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Letting agents

Another popular option is to use a local letting agent in the area in which you would like to live. Using a letting agent can be more expensive. Most agencies will charge an administration fee. Before deciding on which agency to use, it is important to ask about administration charges, as these are usually fixed. Some agencies ask for a week’s rent for finding the accommodation. Others don’t charge tenants, but charge the landlord. Before accepting accommodation, or handing over any money, the UK housing charity Shelter recommends that you ask the agency if it charges for: finding a place tenancy agreements and Inventories collecting the rent


renewing your tenancy agreement when the initial contract ends administration costs, such as phone calls and postage.

Shelter also suggests that you should not pay agency fees before you have seen a property you like, as there is no guarantee that the agency will find you a home. It is illegal for a letting agency to charge you a fee unless you accept accommodation from them. They cannot charge you for taking your details or giving you a list of addresses.

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Moving to London; A Practical Companion for Irish People  
Moving to London; A Practical Companion for Irish People  

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