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Dessert Spa Adventure Guilty Pleasures


Barcelona’s Gay Friendly Hotels

Add More Muscle in Six Steps

Everyone’s A Winner

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Everyone’s A Winner


Men I’ve Had: Invasion of the Body Snatcher


Guilty Pleasures

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Barcelona’s Gay Friendly Hotels


Desert Spa Adventure: Gay Luxury in Taos

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What’s On? Catalunya


La Merce…



Extensive Report Details Opportunities Available Within Gay & Lesbian Marketplace Pink Banana Media, founded by President Matthew Skallerud, has just released its 2009 Gay Market Report, a comprehensive report detailing various opportunities and media sources for companies that wish to target the gay & lesbian community.

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GLAAD’s Announcing Equality Campaign Marks Six-Year Anniversary with Record 1,049 Inclusive Papers


AIDS Project Los Angeles Condemns Cuts to California AIDS Prevention Funding


20 Sienna Miller and Jude Law

Together Again…On Film, Anyway 20 Former ‘American Idol’ Finalist

Clay Aiken Confirms the Obvious – He’s Gay 21

George Michael Arrested Again for Drug Possession

Photography 22 Pics by Mark Henderson 30 Household Idol Photographer May

Soon Become a Household Name Health & Fitness The appearance, mention or likeness of any person or organisation in editorial or advertising in no way suggests sexual or political orientation. Photographs used to illustrate editorial do not depict the real lives, behaviour, or sexuality of the models. Submissions of text, photographs or any other material will be taken as consent to publish said material. No part of the magazine may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Opinions expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of the publishers.


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he 146-page report contains a summary of opportunities available to businesses, including web site links for those they wish to get in contact with. For media outlets that have chosen to participate by including their information in the guide, readers will find a more precise breakdown of information, including contact details that will allow readers to make better informed decisions as to which sources will best serve their marketing needs. Every year, the book is updated accordingly with the most current information and will continue to grow along with the gay & lesbian media marketplace. “This report, currently the most comprehensive and complete snapshot of the GLBT marketplace, covers all aspects of the GLBT community including print publications, events, Internet sites, blogs and social networking sites,” says Skallerud, a leading business expert for 15 years. “The biggest changes over the past few years have been the importance and increasing relevance of GLBT blogs and the worlds of Social Networking and Web 2.0 in the lives of GLBT consumers around the world.” With large corporations and small businesses finally acknowledging the considerable buying power of the gay community ($712 billion in 2008, according to Witeck-Combs


Extensive Report Details Opportunities Available Within Gay & Lesbian Marketplace



Communications), Pink Banana Media was founded with the mission to help them market their services directly to this powerful segment of the population through methods such as social networking, marketing and advertising, and by utilizing web sites such as Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, IGoUGo, TripAdvisor and blog creation. Pink Banana Media has already worked with such major clients as NYC & Company (New York City’s tourism department), Rivendell Media,, Interactive Male, Community Marketing,, and the Las Vegas Gay Days and Nights event, among others. For more information, or to purchase a copy of the 2009 Gay Market Report, please visit the official web site at or call (323) 908-3653.

Matthew Skallerud, President of Pink Banana Media, began his career in the gay & lesbian marketplace when he founded in May of 1995. He successfully led into one of the premiere and dominant gay websites worldwide, translating that success to and In 2001, he expanded this online reach by launching a company focused on both developing nicheoriented websites for the gay & lesbian community and helping companies large and small reach these gay & lesbian consumers through this expanded network of websites, which included,,, and, just to name a few. Having sold these sites, his focus is now on the latest in advertising and marketing utilizing social networks and tailoring their opportunities to the GLBT community.


Everyone’s A Winner


Congratulations, if you’re reading this you’re a winner, you’ve made it this far, no matter what you’ve gone through or sailed through, you’re here now, and that’s a great success. by John Rushton – The life Alchemist

oming this far is no mean feat, you’ve endured, put up with and lived through it all, the good, the bad, and all the rest inbetween, and here’s to the next part of life. Cheers! We look at winners and losers in life as if we have to prove something to someone or indeed the world that if we have this n’ that we are successful, and if we don’t we aren’t successful, which is absolute rubbish. But that’s a great media hype and something that’s basically instilled into us from popular magazines, the press and the likes of. The equation in life pertaining to winning or losing is not black and white, some make a certain grade just so easily that it’s quite uncanny, yet others toil and struggle and painstakingly put in everything they’ve got and somehow don’t seem to come up trumps. But both are winners and both are losers in life. Just achieving a goal isn’t always the ultimate picture it’s painted out to be. Anyone who tries and doesn’t quite make it still gets 10/10 for making an effort, and 10/10 in anyone’s books is success. Some people are just lucky in life, right place right time, and get away with so much yet have little talent or anything else, but just surf their success and with a modicum of


“We should not compare each other or others with either those we call failures nor those we call successes, none of us know what each had to go through nor the circumstances that were available for either.”

good PR and marketing hang around for quite a time slowly building up a franchise of celebrity value even though in the life stakes they are a bit of a hollow shell. Similarly in business too, the smallest and simplest businesses often flourish because of the immediate need for the product rather than developing something that needs a great deal of dexterity and technical backup to get it known and off the ground. Even large companies face promotional failures of a product one year and have a runaway success the next with almost an identical re-launch, such is the nature of life and the parameters which are constantly changing and in a state of global flux. We should not compare each other or others with either those we call failures nor those we call successes, none of us know what each had to go through nor the circumstances that were available for either. Life has its own way of dealing with individuals and it’s for us to adapt, alter our mental imagery and walk our pathways, not the other way around. Judging ourselves is not smart as we can be either denigrating ourselves or become arrogant and spiteful either way it does us no good. Whatever we do in life and how we do it is based upon who we are, what we know, our


