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June 2008

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Dublin LGBTQ Pride Festival

EuroPride 2008 Clean Group

Getting The Best Out of Life The Allure of Oaxaca

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Terry W. Self

Mr Gay Europe 2008

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No 25

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Dublin LGBTQ Pride Festival


EuroPride 2008 Clean Group


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Call to Defend Gay Asylum Seekers Whose Lives Are at Risk

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Becomes the Norm: Managing Sexless Gay Relationships

Pride Festival June 13 to 22nd 2008

Pride ‘08 will mark the anniversary of Dublin’s 25th Pride Parade. Festival line-up We promise to kick off the ten days with a bang, at an 80s launch night in The George on Fri 13th June! Regular pride-goers can count on favourite nights like “Dyke Night” and the Postparade Party Night on Sat 21st June. This year includes the Pride Ceili, an informal gathering of traditional Irish musicians and music lovers, enjoying an ‘Irish Pride’ atmosphere in Temple Bar at the heart of the city. Something for everyone is guaranteed throughout the festival, whether it’s the “Singersongwriter Night, the Pyjama Party or the International night, we hope there’ll be something to keep everyone happy! Why “Gay Pride”? The reason to celebrate Gay Pride is often quite a personal one for everyone involved, from the participants to the organisers. Dublin Pride Ltd believe that Pride celebrations are important for


22 Pics by Terry W. Self Health & Fitness

34 The “Forward Bridge’ or

“Plank” The appearance, mention or likeness of any person or organisation in editorial or advertising in no way suggests sexual or political orientation. Photographs used to illustrate editorial do not depict the real lives, behaviour, or sexuality of the models. Submissions of text, photographs or any other material will be taken as consent to publish said material. No part of the magazine may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Opinions expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of the publishers.


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remembrance, most obviously the Stonewall Riots, but we also hold a Ceremony of Love and Remembrance as part of the festival itself. This is to remember people from the community who have passed-on and to give friends and family an opportunity to celebrate the lives of those who would have normally been with us for Pride in previous years. For the Irish gay community celebrating Pride is also a chance to increase awareness; though various laws and attitudes of society have changed, there are still many issues which need to be addressed. Pride is a medium to present the nation with a message, whether it is on homophobic bullying in schools, partnership rights or the welfare of the gay family. Although we are adamant that Pride should no longer be a political march, it is a chance to show the general public that the gay community is diverse and it is an opportunity for family, friends, neighbours and workmates to support gay people in their lives and enjoy the festival. Dublin Pride Ltd also feel that Pride is an opportunity to educate the younger members of the community on the pioneers who strove to change attitudes and conditions for gay people and the progress that has

been made, of which they may be otherwise unaware. Dublin’s Gay Scene The gay scene in Dublin is a direct reflection of Dublin’s most famous and possibly infamous characteristics, but concentrated within a smaller community. With Dublin boasting a mix of nationalities and cultures, the gay scene is no different and hosts a variety of ages, orientations, genders and interests. Perhaps one of the things, of which we can be most proud, is our Irish hospitality and atmosphere, and there is nothing more warming or welcoming than experiencing this as part of the gay scene. Even at our largest and busiest pubs and clubs the scene always retains this sense of ‘going to your local’ even though, like the Pride festival itself, it is rapidly growing. H

See page 33 for a list of Dublin Pride events. 3

EuroPride 2008 Clean Group



The Clean Group is presenting a EuroPride 2008 Program

Sat, 26 Jul: CLEAN Fri, 1 Aug: Mr Gay Sweden 2008 Sat, 2 Aug: Salvation Sat, 2 Aug: Gina/Girls club Sun, 3 Aug: Barcelona Love CLEAN With powerful house beats from Barcelona, Clean has become one of the best house clubs in Stockholm. With some of the best Dj’s in Stockholm, Clean has a troop of dancers (The Sparkling Crew), that contains around 40 dancers. The leader of the troop, Juan-Pedro, is in charge to make the dancers do their best to entertain, Clean invites you to a unforgetable experience.

MR GAY SWEDEN Once a year there is one person who will have the honor of representing the Swedish gay men by carrying the title Mr Gay Sweden for a year. This arrangement starts with applications, which from a jury choose nine finalists from.

These nine finalists will compete in the contest Mr Gay Sweden which are held in Stockholm during the Stockholm Pride festival. A selected jury will, during the party, will choose a worthy winner of this desirable title. The winner gains the price of the title Mr Gay Sweden, and also his ticket to the big European Mr Gay Europe contest. The winner also gets nice prizes from our partners and an amount money. This year the host of Mr Gay Sweden 2008 is Jean-Pierre Barda & Eva Nazemson. Mr Gay Sweden is the biggest and most popular event during the whole year.

SALVATION / STOCKHOLM Salvation has expanded to worldwide recognition, through regular parties in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Brussels, as well as new journeys into Stockholm, Madrid, Milan, Lausanne, Zurich, Tel Aviv and Asia. The second Asia tour will take-in Jakarta, Manila, Bali, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Taipei this Summer. The music of Salvation has proved popular around the globe with each new Salvation event attracting capacity crowds. With its worldwide reputation of delivering quality productions and cutting edge sounds by its stable of internationally famous DJ stars, Salvation continues to attract loyal fans and tasteful music lovers the world over. CLUB GINA Gina is a club for lesbian girls and their friends. We want to create a new hot club for all the girls out there. A club that makes you want to dress up, have fun and dance all night with new and old friends. We don’t want to exclude men, but Club GINA is mainly a club for girls. H 4



The Countdown Has Started! With only 45 days to go the Hungarian capital is getting ready for Mr Gay Europe 2008 – 2nd-6th July his year Budapest Pride and the MGE final is taking place at the same time, so the city is in for some fabulous parties! The executive producer for the event in Budapest, Mr. Adam Webb is on top of it all! This year’s MGE venue will be at the Copacabana Beach at Margitszget, or Margit Island, in the middle of the majestic Danube, tells The Executive Producer of the International finals in Budapest, Mr. Adam Webb. He and his co-producer Robert Tristan Szelei are set to not only repeat, but to top last year’s wonderful event. Upon arrival the Delegates will receive their Budapest Welcome bags with traditional Hungarian gifts, books, samples of special drinks and food, a special MGE souvenir program etc. The whole MGE delegation with be staying at the classy Ramada hotel. If you want to stay at the same hotel as the Delegates you really should book your room now! As a part of the MGE philosophy two and two Delegates will share rooms. The Delegate will be spread out in the different rooms in such manners that different cultures and languages meet. All of the Delegates will be asked to bring a small gift from back home as sign of friendship towards their roommate. This friendship program has been one of the MGE’s biggest success stories in their four year history. Many of the previous Delegates still stay in touch and has visited each other in their respective countries. One of the Delegates will go back home with a bit more than a gift bag.


Mr. Gay Norway (No 1 Talent), Mr. Gay Germany (Mr. Gay Europe 2007 and Mr. Gay Swim Wear 2007), Mr. Gay Slovenia (Mr. Gay Congeniality 2007) and Mr. Gay Netherlands (People’s Choice 2007)

Mr. Webb tells us that the prizes are fabulous. The new Mr. Gay Europe will among others things receive a modeling contract and portfolio, clothes from famous designers and a trip to Canada for the Gay Whistler Winter Pride 2009! There will be an international jury consisting of seven members from all over the world. The list of jurors is to be made public closer to the event. The program for the whole week is to be released later this month. Last year the Delegates took part in a seminar were they discusses their own stand on gay rights, both from a personal point of view, but also regarding the situation in their own countries. This was such a great success that the Mr. Gay Organization in Oslo has asked Budapest to arrange this kind of seminar once again. As always there will be a swimwear

competition and a talent competition. This year the talent show also counts in the race for the places in the final. Mr. Jackson Netto, this year’s Mr. Gay Europe will of course be present and hand over the crown to the new title holder. The nightclub Bohemian Alibi and Change the World Production is this year’s main sponsors. Desire Dubonet (photo, left) is the owner and manager of both companies, and she is looking forward to once again welcome the finest of Europe gay men to an eventful week in the pearl of Danube. Ms. Dubonet says: “Gay right is also human rights, and this competition is a good way of showing the world that we are all different and unique individuals with hopes, dreams and causes that we want to fight for.” H

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Call to Defend Gay Asylum Seekers Whose Lives Are at Risk by UK Gay News

he desperate plight of LGBT asylum seekers will be explored in a panel discussion organised by The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) on Friday. Some gay people who are returned to their country of origin may face persecution, imprisonment or even death. The discussion aims to find ways for politicians, campaigners and supporters to support these victims of persecution. The meeting, which is open to the public, will take place at the Amnesty International Human Rights Centre in London and will be GALHA’s contribution to the International Day against Homophobia which takes place the following day on May 17. Members of the panel are S.Chelvan (barrister representing UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group), Nigel Warner (ILGA-Europe), Martin Lunnon (Amnesty



The discussion aims to find ways for politicians, campaigners and supporters to support these victims of persecution.

