UK asked Roger to advise their senior leadership team on how to strengthen their values, decisionmaking and culture. As a result, over the following three years profits increased by more than 55% to $1.54bn. Values-based Leadership is now a global program across HSBC. After the Gulf of Mexico disaster in 2010, BP asked Roger to help them design a new leadership program to rebuild their culture and to strengthen their values and behaviors. Roger’s ethicability® decision-making framework is now core to the new BP Code of Conduct. 52


What is covered: The masterclass is firmly grounded in neuroscience, psychology, anthropology and behavioral economics. Roger will talk about: Value based decision-making Ethics by gender and age and how that affects business dynamics How to engender harmony in decision-making Doing the right thing Trust Co-operation Service ‘Lead with Integrity’ gives leaders the opportunity to stop and think about their purpose, their values and the decisions they need to make – in a very pragmatic way. Who will benefit: Strategic decision-makers and board members Sustainability leaders and teams Diversity Leads and HR professionals PR and Internal Communication leaders The Value and Expected Outcomes: Pragmatic, profitable yet principled management of a business for long-term success Deep understanding of the value of ethical decision-making Tools and techniques to enhance trust and respect for the decisions you make




THE ATTACKER MINDSET: Growth by Disrupting the Status Quo Most businesses and organizations today face the onslaught of disruptive forces: of market liberalization, rapid technology advances, changing consumer behaviors, and new threats from non-traditional competitors. In this unique masterclass Azran Osman-Rani, a successful entrepreneur himself, shares his secrets of success. In particular, you will witness the story of how unprecedented innovation in product development and management practices led AirAsia X to become one of the most successful low-cost airlines in the world. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Azran Osman-Rani In 2007, at the age of 36, Azran was appointed founding CEO of AirAsia X, the world’s pioneer low-cost long-haul airline. He led the development of AirAsia X’s business model to break many long-haul airline conventions. Azran currently chairs the Advisory Board for the Asia Business Centre, Curtin Business School in Australia, and holds board positions with PT XL Axiata in Indonesia and Apex Investment Services in Malaysia. He also advises start-ups and highgrowth businesses through Endeavor Malaysia, Kairos Society, and the Cyberview.



What is covered: Manage risk and harness the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ by using corporate venture structures to attack new customer segments with ‘no-turning-back’ determination Traditional strategic planning and budgeting are outdated. Gain strategic advantage through experimentation Harness customer insights and deploy design thinking’s iterative problem-solving processes to continuously innovate new ways to delight customers Build a culture of curiosity and risk-taking by removing the fear of failure in your organization and prioritizing agility over caution Azran’s energetic, humorous and interactive masterclass uses his reallife experiences in revolutionizing a traditional ‘old economy’ airline industry, combined with his business development work in the ‘new economy’ media and technology sectors. Who will benefit: Entrepreneurs and mature start-ups Product developers and R&D teams Team leaders and managers seeking to enhance creativity and innovation in their teams The Value and Expected Outcomes: Specific practical actions and techniques that you can deploy to infuse an entrepreneurial spirit and an innovator’s mindset into your organization Working tools to bring about positive change and create business breakthroughs, even in the most traditional industries and sectors Inspiring case studies and examples from real-life projects to illustrate that world-beating breakthrough innovation need not be high-tech or complex



27 IMAGINE BETTER: And Make it Happen How does your business make sense of a complex, interconnected and rapidly evolving world? What are the creatively disruptive innovations, trends and challenges that are likely to unravel your business model before your very eyes? How might you respond? In a rollercoaster ride of a masterclass, Ed Gillespie will take you on a journey into the future, today. You’ll understand how reconnection with ‘bigger than self’ organizational purpose, creation of powerful visions and big transformational ideas delivered with cutting-edge creativity can unlock potential in your business.

MASTERCLASS LEADER: Ed Gillespie Ed Gillespie is a writer, communications specialist, serial entrepreneur and futurist. He is co-founder of Futerra, a change agency that specializes in business transformation and creative communications and campaigns. For the past 15 years Futerra has been internationally renowned for its influential and award-winning work on some of the biggest corporate sustainability initiatives, from Unilever’s ‘Sustainable Living Plan’, through Mondelez’s ‘Coffee Made Happy’ to SAB Miller’s ‘Prosper’.



