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Eric Clapton on Cordings

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Stunning art nouveau inspired diamond ring. A 2.00ct emerald cut diamond set in platinum with 18ct rose gold accent shoulders.


Editor’s Letter


rague, Malta, Lisbon and Porto. It’s been a busy couple of months for me and an even busier couple of weeks for us here at London Lux. Launching, producing and managing a print publication is an arduous task that comes with its high points and its pitfalls. That said, as the summer comes to a close and the jet setting calms down, you can count on the autumn and winter periods to provide some much needed tranquillity. Time better spent in doors, by a fire as the dark and colder nights make their way into your schedules. I hope you enjoy this edition of London Lux and there’s something for you in our wide range of features, such as a piece on Eric Clapton or a look at luxury brand Felio Siby, there’s bound to be something in here for you. See you next time.

Corey Richards - Editor

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LondonLux | October 2016

Contents 18-21 Inspired by himself

Meet the Team EDITOR

Corey Richards STAFF WRITER

Kieran Webber ART DIRECTOR





Dominique Siby Eric Clapton DIRECTOR

Amanda Gething CEO

Mark Sloyan

28-29 Clapton or Cordings

30-37 Art 38-45 Interiors

October 2016 | LondonLux











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Inspired by himself

We took some time to look at Felio Siby, luxury clothing line by designer Dominque Siby. Siby is bold, powerful and raw. Check him out. Corey Richards


n the fashion industry, what differentiates one designer from another is how they interpret their surroundings and draw inspiration from their experiences. For fashion designer Dominique Siby that inspiration stems from his culture. Growing up in his home country of Gabon, Africa, and later moving to Paris allowed Dominique to be exposed to a world that boasted both style and creativity.

Dominique’s design ethos is one that resonates with many designers. While some are influenced by fine art - a lot of Scottish designer, Bill Gibb’s things were influenced by the slashed panels in dresses in, say, Flemish paintings – others are influenced by their life. It is this idea of influence and creativity that makes a designer stand out. It’s easy to replicate; but to understand, interpret and put your own twist on something is how fantastic designers are born. However, Dominque is a man who is only influenced by himself. While he can appreciate the big names, they have never influenced his own work. His work is utterly unique in


Fashion designers must draw from their lives to create truly remarkable brands. Dominique was encouraged by the vision of his father to make clothing and set out to develop his own bold creations through his luxury clothing line, Felio Siby. Their design incorporates the culture of the three regions that the designer has inhabited. With every exotic skin and unique pattern, Dominique fearlessly continues to bring to life the vision of his father.

I can give you a bunch of names, but they are not my inspiration LondonLux | October 2016

taste and style. Once stating, “I saw the big designers, back in the day, like Jean-Paul Gautier, Versace…but I’m not inspired by any of them. I can give you a bunch of names, but they are not my inspiration.” Dominique always wanted to be a fashion designer. “Every time I bought clothes I saw that they could have been done in another way. I always wanted to add something different,” he explains. It took a long time to make this dream of designing clothes happen because wearing clothes versus establishing your own clothing line is not easy and are two different things.

on his bucket list, or his dream of owning a jet (that could easily become a reality), his fledgling brand oozes sleek sophistication that is hard to find these days. Furthermore, Dominique is involved in the entire process, from picking the fabric to the final product. Regarding his line of bags, it’s something that came while he was doing the clothing line. “Since I travel a great deal, I always loved duffel bags, and once I started working with exotics leather— python, crocodile, ostrich —I decided to create my own bags, and now I’m also doing women’s handbags and shoes.”

I always loved duffel bags, and once I started working with exotics leather— python, ... I decided to create my own bags

But coming from such a small country (1.5 million), it can be hard to be exposed to the wider industry and fashion. Dominique once lamented, “we are very fashionable in Africa. Me, being there and I lived in Paris, one of the best cities in the world, when it comes to fashion. I’ve been in Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles…I see fashion everywhere. It’s something that is just in me. I want to do something that I want, not what I see in stores. It comes from me. I like to blend different fabric from cotton to cashmere to leather. That’s what I love. That’s what I’m doing.” It’s natural and that’s the beauty of Felio Siby, it all just seems so effortless.


