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Introduction The London Irish Centre has been providing advice to Irish people thinking about moving to London for nearly 60 years. Since the recession the Centre has experienced a substantial increase in the number of individuals living in Ireland who are looking for information on moving to London, and this booklet is a response to this need. The purpose of this document is to provide essential information on housing, employment, accessing health services, banking, transport, claiming benefits, and general life in London so that you can plan your move properly. Every effort has been made to ensure that all information is accurate at the time of writing; however, the first rule of giving good advice is that information should be taken from reliable sources, and so this booklet provides links to organisations that develop policy and set rates, such as the Department of Work and Pensions, Transport for London, and letting and employment agencies. We hope that the booklet will be a useful starting point in setting you off in the right direction. If you require more detailed information we recommend that you contact these agencies or advice services, such as the London Irish Centre’s advice service, directly. This booklet is the result of a year’s worth of work by skilled advice workers and volunteers at


the Centre. Over the last year the London Irish Centre interviewed over 140 Irish people who have moved to London in the last 12 months. We asked them about issues such as finding work and accommodation and what advice they would have for other Irish people considering moving to London. Quotations that were representative of this group’s experience have been provided throughout this booklet. It should be noted that every individual’s experience of moving to London will be different; qualifications, professional experience, relations in London and health status will affect the experience of each migrant. The information taken from this limited sample cannot be said to represent all recent Irish migrants. However, this advice comes directly from Irish people who have recently moved to London and we believe that, in some cases, this is more informative than the opinions of practitioners. Although this booklet draws on nearly 60 years’ worth of experience of providing advice to recent migrants, it also encapsulates much of what is good about the current Irish community in London. Hundreds of recent migrants were willing to provide information on their experience so that other Irish people would find the experience easier; partner organisations, such as the Federation of Irish Societies, have given their expertise, volunteers

Moving to London; A Practical Companion for Irish People  
Moving to London; A Practical Companion for Irish People  

A helpful, practical and comprehensive guide to Moving to London for Irish people. Published by the London Irish Centre in May 2012.