What is covered: Overview of the landscape of disruptive innovation that is going to change your business – whether you like it or not The global megatrends, such as climate change,that will challenge not just the way you do things, but actually what you do Futerra’s proven ‘Theory of Change’, fifteen years in development, that helps you navigate your response to this complexity Case studies of how pioneering businesses are responding to our situation in creative and dynamic ways to secure future success Ed’s style is brisk, bold and inspirational. He is able to take audiences with him through infectious and irreverent humour aligned with important insights, information and intelligence. Who will benefit: Product developers, marketing and R&D teams Strategists and decision-makers at all levels Board members and executive teams wanting to find new business opportunities in the VUCA world The Value and Expected Outcomes: Understand the interdependent challenges facing your business Get a fresh and objective perspective from outside your company Appreciate how to think, act and respond differently Learn from the extensive expertise of a proven thought leader Know the immediate practical next steps you might take to act



28 FRUGAL INNOVATION: Make it Better, Not More It is widely believed that the world needs a different approach to innovation – Frugal Innovation – to achieve better outcomes for more people while using fewer resources. This workshop from Charles Leadbeater is designed to help organizations adopt Frugal Innovation as a mindset and a core value. In a highly interactive, problem-solving style, Charles will take you through the stages of Frugal Innovation to prepare you to apply its principles within your own organization.

MASTERCLASS LEADER: Charles Leadbeater Charles Leadbeater is internationally renowned and sought after for his unrivaled expertise on innovation. Over the past decade he has published a string of bestselling books on innovation, from Living on Thin Air in 1999 to We-Think: Mass innovation, not mass production in 2008. In 1998 he wrote the British government’s path-breaking White Paper, Building the Knowledge Driven Economy. His report The Pro Am Revolution was nominated by The New York Times as one of the best ideas of the decade. His latest book, Frugal Innovation, was published in 2014.



What is covered: The workshop is organized into three main areas: 1. Rationale: Innovation needs to be refocused on better outcomes rather than more stuff. Three factors create this new context: The squeeze (slow growth in middle-class consumer incomes); The rush (the influx of aspirational immigrants to the developed world); The crunch (the mounting pressure on resources generated by urban growth) 2. Principles: Lean innovations minimize waste in all forms Frugal innovators simplify products Frugal innovators practice ‘re’ activity: reuse, recycle, remake When communities share resources intelligently they get lower-cost solutions 3. Tools: the main methods of frugal innovators Who will benefit: R&D executives and team members Operational managers and Lean champions Businesses wanting to stay on top of innovation without investing more than needed Non-profit organizations and government bodies The Value and Expected Outcomes: Inspire new thinking and provide practical help for companies seeking to generate a more innovative culture Gain tools and techniques for a more efficient organization of the innovation process within the company as a whole or just your team Better understand the global context of innovation and disruption across industries Change of mindset and adoption of efficient innovation as a core value in the organization 59


29 Surviving and Prospering in the Digital Age The 21st-century digital revolution is destroying many of the dominant industries and companies of the 20th century. Every business and organization is now threatened by the digital revolution and every CEO and strategist needs to know how to cope with this destruction. Andrew Keen is a seasoned Silicon Valley insider. His masterclass offers a step-by-guide guide to the upheaval and provides a roadmap not only for surviving but also prospering in this brave new world.

MASTERCLASS LEADER: Andrew Keen Andrew Keen is a leading authority on the impact of new technology on 21st-century business, education and society. He is the bestselling author of the international hit Cult of the Amateur: How the Internet is Killing our Culture (2007), in which he anticipated many of the problems of the web today. He is Executive Director of the Silicon Valley salon FutureCast and the host of ‘Keen On’, the long-running TechCrunch chat show. As a pioneering Silicon Valley-based Internet entrepreneur, Andrew founded in 1995 and built it into a popular first-generation Internet music company. His highly anticipated latest book, The Internet is Not the Answer, was published in January 2015.