International), Peter Tatchell (human rights activist) and Kizza Musinguzi (asylum seeker). After panel members have given their own perspective, there will be plenty of time for audience discussion and comment. Secretary of GALHA, David Christmas said that his members, like many others in the gay community, are very concerned that gay people should be sent back to countries where the death penalty is in force for homosexuality. “We must stand with them,” said Mr Christmas. “Their plight could one day be our plight, and I’m sure

none of us would want to be left alone and unsupported in such a frightening situation. “This terrible persecution is often justified by religious teachings and dogma, and we hope the discussion at this meeting will clarify some of the issues, and point to ways in which change can occur.” H



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Getting The Best Out of Life It’s not difficult to get one’s mind into a state of flux and allow it to play havoc with our own mental state.

! by John Rushton, The life Alchemist

t we are not careful we can idly look at life and wonder to ourselves “what does it all mean”, and from there onwards juggle in our minds all the things we would like to have but haven’t, all the things we have but they don’t mean a great deal to us, and all the things we would like to happen to make us ‘just that bit better. It can be a very sobering moment, we can compare ourselves to others, look to see what others are doing or where they are going or just simply see that they are either happier than we are or perhaps not quite as happy the case may be. It’s not difficult to get one’s mind into a state of flux and allow it to play havoc with our own mental state. After all it’s a life we are living and we all want the best that it can offer us in realistic circumstances, it’s no use living in fantasy land as we are only fooling ourselves and putting off the day of eventuality when it all comes crashing down in a big ‘reality check’. But is there anything we can do to help us move up a peg or two in life and attain a better life, or is it really ‘all in our head’, and on a wish list as opposed to a to-do list. Some people go through life relatively unsatisfied, whilst others seem to coast by, going here and there, enjoying the company of good


friends, and altogether just ‘hitting the mark’ when it comes to personal enjoyment. And whether they are in a relationship or not, they always get over the hurdles that are thrown at them with relative ease or seemingly relative ease. So why can’t others seem to do this and just get on and enjoy life and stop talking about enjoying it? Attitude is a big factor in how we perceive life, if we think we are disadvantaged because we haven’t got enough money, or are not in a relationship, or are overweight, or our car isn’t the latest version, or whatever it may be, then we can literally put ourselves down and into a position of ‘lowness’ that affects everything we do. It not only affects us it affects others too as they subliminally pick up what we give out. The way we talk and our whole manner reflects the inner us, so whether we like it or not, if others steer clear of us it’s because there’s something just not hitting the mark in life. Living media hype is also a way of losing control to what others think as opposed to who you are. If we need to wear the latest trainers or the latest “shades” etc, to look cool then we are by default creatures of others design and show that we feel the need to follow because we are ‘lesser’

people if we don’t. All of this is totally stupid, yet many actually do it and it consumes their inner thoughts constantly. “Street cred” is for the dumb and sub normal who haven’t an identity of their own, so they follow others to try and gain a collective image, one that others who have a mind of their own can’t abide and steer clear of. Hence the “street cred” brigade are usually losers in life. Many people lose out in life as they see success as a material thing, which is often the outward appearance of anyone doing well. It could also be a sign of those who are in big debt trying to achieve what they really can’t afford. But in reality, happiness and love are free, they don’t cost anything and where both of these two qualities thrive outside of thoughts of material possessions and showing off, negativity just doesn’t exist. Over 99% of people you ever meet don’t have any bearing on your life, they don’t give you money or pay your rent, car, phone, clothes, food and all the rest, so showing off to them is futile. It may perhaps fuel your lack in self esteem or boost your ego but it’s a rather silly and worthless thing to do and has no benefits other than people mistake you for who you are not, and when they find out who you are you’re back to square one, but

with big bills and nothing to show for it either, except re-invent your deflated self esteem and possibly ego. Defining what we really want or more pertinently need is vitally important, as that will become what we ultimately will strive for, but not at the expense of everything else in life. So many people put relationships at the top of their list and in their desperate plight to find a ‘mate’ they become self obsessed and actually

frighten away all potential suitors whilst at the same time just living as if it’s a means to an end. It doesn’t end their either, once a partner is found and the initial ‘bliss’ has worn off then another topic heads the list of things to attain next, thus putting life into a perpetual struggle mode, all of which will elude the ‘happiness trail’ and all that comes with it. We can only live our lives, no one else’s, we need to be self assured that

those things that are currently out of reach may always be so, but if any of them become available for whatever reason then it’s icing on the cake. There are however, just so many things that are within our reach no matter what level we reside upon that can give us happiness, fun, laughter, camaraderie, hope, love, togetherness, friendship, purpose, meaning and all the other positive things that humans enjoy with

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likeminded souls and which are essential to stability. Having that inner void in the pit of your stomach is a key pointer to all the things you are not doing, and not to the things you are doing. The “keeping up appearances” aspect is fine unless it’s harbouring empty dreams and a hollow life. Of course the lamest way out is the use of excuses. We can talk ourselves into a “no way out” situation, and we can give our friends 100’s of excuses as to why things aren’t what they should be because of various circumstances. Either way we feel smug at the fact that we in all honesty have to do nothing to improve our life because it’s beyond our control. We have given the authority of why we are as we are to excuses so unless a miracle happens (and you have to believe for that to happen successfully) then you have tied yourself down to a failure mentality. Not very smart, but hey it’s your life, your decision and only you can blame yourself if the truth be known. Everyone has to live within certain conditions and parameters but with a little push and effort here and

there boundaries can be changed and options utilised and openings entered into and opportunities taken advantage of, but as all that requires actual work, many chose the excuse route, until they realise it’s far too late to do anything else, and they’ve lost the plot anyway. Distinguishing between ego, jealousy, greed and avariciousness and what really matters in life is important, if vanity is your God then you’ve not much to go on in life as it will always elude you especially as time ticks by. If keeping up with others or fashion is your thing, then it’s never going to end. If your wish list is miles long, then you’re in for a long slog and a tedious one at that. The best place to be is in your own skin, that’s where you come from and that’s what you die in too. So the inbetween bit is down to you. Look at life well and it will be generally favourable, look at it coldly and cold it will decide to be. After all, you are the only one who can decide the life you live, even if you’ve given away your decisions it’s a choice you made, so the ball’s in your court at all times. Can’t get away from it.

Be compassionate to yourself and others, allow them to be as they are, and others will warm to you just the way you are too, if they don’t what are you doing around them? Just allow good things to come into your life, cast off the ‘not so good things’ and enjoy just where you are, right here and now. See the bigger picture and it will show you just what narrow minds are missing, don’t be one of the ‘fall outs’ in life, be an over-comer with a positive attitude. H

Hair loss is now optional… if you choose

The life Alchemist © 2008 John Rushton. One in a series of topics on emotions.

John Rushton, writer, broadcaster, author and lecturer, runs seminars around the world and helps those in transition for multi-national companies, top corporate ‘movers and shakers’, celebrities and sports personalities and those that just need to ‘get on’ with life, here and now.

Photo ©Mircea Netea |



n o i t c e l f Re



by Stephen J. Lucin

tanding atop the ancient Athenian Acropolis, following a set of push-ups under the scorching Mediterranean sun, the man – sweaty and shirtless – rested his left arm comfortably against a fallen limestone ruin of the Parthenon. He then, with whatever strength remained, raised his right arm to block the glare of the blinding sun in order to soak in the view of the modern city below. To himself, the man was nothing more than a man; tired and weakened from a long climb and short workout that allowed him to stay in shape while vacationing away from the comfort of his home gym. As a man, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and maintained the shade from the glaring sun. But to the tourists standing next to him, the man was more than a simple man. To them, he was a hardened mound of defined muscle, a presence non-human and as tough as the marble pillars of the Parthenon itself. He was the living replica of the God of all Gods; an ancient mythical being believed to be the ruler of Mount Olympus. “Oh my God!” the bystanders exclaimed. “Zeus is alive!” Taken out of his trance, and momentarily removed from his exhaustion, New York entrepreneur Ken Hunt looked over at the bystanders and cracked a friendly smile from his well-defined jawbone as they stood admiring his body. Ken adjusted his pose against the ancient ruins and thought about the words he had just heard, those which referenced his masculine physique.