character, our physical make up, our inherent traits and how our minds work. There’s no basic formulae to success even though there are countless books written by successful people telling you ‘How It’s Done’. What they basically tell you is how it worked for them, then, there, with their mentality, with their circumstances, and not that it will work here, now, for you with your mentality in your circumstances, even if much of the base line is true and correct and you have an almost parallel course. Time lines are never the same. Remember winning and losing the jackpot in the lottery can be just one number out, the difference between sugar and oil is just one molecule, so being “almost” identical isn’t being the same. You either are pregnant or you’re not, you can’t be “a little bit pregnant”? There are distinctions that produce big results or not as the case may be. In life as you may have guessed there are many back seat drivers who are only too pleased to voice their opinion on how you should go forward, yet the moment something goes wrong they are nowhere to be seen, such is their fickle

nature and their almost vampire like craving to “be seen” to be worthy of being who they are but in reality are nothing but voices looking for somewhere to go. If you come from a negative family the chances are you could end up being negative, having had it drilled into you for years. The opposite for positively minded families too. But you can’t rest on what others drill into you when it comes to life other than good morals, respect, love, harmony and communicational skills, which are basic to getting on and having a decent quality of life. Most successful people are good communicators in life and get on with others, are listened to and respected (even if sometimes not liked). If you’re monosyllabic then there’s not much going for you as others won’t have a clue as to what you’re thinking or feeling or be able to tap into your knowledge. Nor have any trust or great respect in what you say. You can’t blame others nor say it’s unfair if much of what your complaining about is your own fault. If you don’t want to change then when others move on you’ll have to accept that where Photo © Tomasz Trojanowski |




you are is the product of your own doing. We can’t all be business moguls, pop stars, TV chefs, writers, whatever, but we can carve a niche for ourselves in life and live within that niche well, happily and with great enjoyment and love and understanding and respect. Some never succeed as their goals are always set way above their abilities, whilst others are always amazed at how much they get out of life because they are realists and anything over and above what they deem is good is a bonus and as such is cherished and shared with others. They feel privileged and proud and always have a good word to say even about the most dastardly of people, allowing those that try to have unkind words and those that are lazy to fall by their own actions, but without untoward comment. Much of how life is, is carved out by our own actions. We wake up every morning with our thoughts and feelings, and no matter who you’ve spoken to about your life, they never

ever have to wake up with your own creation, only you. Being satisfied in life, assured in who you are plays a big role in fuelling positive abilities for whatever course of action you deem expedient for whatever type of person you are. Always running the gauntlet, feeling angry or needing to get on without a plan leads to downfalls in our energies as they are all off kilter and false ideals take a hold just for the sake of doing something very quickly. Easy money ideals often leads to crime on any scale as does greed in general. For the most part, we are successful in life, despite the knock backs, the snakes and ladder scenarios where we slide back a bit, but never the less still climb up again. We see life as it is and how we are, we look, take in what’s what and alter our course accordingly. It takes a small pin to burst a big balloon, so it can take very small changes in what we do to drastically alter many areas of our lives, we must not be too arrogant nor aloof to think that this will not happen

for us, it can and it will. Never be put down by anyone, if someone has to put you down it just shows how pathetic and insincere they are, you have as much right as they to be who you are and command respect. Life isn’t a trial nor a showground, it’s full of all walks of people displaying who they are, and whether you like them all of just a few of them that’s OK, just give them room to be who they are and you who you are and see how lighter life can be. You’ll migrate to those you feel better and more comfortable with, allow it to happen, politically correct people are the only real failures in life, but they need time to readjust and become happy once again, like we are. Where love exists in your heart it will enable you to see beyond the narrow and thoughtless and give you a feeling of deep happiness that comes with just being who you are, a success in every way, never let that thought slip. H

Hair loss is now optional… if you choose

John Rushton, writer, broadcaster, author and lecturer, runs seminars around the world and helps those in transition for multi-national companies, top corporate ‘movers and shakers’, celebrities and sports personalities and those that just need to ‘get on’ with life, here and now.

Photo © Maxfx |







Men I’ve Had: Invasion of the Body Snatcher


f you’re standing on a sidewalk when a car rounds the corner and begins firing at you, you have the choice to either run or dive for cover. You don’t scream out, “Come back! You missed! Try again!” And if your ex, who you have not seen or spoken to in eight and a half years, sends you an e-mail stating he’s “going to be in LA in two weeks, would love to see you,” you do NOT say, “can’t wait!” You run away. You run away screaming. But that’s easier said than done. Chris was “the one.” Or at least the first “one.” Since Chris, there have been two other “ones.” But Chris was the original heartbreaker. The one people write songs about. The one people write novels about. The one people write screenplays about that generate studio interest and an immediate rush to attach America’s sweetheart to star in. And, now, the one people write columns about. I lied to my best friend because of Chris. My best friend, Jack, an amazing playwright, was set to premiere his new play with Chris starring in one of the leads. Chris was the new find in the theatre scene. He could act. He was stunning. And he was nude for the entire time he was on stage. He had a huge talent.


If you survive a plane crash, you walk away from it. You don’t walk back into the flaming wreckage, brush away disembodied limbs, strap yourself into a chair and wait for a flight attendant to stroll by with peanuts. by Alex Fergusen 10

Jack dubbed him “Danger Boy.” Jack also had a passing interest in Chris and told me, “whatever you do, don’t go after him. I like him and I think he likes me.” An odd request, I thought. I wasn’t known for randomly attacking gay actors in town. At the time, I was performing in a play in which I played a swan who evolves into a man. It required me to be nude in a brief scene... seems like every theatre had a show running with a naked actor that summer. Every night when the curtains went down across the city, all of the local actors and crews would pour into Dwayne’s, a dive bar. In one corner would be the cast of Romeo & Juliet. In another corner, the improv company. In the center, the cast of Evita. And next to my company, the cast of Jack’s play. I was on my third Corona when this gorgeous creature walked into the bar. We locked eyes, he walked over, sat across from me and asked for a cigarette. Cut to closing time and we were still talking. Chairs were stacked on tables around us. He stood, stretching so his shirt rose just above his well defined abs and said, “oh, by the way, I’m Chris.” In all the time together that night, I hadn’t connected he could possibly