What is covered: A short history of the Internet – where it came from and how it has changed over the past 50 years An analysis of the industries the Internet has already disrupted – music, publishing, journalism A glimpse into the future to see where the revolution is going next – transportation, education, healthcare, energy and government How the Internet of Things will change every business Examples of strategies that have failed to counter the revolution A survival guide for executives in companies threatened by digital upheaval A personal survival guide for building careers in this disruptive environment Who will benefit: Corporate executives, CEOs and board members of established businesses Operational managers and change pioneers Strategists and strategic decision-makers The Value and Expected Outcomes: In-depth understanding of how today’s digital technology will inevitably change every business – including your own Knowledge of the latest technology to come out of Silicon Valley and the future foretold The ability to predict the future of large and small companies An appreciation of how economic value has been fundamentally changed by the digital revolution Guidance on reinventing your business before it is too late Guidance on building a stable career in an unstable environment



30 Trust and Communications in the New Normal It’s no secret: the world has changed. Public Relations is dead and Public Leadership, Public Value and Permanent Engagement have taken its place. Trust is now more fragile than ever and must be hard won every day. The company of the future is a de facto social movement – its communications function is a network of highly connected community organizers. New strategies need to speak to the world of tomorrow. New models of engagement and leadership are essential. Accountability to citizens and society must replace the sterile and outdated measurement metrics so beloved by generations of consultants.

MASTERCLASS LEADER: Robert Phillips Robert Phillips is an international authority on the future of communication. Formerly President and CEO of Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm, he is co-founder of Jericho Chambers and a Visiting Professor at Cass Business School. He counsels at senior level and his clients include AkzoNobel, Aviva, Diageo, KPMG, Microsoft, O2, Shell, Sony and Unilever. In his recent book, Trust Me, PR is Dead, Robert Phillips boldly suggests companies take a more idealistic approach where enlightened behavior and beliefs are in lock step. But the book is not so much an assault on the PR industry as a prescription for its ills.



What is covered: At the heart of the session are Robert's famous 'The Seven Strategies of We', designed to help you navigate the new normal: Accept chaos as reality Radicalize honesty and transparency Build coalitions Take to the social dance floor Be the media Love the citizen crowd Communicate through actions, not words This masterclass provides speedy and deep immersion in progressive thinking about trust, communications and business leadership. It addresses issues of purpose in business, along with the role of networks, wise crowds and building coalitions of the informed. The principles of Public Leadership, Public Value and Permanent Engagement are clearly articulated through real-life experiences. Who will benefit: Chief executives and strategists Leaders in corporate communications PR, GR and marketing teams The Value and Expected Outcomes: Guidance on how to survive and thrive in the new normal New insights into how to think and ask bigger questions about your organization Skills required to co-produce solutions with employees and stakeholders Strategies to develop Public Value accountability Discover the tools required to place Public Leadership at the core of your business



31 SPEAK LIKE A TED EXPERT Communicating effectively through good public speaking skills has never been so important. These days we judge leaders not by their track record but by the delivery and content of their presentation. In future the best public speakers will probably look and sound like stand-ups. Those endless, pointless PowerPoint presentations will no longer do the job. It is time to learn the skills of great public speaking. In this refreshingly funny, insightful and interactive masterclass Jack Milner gives you all the tools needed to influence, persuade and engage with any audience. Whether you are talking to a large crowd at an off-site or presenting your department’s budget to the board – you will be able to take your audience with you and get your message across with perfection. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Jack Milner Jack Milner is one of the most versatile and prolific performers on the London comedy scene and a leading expert on the art of public speaking. He has been involved in more than one hundred productions in theatre, television, film and radio, both on stage and behind the scenes. He has run comedy workshops for The National theatre, Channel 4 and ITV. He has also run more than 1,200 comedy and stand-up workshops. His stand-up approach to presenting is valued by a wide-range of clients including Microsoft, Citigroup, AIG, Pru Health, Lloyds, Pfizer, Innocent, Cisco, Innovia and Starcom Mediavest.



What is covered: The masterclass is divided into three parts – the ABC of presenting: Audience – The most important component of any presentation. How to grab them every time; how to make your material emotionally relevant; how to win over the hard-to-reach. Brilliance – How to deliver naturally, authentically and with energy (like a stand-up but with gravitas); how to make your content memorable; how to average at least one laugh a minute, even when you’re presenting the driest of topics. Clarity – How to ensure ideas flow logically and dynamically from one to another; how to use colleague feedback. Jack Milner combines expert insights, humor and unique exercises. Most communication skills coaching focuses on just the work environment, but this highly engaging masterclass is designed to improve your dayto-day communication, so that skills learned can be used in a range of situations. Who will benefit: Leaders at every level who face the challenge of public speaking and are keen to gain proficiency in this important skill Sales managers and teams on the front line with customers and partners The Value and Expected Outcomes: Deep understanding of public speaking and how to avoid being stranded alone in the land of the PowerPoint The skills to read an audience and guarantee you win them over every time The knowledge to create and deliver information that is clear, valuable and human-scale The tools needed to influence, persuade and inspire your audience



