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Introduction • As the real estate market declines again and there are

more homes on the market than buyer, you'll be able to sell your home quicker if you come down on the price. • However, there are a few other tips to keep in mind when

you've put your home on the market.

Make Your Home Stand Out • Potential buyers should be drawn to your home when they

come to the neighborhood. • Your home should catch their eye, but not be too

distracting. • Add quality landscaping, quality windows, a new door or a

new roof to the home to sell it quicker.

Make Your Home Stand Out! • Make sure your home renovations are practical and

include neutral colors so that any buyer could see themselves living in the home. • However, don't perform too many aesthetic repairs on

your home. • Make sure the remodeling projects are within your budget

so you can get a great return on the work you've done on your home.

Remove The Clutter • Before you show your home to buyers, make sure it's not

filled with your family's clutter. Remember, potential buyers need to picture themselves and their own families in your house. • You may need to take a chair or two from a room to make

the space more open, or put a smaller table in the dining room or kitchen. • It's also a good idea to take all the artwork off the walls,

especially family photos and items that have personal significance.

Make The Sale More Appealing • You can offer the buyer money toward the closing costs of

the home. • Or, work with your real estate agent to find out the best

way to pay for the closing costs completely for buyers who are almost ready to buy your home but are looking at homes in the same neighborhood, or homes that are similar in size and style. • This type of enticing deal is sure to attract people who are

serious about purchasing your house.

Make Your Home Move-In Ready • While it's important for your home to look its best, you

should also make sure the house is functional, and that potential buyers can move their belongings in right away. • Make sure that all your

appliances are working and fix any electrical wiring.

Make Your Home Move-In Ready • Of course, it doesn't hurt to trim the hedges or paint the

door or shutters. • Buyers don't want to have to feel like they have to spend

money to fix the home as soon as they purchase it, so if everything is in working order during the open house, you're likely to get offers quicker.

Price Your Home Wisely. • Even with all the things you've done to fix your home up,

you still need to price it well in order to get viable offers. • Work with your real estate agent to see how comparable

homes in your city are being priced. • Make sure that your home has the lowest price on your

street, so that it will stand out as being affordable as well as attractive.

Conclusion • It will take some extra effort to get your real estate off the

market in this economy, but following these suggestions will get you a few steps closer to selling your home at a price and under conditions you're completely satisfied with.

Tips for Selling Your Home  

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