LIFESTYLE be the elusive “Danger Boy.” “Oh, shit.” I said. “I was warned to stay away from you.” Cut to a month later. Chris and I had been dating for a month and I mastered the art of keeping our relationship secret from my best friend. I felt horrible, but I hadn’t ever felt this way before with someone. And I was young and stupid. On the 4th of July, we accepted the invitation to a party in the mountains held by an old friend. We drove for three hours through the winding roads and fog before arriving at the log cabin. With all the floor space taken inside, we zipped our sleeping bags together and proceeded to have sexy time on the deck. As he rolled on top of me, he mumbled something in my ear that ended with “six months ago.” “What did you say,” I asked. “You heard me,” he said. “No I didn’t.” Again he put his head in the nook of my neck and “Mumblemumblemumble six months ago.” I pushed him up, holding his head. With a full moon above, his face was like a porcelain doll. “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” He sighed. “I said, why couldn’t I have met you six months ago?” Immediately my mind raced to the worst case scenarios: He’s moving. He’s joining the military. He’s dying. He’s an assassin sent from the future to kill me before I reproduce. After thirty seconds of terrified silence, I asked, “why?”


“Because… I’m getting married.” That’s right. Danger Boy was getting married. To his ex-girlfriend. So she could get her green card. When asked if he still loved her, he replied, “I’m not sure.” When pressed, “well when do you think you’ll know for sure?” He replied, “I guess when she gets here next month from Mexico.” I can change him, I naively thought. I planned dates every evening from then until the night of his departure to pick up his Mexican take-out. It ended badly. Our last morning together, we woke and dressed in silence. I drove him to the airport. This was pre-9/11, so I walked him to his gate. They were calling final boarding (as he had misread his departure time). With no time to do the long goodbye, he said, “well, I guess this is it. I should go.” All I could say was, “go.” He hugged me. Gave me one quick kiss, turned around and proceeded down the hallway. And I told myself, if he turned around, he still loved me. If he turned around, there was still hope. He never turned around. And I was destroyed. And the person I needed the most, I had betrayed. I was going to have to leave the city. I began planning my relocation to Los Angeles. It was going to take a few months, but the plan was in motion. A few months later on one fateful night, our world’s collided: Mine,

Chris’ and the now wife, Maria. Our friends (who knew the entire situation) looked on in horror. I introduced myself and she took my hand, icily saying, “yes. I know who you are.” We tried to be friends. Maria even went so far as to invite me to his birthday party. That birthday party is commonly referred to among my friends as The Birthday Massacre of 2000. At the end of the evening, curious as to the whereabouts of Chris (and plastered on cheap red wine), I asked where he and his bride had gone. His brother told me, “I think they went to sleep.” “Well that’s stupid. Who goes to bed during their own party?” I stumbled down the hallway, where I found the bedroom door slightly ajar and the lights on inside. I could see Chris lying on bed. “I’m leaving,” I said knocking. He sat up screaming, “NO!!” In my mind, “no” meant, “don’t leave.” “No” didn’t mean “don’t open the door because my wife is giving me a blowjob.” And (if I’m lying I’m dying) as I pushed open the door, Mt. Saint Christopher blew, right into the optical region of Sister Maria’s face. Blinded by baby batter, she screamed and jumped up, rushing to the bathroom. I couldn’t move. I was literally frozen. I thought I was having a stroke. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I snapped out of it, sobered up immediately, and left. H



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Guilty Pleasures

call for an obligation-free quote

With freshmen now settled in at colleges and universities around the country, it seemed only appropriate to start off with a little weekend R&R. By Rick Strokum ut it’s amazing any of the sexy guys in Suite Dreams gets a minute’s sleep, much less a chance to relax, with all the action going on! The latest flick released by the TitanMen Fresh line takes you to an inn in the countryside where a crop of hot young studs learn what else goes on in between study sessions! Big muscled stud Edvar Soucek rinses off his incredibly hot body in the shower before greeting cute bellboy Raffael Najman at the door. Edvar decides to take charge of Raffael’s luggage and make sure it get’s delivered right on time. Handsome Max Fonda and ripped Mark Zebro are sharing a drink in the lounge when they spot cute waiter Simon Dusek. They decided to order him instead of another round. The next table Simon services is a three top! A pair of lovers, Jarek Soldan and Brian Brower, can barely get inside the inn and halfway up the stairs to their room before they’re getting more than just comfortable. But to their pleasant surprise they’re joined on the staircase by handsome Nicky Janson. The dynamic duo decides to order room service for three. In a game of tag, it seems that Jarek and Brian keep catching lucky boy Nicky! Tag, Nicky, you’re it! So if you are into the muscle and buff that Titan always delivers combined with the young, crisp look of those young college age guys, then Suite Dreams from TitanMen’s Fresh Collection is the perfect DVD for you! While the guys from Suite Dreams cruise back to school in that compact car with cloth seats, we know other guys are more into the smell of leather on their weekend getaway. And though we can’t offer you the keys to a Caddy with leather interior, we can



offer you something twice as nice from ManPlay! ManPlay’s latest Double Pack is stocked with a horde of leather men and their submissive and obedient guys. The first of the pair of leather themed flicks is Prowl 3. Set against the backdrop of an underground, warehouse looking adults only club, what happens at the club stays at the club… at least until you buy the video. Lean and tattooed Brad McGuire and Diego Alvarez make sure to stay very busy with each other so they aren’t distracted by the tall, lean action machine next to them. That machine’s name is Michael Brandon, and he is far too busy with the object of his obsession, Carlos Morales, to notice Diego and Brad. As if that wasn’t enough, all around them, more handsome, hairy muscular studs make sure you get to see them use all the tools and toys the club has to offer. Make sure you hang around until the end for an explosive finale between the rugged Colton Ford and ripped Blake Harper. In Prowl 4, we take a trip with blond muscle god Trey Rexx into a Leatherman fantasy! While spending some quality time alone, he conjures up one hot stud after another, beginning with sizzling muscular Leatherman Anthony LaFont. After Anthony pins Trey in a wrestling match, he collects his prize for coming out on “top”. Cute hard-bodied Bobby Williams appears next, complete with a hobby horse. Of course with Bobby, Trey makes sure he is top dog! And in the final scene, Rhet Hengst enjoys being suspended from the ceiling in a swing. But fear not, Rhet isn’t alone. He shares his ride with Marco Paris, Mike Grant, Arpad Miklos and Trey. Rhet is one tired boy by the time the credits roll out of town in