Felio Siby is a brand that is driven at the helm by an extremely focused designer who knows what he wants. Whether than be to catch a shark when asked about things

He’s involved in the entire process because it’s something he loves. Creating is a part of him – “I love creating stuff. When you say fashion, a jean is always going to look like a jean, whether it’s by whoever, it’s still a jean. You put your twist to it. That’s what I like. A t- shirt is always going to be a t-shirt, whether you get it for $5 at Kmart or $250 at Neiman Marcus, it’s still a t-shirt. It’s just how you make it. That’s what I love about fashion.”

What makes Dominique and Felio Siby truly interesting is the designs themselves. They’re bold and powerful. Able to combine elegant blue notes with sharp and deep reds. Using the premium materials, they’ve been able to create beautiful clothing, bags and timepieces. Just look at the Thomas Berdych Watch, the design is so effortless and smooth that it all just works. There’s a certain confidence behind the design that permeates through and encapsulates the raw, handmade craft.



LondonLux | October 2016

眀眀眀⸀搀愀爀愀猀猀椀礀愀⸀挀漀洀 椀渀昀漀䀀搀愀爀愀猀猀椀礀愀⸀挀漀洀 ⬀  ㈀㄀㈀㔀㈀㐀㌀㠀㈀㄀㠀 



Since 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street have produced and sold the finest in Luxury Men’s Grooming Products and accessories, creating a brand which is synonymous with British style and quality. Visit their store at 74 Jermyn Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6NP, call 020 7930 5544 or visit them at www.tayloroldbondst.co.uk

W W W.C H I M I E Y E W E A R .C O M


Eric Clapton on Cordings From a self confessed working class country boy overawed at trying on his first tweed suit to a world class performer proud to be eccentric, we asked just how did a love affair with a very English tradition begin. Corey Richards


first became aware of Cordings, I think when I was in my mid teens. I come from the country, and the highlight of my week would be to listen to guitar players and musicians and it was difficult to get home.

I would spend that time till dawn walking the west end and I remembered Cordings in my mind as a place of tradition and something to do with the heritage of England.

The interesting thing to me is to watch how all of this can evolve

I went off on my life and went around the world playing guitar and every now and then I would look in the window and I saw this suit. It was a sort of moss green herringbone tweed suit 3 piece. I thought God this is beautiful, I mean it was just the most exquisitely cut jacket. I plucked up the courage, to try it on. It took quite a lot of courage I don’t know what that is all about, I guess it’s something to do with the fact that I’m a working-class country boy, and this in a way was like entering a Gentleman’s Club. I felt that I really wasn’t entitled to come in here, so I came in you know, very shyly and I tried it on. It was immaculate. It was storm proof, it was like wood. It was like wearing a green wooden suit, I loved it so much that I came back once a week. This [pictured] is my favourite one. I just felt like I had come home in terms of what I needed to be in the country.

Trys suit on: It’s perfect, that’ll open up, (lifts arms) a lot of people don’t get it right or they’ll go shooting and forget to have something like that and they’ll miss birds by miles because they can’t get their arms all the way up and it’s really quite important. I’ll take this one, I think. I am a traditionalist at heart, but I also like a lot of modern things too. The interesting thing to me is to watch how all of this can evolve. It seemed like it was really a preservation act. I thought I would love to be able to keep this going, not for any other reason than just for me so that I can come here to Cordings. I’m very selfish in that way, (chuckles) and at least that means I’ll be able to come here and I’ll be able to carry on buying things here, and that was it. I had a problem with these originally because my skin is sensitive to wool, I don’t like wearing wool. Looks at shirt: So these are just cotton. I mean this is the most beautiful shirt in the world that you can get and it’s nothing to do with the countryside. The beauty of this shop is that it does cater for people like me. It verges on the eccentric, you know a home for eccentrics and if it wasn’t, where would I go? Or where would other people go? It is interesting to stay for an hour or two and to watch the kind of people that come in and shop here, not your everyday high street shopper really (Laughs ….) Thank God.

LondonLux | October 2016

Sirenes ‘Gentle as the music of Ravel’ The Norwegian artist Sirenes conveys an even more elusive subject by virtue of her mastery of chromatic dynamics as vibrant and yet gentle as the music of Ravel and an atmospheric miasma conjured with a finesse that calls to mind the 19th century British painter Turner. The canvas is transformed, in the words of Kandinsky and it seems appropriate to define this modus operandi as Lyrical Abstraction. Sirenes participated at the prestigeous 56th Art Biennale 2015 in Venice was featured as one of UK’s top 20 most exciting artists in 2015. Sirenes is represented by galleries in New York, Miami and Milan and exhibits and sells all over the world.