32 Recruit, Retain and Develop Talent for Multinational Teams Acquiring talent is one of the biggest strategic challenges for businesses. Finding and keeping the skills needed to create and extract value from your current and planned geographical markets is proving increasingly difficult, as is getting the most from your existing pool of talent. While you have staff with specific functional skills, they often lack the global awareness and leadership abilities in an increasingly networked and virtual world of work. This masterclass will examine how you can win the war for talent by deploying a range of approaches which lets you and your organization align your future with your present inventory of skills. MASTERCLASS LEADER: Allyson Stewart-Allen Allyson Stewart-Allen is a guru in the fields of international talent management, business and cross-cultural working and is an ofteninterviewed media expert. Allyson is an awardwinning Programme Director at Said Business School Oxford University and HEC Paris and a twotime winner of the Excellence in Practice Award of the European Foundation for Management Development for her talent management leadership programmes for Lufthansa (2009) and BAE Systems (2012). She is also the author of best-selling book Working with Americans.



What is covered: Attracting talent Social, demographic, economic trends in the developing and developed world shaping talent acquisition Sources of talent & employee expectations Managing talent Essential talent needs for tomorrow’s company – creating global mindsets: cross-cultural fluency, managing global teams, embracing a diverse workforce Motivating and rewarding performance: aligning incentives, retaining valuable people, performance evaluation and rewards Developing talent Identifying priorities and talent needs Development tools: risks and rewards Aligning development tools to expected returns The business case for leadership skills Who will benefit: HR professionals of a wide range of specializations Business owners Growing start-ups and SMEs The Value and Expected Outcomes: Clarify and align your view of the quality and depth of talent needed for your business in the future Develop the elements of your talent management strategy Identify where your organization requires alignment of its attraction, retention and development of talent Anticipate your likely level and types of talent strategy investments Plan for more global pools of talent Prioritize which talent development tools to deploy Make smarter talent investments by aligning those to the business strategy 67


33 LEARNING: The Only Sustainable Advantage There is a clear and direct link between an organization’s capacity for innovation and its ability to learn. So why is building a vibrant learning culture on so few CEOs' to-do lists? This masterclass builds upon David Price's work in OPEN, drawing a through-line from learning to success, via innovation and engagement. He practices what he preaches by making his masterclasses engaging, participatory and empowering. You will leave inspired to make learning the #1 priority for your organization, with a road map of how to do it!

MASTERCLASS LEADER: David Price David Price has spent a lifetime learning about learning. His performing background transitioned into formal education where he was Head of Learning at Sir Paul McCartney’s Institute for Performing Arts. He has spent the past 16 years speaking, writing, advising and training people in formal and work-based learning. Clients have included some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and most innovative organizations. He was awarded the OBE for services to education by Her Majesty The Queen in 2009. His Book, OPEN: How We’ll Work, Live And Learn In The Future has been an Amazon best-seller since its publication in 2014.



What is covered: From Menlo Park to Mountain View – the evidence for learning Going SOFT – the values and actions behind innovative learning environments How to build a ‘Global Learning Commons’ in the workplace ‘Engagement precedes learning’ – how to re-design your organizational environment to engage employees and transform productivity The social imperative – how to make learning the cornerstone of your organizational culture People-Powered Innovation – maximizing capability within your staff What’s next? Making sure your learning advantage becomes sustainable Who will benefit: C-suite leaders, learning and development professionals, HR experts and educators at all levels. The Value and Expected Outcomes: Clear insights into the characteristics of dynamic learning organizations Arguments for advocating learning in your organization Strategies for maximizing engagement and capability within your team Practical designs to transform learning in the workplace


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Executive Learning Directory 2016  

A set of 33 workshops for leaders, managers and talent programmes.

Executive Learning Directory 2016  

A set of 33 workshops for leaders, managers and talent programmes.