The words would stay with him for the remainder of the afternoon, but would not unfold in meaning until later that evening. For the time being, however, Ken, or Zeus as he had appropriately been dubbed, maintained his posture against the ancient stone and looked back down towards the modern civilization below. To the bystanders, Ken still appeared to them as the god Zeus, standing firmly at his post atop Mt. Olympus, which, in this instance, was the Acropolis. Later in the afternoon, more towards the hours of early evening, and following his return to the cruise ship that whisked him away from his bustling city life in New York and onto a more relaxed vacation in Greece, Ken readied himself for “a night on the town.” Because it was later on in the evening, Ken’s first goal was to take a shower following his exhaustive, yet reflective afternoon among the ancient ruins of the Acropolis. He walked into his cabin’s washroom and adjusted the shower’s water handle to a moderately warm setting. While removing what little clothing he wore – all due to the extremely hot temperatures from the afternoon – Ken caught a glimpse of his upper body reflecting back at him from the mirror that stood on the wall before him. He noticed something he had never noticed before, a person he had seen everyday yet had never come to know up until that one single moment. As he stood in awe of his own physique, staring there, at that moment, into the mirror, he heard the words of the bystanders resounding over and over again. “Oh my God!” he heard, faintly. “Zeus is alive!”



“Oh my God,” he heard again, faintly. “Zeus is alive.” It was then, at that exact instant, that Ken was able to acknowledge the physical transformation that had taken its course from the many years of consistent weight training. He looked at himself, and examined closely the various muscular definition in the many parts of his upper body, from his pectorals down to his hips, which had become mounds of muscle and which had given Ken the look of the ancient Greek god Zeus. And then he heard it again, only louder this time, “Oh my God! Zeus is alive!” From his experience, Ken shattered the notion that men are not oftentimes destined to recognize their own reflection – even if that reflection has been looking back at them for years; the notion that few men have ever been able to notice such an image set before them. Common knowledge has illustrated what has happened to men who, in the past, recognized their own reflections, even if they were only characters in a play. Shakespeare’s King Richard II smashed the mirror in which he looked, and then stormed out of the palace in a wild panic. But Ken’s experience was a bit more uplifting. He realized that all of his hard work, all of the time he had spent taking care of his body, that all of that paid off and brought him to the goal he sought to reach way back when he was a young boy finding inspiration in his own father’s words, “to work out and to take the best care possible of your own body.” Ken’s father was a very physically active man, one who was a natural, allaround athlete. He always encouraged Ken to work out, and to get involved in sports. And though Ken resisted until he graduated college, he soon began to appreciate exactly what it meant to take care of oneself. From his personal realization in Athens, Ken acknowledged to himself that “it’s finally come together.” It had taken him years to achieve the goal, but he had finally done it! And at that moment, he thought about the goal he would set for the coming year. Once he set his goal, Ken returned to New York from his European cruise and Greek experience determined to accomplish his newest resolutions

just as he had his past. And as the owner of his own gym, Steel Gym, he would be able to much easily reach and stick to his goal of maintaining and building upon the body he has worked towards for so many years. In the last year, he had not only become an entrepreneur, one who would one day celebrate the two-year anniversary of owning his own gym, or in looking to expand his reach in various other business endeavors, he has also taken on more challenging personal goals and reached them, too. But Ken has a lot to be proud of, especially as the owner of New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood workout mecca, Steel Gym, where he has seen much success in his business and in his personal goals. Through Steel Gym, Ken has helped countless others to reach their fitness potential. He even has the gym lined with mirrors, which allows clients to look at themselves and watch as their own personal transformations take place. The irony is yet to be determined intentional or not. Regardless, Ken has created a space where New Yorkers can go to do their workouts without feeling uncomfortable. Steel Gym allows clients to bring in their own, personally hired trainers to help them with their own workout routines, or to work out on their own. Famed bodybuilder Victor Martinez has even referred to Steel Gym as “the last real gym in New York.” And according to the American Fitness Institute’s 2007 Gym Survey, Steel Gym recently earned a perfect “10” rating for cost, cleanliness, equipment and service. Ken Hunt has since been dubbed “Mr. Incredible” because of his physique, his eagerness to help others reach personal fitness goals, but also because of his giving heart, from which he extends help and resources to various non-profits such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Fund and Help Is On The Way, a charity for children born with or living with AIDS. All in all, Ken is looked upon as a role model to the many people in his life, both personally and professionally, and will continue to inspire people throughout his life. H Steel Gym is located at 146 W 23rd Street (btw 6th and 7th aves) in New York, New York, USA. For more info, please visit or call (212) 352-9876.


TheAllure of Oaxaca,Mexico


Oaxaca, Mexico and it’s attractions. Yes, it’s gay - friendly, and more. by Alvin Starkman

or years I’ve been trying to convince my friend Harvey to come to Oaxaca with his spouse. His response has always been the same: Why should I vacation in Mexico, with its less than stellar reputation regarding civil rights violations against gays? And my retort has similarly been consistent: As long as you keep your nose clean and are not into conduct which would, even in Canada and the U.S. attract the attention of authorities and homophobes, gay men and women should undoubtedly have one of the most culturally rich and diverse vacation experiences imaginable. Oaxaca (wa-HAW-ka), the capital of one of Mexico’s southernmost states of the same name, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting world renowned cuisine, an impressive array of galleries, museums and colonial churches, a plethora of pre-Hispanic ruins, colorful marketplaces, fascinating craft villages, as well as more off-the-beaten-track sights. Relative to the ex-patriot population as a whole, Oaxaca has an overrepresentation of gays, both singles and couples, who wouldn’t consider living anywhere else: Aside from the offerings in the city and surrounding central valleys, there are the Pacific beach resorts of Huatulco, Puerto Escondido and numerous smaller more secluded havens, easily accessible by car, bus, or a 35 minute


plane ride from the city. Oaxaca’s restaurants range from hole-in-the-wall eateries serving the famous moles, to relatively upscale yet unassuming bistro-style haunts with live music and in some instances fusion cuisine, to white linen restaurants run by chefs who have plied their artistry in New York and Chicago, returning to southern Mexico because of its slower pace, and an opportunity to experiment with and refine the use of unique herbs, spices and flavor combinations. The city is a mecca for artists from all over the world. There are at least 60 galleries, as well as workshops offering courses at all levels. Its school of fine arts is respected throughout the country. The Museo de Pintores Oaxaqueños regularly holds fine art auctions to benefit a variety of worthy local charities. And of course there are many other museums such as the Oaxaca Museum of Contemporary Art, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center, and my favorite, the Rufino Tamayo Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art. Cultural events abound both on a fixed weekly schedule such as different bands playing in the zócalo (arguably the nation’s most colorful and lively main square), as well as visiting musicians and dance troupes from across the globe. But to truly experience the magic of Oaxaca, it’s best to get out of the city proper for a couple of days, exploring

the countryside either with a private guide or cab driver, on a tour bus, or by availing yourself of the extensive and safe public transportation system. Spend a weekday doing the following village route. Begin with a black pottery demonstration in San Bartolo Coyotepec, at Doña Rosa’s, where you can also select from a broad range of ceramics to match any home décor, be it contemporary, modern or with a developing Latin influence. A half-mile down the road is Santa María Coyotepec, home to the ranch, museum and research station dedicated to cochineal, the minute insect which feeds off the nopal cactus, is harvested, dried and then used as a brilliant red, orange and purple dye. In the 1700s Oaxaca was the world leader in production of the natural dye, exporting more than 1.5 million pounds to Europe, Asia and Africa, in 1758 alone. Cochineal is still used in today’s manufacture of makeup, lipstick, Danone yoghurt, Campbell soup and Campari. In its heyday, next to gold and silver it was the world’s most valuable commodity. Next you’re off to San Martín Tilcajete, a village where alebrijes (hand-carved and brilliantly painted fanciful wooden figures) are produced in predominantly small, primitive household workshops. Then there’s Santo Tomás Jalieza where you’ll see women working on the ancient backstrap loom making cotton textiles such