Prowl 4. So if you are looking for a double whammy and a leather theme then ManPlay’s Double Pack of Prowl 3 & 4 is customized for your pleasure. And now, some news... According to the Gay Porn Times, wedding bells are ringing in Porn Land. Tyler Saint got hitched to his (equally hot) civilian beau; so did Andy Kirra and Tristan Mathews. Now it’s Brent Everett who will tie the knot. He will marry Steve Pena, a non-porn civilian who nevertheless participates in Mr. Everett’s exhaustively chronicled escapades for his website. They will get hitched Friday, October 3 in San Diego in a private ceremony. But friends and fans are invited to join them in the VIP room of The Flame nightclub from 10:00pm to 2:00am. (By the by, they’re registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond.) Dancing with the Stars judge Bruno Tonioli has posed naked in the October edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. But he isn’t doing it to show off his body, or because he needs the cash, he is doing it in support of the “Everyman” male cancer campaign. But if you’re looking for a money shot in Cosmo, don’t get too worked up. A scoring card stands in between you and your view of his… ummm, appendage. Bruno admits his fellow judges will probably flip when they see the photo. “I’m sure they’ll take the piss when they see this, but they’re just jealous,” he said. Who cares what they think, I just hope I look that good at 52. Thanks to the Banana Guide for the tip off on this very revealing celebrity sighting! Check out H


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Barcelona’s Gay Desert Spa Adventure: Gay Luxury in Taos Friendly Hotels



Who says you have to sacrifice luxury to have a true outdoor adventure?


by Maryann Hammers and Matthew Link, OutTraveler here are over 1,200 Barcelona hotels available to our customers through our partner We have selected the following hotels in Barcelona based on our own experience and reviews. They offer excellent service and amenities and are located either in the heart of the Barcelona gay district or within close walking distance.


Hotel Axel

movies even include a gay one. The hotel is new and very nice designed, large flatscreen in each room and free wifi internet access.

Hotel HCC Taber

Hotel Barcelona Princess 4**** design hotel in the harbour with view over the sea. 364 rooms

Hotel in building of the Modernist period, the interior has been completely refurbished. Close to gay area.

NH Master Beautiful hetero friendly hotel in the Gayxample. Hot tub, gym and swimming pool on the roof terrace. Only a few years old with luxurious and spacy rooms. And very friendly stuff! Punto, Diettrich and the other bars are just a one minute walk away.

oin us on five spring getaways set in the deserts of North America – from zooming in a mini convertible across Baja California to trekking through the high desert of New Mexico with your own personal llama. We bookend each trip with lavish spa treatments and gay happy hours, making for the perfect yin-and-yang vacation of sweat and serenity. Our adventure continues in spectacular Taos.


TAOS In the northern New Mexico wilderness, you’ll inhale the sweet

Hotel Silken Diagonal Barcelona

THE ADVENTURE On a llama-trekking hike through the federally protected Wild and Scenic Rivers recreation area of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, you’ll descend 800 feet to the Rio Grande River. Let your llama loose to graze while you visit freshwater springs, discover ancient petroglyphs, and bask by the river, sipping hot tea. After a gourmet lunch, reunite with your four-footed friend for the return trip (from $89 for day trips, through Wild Earth Llama Adventures, 800-7585262).

3*** hotel, close to the gay area.

Hotel Cram


New (2004) design hotel with 240 rooms, 4****

This is a city designers hotel. Located in the center of the gay area. It’s very gay friendly and the (free) adult


New (1990) 3*** hotel close to the gay area. The hotel has a swimmingpool. H

scent of pines and take in the spectacular high-desert scenery: centuries-old sandstone formations, gaping gorges, rushing rivers, magnificent sunsets, snow-topped peaks, and impossibly blue sky. Artists have long been drawn to this picturesque area, hence the galleries located around every corner. For handcrafted sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and paintings, visit the Taos Pueblo, a living Native American community dating to the 11th century.

© Wild Earth Llama Adventures

THE SPA At Rancho de San Juan (505-7536818, rooms from $285), a 12-room gay-owned luxury boutique inn between Santa Fe and Taos, you’ll enjoy expansive views, fireplace

suites, a fine collection of local art and antiques, and international award-winning cuisine. Bubbly fountains beckon you to the wisteriashaded Hacienda Courtyard, where you can enjoy a massage or a few minutes of contemplation. THE TREATMENT The spa comes to you with the hotel’s in-suite services. Try “the Wrangler,” a deep-tissue massage with penetrating, soothing essential oils. The treatment ends with foot and hand reflexology (60 minutes for $135). GET YOUR GAY ON In tiny Taos there aren’t many bars, let alone gay ones, but Tuesday is gay men’s night at the Adobe Bar at the historic pueblo-style Taos Inn (505-758-2233). This social bar is also one of the best jazz venues in northern New Mexico. H Read more great travel destination stories and get the scoop for your next trip at


What’s On? La Merce…




End of November


The Great Ball of Solidarity is an annual event supported by the entire gay business community, this even it organised by the local gay group, Gais Positius with the aim of raising awareness of HIV/Aids.

Gay Film Festival

October/November 2008 Lleida, Girona and Tarragona

n 16

a Merce is the “fiesta mayor” of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). It has been an official city holiday since 1871, when the local government first organized a program of special activities to observe the Roman Catholic feast day of Our Lady of Mercy. (In Catalan, La Mare de Déu de la Mercè – The Merciful Mother of God; in Spanish, La Virgen de la Merced – The Virgin of Mercy.) Although the actual date of the holiday is September 24th, the festivities begin a few days before. A key festival for Barcelona, La Merce takes place on September 24th to celebrate the city’s patron saint, the Virgin de la Merce. The festivities kick off from the 22nd and lead right up until the 24th which is an public holiday. These include the parade of wooden giants (gegants) throught the street. As is the norm, the festivities include musical performances, sporting events, amazing fireworks displays an lots and lots of Cava. One of the key highlights of the event is the creation of the Human Tower (Castellers).


