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driver’s licence. If you’ve been in the UK for over a year and are caught driving without a UK driver’s licence, you are breaking the law. Use your local post office to get the application form D1 and send it in with required documents and payment (about £50) to the DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL. They will require your current driver’s licence, which they will send back to the authority that licensed you. When you return home, you can regain your original driver’s licence. Also see

Congestion charge

The London congestion charge came into effect to ‘help get London moving’. This means that every vehicle that enters a specified central London boundary from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) will have to pay a daily £8 charge.


In July 2010, TfL and Barclays Bank launched a new cycle hire scheme for Londoners. Anybody with a credit or debit card can make use of the 400 docking stations, positioned in 9 central London boroughs. This scheme is mostly advisable to casual bicycle users looking to make short journeys. You will firstly need to pay an access fee before hiring the bike (£1 for 24 hours, £5 for 7 days). Access can either be purchased online (TfL website), by phone (0845 026 3630) or at the docking station. You will then be charged a steadily increasing usage charge depending on the length of your


Moving to London; A Practical Companion for Irish People  
Moving to London; A Practical Companion for Irish People  

A helpful, practical and comprehensive guide to Moving to London for Irish people. Published by the London Irish Centre in May 2012.