LIFESTYLE as tablecloths and runners, napkins and placemats, bedspreads and more. The open air restaurant, Azucena Zapoteca enables you to indulge in typical regional food in a relaxed and friendly environment. The adjoining gallery has some of the best quality crafts you’ll find anywhere in Mexico. In Ocotlán you’ll visit the workshops of the Aguilar sisters, crafters of clay painted figures with strong religious, sexual, creationist, or indigenous imagery. The third generation knife and cutlery workshop of their cousin Ángel Aguilar is a short distance down the road. See a fascinating demonstration of the centuries old Spanish technique of hand-forging recycled metals in an old stone and clay hearth. Have a hunting knife or cake serving set engraved while you wait, with your surname and perhaps a short limerick. In the town square you’ll marvel at the building-long mural, painted in fresco by one of Oaxaca’s native sons, the late Rodolfo Morales. Conclude the day with a visit to the large traditional courtyard-style home where he spent the last few years of his life. And if you’re still up for it, a final stop before heading back to the city is the magnificent 16th century monastery at Cuilapam. On the weekend, Sunday provides the best opportunity to visit sights. First you’re off to El Tule, purportedly the largest tree in the world. Then to the 16th century Dominican church at Tlacochuhuaya, known for the vast amount of remaining original painting done by Zapotec natives, and the spectacular 17th century German organ on the second floor, accessible by a narrow winding set of stone stairs. Your trip wouldn’t be complete without stopping a few miles down the highway at the rug village of Teotitlán del Valle where you’ll have an opportunity to witness a family at various stages of rug production… from carding raw wool, to its spinning, then dying in large vats using the cochineal bug as well as vegetable dyes, and then finally the weaving of intricate designs, from memory, on large pine looms. Continuing along the highway you’ll stop at a mezcal factory for tasting and a demonstration of the centuries old methods used for making Oaxaca’s state drink, starting with barbequing the agave plant in an in-ground oven, then pulverizing it

Photo © Carlos Sanchez Pereyra |


using a horse pulling a Santo Domingo multi-ton circular stone, Catholic church in followed by natural Oaxaca fermentation in wooden barrels. The mash is then distilled using copper serpentine tubing and a firewood fueled brick oven. The finished product is then imbibed in its purest form, or after having been aged in oak, flavored with the gusano worm, or infused with select local herbs or fruits. The largest and best laid-out market day town in the region is at Tlacolula every Sunday. No need to attend any other market once you’ve been here. You’ll be fascinated and intrigued. It’s frequented by tourists seeking handicrafts, but more importantly the vast majority of attendees are locals from the surrounding towns and 2 large poolings of water fed by and villages who shop for all their bubbling springs, suitable for a worldly needs in the marketplace … refreshing swim. soak up all the colors, smells, sounds So Harvey and Morty, with all of and above all pageantry. If you’re this to keep you enraptured, I suppose concerned about eating BBQ chicken your only other excuse can be: “Yes, off the parrilla before heading off, but what about finding gay-friendly there’s a quaint restaurant down the hotels?” The Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast road offering freshly grilled meats, Association www.oaxacbedandsalads and of course moles. provides a diverse Finally, at Mitla you’re off to the range of quaint, clean and extremely ruin and craft marketplace, the latter accommodating guest houses ranging known for the best prices and from about $40 to $100 a night per diversity of products in the area such couple. And a much more complete as dresses, skirts and blouses, as well catalogue of city activities is found at as many of the handicrafts you’ve H already seen being made in the villages. The ruin is quite different from Monte Albán (the largest and most well-known ruin in the state), Alvin Starkman received his and therefore those with a particular Masters in Social Anthropology in interest in the region’s archaeological 1978. After teaching for a few record should not miss a visit. Time years he attended Osgoode Hall permitting, on the way back to Oaxaca Law School in Toronto, thereafter you can take in the ruin at Yagul, embarking upon a successful known for the second largest ballcourt career as a litigator until taking in Mesoamerica, its tomb, a labyrinth, early retirement in 2004. Alvin and a fortress up on a mountain now resides in Oaxaca where he precipice accessible only by hiking. writes, leads small group tours to The view from the top is breathtaking. the craft villages, markets, ruins If ruins simply aren’t your cup of and other sites, is a consultant to tea, then you can complete the day by documentary film production continuing your drive up into the companies, and operates Casa mountains and visiting Hierve el Agua, Machaya Oaxaca Bed & Breakfast: with its petrified mineral “waterfalls” Photo © Richard Gunion |




When ‘Not Tonight, Honey’ Becomes the Norm: Managing Sexless Gay Relationships “Not tonight, honey. I have a headache” is the well-known slogan attributed stereotypically to women who lack desire to have sex with their husbands. by Brian Rzepczynski

he slogan itself is intended to be a tongue-in-cheek joke at the expense of couples with discrepant sex drives, but the situation is actually no laughing matter. A large portion of intimate partners struggle on a daily basis with incompatible desires to have sex and it can create serious problems in relationships. And yes, there is a clinical term for this scenario…it’s called inhibited sexual desire. The urge to be sexually intimate with one’s partner waxes and wanes all the time throughout the course of a relationship; no two individuals in a couple can be expected to be in-sync sexually in every instance. It’s when sexual overtures are denied on a consistent basis and the relationship becomes devoid of any erotic or sexual fulfillment that trouble can start to brew. It tends to be more common that one partner desires the contact while the other distances and refuses participation in sexual activity. It’s not just women who are popularly believed to kiss their partner goodnight and roll over to go to sleep right away after declining a seductive invitation for a hot lovemaking session. Men are also affected by inhibited sexual desire. In our society, men are viewed as being


driven by their libidos; gay male culture in particular reinforces the image of gay men as being “sexual hounds” who can’t get enough sex and are constantly thinking about their next lay. That’s what makes this situation so difficult. As men, we are socialized to link our masculinity with sexual prowess and experience. When a man lacks a sexual outlet when he’s in a relationship, this can negatively affect his self-esteem and identity...not to mention his mood. For two men in a gay relationship, the issues are compounded. This article is prompted by the increase in letters and client presenting issues surrounding this topic I’ve encountered in both my therapy and coaching practices lately. It is hoped to give you a broader understanding of the dynamics involved in sex drive-discrepant relationships (Part 1) and how you can best manage and negotiate these differences to enhance your relationship and breed more sexual compatibility and satisfaction (Part 2). The Faces of Inhibited Sexual Desire You’ve dated for years, wondering if the day would ever come that you’d meet your Mr. Right and build a

lasting, satisfying relationship with him that would enrich your life and meet your needs for companionship, security, affection, and sexual gratification. Then, after one crushing dating disappointment after the next, you finally meet him and the planets all seem to be aligned. The courtship period proves to reinforce your conviction that this is truly a goodness-of-fit with your man and you decide to step things up to the next level and you identify yourselves as committed partners. Your relationship grows and matures and things seem to be going just as you had dreamed, when all of a sudden the unthinkable happens. Your partner no longer wants to have sex. He begins to distance and withdraw, avoiding any situations that could possibly become a prelude to sexual involvement. He declines your persistent requests for lovemaking and your discontent mounts as a rift begins to develop between the two of you. What is happening? Things used to be hot, so what’s going on? Is he cheating on me? Is he bored or doesn’t he find me attractive anymore? Isn’t being in a relationship an implicit understanding of being sexually intimate with each other? Everything else in the relationship is

great except this one department. And the questions, assumptions, and frustrations spiral and mount from there. This is just one example of multiple scenarios that can exist in relationships where partners have differing sex drives. The common scene in such relationships is that the higher-drive partner is far more troubled by the lack of sex, affection, and touch. He begins to feel rejected, frustrated, and dissatisfied. He typically reacts by pressing his partner for intimacy, who in turn feels pressured and throws up obstacles in the form of excuses and avoidances, creating conflicts to defuse attention away from sexual possibilities, or making direct statements of refusal. A pursuerdistancer pattern then ensues and power struggles over sex begin to define the relationship if not carefully dealt with, which can erode the couples’ trust and connection. Psychiatrist William L. Maurice has

identified three subtypes of inhibited sexual desire in men. Understanding which category your relationship typifies is important in pinpointing the specific types of strategies that would best help overcome the particular desire impediment. 1. Lifelong/generalized: the man has never been interested in any form of sexual activity throughout the course of his life in any type of setting. 2. Acquired/situational: Type 1= the man begins a relationship with sexual enthusiasm, but soon becomes disinterested in partner sex; he still remains interested in solo play, however (eg. masturbation, pornography, Internet sex chats, etc.); Type 2= the man is able to be sexual when there is no possibility of an intimate relationship and becomes disinterested with sex with those whom he feels close or an

attachment towards. 3. Acquired/generalized: Type 1= the man was once sexual, but he lost his desire due to medical problems; Type 2= the man is experiencing the effects of aging and andropause (“male menopause”) (Leiblum, 2007). Potential Causes of Libido Loss There is rarely a single factor that determines why a particular individual or couple is afflicted with low sexual interest and drive; the loss of libido usually accompanies a medical, psychological, relational, or other sexual issue that all interact with each other and the couple’s responses to them. Below is a listing of possible causes underlying inhibited sexual desire. If you and your partner are struggling with this issue in your relationship, take note of these factors in helping you assess what’s possibly missing or interfering

Photo © Kirill Zdorov |



LIFESTYLE with your sexual potential as a couple.