Thank you








Flower garden


Flower Power Collection W: www.sirenes.no E: post@sirenes.no T: (+47) 47 88 98 41

Unique Animal Sculpture This series brings together an intimate and rare understanding of many complex and diverse processes and materials, combining them with luxury craftsmanship that both delights the eye and challenges your expectations.

The Grazing sculptures are made to order in a limited edition of 50 per animal. Every owner has the delight of choosing which of the metallic finishes their sculpture is cast in. The use of real fleeces also adds to the uniqueness of each finished piece.



The Mazzotta method Anna Mazzotta RCA and her dedicated team have created a unique collaborative art commissioning experience which is the perfect Christmas present or celebratory gift for the who has everything. Anna Mazzotta RCA andperson her dedicated team have created a

The Mazzotta method

unique collaborative art commissioning experience which is the Working with her New York team, Anna recognised there a the perfect Christmas present or celebratory giftisfor person who has everything. disconnection with the traditional experience of buying art. The

team want to address this and have created an exclusive and truly Working with New the Yorkbuyer team, and Annatheir recognised there is a personal experience thather makes life a core disconnection traditionalaexperience ofAnna, buyingyou art. The part of the artwork. Whenwith you the commission piece with team want to address this and have created an exclusive and truly are treated to a thoughtfully curated experience, where you will personal experience that makes the buyer and their life a core consult with the a sumptuous location in London, York you partartist of thein artwork. When you commission a pieceNew with Anna, or indeed, wherever like. You will haveexperience, the opportunity of will are treatedyou’d to a thoughtfully curated where you going behind thewith scenes of theinartistic process and ultimately ownYork consult the artist a sumptuous location in London, New or indeed, wherever you’d like. You will have the opportunity a piece of art you are deeply connected with – a work that has your of going behind the scenes of thenarrative artistic process and ultimately reflected within it. own a piece of art you are deeply connected with – a work that has your narrative reflected within it.

Anna is an established artist, trained at the prestigious Royal College of Art, who through her twenty five year career has picked Anna is an established artist, trained at the prestigious Royal up a Jerwood Prizeofand from the of Women Artists. College Art,award who through her Society twenty five year career has picked Anna’s definable work noticeable though up aunique Jerwoodand Prize and award fromeasily the Society of Women Artists. its vibrancy, playfulness its rich character that plays Anna’s unique andand definable work easily noticeable though its vibrancy, playfulness and its rich character that on the joys of life with glamour and humour.plays

on the joys of life with glamour and humour.

‘A top‘A10toplife10experience’ life experience’

Indulge theIndulge specialthe person your life (including yourself!) to to specialinperson in your life (including yourself!) an experience of a lifetime ownand and beand part a truly an experience of a and lifetime own beof part of a truly extraordinary work of art. A recent client described it as a extraordinary work of art. A recent client described it as a Top 10 life Top experience – the couple two nights with with 10 life experience – the enjoyed couple enjoyed two nights river at the Savoy in London, a chauffeur-driven Bentley, a river viewa at theview Savoy in London, a chauffeur-driven Bentley, champagne and afternoon tea with Anna and now own a beautiful champagne and afternoon tea with Anna and now own a beautiful painting thattheir reflects their heritage for generations to come. painting that reflects heritage for generations to come.

What will be your Anna Mazzotta story be? What will be your Anna Visit www.annamazzotta.co.uk story be?work toMazzotta see more of Anna’s and for contact details. Visit www.annamazzotta.co.uk

to see more of Anna’s work and for contact details.

Anna putting finishing touches to her latest work at Vanburgh designed stately home, Kings Weston House.


“Gilded Lily” / oils on gold metal leaf / 122 x 81 cm / $10,200 US


Hell’s Kitchen

New York


nedmartin@nedmartinart.com www.nedmartinart.com

It’s what’s on the inside that counts... Sometimes.

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London LUX Magazine October 2016  

London LUX Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine targeting an affluent audience globally.

London LUX Magazine October 2016  

London LUX Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine targeting an affluent audience globally.

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