Photos © Georgia Davey |

Grand Ball 2008

A highlight in the Winter Gay Calendar, the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival has grown into a unique event in Barcelona that now covers 3 cities within the distict including, Catalan cities: Lleida, Girona and Tarragona. Screened in their own language, the movies are subtitled rather than dubbed (which is the norm in Spain). H

Among more recently introduced traditions are the annual Catalonian Wine Fair, a special “correfoc”, a marathon race, and the particularly popular pyromusical, which is a spectacular display of synchronized fireworks, water fountains and music conducted at the base of Montjuic hill. H



GLAAD’s Announcing Equality Campaign Marks Six-Year Anniversary with Record 1,049 Inclusive Papers

arking the six-year anniversary of its Announcing Equality campaign, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) announced this month that 1,049 daily U.S. newspapers now accept wedding announcements from gay and lesbian couples – a more than fifteen-fold increase since August 18, 2002, when The New York Times opened its Weddings/Celebrations pages to gay and lesbian couples following conversations with GLAAD leadership. Among the 2008 Announcing Equality campaign’s other measures: An estimated 83 percent of all U.S. newspaper consumers read a paper that accepts wedding announcements from same-sex couples. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have newspapers that print announcements for gay and lesbian couples. All but three of the nation’s top 100 media markets are home to newspapers with inclusive announcement policies. All daily newspapers in 9 states and the District of Columbia print wedding announcements for samesex couples: Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont. California and New York come close to being 100 percent inclusive, with only one daily newspaper in



each state that will not print such announcements. In Tennessee, the state with the lowest percentage of inclusive papers, one out of every three papers accepts announcements from gay and lesbian couples. Only 339 of the 1,049 papers have actually received an announcement from a same-sex couple to print. “Local newspapers across the country are reflecting the growing visibility of our lives and our commitments by opening their pages to these stories,” said GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano. “When we seize that opportunity to share our milestones and celebrations, we help Americans see the diversity of our community and recognize the common ground that we share.” GLAAD’s Announcing Equality campaign has grown exponentially in numbers and in scope. The project began with an initial group of 69 newspapers in 2002, and by 2004, the list had grown to include 462 papers. When the campaign was re-launched in 2006, GLAAD documented another significant increase in the number of newspapers, reaching a new benchmark of 883 papers. And in 2008, that number has soared to 1,049. As part of the expansion of the Announcing Equality campaign this year, GLAAD is helping LGBT community members share their stories in local media outlets with the


AIDS Project Los Angeles Condemns Cuts to California AIDS Prevention Funding By

IDS Project Los Angeles on Tuesday condemned the cutting of more than $5 million in HIV prevention funding in the new California state budget, unveiled just weeks after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adjusted its estimate of annual new HIV infections upward by 40%. “Slashing prevention programs at a time of rising HIV rates is bad policy,” said APLA executive director Craig E. Thompson in a press release. “This is terrible news for young adults, gay men, and men and women of color who are at heightened risk for HIV in California and across the nation.” The new budget, signed by the governor with line item vetoes, maintains funding for two essential state HIV and AIDS programs -- the AIDS Drug Assistance Program and Therapeutic Monitoring Program – at 2007-2008 spending levels. The governor had proposed $11.3 million in reductions to both programs earlier in the year. In late May legislators managed to secure other sources to backfill the cuts. “We’re gratified that vital drug and monitoring programs have been preserved, but the commitment to support people with HIV/AIDS must be sustained over time,” said Thompson. “The number of Californians with HIV increases every year, yet funding is heading in the opposite direction. We cannot win the war against this disease if the government keeps


support of a new online resource. This site includes a state-by-state interactive map of papers with inclusive policies and guidelines for submitting announcements, as well as downloads of resources and tips to assist community members in sharing other types of stories online and in local media outlets, ranging from employee or church newsletters to college newspapers. GLAAD is also encouraging community members to submit stories for posting on the GLAAD website by emailing The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate and inclusive representation of people and events in the media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. H For more information, visit

whittling away at our resources.” Another $1.3 million was cut from other HIV programs, including housing assistance, early intervention, and HIV counseling and testing. Legislators also eliminated the AIDS Counseling Program, which provided mental health services to Californians living with HIV. In addition, the governor vetoed $8 million from the state’s Alcohol and Drug Program’s crystal meth prevention funding. Other cuts affecting people with HIV include a 10% reduction to Medi-Cal providers’ reimbursement rates through March 2009; the elimination of cost-of-living increases for the California portion of Supplemental Security Income payments to the blind, elderly, and disabled; and the elimination of premium payments for certain Medicare Part B enrollees. “The governor told legislators that this year’s budget only kicks the can down the road,” Thompson said.

“Even worse, it leaves many of the state’s most vulnerable populations in jeopardy now and in the future. We cannot continue to solve our budget woes at the expense of California’s elderly and disabled.” More than half of all low-income people living with HIV or AIDS get their care and treatment through Medi-Cal. Because Medi-Cal’s reimbursement rates for doctors are now among the lowest in the nation, doctors are leaving the program, and many Medi-Cal patients -- including those with HIV -- are finding it increasingly difficult to access the medical care they need to stay healthy. “This year’s long, drawn-out budget is a lose-lose proposition for lawmakers and the governor, and for people living with or at risk for HIV,” Thompson said. “While funding for treatment lags behind the numbers of newly infected, cuts to prevention education ensure that this gap will only widen. Without with a comprehensive plan to fund the programs that work, California will not conquer its AIDS epidemic.” APLA, one of the largest nonprofit AIDS service organizations in the United States, provides bilingual direct services, prevention education, and leadership on HIV/AIDS-related policy and legislation. Marking 25 years of service in 2008, APLA is a community-based, volunteersupported organization. For more information visit H 19



Sienna Miller and Jude Law Together Again…On Film, Anyway

George Michael Arrested Again for Drug Possession

by Jonas Oliver

by Neal Broverman, The Advocate


Former ‘American Idol’ Finalist Clay Aiken Confirms the Obvious – He’s Gay

by Jonas Oliver

fter playing coy for years when asked about his sexuality, American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken has apparently decided to come out of the closet. According to a post by Perez Hilton, new daddy Aiken is finally admitting to the world what many including Kathy Griffin have speculated about for years – he’s gay. More details will be forthcoming when a People Magazine issue featuring Clay holding his newborn baby on the cover hits news stands this week. For now suffice it to say that Aiken declares on the magazine cover that part of his reason for coming out at this juncture in his career is because he believes that he “cannot raise a child to lie or hide things.”