• •

• • • •

• • •

• • •

relationship problems; many bedroom issues result and are mirrored by conflicts and lack of fulfillment in other areas of the partnership intimacy issues; fears of closeness, vulnerability, connection other sexual concerns; problems with getting or maintaining erections commonly co-exist with inhibited sexual desire; sexual addiction religious and family upbringing if sex-negative teachings were instilled sexual or health difficulties in one’s partner or self/chronic illness and pain childhood sexual abuse or trauma mental health or substance abuse difficulties; depression and heavy alcohol use are big turn-on squashers!; stress, grief, boredom, fatigue infidelity and breaches of trust in the relationship inappropriate hormone levels (testosterone) the effects of aging (although don’t buy into the myths about older guys. While sexual functioning does tend to slightly decline with age, you can still be sexy, senior, and sexual until the end of the life span!) lack of attraction for one’s partner low self-esteem and confidence, body image issues medication side-effects; tranquilizers, antidepressants, and high blood pressure medications can all have adverse effects on sexual desire and arousal internalized homophobia and sexual identity struggles

As one can see, there are many different explanations for what may be going on and it is important not to jump to conclusions when difficulties arise. Keeping a clear head, a calm and centered mindset, and open communication can go a long way toward keeping your relationship on track and uncovering the core issues at play to eradicate. The Sex Drive & Long-Term Relationships It’s important to remember that most relationships in the very beginning

LIFESTYLE stages are characterized by a “honeymoon period” where sexual chemistry, passion, and intensity are at their strongest peak. This tends to decline as the relationship matures and is a normal phenomenon in the developmental course of any partnership. A diminished “spark” does not mean that you’re not meant to be together; while still remaining in the sexual domain, the “spark” also shifts to other components and priorities of the relationship that foster deeper intimacy and connection. When thinking about differing sex drives, it’s also important to realize that everyone has different sexual needs and they vary from high, medium, and low desires. The intensity of your sex drive is not a proper gauge for measuring satisfaction and compatibility with your partner. So rather than getting hung up on discrepant desire levels, what matters most is how and whether the two of you can accommodate each other’s variable needs. Instead of getting caught in vicious power struggles that will only serve to trap you further in the bind, recognize that it’s your attitude and how you deal with the differences that carry the most weight in a relationship’s adjustment to this problem. Conclusion In the next installment of this article series, coping strategies and tips will be offered on how to best deal with the perplexing issue of inhibited sexual desire. In the interim, use this time to take a careful assessment of what might be the causative factors for your unique situation and journal and talk about it with your partner. Which sexual desire subtype do you and your partner fit? Are there underlying issues or dynamics in your relationship that might be the real problem and is getting expressed through sexual disinterest? Have you noticed any patterns to the lack of desire (track these in a log)? Look for any particular situational, emotional, or behavioral triggers that might contribute to the decreased desire for sex with your partner. What would you like your sexual relationship with each other to look like? Create a vision. And most importantly, get a physical examination by your doctor to rule out any organic influences.

Sometimes inhibited desire can be a symptom of a medical issue that requires immediate treatment, such as diabetes or endocrine and thyroid issues. H Reference: Leiblum, Sandra (2007). Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy. New York: The Guilford Press. © 2008 Brian Rzepczynski, All Rights Reserved

Brian Rzepczynski, Certified Personal Life Coach, is The Gay Love Coach: “I work with gay men who are ready to create a road map that will lead them to find and build a lasting partnership with Mr. Right.” To sign up for the FREE Gay Love Coach Newsletter filled with dating and relationship tips and skills for gay singles and couples, as well as to check out current coaching groups, programs, and teleclasses, please visit:

Photo © Kirill Zdorov |





Pics by

AMIGO... a male nude in photographs published at using search word “AMIGO”.

Terry W. Self am a Toronto, Canada foto-artist. Having lived and worked in the city for years as a photographer, I have recently moved to the country. I have had my work published in magazines, books, calendars, greeting cards, TV, as stills in movies, etc. Now I am creating fine art images of the nude male and gardens using B&W film and making my own prints in my darkroom. These photographs are exhibited in art galleries and collected world-wide. Recently, some of my photos of my muse were published in the book “Blue Muse”, and my gardens book “On the Hill”. Latest book... AMIGO. I am using digital as well. These prints for collectors/art galleries are giclee using pigment inks on archival watercolour paper. I prefer to shoot in natural light, mainly outdoors in warm weather, working with athletic/muscular males. Much of my time is spent in the darkroom/lightroom or shooting in the warm tropical lands of Latin America during the cold winter months.


To meet someone and work with him over a period of six years has been exceptional and rewarding. I refer to him as my MUSE. The photographs in the book were made in Latin America at our house. It is there that I step back in time and we make photographs in the old declining courtyard, with its available light. Or, on a few occasions, we photograph along the coastline or in the countryside. He lives in a developing country, but is determined to keep his body in shape by going to workout every day. And although he has many obstacles to overcome, he always remains positive. His photographs reflect his hard work on his body and his outstanding ability to pose to show it. Proceeds from the book will be given to my muse. Often, other men want to be photographed and some of their images are in the book MEN FOTOS. (also at Blurb).

Photographs © Terry W. Self 22




Photographs Š Terry W. Self





Photographs Š Terry W. Self





Photographs Š Terry W. Self





Jon Barrett Named New Editor in Chief of The Advocate and Veteran journalist Jon Barrett will helm LGBT media’s publication of record, The Advocate and its online properties as its new Editor in Chief, here! Networks announced Friday. by Tracy E. Gilchrist

“Jon Barrett is a proven talent who brings with him experience, perspective, and passion.



“The Advocate has always mirrored the needs of its readership, whether that meant advancing the explosive push for civil rights in the 1960s, documenting the heady liberation of the 1970s, or assuming the serious—and necessary—mantle of newsmagazine in the 1980s and ‘90s,” Barrett said. Barret will fill the position currently held by Anne Stockwell, who after 15 years in a leadership role at The Advocate—including overseeing its redesign and the 40th Anniversary issue—has resigned to pursue new opportunities. But Stockwell will continue to contribute to the magazine as Editor at Large, as well as penning features for its fellow publications, Out and Out Traveler.

“Jon Barrett is a proven talent who brings with him experience, perspective, and passion. I look forward to working together,” said Editorial Director of The Advocate and Out, Aaron Hicklin. “In these extraordinary times for the LGBT community, I can’t think of a better steward for a magazine that continues to chronicle, and advance, our struggle for equality,” Hicklin said. Beyond his magazine work, Barrett wrote 2002’s Hero of Flight 93: Mark Bingham, from Alyson Books, and worked as a writing collaborator on Evan Wolfson’s Why Marriage Matters, published by Simon & Schuster in 2004. “What it means to be a member of the LGBT community continues to evolve, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to carry on with Anne Stockwell’s incredible work, ensuring that The Advocate and are in step with—and ahead of—these changes,” Barrett said. H

Give us a hand... To better inform and entertain our community we need your support.

For every new advertiser HORIZON will donate £20 to the Terrence Higgins Trust Call us on +44 (0)20 7034 7019 or send us an email to

Photo © Mike Thomas |

arrett, formerly The Advocate’s Senior News Editor from 1997-2003, will step into the Editor in Chief position upon here! Networks final purchase of LPI Media properties from PlanetOut Inc. “Over the past 40 years The Advocate has become the publication of record for the LGBT community,” said Paul Colichman and Stephen P. Jarchow, CEO and Chairman of here! Networks, respectively. “We are thrilled that Jon Barrett will bring his talent to this important brand and continue the historic tradition of The Advocate. Barrett will provide the magazine with a provocative new perspective around the critical issues affecting the lives of the LGBT community as well as expand into a definitive, daily online news source.” A journalist with 15-plus years in the business, Barrett has acted as Features Director at O at Home, a Hearst publication, Oprah Magazine and most recently he filled the Assistant Editor position at the Windy City Times, Chicago’s leading LGBT weekly newspaper. Barrett’s lengthy resume also includes turns as Senior Editor for Cargo, a Conde Nast publication, and as Senior Editor at Time Inc.’s Real Simple.


Lesbian Icon Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard Call it Quits


Lesbian icon Jodie Foster and her lady friend Cydney Bernard have called it quits after 14 years. by Tracy E. Gilchrist

ust six months after Foster, 45, publicly acknowledged her relationship by thanking her “beautiful Cydney” at an awards ceremony last December, the power couple has supposedly split, according to the National Enquirer. “Jodie’s break up with Cydney is shocking. She and Cydney have been together for so many years and have two children together – the potential fallout and legal wrangling from this could be monumental,” a source told the Enquirer. After years of speculation, Foster finally acknowledged her hush, hush relationship with Bernard, 54, at the Women in Entertainment Breakfast when she thanked “my beautiful Cydney, who sticks by me through all the rotten and the bliss.”


Since Foster and Bernard hit it off on the set Foster’s 1993 film, Sommersby, they’ve led a quiet life, raising two sons, Charlie, 9, and Kit, 6, together. While the two-time Academy

Award winner for The Accused and Silence of the Lambs, refused for years to speak publicly about her private life with Bernard, the couple has worn matching Tiffany eternity rings on their wedding ring fingers for several years, The Daily Mail reported. Fiercely protective of her private life, Foster has forgone hiring household staff for fear her private life would be leaked to the public, The Daily Mail alleged, adding that she refuses to answer the telephone or to carry a mobile phone. Besides protecting her children and her personal life with Bernard, Foster has attempted to remain out of the public eye since 1981 when John Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan to get her attention. H


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Dublin LGBTQ Pride 2008 Events FRIDAY 13th JUNE D u b l i n P r i d e 2 0 0 8 L a u n c h P a rt y Official Launch Party of the 2008 Dublin Pride Festival. Web: Bingham Cup 2008 (BC08) The Bingham Cup 2008. The international gay rugby world cup, starts in Dublin City University Campus. SATURDAY 14th JUNE We t N ’ Wi l d Vi k i n g S p l a s h An unforgettable journey around Dublin by land and water in our vintage WWII amphibious vehicles, the Duks. Be in plenty of time as seats run out fast V e n u e : St. Stephen’s Green Ti m e : 2pm A d m i s s i o n : Adults €10 | Childern €5 Web: SUNDAY 15th JUNE F a m i l y S p o rt s D a y i n t h e P a r k Join us for a family picnic (Bring your own picnic), where there’ll be fun and games for all the family with the Phoenix Tigers and the Dublin Devils FC on the football pitches by the Cross. V e n u e : Phoenix Park Football Pitches By The Papal Cross Ti m e : 1pm - 4pm A d m i s s i o n : Free Web: MONDAY 16th JUNE C e re m o n y O f L o v e & Remembrance A gathering at the Pride Memory Tree, an informal candle-lit ceremony in remembrance of those we’ve loved and lost. V e n u e : Millennium Peace Garden Ti m e : 7.30pm A d m i s s i o n : Free Pride Unplugged Lay back and relax as Paul Ryder, Adam Mathews, Dean Roberts Murphy, Conor O’Hara sing a host of different songs, from Old to New, Classic to Original. V e n u e : The Front Lounge Ti m e : 9.30pm - Late

A d m i s s i o n : Free

Ti m e : 9pm A d m i s s i o n : Free


Dublin Pride Parade 2008 Join us from 1pm for some Preparade entertainment for all ages. Don’t forget your banners, flags, costumes and umbrellas! Parade starts at 2.15pm V e n u e : Parnell Sq North, D1 Ti m e : Moving off @2.15pm

Bedknobs & Pillow Cases T h e P r i d e P y j a m a P a rt y Have you ever been out for a good night, but felt your jeans were too tight or the collar on your shirt too stiff and thought to yourself, ‘in my pyjamas I would love to be’? Well now you can, at the Dragon pyjama party for all to see! On the dance floor we’ll have some fun, tell all your sleeping buddies, to make sure they come. So come and relax in your pyjamas at the bed knobs and pillow cases charity pyjama party. V e n u e : The Dragon Ti m e : 11pm till late A d m i s s i o n : Free THURSDAY 19th JUNE P r i d e A l l K i n d s O f E v e ry t h i n g Ta b l e Q u i z Come along and join us for our big Gay Table Quiz in the Dragon, 4 People to a team V e n u e : The Dragon Ti m e : 8pm A d m i s s i o n : €40 Per Team

Pride Post Parade Rally Open-air event immediately following the parade, with a variety of speeches, performers and special guests, hosted by the ever-fabulous Panti! V e n u e : Civic Offices Amphitheatre, Wood Quay, D8 Ti m e : 3.45pm O ff i c i a l P r i d e N i g h t P a rt y Boys and Girls, prepare to run away with the Dublin Pride Night Circus. Party the night away and be wildly entertained! Let your imagination roam. Be Individual, Be Unique, Be Wild! You know you want to come and play! Tickets on-sale from OUTHouse and Pride Point V e n u e : The Tivoli, Francis Street, Dublin 8 Ti m e : 9pm A d m i s s i o n : €15/ €12 Conc.

FRIDAY 20th JUNE SUNDAY 22nd JUNE T h e O ff i c i a l P r i d e D y k e N i g h t DJ Ruth, DoppleGang, Dykes Of Harzard. Polestars & more Tickets on-sale from OUTHouse and Pride Point V e n u e : Club Sin, Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, D 2 Ti m e : 9pm till 4am A d m i s s i o n : €15 / €12 Concession SATURDAY 21st JUNE C h a m p a g n e B re a k f a s t @ Outhouse While putting on your outrageous costumes why not sip champagne and enjoy some of the fabulous food being served prior to the main event. Menus to be posted shortly at For further information contact Tiffany on 01 873 4999. V e n u e : Outhouse, 105 Capel Street, D1

ZRAZY Relax with Afternoon Tea and some Cool Jazz. Led by Maria Walsh (vocals/flute) and Carole Nelson (piano) and backed by a full Jazz Quartet, Zrazy promise jazzy groove, bossa nova and swing The perfect antidote to any Saturday night. V e n u e : The George Ti m e : 4.30pm A d m i s s i o n : Free

This is just a sample of the events line up. For a full listing visit w w w. d u b l i n p r i d e . i e This will be updated regularly as we approach Pride Festival 2008 33

H E A LT H & F I T N E S S

The “Forward Bridge’ or “Plank”

Next time you


passed on?

ith origins in yoga, the “forward bridge” or “plank” is an excellent exercise for building core strength. It’s mild enough for a beginner, and hard enough for even an advanced athlete. The best part? It can be done anywhere—you need no special equipment. The name for this exercise originates from the position of the body, which looks like a “bridge” or “plank.”