Hiding is something Aiken knows well. Back in 2006 John Paulus, a former military guy who later starred in porn films for Michael Lucas, claimed to have met Aiken online and then engaged in a bareback sexual encounter with the singing sensation in a North Carolina hotel room. Though Paulus’ story was carried widely by outlets ranging from The National Enquirer to the New York Daily News, Aiken denied being gay despite Paulus’ threat to produce a towel stained with Aiken’s DNA as proof of the alleged encounter. I guess Aiken’s coming out now makes the whole Paulus controversy a moot point, so to speak. Likewise, the news is also sure to leave some of those famous ‘Claymates’ in mourning as well. H

ust a month after wrapping his first world tour in more than a decade, pop singer George Michael was arrested over the weekend in London for possession of drugs, the BBC is reporting. Michael released a statement Sunday apologizing for the arrest, telling fans he’s sorry for “screwing up again.” He has been caught up with drugs and repeat run ins with police for the past several years. According to the BBC, Michael was issued a caution by police after being arrested in a public restroom for possession of illegal substances, thought to include crack cocaine. He was issued a caution for possession of class A and class C drugs, the BBC reported. According to reports, Michael was


let go with a relatively mild punishment for possession of class A drugs. The possession of class A drugs can result in a prison sentence of up to seven years, according to Reuters. Home Office Minister Tony McNulty said drug laws provide for a wide range of potential punishments for possession of drugs. He said he did not know the details of the case. This is the latest in a string of runins with the law for the pop superstar. Michael was arrested three times in 2006, once for possession of class C drugs and two times after police found him passed out behind the wheel of an automobile under the influence of prescription drugs. Michael’s partner Kenny Goss had previous sought out treatment for

prescription drug dependency, according to Reuters. Earlier this year, Michael told Good Morning America’s Chris Cuomo that his decision to tour was a way of “saving me from myself.” He said after years of drug abuse, he had finally learned his lesson. H

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ude Law and former fiancée Sienna Miller have reportedly agreed to team up again, albeit not in a romantic sense. The two thespians are, according to rumor, set to appear in Guy Ritchie’s next film project which center’s around Sherlock Holmes. Published reports suggest that Law is set to play Dr. Watson while Robert Downey, Jr. will inhabit the lead role of Sherlock Holmes. There is no word yet on what Miller’s role in the project will be. For those living under a rock for the last decade, Law began a hot and heavy relationship with former model Miller after his divorce from Sadie Frost. During Law’s engagement to Miller however, he admitted to having an affair with the nanny he had hired to look after his children with Frost and the relationship fizzled. If the Ritchie-directed Sherlock Holmes project comes to fruition, it will be the first time the two will have appeared together on screen since 2005’s Alfie. H



Mark Henderson


Pics by

Los Angeles based photographer Mark Henderson specializes in shooting provocative yet comfortably familiar images of beautiful men. Referencing his extensive art history background and aesthetic sensibility, Mark photographs his models in cozy settings and completes the editing process by emphasizing high contrasts and explosive strokes of color. The technique gives his photographs a 'painterly' quality, not surprising since he credits the influences of the Baroque period and 17th century art. His first book Household Idols releases December 2008 and will be published by Bruno GmĂźnder. Pre-orders are currently available on and Mark Henderson is also one of 22 photographers profiled in the latest e-book Confessions Of A Male Erotic Photographer to learn visit the website information provided below.

C o n f e s s i o n s o f a M a l e E ro t i c Photographer is a digital document, 160 pages in length with two MP3 audio files and a Quicktime slideshow movie of images "uncensored" and can ordered exclusively online at: for $15 dollars US.

Š Mark Henderson, Edendale Studios LLC





Š Mark Henderson, Edendale Studios LLC





Š Mark Henderson, Edendale Studios LLC 26




Š Mark Henderson, Edendale Studios LLC




Household Idol Photographer May Soon Become a Household Name Introduction: Photographer M A R K H E N D E R S O N may not be on your radar screen yet, but he is definitely a talent to watch. In just three short years this professional Art Historian switched gears and focused his creative energies into creating art, not just studying it. The result is his first book published by Bruno Gmünder, Household Idols. by Rodney Washington,

u e s t i o n : Mark, this is your first coffee table book, you must be excited. Did you always know that you wanted do this someday? A n s w e r : I am thrilled beyond measure! Publishing a book was my ultimate goal from the beginning. And to get my first book published so soon and to be working with such a prestigious publisher as Bruno Gmünder is the fulfillment of a dream.


Q u e s t i o n : Since the book was a goal

early on. Did you have a theme in mind as you created the images for Household Idols? A n s w e r : The theme for the book initially developed as a matter of convenience. When I started my photography career I had no professional studio, so I began using my own home (and occasionally the homes of friends) as the setting for most of my photo shoots. The thought of posing models in a studio always felt cold and impersonal to me. I quickly found that photographing in familiar domestic surroundings helps create images that convey a sense of comfort and luxury in which the models appear more at ease, and therefore more approachable to the viewer. In such an atmosphere these otherwise unobtainable men, these “idols”, become more accessible and touchable. As it turns out my house is an ideal place to shoot. Working there allows me to take advantage of the beautiful, diffused natural light that floods the house during the day. Plus, being able to utilize the furnishings, fabrics, and various decorative objects I’ve collected over the years (even items from my own wardrobe), lends a very personal


Q u e s t i o n : The name of your new book is Household Idols tell me how you came up with the title? A n s w e r : I’ve always loved the concept of “household saints” and “household gods” – revered objects of religious or pagan veneration that are reserved strictly for private home devotion. To me there’s something sort of deliciously self-indulgent about keeping such items just for ones own personal needs and delectation. Since I photograph in and around a home, and since most of the models I select are certainly worthy of “idol” worship, I combined the two ideas and devised the title “Household Idols”.