To perform the bridge: Get down on the floor with your forearms positioned as a triangle ahead of you. Your feet should be close to each other. Lift your body up until you are supported by your forearms and your toes are touching the ground. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Remember to keep your stomach “tight” throughout the exercise and focus on your breath. Perform 3 sets of 30 seconds each. As you increase your endurance, add more time to your set. H

Learn how to do it…

SAM PAGE is a certified fitness trainer and operates two private studios in Hollywood and Glendale, California. In addition to private training, Sam is a fitness writer for national U.S. publications, and co-hosts a weekly fitness program on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. He publishes a weekly newsletter in addition to his daily blog.

condom, are you sure HIV won’t be

HIV is closer than you think! Wherever you live, the number of gay men with HIV has doubled in the last 10 years.* * Source: Health Protection Agency 2006

Photo © Mark Stout |



Photo © Les3photo8 |

by Sam Page

have sex without a


Black Orchid Cocktail of the Month

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Traditional and creative rice specialities



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Ingredients 11/4 parts Grey Goose L’Orange vodka 3/4 parts crème de violette 3/4 parts lemon juice 1/2 parts simple syrup 1 dash peach bitters or orange bitters Garnish: 1 edible orchid or violet flower In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add all ingredients. Shake vigorously until outside of shaker is frosted and beaded with sweat. Strain into martini cocktail glass and garnish with flower. (Cocktail by: Mixologist Nick Mautone) H

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ACCOMMODATION (Sitges & Ibiza too) Acevi Villarroel Villarroel 106 Casanova Absolud Casanova 72 Eddy Barcelona B&B, Girona 46, 3-1 Hostal Aribau, Aribau 37 934 53 11 06 Hostal Que Tal, Mallorca 290 Hotel Arts, Marina 19-21 Hotel Axel, Aribau 33 Hotel Caledonian Gran Via 574

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Miranda, Casanova 30 Múi, Villarroel 82 Ochún Aché Enric Granados 10 Out of China, Muntaner 100 Picadeheso, Aribau 39 La Pizza Nostra Aribau 13; Paris 180 Arc de Sant Vicent 2 La Polpa Enric Granados 69 Restaurant Bodiga, Calábria 143

Terra Nossa Diputació 101 Tribeca, Gran Via 559 La Veronica, Avinyó 30 Vino Tinto, Aribau 27

SCOOTER RENTAL BCN Scooter C/ Aragó 152 FASHION Atelier Gabriel Croissier American Retro Consell de Cent 241 Casanova 80

HAIR & BEAUTY Basic, Muntaner 77 Cine Arenas, Tarragona 7 Beauty Dreams, D’Arness Leather Shop Muntaner 66 Casanova 63

Centre Catalá d'Artesania Passeig de Gracia 55

Los Angeles & Soho Consell de Cent 218


& Numeancia 69

BOOKS & GIFTS Antinous Josep Anselm Clavé 6

Next Level, Diputació 189 Ovlas, Via Laietana 33

Kitsch, Muntaner 17-19

Cómplices, Cervantes 2

Sestienda, Rauric 11

Condonería Pl. St. Josep Oriol 7

Skorpius, Gran Via 384 & Llacuna 128-132 10

Snow Dreams, París 199

Paolo Mauro, Avinyó 46

CondomGlobe Sants 184 & Maremagnum

Ritual, Muntaner 58

Dom, Consell de Cent 248 SAUNAS

Spike, Hospital 46 & Plaça Villa Madrid 5

Fantastik Bazar Bizarro Mercè 31 (

Style Barcelona Consell de Cent 249

Galeria Alonso Vidal Fontanella 13 sótano

Testimoni Galeries Maldá 38-A Them, Diagonal 379

Joyeria Boqueria Portic de Sant Josep 7

La Tienda de Ken Casanova 56

Proleg Women’s Books Dagueria 13

Univers Galeries del’Olla 17 Zona Eleven Muntaner 61 & 75

Zeus, Riera Alta 20


Barcelona, Tuset 1


Bruc, Bruc 65


Casanova, Casanova 57

26 15


Boyberry, Calàbria 96 Boulevard Shop Buenos Aires 6-8

Salón Privé Comte d'Urgell 253 Solmania Tanning Muntaner 121 & more

Eduard Boldova Casanova 72 L’Embruix, Boqueria 18 International Hair Muntaner 338

GYMS / SPORTS CLUBS 131G, Aribau 131 Eurofitness Muntaner 166

Natural Ment Diputació 174

Panteres Grogues

No Logo Casanova 45 La Pelu Consell de Cent 259

Piscines Picornell Av. de l'Estadi 30-38

Condal, Espolsasacs 1

La Poupée Consell de Cent 211


Corinto, Pelai 62 Galilea, Calàbria 59

Le Freak Diputació 188

Buenos Aires, Urgell 114 24

Qsol Tanning, Sepúlveda 187

Thermas, Diputació 46

RELAXATION American Boys Ronda Universitat 23

Blue Box, Aragó 249

Esencial Relax Consell de Cent 204

Bluestar, Av. Roma 153

Korpus, Urgell 150 bajos

Le Salon Consell de Cent 261 Mod’s Hair, Muntaner 340 Mod’s Hair, Passeig Bonanova 114


EU Migration Services Muntaner 244, 1º 2ª

WEDDING SERVICES Elite Wedding Planners


Almeida Viajes Diputació 188-196


BCN Checkpoint Comte Borrell 164 93 318 2056

EX-PAT SUPPORT Gays Abroad DENTIST/ACUPUNCTURE Clinica Tuset Tuset 13, Atico 2 Tel: 93 414 7291 INTERNET CAFÉS Chaise Lounge Diputació 206 Gap, Aribau 136 Planet Cafe & Bar Casanova 43


Express Translation Muntaner 244, 1º2ª

Powerfull, Diputació 191

Celestino Muñoz Gran Via 588

Rodamon, Aribau 159

Crash Comte d’Urgell 264

Sazzerak Consell de Cent 211

E-male Consell de Cent 236



MADRID CHUECA Happy Sex Fuencarral 101 La Busca Hortaleza 2 Mundo Erótico Plaza de Callao 4 Sr. Goma Libertad 37


FASHION Alegria Hortaleza 46 Alegria Augusto Figueroa 15 Alone 54 Hortaleza 54 AKM Pelayo 14

1 2

Dresscode Pelayo 14 Glass Room Fuencarral 51


Jepa Gravina 14 Jungle Hernán Cortés 18 La Catredal San Gregorio 3 Mírame San Marcos 12 Nino’s Augusto Figueroa 15 2

ACCOMMODATION Hotel La Renaixença Illa de Cuba 7 Hotel Liberty Illa de Cuba 45 Hotel Los Globos Av.N.S. Montserrat Hotel Romantic St. Isidro 33 Hotel Termes Termes 9 La Masía Casanova Passatje Casanova 9 Parrots Hotel Joan Tarrida 16 BARS / CAFÉS Azul Bonaventura 10 1

El Candil Carreta 9 El Horno Joan Tarrida 6 El Piano Bonaventura 37 La Locacola Bonaire 35 Le Male Ctr Comercial Oasis 28 Man Bonaventura 19 Marypili Joan Tarrida 14 Mediterráneo Bonaventura 6 Orek’s Bonaire 13 Parrots Pub Plaça Indústria 6

XXL Joan Tarrida 7

WI-FI HOTSPOTS Café Roy Parellades 9


Mont Roig Café Mq’ de Montroig 11-13

Sauna Sitges Espalter 11 DISCOS

FASHION Alberto Joan Tarrida 1

L’Atlàntida (Summer Only) Disco Beach, s/n Organic Bonaire 15 Trailer Ángel Vidal 36 RESTAURANTS

MADRID ACCOMMODATION Ambiance Home Gravina 25 7ColorsRoom Huertas, 14, 2° Casa Chueca San Bartolome 4, 2ª

Body Body Joan Tarrida 3

Chueca Pensión Gravina 4, 2º

Boy Zone Bonaventura 18

Hispadomus San Bartolomé 4

Dive Boutique Sant Francesc 33

Hostal Atrium Valverde 3

Alma Tacó 16

Dive Plus Sant Francesc 36

Beach House Sant Pau 34

Jazz Boutique Bonaire 20

El Castell Carreta 21

Les Garçons Sant Gaudenci 12

Hostal Hispano Hortaleza 38, 2º Hostal La Zona Valverde 7 Hostal Odesa Hortaleza 38, 3ª Hostal Puerta del Sol Pta. del Sol 14, 4º

Bear’s Bar Bonaire 17

Parrots Terrace Plaça Indústria 3

Bourbon’s Bonaventura 13

Perfil Espalter 7

Flamboyant Pau Barrabeig 16

B. Side Sant Gaudenci 7

Philip’s Port Alegre 10

La Borda Bonaventura 5

Antik Café, Hortaleza 4

Café Art Sant Francesc 44

Privilege Bonaire 24

Ma Maison, Bonaire 28

Bell Café Santa Agueda 2

Casablanca Pau Barrabeig 5

Prinz Nou 4

Comodín, Tacó 4

Seven, Nou 7


El Jardín Bonaire 26

Parrots Joan Tarrida 18 Trull Pg. M. Fèlix Clara 3


Ovlas Sant Francesc 22 Rift Sant Gaudenci 8

Hostal Sonsoles Fuencarral 18, 2º BARS / CAFÉS Baires Café, Gravina 4

Bendito Café San Mateo 6 Café Acuarela, Gravina 10

Café Color Augusto Figueroa 11

Bears Bar Pelayo 4

Odarko Loreto y Chicote 7

D’Mystic, Gravina 5

Chueca Friends Plaza de Chueca 9

PK2 Libertad 28

El Jardín Infantas 9

Copper San Vicente Ferrer 34

Querelle Lavapies 12

Figueroa Augusto Figueroa

Cruising Benito Pérez Galdos 5

Rick’s, Clavel 8

La Rosa Tetuán 27

La Lupe Hortaleza 51

El 22 de San MarcosS. Marcos 22

Rimmel Pub Luis de Góngora 2

Mito Augusto Figueoa 3

Chez Pomme Pelayo 4

La Troje Pelayo 26

Eagle Pelay 30

Sacha’s Plaza de Chueca 1

Royal Dance @ Cool Isabel la Católica 6

Cocolate Barbieri 15

Laan Café Pelayo 28

Enfrente Bar Infantas 12

Smoke San Bartolomé 11

Strong Center Trujillos 7

Colby Fuencarral 52

Mamá Inés Hortaleza 22

El Mojito Olmo 6

Soho Plaza de Chueca 6

Sunrise Barbieri 7

Divina la Cocina Colmenares 13

Museo Chicote Gran Via 12

Fulanita de Tal Conde de Xiquena 2

Sugus Club Pelayo 4

The Moon Aduana 21

Dosa Libertad 17

My Way Café San Bartolome 10

Hell, Buenavista 14

Tábata Vergara 12

The Room Arlaban 7

El Armario San Bartolomé 7

Truck Libertad 28

Truck, Libertad 28

El Trebol Pizzería La Cruz 3

Café Colby Fuencarral 52

Stromboli Hortaleza 96

Hot, Infantas 9 La Lupe de Chueca Hortaleza 51

Star’s Mques de Valdeiglesias 5

La Bohemia Plaza de Chueca 9

XXX Café Clavel esq Reina

Leather, Pelayo 42

PUBS / CLUBS Al-Dos San Bartolome 14 AnoiteHortaleza 43 Bangala, Escuadra 1

Liqüid, Barquillo 8 LL Bar, Pelayo 11

Truco Gravina 10 The Paw Calatrava 29 Why Not San Bartolome 7 DISCOS / DANCE CLUBS

Local, Libertad 28

Black and White Libertad 34

Noname Pelayo 42

Escape Gravina 13

Griffins Marqués de Valdeiglesias 6 Heaven Barcelo 11

Week-End @ Bash Plaza de Callao 4 Xarandonga Echegaray 16 BOOK SHOPS Berkana Hortaleza 64 A Different Life Pelayo 30 HEALTH & BEAUTY Econcentro Esquilache 4

Gimnasio V35 Valverde 35

GIFTS Even Infanta 8

Hair Body Gravina 15

Plazaarte San Marcos 6

Viva el Músculo Hortaleza 41

Rotunda Warning Hortaleza 29


Tass Pelayo 21 SAUNAS

Star Madrid Fuencarral 14 Top Madrid Hortaleza 27 Trilogia Gravina 17

Alameda Alameda 20

V&P Hortaleza 48

Gran Via Barco 6

XXX Shop San Marcos 8

Paraíso Norte 15

XXX Store Pelayo 2

Plaza, Gran Vía 88

Zocco Hortaleza 48

American Montera 13

La Coqueta Libertad 3

Amantis, Pelayo 46


SR – Leather Shop Pelayo 7

Trabalú Hortaleza 62

Janus Libertad 8

Pink Pollo Infantas 18

Peter Cook Pelayo 12

Adán San Bernardo 38


Madrilia, Clavel 6

Ovlas Augusto Figueroa 1

California Valverde 20 Chueca Center Hortaleza 31

Sama Sama San Bartolome 23

City Sex Store Hortaleza 18

Vegaviana Pelayo 35

Foxy Lady La Cruz 26

TRAVEL Chueca Travel Gravina 25 Halcon Friendly Infantas 30 Lambda Viajes Fuencarral 43







Migration Services

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Are you having problems with your visa? Barcode, 3-4 Archer St Bar Aquda, 13-14 Maiden Lane Box Bar 32 - 34 Monmouth St, Covent Garden Candy Bar, 4 Carlisle St

GAY, Astoria 157 Charing Cross Road

Beatroot, 92 Berwick St

The Arches, Villiers St

Black Cap, 171 Camden High St,

Ghetto 5-6, Falconberg Court

First Out Café Bar 52 St.Giles High St

Salvation @ Café de P3 Coventry St

Steph’s, 39 Dean St

Element, 4-5 Greek St Westminster

Starkers, The Factory 65 Goding, St vauxhall

Escape,10a Brewer St Soho

Too 2 Much 11-12 Walkers Court

Freedom, 60-66 Wardour St, Soho

79 CXR 79 Charing Cross Road

The Sauna Bar, 29 Endell St Solarstation 10 - 11 Archer Street Clone Zone: London 64 Old Compton St Nico DiDonna 16a, D’Arblay St

G-A-Y Bar 30 Old Compton St

Admiral Duncan 54 Old Compton St

Ku Bar 75 Charing Cross Road

Brief Encounter 42 St Martin’s Lane

Kudos, 10 Adelaide St

Comptons of Soho 53, Old Compton St

Bar Code (Vauxhall) Arch 69 Albert Embankment

Halfway II Heaven 7 Duncannon St, Charing Cross

Bromptons 294 Old Brompton Road Earls Court

Molly Moggs 2 Old Compton St

Central Station Kings 37 Wharfdale Road Kings Cross

Rupert Street Bar 50 Rupert St Shadow Lge, 5 Brewer St The Edge 11 Soho Square The Village, 81 Wardour St The Yard Bar 57 Rupert St

Kings Arms, 23 Poland St Balans 60 Old Compton St

Prowler Soho 5-7, Brewer St

Chariots Farringdon 57 Cowcross Street Chariots Limehouse 574 Commercial Road

Chariots Shoreditch 1 Fairchild Street

Kazbar 50 Clapham High Street

The Coleherne 261 Old Brompton Rd

Chariots Streatham 292 Streatham High Rd

Kings Arms, 23 Poland St

The Hoist Railway Arch, 47c South Lambeth Rd

Chariots Vauxhall Rail Arches 63-64

Man Bar 82 Great Suffolk St

Chariots Waterloo 101 Lower Marsh

Pleasuredrome Arch 124 Cornwall Road Waterloo

City of Quebec 12 Old Quebec St

Portsea Sauna 2 Portsea Place

Comptons 53 Old Compton Street

Prowler Camden 283 Camden High St

Crash Nightclub Bondway Commercial Centre, 71 Bondway

Regulation 17a St. Albans Place

Duke of Wellington 94a Crawford Street

The Retro Bar 2 George Court

E15 Club 6 Leytonstone Rd

Richmond Arms 20 The Square, Princes St, Richmond

King Edward VI 25 Bromfield Street

ROB of London 24 Wells St

Ego (Southern Pride) 82 Norwood High St West Norwood

South Central 349 Kennington Lane

Expectations Ltd 75 Great Eastern St Fallen Angel 2 Markhouse Road Walthamstow

Star Steam 38 Lavender Hill

The Locker Room 8, Cleaver St

We specialize in obtaining a full range of different visas for USA, Canada, Australia and all European countries Offshore companies and bank accounts

The Two Brewers 114, Clapham High St The Yard 57 Rupert Street Soho West Five, Popes Lane White Swan (BJs) 556, Commercial Rd

OVER 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN MIGRATION LAW If you can’t come to see us, we can meet you in your country CONTACT US TODAY !

William IV, 786 Harrow Rd XXL, Arches

For more information please call 020 7034 7019 or 0791 7565 800 For consultation in Spain please send an email to:

Steamworks 309 New Cross Rd Substation South 9 Brighton Terrace

EU Migration Services (Head Office) 83 Baker Street London W1U 6LA Email:


Web: 45

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