© Mark Henderson, Edendale Studios LLC


PHOTOGRAPHY touch to each image and offers a subtle level of intimacy of which most viewers would not be aware. Q u e s t i o n : Being an Art Historian do you feel that your study of art has affected the style of your images? A n s w e r : I’m certain my study of the history of art has influenced my photography in some subtle way. One of the first things you learn as an art historian is to “read” a work of art for line, color, composition, texture, perspective, medium, etc. That kind of analysis almost becomes second nature for art historians when looking at a painting, sculpture, or photograph, and it is probably this ingrained sensitivity to the formal elements of art that helps tremendously in creating my own images. As an art historian one of my subject specializations is the study of old master paintings of the Baroque period. And in my own work I find that I’m often drawn to the expressive, exuberant colors employed by many of the great painters of the 17th century. Having said that, I do not make an effort to replicate the work of the Old Masters, nor would I want to try!

Q u e s t i o n : Speaking of color, your images have such a distinct and vivid color palette, your photos literally pop off the page, how do you achieve that? Answer: I must admit (and it will come as no surprise to anyone), that I do a great deal of postproduction work to my images. I tend to saturate colors and emphasize contrasts and I often give the highlights a silvery or golden tone depending on the mood or atmosphere I’m trying to achieve. I make a conscious effort to include clothing or decorative elements with striking colors, patterns and textures to help create a dazzling, eye-catching effect. Q u e s t i o n : Who you inspires photographically? A n s w e r : The work of photographers Jim French of Colt Studios, Kristen Bjorn, and Fred Bisonnes are a constant source of joy and inspiration to me. Though their styles differ, all are supreme artists who brought an amazingly high degree of creativity and professionalism to the genre of male nude photography, and they remain the high water mark. I’m particularly inspired by their

fearless, but highly controlled use of vivid colors. Q u e s t i o n : What was the defining moment in your life that prompted your decision to become a professional photographer? A n s w e r : I had long toyed with the idea of taking up photography seriously for many years, even enrolling in some photography workshops while in graduate school. But, as often happens, life gets in the way – I had to finish school, get a job, etc. So the dream of becoming a photographer necessarily became a lower priority, but I never forgot about it. A few years ago I was fortunate to meet one of my idols, the photographer, Barry Gollop, whose book “The BEAR Essentials” (also published by Bruno Gmünder) was one of my favorites. I saw his email address in the book and wrote him a fan letter. To my surprise, he responded and we became friends. We would always get together whenever he came to Los Angeles. I shared with him my dream of becoming a photographer of male nudes and he greatly encouraged me

© Mark Henderson, Edendale Studios LLC

to start, giving me invaluable advice, introducing me to people in the profession, even helping me on a couple of shoots. Without Barry’s inspiration and incredible generosity I would never have had the nerve to finally take the plunge. Q u e s t i o n : What do you want your new book ‘Household Idols’ to accomplish for you personally as well as professionally? A n s w e r : To be honest, at the moment I’m just excited to see the book and to hold it my hands. Looking at my images printed so beautifully in what is essentially a large format art book is both humbling and thrilling to me. It’s almost as if I’m seeing my pictures for the first time. Hopefully the book will be well received and I will be able to do another and another... In fact, I’ve already started working on the next volume, so stay tuned! H


H E A LT H & F I T N E S S

Add More Muscle in Six Steps by Sam Page

Next time you have sex without a condom, are you sure HIV won’t be passed on?

H E A LT H Make sure you’re getting enough rest which is crucial for muscle growth. At leastnine hours of sleep a night. Your muscles recover fastest at night when you’re asleep since they have nothing else to do. If you’re not gaining about a pound every couple weeks, you’re not eating right. It’s crucial that you get plenty of nutrients from whole foods and raw materials to build muscle. You can use a handy site like to track your calories. Try increasing them by 250 calories a day, which is enough of a change to create lean muscle gain.

There’s a term for those of us “hard-gainers,” or people who have a difficult time gaining muscle mass. To correct this situation, try these six ideas. You are probably overtraining. If you’re lifting five days a week, you’re not giving your muscles enough time to grow and recover. Limit your gym time to two upper and two lower body workouts a week.


Find an inspiring picture of someone else, maybe a model or celebrity, with a similar body type. Keep your goal realistic. Don’t compare yourself to someone who’s 6? 3? if you’re 5? 7?. It takes time to build the body you want. Don’t rush your progress or take short cuts such as using illegal steroids. And be patient over the long haul. You can do it! H

Sam Page, 33, is a freelance journalist, certified fitness trainer and director of Sam Page Fitness, operating three private training studios in Southern California. His writing is syndicated worldwide, appearing on "USA Today",, FOX News, "The Chicago Sun-Times" and Reuters. In addition to HORIZON, Sam also appears regularly in "HIV Plus" and "Passport" His exclusive interview with Emmy Award® winning actress Kathy Griffin appears on season #4 of "My Life on the D List" on Bravo. His personal blog is: and his gyms are online at

HIV is closer than you think! Wherever you live, the number of gay men with HIV has doubled in the last 10 years.* * Source: Health Protection Agency 2006


Photo © Les3photo8 |

HEY SAM: I’ve been working out for months and I can’t seem to gain a pound. I lift weights six days a week. What’s wrong with me? -Patrick, Santa Fe, NM

Use different exercises that focus on whole-body movements and multiple joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, chin-ups and bench presses. The 300 Workout is a good choice. Take about 50 seconds to a minute for each set. Don’t increase your rep speed.


Mojito Chiller Cocktail of the Month

Authentic Indian recipes are passionately prepared and presented in a modern, stylish way

Traditional and creative rice specialities



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Ingredients (Makes 4 servings, 2 ounce shot drink glass) 2 tbsp Bacardi Superior Rum bunch mint leaves juice of 2 limes 2 tbsp sugar Place the mint leaves in a blender and chop, add the lime juice, sugar and rum. Blend together. Pour into shot drink glasses. Place in freezer for 40 minutes; insert wooden sticks and freeze for another 4 - 6 hours. H

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My Way Café San Bartolome 10

Hell, Buenavista 14

Tábata Vergara 12

The Room Arlaban 7

El Armario San Bartolomé 7

Truck Libertad 28

Truck, Libertad 28

El Trebol Pizzería La Cruz 3

Café Colby Fuencarral 52

Stromboli Hortaleza 96

Hot, Infantas 9 La Lupe de Chueca Hortaleza 51

Star’s Mques de Valdeiglesias 5

La Bohemia Plaza de Chueca 9

XXX Café Clavel esq Reina

Leather, Pelayo 42

PUBS / CLUBS Al-Dos San Bartolome 14 AnoiteHortaleza 43 Bangala, Escuadra 1

Liqüid, Barquillo 8 LL Bar, Pelayo 11

Truco Gravina 10 The Paw Calatrava 29 Why Not San Bartolome 7 DISCOS / DANCE CLUBS

Local, Libertad 28

Black and White Libertad 34

Noname Pelayo 42

Escape Gravina 13

Griffins Marqués de Valdeiglesias 6 Heaven Barcelo 11

Week-End @ Bash Plaza de Callao 4 Xarandonga Echegaray 16 BOOK SHOPS Berkana Hortaleza 64 A Different Life Pelayo 30 HEALTH & BEAUTY Econcentro Esquilache 4

Gimnasio V35 Valverde 35

GIFTS Even Infanta 8

Hair Body Gravina 15

Plazaarte San Marcos 6

Viva el Músculo Hortaleza 41

Rotunda Warning Hortaleza 29


Tass Pelayo 21 SAUNAS

Star Madrid Fuencarral 14 Top Madrid Hortaleza 27 Trilogia Gravina 17

Alameda Alameda 20

V&P Hortaleza 48

Gran Via Barco 6

XXX Shop San Marcos 8

Paraíso Norte 15

XXX Store Pelayo 2

Plaza, Gran Vía 88

Zocco Hortaleza 48

American Montera 13

La Coqueta Libertad 3

Amantis, Pelayo 46


SR – Leather Shop Pelayo 7

Trabalú Hortaleza 62

Janus Libertad 8

Pink Pollo Infantas 18

Peter Cook Pelayo 12

Adán San Bernardo 38


Madrilia, Clavel 6

Ovlas Augusto Figueroa 1

California Valverde 20 Chueca Center Hortaleza 31

Sama Sama San Bartolome 23

City Sex Store Hortaleza 18

Vegaviana Pelayo 35

Foxy Lady La Cruz 26

TRAVEL Chueca Travel Gravina 25 Halcon Friendly Infantas 30 Lambda Viajes Fuencarral 43







Migration Services

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Are you having problems with your visa? Barcode, 3-4 Archer St Bar Aquda, 13-14 Maiden Lane

GAY, Astoria 157 Charing Cross Road

Beatroot, 92 Berwick St

The Arches, Villiers St

Black Cap, 171 Camden High St,

Ghetto 5-6, Falconberg Court

First Out Café Bar 52 St.Giles High St

Salvation @ Café de P3 Coventry St

Steph’s, 39 Dean St

Candy Bar, 4 Carlisle St Element, 4-5 Greek St Westminster

Starkers, The Factory 65 Goding, St vauxhall

Escape,10a Brewer St Soho

Too 2 Much 11-12 Walkers Court

Freedom, 60-66 Wardour St, Soho

79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road

Box Bar 32 - 34 Monmouth St, Covent Garden

The Sauna Bar, 29 Endell St Solarstation 10 - 11 Archer Street Clone Zone: London 64 Old Compton St Nico DiDonna 16a, D’Arblay St

G-A-Y Bar 30 Old Compton St

Admiral Duncan 54 Old Compton St

Ku Bar 75 Charing Cross Road

Brief Encounter 42 St Martin’s Lane

Kudos, 10 Adelaide St

Comptons of Soho 53, Old Compton St

Bar Code (Vauxhall) Arch 69 Albert Embankment

Halfway II Heaven 7 Duncannon St, Charing Cross

Bromptons 294 Old Brompton Road Earls Court

Molly Moggs 2 Old Compton St

Central Station Kings 37 Wharfdale Road Kings Cross

Rupert Street Bar 50 Rupert St Shadow Lge, 5 Brewer St The Edge 11 Soho Square The Village, 81 Wardour St The Yard Bar 57 Rupert St

Kings Arms, 23 Poland St Balans 60 Old Compton St

Prowler Soho 5-7, Brewer St

Chariots Farringdon 57 Cowcross Street Chariots Limehouse 574 Commercial Road

Chariots Shoreditch 1 Fairchild Street

Kazbar 50 Clapham High Street

The Coleherne 261 Old Brompton Rd

Chariots Streatham 292 Streatham High Rd

Kings Arms, 23 Poland St

The Hoist Railway Arch, 47c South Lambeth Rd

Chariots Vauxhall Rail Arches 63-64

Man Bar 82 Great Suffolk St

Chariots Waterloo 101 Lower Marsh

Pleasuredrome Arch 124 Cornwall Road Waterloo

City of Quebec 12 Old Quebec St

Portsea Sauna 2 Portsea Place

Comptons 53 Old Compton Street

Prowler Camden 283 Camden High St

Crash Nightclub Bondway Commercial Centre, 71 Bondway

Regulation 17a St. Albans Place

Duke of Wellington 94a Crawford Street

The Retro Bar 2 George Court

E15 Club 6 Leytonstone Rd

Richmond Arms 20 The Square, Princes St, Richmond

King Edward VI 25 Bromfield Street

ROB of London 24 Wells St

Ego (Southern Pride) 82 Norwood High St West Norwood

South Central 349 Kennington Lane

Expectations Ltd 75 Great Eastern St Fallen Angel 2 Markhouse Road Walthamstow

Star Steam 38 Lavender Hill Steamworks 309 New Cross Rd Substation South 9 Brighton Terrace

The Locker Room 8, Cleaver St The Two Brewers 114, Clapham High St The Yard 57 Rupert Street Soho

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